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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - June 2, 1891, San Antonio, TexasTuesday june 2. 1891. Ifs a sign that you need help when pimples blotches and eruptions begin to appear. Your blood needs looking after. You la have Graver matters than pimples to Deal with if you neglect it. Or. Pierce s Golden medical discovery prevents and cures All diseases and disorders caused by impure blood. It invigorates the liver purifies the blood and promotes All the bodily functions. For All forms of so Romulous skin and Scalp disease and even consumption which is really Lun scr Fula in All its earlier stages it is a certain Rera Ody. It s the Only one that s in every Case to Benefit or euro or the Money in refunded. It s a matter of Confidence in one s Medicine. It is Tho cheapest blood purifier through druggists because you Only pay for the Good you get. Can Vou ask More the discovery acts equally Well All year round Bucklen ii Arnica the in Tiik world for cuts bruises. Sores ulcers. Salt Likeum sores Tetter chapped hands chilblains corns and All skin eruptions and positively cures or no pay required. It is guaranteed to Irive perfect satisfaction or Money refunded. Price cents per Box for Sale by All druids lists. Dreiss Thomp son co s wholesale. Banks and Bankers. J. S. Alex Anleu president. A. A. Alex Ami i cashier. National Bam 258 Commerce Street. General Bank Iii business transacted drafts on Europe. Mexican dollars and other foreign Money purchased. Visitors Register kept in our room Aarau users in the City Are invited to Call. Bankers sight drafts on the principal cities in the Tiu states and in All european countries. For eign Coin and currency bought and sold. Consumption. I have a positive remedy for the above disease by use of cases of the worst kind and of Long ban dog have been cared. Indeed so Strong in my Faith in its Efficacy that i will Send two bottles i. Valuable treatise on this disease to any Ferer who will Send me their express and p. O. Address t. A. Slocum. M. A. 181 Pearl St., n. Y. Pate hts. Caveats and Trade Maries obtained and Pate it bus Inasa conducted for fees. Office 18 opposite . Vii Oft and we can secure a Patent in less time a at Lesa oof t than those Remote from Model drawing or photo., ton. We advise if patentable or not free ohm Gre. Our fee not due till Patent la secure 1 a Littzi Book How to Patent with names of actual clients in your of unto or town sent free. c a. Show co Opp Arkansas pass Wood Yard Foster Schlieser proprietors Arkansas St., near s. A. Foundry. Best kinds of Wood to be had in the Market a lowest prices. Branch office Mcallister Harzbach Alamo St. Grocers. Free delivery to any part of the City Tard office no. 508 Branch office no. 163. Forder Nagel. Machine and Genera repair shop 1 to fire engine House repairing of All kinds of machinery boilers pumps and manufacturers railings Iron doors blinds locks and gun Smithing. 5 22-1 Kaff llah pennyroyal pills and Only genuine. Reliable. La Aik drop Rritt in Auk Dia mond Brand in ke4 and Good of with Rathbon. 1 o other. Refute danger but at in for Aoa for in by re tar 10.4hh same paper. A local druggist. And whiskey habits cured at All office out pain. Look f or r Tircui assent Fri pc. He store Ozone for Tottem i ice that 1 was v a desirable resolved to win me. In this Rase i also be Wou a grim courtship a dead Man and his own widow Ferrari never suspected what a suing on he had spoken of As that poor fool Fabio he was ton easily yet never was there one More vastly Dinn a than himself or to whom the Epi thet poor fool More thoroughly applied a i said la fore was sure of Nis own Hoik for tune. I wished to cite ins and enmity sometimes but this i found i could not do. He trusted As much As in the old Days i had trusted him. Therefore catastrophe for him a test be sudden As Well As haps after All it was better so. During my frequent visits to the Villa i saw much of my child Stella. She be came passionately attached to Little was a Mere Nat ural instinct had she but known it. Of ten too her nurse Assunta would Brinni her to my hotel to pass an hour or s with me. This was a great treat to her and her Delight reached its Climax when i took her on my knee and told her a fairy Favourite one being that of a Good Little girl whose papa Sud Denly went away and How the Little girl grieved for him till at last some kind fairies helped her to find him . 1 was at first somewhat afraid of old had been my it possible that she would not recognize the first time i met her in my new character 1 almost held my breath in a sort of suspense but the Good old woman was nearly Blind and i Thirsk she could scarce Mako out my lineaments. Shu was off an entirely different nature to Giacomotto Butler she thoroughly believed her Mas Ter to be dead As indeed she had every reason to do but strange to say Giacomo did not. The old Man had a fanatical notion that his lord could not have died so suddenly and he grew so obstinate on the Point that my wife declared he must be going crazy. Assunta on the other hand would talk voluble of my death and Tell with assured it was to be expected he was too Good for us and the saints took him. Of course our lady wanted always picks out the Best Minond us. The Giacomo will not listen to me he grows weak and childish and lie loved the master too and Here her voice would deepen into reproachful solemnity yes belter actually than St. Loseli himself and of course one is punished for such a thing. 1 always knew my master would die was too gentle As a baby and too kind hearted As a Man to stay Here and she would shake her Gray head and feel for the Heads of her Rosary and mutter Many an ave for the repose of my soul. Much As i wished it i could never get her to talk about her mistress was the one subject on which she was invariably silent. On one occasion when i spoke with apparent enthusiasm of the Beauty and accomplishments of the Young countess she glanced at with Sadden and earn est said nothing. I was glad to see How thoroughly devoted she was to Stella and the child returned her affection with though As the november Days came on apace nay Little one looked far from Strong. She paled and grew thin her eyes looked preternaturally Large and solemn and she was very easily wearied. I called Assunta s Atten Tion to these signs of ill health she re plaid that she had spoken to the countess but that Madame had taken no notice of the child s weakly condition. After wards i mentioned the Ciattei myself to Nina who merely smiled gratefully in my face and answered really my dear Conte you Are too Good there is nothing the matter with Stella her health is excellent she eats too Many Bonbons perhaps and is rather fast that is All. How kind you Are to think of her. But. I assure you she is quite i did not feel so sure of i was obliged to conceal my anxiety As Over much concern about the child would not have been in keeping with my assumed character. It was a Little past the Middle of no vember when a circumstance occurred that gave impetus to my plan and Hur ried them to full fruition. The Days were growing Chilly and sad Evon in Naples yachting excursions were Over and i was beginning to organize a few dinners bails for the approaching Winter season when one afternoon Ferrari entered my room unannounced and threw himself into the nearest chair with an exclamation and a vexed expression of countenance. What is the i asked care pc sly As i caught a furtive glance of Lis eyes. Anything financial Pray Iraq upon me i will be a most accommodating he smiled uneasily though gratefully. Thanks it is nothing of that sort it Dio what an unlucky wretch i and Here i put on an expression of the deepest anxiety i Hope the pretty Contessa has not played you Faise she has refused to he laughed with a disdainful Triumph in his laughter. Of As far As that goes there is no danger she dares not Plav not that is rather a Strong expression my and i stroked my Beard and looked at him steadily. He himself seemed to think he had spoken too openly and he reddened a he said with a Little embarrassment Well. I did not mean of course she is perfectly free to co As she she cannot i think re fuse me after showing me so much in i waved my hand with an airy gesture of amicable agreement. Certainly i said unless sin be an arrant coquette and therefore a worthless woman and you. Who know so Well her intrinsic goodness and purity have no reason to fear. But if not love or Money what is it that troubles you.1 it must be serious to judge from your lie played absently with a ring i had Given him turning it round and round upon his linger Many times before reply ing. The fact he said at last i am compelled to go leave Naples for a my heart gave an expectant throb of satisfaction. Going a away from the Field of Battle and allowing to to gain the Vic tory Fortune surely favoured me. I jut 1 answered with feigned concern. Away surely you cannot mean it. For and where .1" an Uncle of mine is dying in he answered crossly. He has made me his heir and 1 am bound for the Sake of decency 10 attend his last moments. Hat her protracted last moments they threaten to be too but the lawyers say 1 had better be present As the old Man May take it into his head to disinherit meat final gasp. 1 suppose i shall not be absent fortnight at most in the Here he hesitated and looked at me anxiously. Continue Caro Mio i said with some impatience. If i can do anything in your absence you have Only to command he Rose from his chair and approach ing the window where i sat in a half reclining position he Drew a Small chair opposite mine and sitting Down Laid one hand confiding by on my you can do he replied earn Estly and i feel that i can thoroughly depend upon you. Watch Over her of Coho will have no other protector and she is so Beautiful and careless you can guard age your rank and position the fact of your being an old Friend of Tho these things warrant your censorship and vigilance Over her and you can prevent any other Man from intruding himself upon her if he i exclaimed starting up from my seat with a mock tragic air i will not rest till his body serves my sword As a and i laughed loudly clapping him on the shoulder As 1 spoke. The words were the very same he had himself uttered when i had witnessed his interview with my wife in the Avenue. He seemed to find some thing familiar in the phrase for he looked confused and puzzled. Seeing this i hastened to turn the current of his reflections. Stopping abruptly in my myrth i assumed a serious Gravity of Demeanour and said nay nay i see the subject is too sacred to be Jestel my levity i assure you my Good Ferrari i will watch Over the lady with the jealous scrutiny of a elderly brother too and therefore one More Likely to be a Model of propriety. Though i frankly admit it is a task i am not specially fit Ted for and one that is rather distaste Ful to me. Still i would do much to please you and enable you to leave Naples with an easy mind. I Promise i took his hand and Shook it i will be worthy of your Trust and True to it with exactly the same Tine loyalty and Fidelity you yourself so nobly showed to your dead Friend Fabio history cannot furnish me with a better he started As if he had been stung and every drop of blood receded from his face leaving it almost livid. He turned his eyes in a kind of wondering doubt upon me but i counterfeited an air of such Good Faith and frankness that he checked some Hasty utterance that Rose to his lips mastering himself by a Strong Effort said briefly i thank you i know i can rely upon your you i answered As positively As you rely upon your again he winced As though whipped smartly by an invisible lash. Releasing his hand i asked in a tone of affected regret and when must you leave us most unhappily at he an swered. I Start by the Early train to Morrow Well i am glad i knew of in i said glancing at my writing table which was with unsent invitation cards and estimates top actors and Ball furnishes. I shall not think of starting any More Gai ties till your he looked gratefully at me. Really it is very kind of you but i should be sorry to interfere with any of your plans. Say no More about it i interrupted him lightly. Everything can wait till Vou come Back. Besides i am sure you will prefer to think of Madama As living Tai some sort of seclusion Dur ing your enforced absence. I should not like her to be he eagerly exclaimed. I said with a slight smile at his Folly As if permit herself to be Dull i will take care of that. Little distractions such As a drive now and a very quiet select musical evening. I leave it All to me but the dances Din ners and other diversions shall wait till your a delighted look flashed into his eyes. He was greatly 11 at tired and pleased. You Are uncommonly Good to me he said earnestly. I can never thank you i shall demand n proof of your tude some i answered. And now had you not better be packing your port Manteau tomorrow will soon be Here. I will and see you off in the morn receiving this Assurance As another testimony of my Friendship to left me. 1 saw him no More that Day it was easy to guess where he was with my wife of doubt binding her by All the most sacred vows he could think of or invent to be True to True As she had been false to me. In fancy i could see him clasping her in his arms and kiss ing her Many times in his passionate Fervour imploring her to think of him faithfully Day till he should urn in return to the Joy of her car 1 smiled coldly As this blowing picture came before my imagination. A Llido Kos her and fondle her now to your heart s is for the last a a Isshak air to Voltl 11f.ak1 s . Heil time never Astrain will that witching glance be turned to you in either fear or a train will that fair body be Vale in your jealous Astrain will your kisses Burn on that curved Sweet month never never again your Day is last Brief moment of your sin s enjoyment Havo come make the most of one shall interfere. Drink the last drop of Sweet hand shall not dash the cup from your lips on this the final night of your Ainoura. Traitor liar and hypocrite make Hasto to be Happy for the Short time that yet remains to you shut the door close lest Tho pure Pale stars behold your Lovo ecstasies but let the perfumed lamps shed their softest artificial Lustre on All that Radiant Beauty which tempted your sensual soul to ruin and of which you Are now permitted to take your last look let there to music music of her voice which murmurs in your ear such entrancing falsehoods she will be she says. You must believe her Guido As i did and believing her thus part from her As Lingerin Gly and tenderly As you will part from Ever chapter xvii. Ext morning i kept my appoint ment and met Ferrari at the railway station. He looked Pale and Haggard though he Bright ened a Little on see ing me. He was curiously irritable and fussy with the porters concerning his Luggage and argued with them about some Petty trifles As obstinately and per tenaciously As a deaf old woman his nerves were evidently jarred arid Unstrung and it was a Relief when he at last got into has Coupe. He carried a yellow paper covered volume in his hand. I asked him if it contained any amusing Reading. Really do not he answered indifferently i have Only just bought it. It is by Victor and he held up the title Page for me to see. Dernier Jour d in con read aloud with careful slowness. Indeed you do Well to read that. It is a very Fine the train was on the Point of starting when he leaned out of the Carriage win Dow and beckoned me to approach More closely. He whispered i Trust you to take care of never i answered i will do my Best to replace he smiled a Pale uneasy smile and pressed my hand. These were eur last words for with a warning shriek the train moved off and in another minute had rushed out of sight. I was alone with perfect Freedom and i could do As i pleased with my wife now. I could kill her if i no one would i Ousa visit her that evening und declare myself to her of her infidelity and stub Urr to the heart any italian jury would find extenuating Circum stances for me. But Why Why should 1 Lav myself open to a charge of murder even for a just cause no original design was perfect and i must keep to it and work it out with patience though patient was difficult. While i thus meditated walking from the station homeward 1 was startled by the unexpected appearance of my Valet who came upon me quite suddenly lie wad out of breath with running and he car ried a note for me marked it was Fum my wife and Rau briefly thus "1 Mease cock a at once. Stella is very ill and asks who brought i demanded quickening my Pace and signing to Vin to keep beside me. The old Man he was weeping and in great trouble he said the Little Donzella had the fever in her is the diphtheria he Means 1 think. She was taken ill in the Middle of the Wight but Tho nurse thought it was nothing serious. This morning she had been and is in a doctor has been 44yes so Liacomo said. Tut i asked " nothing Oceh Leius. Only the old mar said the doctor had come too my heart Sank heavily and a sob Rose in my Throat. 1 stopped in my rapid walk and bade Call a Carriage one of the Ordinary vehicles that Are everywhere standing about for hire in the principal thoroughfares of Naples. I spraner into this and told Tho Driver to take me As quickly As getting worse sent for of my was out of 11kkath with la xxix. Possible to Tho Villa Loman i and adding to Vincenzo that i should not return to the hotel All Day i was soon rattling along the up Hill Road. On my arrival at the Villa i found the open As Hough in expectation of Ray visit and As 1 approached the in trance door of the House Giacomo him self met me. How is the i asked him eagerly. He made no reply but Shook his head gravely and pointed to a kindly looking Man who was at that moment descending the Noiin whom i instantly re cognized As a celebrated English doctor resident in the neighbourhood. To him i repeated my beckoned me into a Side room and closed the door. The fact he said simply that is a Case of Gross neglect. The child has evidently been in a weakly condition for some time past and therefore is an easy prey to any disease that May be lurking about. She was naturally can see had 1 been called in when the symptoms first developed themselves 1 could have cured her. The nurse tells me she dared not enter the Mother s Root to disturb her after otherwise she would have called her to see the is unfortunate for now i can do i listened like one in a dream. Not of Venold Assunta dared enter her mis Tress s room after not though the child might to seriously ill and suffering. I knew Tho reason Well Well and so while Ferrari had taken his fill of rapturous embraces and lingering farewells my Little one had been allowed to struggle in paid and fever without her Mother s care or com fort. Not that such Consolation would have been much at its Best but i was fool enough to wish there had been this one faint spark of womanhood left in her upon whom i had wasted All the first and Only love of my life. The doctor watc4ied me As i remained silent and after a pause he spoke again. The child has earnestly asked to see he said and i persuaded the countess to Send for you though she was very reluctant to do so As she said you might catch the disease. Of course there is always a risk. I am no Coward i interrupted him though Many of us italians prove but miserable panic stricken wretches in time of More especially when compared with the intrepidity and Pluck of englishmen. Still there Are exceptions. The doctor smiled courteously find bowed. Then i have no More to say except that it would be Well for you to see my Little patient at once i am compelled to be absent for half an hour but at the expiration of that time i will re i said laying a detaining hand on his Arm. Is there any he eyed me gravely. 4tl fear nothing be nothing except to keep her As quiet and warm As possible. I have left some Medicine with the nurse which will help to alleviate the pain. I shall be Able to continued on sixth Pago

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