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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - June 8, 1891, San Antonio, TexasMonday june 8. 1s91. Professional cards physicians. . C. E., Homeopath it and surgeon no. St. Mary s Street hours to 9 a. M and to a p. Tel. J., physician and office so Lethul Block Corner Houston streets. Braden or. C. F., specialist Eye ear nose and Throat office is Pecan Street Telephone 10 to 12 a. To. And 3 to 5 p. M Conner or. L. A., specialist Eye. Nose and Throat no 11 w Commerce St. Hours 9 to 11 3 to 5 p. M. Johnson g w specialist Eye ear nose. Throat. Soledad blk. Or. Wilke treats chronic and woman s diseases. Office Dolorosa St. Bet. Military main plazas dentists. Drs Johnston Caroll dentist. 275 Commerce St. Residence 202 Avenue a Telephone 526. 624 Tinkham or. C. E., dentist Stum Berg blk., Cor. Houston and Navarre vegetablerb8 Sriver for painless extraction. Blondin a. H. Dentist no 2 East Commerce Street next to Bridge nitrous oxide Gas Given for the painless extraction of Teeth. Breeding son or. J dentists 231 East Houston expert Crown and Bridge work. Lawyers. Mcginnis Davis attorneys at Law. German and Span ish spoken. 216 main Plaza Tel. 224. Vernor Henry e., lawyer Wagner building Comer Soledad and Houston streets Telephone no. 40s. Crenshaw j. D lawyer know no. 7 Soledad Block. Walling w. W. Lawyer practices in All the courts. Office in Pavitte bldg Cor. Houston Soledad its. Grigg Walter lawyer prompt attention to collections. Office Corner Houston and Soledad streets. Architects. Murphy Jas. Architect to 410 East Houston Street. Albert Beckman architect 105 Navarro Street. Reynolds company architects Kocores fraud 3 Soledad Block Corner Houston and dad Street Light flashes. High school is being decorated for the commencement exercises. Herron called Hie civil docket of 134 cases this morning. Mardy has brought suit for divorce from May Murdy before judge Noonan. Clark won the ban Antonio gun dub medal at Riverside Park yesterday on a score of 21. A aloof open inst Satur Day Nierth was Well attended and successful. Fire Bells rang out this morn ing but no fire was reported to the police. The county court this morning Road cases Small contracts and Bills were disposed of. Commissioner Frank urn Soheid killed a Rattlesnake in Hie Kitchen last night. Bays it had 9 rattles. Sheriff Mcclosky has arrested Jack Stuttz a Hack Man on the charge of passing forged instrument of writing in connection with the b. W. Williams forgery Case. , one of the lessees of Riverside Park has secured a License to marry 8. Hill of Corsicana and has left to claim his Bride. Constable and his deputies were Busy with Justice court business this morning. Herron held an inquest this morning on the body of c once Cion Almaraz eight months old who died on Comal Street from cholera in fan turn. Hop complimentary to the High school graduates is to be Given next Friday night at the residence of prof. Schoch on Laurel Street. Adam held an inquest this morning on Domingo Hererra aged 19, who died from consumption at 6 o clock this morning on the Rock Quarry Road. Painter from Alice Texas who fell from a building he was working on and broke his leg was brought in to the City Hospital yesterday for treatment. Judge noon ans court this morning Jose Romero was brought up before the court charged with rape of Petra Cruz. The Case was dismissed. Jail cases will be taken up this after noon. Chimney fire in the Kitchen of or. August Glaeser on South Presa Street called out the department at noon today no damage was done the flames being extinguished before the arrival of the department. Was a christening and birthday party at the residence of or. And mrs. John j Woesman saturday night a Large number of friends at tending and a delightful time was spent. All sorts. Land agents. Hambleton . T., no. 4 East Commerce Street. Buy and Seil on coma miscellaneous notices. Insurance k. P. Endow t cheap Safe and reliable. For Mem Bers Only. B. Johnson Secretary. Visiting cards free apply to Fred Small City circulator for the daily Light 4 Commerce St. Catholic books musical instruments and office of St. Marys re View 311 East Housto. Street Charles Boyle manager. 62101 Fine piece of property on pros a Street car line will pay 10 per cent on investment. John t. Hambleton Nice seven room Bouse with two galleries Carriage House stable Etc., on Elmira Street for one Hall Cash. Balance on two years John t. Hambleton co. A Pony Cylinder press size of bed 19 x 22. Speed 2300 per hour. Bran new Goat will be sold at a Liberal discount. Terma easy. Address t. B. Johnson. A. Lyrra the tailor takes pleasure in announcing the arrival of a Complete Stock of Spring and summer goods and asks his customers and friends to Call and examine ame before purchasing else where. A tit and satisfaction Guaran teed. 3-16-tf kinds and novel ties m hats also shirred hats and babies Fine Caps at Bottom prices at Mie eee Kirchner a 235 West com Merce Street. 5-11 of the anti Trust Law. New Orleans times Democrat. Much was hoped for from the Sher Man anti Trust Law passed by the last Congress which gave the United states any person who was injured by a Trust the right to Appeal to the United states courts for Protection audio ask for the punishment of Thote engaged in the objectionable combi nation and monopoly. The Law however has been but Little utilized although on the statute Book for some time Aud it was Only this week that the first Case under it came up for decision. This Case was in the United states court at Nashville tenn., being directed against the Coal Trust or combination recently formed there and into which the Nashville Coal Exchange the Ken Tucky mine owners and the Nash Ville Coal dealers Are said to entered. The preliminary skirmish has resulted we Are glad to see in a Victory for the Law which is pronounced constitutional by the judge who declare s that Congress has the undoubted right to Confer equity jurisdiction up on the United states court to enjoin contracts and combinations which Are obnoxious to the anti Trust Law and who holds that the agreement reached among those interested in Coal in Nashville shows on its face that it is a combination to create a monopoly in the Trade. Accordingly an injunction has been issued against the defendants restraining them from violating the provisions of the anti Trust Law by further carrying on their business under the agreement or combination they made. This is a decided Victory for the Law and indicates that it can be utilized to break these Trust combinations dangerous an injurious to the pub tic interest. Neh a weapon against the Trust should be fully utilized and we Hope to see the Law made thoroughly effective against every combi nation which seeks to monopolize business or Force up the prices of necessities for the people. An explanation. The punch bowl stood of a stand in the Hall deserted Aud scorned by one and All. Young men passed by with unfaltering tread the old men looked on Shook their head yet they lingered All passed it by for the punch bowl was is York Herald. Young economist have passed the b tone age the Bronze so said the teacher. Now what age is the the Short replied Freddy who reads the York continent. Fenderson you re coming to the club fender was Corning but five hang my Man that is All the More reason for your transcript. Notice that you Are always looking at the gracious you Don t suspect for a moment that i am weary of your com but i suspect that you have pawned your humorist. A great mod Era feat or. Go Dun it quite a feat for the whale to Swallow or. Bad but it was nothing to what Many people do or. Is or. Swallow the life. I want you to Send the finest Bat you be Goff in the store to nay thus the Long suffering husband to the Milliner. But your wife herself ordered the finest we had she then Musingly now what in the world was her object in getting that attack of hysterics this advertiser. At the opera Charm ing dear Mamma looks tonight in the Ballet. And Grandmamma in the Ink tights on the end seems real Giddy. She is flirting desperately with that Young English swell in the left that is swagger. He told me tonight that he was about to Elope with a Ballet one of our very swell est Young men made a Call on a Young lady at her in a suburban town recently. The girl who opened the door was our exquisite proffered his card. I wish to see miss he said. The girl caught him by the coat sleeve and dragged him in with a Jerk. Go right she exclaimed. We Don t need no tickets. Go right in record. Mrs. Fizzle top not being satisfied with toe Progress made by her son at the University of Texas called on the teacher. Professor How is my son Johnny coming on in his she asked anxiously. I have great Hopes of him i am glad to hear yes. Madam tie is phenomenally Lazy. I Don t think i Ever saw a boy who was so i understood you to say you had great Hopes of so i have for 1 think if he Ever begins to study he is Teo Lazy Ever to to Texas sittings. Mid summer clearance Sale of seasonable dress fates Low shoes and slippers and the largest Stock South of mens youth boys and children s hats furnish ing goods and fashionable tailor made Cloetingh dress goods no such Talue Erer before offered As we Are now showing in this department slow lines have been touched up to a show of life sharply bought Job lots and much that is new have been added prices Are now marked to a notch in keeping with the leanest bargains never before seen in san Antonio. Ajl in jmj on special counters Worth Weifson s. Rac five thousand Yards Fine american Gingham every Day in the year this week pc per Yard at Al a jb1t a. Yard Choice French Challies Pine Apple tis sue Organ Zines Etc. In All the Light Breezy patterns so popular just now for summer gowns would be bargain houses want i6c to is for the same goods. Weifson s prices this week at per Yard. Al to sch Antong Pongee is misleading suggests silk rather than the Dainty Cotton cloth so full of freshness and Beauty that bears the name. India mull and Batiste Are All rivals for popular favor. Many less progressive merchants want 25c, Weifson s Price i6c per Yard. A. Lif a juju a juju , big bargains in Bastiste Organ Dies. Sateen Etc., some goods sold for 250. Weifson s always in the Lead. To printers and j Uhlis Bers. Rait in press or an engine by t. H. Johnson let the of. The latest in strawberries. From the Nashville american. At fashionable luncheons the Straw berries huge hot House ones Are served on Royal Dresden plates not Only with the Stem still attached to each but with a Leaf or two of the Beautiful Plant with them. The com Bina Tion of deep Blue Bright red and Pale Green is More than appetizing it is artistic. The game of Baccarat. Although the game of Baccarat has been introduced in this country in a modified form it is comparatively unknown Here. It is played with the Ordinary playing cards and is very simple in its details and Freer from complications than most games at cards. Any number of players May participate Aud As Many packs of cards May be used As necessary the number being increased to Corres Pond with the number of players. One member of the party is selected to act As banker. He deals out the cards from a Box similar to a Cigar Box after they have been shuffled. The face cards each count ten and the others according to the number of their Huotu. After the bets have been made the banker deals two cards to each of the players including himself but the other players must receive their cards before the banker is served. The aim of the players is to make the numbers 9 or As nearly those As possible As 8, 18. 28. Any player is at Liberty to either stand or be Content with the two cards first dealt or to Call for More at the risk of exceeding 29, when his stake is forfeited to the dealer. If after the first distribution of two cards to each any player has a is a sum making 9, or next in value he declares it wins and the banker pays All who hold Superior hands to his own Aud claims from those hold ing inferior Hans. The players stake their Money separately there being in fact As Many separate games in Progress As there Are players and the spectators May Wager their Money on any one of them All of which must be accepted by the banker. The great difficulty to an ordinarily prudent Baccarat player is to know when to leave off. Even the Strong est minded can scarcely Trust their judgment in this respect so i t May be readily imagined what sort of Chance any vacillating player has of being successful at the game. Ajl of u o Twenty pieces mohair grenadines never before sold for less than 5oc per Yard Weifson s Price 35c this week. See our nine ninety five tailor made suits for youths Young men and matured gentlemen. These suits must not be classed with the Ordinary ten Dollar suits being so freely advertised by other houses. They Are Superior in Quality make up and finish to anything Ever before shown in this City for a third More Money in Short they Are the same goods that we were formerly compelled to sell at 113.75 and our goods Are reliable and in Ever Case satisfactory we want your Trade. We sell everything in mens youths boys and childrens clothing hats boots shoes and furnishing goods in medium and Fine grades at a saving of to 20 per cent to our customers. Bargains in mens Low shoes. Lot no. I contains 162 pair oxfords and Prince Albert styles for youths and men Worth at 1 1 pair no. 2, at Worth lot no. 3 at Worth lot no.-4, at Worth lot no. 5, at 50, Worth lot no 6, at Worth 14.25. Lot no. 7, at 13.50, Worth lot no. 8, at Worth besides Many bargains in ladies misses and children s Low shoes Slipper and oxfords including Russett Lawn Tennis and Coquet shoes. Special hosiery Sale this week at prices that Are a sealed letter to All competitors. Send for specimen copy of our monthly fashion catalogue mailed free on application. H. Sourson main Plaza san Antonio Texas. Wolff Marx commencing to Day. The shoes recently advertised at be sold at of j. A. Peebles Hae removed her millinery to 33 1-2 Alamo Plaza where she would be pleased to see her friends and customers. 5-14 Ira meeting of fair directors. The directors of the san Antonio International fair association Are requested to meet at the office of or. H. D. Kampmann. Meager hotel monday after noon. June 8, at 4 o clock. H. Kampmann president. Secretary. 66 it Catarrh remedy. A marvellous cure for Catarrh diphtheria canker Mouth and headache. With each bottle there is an ingenious nasal in Jector for the More successful treatment of these complaints without extra charge. Price 50c. Sold by Adolph Dreiss. 3-28-Eod me in grand View. At Albarasin. Finest located property in the . B. Johnsoh Light office Lack in t the Parent of Fine shoes it takes skill to leather properly. Fashionably and skill is the child of persistency. It is known How Many years we have been Selling shoes and have downed All obstacles. We Are now Selling the Best shoes Money can or skill can produce. We Are sole agents for Blacker Gers Les cars celebrated Cincinnati shoes conceded by patrons in general to be one of the Best fitting and Best wearing line of ladies shoes. To introduce same Weill sell their shoe new and effective designs stylish Dressy unique and durable All sizes and lasts at try this line and you will buy no other. Special Sale also Lcoo pair men a ladies misses and children s shoes Odds and ends to be sold regardless of Cost. Shoes Only

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