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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - June 18, 1891, San Antonio, TexasI thursday june 18, 1891. West Texas abstract and guarantee company. Incorporated office 421 e. Houston St. Will furnish reliable abstracts of title to lands in Bexar county either City a country property upon Short notice reasonable terms. Telephone no. 4o6 personal mention. E. L. Flail of Oakdale. Wis. Is a guest of Maverick t. A Fowler and son. Of Sedalia mo., Are staying at the Maverick. L. H. Browne a prominent lawyer of san Marcos is a guest of the Southern. Or. Hughes and wife from Del Rio Are guests of the Mendrer. F. Labours and Bride of Parras mex., Are now at the Mahncke. A l. Kilgore a Stockman of Hondo. Texas is registered at the St. Leonard. Or. R. B. Craig a merchant of Laver Nia is staying at the St. Leonard. Or. S. Treible and wife of Flores vice Are registered at the St. Leonard. R. M. Hail of Austin is registered at the Southern. J. A. Devere a Well know i. O. N. Man is a guest of the Southern. Or. Nat Townes. Mayor of Uvalde is registered at the Maverick. Or. Geo. H. Kalteyer left this morning Lor a business trip to fort Worth. Or. James Lesteree and Brida have returned from their wedding trip. Or. Madison Foster leaves this after noon for Memphis. Capt. Charles Schreiner of Kerrville is the City. J. K. Burr a Wool grower of Eagle pass can be found at the Mahncke. Capt. J. Halm and wife of new Braun fils Are registered at the Mahncke. B. W. Walker a Well known i. G. N. Man. Is a guest of the menger. Or. Geo Worthington. Of Illinois is at i the Southern. Fit tit. C. F. Bailey of Arkansas pass is now at the Mahatcke. We. Kegel from St. Louis is staying at the Mahncke. Prof. Atwater is in Rockport adding to his museum collection. Peter Mcgee and son of Kansas City mo., Are at the Maverick. Or. Frank Cole and wife Nee miss Eagan of Laredo expected at the military Post in a few Days. Or. We. T. Schmidt and or. R. H. Wofford of Cuero Are to be found at the Mahncke. Or. Robert x. Prosser a Well known Wool grower of Camp Hudson is a guest of the Mahncke. Miss Mattio Gorman of Del Rio is staying with mrs. Mcmauus at the Bexar apartments. Mrs. T. W. Mullally and child will probably Start next week for Waukesha wis., to spend the summer marriage licences. J. S. Payne and Jennie Hoffman Lafael Montel and Francita Morales. Obituary. Or. A. Steiner passed peacefully away after a lingering illness of several Mouths. He leaves a brother in Europe a sister and several nieces and in Texas to mourn his loss. Was a member of the b Nai b Rith. A1 was one of the oldest members of .-5.1.1 Antonio Volunteer fire company. Bui permits. My meat Market Elm c. F. Mum a 3 Ward. A. Dume Uii. Street. 7 Ward. Dwelling East Commerce growth of the hair after death. The body of e. M. Haskell who been dead for Over Twenty years was recently removed from his grave at Northfield minn., it being Pur posed to put Trie body in another lot. When Hie body was exposed it was found that he had a Beard Over Twenty three inches Long. His wife said that before he died he had been shaven and All his hair must have grown after burial. An easy solution. The Northwestern Mechanic is responsible for the following a Man who wanted to learn what profession be would have his son enter put him in a room with a Bible an Apple and a Dollar Bill. If he found him when he returned Reading the Bible he would make a Clergyman out of him if eating the Apple a Farmer and if interested in the Dollar Bill a banker. When he did return he found the boy sitting on the Bible with the Dollar Bill in his pocket and the a pie almost devoured. He made a politician of him. At in the District Misdemeanour cases. The following criminal cases have been set for hearing Friday june 19, in the thirty seventh District court the state of Texas against Lee Cotton 3 cases. Gus Norcross. 2 cases. Jim thrasher 2 cases. George Cornelius 1 Case. Jimmy Eli in 1 Oase. Charley Wilson 1 Case. Jacob Coy 2 cases. Miguel Coy 2 cases. John Green 6r., 2 cases. Sam kid cases. Adelaide Quemado 1 Case. John Williams 2 cases. Max Samuels 3 cases. K. L. Anderson 5 cases. Alex Browning 1 Case. Antonio qty 1 Case. Jeff Cotton 1 Case. Andreas Cisnevos 1 Case. Martin Dolan 1 Case. Ignacio Garcia 1 Cane. Bill Luckey 1 Case. Eugenio Medina 5 cases. Wallace Mitchell 1 Case. Jack Merritt 1 Case. Frank Morales 1 Case. Frank Mcdonald 1 Case Geo. Newtou 2 cases. De. Stevens 2 cases. Geo. Schoof 2 cases. E. Shack Lett cases. Dan Turner 5 cases. Mike Volino 6 cases. Frank Wallace 1 Case. William Whitworth 1 Case. John Wood 1 Case. 8abino Barera 1 Case. Luz Bueno 1 Case. Encarnacion Berjan 1 Case. Alex. Browning 1 Case. Henry Cal away 1 Case. George Cornelius 1 Case. Jack Dozier 1 Case. Martin Dolan 1 Case. Jesus Delgado 1 Case. Juan e. Esparza 1 Case. George Foster 10 cases. Basilica Hernandez 1 Case. Encarnacion Guajardo 1 Case. Jesus Gomez 1 Case. Ignacio Garcia 1 Case. Juan Lujan 1 Case. Nicolas Leal 1 Case. Nasario Lujan lease. Murphy l Case. Wallace Mitchell 1 Case. Tiers Moreno 1 Case. Francisco Martinez. 1 Case Frank Morales 1 Case. Charles Parr 1 Case. 8imon Ramirez 1 Case. Beinabe Ramirez 1 Case. Pink Reed 1 Case. Geo. Trinidad i Case. Joe Warren 1 Case. Frank Wallace 1 Oase. Jason Wilson 1 Case. William Wilson 1 Case. Little Theo. Anderson 2 cases. Black Theo. Anderson 2 cases. R. W. Wallace 10 cases. Albert Lamb 13 cases. Carlos Muzos 10 cases. Santiago Villenueva 13 cases. C. Shacklett 10 cases. Juan t. Cardenas 10 cases. Alex Reddick 10 cases. A. J. Reddick 5 cases. W. H. Hims 14 cases. Sam Berliner h cases. Sam Berliner 10 cases. The usual custom has been for the accused in these gambling cases to plead guilty on one and two charges Settle up with the collecting officer and then procure tickets from the sheriff for a Teri Days visit out to the poor House. As the a rub Ere have been out of work for some time a majority of them Are broke they will have to pay a More lengthy visit to the poor House and there will be less Cash Tor tie officers. Those who do not plead guilty can of course have their cases continued until they can put up More Cash. New officers. Anchor Lodge masonic fraternity have elected the following officers it. A. Heil worshipful master t. S. Greenlay senior Warden w. S. Temple Junior Warden j. W. Dow Ling treasurer w. W. Hull Secre tary Ben Collins senior Deacon j. T. Massey Junior Deacon r. C. Haud senior Steward j. M. Junior Steward f. R. Brown Tyler f. G. Roberts Caplin. Off Tiik . Talked by Telegraph Tui by train men and taken in transit an Bunik Timian Nim d Franklin. On Tif i. A n. My from top of a car in Taylor yesterday but was not badly injured. Cars of Tattoo passed through yesterday Over the i. X. For St. And 24 loaded on the s. A. Division of the s. P. For Chicago via 1. A g. N. And 1j2 cars loaded on the is. A. Division of the is. P. For Chicago via new Orleans. At about 11 o clock yesterday morning a freight train ran Over a woman who was Cross in fir a trestle East of Luling mangling and killing her. A sunday train to Kerrville leaving san Antonio at 8 a. M. Will be put on next sunday. It returns to san Antonio at m. Real estate. And the prices they bring s. B. Wilcox and wife Aida Wil Cox to Jason Hodges South part of lot 17, Block a on Montana Cruz and wife to Polonia Suna de Chavez 10 varas South Pecos Street. 400 Magdelena Watzlavizick to Annie Graham lot 14. Block 1, South St. Walter a b. Richards to h. Thur mond lot ii. Block 2, Macon Street the a. M. Walters real estate and investment company to j. J. Tread Well lot 4, Block 32, East end. Pants wonderfully Low priced suits nobody Sells under buying towels by the Case enables us to constantly undersell Competition. This is the time towels sell Best and to effect a capital Rush this week we put out the Fol lowing special Price lots turkish towels 500 100 state courts. Before judge Noonan today Charles Grant charged with fraudulent conver Sion of a horse was dismissed. James Rose charged with burglary two cases was convicted and sentenced respectively to two and rive years imprisonment in the Penitentiary. Necase of theft under value of and one Case of Over the value of 120, also one Case of burglary against him were dismissed. The grand jury reported Throe felony indictments this morning. In judge King s court the Case of Mayer is. Orynski was for defendant for was rendered. The damage Case of Jesse is the i. G. N. Railway is now on trial. Judge Herron was engaged in civil business this morning. Justice Adam held an inquest on the body of a stillborn babe. He also received an affidavit against Emil Rossa. It is charged he assaulted and abused Ambrosia Prada. City court. There were but few cases before the re Corder this morning. A new charge that of allowing a dog to run at Larce without a License was preferred against Eugenio Medina. It was not sustained. A Railroad Man and a sport had a fight last night. The Railroad Man had a grievance against the English and took the sport to be an englishman and at tacked him. And the railroader paid for it. George Tample alias gamier who pro fessed to be an umbrella mender. The charge is that he stole two umbrellas. The Case has been transferred to the state courts. Susan Wilson who was put in jail last monday on the charge of disorders con duct wanted to make an affidavit against her own she said stole some of her property while she was in jail. She wanted to make a charge of theft before a Justice of the peace but had no wit Nesses and retreated in Good order to secure them if any were to be found. A full detail of police duty at san Pedro Park for the next three Days emancipation Celebration has been made by the Captain. Cotton towels 150 dozen bleached Duck. 48c 100 dozen Honey comb. 70c 100 dozen bleached jokes ladies and misses shoe de Parment Dongola oxfords uncommonly Good a -51.25 Dongola oxfords hand turns. 2.00 Black cloth top shoes All widths Button and lace. 3.50 Tan oxfords All prices starting at ___1.00 the Best shirts made we Are the leading Supply depot for Manhattan shirts in the whole Southwest. Their Superior excellence is conceded no other out rivalling them in elegance of style fitting qualities workmanship or effective Wear. Open front Mac Hattens. 81.00, 1.50 full dress manhattans. A of All kinds Negligee shirts. Madras oxfords Cheviot flannels 1.75, 2.00, China silk Negligee white.84 jokes mens Low shoes for hot weather Patent leather pump calf and Dongola Mckay sewed.3.00 calf and Dongo a Goodyear sewed 3.50 russet Goat All leather lined. .2.50 75c. A mixed lot of about 300 pairs la Dies cloth and cloth top shoes Worth to cleared out at 75c reduced to 1 a positive saving in ice Bill by installing in your household the latest improved Michigan refrigerator Hardwood dry refrigerator. The Best in the world combines All tie Good Points found in the other refrigerators. We in about 50, including1 ice but they came in so late we have decided to offer them c to per cent reduction from regular prices. Only the Best in the world but the Best in the world for the Monet Corner Alamo and Commerce streets. Cd wan i Perse n at 254 Market Street. San Antonio handles the following goods by Load and less o. K. Building paper. Medal Brand rooting. Tar paper. Deadening Felt. Sheathing and plaster Board. Corrugated Iron. Y. Crimp Iron. Pitch Etc. The car Why so popular. Why South Heights lots Vita careful buyers it is easily explain Water connections rapid5 transit Are air and magnificent View with such extreme Low prices and easy terms Tell lie whole Story Call or write for partic Lars. Watson co., managers. -13-tf Menser hotel building. Alamo Baptist Church. The religious interest in the daily meetings in this Church continues to increase in conversions and additions to the Church. Or. Graves preached last night on eternity to a Large congregation. It is a matter of interest that members of the different churches in the City attend these meetings. Or. Graves preaches to night on the subject of the new birth. Will buy a handsome cottage residence of 7 rooms with Bath stable Carriage House Chick in House Wood House Etc. Hydra Largs lot with Fine Shade Trees Anc shrubbery. New. Neat and clean Abou four blocks from military Plaza. I rent easily at a month. 0-17 of Jno. T. Ilahi Eton co. 5-18-tf our san Antonio is the largest City in Texas and controls the undisputed Trade of a country larger than All of the new eng and states combined. Has the finest and rest water Supply and the Best climate n America. Natural Gas in paying quantities and with All or these advantages we Are Selling Stitth Eie Abts in 1h Miles of the pos Ottice from to each with electric cars and water Mains through the property. Watson Cix manager 6-13-tf menger hotel building. Contractors and builders attention. Are you a need of Austin White Lime plaster Paris hair Portland Cement fire Brick fire Clay if so ring up Mcallister Wurzbach Telephone 163, who Are prepared to quote Low prices to prompt Cash customers. We also have a Fine line of groceries. Give us a trial. 201 h. Alamo St. 6-2-4m or. Hathaway , m d., assistant. Regular graduates the leading specialist of the South West private blood skin and nervous diseases. Young men who by their acts of Imp Pudene or Folly suffer from nervous debility exhausting drains upon the fountains of life affecting the and manhood of could con Uit the celebrated or. Hath away at once Nerv Ous diseases with or without dreams or debility and Loes of Nerva Power treated scientifically by new methods with great Success. It Maka no difference what you have taken or who has failed to cure Yoa. Lost manhood and All weakness of the sexual organs treated with great Success. Female diseases cased at Home without a wonderful remedy. Piles great discovery. A Eore Guaran no of knife cutting or Liga Twe. A painless treat men stricture cured without cutting. The most Woncho Tittl discovery. Sate and sure. Syphilis. The most rapid Safe and effective remedy. A Complete Core guaranteed. Skin it be a ses of All kinds cared whare others have failed. Unnatural discharges promptly cd iced in a few Days. Roiek sure Ami Safe. This incl Dea Gleet and Honor Rigi a. My methods 1. Consultation at the office or by mall. 2.thorough examination careful diagnosis. S. 1 hat each patient treated gets the advantage of special study and experience and specs Alty is made of his or Ker disease. 4. M operate charges and easy terms of pay tent a treatment can be Given in a majority of cases. Send for symptom no 1 for men Send for symptom Blank no. 2 for women. Send for symptom Blank no. S for skin Dis eases. All correspondence answered promptly. Busi Ness strict y Medicine sent free torn refer to Banks in san an Tonio Texas. Address or Call on open Evert night across the san Pedro the place for gentle men to pass a pleasant i evening. Admission 10 Mutualist society will tace charge of their Saloon and run it themselves. Spending the summer in the mountains at the seashore or remaining quietly at Nome every lady wants solid Comfort during the heated months. This can be obtained by wearing Tolison s Negligee shirts and Blouse waists now being sold for a third less than you pay Tor inferior Quality elsewhere. 6 17 4t base Ball club meet to night Corner North and water streets. Baking powder used in millions of years the Standard. J. N. Hathaway m. D., 29-31 w. Commerce St., m san Antonio Texas. Thakke Beautiful building lots on government Hill on Street car line. Size of lots Leet. Price 11000. Apply to to John t. Hambleton co. 5 11 of a new 5 room cottage with Bath room to and Bay window very Large lot in very desirable location. A Beautiful Horn now renting for 130 per month. Apply to John t. Hambleton co. 410 of xxx Pearl Beer. The purest and Best. Delivered to any part of the City. Six Fine lots on Prospect and East sex mile from Center of City can be bought reasonable. 5 35 to. John t. Hambleton co. A 24 acre Block finely located near car line. Terms easy. John t. Hambleton co. 4-18-tf. Notice. Notice is hereby that the under signed whose residence and Post Effiee Eldress is san Antonio Texas was on May granted letters of Adrianis. Traction on the estate of Louis Jazo de deceased by the court of Bexar county Texas and All persons having claims against said estate Are therefore notified to present the same within the time required by Law. Staffed. Administrator estate Louis Jazo de ceased

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