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I sacrificed myself on the altar of character. Never did i knowingly offend anybody never did i indulge myself in any of those Little sarcasm to inflict which on some of female acquaintance Tongue at times fairly ached. The mammas and Maiden aunts in Congress assembled must have noted that i was fresh milk and pure Canaan Honey a Model and a Delight. From miss May bum and or. Temple i obtained quite a character for cleverness Bot i never allowed myself to outshine other Folk unless i was talking to somebody who would detect politic restraint on part. Macy Temple though he always assumed that dreadful and wildly aggravating masculine tone of superiority and spoke As if he had concluded to exhibit the truth to his female friends but to suffer in silence if they offended against it was never jealous of other Peoples talents and took care that no one should estimate abilities at a lower value than he himself had decided to put on them. He often did the Honor to bring Little poems and literary sketches of which he made a great secret and he sometimes did the much greater Honor to beg for opinion. We became great friends he told what miss May Burn had said to him about the character of mind and pointed out to what lie considered the mistakes in her estimate he suggested several courses of Reading for and took a most kindly interest in intellectual welfare. But let nobody suppose that he was an aesthete. He discovered no signs of aestheticism in the composition of bouquets if he preferred sunflowers to Jacque Minots he took very Good care to hide his taste when he wished to compliment and though he was very Well in in the stained Glass poets and nearly made weep by Reading to a sir Peter Harp done Send a i done to think he cared As much for Perugino or Botticelli As he did for the cartoons in puck. Whenever we indulged in an occasional bit of flirtation i could not help thinking of or. Boulter with whom very few men compared favourably. I must do or. Temple the Justice to say that in his own Way he was charming. He had a very attractive Way of hinting compliments entrapping you in a pleasing pit fall of compliment to which he would Lead you carefully through ways of apparently Barren commonplace. But he was not sufficiently exciting. His method was too coldly intellectual there was not enough warmth about his style nor Soupcon of danger in his glance. Then too i did not care to see too much of him for i thought it Best not to be supposed to be intimate with any Man during first Winter and As he was accustomed to having his own Way he was displeased at being frequently put off. For the same reason i took care not to encourage or. Boulter too much in a word policy was to bring Jill the men to Side but not to keep any of them there too Long. And of heavens when i remember the ennui which i endured during the sessions of those awful sewing classes and Bible classes which i serv Lely joined when invited so to do i Blush to think that i could Ever have been so hypocritical. I remember that one sunday afternoon at the Grenese while mrs. Grene was carefully explaining to us a text out of Jeremiah or Deuteronomy she had a Peculiar predilection for the most dismal parts of the old testament and ouch suggested that we should have a week Day class to read Josephus a i remember that i was sitting in the window when suddenly i saw bran Boulter walking with Susy Prague the most Giddy rated Little Bud in town who had been rushed into society by five or six men and had immediately assaulted every respectable prejudice therein with awful audacity and Success. Bitterness of vexation and jealousy suddenly filled soul. I Felt As if i should like to jump out of the window tear Busy from the Side or. Boulter carry him off triumphantly across the Frozen rive a eclipse her in her own sphere Teviat Lazare City torn tor How Long Here j paused i said to myself a Ethel Busan Prague is a Comet. To to you wish to be a Comet a and to such a sensible question there was Only one answer. It was pleasant enough to read Shakespeare in Lotty a Little class but it would have been ten times More fun to have read some of the delightful French plays that i skimmed with one Eye at the Library when no one was looking and a Hundred times More fun to have acted something. As it was few of us could make pretensions to Reading Well. Never shall i forget or. Charter moaning out in lugubrious Tours the big drops cursed one another Down his innocent nose. The mistakes to be sure were the most amusing part of the whole affair. One of our men never swore Aud he consequently insisted on leaving out every word which in his opinion remotely resembled an Bojur gation the consequence of this being that most remarkable gaps were sometimes left in the conversation. Then the marking of the books of course we always used stage editions was productive of some very funny blunders because it was generally done by the girls instead of by the men. One girl i remember struck out All that sir Andrew in twelfth night says about a the vap ians passing the equinoctial of que bus a because she was sure that it was improper and another hesitated Over Jacques a Educ Dame a till she looked lower Down and found that a twas a a greek invocation to Call fools into a the casting by the Way was always unsatisfactory. If on one night for instance. Let to i squirt read Viola the next night some one else had to have Rosalind yet Letty was the Only girl who read a heroine decently. Then when Hilly Mort main took Beatrice it was impossible for or. Temple who always read the Lover to have Benedick because it was generally rumoured that they had once liven engaged before she came out and that the families had broken it off. Yes i was beginning to forget that Only a Short time before great and single aim had let Een to establish myself firmly. I actually bund myself out of humor at several parties because i Felt continually an imaginary restraint oppressing . How did first Assembly go off indeed bran Boulter bless him had name put on the sacred list of subscribers entirely of his own Accord and before any one consulted him of the subject. I waited for the second Assembly with Lotty and the other buds and shared with them the fever of excitement that always precedes that important event. We talked it Over among ourselves Early Ami later recounted the experiences of the older girls speculated As to the probability of getting partners a All the famous traditions were revived for us and All the old stories retold. We heard of the great year when nearly a Hundred men of the most Ideal elegance came on from the other cities and when for three Days there were partners enough to satisfy even the Wall Flowers of the famous Assembly when because or. Crown Snowdrop had thirty two Bot v Els . I Violet morning glory Only i any on Morris Japonica rushed out into a driving Snow storm and returned at Light with two bouquets which he i to Violet which proof of Devotion it was according to common account that finished ii or Aud won him his Triumph of the sad viable. When to news Era of Patty Caiquep a elopement in i All the men who we to in love Ritli brr w to so miserable that t u a would spa no to in Judy oar interest deepened Aud our excitement grow an to listened no oui to these tales but to tales of awful discoveries and dire accidents of great Success and woeful failures tales that grow into traditions traditions that Ripen into articles of Faith. I remember saying in Tho heat of disunion that if i had no engagements at All i should be afraid to enter the room but of at Tim time i was engaged for the German and two Waltzes i fancy that i must have been viewing to a a subject from that standpoint of sentiment rather than of reason. I was especially fortunate in being so Well thought of. My Waltzes were with bran Boulter and or. Charter Aud i Laid to Promise tile German to or. Hall. Bran asked for his Waltz very Early in the season before i knew whether i was going or not and nearly took breath away and or. Hall was quite Early too engaging for the German. But i do not wonder that men often do not ask girls to dance before the evening of the Hall for every engagement Means a bouquet Aud not All the men in society Are Able to afford More than one compliment of that nature it Assembly time by any Means we never thought of that when we were buds of course and i remember that most Young girls considered it quite mean for Mon to go to the assemblies on the Chance of picking up a partner. I think myself it is quite us underhand for girls to make their families provide them with Flowers and i have known some who were loaded with bouquets to confess privately in the dressing room that their cards were absolutely empty. But to return. When i first entered that gorgeous foyer heart gave a bound i hid once or twice peeped into it when at the opera and wondered How such a Bare and uninteresting room could Ever afford the gorgeous spectacle to which i looked Forward with such a beating heart hut now the place seemed to a fairyland a ov.w.2 .rci5yaitiug for mrs. A Thorn ?Tv.iedre�s.iig room f could hardly restrain myself and when we came out into the curving corridor full of Flowers and plants behind which sat merry couples thronged with Gay promenades altogether mysterious and wonderful when we caught our first glimpse of the crowded Ball room saw the Blue hangings heard the crash of the band i was in the seventh heaven of Bliss and excitement. But in a very Short time spirits came Down to their level again. It was Only an Ordinary party on a Large scale very much the same men talked to very much the same things were said. I did exactly what i had been doing at every party throughout the Winter. I was tired of restraining myself. I wanted to a let out and swipe a As the cricketers say i wanted to Cut a dash. Mrs. Hathorne did no to want Lotty to sit on the stairs of course that Meaut that i must stay near her All Tho evening or ruin character with her. If i could have gotten off by myself somewhere where the eyes of All he old ladies were not fixed on i could have Given myself free play it was Only when we were sitting on the stairs at supper everybody did that so mrs. Hatli Orne did no to mind that i managed to get into a Corner where i had a quiet flirtation. Otherwise i danced or rather tried to dance for the floor was awfully crowded Ami six or seven men kept appearing amt reappearing Aud saying things i could not hear and i always Felt convinced that i must let mrs. Author Nee see pass by at least once every ten minutes and i has demure heavens i looked at those suggestive doors in the corridor and would have Given head to have gone with bran Boulter into the pitch Black galleries or slipped Down to the supper room where the men were now smoking to see what was going on a or to have done something exciting no matter what i think in a Felt that i had not fulfilled his expectations and in truth i was so impatient that evening with myself and surroundings that i was once or twice quite Cross to him. Mrs. Flat Home took us away Early. I did not breathe a sigh. I wanted to go. But i preached patience to myself with much Diligence and i dare say that state of mind at the Assembly was More gloomy than at any other time during the Winter. When Lent Cut us All into comparative quiet i had fewer temptations Aud More time to reflect a matter All a i said to myself a suppose i do not go to wildly Gay suppers after Tho opera or on bracketing Sleigh ing parties with a Sham Matron suppose am forced to curb myself in every Way i ought not to complain Aud i am Post timely ungrateful for so doing. Learn Ethel to to contented with what you have achieved. Tout vient a qui sait with this Maxim and with Tho Little catch word of which or. Temple was so fond a patience gentlemen and shuffle a i comforted myself. I shuffled i addressed myself once More to the routine of gaining favors and tried to like what i had As i had not what i liked. And i think spirits really Rose to a considerable extent. But the occasion when i really Felt Superior to the world were those hours when into the delighted ears of Lotty and Olivo i poured confidences and for them satirized acquaintances. Not that i was ill natured but nerves were so soothed and temper so improved by the process that it was a double pleasure to . It was so satisfying to be Able to mimic the Little foolish ways of the men to hit if the affectations of the girls and i could do it in the Best natured Way in the world. Often while some fussy dowager was drawing on discretion or patience have i said to myself a you shall pay for this dear lady shall i not remember your Bonnet strings and your ridiculous Waist and that egregious false front be careful about the pronunciation of your French i beg or i shall be tempted at some future time to imitate and of the men who patronized it was such fun to see them bowing to Lotty or Olive on the evenings of the Days on which we Hail been laughing at them. It was so delightful to pretend innocence to Lead them on in their Folly i protest i believe a girl can make a Man say or think any tiling. Well i May Havu been ill natured but consider Tho provocation. Toward the end of Lent i decided on a Little offensive strategy Aud got up a couple of Small saturday afternoon teas. Of course Lotty and Olivo came to assistance. I decked up our comparatively Bare Walls with a Hundred or so of japanese fans whih i got for a few cents apiece and in a moment of inspiration conceived the Happy thought of covering our dresses also with the airy adornments. I was enormously successful and the men who straggled in to first Tea were so much amused by the tout ensemble that they boat up All the afternoon loungers and for the last hour on our first afternoon Aud All through the second the Little parlor was perfectly jammed Titis Success gave an idea of a new outlet for energies and at the end of first Winter i longed More than Ever to play a different role in society. Finally one Day when i was thinking Over prospects for the next season i hit on the simple solution of All difficulties marriage i can honestly say that it had never occurred to before in exactly that Light and when i first Pujji it gave Njo a Little chill Een Wlliet a .rl-ed1 in the idea Xiv being own mistress and a Matron in Israel. Now i saw Why Mother wished to be discontented with the present state of affairs. Now i saw How i could obtain such a foothold As would give the right to defy criticism. Yet i gave the subject every consideration. At one time i nearly put the idea quite away from and decided in accordance with some Romattie notions i had in head to wait until i really fell in love no matter what might happen in the meantime. But was it at All sure that i should fall in love while i remained in present state of mind so i argued i should All the time be wishing for More Liberty. A i know men too Well thought i a and i have Only two More Winters in which to find the Man of heart. For the matter of that am i not too calculating in disposition for it to be probable that i Ever shall fall in love in any desperate fashion on the other hand what do i gain by deciding to have All the fun i can before settling Down a i counted up the girls i knew who had made Good matches and i found that most of them had taken their opportunities at Best and gone off at least Early in their second Winters and this was especially True of girls who like myself had had no Money. On the whole i decided was Racket As bran Boulter would have expressed it and having made up mind i immediately proceeded to select a husband. For i had to marry somebody and to wait until a Mariage de Raison presented itself would have been under the circumstances quite As foolish As to wait for a Mariage do amour. Of men men a but dear if i apostrophe be them and warn them that they do not know what is going on in the minds of demure beings whom they patronize and protect they can perfectly Well reply that we do not alw�?Tay8 comprehend the creatures whom we consider so coarse and stupid. Alas i am afraid the human race is deceitful As a class a it was Only natural that when once i began to think Over male acquaintance i should first breathe a with a twin born sight the name of adored bran. I mused Over his charms for a while but soon put the thought from and proceeded to business for i was not sure that i cared for him More than most girls did nor was i at All sure of ability to overcome him. Moreover he was poor but i must frankly confess that just As this thought crossed mind i caught myself humming a the desert were a paradises if thou Wert there if thou Wert there a dear bran but i proceeded to business and after disposing of one or two other men Macy Temple for instance for whom i Felt much Friend slip but no particular affection and who was quite As poor As or Boull term i soon decided with a reservation in favor of anybody More eligible who might turn up in the meantime upon or. Charter. My reasons were convincing. Penn charter was Young healthy to a degree very Rich of simply unsurpassable position and quite Good natured. I knew that if i once succeeded in charming him his natural obstinacy would make him marry in spite of Bis Mother who was a craggy Jewely old lady of unconscionable Pride and dense ignorance with a violent temper and a cockade on her Footman s hat. I was not much scared by the Prospect of hostilities with her and i knew that if i once got or. Charter to fall in love with i could keep him fond of As Long As i wished. My mind was naturally much stronger than his Aud if i married him i should have the satisfaction of marrying a Man whose habits As Well As his birth were gentlemanly and who was too Little accustomed to slowness in his daily life to object to a trifle of rapidity in mine. When i had entirely made up mind i again took up the use of eyes and shot several damaging glances at him before he left town. Iii the mean time i gave Mother an inkling of what was passing in mind. I threw out careless Iii lits and sound generalities on the subject of marrying Well and settling Down with which she was of course highly pleased Aud finally without actually telling her Hie name of the Man whom i Bojied to meet there i succeeded in getting her to agree that it would tie a Good thing for prospects if we could go to Narragansett for the month of August. I could not bring myself to speak openly it seemed to to too abominably indelicate to declare intentions regarding any Man even to own Mother and i am afraid i thought As much of a Little Farewell flirtation with or. Boulter Iii the first two weeks of the month As i did of making play on or. Charter Iii the last two. I knew their movements of course that summer All the Young men wont to Narragansett. A How i Rem eur r the ecstatic Bliss of those Dei coins afternoons when i stretched myself out on the Brown rocks with bran by Side looking out Oil the Bright quickly moving sea or along the sunburned coast to where Lay Newport mystical and suggestive shimmering in the hazy horizon in spite of All bran s attractions i longed at times to sail Over to that magic Harbor and see for myself if there were really yachts and drags air a a Ltd continued on sixth Page

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