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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - July 29, 1891, San Antonio, TexasWednesday july 29, 1891. Sho s y co pm Ixion Kirns Fatah d Dis Beau Ful complexion guaranteed if d blood am pure Bofo d to d Dat am salvation of aunt All we Clarini for it is an unequalled remedy to purify Trio blood and invigorate the liver. All the year round you can depend on or. Pierce s Golden medical discovery in All cases of blood taints or Humours no matter what their name or nature. It s Tho cheapest blood purifier sold through druggists. No matter Bow Many does of other medicines Are offered for a Dollar. Why because it s Kold on a Peculiar plan and you Only pay for the Good you get. Can Jim ask More Gohlin medical discovery is concentrated vegetable extract put tip in Large bottles contains no Al Cohol to inebriated no syrup or sugar to Derango digestion is pleasant to the taste and equally Good for adult or children. The discovery cures All skin affections and Kindred ailments. Hail Road time table. G. N. Railroad. Uei a tukes. For St. Louis via Iron Mountain or . And a. M for by. Louis via Iron Moi main b 00 p. In Laredo 9 5s a. In Ahki Vals. From St. Louis Vin Iron Mountain and m., k. And t. A. M from St. Louis Vin Iron Mountain raid m., k. Aidt p. M from Laredo i Southern Pacific Railroad. Through express East. Leaves for now Orleans Houston and Gulve Loii a. M. And 9 y. Akrivos from the East. Arrives from new Orleans Houston and Galveston 7 a. In. Aud p. M through West. Leaves for san Francisco Elpaso ail Eagle pass p. M arrives from san Francisco Elpaso Aud Eagle pass a. M s. A a. P. Railroad. Departures. Leaves for Kerrville daily except Ilei Wes for Galveston Houston Aud Duero daily leaves for Corpus of Holsti Rockport Aud Leeville daily l p. M leaves for Korr Tlle sunday Only 3 a. M arrivals from Kerrville daily except sunday a. M from Corpus Christi Rockport and Beeville daily p. In from , Ilo Ahtou and Quern Dally p. A from kit Villa sunday Only p. 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Repairing neatly done lowest Bates in 225 Ajam the daily Luht 18 Only delivery in the swim the Stortz Vethel Jones. Related b herself. Bushel it he i Presa ajwocintjoa.1 can complain and indeed i thu ulc it either id on him. The fact remains How Ever Eliut Tiu first rupture is Over. 1 Irve no children but i shall Vliem and at ill events i Havu the Coursoh Tiou of that if i have not to much of husband s affection s i once i have All his respect and Confidence. Aud without that from her husband a woman is powerless except to work in the feelings of credulous males and that she Ouight to be ashamed to do. Tuk Good Dan croaked the Ohl her name was Priscilla. Prod Fjeran and she was a very Good Little girl indeed. So Good was lie in that she could not help being aware of it herself and that is a stingo to which very Many quite excellent persons never succeed in at i icing. She was Only just a child it is True but she had read a great Many Beautiful Story books Aud so she knew what ii powerful reforming influence a childish and innocent remark or a. Youth Ful example or n imply combination of in Rah Cau exert Over grown up people. And Early in was but 11 at the Date of this True in life she had seen clearly that her Mission was to Reform her family and relatives generally. This a heavy task for Ono so Young particularly in Priscilla s Case for besides a father Mother brother and sister in whom she could not but discern Many and serious she possessed an aunt who was addicted to insincerity two Feni Ijo cousins whose selfishness an j a amiability were painful to witness and a male Cousin who talked and was so worldly that he habitually went about in yellow boots nevertheless Priscilla did not flinch although for Somo Raisoni her Earnest and unremitting efforts had hitherto failed to produce any deep impression. At times she though this owing to the fact that she tried to Reform All her family together Anc that her Best plan would be to take each one separately and devote her whole energies to improving that person alone but then she never could make up her mind which member of the family to be join with. It is Small wonder that shorten Felt a Little disheartened but even that was a cheering symptom for in the books it is generally just when the Little heroine it comes most discouraged thai the seemingly impenitent relative exhibits the first sign of softening. So Priscilla persevered sometimes with merely u shocked glance of disapproval which she had practice before the looking Glass until she could do in perfectly sometimes with some tender tactful Little hint. Don t you think dear Sho would say softly on a sunday Yon think you could write your newspaper articles 01 some outlier Day is it a work of real or she would ask her Mother who was certainly fond of wearing pretty things How much bread for poor starving people would the Price o your new Brimet Mother 1 Shouh so like to work it out on Little then she would remind her brother Alick that it would be so much better if instead of wasting his time in play ing with Billy Little tin soldiers h would try to learn As much As he Couch before to was sent to school while she was never tired of quoting to her sister Betty the Hue lie Rood Sweet maid and let who Bec Tevere which Betty quite unjustly interpreted to mean that Priscilla thought but poorly of her sister s intellectual capacity. Once when As a great treat the Chil Dren were allowed to read Ivanhoe aloud Priscilla declined to participate until she had conscientiously read up the whole Norman period in her English his tory and on another occasion she cried bitterly on hearing that her Mother had arranged for them to learn dancing and even endured bread and water for in entire Day rather than consent to acquire an accomplishment which she feared from what she had read would prove a snare. On the second Rev and pud a if dinner yi31ded jut Slio mud Trio kept it. If Sho West to the dancing class who would firmly refuse to take the slightest pains to learn i single Stop. 1 Only mention these traits to show hint Priscilla really was an unusually child which makes it the More Sod ital strange Tyml her family should have profited so Litlo by her example. She was neither loved nor respected As she ought to have been 1 am grieved to say. Her papa when he was not angry made the crudest fun of her mild reproof her Mother to spend Mouay on dresses and bonnets and even allowed the maid to say that her mistress was at when she was merely unwilling of receive visitors. Alick Aud Betty too. Only grew More exasperated when Priscilla urged them to keep Shnir tempers mid altogether she could not help feeling How wasted and thrown away she was on such a Circle. But she never quite lost heart. Her a pit was a literary Man and wrote tales some of which were not As True As they affected to be while he invariably neglected to insert i moral in any of thu i. Frequently she dropped Little remarks i Foro him with apparent carelessness in the Hope that he might put Vliem in print but he never did. She never could rec Oguiza us character in any of mis stories Audo at last she gave up Reading them at All but one morning she came More Uear to jiving up in utter despair than Ever before. Only Trio previous Day she had been so hopeful her father really seemed to be to upper Cicitto his Little daughter Aud had presented her wild six Pence in thu new coinage to put in her Money Box. This had emboldened her to a degree that happening on the follow no morning to hear him ejaculate confound she had pressing one hand to her beating heart and laying the other hand upon his shoulder which is Ilu proper attitude on these reminded him unit such an expression was scarcely less reprehensible than actual bad language. Upon which her hard hearted pupa had told her almost sharply not to be a Little Priscilla forgave him of course and freely because he was her father and it was her duty to hear with him but she Felt the injustice deeply for All that. Then we Iii she went up into the Nursery Alick Aud Betry made a frantic apr Cir merely because she insisted on teaching them the moves in chess when perversely preferred Roversi so feeling baffled and sick at heart she Imd put on Hir hut Mill ran out ail alone to a quiet inn near her Home where she could souths her troubled mind by think ing Over the ingratitude and Hick of appreciation with which Lier efforts were so continually met. She had not Trone very far up the Laue when she saw seated on a Bench a Bent old woman in a Bonnet with a Crutch handled stick in her hands and this old woman Priscilla who was very Quick of observation instantly guessed to he 11 which us it fell out she was perfectly right. Good Day. My pretty croaked the old go Oil Day to you. A answered Priscilla politely for sub cur a that it was. Not. Only right but prudent to be civil to Fri ivies. Particularly when they take Thi form of old w Imi a. Unit. If you you Call to because 1 in not. At Shu added for the prided up u Ness. Not exactly in Ltd i should hate to be always thinking about looks like air House maid you 1 Uii ii have to Tell her that she did not make her own i Don t alarm you. I said the old Crone but possibly you re not aware that you re talking to a of yes 1 am but i not it bit afraid because you sle fairies can Only Hurt bad a i Aud you re a Good Little that s not difficult to they Don t Sec it at said Pris Cilla with a sad Little or they would listen More when i Tell them of things they might t to and what tilings do they do that they ought n t. To you Don t mind telling in i of i Don t mind in Tho Prio cilia hastened to assure her and then she told the old woman All her family s faults and the trial it was to with them and go on trying to induce them to mend their ways. And papa is getting worse than she concluded Dole fully. Only fancy this very morning he called a Little said the fairy sympathetic ally Deary Deary so he called you that Ilid Liu a Little and you too a the world s coming to a pretty pass i suppose now your papa and the rest of them have got it into their Heads that you Are too Young Aud too inexperienced to Tot up As their and that i afraid admitted Priscilla. But we must t Blumie Sho added gently we must remember that they Don t know we you Sweet said the old lady with enthusiasm "1 must see if i can t do something to help you though i am hot the fairy i used to still there Are tricks i can manage still if i put to it. What you want a something that will prove to them that they ought to pay. More attention to you he some to Jug there can possible mistake cried Priscilla eagerly and How would it to if you changed hem into something else just to show hem and then i could ask Lor them to x transformed Hack again you what an ingenious Little thing you exclaimed the fairy. But let us see if you came Homo and found. Your cruel papa doing duty As the family hat stand or strutting about As u Cochin China fowl of yes and i d feed him every Day ill to wits interrupted the warm Little girl impulsively. Ahl but you Are so Hasty Deir. Who would write All the Clever articles ind tales to earn bread meat for you nil fowls can t use a no we must find a prettier trick than that. There was Ono i seem to remember Long Long ago performing for a Good Little ill used girl just like you Dearie just like you now. What it some gift 1 gave her whenever she opened her lips Why 1 How funny that you should have i or Gottul she opened her lips ruses and diamonds Aud rubies fell out. That would be Tho very thing then they d have to attend to to of do to a kind old fairy mid give a gift like do now. Ilou t be so impetuous you forgot that this is not the time of year for roses and As for jewels Well 1 Dor t to link 1 can be very far wrong in sup Kami ill that you open your lips pretty frequently in the Courso of the Alick does Call a mag " said Priscilla but that s wrong because 1 never speak without having something to say. 1 Don t think people ought to it May do so much harm Mayn t undoubtedly. But anyhow if we made it every time you opened your lips you would soon ruin in precious Stout s that s Plain to 1 think to mid better say that the jewels shall Only drop when you Are saying something you wish to be particularly improving How will that do " very Nice indeed a am thank said Priscilla because you see it Cums to just Tho same a Well try to be As economical of your Good things As you can. Remember that in these hard times a poor old fairy s riches Are not As inexhaustible As they used to Aud jewels really will drop whenever they tire wanted to Point a moral Aud adore a said the old , for a fairy was particularly Well read. There Ruu along Home do and scatter your before your rela chapter they arc Tinl Etc Cetz it need scarcely be said that Priscilla was Only too willing to obey she ran All the Wiy Homo with a Light heart eager to exhibit her wonderful gift. How surprised they will she was think ing. If it had been Betty instead of 1 suppose she would have come Back talking toads. It would have been a Good lesson for her but still toads Are Nasty things and it would have been rather unpleasant for the rest of us. 1 think i won t Tell Betty where i met the she came in and took her place demurely at Tho family luncheon which was the children s dinner they were All seated already including her father who had got the Neagli Mostof his writing in the course of the. Morning. Now haste and eat 3 our Din Ner said her Mother or it will be quite i always let it get a Little cold replied the Good Little girl so that i Mayn t come to think too much about eating you As she Nueil a this remark she Felt a jewel protruding itself in some mysterious Way from the tip of her Tongue and saw it fall with a Clatter into her plate. Ill pretend not thought. Exclaimed Alick pausing in the act of mastication. "1 , if you Auk Mother i sure she will Tell you that it is most ill mannered to speak with your Mouth said Pris Cilla her speech greatly impeded by an immense Emerald. "1 like exclaimed her rude brother. Who s speaking with their Mouth full their is not grammar was Priscilla s Only reply to this taunt is Sho delicately ejected a Pearl you should say her Mouth for Pris Cilla s grammar was As Good As her principles. But really Priscilla said her Mother who Felt some embarrassment at so novel an experience As being obliged to find fault with her Little Daugh Ter you should not eat sweets just be fore dinner could t you get rid of them in some other sweets cried annoyed it they Aro not sweets Aud she offered to submit one for inspection. If i May venture to express an opium observed her father i would rather that a child of mine should suck sweats than coloured beads and in either Case 1 object to having them prominently forced notice at meal times. But i dare say i wrong. 1 generally papa is quite right said her Mother it is such u dangerous habit. Suppose you were to Swallow Ono you know. Put them in the fire like a Good girl and go on with your Priscilla Rose without a word her Cheeks Crimson ing and dropped the Ruby and Emerald with great Curacy into the very Center of Tho fire. Tins done Shu returned to her seat Aud went on with her dinner in silence though her feelings prevented her from eating very much. If they choose to think jewels Are Only beads or Jujube or acid lated she said to herself bitterly i won t waste Auy More on them that s All i won t open lips again except to say quite Ordinary if Priscilla had not been such a very Good Little girl you might almost have thought she was in a temper but she was feelings were wounded that was All. Which is quite a different thing. That afternoon her aunt Margarine mrs. Hoyle came to Call. She was Tho aunt whom to have already mentioned As being Given to insincerity so j was not Well off Aud had a tendency to flatter people but Priscilla was fond of her notwithstanding and Sho Hud Uever her in Auy insincerity toward herself. She was sent into the drawing room to entertain her aunt until her Mother was ready to come Down and her aunt As usual overwhelmed her with Uleu Trouato admiration. How pretty and Well you Are looking she began and of what a Beautiful frock you have Oul the Little silk Worms wore it before i did said Priscilla modestly. How Sweet of Yon to say sol but they never looked half so Well in it i la to Why child you be dropped a Stone out of a brooch or some Tho carpet therel Ohl said Priscillin carelessly it was out of Mouth not out of a brooch. 1 never Wear jewelry. I think jewelry makes people grow conceited Don t you aunt i Decd Dearest indeed you Are so said her aunt who wore h Cameo brooch As Largo us a tart Noii her surely that can t to a Diamond in your of yes it is. I met a fairy this morning in the Laue Aud and hero Priscilla proceeded to narrate her wonderful i thought it might perhaps make papa and Mamma value to a Little More than they she said wistfully As she finished her Story but they Don t take the least notice. They .Le put the jewels on the fire Thoy did what oried her aunt. How can people shut their eyes to such a treasure May i just have Ono look what you really Don t want them i May keep them for very own you precious love a i know a Humble Home where you would be appreciated at your proper Worth. What would i not give for poor a Oughty Belle Aud Cathie to have the advantage of seeing Moro of such a i Don t know whether i could do them much said Priscilli but i would try i am sure you said aunt Margarine and now Dearest Sweet i am going to ask your dear Mamma to spare you to us for just a Little to must both bog very ill go and Tell Urso to puck things now Aud then i can go away with said the Little girl. When her Mother heard of the invitation she consented quite willingly. To Tell you Tho truth. She said i shall be very glad for the child to have a change. She seems a Little unhappy at Homo with us and she behaved most unlike her usual self at lunch it can t to natural for a child of her ago to i in jew israils. Did your Cathie Rind Ever do such a said aunt Margarine cough ing. Ii is a habit that certainly ought to be checked and 1 Promise you dear Lucy that it you will Only tru it Priscilla to to i will take away any thing of that kind the very moment i find it Rind do think poor As we Are to shall manage to her feel at Home. To air All so fond of your Sweet so the finl of it was that Priscilla West to stay with her aunt that very after noon Aud her family bore the parting with the greatest composure. I can t give you Nice food or a pretty bedroom to shop in Mich As Yon have at said her kind aunt. We Are very Plain people pet but at least we can Promise you a warm of protested Priscilla Yon must t think i mind a Little hardship. Why if Beds weren t hard and food not quite nicely cooked now and tue we should soon grow too luxurious to do our duty and that would to so very bad for of what cried her re Jin co not nod on sixth Pago

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