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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - June 15, 1887, San Antonio, Texas A a he in Frily flight. King wednesday june 15, 1887. Railroad time table. I. Is g. N. Railroad. Uri a Utu it Khz. Erst. Louts via to. A. Route 4 30 p. M or by. Louie via Iron Mountain. 8 a. In hoi Ai. Louis via Missouri Pacific. A a a. In for i ared o10 45 a. In a Khiva us. Prom St. I on is. Missouri Pacific prom St. Louis via Iron Mountain from St. Louis via Missouri Pacific. From laredo.,. Io�?�50 p. In 10 00 p. In 10 00 a. In 8jj� p. In s. A. St a. P. Railroad. Arrivals and Defa Utu Rah. Until further notice our trains wit run Dally except sunday a follows southbound trains. Leave san Antonio. 10.00 a. In. Leave Beeville at. 4.10 p. In. Arrives at Corpus Christi. 8 05 p. In. Northbound trains leaves Corpus Christi. A 45a. In. Leave Beeville. Imo p. In. Arrive at san Antonio. 4.00 p. In. New Southern Pacific time. San Antonio Haa now two to and from new Orleans. The new time card of the Southern Pacific go s in Force inlay Givin two trains daily As follows Kast bound. San Antonio leave.8 45 a. In. Houston arrive snap. In. Houston depart .5 45 p. In. New Orleans arrive. .8 05 t. In. Sail Antonio leave.8 55 p. In. Houston arrive .0 00 a. In. Houston depart .0 10 . New Orleans arrive.8 05 p. In. West round. New Orleans leave �?,.7 20 p. In. Houston arrive. 0 20 a. In. Houston depart.0 45 a. In. Sri Antonio arrive.0 15 p. In. New Orleans leave .7 15 a. In. Houston arrive ,.0 40 p. In. Houston depart.955 p. In. San Antonio arrive.7 20a. In. The advantage of this service is apparent As it prevents a frequent Lay Over of twelve hours at Houston. Grafi for Fain cures rheumatism neuralgia i backache tit attache toot Hache sprains bruises clr., it. Price Pikto cents. At druggists Aud dealers. Try tit Abbes a. V of Kleb co., hat Luj Tomt Sid. Platform of the anti prohibition party adopted at Dallas May 4th, 1887. 1. We oppose the pending prohibition amendment because it is a proposition to change our for of government from a free Republic of Sovereign and inde i rodent citizens to a species of paternalism hateful to our people. It will take from the citizen his most sacred and inalienable rights and add to Aud augment the Powers of government and is therefore undemocratic and ant Republican. 2. We oppose this amendment because it is sump uary and will vex the citizens and interfere with individual Liberty. 3. We oppose this amendment because it is at War with the fundamental principals of Anglo Saxon civilization and will Dextro by h. Rider ii aug Aud. Us much for our shattered nerve. One and All we scrambled out of the Cave As fast a our half Frozen umbel would allow. Of that inalienable right of the determine for himself How he a 111 citizen to shall pursue his own happiness without interference with the rights of others which principle is the basis of our liberties and the sole Hope for perpetuity of our institutions. 4. We oppose this amendment because its enforcement will entail upon the government the necessity of promoting a system of spies and informers detestable to our people and the enactment of extreme legislation of doubtful constitutionality and under the Sanction of which our Homes May be searched our property seized and our Dearest rights invaded. Texas can not Hope to Eso amp be these curses which have invariably attended similar experiments in other places. 6. Its adoption will suppress the general use of Milder stimulants and encourage the use of the Strong drinks and thus retard the advancement of genuine Temperance. It will stamp As criminal the manufacture of wines from our Domestic grapes for family purposes and will degrade our drug stores into dram shops and elevate our doctors into autocrats of our appetites. 6. It will enable the Rich to import and use their liquors without taxation or restraint and will prohibit Only those of our people who Are too poor to buy their liquors in unbroken packages Anil under its operation the Saloon will give place to the gilded club room for the Rich while the poor will be forced to make their purchases at Low dives and in violation of Law. Such class legislation is odious to our people and contrary to free government. \7. It proposes by the preponderance of a majority in certain sections of the state to fasten by Force on other sections a theory of moral and social conduct and habits distasteful and repugnant to the latter. The varied interests of the sections in our state have been a prolific source of Oare and thought in our states dozen Miles from the Snow line. Hero we found More melons so had no longer any anxiety about water for we knew that we should Sik u get plenty of Snow. But the ascent had now become very precipitous Aud we made but slow Progress not More than a mile an hour. Also that night we ate our last morsel of Biltong. As yet with the exception of the Pauw we had seen no living tiling on tile Mountain nor had we come across a single Spring or Stream of water which struck us very Odd considering All the Snow above us which must we thought melt sometimes. But As we afterwards discovered owing to some cause which it is quite beyond my Power to explain All the streams flowed Down upon the North Side of the mountains. We now began to grow very anxious about food. We had escaped death by thirst but it seemed probable that it was Only to die of hunger. The events of the next three miserable Days Are lies described by copying the entries made at the time in my note Book. 21st May.started 13 a. M., finding the atmosphere quite cold enough to travel by Day carrying some water melons with us. Struggled ail Day hut saw no More melons having evidently passed out of their District saw no game of any sort halted for the night at Sundown having had no food for Many hours. Suffered much during the night from cold. 22d.started at Sunrise again feeling very faint Abd weak. Only made live Miles today found some patches of Snow of which we ate but nothing else. Ca Iii lied at Mielit under the Edge of a great plateau. Cold hitter. Drank a Little Brandy each and huddled ourselves together each wrapped up in our Blanket to keep . Are now suffering frightfully from starvation and weariness. Thought that Ventevogel would have died during the night 23d.struggled Forward once More As soon As the Sun was Well up and had thawed our limbs a Little. We Are now in a dreadful plight and i fear that unless we get food Titis will in our last Days journey. But Little Brandy left Good sir Henry and Umb opa Bear a wonderfully but Ventevogel is in a very bad Way. Like most Hottentots he cannot stand cold. Pangs of hunger not so bad. But have sort of a numb feeling Al amt the stomach. Others say the same. We Are now on a level wit i the precipitous Chain or Wall of lava connecting tile two breasts and Hie View is glorious. Behind us tile great glowing desert Rolls away to the horizon and before us lies mile upon mile of smooth hard Snow almost level but swelling gently upward out of the Center of which the nipple of the Mountain which appears to be some Miles Iii circumference rises about four thousand feet in the sky. Not a living tiling is to be seen. God help us i fear our time has come. And now i will drop tile journal partly because it is not very interesting Reading Ami partly because what follows requires perhaps rather accurate telling. All that Day the 23ii May we struggled on up the incline of Snow lying Down from time to time to rest a strange gaunt Crew we must have looked As Laden we were we dragged our weary feet Over the dazzling Plain glaring round us with hungry eyes. Not that there was much use Iii glaring for there was nothing to eat to did not do i More than seven Miles that Day. Just before Sunset we found ourselves right under the nipple of Sheba a left breast which towered j lip thousand of feet into the air above us a 1 vast smooth uni Ocky of Frozen Snow. Bad As i we Felt we could not but appreciate the won a Kerful scene made even More wonderful by tile Hying rays of Light from the setting Sun which hero and there stained tile Snow blood red and crowned tile towering mass above i us with a diadem of glory j Al say a gasped Good presently a we j ought to be somewhere near the Cave tile old gentleman wrote about a a yes a said i a Elf there is a a come Quaterman a groaned sir Henry a a done to talk like that i have every Faitie in the Don remember the water. We shall find the place soon. A if we done to find it before dark we Are dead men that is All about it a was my consolatory reply. For the next ten minutes we trudged on in silence when suddenly Umb opa who was Tai a it chapter Vil 801/omott s Road. Outside the Cave we baited feeling rallies foolish. A i am going said Mir Henry. A Why a asked Good. A because it ii s struck me that what we saw May is my this w is a new Blea and we re entered Hie Cave to put it to Tho proof. Atter Ute Bright Light outside oar eyes weak As Hie. Were with staring at Hie Snow sunni not for awhile Pierce the gloom of the Cive. Presently however we grew accuse timed to the Semi darkness and advanced on the dead form. Sir Henry Knelt Down and peered into its lace. A thank g id Quot he said with a sigh of Relief a ii is not my then i we it and looked. The corps wis miscellaneous ads. Bargains a for Sale for rent. Al qty dollars Whf but four Nice build n tag lots in Block ish on Alcuin Crock to a till or t. R. Johnson la out office. Iii huh subscribers to Tho Liott i l a i u m i wanted at Onte f i a year. Pm Hunt a nicely furnished office suitable for land or commission office centrally located Luquer of t. U Johnson Al the Light office a a to kith Rek Fink u�t8 Fok $75 tet 1.3. And i 3, in Block or original City lot no a Range 2. East Side of san Antonio River. T la John a or Light office. A-2-tf r i to o Fine building lots for Sale is re i Lux 17� a i feat in Block 137, West of san Pedro creak try. Inquire of t. To Shiloh a remedies. A amp Dushi adopts in to j up tic prop-111 in and this amendment if will engender a hostile Publio sentiment in certain localities fatal to its enforcement and thus beget a dissect for Law and disregard of cons Titu onal authority and will produce lasting and permanent evil to our people and tend to disrupt the state. 8. It proposes to con Ignate and destroy without compensation Large arty interests of our people. It we Settle business and impair property values paralyse for a period at least the commercial interests of our state and destroy great industries already in operation for them amp no facture of the Milder stimulants. It will abolish the source of our Publio revenues fully one third and increase to a corresponding amount the Burden upon lands Aud the necessaries of lire already Over burdened with the exaction of government. A the zealous adherents of this prohibition idea have already established and organized a third political party and have waged relentless warfare upon the principles and organization of the other established parties instigated by foreign emissaries they have by agitation for years secured from the legislature of our state the Concession of this proposition to change our organic Law and by studied purpose and concerted movement they now seek to stifle political danger and Call upon them to rebuke at the polls this sinister conspiracy against their political organizations and the fundamental principles of american Liberty. Syrup of Fig manufactured Only by the California Fig syrup co., ban Francisco Cal., is nature own True laxative. It is the most easily taken and most pleasantly effective remedy known to cleanse the system when bilious or Ostive to dispel headaches Oolda and fevers to cure habitual constipation indigestion Etc. For Sale in 50 cent Aud ii bottles by f. Kalteyer a son. S-6 by adjoining Khz sch pro pc Johnson Light nine Tho excellent Qualti m a f he delightful liquid trait remedy syrup of figs. Commey to it to All who Slitter Trout hat ritual consumption and Kindred ills. Being in liquid torm Aud pleasing to the taste harmless in it nature strengthening As Welt As cleansing in its properties it is East taken by old and Young and truly beneficial in Itsjo . And therefore the favorite family Rem cd especially with the ladles Aud children who of i re a gentle yet effective laxative. For Sam by k. Kali Ever a Bon. 5 croup whooping cough and by ouch i tit immediately relieved by Shiloh a cure. For Sale by Dowling do flood. Urn Catarrh poured health and Sweet breath secured by Shiloh Catarrh remedy. Price 50 cents. A Al injector free. For Sale by Dowling a flood. L-13-6m a nasal injector free with each bottle of Shiloh a Catarrh remedy. Price fit cents. For Sale by Dowling a flood. For dyspepsia and liver complaint you have a printed guarantee on every bottle of Shiloh a Vitalizer. It never Falls to cure. For Sale by Dowling a flood. L-13-6ui Hac Matack a a lasting and fragrant perfume. Price 25 and o0 cents. For Sale by Dowling a flood. L-13-6m will you Buller with Dyssie Pelay Antl liver complaint Shiloh a Vitalizer is guaranteed to cure you. For Sale by a fowling a flood. L-13-0m eczema eradicated. Gentlemen it ii Fine yen to say that i i Hank t am ret taken Naif to a specific. I have been troubled with it very Little wide a slight i of printing Al at the Light office. Satisfaction Given of every description done office. Sath very time or Money refunded a in writ of eczema after Baria. Hilo in my fare Ainee last Spring. At the be girding of cold weather lout fall it Mode a alight appearance hot went away and Nae never returned. 8.8.8. No doubt broke it up at least it Pat my Sya Tetu in Good rendition and i got will. It Alan benefited my wife greatly Lucase of Nick headache and made a perfect it ure of a breaking out on my Little three year old daughter last Hummer. Watkinsville. Ga., Fob. It ii. Kkt. J a Shis v. Morris. Treatise in Blond and skin disease called free. To swirl sex cism co., drown 8, Atlanta a. For Sale cheap one Tine sewing machine Brand new 20 per cent Ort from regular Price of syrup of Fig is the delightful liquid laxative and the Only True remedy for habitual constipation and the Many Ilia depending on it a inactive condition of the kidneys liver and bowels. It i is a pleasant remedy to take both to old and Young it to gentle in its action and effective it is acceptable to the stomach Aud strengthens the organs on which it acts manufactured Only by the California partly ban Francisco Cal. Toyer St Boa Fig syrup Coin for Sale by f. Kal 11 marching along beside of Tiv wrapped up in his Blanket with a leather Belt strapped so j tight round his stomach to a make his Liun a Ger Small a As he said that i Waist looked j like a girls caught me by the . J a look a he said pointing toward the j springing slope of the nipple. I followed ills glance and perceived some i two Hundred Yards from us what appeared i to he a Hole in the show. A it is the Cave a said Umb opa. We made the Best of our Way to the spot j and found sure enough that the Hole was the Mouth of a Cave no doubt the same As that of Wah Dasi i Vest in wrote. We were none to soon for just As we reached shelter i the Sun went Down wit i startling rapidity i leaving Hie whole place nearly dark in j these latitudes there la hut Little Twilight i we crept into the Cave which did not apr Pear to be very big and huddling ourselves j together for warmth swallowed what re i Ala Lite of our Brandy barely a Mouthful i each and tried to forget our miseries in sleep. But this the cold was too intense to allow us to do. I am convinced that at that great Altitude the thermometer cannot have been less than fourteen or fifteen degrees lie Low freezing Point what tills meant to us enervated As we were by hardship want of food and the great heat of tile desert my Reader can imagine better than i can Des scribe. Suffice is to say that it was some thing is near de Atli from exposure As i have Ever Felt there we sat hour after hour through the bitter night feeling the Frost wander round and nip us now in the Finger now in tile foot and now in the face. In vain did we huddle up closer and closer there was no warmth in our i seraph starved carcasses. Sometimes one of us would drop into an uneasy slumber for a few minutes hut we could not sleep Long and perhaps it was fortunate for i doubt of we should Ever have woke again. I believe it was Only by Force of will that we kept at All. Not very Long before Dawn i heard Tho hottentot Ventevogel whose Teeth had bean chattering All night like castanets give a deep sigh and then his Teeth stopped chattering. I did not think anything of it at Lim time concluding Itiat tie had gone to sleep. His Back was resting against mine Aud it seemed to grow colder Aud colder till at last it was like ice. Ai length Tim air began to grow Gray with Light then Swift Golden arrows came Flash ing across the Snow and at lust Hie glorious Sun peeped up above the lava Wall and looked in upon our half Frozen forms and upon Ventevogel sitting there amongst us atom dead. No wonder his Back had Felt cold poor fellow. He had died when i heard him sigh and was now almost Frozen stiff. Shocked beyond measure we dragged ourselves from the Corpse strange the horror we All have of the companionship of a dead hotly and left it still sitting there with it arms clasped round its Knees. By tills time the sunlight was pouring its cold rays for Here they Are Coli straight in it the Mouth of the Cave. Suddenly i heard an exclamation of fear from some one Aud turned my head Down the Cave. And this was what i saw. Bitting at the end of it for it was not More Titan Twenty feet Long was another form of which the head rested on the Chest Ami the Long arms Hung Down. I stared it it and saw that it was a dipl Luau Ani what was More g while Mao the Oiler saw it Tun. Aud the i tilt proved Henry Knelt Down and peered into its that of a tall mail Iii Middle life with aquiline features grizzled hair and a Long Black Mustache. The skin was perfectly yellow and stretched tightly Over the Bones. Its clothing with the exception of what seemed to be the remains of a Woolen pair of Hose had been removed leaving the Skeleton like Frame naked. Round the neck Hung a yellow Ivory Crucifix. The Corpse was Frozen perfectly stiff. A who on Earth can it be a Saki i. A a can to you guess a asked Good. I Shook my head. A Why Hie old dim Jase a Silvestra of course who else a impossible a i gasped a the died three Hundred years and what is there to prevent his lasting for three thousand years in this atmosphere i should like to know a asked Good a if Only tile air is cold in ugh flesh and blood will keep As fresh As new zealand Mutton forever and heaven knows it is cold enough Here. The run never gets in Here no animal comes Here to tear or destroy. No doubt his slave of whom he Speaks on the map took off the clothes and left him. He could not have buried him alone. Look Here a he went on stooping Down and picking up a queer shaped Bone scraped at Hie end into a Sharp Point a there is Tho a Eleft Honey that he used to draw Hie map we gazed astonished for a moment forgetting our own miseries in this extraordinary and As it seemed to us Semi miraculous sight. A a said sir Henry a and Here is where he got his Ink from a and lie pointed to a Small wound on Hie dead Many a left . Did Ever Man see such a thing before a there was no longer any doubt about the matter which i confess for my own part perfectly appalled me. There he sat tile dead Man whose directions written some ten generations ago had led us to this spot. There in my own hand was the rude pen with which lie had written them Aud there round his neck was tile Crucifix Iii dying lips had kissed. Gazing at Bim my imagination could reconstruct tile whole scene the traveler dying of cold and starvation and yet striving to convey Hie great secret he had discovered to the world the awful Lonell Ness of his death of which tile evidence sat before us. It even seemed to me that i could Trade in Iii strongly marked features a likeness to those of my poor Friend Sii Vestee his descendant who had died Twenty years ago in my arms but perhaps that was fancy. At any rate there lie sat a sad memento of tile late that so often overtakes those who penetrate into the unknown and there probably tie will still sit crowned with tile dread majesty of death for centuries yet unborn to startle the eyes of wanderers like ourselves if any such should Ever come again to invade Iii loneliness. The thing overpowered us already nearly done to de Atli As we were with cold Aud hunger. Let us go a said sir Henry in a Low voice Quot stay we will give him a companion a and lifting up the dead hotly of Hie gotten Tot Ventevogel lie placed it near that of the old Don. Then lie stooped Down and with u Jerk broke the Rotten string of the Crucifix round his neck for his fingers Wen too cold to attempt to unfasten it. I believe that he Stilt Bas it i took the pen Aud it is before me As i write sometimes i sign my name wit i it then leaving those two the proud White Man of a past age and the poor hottentot to keep their eternal Vigil Iii Tim midst of the eternal snows we crept out of tile Cave into Hie Welcome Sunshine and resumed our path wondering in our hearts How Many hours it would he before we were even As they Are. Vav Hen we had gone about a half a mile we came to the Edge of Tim plateau fun the nip pie of the Mountain did not Rise out of it exact Center though from the desert Side it seemed to do so. What Lay below us we could not see for the landscape was wreathed in Billows of morning Mist. Presently however the higher layers of Mist cleared a Little and revealed some five Hundred Yards beneath us at the end of a Long slope of Green grass through which a Stream was running. Nor was this All. By the Stream basking in the morning Sun stood and Lay a group of from ten to fifteen Large Antelope a at that distance to could not see what they were. The sight filled us with an unreasoning Joy. There was food in plenty if Only we could get it. The beast were fully six Hundred Yards off a very Long shot and one not to be depended on when ones life Hung on tile results. Rapidly we discussed the advisability of trying to stalk the game but finally reluctantly dismissed it to begin with the wind was not favourable and further we should be certain to be perceived however careful we were against the blinding background of Snow which we should be obliged to traverse. A Well we must have a try from where we Are a said sir Henry. A which shall it he Quaterman the repeating rifles or the expresses a Here again was a question. The Winchester repeaters of which we had two Umb opa carrying poor vent Ogeil Sas Well of his own were sighted up to a thousand Yards whereas the expresses were Only sighted to three Hundred mid fifty beyond which distance shooting with them was More or less Guy is work. On Tim other hand of they did hit Hie express bullets being expanding were much More Likely to Brug the game Down. It was a knotty Point hut i made up my mind that we must risk it and use the expresses. A Plait each of us take the Buck opposite to him. Aim Well it the Point of Tim shoulder and High up a said i a and Umb opa do you give the word so that we May ail fire pc Way acker>8 \ blood elixir is warranted is because it is tile Best blood preparation known. It will to i timely cure All blood diseases purifies the whole system and thoroughly builds up the Constitution. Remember we guarantee it. For Sale by Ragland a Kennedy. In it delicacy of flavor and the Effic out of its notion have rendered the fatuous liquid fruit remedy syrup of figs immensely popular. It cleanses and tones tip the chewed and feverish system dispels headaches. Colds and fevers cures habitual constipation. Dyspepsia and the Many ills depending on a weak or inactive condition of the kidneys liver and bowels. For Sale in 50 cent and $1 bottles by f. Kalteren a Bon. Manufactured Only by the California Fig syrup co a Imi Francisco col. It 8 w in w Vav of the Good things of Alda .1 life Are sorrowfully let Aiono on account of dyspepsia. Acker dyspepsia tablets will cure dyspepsia indigestion and constipation sold on a positive guarantee at 25 and go cents by for Sale by Ragland a Kennedy. Merchant tailors. Piper amp Schulthess nos. 8, to 12,14 Yturri and 249 Market Sis dealers Iii new advertisements. A question a oui Browns Iron bitters answered. The question Haa probably been asked thou mind a How can Browne Iron bitters cure everyman it does no to. Butt Dix a cure any i ii a t reputable physician would prescribe to of t i ill of tiling i a Wall it does no to. But it Doe cure any dte-n--1 which a reputable play Mician would prescribe i in id i physicians recognise Iron a the beet restorative it ent known to the profession and inquiry of any leading chemical firm will substantiate Hie assertion i lint there Are More preparations of Iron than of any a thar substance Asea in Medicine. This shows Mph i is rely that Iron is acknowledged to be the in sit important Factor in successful medical practice. It is that prior to the Dincov to no i Ever been found. To Rowny a Iron bitters car headache or pro Luce constipation All other Iron i medicines do. Browne a Iron Bittern our pm i nil gention weakness i tsp Spisla malaria chill and fever tired feeling general debility pain in the Side Back or and neuralgia for All these ailments Iron is prescribed daily. A r0 in s ir0n by i minute. Like All other thorough medicines it act slowly. When taken by Mew the to nit symptoms Benefit is renewed Energy. The Muscles then become of firmer the digestion improves the bowels pm Active. In Nicomen the effect is usually More rapid and marked the eyes begin at once to brighten tile skin Clear up healthy color comes to the Cheeks nervousness disappears functional derangement become regular and if a nursing Mother abundant sustenance is Sapp led for the child. Kemmetter Brown s Iron bitters in the Only Iron Medicine that is not injurious. Physician Anil Druy cult recommend it. I he genuine has Trade Mark and crossed red line on wrapper. Take no other. Funeral directors. Carter amp Mullaly Transfer line livery Fie Mil Sale Ute and is Metal nails and Kunce wires barbed and smooth annealed. Painted and Oal Vanl de Genoa 8 la Ples. Patent Fence Quot Lay roller blocks and Gulden stretchers a. A. Roofing Ami Bright tit 4 it ta-1 Iron Japan Zed Iron steel Zina Copper brass Felt pig Iron. Pig tend solder to. Winners supplies winners tools and duh Ion by. Stoa Haling tip Lap roved for Hay baling presses. A a to for Cambridge roofing company a Iron and steel Roo i a Ltd Union metallic car fridge cartridges att kind Sand calibres. Shifts wads. A. National Sheet Metal rooting Walters Patent tin shingles siding plates. A we make Low Prim on l or lots. To correspondent # lotion ?-2 1y to buy a Nice suit cheap i Val. Lorea the merchant tailor who has mistook the finest line of German French English and sooth cuttings Ever brought to san Antonio which be will make in the latest and bust styles at prices ranging from $28 to $60. In Quality of material trimmings and work Mansilp he cannot be surpassed. Call and see him and you will get the full value of your Money and Good fit a of Martin amp Schryver Cfall. Shots. Rims qualities i building material of ail kinds shapes or Sixes. A Large assortment of ornamental hoods always in Stock. We keep constantly on hand Warfle quantities of the never be Lur passed j. Halosh s Barb and fines Wetra. We Ore successful competitors Tai Price i and goods. Come and to convinced. Office South of Sunset depot san Alamo ice company 31 Cameron Street Telephone no. 229, san . Agents foe i. Lansa. W. S. Taylor Taylor amp son Novas sigm and Decora Tiv painters mid leg Ora my paper ranging Kaleo Miling to. Is Houston St. Six Antonio Tex pm and bottle Beer and Thi undertakers Ano funeral directors 42 and 44 Alamo Plaza san . Few special attention Given to forwarding Bialiy to a1 part of Ute United states. Telephone oxime Oulu Calls attended Day act tight. Neatly gardens and summer resorts. Sail Pedro Springs Only pleasure resort in the City of san Antonio. Few concert every sunday from 8 80 to i p. In. Dancing afterwards. A variety of amusement tor Young and old. Refreshments of ail kinds. Amp a plenty of Shade. A first class restaurant attached to the establishment. German Seffel amp Herwick Scenic artists. Ornament Plain sign and Home Painter Alamo St., Opp. Scholz Hall. Indian nation Coal. Thos. F. Kerr roofing Anc paving contractor. Office room 3 Soledad Block. All work to rat class. Charges give us a trial. Reasonable composition gravel and Shell roofing the most durable and economical roofing used. Many of the finest building in the United states Are covered with it. In Chicago us per cent and in St. Louis 80 per sent. Of the building in the Ore limits this roofing is used. Upon the new opera House affy Many Ether flu Block a this atty this roofing is used. Guaranteed for 5 to to years. A reference Given to roofing of 15 to 20 years standing. De. Zamani. A Perleno of eleven years a Salesman for l. Kunkel a a dealer in Staple amp fancy groceries Corner West Houston and Cameron Street. Telephone. $8$. Free comp Yard. Order promptly delivered free of of arg d. Quasso merchant a tailor 26 and 28 main Plaza. Cotton. Wool. Hides Staffel amp Kuhl general commission merchants. Agents Fob the state of Texas Toh Little a chemical fluid dip Little a Patent powder dip Little a soluble Phenyl disinfectant. No. 19 Navarro Street san . Fine foods object Fork prices and for organisations of renovating i inuit or a Pirig and summer to order. Suita to order Ai new St Leolor. Guaranteed. Uniform new method teeing the repairing promptly done. 3-21-8m Banks and Bankers. J. 8. Ale san Dan. President. Alexa n die cashier. Texas National bunk. 268 Commerce Street. Without a rival the new i Call at me office no. 12 West Commerce Street and be the wonderful work which the new High Singer will do the Singer m Fig co., 12 w. Commerce St prof. We. Muth proprietor government Hill directly on Avenue 0 car line. Concerts every sunday afternoon in the summer and every evening weather permitting. Has Aiso a Fine dancing Pavilion excl Alvo by for private parties fool eries picnic or private family. Best of order and Best of Atte a tent on. A a of i j o be continued a Iuva spoil a of thousands suffering from asthma consumption coughs Etc. Did you Ever try Acker English remedy it is the Best preparation known for All lung troubles sold on a positive guarantee at 10c., 50c. For Hale by Ragland a Kennedy to tar a general banking business transacted. Draft on by rope. Mexican dollars and other foreign Money purchased. Just it Ai tors Register kept in our Reading room where strangers in the City Are invited to eau. I. S. Fms Nai free j. W. Glass a. F a. F. Baal cashier. The traders National bask of san . Tran Acta a general banking business. Quot a id. A Xii Biliti chemist and apothecary no. 205 Alamo Plaza. Always on hand a full and fresh Stock of drugs chemicals and toilet articles Are aver thing found in a first class drug for. In Resor Ipiotis made a hex arts to Aud will be prepare. At in hours with ear and dispatch. Tile phone no skew c. Eisenlohr. Has in peas urn to announce Lim Behn leased the store formerly occupied by Elsche the potato Floe and Laid in a flue Stock of cigars tobacco and stationery smoker a sundries anti it r. Thin that ran in found in a ret class Cigar and stationery store which a n i he sold Al fair prices. He solicit the pit trop age of Kin rinds and the Pubis it in Nef papers magazines Etc on Sale lift do
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