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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - July 29, 1891, San Antonio, TexasFee wednesday july 29. 1691. Irom Trio of the cub. "1 Tih Mii ii s better to pick them up Drar. Ilou t Yon think they might yet in Way you know. What ii Blessing Yon. Will in in our Sim ple Homo i want Yon to do All you can to instruct your cousins. Be afraid of tolling t hum of my faults you May happen to f Ithie and Belle i j fear they arc very fur from being All they should and aunt Margarine heaved to sigh. Never mind auntie. They will be bet Ter in time 1 am sure. Was t always Isom to have Lizard of Iun in sonu1 such said Dick. I nay Pris Siu what n ripping big a Dick Dick you arc like the others i m afraid you think Moro of Tho jewels than of any words i May say mid yet jewels Are common they seem to be with you. Pearls too and such Tine ones Here Priscilla. Take them they re your Priscilla thoroughly enjoyed Tho first few Days of her . Evcei her Junt Only too Pra Toful fur instruction. And begged thai in Scilla Tell Hur quite candidly of any shortcomings she might notice. And in Scilla very kindly and always did Tell her. Belle and Catherine were less docile and she saw that it would take her some time to win their esteem and affection but this was just what it was the usual experience of the hero Ines in the in bolts and much More inter Esting too. Than conquering her cousins hearts at mice. Still both Catherine and Belle persistently hardened to Weir hearts against their get to Htiu Cousin in the most in kind Way they would scarcely speak to her Grid chose to make a grievance out of the fact that one or other of them was obliged by to Weir Mother s strict orders to be constantly in attendance her in order to pick up and bring mrs. Loyle All the jewels thut Priscilla scattered in prof Siou wherever she went. If Yon would Only Cavry a plate about with Yon complained Belle one Day you could catch the jewels in Bat i Don t want to catch the jewels dear said Priscilla with a playful but very Sweet smile. If Otlien people prize such things that is not my fault is it jewels do not make people any Hap pier "1 should think exclaimed Belle. I m sure my Back perfectly aches with stooping and so does Cathie s. There that big Topaz has just gone and rolled under the sideboard and Mother will be so angry if 1 Don t get it out. It is ton bad of you. Princ Ihu. I believe you do it on Ati will know mis better some Day was the gentle response. Well at All events i think you might be naughty just now and then Pris Sie and give Cathie and Nie x half i would do anything else to please you dear but not that. You. Must not Askine to do what is alas not even this angelic behaviour not even the Loving admonitions the tender rebukes the shocked reproaches that full accompanied by perfect Cas Cades of jewels from the lips of our pattern Little Priscilla succeeded in re moving then Terly prejudices of Hor cousins though it was some Consolation to feel that she was gradually acquiring a most beneficial influence Over her aunt who called Priscilla her Little for you fee Priscil la s conscience had so Little to do on her own account that it was always at the service of other people and indeed quite enjoyed being useful As was Only Natur Al to a conscientious conscience which Felt that it could never have been created to be Idle. Chapter m. Very soon another responsibility was added to Little Priscilla s burdens. Her Cousin worldly one the yellow boots came Home after his Ai Tuil Holiday which As he was the Junior clerk in a Large Bank he was obliged to take rather late in the year she Lead looked Forward to his return with Douie excitement. Dick she knew was frivolous and reckless in his habits he went to the theatre occasionally and frequently spent m evening playing billiards and smoking cigars it a Friend s House. There would be real credit in reforming poor Cousin Dick. He was not Long of course in hearing of Priscilla s marvelous and upon the first occasion they were alone together treated her with a respect and admiration which he had very certainly never shown her before. You re wonderful lie. Said i d no idea you had it in nor had i Dick but it shows that even a Itolle girl can do i should rather think so and the Way you look As Grav Easa judge All the time. Prissie i wish you d Tell me How you manage it. 1 would t Tell a but i Don t know Dick. I Only talk and the jewels is you artful Little girl you can keep a secret 1 see but so can i. And you might Tell me How Yon do the trick. What put Yon up to the Dodge i m to be trusted i assure Dick Yon can to you must t think there a any trickery about it How can you believe i could via such a wicked Little girl As to play tricks ii was an old fairy that gave me the gift. I m sure i Don t know she thought that i was a Good child and deserved to be by cried Dick. Never knew Yoa Wero such i m not fun Dick. I think Jinn is Genen Ify to very vulgar and Ohl i wish Jot would t say by surely you know hint the St tics were in Iii Dru Prisicilla put her hands behind her. No indeed Dick they Are of no use to me. Keep them please they May help to remind Yoti of what i have it s awfully kind of said Dick looking really touched. You put it in that i will have them made into n Horseshoe you must t let it make you too fond of dress said Priscilla but i m afraid you be that already. a Diamond i he cried. Go on Priscilla. I m listening. Pitch into me. It will do me a lot of but Priscilla thought it Wiser to say no More just then. That night after Priscilla and Cathie Andjik Lle had gone to bed Dick and his Mother sat up talking until a late hour. Is dear Little Cousin Priscilla to a permanency in this be Gan her Cousin stifling a Yawn for there Intai a of precious during the evening. Well 1 keep her with us As Long As i said mrs. Hoyle she s a Darling Aud they Don t seem to want Lier at Home i m sure limited As my Means Are i m most Happy to have such a Shi to pay her her Way Iii a triple trying at times in t it1. Lectured me for half an hour on cud without a single Are you in of you picked them All up dear Vine a got in few of Tho Best in my Waist coat pocket now. I m afraid i scrunched a Pearl or two were All Over the place you know. I suppose you be been collecting too i be picked up one or said his. Mother. I should think i must have enough now to till a Sandbox. And that brings me to what i wanted to you about Richard. How Are we to dispose of them she has Given them All to me Yon Haven t done anything with them yet. Tjien could i i have been obliged to stay at Home. I be so afraid of letting that precious child go out of my sight for a single hour for fear some unscrupulous persons might get hold of her. I thought that perhaps when you Camo Home would dispose of the. Pearls for but protested Dick i can t go about asking who la buy Box Juu of of very Well then. 1 suppose we must go on living this Hugger mugger life when we have the Means of being As Rich As because you Are too Lazy and selfish to take a Little "1 know something Abon these Dick "1 know a fellow who s a Dia mond merchant and it s not so easy to sell a lot of valuable stones As you seem to imagine Mother. And then Priscilla overdoes it you know. Why if she goes on like this Shell make diamonds As cheap As i should have thought that was a Rea son for Selling them As soon a possible but i m Only a woman and of course my opinion is Worth nothing still you might take some of the biggest to your Friend and accept whatever hell give you for them there Are plenty we need t Haggle Over the he d want to know All about Ami what should 1 say can t Tell him a Cousin of mine produces them when Over she could say they have been in Tho family for sume time and you Are obliged to part with them. I Don t ask you to Tell a falsehood Well to Tell Yon the honest said Dick i d rather have nothing to do with it. I m not proud but i should t of what a Coush. Will Nieou tee warning. The signal perhaps of the sure approach of that More terrible disease consumption. Aak yourselves u you can afford for the Sake of saving soc., to run Tho risk and do both wifi for it. We know fro i experience that Shiloh s cure will cure your Coush. It Novor Falls. This explains Why More thai n million bottles Wero sold the past year. It relieves croup and whoop lug Cou Irli it once. Mothers do cot be without it. For lame Buck Side or Chest use Shiloh s porous plaster. Sold by Adol dress. 3-28-Eod Bucklen s Arnica Salve. The Best Salon in the world for cuts bruises Soros ulcers Salt Rheum tet Ter chapped hands chilblains corns All skin eruptions Aud positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Money refunded. Price2f cents per Box kor Sale by All druggists. Dreiss Thomp son

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