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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - June 16, 1891, San Antonio, Texas She sails com Iii e Altri t to Frt s a Illg Quot in. I office no. -4 East a Antonio Light 8. Johnson Secretary and treasurer and Oeh Rax. tm0xqt1ttj�kl�?zsltlsz Al Jetts Susz Azo tax a As second class mail matter. In a a a a a a or a a a a real Light is tart re Publ ewibnhxashkp.-i5i Texas a Dali Jas Erie red Bild Foi of Caiiou of artes it As lustily As a my la Wells .Il the Guijo Cor die la subscription rates. 50 Osi hyper month a daily per year 6. Of by mail of cab rib Ekeh weekly. 6 months. To weekly. I year. 1.00 a Ai Pinch Prospect of get fug .Il Al f Al. E knights of labor cannot die Tate Tot tie department at Washington. August order. Not seem in have. Died few ngki_oi3 general feeling of a i 4 i amp j tra a a a. In Vlf Olyf i to Ute must obey the regulations when employed in the department or they will be tired subscribers not receiving their paper will a teen make complaint to the Effle. Subsoil <�?�#98 arc earned not to pay their subscription a seep upon presentation of a properly re Bill from this office. 008. Advertising rates. S a i so s 400 s so i �?�3100 �?�85 00 i a Moo leg. Advertisements f 1.w per Inoh first in Siikki 75 cents per Inch each subsequent in a Eft fam trustees sales $1 of per Inch first insert ton 85 cents Euloh insertion afterwards. If beading matter editorial Page a cents per Tea each insertion. Local columns 30 cents first Nerti on to cents first week 5 cents after first Vii. Special rates on 50 and too lines running or a month Home advertisements payable an the first of ssh month. Transient advertising payable in and Ranee Only Metal outs printed. Spacial rates Given on larger space and Long Kau advertisements. Discount Given for Cash announcements tor state and county officers dollars in Advance. Or 411 contracts or Bills Moat be approved by a Secretary and m Acanter. To of Rajs Pon dents Asi communication or this paper should be accompanied by the name of the author not uses warily for publication in a evidence of Good Faith on the part of the writer. Write on in one aide of the paper in a Plain hand. An laymen communication .Il not be noticed. The la Orr will not be Reeo Onalle for the Ala Tern in correspondents tit our Eastern a0verti3ers. .Il advertising for the daily and week a Light must come to us through our special agents messes. Palmer a Rey 232 k to us Temple court new York. Tuesday june 10, 1891. 11 in the cattle Barons and the Indian Pence Leem to control the Cherokee strip and Uncle Sam la not in it. Hockless Simpson la going to a turn Ohio in the vain Endeavor to Knock the socks off Mckinley. San Antonio continue s to keep up her building lick end is doing More i a the Way of construction than any Citer in the Stele. Blair is to he congratulated. The kick from China will probably Send him into Japan. The change is for the better. Neither England nor g Ermany is being flooded by the jewish exodus from Russia. The bulk of that sex Puvion Cornea to the United states. The Galveston Tribune forecasts the Day when the old City will Saddle the Sand bar and ride it out to sea with an Artesian Well a a rudder to steer by. ? pleasure boats have equal rights of Way with business boats in amort can Waters so Gay the United states courts. The yacht therefore stands a on the same footing As the freighter. Hot water for Milch cows is the latest French fad for increasing the Supply of the Lac Teal fluid. It is not a slated that the cows give scalded milk. I. Dallas needs a City prison a City Hospital a City water Supply Aud several other things too numerous to mention. According to the Herald she needs new credit also. Why not Lump it and ask for a new town. The German people Are growing restless order the High Tariff on meat and bread stuffs while the people Are Short of food supplies. Even his autocracy the emperor cannot Monkey with a people s demand for bread. Chairman Finlay seems to have it in for the Chicago and Alton and tries to Corner them on every possible occasion but so far without Success. Chicago and Alton holds the fort and does not propose to abandon any of its gnus. About 1,000,000 Bales of Cotton were shipped from Texas coast this past season and Houston and Galveston Are chinning Over which City received most Benefit the railway Center by the wharf monopolist. Booming Blaine for the presidency is not so much a movement in the interest of the boomed As it la of the Boomers those Fellows Are afraid no one will notice them. The Republican party will do its booming after the nomination. J sir Wilham Gordon Cumming outside of the aristocratic class who hedge the Wales party ii a does lost 0r8te,&inip wrong so trere is a that Cumming was vile conspiracy and John Bull loves fair play. Missionary Stock rules jow4 in China and the celestial Are not backward in still farther reducing it. The rioting continues and the intervention of English men of War is asked. Let China alone. Scarcely a pity of any size in the United states that is not making a howl Over the filthy condition of their streets. San Antonio howls too. This City might be much dirtier it is True and it might he much cleaner without Rushing the mourners. Clean up and shoot cholera. Secretary Blaine is resting quietly Aud recuperating his health. He gathers strength daily and will be heard from at his Post in the future a9 in the past Ever doing his duty to the country and maintaining the cause of a pure and undefiled americanism. 1 Bank examiner Drew Baa been suspended now let Secretary Foster Lay his Broad hand very persuasively on Lacey and compel him to show cause Why he should not be suspended also. Florida legislature bounces every newspaper Man who criticises a member and then curses him a Gay Bell Book and Candle for defamation. No e Hance to prove up to that crowd. It is sin even to question the Illinois woman votes hereafter at school elections. This is a Good Advance from the old lines and does much to redeem the legislature from t charge of retrogression. A by. Louis and Detroit Are working for .Il that is in sight to secure the nation he democratic4 convention by Ixonia tis the More. Natural location and will probably get it. A Texas has less cause for prayer and fasting and More cause for thanksgiving than any state in the Union so far As her material Prosperity is concerned a a a a f. A Little Rock did not bite at Sam Jones naked Hook with the avidity that Houston did. The big Bayou City was fam Ishing for a sensation and had to have it even if it Cost the Good name of and $3,500. The pistol Toter is not Only a stand lug menace to the peace and dignity of Texas but he is a Barrier to immigration and investment. He should go Aud go quickly. Comptroller Lacy was aware of the Keystone Bauk crookedness four months ago and he will do called upon to explain Why he did not take the Steps required by Law to wind up the concern. A. The Galveston news says that pure water is not Only a great Blessing but keep pebj�?32 Aseff that accounts for the sobriety of ban Antonio. She has the purest water Aud most abundant in the state and less drunkenness than Auy of her sister cities. The Corpus caller wants to know How the democratic party became responsible for the National debt they became responsible for that debt by creating it. They created it by forc ing the United states government to unusual expenditures to preserve the Union created by the fathers and cemented with their blood no democracy no debt. A r a a a a tis la a a a my Quot j it 1�?r t rut. Sedalia Missouri strikes an underground a River v water pure As Snow Clear As Crystal and apparently inexhaustible Supply. The water question is settled for that Region. No Small part of Western Missouri is fed by underground streams of that character and they never fail. T a j a 1 a a a the Chili insurgents reject bal Maceda a proposal to terminate hostilities and enter into the consideration of peace overtures As advised by the United states. The insurgents will not regard Balmaceda in any Light save that of a usurper. They have put themselves into a Hole by this action and will have to crawl out. Am Mia spam mis a the Willis Point chronicle does not consider that religious controversies Are of any Benefit to practical christianity and remarks a a. Theological discussion in the Handset masterly debaters May become almost As exciting As a salvation army meeting but the Good it does to christianity snot apparent to the Ordinary observer. It is nowhere recorded that Christ engaged in any theological the Prince of Wales has discovered that .Il England has taken alarm at his course and that very grave doubts Are expressed As to his fitness for the throne of the greatest Christian nation on the Globe. Wales is perfectly conscious of the Disfavour. In which a High rolling is looked upon by the great body of English commoners and that Bis Only Bank of supplies is the Good will of the people. He is evidently in alarm Over the situation Aud Well he May be for nothing has so stirred England to its Depths tor Many years. The Adverse criticism of Germany and the assertions made there that the Princess of Wales is neglected by her Royal husband for hts favourites Are not without their effect Aud Wales is at last aware that he has gone one step too far for the Long suffering Aud patient people whose most sacred a traditions and feelings he has trampled under foot. Chi 8ft t. Is denies having slandered a Cmpbell of Ohio and the believes. Ulm. Mills and Campbell Are tarred with the same a tick both sworn to knife Mckinley Oce in the attempt. Dallas has dropped $500,000 into that mud Hole intended to do duty foe a Reservoir for waterworks Aud Hiss Only a mud Hole which the press of stare lofty counsel abandoning. _ Dalles has a hard time of it. Better get to work at once on the Artesian Wells. Ben Butler is Doug some Seua tonal talking about the Stewart j estate litigation Aud proposes to get at the Bottom of the whole scheme to wreck that property he says he is too old to be bluffed. The methodist Church of Colorado has vindicated itself by dropping the name of Rev. Bam Small from the Rolls for financial crookedness. The Rev. Bams Confer no credit on the Church a 1. The nine hour Day goes in new York in Alt the builders Aud House Smiths trades and the strikers have generally returned to work. If the agitators would agree on a nine hour Day it would be made Genera All Over the country in less than year. F re a to t the Back Bone of the italian Rimml Gratton is broken at least the late steamers contain few passengers and As the steamship companies Are cooperating with the United skates authorities in a rigid enforcement of the Laws it is probable that the undesirable influx of population will be stayed. Wealth an Antonio offers unparalleled. Advantages to the Home seeker sri a a Quot a a a a a a location of Sun Rio ing loveliness a climate unequalled for purity and Healthfulness warm open it Ere and coct Quot delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of Cujic Street railway of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved streets and Beautiful suburban avenues and drives excellent Public schools and churches of every denomination All com Bining to make san. Antonio the most inviting it place for a permanent Home on the continent t Jess is. John t. Hambleton go. Health seekers and tourists should visit the country Between r Antonio a Kerrville tout a fir 1000 to 2000 feet above the sea. Jet a i Beautiful Mountain scenery Clear running streams Rich Valley lands and with a climate pronounced by All to be the finest in the world. Consumption and Kindred diseases Are f Here cured without Medicine. Flt i 4 ii us to Iii a .Il . V or it it j j Vokal a., -1 the Gulf coast around Corpus Christi Arkansas Harbor and Rockport. Offers Superior attractions to the tourists and sportsmen j every person desiring a new location and a summer Home should first inspect the country on and tributary to the railway. Maps and other information cheerfully furnished .Il application to ? r. W. Andrews v v v Milton Everett. A i g. A., sen Antonio. _ ticket agent san Antonio depot Lee i Quot a this is the refrigerator that will not grow Damp and spoil your food with a bad odor causing sickness etc.1 the self cleaning Quot North shr Quot us i v a or Quot Peru a quote v a Vii Whf \ a Ai h Cital f to v v i of v k ii ask our customers How they like the North by Kra there Are hundreds in the tit. A i4�?� a to -,j4 Tim our prices Are the lowest. To a i ii. I t. He a pern in. J it v i it 7 n Xix v mull i cd. House Fiir Nabers. 409 411 East Houston Street. Act ii Iii a1 sri it a a by i ii 1�?T1 Ivaz 1 Xuhui a a j Utah r or. Quot my a ii inj�?~xt4 in hmm of we Bav Eju troit moved Flora a a Aud opened the old reliable c o d steam Dye works Jotter he Duke is. Alamo streets. M Al a. Battaglia a manufacturer old boots Ano shoes a ladles and Gant Fine shoes to order repairing neatly done at lowest rates in . 226 Alamo 1 nigh \4 i do. E. G. We to a nerve end la rain Tricot men1�, a guarantee specific for hysteria dimness convulsions. Fits nervous neuralgia headache. Nervous prostration caused by the use of Al chill or tobacco wakefulness mental depression 8 Horning of the brain resulting in a Hanley Aud loading to misery decay Ani i Atli premature did age barrenness loss of Power in either sex. Involuntary losses and sperm Terrhea cat ised by Over exertion of the brain self abuse or Over Dudul Genee each Box cousins one month s treatment to on a Box or six Botes for , set by mail prepaid on receipt of Price a a Quot a a it we guarantee six boxes to care any Case. W lib each order received by us for six boxes accompanied with a a my we will Send the purchaser our written guarantee to refund the Money if the treatment does not effect a care guarantees issued Only by City drug Stoke sole at. 8 e. Commerce St a Antonio. M. Lucchese Bro a fashionable Shoemaker _ Aas East Houston Street next to Maverick a hotel and main Plaza next Frost s Bank ladies Fine shoes to order. Repairing promptly done. Fine Stock of custom made shoes. A japanese a a Iara Etsa curs for piles of whatever kind or degree a itmrpa1, juteiuai., Blind or bleeding itching Chroal Helenr or heated Leary vet never been k tor $5 sent by mail this Reudy has positively never been known Tiabo b boxes i Rice. A written Guaran tee positively give t7, each purchaser of 8 Box to fall prepaid on receipt of Hilo is when puff biased at onetime to refund the an a drug filst Sal a at a san Antonio to a ample packages free. U John t. Imm Letoi amp cola no agents no. 4 r. Commerce St. Go to St. Charles boarding House in 8125 8. Flores Street first class Board amp rooms a. A regular meals 25 cents. Or Hubbard. A Natlija. Thu proprietress Hun manager the a is a Only 50 cents a month Deli Ere or. J. R. Harmer office at Unity Ding store i 4 r no 8 St. Ofa a. J >.,4 Saina Tonjo j. A one 184�?Day or night. A g. W. Elsabry electrician. Estimates Given for wiring House for Chr a can descent lights electric Bells burglar. Alarms and repairing All kinds or electrical instruct outs at reasonable with Wagner amp Chabot of Commerce and Navarro its. M x re. Us ate it David Kirkwood sanitary Engineer and plumber la b. Alamo St., telephoto 440. Modern sanitary pm urn mag a specialty1. A Xuy n. Ii a or. Kirkwood employees Only exo Eri ended plumbers and obese Quentin Thoie Fallar with All the requirements of modern plumbing for Thia this is a Sull iolent guarantee of first Claes Ork. 5-25-3m a a if a a James Murphy a r Chite it. Office 404 e. Houston Street., any information relating to building cheerfully Given. V i 4-. .it., in it. A >25-tf a a 1 i 44j-�?----.,-4al1 Cassiano. \ go. A. Gibson.1 proprietors of the f and Maxi Nan dramatic show on thu red a. Saturday and or sunday evas. Dor. East and Monterey streets. Sam Antonio if or get As tin Reliance ice factory 1 will furnish ice equal to any in the1 r Market and go Armatee full weight and promptness. Country orders patronage of till Public solicited a try Arkansas meet near Salamo. F Telephone no. 83. It a a to 1 a Ca Ward Mission .Il company Star .Il and stove gasoline and All kidds of illuminating and Quot lubricating oils. To 7 Telephone 543. V la Alamo bt., Opp. Garden

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