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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - June 5, 1891, San Antonio, Texas He daily Jig text. Friday june 6. 1891. West Texas abstract and guarantee company. h. M. Aubrey,9secretaru and mar real estate. 400 280 office 421 e. Houston St. Will furnish reliable abstracts of title to lands in Bexar county either City or country property upon Short notice and reasonable terms. Telephone no. 406 deals and the prices they bring. Thomas Kielbasa and wife to an ton Tudyk 317 acres of the William sturrock Survey in Bexar and Wilson counties.9 2,825 Gennesse Woody to goo. H. Hartwell lot 8. Block 18. Woodlawn. 500 r. H. Hildebrand to Geo. H. Hartwell lots 9, to and la Block i City lot 102. 1,621 j. W. Moore to Francis a. Moor House lot Block to. Moore a subdivision. A Salinas and wife to f. Lacoste lot 23, Block 4, Ruiz Street. C. L. Dignowity to h. R. Halle Brand lots 23 and 28, Block 2, City lot 15. 2,100 c. L. Offu Wity toll. It. Mile Brand lots 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, on Ile Rerra Street. 2,000 c. L. Dignowity to h. It. Hille Brand lots to. 11,12.13, Block a i lots i 2, 3, 4. 5, Block a 2, City lot 2.t. C. L. Dignowity to a r. Hille Brand lots 4 and 5, Block 5 5, 6. 12. In Block 6. Beanville. C. L. Dignowity to h. R. Hille Brand la lots Block i City lot 162. C. Loefler jr., to c. Doe Are or179 acres Survey no. 3. 1.000 1,800 700 i. S. Steam laundry Bat Cave outings. 021 e. Houston Street Telephone 546. Excellence promptness and Satis faction guaranteed. Give us a trial. Dryden Griggs amp come a. Personal mention. Of j. J. Jennings a prominent citizen Pearsall is in the City with hl9 wife. H. L. Johnson of Moore a station is in town. The misses Ware went to Corpus Christi yesterday. Or. F. Mott of Galveston is at the menger. A Chas b. Ott of Wheeling . Is at the menger. Or. Geo. Daugherty is in the City from Dallas. Attorney j. B. Johnson of Leakey is at the Mancke. J. W. Mcinness a ranch Man of Twohig is at the Mahncke with hts wife. Or. Barnitz of Boerne is in the City. Colin Campbe too of Middleville is in town. Or. Harry Arnold went to Cincinnati a Over the i. Amp g. N. A. T. Walton the Well known resident of Beeville is among yesterdays arrivals. Mail carriers report. The following is the report of mail matter delivered and collected by the letter carriers at this office for the month of May 1891 registered letters delivered .604 mall letters delivered.121,899 mail postal cards delivered 113,759 2nd, 3rd and 4th class matter . 102,821 local letters collected.7,854 mail letters collected. 79,309 local postal cards collected.5,863 mail postal cards collected. 8,650 2nd, 3rd Aud 4th class matter collected. 9,518 detective Tom Hughes is expected Back from Halifax next tuesday. He left there yesterday. Alex. Hill and Elonzo Scott were arrested by officer Bowen on Alamo Plaza yesterday afternoon for being disorderly. A Hackman Fred. Houston was arrested yesterday for not keeping his Hack stand. In regard to the threatened shooting scrape on main Plaza night before last it is stated that Lamb had no gun. It was or. E. Kehoe a Friend of Simms who led him away to the Silver King Saloon officer Bennett not being near the scene when Simms was being taken off. The affair blew Over in the course of a few seconds. There were eleven cases in court today and 133 was assessed As fines. Two delicate dry goods clerks who created a great Deal of amusement for the people on main Plaza by an angry but harmless fight yesterday afternoon were before judge Schreiner this morning charged with fighting. The recorder fined Harry Dale one of the combatants #5 and continued the Case of the other j. Loeb until tomorrow. Dale claims Loeb hit him with a chair and dislocated his thumb. Dale fainted in the fight and had to be revived by fans and cold water. Another report of a Man who Iff disguise As a ghost was frightening the residents near the City Hospital reached the Solice yesterday and detectives Van j per and of Meara Laid for the would be apart ton during his favorite hours for quite awhile last night but they report no catch. Rattled off the rails a to the ladies of san Antonio. Total number of pieces handled 450,287 d. Sanders supt. Carriers French Ai Berteau citizens. You Are requested to meet at convention Hall at 3 30 of clock p. Rn., on Munday 7th lust. To Complete the arrangements for the Celebration of the anniversary of the fall of the Bastile. E. Claudon pres. L. Bizy Secretary. 6 5 2t notice to contractors. Sealed proposals will be opened at to of clock a. Rn., saturday june 13, 1891, by the Hon. Commissioners court for the removal of the buildings Etc., from the site of the new Bexar county court House from Quin to Street to the East Wall of the Central hotel. Plans and other information May be had at the office of Gordon a Daub architects 7-15, Smith building ban Antonio Texas. 6 4 St new Lodge rooms parties desiring Nice Lodge rooms will please Call on de. Diesselhorst at once at 44 West Commerce Street. 5 30 6t the unlucky thirteen. Editor Light the perusal of the article in Light of yesterday respecting the prevalent belief that the number 13 is one of evil Omen or bad Luck goes to show what a vast amount of superstition still lurks in the minds of men and women and How impenetrable it is by reason. These same superstitious people never object to receiving 13 eggs to the dozen 13 ears of Corn or onions or tomatoes to the dozen. Why should any particular figure or number be either Lucky ? the figures themselves Are without thought sense Aud Power. They have no con Troi Over the chances of things. The idea that if thirteen persons eat at the same table one of them will die within the next twelve months had its origin in the a last supper a of Christ and his twelve apostles thirteen persons supping together and it still prevails in superstitious minds. There is nothing it but a silly superstition. But the number 13 was in other respects not w regarded As an unlucky number it is time All these superstitious notions were exploded cast aside and despised. There is neither Good or bad Luck in any figure or number. A. B. New theatre oar. Rischer a Houston Street theatre bar has been thoroughly overhauled and newly fitted up and will be thrown open to the Public saturday night at eight of clock. Or. Elsche invites the Publio and All Bis old friends to attend the opening. 6-5 2t 500 pairs French Guipre lace curtains will be sold at Public auction monday june that to p. Rn., 217 w. Commerce Street opposite Haas a Oppenheimer. 500 pairs imported Guipre lace curtains will be sold to pay duty and freight. No such Opportunity to buy cheap curtains Ever offered in san Antonio. Also at same time and place a Large lot of furniture household goods Fine paintings China Etc. At 12 of clock a Fine Mare yellow cart and harness. 6-5-2t Geo. Pearson auctioneer. After 13 years a a a the Light regrets to learn that the order has been received at fort Sam Houston transferring from san Antonio to fort Leavenworth capt. Jno. B. Hamilton. The Captain came to san Antonio about 13 years age and has made Many warm friends who will miss him. Capt Hamilton will leave his family Here As he Hopes to be Able to return again in about twelve Mouths. The Light wishes him Success Aud a Safe return. Trustee s Sale. Whereas on february 1, 1889, the Cross town Railroad a corporation Executer to George Paschal As trustee a deed Oil Trust upon the following property twit All and singular the Road ded. Right of Way rolling Stock rails and ties frogs switches franchise from the state to operate a railway in and Over upon Anc through the streets of san Antonio Texas and All and singular the rights interests properties real personal Anc mixed of said Cross town Railroad said deed of Trust being on file in the county clerks office of Bexar county Texas and entered in the chattel Mort amp be record Book in said office in Book i p. 96 and Given to secure the payment of said the Crosstown railroads note dated same Date for 95,000.00 due May 1,1889 and payable to the order of h. Ramp Mann and Nat. Lewis with to per cent interest per annul from its Date until paid which claim is now held by Henry Elmendorf. And whereas said indebtedness has not been paid except 91,000.00 paid August 20, 1889, now therefore i Geo. Paschal trustee As aforesaid Wilt a in pursue Iceon the Power vested in me by said deed of Trust sell the above described property at Public Sale for Cash to the highest bidder Between the hours of to a. In. And 4 p. Rn., before the court House door in Bexar county Texas on tuesday the 7th Day of july 1891, and after such Sale will execute to the purchaser Good and sufficient conveyance of said property with covenant of general warrant As provided in said deed of Trust. Geo. Paschal 6-7 21t trustee. Talked by Telegraph told by train men and taken in transit. The Southern Pacific handled too Bales of Cotton for California yesterday. Or. Geo. Tollerton leaves for Kerrville this afternoon. Passenger conductor Davidson of the s. P., is taking a Short Lay off. Southern Pacific conductors Beck and Booth Are both laying off to move into their new House on eighth Street. Geo. Flanders conductor on the Sunset staking a Short rest up conductor Godfrey taking his run. A train of Stock loaded at Spofford and destined for Chicago passed through Here Over the s. Last night. A. To. Vick live Stock agent of the Illinois Central was in town yesterday from Houston. J. F. Long superintendent of Morris railway detective service was in town yesterday. District organizer n. Ii. Kirch for the order of railway Teleg Raphers is in the state looking after interests of his organization. Ned Wilstead severs his connection with the s. A. On the 25th inst. Milt Everett succeeds him and or. John Baskins succeeds or. Everett. Supt. W. G. Van Vleck of the Southern Pacific was in town from Houston yesterday. He left at 7 a. In. Today for Elpaso with division superintendent r. Ii. Lanes. Dispatcher de. Buchannan of the third trick Houston division. Sunset dispatchers office is expected Home from Chicago in a few Days. Sam Jones has taken advantage of the summer rates on the s. A. P., and will Start a months revival at corps Christi on the Chataqua grounds a i he train Sheet is an insignificant yellow Sheet about 18 by 30 inches and lies directly in front of the train dispatcher Between him and the Row of instruments ahead of him. In the Centre of the Sheet in the order they come Are the telegraphic stations on that particular division of the Road. right and left of this column of stations Are some fifteen or Twenty other columns in which Are to be marked Down the trains the Crew the number of loads the numbers of the trains the numbers of the engines the time of their arrivals at each station the delays accidents or wrecks. The columns to the right May denote trains going East those on the left trains going West or the one the North the other the South As the Road May run. Usually there Are freight and passenger trains which leave the Yards at certain regular periods. These trains Are printed by their number at the head of their respective columns and running As they do according to a regular marked out table Are of less concern to the dispatchers Titan the extra trains which must be constantly kept track of and advised when and where to meet. Thus it is that every train number Etc. And time of arrival at the various Telegraph stations i9 reported by the operators at these stations to the main office on the division carefully noted on the record a rom which the dispatcher then makes is calculations at which Points the trains Are to pass another. Besides room for these notations there 19 at the extreme right hand Side of the train Sheet a column for the weather report which is carefully kept by the operators along the line and we see such entries constantly being made Houston warm and slightly Cloudy la Grange Light rain Columbus raining Nard and so on a report from every station. Then on the rear of the train Sheet Are diagrams showing a More detailed report of matters As the number of the cars the kind of freight and 90 Forth. These sheets have out lived their usefulness at the end of every twelve hours for they Are then stacked away carefully marked and dated As most useful records for reference. At Midnight a new train Sheet i9 taken out and the same operation is repeated three Hundred anti sixty five and some times three Hundred Ana sixty six times a year. To the uninitiated the mystery of the train Sheet is Only surpassed by the Genius presiding Over it. He sits Over his insignificant Little yellow Sheet hi9 hand either on his pen or on the instrument before him and when he is not noting the arrivals of trains on the Sheet he is talking the most hopeless kind of greek Over the wires sending instructions to trains or seeking advices from operators. There he sits for eight consecutive hours in his chair directly in front of his ticker time table and train Sheet. Ile is either a first trick Man a second trick Man or a third trick Man which in comprehend Able English Means that the Twenty four hours of the Day Are divided into three equal periods of work the first period or first trick being from Midnight to 8 a. Ai., the second from 8 a. In. To 4 p. Rn., and the third from 4 p in. To Midnight. It is hard work. The dispatcher is not permitted to go to his meals and the Only Relief he gets is when a Lull in his work permits him to take a Little tramp about the office. The Day hours Are the busiest time for the Dis Patcher and at this time he usually has an operator at his desk who copies the orders and instructions and thereby relieves him of considerable work. It takes a a great Deal practice much More experience and a unusual abundance of that virtue called conscientiousness to make a train dispatcher. Buying towels by the Case enables us to constantly undersell Competition. This is the time towels sell Best and to effect a capital Rush this week we put out the Fol owing special Price lots turkish towels 15 dozen Cream color. 70c to dozen too Joske Brothers $2.50 pants i $12.50 suits wonderfully Low priced nobody Sells under si8 the Best shirts made. We Are the leading Supply depot for Manhattan shirts in the whole Southwest. Their Superior excellence is conceded no other out rivalling them in elegance of style fitting qualities workmanship or effective Wear. Lozeau fancy. 47c front mar Hattens. $1.00. $1.50 dozen m a amp ram a a Quot a .l$2.00,i s Cotton towels. Negligee shirts. 150 dozen bleached Duck. 48c too dozen Honey bomb. 7�>c too dozen bleached Duck. 95c j of Kes ladies and misses shoe de Parhm ent Dongola oxfords uncommonly Good $1.25 Dongola oxfords hand turns a a. 2.00 Hack cloth top shoes All widths Button and lace. 3.50 an oxfords All prices starting at ____1.00 Madras oxfords Cheviot flannels $1.50,1.75, 2.00, 2.603.00 China silk Negligee white.$4 mensa Low shoes for hot weather Patent leather pump sole.$2.00 calf Ana Dongola Mckay sewed.3.00 calf and Dongola Goodyear sewed. 3.50 russet Goat All leather lined.2.50 reduced to 75c. A mixed lot of about 300 pairs ladies cloth and cloth top shoes Worth $1.50 to be cleared out at 75c reduced to 75c. A positive saving in ice Bill by installing in your household the latest improved a a Michigan refrigerator Hardwood dry air refrigerator. The Best in the world combines All the Good Points found in the other refrigerators. We in about 60, including ice chests but they came in so late we have decided to offer them at a to per cent reduction from regular prices. Not Only the Best in the world but the Best in the world for the Money Corner Alamo and Commerce streets. Bucklen a Arnica Salve. The Best Salve in the world for cuts bruises sores ulcers Salt Rheum tet Ter. Chapped hands chilblains corns and All skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Money refunded. Price 25 cents per Box. For Sale by All druggists. Dreiss. Thompson so wholesale. L 9 13-Ly a done to Wear a Greasy hat. Mager Stadt 33 Soledad renovates them or. Hathaway j. Broadfoot. M. A. Assistant. Regular graduates i the leading specialist of the South and West private blood skin and nervous diseases. Young men who by their acts of i in Pudene or Folly suffer from nervous debility exhausting drains upon the fountains of life. Affecting the mind body and manhood should ton ult the celebrated or. Hathaway at once. Remember nervous diseases with or without dreams or debility and loss 2 of nerve Power treated scientifically by new methods with Reat Success. It Mats no difference what you ave taken or who has failed to cure you. Lost manhood and All weakness of the sexual organs treated with great Success. Female diseases cured at Home without instruments a wonderful remedy. Piles great discovery. A care guaranteed. No knife cutting of ligature painless treat men St picture cured without cutting. The most wonderful discovery. Safe and sure. Syphilis the most rapid Safe and effective remedy. A Complete cure guaranteed. Skin diseases of All kinds cured where others have railed. My methods 1. Free consultation at the office of by mall. 2.thorough examination and careful diagnosis. 3. That each patient treated gets the advantage of special it it i it in Aud experience and specially is made of his or her disease. 4. Moderate charges Aud easy terms of payment a Home treatment can be Given in a majority of cases. Send for symptom Blank no. I for men. 8end for symptom Blank no. 2 for women. Send for symptom Blank no. 8 for skin diseases. All correspondence answered promptly. Business strictly confidential. Medicine sent free from observation. Refer to Banks in san Antonio Texas. Address or Call on j. N. Hathaway in. D., go Washington theatre. Open every night across the san Pedro the place for gentlemen to pass a pleasant evening. A i a a a Cmuk. Admission to is 25c. 29-81 w. Commerce 8t., upstairs san Antonio Texas. Prides baking powder used in millions of Homes a years the Standard. Three Beautiful building lot9 on government Hill on Street car line. Size of lots 55 x194 Leet. Price 91000. Apply to to John t. Hambleton a co. 5 la of a new 5 room cottage with Bath room to galleries and Bay window very Large lot in very desirable location. A Beautiful bom now renting for 930 per month. Apply to John t. Hambleton a co. 4 to of six Fine lots on Prospect Hui South and Oast exp it be boil of sure one mile from Center of City can a is Aki 5 25 of. Flit reasonable. John t. Hambleton a co. A 24 acre Block finely located near Street oar line. Terms easy. John t. Hambleton a co. 4-18-tf. S. Brewing Assn. Xxx Pearl Beer. The purest Aud Best. A delivered to any part of the City. Or. L a. Conner. Eye ear nose and Throat. Office St w. Commerce Street rooms 8 and 9. Office hours 9 toll a. Rn., and 3 to 6 p. In. A Zirkel and co7, at 624 a 626 East Houston Deal in All kinds of american and italian Marble and Iron Feu plug. 2-17tt

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