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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - June 16, 1891, San Antonio, Texas San Antonio daily Light. Published St san Antonio. Bexar county. Texas. And registered at the Rost Orrise As s Boon too Las pm Al Lom Atter. Volume Xii number 128 san Antonio. Texas. Tuesday. June 16, 1891 Price $5 a year Lockwood notional Bank. Antonio. Texas. J. A. Lockwood president j. Muir cashier. Safe Deposit line new York a Texas steamship co a to new York direct steamers leave Galveston every wednesday a and saturday. The cheapest and most delightful route to new York and Europe for through tickets staterooms Etc., apply to the Mallory line office i Commerce St. W. J. Young Gen l Soffi n pass r agent. 1860�? the �?1891washington life insurance company of new York. Assets $ii,,.oo if you contemplate insuring your life Reserve decision until you have examined the plans methods and practices of the Washington life. J. B. Day manager southwestern dept., san Antonio Texas the Stock report. Reported for the Eliot by the Chicago live Stock company. Special to the Light. Union Stock Yalu its Chicago j Une 13, 181 1. F the improvement predicted in our last weeks report was realized this week. Good heavy Fleshy Canning Texas steers average is to 20 Cen to higher than last weeks close thin Light steers Are slow Dull and not Over to cents higher. Good fat dressed and shipping steers have been scarce and Are wanted at 25 cents advances Over last weeks average prices. When sold fed cattle yesterday that buyers claimed were fully 40 cents higher but individual or scratch sales do not make a Market fat veal calves averaging 150 to 100 pounds Are scarce and High. Good bulls and Stags have been wanted and have made some improvement since last week. Prices for native cattle Are stronger this week and for Good fat Texas we look for a Good Strong demand at improved prices next week. Canner buyers Are fighting hard against any material advances but will j ave to put on some in prices if we g St Lees Thau 17,000 Texas cattle the coming week. The Supply of Texas sheep has been Liberal All week but the demand Bas been Good and prices Are closing some higher than last week. Reducing papal expenses. Rome june 16.�?it is reported that the Pope intends to reduce the expenses of the papal Nuncio at All foreign countries except Paris. Quick return. W. C. Morgan advertised in the Light yesterday Lor an strayed horse. The animal was found last evening and the five dollars Reward was paid. Moral it pays to advertise in the matters improved. Lisbon june 16.�?the financial position has much improved and the government has decided that it will not be necessary to prolong the Mora tar i ii in expiring july to. Hounded up the Hatch. Tadla ii a use Florida june 15.�? governor Fleming has dispose of All Bills left on his table by the legislature. He today approved the Bills abolishing the immigration Bureau and Railroad commission. Torpedo operations. Dublin june 16.�?the torpedo operations in the Irish Channel this summer will be on a much More extensive scale than formerly. Experiments Are being made on the torpedo school ship looking to the Summers manoeuvres. Crimes act is null and void. Dublin june 16.�?the Dublin Gazette of saturday contained a proclamation removing the crimes act from operation in the counties promised by chief Secretary Balfour. The Star spangled Banner. Washington june 16.�?the War department issues the following the Field or Union of the National hag in use in the army will on Aud after july 4,1891, consist of forty four stars in six rows the upper and lower rows to have eight stars and these Ond third fourth and fifth rows seven stare each in a Blue Field. Late Telegraph. Associated press dispatches and state specials. Up to the time of going to press lord Brookes divorce. London june 16.�?it is rumoured that lord Brooke husband Prince of Wales favorite has instructed his lawyer to bring suit for divorce against lady Brooks on the ground of improper relations with the Prince of Wales. Guatemalan revolution. City of Mexico june 16.�?advices from Guatemala Are to the effect that Between now and the october election a revolution is a foregone conclusion and unquestionably Barillas will have to seek Refuge in some other country. Expensive politics. Dublin june 16.�?the Irish Bishops finding that the Cost of maintaining members of parliament is a heavy parochial Drain Are working to secure the return of wealthy candidates at the next general election who will form the nucleus of a new Catholic party. English cattle diseased. London june 16.�?mr. Chaplin president of the Board of agriculture states that Between june i 1890, and june i 1891, there had been 216 outbreaks of pneumonia among cattle in great Britain and that 892 diseased Aud 8,820 healthy cattle had been slaughtered. The French Navy. Paris june 16�? Admiral Vallon of the freon Navy interrogated As to his remark concerning the Equality of the German and French fleets says a the French Navy is still capable of beating the Allied Fleet of the Drei bund. If the British Navy was against us however we could do nothing but Retreat into port. The secret to be explained. New York june 16.�?the Herald says the probabilities Are that the secret of what has become of the Money stolen by Bardley will be explained. The failure of the Liberty Furnace co., of Virginia collapse of Baring bros.,looseness in transactions on the part of president Marsh of Keystone Bank phila., to whom Bardsley advanced Funis were causes. Decided the mortgages valid Keokuk la. June 16 a the stats District court in Case Smith is. Collier Robertson a Hambleton wholesale grocer who failed t liabilities $180,000, decided mortgages valid. The firm prior to assignment executed mortgages for Large amounts in favor of a few creditors. Unprotected creditors antagonized foreclosure of mortgages. Fresh from the wires London june 16.�?the primitive methodist conference at Northampton passed resolutions of censure on the Prince of Wales for his connection with the Baccarat scandal. London june 16.�?the bulk of emigration of the russian jews is to constantinople. Cincinnati june 16.�?a fire in the City Hospital caused great alarm but the inmates were removed and building saved. Knoxville tenn., june 16.�?a Cloud burst at Neu Manville saturday doing much damage to houses and crops and drowning Many cattle. Or. Paul june 16.�?chas. Moth the wrestler was knocked out in three rounds by Billie Woods of Denver last night. Columbus Ohio june 16 a the re publican state convention convened today. Congressman Mckinley will be Given a reception by the Lincoln league tonight. Macon mo., june 16.�?the men working in the mines have struck b a cause the employers demanded that they remain in the mines for ten hours whether at work or not. Paris France june 16.�?a duty of three francs on Maize has been voted by the chamber of deputies unless it be used for manufacturing of alcohol when it will be free. Aurora., ill june 16.�?All the saloons Here Are closed Aud the Saloon keepers marched to the office of the City clerk tendered Bonds five Hundred dollars each for License which the mayor refused. Vincent ala., june 16.�?rev. J. U. Montgomery a Baptist minister committed suicide by shooting him self in the head. Leaves a wife and four children. St. Louis mo., june 16.�?ap Elf Ort is to be made at the telegraphed so meeting for the railway Teleg Raphers to abolish the brotherhood and to organize one protective association. Late telegrams boiled Down from private special and other sources. The King murder trial at Memphis continues King on the stand. Fritz Emmett the comedian is dead at Cornwall on the Hudson. Railway Teleg Raphers Are in secret session at St. Louis. The Baccarat scandal Case will hardly come up in commons. Justice Lamar is organizing the new Orleans court of appeals. Kansas wheat Harvest commences estimated crop 58,000,000 bushels. Twenty five Kansas sub alliances repudiate the third party move. Austin is alive with visitors for the University commencement. Yoakum will keep fourth of july in ancient Aud honorable style. Southwest part of Indian territory devastated by red River floods. The a Hee Bowen investigation is postponed until the 22nd inst. Chairman Finley is unable to bring Chicago and Altos Road to time. New trial refused to Bernard Glaude new Orleans jury briber. Mrs. Mollie Talley Waco brings suit for divorce deep Triou alleged. The i. A g. N. Investigation continues at Galveston. Crop reports Send Ootton prices downward at Liverpool. Newyl Ork Money from 2 to 3 per cent on Call. Bismarck is suffering acutely from rheumatism of the spine. Reports of the loss of the Etruria cannot be traced to authentic sources. Excelsior Hose company of Philadelphia goes to the Wall. The Dominion Cabinet matter is still unsettled. Official investigation alone can determine the cause of the Berne Accident. \ pirates on the River at Batum kill six of a Crew of russian soldiers sent to capture their boat. Emperor William will Purchase Fores tack formerly the property of Carl Schurz brother in Law. Secretary of War Stanhope say Cumming should have reported his Case to his commanding officer. There Are 250,000 head of cattle on Cherokee strip notwithstanding the expulsion of last fall. Fort Worth has a baby sensation parents unmarried and Way up in society. Alton and Chicago reduce round trip tickets to Chicago and Kansas City to meet Finley a slap at them. A Hee comes to san Antonio to receive better jail accommodation until his examination is resumed. The rothschilds Purchase the Vna Conda Copper mince Butte ., for $26,009,000. Local state insurance men meet at Waco and antagonize the Dallas club action. The Berne Accident records 120 victims with hundreds More wounded 57 bodies recovered. Nearly every family in Balero has lost some member and some Are nearly wiped out. The River is being dragged for Bod Lea and it will be Days before the results Are fully known. It was the Iron work of the Balero Bridge that gave Way the Mason work remains intact. Mrs. Glass arrested at Coleman As accessory to the murder of her husband on the 10th inst the Itata sails for ban Diego no steam will t e raised As the machinery is out of order. Three dead bodies evidently murdered found in a decomposed state near Denison. President prohibits by proclamation All Seal killing in Behring Waters until next May. The double locomotives were too much weight for the Balero Bridge and it collapsed taking 5 coaches into the Stream. There Are 15,000 head of cattle on the South Bank of the Canadian waking Low water to Cross Over into the Cherokee country. Fifty six thousand russian jews await embarkation at Bremen and Hamburg. They Are in a very unsanitary condition. Wales and Leavett Are subject to army regulations in the Baccarat scandal ease but no action will be taken. The Farwell Taylor crowd Are sued for 1500 shares of the Stock in the lauds received for building Texas state House. Collision in Yards at Costa wreck North bound los Angeles express. Engineers firemen and press Eggers Hurt one brakeman killed. The european Outlook. London june 16.�?lord Salisbury thinks that the risk involved in modern War is the greatest guarantee of Estace in Europe but regards the to Amedan states As a constant menace to that peace. City Council. Interesting Batch of Busi Ness boiled. Frasch and the car tracks sanitary men not competent motor mensa petition barrel of Bluestone needed poles painting new business. The regular meeting was rapped to order by his Honor the mayor protein Fritz Schreiner. Petitions. From e. Michel for remission of Fine for fast driving police committee. J. D. Looney remission of a Fine same committee from g. Of sch City assessor for a copying press also to furnish an assistant to take measurement of Street railway tracks of s. A. Street railway. In this connection he stated that in 1889 the late col. Belknap assessed 20 Miles of track for taxes. Later president Weiss got this reduced by the Council to 14 Miles. The assessor s petition was granted. From citizens praying for an electric Light on Crockett St. At the Railroad crossing. Referred to Gas and water and electric Light committee. Another petition from assessor Frasch that he be furnished the names of property owners by an extra Man employed by the City who failed to build sidewalks. One month s work would do it. Alderman Corbett thought the sanitary police could do the work. Lockwood said it would take a competent Man who could go Over the record books. The petition a. Granted Beckmann voting no the Man to he hired at Iso per month. Gregory thought it ought to be paid out of the sidewalk fund. So did Parseh. T. H. Gray wanted a permit to erect a sign Post on the curbing of Osoyo Street. It was granted temporarily. Citizens asked that Montana Street be opened and graded. Referred to committee citizens wanted Culvert at Corner of Louiana and North Flores streets. Referred to City Engineer. E. Bitt mar was granted permit to Lay sew pipe on eighth through Avenue b to River. C. Hugo got permission to tap the to Maua Street sewer from his residence. From p. Graciette for remission of taxes. Referred. G. Barry to remit Back taxes commit tee. H. Arnold remission of taxes committee. Geo. J. F. Schmidt for the refunding of taxes paid in error committee. P. A Wohlfarth for reduction of assess ment committee. J. C. Frederick for pay for household goods destroyed by health authorities in Small pox Case Hospital committee. Petition of motor men of san Antonio Street railway for reduction of hours of work and for general Relief. Lockwood wanted it read. Schreiner did no to believe it belonged in the Council business. Lockwood said while there might be some Points in it the Council had nothing to do with still life and safety were at stake. It was read. Four Hundred citizens signed the petition Lockwood spoke to the petition. Life and safety of citizens were Dally at stake. Other states had Legisla lated on hours of work for those employed in handling dangerous machinery vehicles Etc.,and in none of them were men obliged to work 12 hours continuously. He moved to refer to City attorney that his opinion could be had or ordinance framed. i Aly bros., to be allowed to change Grade of curbing on lot on Lexington Avenue and Augusta Street slightly City Engineer. Citizens that the i. A g. N. Railway be ordered to take track up on Comal Street Railroad committee. Sunset Hose company asking City to buy their private company property fire committee. M. Munster for Candy privilege san Pedro Park granted. A. Beauregard for Drain pipe on Augusta Street granted. Report of City Engineer of encroachments of property owners on Street lines on Taylor Olive and Crockett streets ordered to retire to proper lines adopted. Auditor Cohen report on petition of assessor Frasch for appropriation to pay for assistant express Wagon Etc. Stated that of the $1,500 appropriated for maps of wards same had not been furnished and $1,300 of appropriation had been cancelled adopted. Report of City electrician Ryan As to fire alarm tests also recommending that 375 feet of wire needed for repairs one barrel of Blue Stone Etc., be purchased finance committee. Reports of City Engineer Market master collector marshal Etc., referred to proper committees. Committee reports were then presented. Police committee reported unfavourably on petition for remission of Fine of mrs. Hardy. Streets and Bridges committee recommended that Jackson Street be graded and sidewalks ordered on West Side. Adopted. Petition of citizens on san Fernando and Buena Vista streets for water Mains. Granted. Petition for Gas lamps on Guenther and Stieren streets. Granted. Market Park and Public building committee reported forage for Pound Man at $10 per month. Granted. Excelsior guards to use san Pedro Park june 19, 20 and 21. Not granted. Louis Merle granted permit for a meat stall on grand Avenue. To have san Pedro Park cleaned. Granted. Sanitary and Hospital citizens petition to have River cleaned Between French building and Guenthers Mill. Granted. Beckman called petition to have Garth in Street improved Ana widened an wanted 1 know Why the work had not been fun isl de Lockwood said All had been done except from the Lambert Block to the Bridge and along there a dispute As to property owners was now pending. Lockwood brought up the matter of the painting of the Telephone and electric poles in the City. Some poles were being painted with some mixture that would not dry. Electrician Ryan said he had noticed the same on the poles of the san Antonio Street railway company and had inquired of president Weiss about it. He or. Weiss had explained that this was Only the first or priming coat and when the second was on it would dry. Several Alderman complained of tills nuisance and spoke of clothing being ruined in coming in Contact with the Black and Greasy poles. New business. Mud holes on Indianola Street ordered filled. Sidewalks ordered Laid on both sides West Nueva Street. Class a sidewalks ordered on Market Street. Property owners on All streets where encroaching on line ordered to move Back to line in 00 Days. Class a walks ordered on Acequia and St. Mary a streets. City marshal ordered to have All premises cleaned. Adjourned. Notes. Lockwood put in a pretty Good plea for the working Man. There were seven spectators Only. Two Aldermani chairs were vacant. Assistant marshal Coy held Down Tine captains seat. and some kind of Black is what the Street car company is said to to using. Bets were offered that the second coat of paint on those poles would never dry. The other companies were putting on Only one coat of paint and seem to to satisfied. The s. A. E. People Are going to extra expense. Death of a. Steiner. The death of or. Adolph Steiner aged 45 years occurred this morning from cirrhosis of liver. The funeral occurs this this afternoon at 5, the remains to be interred in the jewish cemetery. Deceased had been a resident of this City for 25 years w As a Well liked mercantile Man and leaves numerous friends. Funeral notice. A it Steiner a citizen of san Antonio died this morning at the residence of the Morris Brothers on Goliad Street. The funeral wik Hake place this afternoon at five of clock the members of the by Nai brith Are requested to attend by order of the Secretary. Other friends and acquaintances respectfully invited. Want exhibits. The commercial Exchange wants to get some exhibits Here from different parts of Southwest Texas. They want these exhibits to be easily transported so that when any number of persons come to different parts of the country it will be easy to take the exhibits from one place to another. Any person wishing to give exhibits should please Send them to the office in san Antonio or notify them by mail where they can get such. Notice to Railroad contractors. Sealed bids will be received at the office of the undersigned at san Antonio Tex tor the construction to completion of the unfinished portion of the san Antonio and Arkansas pass railway lying Between Lexington in Lee county and Lott in Falls county. A All bids must be on file on or before the 19th Day of june 1891. Payment to contractors will be made in receivers certificates being six per cent interest and secured by first Lien on the property Etc of said railway. Line must be completed and ready for operation ninety Days from june 20.1891. This done in accordance with an order of the forty fifth judicial District court made june 9,1891. For particulars plans specifications Etc., apply to b. F. Yoakum and j. A. Macnamara receivers s. A. A a. A railway. The receivers Reserve she right Tore Pecany Andall bids. 6-8-10tt have a swim. Visit the Burke natatorium on Tho Flores Street car line or by taking Tho Beacon Hill line. Try a plunge Bath sex ,. Learn to swim if you done to know How. Every appliance for pleasure and Comfort safety and health. A Clear Pool of running water Fine bathing suits polite attendants Fine dressing rooms hot and cold Shower Baths. Moderate Oil. Prevents tendency to wrinkles or ageing of the skin. Prevents withering of the skin or drying up of the flesh. Natures wonder for preserving youth and freshens #1.00 urge bottles at druggists. I Killrainy Slavon fight. New York june 16.�?the Blavin Kilrain ten round contest takes place tonight before the Granite association club at Hobo m Ken. Blavin is the favorite but Kun rain is backed liberally. The Man who is Best in ten rounds will be declared the Winner. Charlie Mitchell Aud a Gravesend sport will second Blavier and Mike Cleary Aud Muldoon for Kilrain. Bets Are sixty against a Hundred three Hundred against five Hundred Aud four against five thousand on Kilrain. Queen Natalie May return. Belgrade june 16.�?it having a come known that the action of the Serviau ministers in expelling Queen Natalie was due to repeated letters from Milan a reaction has set in and the ministry Are repenting their course. Serious consequences Are feared and the Case May be reheard on its merits. Refused the petition. Chicago ills., june 16 a the City Council by a vote of 40 to 42, refused to extend the time Given Lake front buildings Aud soon As the injunction now in court is dissolved the old exposition building will have co go

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