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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - July 27, 1886, San Antonio, Texas Sam Antonio Light publishing company. T. B Johnson Secretary amp treasurer Ano uknkra1. Mana Obr. A Vertie Imo Katich i a a 1 i i a t j i Ai is = Spack 5 % 5 5 i o a s f i a i a Inch. Tab $ 500$ 800 $18 tw$30 oo$54 of subscription per year. $5 of special rates Given on larger space and Long Lime advertisements. Legal advertisements too per Inch first insertion 75 cents per Inch each subsequent insertion trustees sales la of por Inch first insertion 25 cents each insertion afterwards. Reading matter editorial Page cents per line each insertion. Local columns 30 cents la nit insertion Loren is first week 5 cents after first week. Special rates on 50 and too lines running for month. Home advertisements payable on first of a Ach month in Advance Only Metal cuts printed. Subs Cuben not receiving their paper will please make complaint to the office. Subscribers Are warned not to pay their subscription except upon presentation of a properly receipted Bill from this office. All communications for publication or pertaining to the editorial or local news departments should to addressed a to Tho editor of the All contracts or Bills must he approved by the Secretary and manager. To correspondents. All communications for this paper should be accompanied by the name of the aut Hor not necessarily for publication but As evidence of Good Faith on the part of the writer. Write Only on one Side of the paper in a Plain hand. Anonymous communications will not be noticed. The Lio it will not be responsible for the statements of its correspondents. at Porto in it at san Antonio Texas As second class matted. Agents for the Light. S. C. York n. W. Avick a son. Philadelphia. Nelson Chessman. St. Loins go. P. Rowell Yoke in try i t a tit it a nov to found on Alo at Gnu. A is r ii Rill in p. Rowell amp to newspaper tuesday july 27,1886. Have the Light mailed. Subscribers leaving the City for the summer or anytime eau have the Light sent by mall to any Point for 60 cents a month. The address will be changed As often As desired. The City a Honor. This week ends the Days of Grace Given the citizens of san Antonio to redeem the pledges make for them by the Public spirited thirteen. Of the $40,000 then remaining unsubscribed of the $180,000 required less than one fourth has been pledged. There remains therefore not less than from $30,000 to $35,000 which must be secured this week or the pledges made for the City Are to be redeemed and its Honor maintained. That this is a question in no Way involving the interests of the proposed Extension is True. The pledges made for the City to the railway company were without conditions the thirteen who signed that guaranty for the pity became surety for the requisite $40,000 and Are so held by the company. There Are such things As a sense of Public Honor and Justice which in some minds weigh More powerfully than any Mere monetary considerations. It was upon this sense of Public right and Mutual obligation that the committee relied in making themselves the voluntary sponsors of the citizens who had As yet extended no Aid to the proposed railway Extension an Extension in which All were or should be mutually interested As it was a Public Enterprise from which All would reap Benefit. The returns made of new subscriptions since the pledges were Given by the committee relying upon the evenhanded dealing of their fellow citizens amount to less than one fourth of the required $40,000. The committee having waited in vain for those who Are still delinquent in meeting their share of the expense necessary to secure this new feeder to our Commerce have determined to devote a Little More labor and valuable time to this work that it May not be said hereafter that san Antonio did not act honorable by these sponsors for her Public spirit. The committee acting upon the suggestion of or. A. Beckman have concluded to Start a subscription for Small amounts. A corps of Twenty five energetic Young men will take the Field to Day distracting the City Between them and making a thorough canvass. Secretary l. M. Gregory of the committee is also on the War path with a colleague and will stir up the pure minds of the dilatory and forgetful by Way of remembrance. Col. Belknap has already raised More than his one thirteenth of the deficiency and thug the work progresses. Saturday night closes the month. What is to be done by oar citizens must be done Between Low and then. With the first of August comes a new Deal. The committee will then have to Bear the Burden of undead weights As Well As meet their own Liberal subscriptions to say nothing of the weeks of valuable time and unpleasant labor they have spent in endeavouring to persuade others fully As Able and More certain to be benefited than themselves to do their share in this work. San Antonio gets her Northwest Extension gets it by the hardest gets it by the self Sac rifling labors of a few men to whom this Road will be of no More Benefit than to hundreds of our Oil Zens who have not spent an hour of their time nor Given one Dollar of their Money to Aid an Enterprise which is universally accepted As promising More results to san Antonio than any other that could at this time be devised. It is most devoutly to he desired that the four Days remaining Between now and saturday night will witness a More Hearty response to the of Palms the a Liberal thirteen have upon the assistance of their fellow citizens than has As yet been shown. San Antonio owes it to her heir not to be mire a Public Benefit like this at the expense of a few of her citizens. I subscribe for the win Jay Light. The cutting affair promises to become an International Bone of Contention. Latest advices report the contemplated removal of cutting to a mexican Dungeon away from the Border where there will be less Elk Libold of attempted Rescue by american partisans. The indifference of this government to the rights of its citizens abroad once proverbial has at length become notorious and no More despicable Paltro onery has been shown by any administration than that displayed in this cutting outrage. The demand having been made for the release of or. Cutting on the ground that he was an american citizen and As such under the Protection of his government that demand should have been enforced. That it has not been and that there Are no evidences that it will be is not creditable to the National administration. Mexico Bas simply defied the United states to help herself. Not a very pleasant condition of things to reflect upon. The return of pauper emigrants to the land from we Renee they came by the new York authorities is As it should be. These people had no visible Means of support were dead broke and were sent Here to get rid of them. The ship owners who brought them Over should be mulched id a heavy Fine. America has no hankering after foreign paupers. She has enough of her own to look after provide for and Bury. _ the excessive drouth in the Northwest counties of the state is causing great consternation among the settlers on the school lands not Only on account of the failure of grass and crops but for fear of forfeiting their rights by reason of failure to pay their interests and instalments to the land Board. The Power to Grant Relief is not within the Power of the land Board under the Constitution. Gov. Ireland in referring the matter to the Board suggests that until the legislature meets and some Legal Relief can be afforded the Board withhold these lands from Market. As the failure of these battlers to meet their payments arises from no fault of theirs but by the operation of causes entirely outside of their control it does seem As though the Board should exercise every right of which Are seized to favor these destitute settlers and give them an Opportunity to retain Possession of the land which they have settled upon in Good Faith. It is an extreme Case and should be exceptionally treated. Sinon the eviction of Republica officeholders has become the Rule utterly regardless of any pretext of compliance with civil service regulations Grover is looming into distinctiveness As the president of his party. The action of the democratic members in sustaining his vetoes also shows that As a democratic whole the party is drawing in its lines squeezing the mugwumps out of the ring and preparing to do the political business of the country As a close corporation. For this the republicans of the nation devoutly thank them. The san Antonio expires is a democratic journal albeit one that owns its own soul. The strictures made by it editorially upon the democratic convention of this county would come with a poor Grace from a Republican journal and might be attributed to partisan afoul ing. The Light is not much Given to that style of editorial which begins a the of such a Date says and then produces a half column of reprint for editorial matter. But this editorial of the express coming from within the party criticised is so much to the Point and so removed from the charge of being partisan that would attach to any Republican utterances that we reproduce it. The express says without any reference to who lost or who won the convention at Turner Hall on saturday was a disgrace to the democracy of Bexar county and it can be set Down As a fact that it would not require Many repetitions to cause Hie better element of the party to repudiate All convention proceedings. They will not sit in a convention where the mass of the delegates act like howling dervishes and seek to gain Points by crying each other Down they will not submit to a Fow men bringing swarm of supporters who will sit like so Many automatons voting by Finger signs men who Are in capable of understanding a motion before the House. There were men in saturdays convention who sat stolidly amidst the Din and confusion unable to understand a word of the proceedings even if they bad been quiet and orderly for they did not know enough of the English language to vote yes or no but followed the Beck of those who herded them on the floor. This was done openly and Unble Shingle. The express is Well satisfied that the majority of the delegates to the state convention favor major Brackenridge for governor it believes a fair Square test would show a Large majority of the democratic voters of Bexar county to be in his favor on personal grounds of for no other reason the disgraceful onslaughts upon the character of colonel Swain being responsible for the uprising in the latter favor but no matter who May win or lose or what the result thib paper will not withhold condemnation from what is unfair or unseemly in any political convention. It believes the majority should Rule and will discount Nance any act or trick or manoeuvre intended to defeat that majority a will. Cholera. Diarrhoea Colic cramps pains in Tho stomach lameness sprains Lumbago swellings pains in the head or body neuralgia rheumatism and Toothache All paid internal or external cured quicker with wonderful Kight i imn any other remedy. We guarantee that wonderful eight will euro you and relieve you of pain. Sold by f. Kalteyer amp son Farmers and mechanics. Save Money and doctor Bills. Relieve your mothers wives and Sisters by a timely Purchase of or. Bosanko a cough and lung syrup. Hest known remedy for coughs colds croup Aud bronchial affections. Relieves children if croup in one night May save you hundreds dollars. Price 50 cents and $1. Samples free. For Sale by h. L. Fowler r. Coho amp co., d. Devine j. Clavin. 4 conventions May come and conventions May go in Texas but the wheels of Southern Prosperity seem to have been started to go on forever. One by one the lucrative industries of the North Are descending into the Plains of the South and the Day is rapidly coming when the states below the now abolished Mason and Dixon a line will no longer travel North of that Boundary for bread butter and Garden truck. The butter making possibilities of the South Are arousing interest if not concern in the minds of Northern dairymen. The great increase since 1884 in the number of Southern creameries has attracted the notice of the Northern butter and egg conventions and those very oily bodies seem to feel the Foro of a Conci Tion that the Southern states As a great Market for Northern Dairy products is being rapidly lost. There is no doubt that the South has taken a new interest in this matter and in her experimenting thus far has amply demonstrated the profitable Ness of Well regulated creameries. Every year sees a Large addition made to the number of Southern creameries and the census of 1890 will show a very different condition of tills Industry from that of 1880, in which it appeared that new York state alone produced More butter than All the Southern states combined. The term new South most aptly applies to these states in which the new Industrial conditions Are most marked. Go the july number of the Texas school journal reaches us from the Dallas office of publication. The table of contents is quite attractive and its articles on Public school examinations and summer Normal principals Are unusually interesting. The report of the Austin meeting is quite Complete the editorial department contains some valuable suggestions and its news department is quite varied. We Are pleased to see the i journal receive a growing Reno Gnu Tion at the hands of the teachers of the state and becoming accepted As a valuable acquisition to the Public school work of Texas. The end is not yet so far at least As the Bexar county convention is Oon corned. There Are signs of an eruption. To Azous was held last night in a very private Way to determine upon something definite. The ousted majority of that convention do not intend to abide by the result that much May be regarded As certain. The proceedings of last night were secret. Reporters were excluded no republicans were allowed within gun shot of the wicket Gate. There rfcs no Giveaway for the Benefit of the minority that counted out the majority. The True inwardness of the caucus was not made Manifest hut there is no doubt but that they did something and that the county executive committee will he very soon called upon to decide the weighty question of How Large a democratic majority the erroneous footings of two unskilled clerks can figure under and show a dear Ballance on the other Side. Men with longer Heads and much More experienced As accountants than the clerks on that occasion might will be excused for erroneous footings in a convention beside the uproar of Wiloh the Din of Babel was As l Ite quietness of an everlasting silence. We shall probably Bear from tile county committee on this matter within forty eight hours unless All caucus signs fail. Cure for piles. Piles arc frequently preceded by a sense of weight in the Back loins and lower part of the Abdomen causing the patient to suppose lie Las some affection of toe kidneys or neighbouring organs. At times symptoms of indigestion Are present Flat Loncy uneasiness of Tho stomach Etc. A moisture like pers Nira in producing a very disagreeable itching after getting warm is a common attendant. Blind bleeding and itching piles yield at a a Nee to the application of or bos Kuno s pile remedy Wiloh acts directly upon the Paris affected absorbing the tutors allaying the intense itching and effecting a permanent Uro. Price 50 cents. Address the or. Bos Kano me Licine company Piqua Ohio. Bold by Harry l. Fowler r. Cohn so co. D. Devine. Clavin. There is nothing that adds to much to personal Beauty As a set of Pearly White Teeth Ami pure Sweet breath. By using Mori Kab Orl onto the Teeth and Gums Are kept in perfect order and a fragrant breath assured. Tidy so cents a Box. Liquid and powder. For Sale by f. Kalteyer a Bon. Bucklen s Arnica Salve. The Best Salve in the world for cuts bruises bores ulcers Salt Rheum fever sores Tetter chapped hands chilblains corns and All skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guarantied to give perfect satisfaction or Money refunded. I Tice 25 cents per Box. For Sale by a. Driess. By flux. Wood cur Bastrop comity Texas i april is 1885. F messes. Morley Bros gents i tried to Rloyd a Blackberry Balsam on two of my children that had the flux very bad. And it acted like a Charm curing them both sound Aud Well. I thank you for having such a valuable Medicine on the Market. To All who Are suffering from the above complaint i can cheerfully recommend Morley a Blackberry Balsam. Morris Mitchell. For Bale by f. Kalteyer amp Bon. Special notices. Notice. Office san Antonio St. april 21,1886. F during the summer last car on the san Pedro line will leave the Springs at 10 30 p. In except saturday and sunday. On which Days they will run regular till la p. In. Extra cars can be had at All hours by parties wishing to remain later. A. Belknap president. Pleasure resorts. Miscellaneous. The Famou theatre the Southern Palace of amusement. Military Plaza. The Only place of amusement in the pity. Open every night All the year round. Max Samuels manager. San Pedro Springs. The healthful and nutritious baking powder. Restores to tile flour Tho strength giving phosphates that Are removed with the bran and which arc required by the system. No other baking powder does this. It costs loss and is healthier and stronger than any other powder. Home testimony from George h. Kalteyer chemist Only resort of pleasure in the City of san Antonio. San Antonio Texas concert Dally from 3 80 to 10 30 p. In. A variety of amusements for Young and old. Refreshments of All kinds. Plenty of Shade. A first class restaurant 1b attached to the establishment. 4-15-8m f. Kerble proprietor. Simon fests Garden South Flores Street near Arkansas pass railway depot. Amusements of All kinds during the week and on sundays. I Ager Beer and of apr refreshments. Dance every sunday. The Public and strangers invited. 4-9-0m Lino Villarreal physician and obstetrician from the University of Tho capital of Mexico has located in this City and is ready to attend to any Call. Of Floe Matoryn Skly a drug store and Soledad Street 325. 7-2-1m Veramendi Garden and bar the coolest place in the City. A Tine Assort mein of Tho Best brands of imported Aud do Mestizo wines liquors and cigars. Hot free lunch from to to 12 m san Antonio Tox. July 1, 1885. I purchased in this City a package of prof. Horsford a self raising bread preparation Aud submitted it to a chemical examination and find that the same is composed of pure and non poisonous chemicals. The idea of prof. Hor of Ord was indeed a grand one in supplanting the indigestible tar karate of soda which is always the end result of All baking powders composed of Cream of tartar and soda by the soluble phosphate of Lime and soda the very nutritive value of bread and the Boue producing elements of nature. It is certainly the Best and most healthy bread raising preparation Ever offered to the Public and every Mother that has the health of her children at heart should use no other. I can Only join in the endorsement Given by the late celebrated chemist prof. Baron v. Liebig to this preparation in saying a i consider this invent Ion As one of the most useful gifts which science has made to for Sale by All grocers. Try it. Infirmary remedies amp a. 111 he nose and Throat. Nio Dankin a of. 210 210 Alamo Garden j. D. Fry manager. Bar room restaurant and ice Cream. Preparing of Large Public and private dinners and suppers for parties Halls Etc., a specially. East Side Alamo Plaza san Antonio Texas. Vance hotel Cor. Houston and St. Mary a St., ban Antonio Texas. Frank on the european plan. Sealed proposal. Office of City mayor i ban ., july Zug 188tl. F sealed proposals will be received at this office until to of clock a. In., saturday july i 1880, for the Purchase of $50,000 improvement Bonds of the City of sail Antonio. The Bonds Are of the denomination of ave Hundred 1500 dollars each payable to the Borer thereof in lawful Money of the unit cd states thirty years from the first Day of August a. D. 1888, redeemable at the pleasure of the pity ten years after that Dute Aud Are Waring interest at the rate of 6 per cent. Per annul payable Semi annually on the first Day of August and february of each year and have coupons attached for each instalment of interest that May become due thereon. The Bonds Are issued in accordance with an ordinance passed Aud approved by the City Council june 7, 1886. The City reserves the right to reject any and All bids. Address proposals to his Honor the mayor of the City of ban Antonio a proposals for Purchase of f. Schreiner attest k. P. A Laudon mayor pro tem. 7-s110tl City clerk. Tired out it t Olin nil fits Sowry Quot be new Toh to in Xot no i tit i Hon Aln into pc limit ovary titty i i us a tipi iou for la Jyo who need banging up br�5 rooms with Board $1.50 to $2.00 per Day according to locality also rooms without Hoard. Lines of Street cars pass the doors Between both depots every eight minutes. A a for in tonne Elton with the hotel will keep his regular fish and Oyster business. 6-0-tf hotel vat verde. Del Rio Val verde co., Texas. All Ute year health resort of the Southwest. New management courteous attention Aud special care to invalids. Rates and accommodations to please commercial travellers and stockmen. Mrs. E. V. Close proprietress. Patents for inventions. Designs and Trade Marks claims collected Homestead oases prosecuted land warrants Back pay Bounty and pensions for soldiers mail contracts business attended to. John 8. Duffie attorney at Law Washington i. C. References attorney general la. Garland Washington d. J., and to h. Pro Nging. We. Mayhse&uo., Bankers Washington. All those afflicted with any disease of the eyes ears nose or Throat can find the greatest and quickest Relief and cure at to Jato san Antonio Eye and ear infirmary Cor. Of Houston and St. Mary a sts., which is the most thoroughly fitted up of any institution of the kind in the state. In Texas since 1840,1 in ban Antonio Sloe 1848 j. A. H. Hoback. I f. Mcc. Newton Hosack amp Newton auction $ commission merchants heal estate agents and general collectors. Have Amplo store room and will store consignments or sell them at private Sale or at auction at no. 7 West Houston Street Comal Block. John Kinahan fish and oysters the Bay fishery Spring and summer a eth grand opening at l. Wolf songs in the dress goods Depa rom Quot a i in Plain stripes Hurrah Triton tones Pongee Irish Poppins and satins in All grades both Phi u Aud Burrah. Woolen goods nuns veiling Batiste Tannise buntings Oto. Staple and Domestic goods. Grenadines and lawns in striped and Plain Check ered and Plain. In the millinery department All the latest styles and patterns for Spring and summer Wear can to seen and will be trimmed to suit the most fastidious taste. Clothing and furnishing goods is i he finest and largest of anything Ever seen in West Texas embracing All the latest patterns and styles. In gloves laces and fancy goods he exhibits the largest Stock Ever brought to Western Texas. Nain Sook and mull in both White and coloured. Lathe largest in san Antonio selected from the Best factories. Furniture and carpets Tho furniture department is Complete with household goods and he will suit everybody in this line. Among other goods we find Plush parlor suits mohair parlor suits Walnut and Ash bedroom suits wardrobes chairs body Brussels and ingrain carpets rugs matting curtains window shades Etc. Country orders filled promptly and satisfaction guaranteed. Bena for samples., i do not give goods away but will sell at such Low figures purchasers will not go any further when they once Price my goods. A Call is cordially solicited. L. Wolfson main Plaza and Acequia Street san . Eugene 8taffel. Alexander Kuhl. St Affel amp Kuhl. General commission merchants Cotton Wool and hides. Agents for Weir Bulky plow Stool Riding and walking cultivators corp and Cotton planters Deering mowers reapers binders and harvesting machines. Littles chemical fluid and powder dips. No. 19 Navarro St., san . H. Marquart in opposite court Rouse. Gents calf boots from $4 upward boys boots of All descriptions boys shoes half and Grain in Button and lace. The seamless Oxford Patent leather dancing pump Loest shoe in the mar Ket. Elegant. Opera slippers just the thing for a Nico present. Full line of heavy boots Host in the Market Price $5,00. Come and examine them a Complete Stock of gents Fine Button lace and Gaiter shoes. They should be seen to he appreciated. 3fin addition to my Stock of boots Aud shoes. I carry All kinds of shoe polish for ladies and children a shoes Aud the celebrated a it. blacking for gents shoes. Eve Ostler for any styles of boots and shoes will be promptly executed. A Nice fit and general satisfaction guaranteed. T in a it c 1 to Peh cent do i a in i in o Good notes Bonds Stock real estate Etc. Government bends sold in monthly payments. Good premiums for investors. Reliable correspondents wanted. Address g. W. Foster banker no. 42 Broadway now York depot on Galan Street South of and oppo Sito the Cathedral is a Well known fish stand where everything in that line is kept in refrigerators built for that purpose. Fish both Gulf River and Lake fish ate to be had with shrimp crabs turtles Etc., and at Bottom prices a Wagon is on hand to deliver fish twice per Day during the Forenoon and from 4 o Loek to 6 80 o clock in the evening. The polite Aud affable a Kina hand is in charge and will take pleasure in waiting upon Yow. Rackett a Sal Liwai Plain and ornamental plasterers Only p Moth my Cement and Stuono workers in the City. Plaster Stag Citra Nebo term Cotta Pex ims and keen a Cement. Manufacturers of Patent Stone mantels. Missouri Pacific Ray system International and great Northern r. R. Division. S o a a i id Teai hot s with All modern improvements through Between Galveston and St. Loa Sisan Antonio a via Texarkana. I via Denison. Without change of cars of any description and Only one change to Chicago Cincinnati Louisville Baltimore Washington Philadelphia new York Boston and other principal cities in the North and East. A Strain leaving san Antonio at 6 30 a. In. Has Pullman hotel car via Denison through to is. Louis. Psf Tralli leaving san Antonio at. Lith p. In. Has Pullman Palace sleeping car via Denison through to Kansas City Conno Otting at Denison with through Sleeper to St Louis passengers booked to and from Alt Points in Europe via the a Samk Bicana a 8. Line Between Philadelphia arid Liverpool and Tho a red Start is. 8, line he tween new York Philadelphia and Antwerp. For full information Calion j. S. Macnamara w. F. Simmons ticket agent. 285 Commerce Street Kampman building. Ticket agent i. So q. N. Depot. H. P. Hughes b. W. Mccullough p a., Houston Tex. G. P. Amp t. A., Dallas. Texas Seffel amp. Hep Wick i a work guaranteed. Offices�?336 e. Commerce and 215 St. Mary s St. Scenic artists ornamental Plain sign and House painters i Alamo Iron works. Alamo St., Opp. Scholz Hall. All work first class. Charges reasonable. Give us atrial. 4m Jinn rn.,� m t Ircne the Best ton in Fuu etude Lack of no equal mid in Tiu la in infusion. Invigorate i he a Digo Lioi Mer Etc., in a Jolt to Pue Uttmi Ludwi a a or ochre Tho blood Vii gum in appetite a i not Modem it injure til tenth wine heist i a product i Luistia Antion Mai a Lii inn in it g. La. , a looking physician of hitting ii id. Ohio toy Brown s Iron bitters is a thoroughly Good amt i us it in my pow Ticu snit find its action leg All other forms of Iran. In woo note Zorolow Eon t to in of the system. Brown s Iron bitten is usually a wit ire necessity. It to All that is claimed for it. Do. W h. Wate to. I la thirty second Street to. I , ii cd Soyat Brown s Iron killers is Tho tonic of the age. Nothing better. It create Chi Uto Gnu strength unit improves digestion Tenalee has above trod Mark Ami crossed red lines i i wrapper. Take no other. Modo Only by us s cd h if in Al. But ii a la i Al ult still. Alamo brewery Lone Star bottling works. Beer in kegs and bottles and the. New Berliner Weiss Beer orders have Best and prompt attention William Esser Jim Avenue la. Telephone no. 273. San Antonio Texas. Engines boilers gins and Mill machinery made and repaired 2-25-tf James Murphy architect off ice no. La Devi no building. Correspondence solicited. San Antonio Texas san Antonio amp Arkansas pass railway Mission route. Until further notice our trains will run As follows daily except sunday Lea Vuk san Antonio. 8 30 a. M. A it kick at Beeville. 515 p. M. Southbound trains a Kava Beeville. 5 15 p. M. A a a a a a Skidmore. 6 15 p. M. Arrive at Papalote. 7 15 pm northbound trains leave Papalote. 6j� a. M. A a a a i Skidmore. 7 30 . A a a a Beeville. 8 45 . Arrive at san Antonio. 6 00 i. A. Connect at san Antonio with Missouri Pacific and Southern Pae Flo railways at Floresville with stage Linos for Sutherland Springs Pleasanton and Lavonuia at Kenedy for Helena at Pettus for Mineral City Aud making close Hack connection at papal to for cornus Christi and All Points South. U. Lott b. F. Yoakum president and general manager. Traffic manager. Rice amp Dallas. Late with Rice born so co., new Orleans la hardware paints oils Glass Etc., stoves tinware House furnishing goods sold agents for Cotton Plant stoves and ranges _ it Tho Best on Earth a it a a a Bai it company a mixed pain Haj Best in Tho Market. Largo line of heating stoves at Low prices. Ifs 1 Quot 33 amp 35 West Commerce Street. Prop in and see us whew you Are in town. A a a Ltd a Martin amp Schryver of All a. Building material of All kinds shapes or sties a Large assortment of ornament goods always in Stock. We keen constantly on hand Large quantities of the never yet surpassed j. Halsch�?T8 Barb and Fence wire. We Are sure Essau competitors in dry a and goods. Come and . Office South of Sunset depot. San Antonio Texas
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