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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - June 19, 1891, San Antonio, Texas She sails s0w Friday. June 19,1891. It mrm it or a a new Man can be made out of one that a u used up a bilious and dyspeptic. Its done by or. Pierces Golden medical discovery. It starts the torpid liver into healthful action purifies and enriches the blood cleanses repairs and strengthens the system and restores health and vigor. As an appetizing restorative tonic it sets at work ail the processes of digestion and nutrition and builds up flesh and strength. Its the Only blood and liver remedy that a guaranteed i every Case to Benefit or cure. If it does no to do All that a claimed for it the Money is promptly refunded. But it keeps its promises a that a the reason it can be sold in this Fin Abs ohm Tori a of american Lite and love ill Lonj Motr Reilag in Viery 01 being. A am i awake a exclaimed mrs. Van Deronde in a cracked voice a because if i am i want to get away. This is wicked a a you have hit upon the True explanation As i understand it Madam a said the count who sat beside her smiling. A this is All illusion. It does no to really take place. These jugglers have the faculty of hypnotizing their audiences just to the right Point so that one imagines one sees All that the Juggler wants him to see and yet remains in the Ordinary sense awake. But you Are not awake you have been dreaming and so have we All. Let us see what the next variation will be a Way. A a discovery strengthens weak lungs and cures spitting of blood shortness of breath bronchitis severe coughs and Kindred affections. Done to be fooled into taking something else said to be a just As Pood a that the dealer May make a Quot larger profit. There a nothing at All like the i Piso a remedy for Catarrh is the Best easiest to use and cheapest. Catarrh sold by druggists or sent by mall. 50c?v a. T. Hazeltine Warren. A. Banks and Bankers. A. Alexander president. A. A. Alexander cashier. Texas National Bank 253 Commerce Street. Kwa general banking business transacted. Drafts on Europe. Mexican dollars Aud other foreign Money purchased. Visitors Register kept n on Reading room where strangers in the City Are invited to Call. A f. Groos amp co. Bankers a Biers is my sight drafts on the principal cities in the uni ted states and in All european countries. Sign Coin and currency bought and sold. For Pat eats and int b ends caveats and Trade Maries obtained and a Patent business conducted for mod Quati fess. Our Moi is opposite it. 8. Patent Orno and we Oan secure a Patent in lets time an St less Cost than those Remote from wok Rifton. Send Model drawing or photo., with deter Tion. We advise of patentable or not free u charge. Our fee not due till Patent is secure a Little Book a How to obtain with names of actual clients in your St of unto. Or town sent free. Address c. A. Snow amp Opp Patent or toe w w air Bow t Arkansas pass Wood Yard Foster amp Schlieser proprietors Arkansas St., near s. A. Foundry. Best kinds of Wood to be had in the Market a lowest prices. Branch office a Mcallister amp Wurzbach Alamo St. Grocers. Free delivery to any part of the City telephones Yard office no. 608 Branch office no. Iss Forder amp Nagel. Machine and general repair shop i 7 ,next to fire engine House repairing of All kinds of machinery boilers pumps land manufacturers railings Iron doors blinds locks and gun Smithing. 6 22-1 consumption. I have a positive remedy for the above disease by its use thousands of oases of the worst kind and of Long standing have been cured. Indeed so Strong is my Faith in its Efficacy that i Wilt Send two bottles a valuable treatise on this disease to any ant Farer who will Send me their express and . Address. T. A Slocum. Ai. 181 Pearl St. N. Y. Char hem re a English Diamond Breed. Pennyroyal pills original nod Only genuine. Ears always reliable. Ladies ask Dro Geist for Chie Heeter e j9ngli�h dial Mot i Brand in red anti hold metallic sea sealed with Blue ribbon. Take no other. Refute dangerous us Bitite in tui imitation. Attn parti a better for ladles a in letter by return druggists a Sand 4a Ani f mall. So tvs i Raiciu Jonnn tame Raper. Chichester Chei Loul ce., item ocal druggists. I mlada., be. Particulars testimonials Adios a or i la too testimonials. Name paper. Sold by ail local and we i Akey habits cured at Home without pain. Book of Par Ticus ars sent Fulle. By. Woolley my. Ai Tau in go. Office 104> w n Terhall St. At a bargain a Fine Columbus Phaeton buggy new Only in use a Short time can be had at a bargain. Call and see it at m. Pigotti a Corner of Houston and Soledad streets. To do but to stand still and be put in order. A Broad Hall led through a pair of Semi transparent curtains to the reception rooms. When All were assembled Twenty five Beautiful boys about twelve years old and As Many girls dressed in Eastern fashion appeared and passed among the company carrying trays on which were Little cups of pure Crystal containing an a Enclitic beverage. It was too exquisite and ethereal to be a cocktail Aud besides the ladies drank it but its effect was marvelous. It worked a change of heart in every one and a change for the better. Following up this Success the boys presented bouquets to each of the ladies in a Holder of wrought Gold filigree with her initials worked in it while the Young girls gave a a a buttonhole of similar design in miniature to the gentlemen. Hereupon a sound like a peal of Silver Bells rang softly close at hand and on All sides yet invisible was heard the great doors leading to the dining Hall were withdrawn and the fragrant splendor of that freshly created apartment dawned upon the company. As they passed the threshold music was heard delicate and Remote As if the Flowers were singing together. Such a feast should begin with nothing less delicate than nightingales tongues and wind up with apples of the hesperides. When the cloth had been withdrawn after the last course it was revealed that the great table was composed of upward of sixty Small Square tables like the joints of a Serpent each accommodating four persons. Now the fifty nubian who in the costume of their country at least As designed by color Loving artist Shad been attending during the dinner wheeled these tables into a great semicircle at the lower half of the Hall Aud then the guests reseating themselves were served with Coffee. Few of them noticed the Entrance of a Small Man with a dark Indian complexion and curly Black Beard who took up a position in the Center of the open space in the upper end of the room. He wore a White turban a close fitting jacket with sleeves to the elbows showing a lean Brown forearm Loose White zouave trousers gathered at the Knees and a pair of turkish slippers turned up at the toes. A Sash of Fine silk of a Peculiar red color and Many feet in length was bound round his Waist. A Gold Bracelet in the shape of a Serpent was worn on his left wrist. He looked like a Hindoo and it soon became evident that the counts friends were to be treated to an exhibition of Oriental Juggler. After making a Low Salaam to the company the Man holding his Bare arms extended before him began to rub the Palms of his hands slowly together and in a few moments a Fine Gold Cord appeared dangling Between them and gradually lengthening till it reached the floor. It increased rapidly coiling itself As it did so until As much of it As could be contained in a hat Lay at the Many a feet. He now grasped the end of it in his right hand and Shook it out in the air until the whole length of the Cord was undulating before him in a thousand flying curves. Suddenly the movement changed from vertical to horizontal until it seemed As if the Cord were weaving itself into a fabric before their eyes and in fact in a wonderfully Brief time a mat a Yard in diameter had been thus manufactured which the Man spread out on the Fleer Aud seated himself upon. He lifted his eyes and gazed upward and the audience following his gaze perceived a scrap of White tissue paper floating downward toward him. He held out Bis Finger and the paper rested upon it it fluttered there for a moment he breathed upon it Aud it grew rapidly larger it was now a White Hen which flapped its wings and clucked. The Man placed it in the floor it ran about but finally settled Down and immediately Laid an egg. No sooner had it done this than the Man seized it by the neck whirled it around and it was once More a scrap of White tissue paper which floated up and disappeared in the vaulted ceiling. The Man took the egg Between his forefinger and thumb looked attentively at it and put it on the floor again balancing it on its end. Then lifting his hand a Little he pointed downward at the Apex of the egg. Presently a steam or smoke began to Issue from the Apex arising like a vaporous pillar Aud augmenting in volume until it was several feet in height and Girth. It now took on a revolving motion which became exceedingly rapid and it was seen that it was assuming shape and solidity and amid a general murmur of amazement from the audience it stood before them As a human figure a Beautiful girl enveloped in a White Robe As soft As Mist. She remained erect Aud apparently unconscious of her environment her dark eyes were fixed in a gaze of profound abstraction. As if just created she were at the same table on the other Side Sallie was seated. A do you mean to Tell me that woman is a dream a she asked in a Low voice. A i know a probably each person present sees her with a different face. According to their own nature or mental state a the count returned. A but she is nothing but air and will vanish again in a a she May vanish but she is flesh and blood a said Sallio in the same undertone. A she is Olympia Raven. How came she he re she was not among the guests. Perhaps by Way of the magic Mirror a the count smiled. A you must ask her yourself a said he. A do you give me Leatz a a undoubtedly a Sallie Rose at once. The count also Rose and said a my friends mrs. Harry Trent whom you All know declines to believe that the apparition which our Juggler has produced yonder is not real flesh and blood. She has kindly con sen ted to make trial of it. I maintain that it is an illusion a a done to go near it. Ray dear a said mrs. Van Deronde. A a you la be turning into ail apparition yourself ii you re not careful a there was a Rustle and murmur of excited expectancy throughout the room. Juggler to match this exhibition though not unknown in India had never before been beheld by any of the counts guests. Meanwhile the apparition stood motionless wrapped in its White Robe with unwinding eyes fixed on vacancy Sallie stepped Forward. She held her closed fan in Lier right hand. A distance of three or four Yards separated her from the figure. The Juggler still squatted on i t nit. As Sallie approached he Bent Forward and Drew some character on the floor with his Finger. Within a Pace of the apparition Sallie paused and looked earnestly at it. A hush fell upon the Assembly no one knew what to think or what was to happen. Sallie stretched Forth her Arm and with the tip of her fun touched the figure on the shoulder. Immediately a thick bit or steam arose enveloping and Bidi a from View not Only the figure but the Jogger and Sallie us Well. A loud voice proceeding none knew whence pronounced some words in an unknown Tongue. Follow ing this a piercing shriek was heard echoed by Many women present. Every one started Many sprang to their feet. The Mist cleared away. Sallie was stand ing there alone. Both the Juggler and the apparition had vanished leaving no Trace behind. But Sallie grasped in her hand no longer her fan but a Long japanese Dagger with a carved Hilt. The Point of the Dagger seemed to be dripping with blood. She staggered turned partly round and would have fallen but the count was near her and caught her in his arms. The company was ail in confusion. A sofa was brought and Sallie was Laid upon it. She had fainted. A carry her into tile East room a said the count to two of the nubian servants. A doctor Venables a he added turning to the eminent woman a physician who was one of the guests a May i request you to take charge of mrs. Treut one of the maids shall attend and anything you need will be at your disposal. I am indeed sorry a he went on turning to the others a that this should have happened. Had it been possible to fore see it but we understand so Little of the ways of these Oriental wizards that we must be cautious How we meddle with them. I presume lie is As badly frightened As any one. I need not Tell you that he will be held strictly accountable if anything serious comes of this but i Trust there will be nothing. Mrs. Trent has great a i daresay she wiil be better directly a observed miss Fitz Murray. Indeed now that they had recovered from their first scare the company were inclined to rally themselves and one another on the evenings sensation Aud there was perhaps a tendency to make Sallie the Scapegoat of the affair. If she had not interfered All would have gone Well. Some of the ladies who had been not far from fainting themselves whispered to one in other that nothing else was to be expected of a woman like that she had taken advantage of having formerly been the owner of the House to Force herself upon the count who was too polite to deny anybody anything and of course she had made an exhibition of herself. Meanwhile general Bristow or. Roy Lance or. Montague Gossett and other gentlemen were discussing the Juggler performance Aud had formulated at least two theories to explain the whole mystery. But All agreed that it was the most astonishing thing Ever witnessed in new York and when or. Venables appeared with ayin looking Pale out smiling and entreating the general Pardon for having so misbehaved the complexion of affairs resumed its former geniality. The tables had been removed the music stormed Aud Palmitate a and the people who danced began to look at one another and beat time with their feet As if apparitions wizards and bloody daggers were but a diverting preliminary to real enjoyment. Society uniformly deprecated serious views and if its spirits have been dashed for a moment laughs so much the More lightly the moment after. But while the Ball was at its height Sallie took an Opportunity to withdraw unobserved making a private signal to the count As she did so. He followed her to the East room where for a moment they were alone. A i have to thank you for a delightful evening a she said. A i can never forget a the pleasure has been Mutual a returned the count bowing. I feel that i know you so much better than i did before i came Here a Sallie continued. A before you had seized mysterious and enigmatic Al you were something like a Prince in a fairy tale you might undergo transformation at any moment into a Hobgoblin or a Wisp of Straw but now Well now i think there can never again be any doubt Between us As to our True relations to each i Arn glad to hear you say so a responded the count courteously. Sallie eyed him for a moment and then stepped close in front of him changing her tone of polished sarcasm to one of intense earnestness. A i can tie a Good Friend and a Good enemy a she said. A you have nearly everything that a Man can wish for count de Lisle but if you had twice As much it would still in Worth your while to make a woman like me your Friend. And i Ain ready to join hands with you on any terms you propose. What motive can you possibly have to antagonize to i have done you no Bunn. H i have harmed any Friend of yours it was unknowingly and i am willing to make reparation. Come shall we be allies am i so repulsive a Sallie certainly did not look so at that moment. There was something not an helically but superhuman attractive in her eyes and aspect. To see her now was to understand How some women Rise to the highest Points of social or Polit Cal Emi Arnee with nothing but themselves to help them themselves or the Devil. Beauty brains Aud utter unscrupulous Ness in combination make a dangerous Power before which the strongest Lien Lave weakened the count looked at Sallie Ltd us he did so a removed Ixia Gold rimmed Eye go roses. This altered his appearance not a Little. His eyes were powerful and it seemed to Hallie that she had met their glance Lief Ore somewhere but when or where she could not determine. The count looked at her keen handsome face at her White Nec k Aud anus at her Graceful figure in its Golden hued dress and he saw that she wits fair. Bat in Stead of softening his countenance grew Stern. A Lyon say Jon Are willing to make reparation for any harm that you have done a said he. She nodded her head slightly. A will Yon Corno Back to the ballroom with me a he continued a and Tell the people there who you Are Aud who you Are not a a Why should i Tell them what they already know a a do they know that Yon were never married either in France or elsewhere to bar y Trent that he refused in spite of All your throats and entreaties to make Yon his wife that after his death you caused a bundle of pallor among which was a will purporting to be his to be discovered in a drawer of a piece of furniture Iii a Philadelphia hotel and will you Tell them that this will was a forgery copied from a genuine will written by Trent himself but feeding his fort Une not to you but to another woman whom he designed to marry for that woman a name you substituted your own and you yourself hid it in the room at tile hotel which As you happened to know Trent had once occupied. By Means of that will and of the certificate of marriage also a forgery but written on a printed form which you had procured while travelling in France you made Good your claim to Tho estate. Will you Tell them this a a i will repeat no such foolish tale a replied Sallie steadily. A How could i have forged a copy of the genuine will unless i had had the genuine will to copy from and How could i have become possessed of that a a i will Tell you since you have forgotten a said the count. A you found the genuine will among Harry Trent a papers on the night that lie was a indeed i was with him on that night then it appears a a you were. You were the last to see him alive. I was alive when you took the japanese knife from the table and passed behind him and drove it into his heart. It was you who murdered Harry Treut mrs. Tatchiu a she laughed. A you amuse me a she said. A you seem not to be aware that there was a trial for that murder Aud the evidence showed that but one person was admitted to the House that night and that was a Many the Man who was found guilty and a yes i know the Story a rejoined the count quietly. A but it was not told in the evidence time when left the House neglecting to Latch the door behind him another person who had been hiding in the Shadow of the porch slipped in unseen and went up stairs to the Library where Harry Trent sat. One the witnesses i think testified that of she Hail seen a Short Man with a dark Lizard speaking with Trent late that a that evidence was not believed. But suppose it were True How would it affect me i fear your imagination will get you into trouble count de Lisle a menus clothes Are sometimes worn by women and a false Beard is easily Corno by a said he with a slow inquisitorial smile. A with Means and a will one solves Balder riddles than that in three years mrs. a take care sir a she exclaimed her eyes flashing in her White face. A you Are saying what you can never prove i can Only suppose a she went on controlling her emotion by a desperate Effort a that you have been made the victim of a cock and Bull Story by a Man who is believed to be dead but whom i now know to lie alive Keppel Darke. He i8here Nuder your Protection and is rash enough to play ghostly pranks on me with what purpose i wont attempt to guess. But he is an escaped convict. Let him look to himself i will denounce i give you full leave to do so a the count answered unconcern edly. A but i must Tell you that there is Only one escaped convict in this House and that is myself. Is it possible you have not recognized me i am Koppel Sallie stood motionless Many thoughts whirling in her brain. A my claim to be count de Lisle is also legitimate however As such things go a he went on. A but a woman like you should have a better memory. It seems Yit have likewise forgotten your Friend a ouzo Garcia though you must have known that he lived Many years in India and became an adept in Indian magic. But the denunciation let me Call no he stepped to the door and pushed it open. General Bristow was passing talking confidentially to miss Fitz Murray who was leaning on his Arm. From the distance came the throbbing of Tho music playing a Waltz. A Pardon me a said the count to the two a there is a lady who has something to say to a ooh mrs. Trent a said the general coming Forward a Are we to lose you you re All right i Trust that Juggler was enough to scare a i Only wanted to say i did t mean to disturb you i was going to have a Little Tea at my House tomorrow afternoon if or it us and you too miss Fitz Murray a they bowed and expressed their acknowledgements. Sallie Drew her a cloak round her took the counts Arm and West out. A a Paet four love. Chapter Xiv. Turke on one Side. Lie held out hts hand in Fie spoke. Tom Rose and stuck his own into it. Thomas h. Januick esq., no longer occupied the Small office room on the top floor of a Down town caravan sary. He now did business in a very handsome suit of rooms in a new building on Wall Street and the cynical office Lioy had been multiplied into half a dozen grave and gentlemanly clerks each one More imposing than the last. In the inner Sanctum Remote from the noise of the Street or. Januick sat. He was still the same Good hearted Clever humorous being that he was before Fortune found him out for even Prosperity cannot spoil such men but he made an Effort to keep this fact a secret from All but his Best friends and there were people who fancied he was rather a severe and formidable personage. He had plenty to do. Keeping count de Lisle a estate in order was no Small undertaking but the count could not have chosen a better Man Aud Tom had now got everything in Good running order. The county for we will allow him still to Wear a disguise which has from the first been transparent to the Reader though not to persons less Well informed a count de Lisle otherwise Keppel Darke called at ban Uick a office a Day or two after the events last narrated accompanied by or. Alonzo Garcia whom we last saw in the role of a Hindoo magician. They were at once conducted to the Interior Retreat and orders were issued that no callers be admitted. It May Here be observed that Januick he be it in i Ade a Jay tic Pant in the to be continued

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