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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - June 5, 1891, San Antonio, Texas4 Kam i i Iii inti i Street Santomo i Chilish in 3. Johnson. Score tar and it bred at the. Post office at .8 an Auto no. As second class mail m Attar. Licht 14 the Only r3cfdbli paps pt7bli8hbd in Texas. Subscription Kates. Molly per month 5o Dally per year 5. Of by mail or Carrier of Kkt. Weekly. 6 months 6o weekly. 1 year 1.oo san Antonio will have a Opportunity to show her Tuvai Lenl Beauty to the National travellers protective association next sunday. It is Safe to predict that 110 accidents will happen to them in this City of Security. Subscribers not receiving their paper will please make complaint to the office. Subscribers Are warned not to pay their subscription except upon presentation of a properly receipted Bill from this office. Advertising rate8. Inch. To bm9 Legal advertisements f per Inch first in certion 75 cents per Inch each subsequent in or Tom. Trustees sales f 1 per such first to certion 35 cents Euch insertion afterwards. Reading matter editorial Page Cento per Ine each insertion. Local columns 30 cents first insertion 10 of Etc first week 5 Sente after first special on w and 100 lines running or it month Home advertisements payable the first of each month. Transient advertising payable in Advance. Only Metal printed. Special rates Given on larger space and Long time Adrettie Emens. Discount Given for Oas h announcements Tor state and county officers dollars in b Contr note or Bills must be approved by and m Ana Ajmer. To cofcu5k8fondent9 All for this paper Raould be by the name of the author not toe earlly for publication Bat As evidence of food Falk on the part of tha writer write on an. One aide of the pacer la a Plain hand. An my Mons form menu cations we not be noticed. The Light will not be Resty Kalble for the state to our Eastern advertisers. A advertising for the daily and week y Light must come to us through our special agents messes. Palmer a key 232 to 235 Temple court. New York. Friday june 5, 1s91. Southwest Texas conies first in every table of Prosperity prepared by the statisticians of the country. Jones has got away with the local staff of the Post. How is it with the manager and the editor every Day the testimony is strengthened that the Alliance is by no Means decided to support a third party it is equally True that there Are within tue shades of the Alliance no end of kickers against the sub Treasury scheme. If Schweinfurth had 8am Jones As his Prophet and forerunner he might get along better. 8am is great on organizing Law and order leagues and Schweinfurth seems to need Protection. Governor Hook is a politician a Texas politician and As such he knows Texas. He has not appointed Chilton to the u. 8. Sea worship to have him thrown Over in a special session of the legislature. This fact will interpret the probability of an apportion Lieut of the state this sea son. Picayune pays attention to ban Autonio s private matters that it has to time left for its own. This comes from trying to run a daily paper in a weekly town. World s fair people expect to have men at work in Jackson Park Chicago by july 4th, and double that number a month later. What say the labor unions according to Jerry Simpson the Farmers Alliance is a Cross Between a secret society and a prayer meeting. Dentists meet next year in fort Worth but they will not be Able to take the jaw out of the mail. Is there any other town in Texas outside of Houston in which Sam Jones could make a Mach on the entire press smiles Are awful scare Over head when Providence Doea not bestow them on Southwest Texas and pious old Santone it is not the management of the pension office but the paying of pen Sions that caused the democratic kick against Katun. Public senti Mut will not endorse the kick against pensions to wounded soldiers hence the kick against Raburn. Even the mugwumps Are Captiva Ted with Elaine s reciprocity Meas ures and speak of them and him in terms of unadulterated Praise. Had they done so in 1884 Cleveland would have been a impossibility. The Alliance men Are taken by the third party men much As the Devil took Christ into a High Mountain. The third party men show them All the kingdoms of the world and All the glory thereof and Promise them Possession but they cannot deliver the goods. The Man with the Hoe is not the Man with the plow at least not at the same time. First the plow then the Hoe first the Blade then the ear after that the full Corn in the ear. The first number of the Corpus Christ Dally caller reaches the . It in a four Page six column Sheet. A credit to Corpus and a necessity for the Southwest country. Corpus Christ is the Only City in the coast Region that can support a daily and she should make every Effort to do so. The caller has always been a Good advocate of Corpus Christi and Corpus christians should stand by the caller. Judge Miller of Llano is held responsible personally for the con tract with the Llano Extension con tractors which he made at the in stance of the subscribers to the risk it of Way and construction fund. The subscribers claim that their instructions were exceeded in the matter of contract. If Miller acted Square with the Public the Public should stand by my and see him through 110 matter what the courts May say. Arkansas hark or does not propose to hold a state Camp one year and then give it up to Section. It is a permanent Casip or nothing that is offered. Arkansas Harbor is right. It does not pay to arrange for one year and the question of Perma nent Camp can be just As Well deter mined now As later on. D. Quasso the old Southern tailor carries a Fine line of summer suiting and will guarantee a neat and stylish wanted a competent House girl. Apply to mrs. Thornton 380 South f Lores Street. A ome s an Antonio Home seekers. Offers unparalleled advantages to a location of surprising loveliness a climate unequalled for purity and Healthfulness warm open Winters and Cool delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street railway of any City of its since in the world splendidly paved streets and Beautiful suburban avenues and drives excellent Public schools and churches of every denomination All com Bining to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home on the continent. It Jessers. John t. Hambleton go. Seekers and tourists should visit the country Between san Antonio Kerrville 1000 to 2000 feet above the sea Beautiful Mountain scenery Clear running streams Kich Valley lands and with a climate pronounced by All to be the finest in the world. Consumption and Kindred diseases Are Here cured without Medicine. When the Alliance played Hogg for an anti in the railway Deal it looks mightily As though they had gone fishing for Gudgeon without bait. Sam Jones Gat for a week s gospel grazing in Houston. This would have paid the expenses of the twelve apostles for a whole year. Secretary Blaine has gone to bar Harbor to take a rest. Fitte Democrat Yawp would rest also the rest of the country could rest. Hill will vacate his governorship this fail. It is not every Man who can be governor of new York u. 8. Senator and Cleveland s successful rival All in one year. Cleveland is in a bad Fox. He is not Loyal enough to the Union to be the Pride of the old soldiers and he is too Loyal to the Union to go Down with the South. Tile of Toronto Canada in a Type setting contest sets Ems in 27 1-2 hours and in an hour and three Quarter s exhibition set his competitors Kerr Wilson and Jones set each the German proot Reader is held responsible in Germany for the publication of any improper matter and is As liable to imprisonment and line therefor As the writer and publisher of the journal in which the offensive article occurs. Cleveland has no friends on whom he can rely. His most obvious utterances Are seized by his party to his disadvantage and his Loyal utter ances choked Down his Throat with a relentlessness that savors of crudity to animals. Even Texas democrats fail to do him Bonor and his Best Senten Ces Are converted into wads to shoot him with Thim. Under the caption Cie Elands bad break the Waco Day discharges its Battery a Fol lows when the government was assailed by rebellious is the Way in which Grover Cleveland Speaks of the War Between the states. The remark is unfortunate Lor the Beefy sex president for it is a taunt that will not be for gotten or forgiven in the South with out whose support he can never be re nominated or re elected. In the North it serves to recall the tact that when the government was assailed by rebellious if it had had no braver defenders than Grover Cleve land Lee would have planted his Standard on Boston commons and Robert Toombs would Hove called the Roll of Bis slaves at the toot of Bunker Hill Monument. Better for Cleveland had he not worked the associated press for the perfect distribution of his speech better for him had he never emerged from the cover which hid him from View while other leaders of the party were Lead ing the democracy through the hard fought contest of 1892." had the Republican press trained its guns on the sex sheriff and fired such a broadside it would not have counted but Tor such a staunch democratic journal As the Waco Day to do this thing leads one to exclaim in language Ever old with application Ever new it to the Gulf coast around Corpus Christi Arkansas Harbor and Rockport offers 1 Superior attractions to the tourists and sportsmen. Every person desiring a new location and a summer Home should first inspect the country on and tributary to the Arai Isas pass railway. Maps and other information cheerfully furnished on application to Milton Everett. Ticket agent san Antonio depot r. W. Andrews g. P. A., san Antonio. This is the refrigerator that will not grow Damp and april your food with a bad odor causing sickness Etc. Peru ask our customers How they like the North Star there Are hundreds in the City. Our prices Are the lowest. House furnishes. 409 East Houston Street Sam Jones spends a week in hous ton and a Law and order league is a necessity. What would have become of the town if 8am had spent a month there. The Only subscriber the Arkansas pass new Era Ever lost was burned out the night after he had discontinued his paper. Justice follows swiftly on the heels of offence in a ran b As. We have just removed from and opened the old reliable . Steam Dye works cleaning dyeing altering and re pairing neatly and promptly done. Pants making a specially. Potter Duke 11 8. Alamo streets. Health is wealth that Baccarat testimony is a dead open and shot on sir William gum Ming and leaves no reasonable doubt As to his cheating. He wants to be consigned to exile. Canadian John is responsible for in settling both the Behr ing sea and the fisheries question the Dominion is not ready for any settlement Between great Britain and the United states of any matters on this continent that do not Promise her an advantage. The Mckinley Bill is a curse to the country say the Alliance and yet under its operations there was an crease of in the exports of beef hog and Dairy products for the first four months of 1891 As compared with the first four months of 1890. Galveston Tribune wants the old City to decide whether she is a sure enough City or Only a knot on a log. Call it a knot it is Tough enough for one. The Tribune says it has no Day and any City without sunday is too Tough to live. National economist is engaged in a very unsuccessful and discouraging attempt to convince the country that it is suffering All manner of evils and that hard times Are crushing the Farmers and the mechanics into the dust. The economist should be called the the reminders passed on to gov. That the state is waiting for an extra session of the legislature to a portion the congressional districts Avail nothing so Long As it is not cer Tain that Chilton can secure the vote of the legislature for his election to United states Senate. Horse and stable of Boston raps the new York Sun Over the head in most commendable style in its criticism of the Sun s Goody Goody com ments on the action of the National trotting association in refusing to re Instate Nelson. Horse and stable enquires ii Nelson s sins May not Possi Bly be transmitted and if it would not be Wise to exclude him from the Atud or. E. A West s no rec mkt hate Fra dizziness Convol 8i on a Fia. Headache. Tabbed by the use of alcohol or Wake Natesa mental depression. S tenting of the brain resulting in insanity and leading to misery decay Ani death. Premature Ola age barrenness Loaa of Power in either sex. Involuntary losses and caused by Over exertion of the brain self abuse or Over indulgence. Each Box contains one month s treatment. A or six boxes for sent by mail pre paid on receipt of Price we guarantee six boxes to care say Case. With each order received by is for six boxes accompanied with we will Send the purchaser oar written guarantee to refund the Money if the treatment does not effect a care. Guarantees issued Only by City drug store sole arts. 8e. Commerce St., san Antonio. A. Battaglia boots and shoes ladies and gents Fine shoes to order. Repairing neatly done at lowest rate in the City. 225 Alamo Plata. M. Lucchese Bro. Fashionable Shoemaker 832 East Houston Street next to Maverick s hotel and main Plaza next Frost s Bank la Dies Fine shoes to order. Repair ing promptly done. Fine Stock of custom made shoes. C. W. Embry electrician. Estimates riven for wiring House for incandescent lights electric Bells burglar alarms and repairing All kinds of electrical instruments at reasonable rates. With Wagner Chabot Commerce and Navarro its. David Kirkwood i sanitary Engineer and plumber 11 b. Alamo at., Telephone 440. Modern sanitary plumbing a specially. N. Kirk oxi have engaged the services of or. John d. Quasi of san fan Loiaco cal., an experienced Oriental plumber and consequently familiar with ail the requirements or modern plumbing for this this is a sufficient guarantee of Al rat class work. 5-26-3 m c. H. Gaenther pres Chas. A. Zilker v. Prea h. L. Guenther Sec. And treas. Southern ice and Coin storage company. Capacity . Daily. Factory and office 10 Gaenther by. Pull weight and prompt John t. Hambleton co. Land agents japanese 4 e. Commerce St. A guarantee curs for piles of whatever kind or internal by Imp or bleed 1ns itching. Chronic recent Herndl tar. This Keady has positively never bean know n to fail f l Box i boxes for seut by mail prepaid on receipt of Price. A written Guaran tee Given to each purchaser of 6 boxes. Purchased at ome time to refund the paid if not cared guarantee issued by a. Treiss wholesale and retail druggist Antoaio Texas. Sample packages free. Go to St. Charles boarding House 325 s. Floras Street. First class Board rooms. Regular meals 25 cents. Nathan Mills mrs. Hubbard proprietress. Manager is cents a Moath Deli Ere James Murphy Arch Ite it. Office 404 e. Houston Street any information relating to build ing Che erf ally Given. 5-35-tf Geo. A. Gibson. Proprietors of the Pikini on thursday saturday and sunday Eves. Aad a Nicin dramatic Shaw Cor. East and Monterey streets. Sani aim Tonito ice fac Toul will furnish ice equal to any in the Market and Arua Natee foil weight and promptness. Country orders solicited. Patronage of the Public factory Arkansas Street near s. Alamo. Telephone no. 33. . Ward proprietor. Mission Oil company and stove gasoline and All kinds of illuminating and lubricating oils. Telephone 643. St., Opp. Scholz Garden

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