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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - June 6, 1891, San Antonio, Texas T he daily sight. Saturday june 6, 1891. West Texas abstract and guarantee company. Incorporated n h. A and Morr Street car employees Tion. Peti office 421 e. Houston St. Will furnish reliable abstracts of title to lands in Bexar county either City or country property upon Short notice and reasonable terms. Telephone no. 406 personal mention. Miss Mary Stanton of Elpaso is at the mender. C. C. Hogue a Railroad contractor from Mexico is in the City. Misses Virginia and Clara Newton left for fort Davis on a Short vacation. Prof. Raymous of Sealey s school leaves for the North tuesday week. It. Bennet a prominent ranch Man of Cuero is in the City. Mrs. Rhein will leave for Laredo monday on a visit to her sister. Mrs. Moser. Or. Herman Schmidt left today to meet his sister who is on her Way from North Carolina to pay him a visit. Messes. John and Arthur Grigg accompanied of their Mother mrs. A. J. Grigg left yesterday Over the s. A. A. P. For a trip to Corpus Christi and Havana Cuba. Keal. Estate. Dent and the prices they bring. George s. Mcelroy , Wilson lots 31, 32, 33 and 34, Block 46, Beacon Hill. $000 Polonio Osuna to Ferdinand Lacoste. Lot 24, Block 4. City lot 74. Too John h. James to d. Sullivan one half of Block 2, Section i. To Thos. R. Hertzberg to e. R. Lane City lot 9. 9,250 j. S. Mcneil to John Pomrenke lot 6. Block 22. 1,140 j. A. Frawley to Andrew Brown lot in Englewood. 1,350 Bat Cave Cullings. There is a single barrel Breech loader in the chiefs office at the police station which was taken from a mulatto who levelled it at officer Bennet of the government Hill beat As the latter was about to arrest him for vagrancy. Bennet had warned the negro. Will Johnson to get work or quit his beat. Yesterday afternoon he found him in the Yard of a coloured woman and proceeded to arrest him. When the Man got his Breech loader and levelled ii at the officer. Bennet seized the gun and in grappling with the Man for Entrance into the room and for the weapon. Struck the Many a head with his pistol which discharged the Bullet lodging in the ceiling of the room. Johnson lies in the station. Rare Felicita Gutierrez a Well known trans san Pedro character was arrested by officer r. Perez on the charge of assault Aud Battery. The fines assessed Iii this morning s recorders court amounted to $43. The were but la cases. De. Dean in the second Case that of disorderly made against him before the police judge called for a jury and his Case was dismissed. The Case against j. Loeb for fighting with Harry Dale was dismissed by the recorder this morning. Will Johnson the mulatto vagrant who Drew a Breech loading Shotgun upon officer Bennett yesterday was fined $5 for being a vagrant and $10 for resisting an officer. The mounted police were called out on a wild Goose Chase this morning to arrest a eight tramps at the West end. The tramps proved to be itinerant mexican workmen just coming to town in search a of work. Sax Antonio Texas june 4th, 1391. W. La. Weiss. President s. A. E. Railway san Antonio. Texas. Sir your petitioners respectfully represent that since you cannot know All the embarrassing facts incident to our employment we deem it but fair to you and just to ourselves to present this statement. The average Day of motor men and conductors is seventeen to eighteen hours on our motors our time for meals is fifteen minutes. We Start out at 6 a. Xii. And run indefinitely toll and 12 p. In. We Are dotted if we lose an hour in this indeterminate and elastic Day. The physical Man cannot and does not endure the Strain and a Day taken for recuperation is lost to the Over fatigued worker therefore he does not draw his full pay and often Falls Short of receiving $40 per month. Of he holds to his place his exhaustion of body and the dullness of sleepiness invites danger to the Public to the company and to the employee. If a new Ani inexperienced Man is placed in charge of the motor the invariable Rule is the burning of the switch boxes loss of time by stoppage on the entire line for fifteen minutes or More possibly an hour or More complaint from patrons and loss to the company. Nine tenths of the accidents and wreckage can be traced directly or indirectly to the weakened mental and physical condition of motor men who have stood on their motors Day after Day endeavouring to make a full month s wages nature reaches her limit and a few seconds of oblivious fatigue suffice to wreck a car. New men Are taken on one Day to be instructed in the handling of a motor the following Day they Are often Given the Complete control of a motor. They w ill run the motor As an inexperienced Man Only can trusting to Luck to carry him safely through the Day. He is in Complete ignorance of the Strong or weak parts of his motor the track is an unsolved problem also the trolley wire the motor is put in motion no reduction in Speed is Given for Good or bad track his motor runs off the track causing loss of time extra labor and loss of passengers or the trolley leaves the trolley wire and a trolley pole is broken and the conductor is made to pay for same. You or. President May not be aware of some of the facts but there have been As Many As three motors turned out to one Man in a single Day s run All regular motor men who have regular motors take Pride and pleasure in keeping their motors in Good running order and often consume the few minutes they have for rest at the end of each line in rectifying any slight defect in the smooth working of their machines. We As the conductors and motor men who have regular runs make this City our Homes. We earn our Money and wish to spend it Here Many of us expecting to give years of our lives to the company while a single Day Man is Only anxious to get a few dollars ahead and leave the City for other Fields of labor and the record he leaves is one or More motors so crippled that they have to be run into the shops for repairs. We. Therefore suggest this remedy. Give us a Day of twelve hours both for motor men and conductors the first to be paid forty five and the latter fifty dollars per month for additional hours allow us fifteen cents per hour and when in Case of emergency a Crew keeps ther car overtime they shall be paid fifteen cents per hour for All Over twelve hours any time Over 15 minutes to go for an hour Relief Crews to be allowed the same and to be ready when regulars go off. That All new and inexperienced men be turned Over to a thoroughly competent motor Man who will instruct him in his duties no Man to be Given a motor until he has at least six Day s instruction and not then unless pronounced competent by his instructor. Promotions to be governed by length of service faithful performance of duty and ability. Feeling assured that you will give this your prompt attention we Are conductors j. H. White c. It. Brown h. O. Terrell c. F. Ford rattled off the rails stray notice. One Bay horse about 14% hands branded j b connected on left shod Reward by c. In. Smith 105 Lachapelle Street. 6 6 it High Ider. Joe Dillard Nuckolls d. Herron g. Chase f. Lynn John West Frank Ruth Stephen kernels. A. Arizola j. T. Era Brey l. Dale p. W. Haile w. E. Lott t. Mock j. F. Sweeney John s. Thompson Lee Howard w. B. Watkins. Chas. Van Riper. Motor men e. D. Taylor 0. G. Mclean e. N. Lyons Louis Pauli t. Nolan n. B. Frink s. D. Luten j. P. Hughes t. E. Chatham Dan m Udd Martin of Day ii. Gossman m. L. Young h. G. Ridgley Albert Williams John of Brien n. E. Turner w. H. Patterson Tony Mahavier d. Elgham Louis Lee lunge f. B. Dawson Billingsley. Talked by Telegraph told by train men and taken in transit. Sixteen cars of Stock for Chicago passed Over the Sunset yesterday. The Southern Pacific had 600 sacks of Wool for the East last night. Live Stock agent j. L. Pennington of the Santa be is in town. The Southern Pacific yesterday loaded about too cars of Stock on the Victoria division of the Road for Indian territory and other Northern Points. The Southern Pacific is to rebuild a portion of its track Between Here and Houston. / capt. Bill Davis general superintendent of the Corpus Christi and South american Railroad is expected in Tow n today to make arrangements for 15011 at cars for transportation in Laving the rails Over that Road. The new Southern Pacific with engine. 744, operated on six Large driving wheels turned out of the shops yesterday and was put on the track in the Yards. It is said to give entire satisfaction. Mke Brothers $2.50 pants $12.50 suits wonderfully Low priced nobody Sells under $18 Church notices. St. Mark s Church North Sido of Travis Square morning service and holy communion at la a. Rn., Sermon by the Rev. Geo. Rose of Eagle pass. Evening prayer at 8 15 p. Rn., Sermon by the Rev. Or. Murphy at this service the newly organized vested choir of thirty choristers will sing for the first time. Vav. R. Richardson Rector. Alamo Baptist Church. Preaching at la a. In. By Rev. Or. White. Sabbath school 9 45 a. In. Preaching at 8 15 p. In. Or. A. P. Graves is expected on wednesday and will remain for some Days. Vvs. H. Dodson Paster. First presbyterian Church Corner North Flores and West Houston streets. Beginning at la of clock in the morning children s Day services will be held. These services will be of special interest to old and Young alike and All Are invited. There will be no services in this Church sunday evening. Sunday school As usual 9 45 a. M., and prayer meeting wednesday evening at 8 of clock. Trinity methodist episcopal Church Rev. C. C. Mclean a. A. Pastor. Morning la. A the Christian evening 8. Song service with address by pastor. 30 sunday school. Prayer meeting wednesdays p. In. All Are cordially invited. Ushers will Welcome you at the door. Building permits. B. F. Johnson stable Ward 5, $500. A. A. Brack shed w Ard 4. A. A. Brack addition Ward 4, $60. We. Will dwelling Ward 6, $1000. To the ladies of san Antonio. 500 pairs French Guipre lace curtains will be sold at Public auction monday june 8th, at to p. Iii., 217 w. Commerce Street opposite Haas a Oppenheimer. 500 pairs imported Guipre lace curtains will be sold to pay duty and freight. No such Opportunity to buy cheap curtains Ever offered in san Antonio. Also at same time and place a Large lot of furniture household goods Fine paintings China Etc. At 12 of clock a Fine Mare yellow cart and harness. 6-5-2t Geo. Pearson auctioneer. Edward person at 254 Market Street. San Antonio Tex handles the following goods by the car Load and less o. K. Building paper. Medal Brand rooting. Tar paper. Deadening Felt. Sheathing and plaster Board. Corrugated Iron. Y. Crimp Iron. Roofing tin pitch Etc. 5-18-tf of. What a cough. Vav ill you need me warning. The signal perhaps of the sure approach of that More terrible disease consumption. Ask ourselves if you can afford for the Sake of saving 50c., to run the risk and do nothing for it. We know from experience that Shiloh a cure will cure your cough. It never fails. This explains Why More than a million bottles were sold the past rear. It relieves croup and whooping cough at once. Mothers do not without it. For lame Back Side or Chest use Shiloh a porous plaster. Sold by Adol Dreiss. 3-28-Eod buying towels by the Case enables us to constantly undersell Competition. This is the time towels sell Best and to effect a capital Rush this week we put out the blowing special Price lots turkish towels 15 dozen Cream color.70c to dozen fancy. 47c too dozen mixed styles .$1.65 Cotton towels. 150 dozen bleached Duck. 48c too dozen Honey-couib.7oc too dozen bleached Duck. 95c j of Kes ladies and misses shoe department Dongola oxfords uncommonly Good o $1.25 Dongola oxfords hand turns.2.00 Black cloth ton shoes All widths Button and lace. 3.50 Tan oxfords All prices starting at ____1.00 the Best shirts made. We Are the leading Supply depot for Manhattan shirts in the whole Southwest. Their Superior excellence is conceded no other out rivalling them in elegance of style fitting qualities workmanship or effective Wear. Open front manhattans <81.00, $1.50 puff bosom manhattans. $1.00,1.25,1.50 full dress manhattans 1.75, 2.00,2,50 All kinds Negligee shirts. Madras oxfords Cheviot flannels $1.50, 1.75, 2.00, 2.g03.00 China silk Negligee White. $4 i of Kesh hens Low shoes for hot weather Patent leather pump sole.$2.00 calf and Dongola Mckay sewed. 3.00 calf and Dongo a Goodyear sewed. 3.50 russet Goat All leather lined .2.50 reduced to 75c. A mixed lot of about 300 pairs ladies cloth and cloth top shoes Worth $1.50 to be cleared out at 75c reduced to 75c. A positive saving in Ioe Bill by installing in your household the latest improved a a Michigan refrigerator Hardwood dry air refrigerator. The Best in the world co blues All the Good Points found in the other refrigerators. We get in about 50, including ice bests but they came in so late we have decided to offer them at a to per cent reduction from regular prices. Hot Only the Best in the world but the Best in the world for the Money Corner Alamo and Commerce streets. June number out. The june number of Wolfsont a fashion journal has been Laid upon our table. This journal is devoted principally to advertising t he Mam month establishment of l. Wolfson Aud will be found particularly interesting to the ladies. A Story entitled a death could not part them a by Edward Stapleton is begun in this number. Marriage licenses. Henry Geisler and Emilie Ziegler. Daniel Galindo and Emma Robinson. Benjamin f. Bowen and Margarett Schnurr. Adolfo s. Alejandro and Juanito Patino. Released on Hareas Corpus. Harry Dale was released by judge Noonan yesterday evening on a writ of Hareas Corpus returnable june 13tbg Dale gave notice of Appeal from Justice Adams court and tendered the Justice a Gilt edged Appeal Bond for $450, but the Justice refused to receive it claiming a there was no Appeal from his court on peace Bond the matter will now be adjudicated in judge Noonan a court on next saturday. Dale claims that he made no threats and that he had no Opportunity of showing his innocence and therefore he refused to pay some $20 costs and give a $200 peace Bond. A a there will be a dress rehearsal of St. Marks vested choir tonight to the above petition or. Weiss replied a the old company has run their line for twelve years under the present system and i propose to run in the same manner for the next five years. Those who do not like the hours and pay can quit and Hunt another or. Weiss refused to make any Concession to us but has since dismissed us from employment. T. Hebron e. D. Taylor n. B. Frink. French american citizens. You Are requested to meet at convention Hall at 3 30 of clock p. Rn., on sunday 7th inst to Complete the arrangements for the Celebration of the anniversary of the fall of the Bastile. E. P. Claudon pres. L. Sizy Secretary. 6 5 2t i notice to contractors. Sealed proposals will be opened at to of Olock a. Rn., saturday june 13, 1891, by the Hon. Commissioners court for the removal of the buildings Etc., from the site of the new Bexar county court House from Quinta Street to the East Wall of the Central hotel. Plans and other information May be had at the office of Gordon a Laub architects 7-15, Smith building san Antonio Texas. 6 4 3t new Lodge rooms parties desiring Nice Lodge rooms will please Call on de. Diesselhorst at once at 44 West Commerce Street. 6 80 6t new theatre bar. Rischer a Houston Street theatre bar has been thoroughly overhauled and newly fitted up and will be thrown open to the Public saturday night at eight of clock. Or. Re some invites the labile and All his old friends to attend the opening. 6-5 2t or. Hathaway j. Broadfoot. M do a assistant. Regular graduates the leading specialist of the South and West private blood skin and nervous diseases. Young men who by their acts of Imp Pudence or Folly suffer from nervous debility exhausting drains upon the fountains of life affecting the mind body Ana manhood should con nit the celebrated at once. Remember Nerv a ens diseases with or without dreams or debility and lobs of nerve Power treated scientifically by new methods with great Success. It make no difference what you ave taken or who has failed to cure Yon. Lost manhood and All weakness of the sexual organs treated with great Success. Female diseases cured rat Home without instruments a wonderful remedy. Piles great discovery. A cure guaranteed. No knife cutting or ligature. Painless treat Mea stricture cured without cutting. The most wonderful discovery. Sate and sure. Syphilis. The most rapid Safe and effective remedy. A Complete cure guaranteed. Skin diseases of All kinds cured where others have failed. Go to the Washington theatre. Ass open every night in across the san Pedro the place for gentlemen to pass a pleasant evening. A evening. Admission to is amp 25c. A Quot prices used in millions of Homes �?4.0 years the Stath lard. My methods 1. Free consultation at the office or by Mali. 2.thorough examination and careful diagnosis. 8. That each patient treated gets the advantage of special study and experience and specially la made of his or her disease. 4. Moderate charges and easy terms of payment a Home treatment can be Given in a majority of cases. Send for symptom Blank no. I for men. 8end for symptom Blank no. For women. Bend for symptom Blank no. 8 for skin his All Ooi Respondence answered promptly. Business strictly confidential. Medicine sent free from observation. Refer to Banks in san Antonio Texas. Address or Call on j. N. Hathaway m. r>x0< x Fri pm 23-81 a Commerce St., upstairs j a a a san Antonio Texas. Three Beautiful building lots on government Hill on Street car line. Size of lots 55x194 Leet. Price $1000. Apply to to John t. Hambleton amp co. 5 la of a new 5 room cottage with Bath room to galleries and Bay window very Large lot in very desirable location. A Beautiful Horn now renting for $30 per month. Apply to John t. Hambleton amp co. 4 to of six Fine lots on Prospect Hill South and East of Colure e Bou of sure one mile from Center of City can igl 5 25 t f. Tilt reasonable. John t. Hambleton amp co. A 24 acre Block finely located near Street car line. Terms easy. John t. Hambleton a co. 4-18-tf. S. A brewing Assn. Xxx Pearl Beer. The Parent and to any part of the City. Or. L a. Conner. Eire ear nose and Throat. Office 81 w. Commerce Street rooms 8 and 9. Office hours 9 toll a. Rn., and 3 to 6 p. In. Kirkei and co. "afc624 i"626east Houston Deal in All kinds of american and italian a Marble and Iron fencing

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