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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - June 11, 1891, San Antonio, Texas Sire gaily sight. Thursday june la 1891. Professional cards physicians. Fisher or. C. A a a Homeopath 1st and surgeon no. 305 St. Mary a Street hours 8 to 9 a. M and 2 to 5 p. Ai. Tel. 428. Largen t. J., physician and surgeon office Soledad Block Comer Houston and streets. Braden or. C. F., specialist Eye ear nose and Throat office 18 Pecan Street Telephone 302, hours to to 12 a. In. And 8 to 5 p. In Conner or. L. A., specialist Eye eau nose and Throat no la w. Commerce St. Hours 9 toll amp 8 to 5 p. In. Johnson g w specialist Eye ear nose Throat. Soledad blk. Or. Wilke treats private chronic and woman a diseases. Office 228 Dolorosa St. Bet. Military amp main plazas dentists. Drs Johnston amp Caroli dentist. 275 Commerce St. Residence 202 Avenue a Telephone 526. 624 Tinkham or. C. E., dentist Stumberg blk., Cor. Houston and Navarro vegetable Gas Given for extraction. Blondin a. H. Dentist no 2 East Commerce Street next to Bridge nitrous i oxide Gas Given for the painless extraction of Teeth. Breeding amp son or. e dentists 231 East Houston Street expert Crown and Bridge work. a tag Jawni Short stops. Hays r. L. Dentist 68 of no. 29 West Commerce Street lawyers. Mcginnis amp Davis attorneys at Law. German and Spanish spoken. 216 main Plaza tel. 224. Crenshaw j. Lawyer room no. 7 Soledad Block.  \xr11 Tif tar i #.��?��, i 01 Vij Rockesy Street Wnm by Una Mal Vav ailing Vav. Vav. Lawyer two the Alderman came near mis practices in All the courts. Office in Witte bldg Cor. Houston amp Soledad its. Grigg Walter lawyer prompt attention to collections. Office Corner Houston Aud Soledad streets. Hays t. M. Lawyer room 3 Devine building Soledad St. What the people Are saying. The accumulation of great wealth in the hands of the few the robbery of cities counties states Aud often of several states by grasping Money combinations and private incorporation the ease and impunity with which men who Are shrewd Aud unscrupulous manipulate Public and private enterprises to make Money fast and yet escape Legal accountability when contrasted with the Fate of the poor negro who is sent to the Penitentiary for two years for the theft of a fancy Bird dog Breeds communism. A taxpayer who has been eyeing the Street Block pavement work from the commencement passes this criticism the Block pavement began in front of the Alamo that was a splendid piece of work and remains As smooth and firm today As it was when finished. As the work proceeded and got farther and farther away from the Alamo it deteriorated it became As rough As a Corduroy Road on Houston Street Octagon blocks became round pieces of Wood and in tact from Mesquite blocks they have come Down to Mesquite chips. # the comment May be Well taken but who is to blame certainly not the contractor and his hackers it is their business to make Money of the Job ii they can. A a a every particle of the work of building our Block pavements Bas been Nuder the direct inspection of the City officials from the grading of the roadbed the mixing of the Cement to the laying of blocks in fact so close has been the surveillance of the City apparently that the contractor can say that he has furnished the labor and the material and the City has done the bossing. A a a who is responsible if the pavement work is not what it should be most assuredly the City administration. Ask an Alderman about tuts business and you will be astonished at his ignorance he will be unable to Tell you anything about the specifications or the Cost per foot of the work. # the special meeting of the City Council to go through the form of accepting the fire alarm system and to receive the report of the commissioners appointed to pass on the opening of Crockett Street was so Brief that compensation. Sing their Beckman. Five dollars Conner and architects. Murphy Jas. Architect no 404 East Houston Street Albert Beckman a architect 105 Navarro Street. Reynolds company architects rooms 2and 3 Soledad Block Corner Houston and sol dad Street land agents. Hambleton j no. T. No. 4 East Commerce Street buy and sell on commission. Dignowity James v., buys and Sells real estate office Alamo Plaza old Post office building. Miscellaneous notices. The report of the commissioners on the Crockett Street widening was simply received and the advertisement ordered if the report is sustained the City has been successful in opening the Street at a nominal Cost to the City Treasury the Burden failing on adjacent property. Alderman Lockwood a report upon the test of new fire alarm system was a Complete confession either of the incapacity of the committee appointed to make the test or their determination to avoid any possibility of a failure of the system to do its work perfectly. A a this report is a futile attempt to Gull the Public even the report As published in the express is misleading a alarms were turned in from fire alarm it should be a a five alarm boxes. The Public Are thus led to think that there was a Complete test made where in fact Only a a five out of the sixty five boxes were tested. Alderman Lockwood the a Council and the to Tabbie Warnack. A Bunch of Flowers in her hand my lady held with languid Grace the Blush upon the Flowers spread and softly dyed her face. From out her Dainty Sailor hat she took an instrument of woe and there upon her heaving breath she planed the buds exactly so. If i could come that near her heart id penance do for every sin permitting her in docile part. To Pierce me also with a pin. Reba Gregory Prelat. San Antonio Texas. Hints on Melon culture. Thinning out. Thinning out should be done gradually and never completed until the Plant is Large and hard enough to resist the ravages of the Melon Bug for these Little pests i have never found a remedy. Leave Only one Vine to the Hill. The kind of culture. In at first cultivation must he done with a Hoe thinking As you Hoe and and using the fingers. Never work them when the ground or Plant is wet disturb the vines just As Little As possible keep the blowing always ahead of them and work among them with the Hoe and hand. After the vines have attained to some size say five or six feet Long they cannot be moved without injury. Never clip off any portion of the Vine the Leaf is the lung of the Plant by Means of which it feeds them from the atmosphere and it wants All it can get in this Way. If you wish to grow fancy melons instead of clipping the Vine Cut off the superfluous and ill shaped melons leaving two or at most three to the Vine. With 300 vines to the acre two melons to the Vine will give 600, which would be a very flue crop 400 weighing from Twenty pounds up is an average. I have never seen one Vine Bear Over two really Fine melons. Growers differ As to the Best commercial fertilizers. I have had the Best results from a combination of dissolved Bone German Kain it and Cotton seen meal equal parts by weight applying irom 400 to 600 pounds per acre and i apply this As col. Bedding of the Experiment station terms it a in two rations a the first ration before planting As before described and the second when the vines Are from twelve to Twenty four inches Long. I run a Scooter Furrow about three feet from the Hill both ways and distribute in this As for Cotton covering with a sweep. I apply this second ration in the same manner whether the first was commercial or Domestic. The Hay crop. I another source of profit from growing melons is too often overlooked and that is the Hay crop that grows on the land after the melons Are gathered. It the Stock Are kept off the Field and the Hay is properly harvested it will pay All the expense of the cultivating the melons. But Southern Farmers Are slow to learn the value of grass. When i plow my melons the last time i run a Scooter through the Centre in this i Plant Field peas. I run a sweep Furrow on each Side of the Scooter Farrow this covers the peas and completes the blowing of the crop. The peas will be up in five or six Days by which time the Vine will have reached them. They serve a double purpose. The tendrils of the Vine take hold of them and this prevents the Vine from being blown about by the wind and later the pea Vine shades the melons from the hot july Sun. The pea being an atmospheric Plant does not detract from the growth of the Melon. These pea vines May at the proper time be gathered for Bay. A Atlanta Constitution. Insurance k. P. Endow my to cheap Safe and reliable. For members Only. T. B. Johnson Secretary. Visiting cards free apply to Fred Small City circulator for the daily Light 4 Commerce St. Catholic books musical Iti Ruments and office of St. Marysz review 311 East Houston Street Charles Boyle manager. 621m Hagy bros., carpenters Aud builders office Prospect Hill is mates furnished on All kinds of work. Congratulates citizens upon possessing the Best fire alarm system in Texas and one of the Best in America a a from the test made this congratulation is simply a piece of hum buggery. In a 4 Alderman Lockwood attempted to explain Why Only five boxes were turned in that inasmuch As a the City electrician had been working for the past two weeks with the system a they accepted his say so that it was All right. A a a City electrician Ryan was simply added to the committee to Render any assistance required As an expert not for the purpose of answering tor the effectiveness of the system the Public might As Well have been saved this exhibition of municipal hocus pocus by accepting the new system mid summer clearance Sale of seasonable dress fabrics Low shoes and slippers and the largest Stock South of mensa youths boys and children a hats furnishing goods and fashionable tailor made Cloetingh dress goods no such value Eyer before offered As we Are now showing in this department slow lines have Heen touched up to a show of life sharply bought Job lots and much that is new have been added prices Are now marked to a notch in keeping with the leanest purse bargains never before seen in san Antonio. At nine cents five thousand Yards Fine american Gingham on special counters Worth i2#c every Day in the year this week 9c per Yard at Wolfsohn a. At obit a Yard Choice French Challies Pine Apple tissue Organ Zines Etc. In All the Light Breezy patterns so popular just now for summer gowns would be bargain houses want 16c to 18c for the same goods. Wolfsont a prices this week at 12per Yard. At 16 cents a is chanting Pongee a is misleading suggests silk rather than the Dainty Cotton cloth so full of freshness and Beauty that bears the India mull and Batiste Are All rivals for popular favor. Many less progressive merchants want 25c, Wolfsont a Price 16c per Yard. At 19 and 21 cents big bargains in Bastiste Organ Dies sateen Etc., some goods sold for 25c. Wolfsont a always in the Lead. At 35 cents Twenty pieces mohair grenadines never before sold for less than 50c per Yard Wolfsont a Price 35c this week. See our nine ninety five tailor made suits for youths Young men and matured gentlemen. These suits must not be classed with the Ordinary ten Dollar suits being so freely advertised by other houses. They Are Superior in Quality make up and finish to anything Ever before shown in this City for a third More Money in Short they Are the same goods that we were formerly compelled to sell at $11.50, $13.75 and $15. Our goods Are reliable and in Ever Case satisfactory we want your Trade. We sell everything in mens youths boys and childrens clothing hats boots shoes and furnishing goods in medium and Fine grades at a saving of 12# to 20 per cent to our customers. Bargains in mensa Low shoes lot no. I contains 162 pair oxfords and Prince Albert styles for youths a and men Worth $1.50, at $1 pair lot no. 2, at $1.25 Worth $1.75. Lot no. 3 at $1.75, Worth $2.75. Lot no. 4, at $2, Worth $2.75. Lot no. 5, at $2.50, Worth $3.50. Lot 0, 6, at $3, Worth $4.25. Lot no. 7, at $3.50, Worth $5. Lot no. 8, at $4, Worth 5.50. Besides Many bargains in ladies misses and children slow shoes Slipper and oxfords including Russett Lawn Tennis and Coquet shoes. Special hosiery Sale this week at prices that Are a sealed letter to All competitors Send for specimen copy of our monthly fashion catalogue 4 mailed free on application. I. Wolfson Tom i a t re. T hta i a we Jii ii la Ujj i Tjw e m Clu Hollis oros., loan Money i in the first instance without going at six per cent office 4 Commerce St. Insurance. Through the mockery test. Of a so called Eichlitz amp Tobin general insurance agents office in the old Post office building. 6-9 of Washington life j. B. Day manager office in i the new Wright building Houston Street. A Flowers of All kinds and novel ties in hats also charred hats and babies Fine Caps at Bot loin prices at misses Kirchner a 235 West com Merce 5-11 of a Pony Cylinder press size of bed 19 x 22, Speed �500 per hour. Bran new Cost 1950. Will be sold at a Liberal discount. Terms easy. Address t. B. Johnson. Now it May be True that the new fire alarm is All that Alderman Lockwood claims for it but so far As the official test is concerned nobody can claim it to be so. # # there Are sixty five alarm boxes and every single one should have been tested and tested in a Way thai. Would prove that there had been no out and dried programme for the test. # # if any single Box failed to Register correctly the system is worthless be cause such a failure endangers both life and property. Better Nave the old Way of depending upon human Effort and intelligence than to Trust to defective machinery. The High school. The High school commencement begins tomorrow morning at 10 30 a. In. As the auditorium is Small none but adult visitors will be allowed admission. The graduates Are or. Eugene p. Suboch and misses Hulda Varga Effle Lewis. Elvia May Ripley Mattie h. Daugherty. Or. Eugene Suboch won the Callaghan Gold medal of 1891, awarded for highest scholarship. Miss Edith Symington the commercial Exchange Gold medal for Best essay on educational advantages of san Antonio. Honor Able mention is made of misses Bessie Kirkland Amy Cresswell and Mary e. Myers. Leguminous plants. Storrs station. The following practical summary is taken from the report Clover cow peas Vetches and other legumes have a Peculiar Power of gathering Plant food and especially nitrogen from natural sources. Although they contain much More nitrogen than wheat Oats and similar grains they thrive and bring Large yields where wheat will not. While their faculty for gathering nitrogen from the stores in the soil and especially from the air is not yet explained the important fact Here is that they do gather it and leave great Deal of it in the roots and stubble. Nitrogen is the costliest ingredient of fertilizer. These facts help to explain the Economy of Clover for manure and Why Dover is so valuable As a preparatory crop tor wheat and other grains. The above cited facts would seem to imply that the legumes such As Clover cow peas and Lupine Are especially valuable for this kind of manuring that Timothy and other grasses stand next Anc that the Grain crops leave the Leas amounts of Plant food in roots and stubble. Main Plaza san Antonio Texas. $2.95 at Wolff amp. Marx f commencing to Day. The shoes recently advertised $2.95. At 4.00 will be sold at $2.95, Luck Isnit the Parent of Fine shoes it takes skill to Mould Good leather properly. Fashionably and skill is the child of persistency. It is known How Many years we have been Selling shoes and have downed a1 obstacles. We Are now Selling the Best shoes Money can buy or skill can produce we Are sole agents for Blacker Gers Les amp acts celebrated Cincinnati shoes conceded by patrons in general to be one of the Best fitting and Best wearing line of ladies shoes. To introduce same Weill sell their $4.00 shoe new and effective designs stylish Dressy unique and durable All sizes and lasts at $295. Try this line and you will buy no other. Special Sale also 1000 pair menus ladies misses and children a shoes Odds and ends to be sold regardless of Cost. Tour 4.00 shoes Only $2.95.-a3 sus k Man. -12.95

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