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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - July 22, 1891, San Antonio, TexasShe Joan he Dicj let. Wed Kirday july 22, 1891. West Texas abstract and guarantee company. In Cox Olla Tadj it. A Secretary and mgr Sam of the Tel talk of joni3s. 421 e. Office Houston St. Will furnish reliable abstracts of title to lands in Bexar county either City or country property upon Short notice reasonable terms. Telephone no. 4o6 off the talked Liy Telegraph. Tort by train men and taken til transit. The Sunset car cause in today and boys ure Happy. Two cars of Cuttle were shipped from Sau Antonio yesterday for now Orleans la., Over the s. P., and one for Louisville ky., Over Tho s. I. Four cars of Lior ses Wero ship cd from Here for Columbia s. C., yesterday Over Tho s. Ono car of horses was shipped from Sau Antonio for of Varsall yesterday Over the i. G. Seventeen cars of cattle were shipped Here for the i. G. N., yesterday. Three cars of sheep and two cars of cattle from Comstock for St. Lioi is. Via s. And i. A. G. N., passed through Here yesterday. H. Harbor Scales inspector for the i. G. N., is in town and at the Southern. Brady superintendent of Tho cot ton unit route from Little Rock ark., is staying at Tho Southern. Tho now time card on the s. A. Wont into effect last night at la o clock. Train for Houston leaves at a. In., and the train for Corpus Christ leaves at 1p.m. A regular train will to run to Corpus on i Imlay from now on. Tho. Arrivals from Houston Ato-.20p. In., from Corpus Christ at . Tho sunday excursion is now a regular sign Day train Jjo Thor changes euro made. Building Dennis is i hot House. Lavaca Street 7tli Ward. Ross Kitchen for and a gallery , 1st Ward. M mrs. J. Horn dwelling fourth Street Tith Ward . A. Pellet on stable Johnson Street 1st Ward. Urbaneck Stablo. Lombrano Street. 3rd Ward. Theresa Phillippi dwelling Ace Juia Street 4th Ward w. S. Mattleson. Addition to dwelling. Tannin Street 5th Ward. J. Sheern addition to store West com Merce Street 4lh Ward John Shands , North Concho Street 3rd Ward Peter Tudd. Onesy shed Street. Vlf Ward lot is Christ Hes i so Iii Street uth Ward. Written for Trio Light by o Sammy Jones do bring thy Boca to Sau Autoro but leave thy Huek across the Ocee tis overgrown. The my r la Goue so hurry of and let or in and Neil the gang with loaded of two from Bride to Joe. We love the Way you torture Clay with fab unique to shake thy boots of brine s Galoost and dance a week. Our Council too like to View they jaw immense and Dodge the words that Uail the Birda Spott the Fence. Our City dads Wear moral pads around their necks and yet they beat by several feet that boy of Peck s 80 hurry through thy great Yazoo and toot it hard and blow the Side off sin and pc de yes by the Yard. Tho1 Plain in name thy Fristic Fame is rated Fine 80 travel Here by rail or steer and tackle brine. Although dear Sam you Pray and Damn for worldly swag some mortals Snoor go far to hear thee Chew the pertinent . A Commerce Street How. The police ves Torlay afternoon arrested Eugene u Iderson coloured at Tho Saloon of Chas. In Iupati at East Commerce Street for i frying a pistol and for assault with intent to kill Ami Mur Dir. To was Linen Viilo and Iriven sixty Days in jail by Tho recorder this morning and a of assault with Init Mic to kill and murder Lias been indeed against him in Justice Adam s Corr. F the place where Hendi son was arrested is h Saloon on East Commerce Street which a Deal of negro patronage and known by the Public As one of Tho touch a general Row occurred. Henderson says a number of negroes were heating him when lie fired or his pistol. Justice Adam did not wish to give a Lieut reporter the in formation Al jct the affidavit filed Thi morning. Telling him there was none filed. The record proved the falsity of this statement. He said it would defend tie ends of Justice. The Man was in jail and there was no to defeat , Tho judgment of .1. Ami of Tho Jinn Lonian will lie taif jury Olio will decide defendant will get it or Light has received an invitation to attend the Moonlight picnic of Alamo and Schiller do icily Ameri can legion of a Morti be held at Riverside Park Boxt saturday night. Architect Kramer has submitted a report to the City Council on repairs needed to Public school prop erty. The amount for All repairs will toe nearly tie stamp collectors. The Alamo philatelic society is pro Gressing and everything is in full running order now. The Library containing some Soo volumes h Trio largest of its kind in Tho South. The Exchange department which is managed by Phil at list is worked with entirely new principles rules and regulations to those of other societies will advantages too numerous to mention. Tho for the ensuing Vear Are president., or. K. A Lonkoi Vicc president or. Chas. Palmer Secretary or. Cd Ward w. Sci Inger treasurer. Or. Chas. H. Huberich librarian or. 1 Bank Hart All of this City and Tho superintend ent of Exchange Frederick of Alice Texas. Tho members nut Only Resl to in Tho Lone Star state but also in Northern and Western states. The objects for which Tho society is formed arc to assist its members in acquiring knowledge in regard to philately to cultivate a feeling of Friendship among philatelists and thee Changoor duplicates among members. Al stamp collectors of Good recommendation and social standing Are invited to join our society and May apply to Tho Secretary for application Blanks Anc further information. A cordial information is extended to All stamp collectors residing in Tho City to be present at Resur Lar meetings which Are hold at 9 p. M. On Tho second and fourth thursday in each i month at -no.-423 East Houston the commercial Exchange has been a fiasco from its birth. It Haa nos succeeded in bringing either men. Or Money to san Antonio and now it is in a snarl with its stockholders. It was an useless and expensive affair Lud its death would be the very Best thing that could befall it. It certainly has been of no earthly Benefit to ban Antonio. That is Clear. The Austin statesman labors under she delusion that it is the Fountain head of wit. The enforcement of the Laws is All that Texas requires to make her a Model state. Let each citizen help to enforce the Laws and they will be enforced. The press does its duty. The demise of the Organ of the restore real estate to a healthy condition. Boom ing is Sot the style among san Anto Nio people who prefer a steady growth to a fictitious spurt. About september the 15th, look for a brisk Trade in everything in san Antonio. Real estate will be a Lively As a Cricket with it any booming of the Patent Medicine order. Get ready for the coming flood ids before it comes. Han Antonio will be crowded next. Winter with health seekers from the hype Borean regions. Contractors and builders attention. Are you in need of Austin White Lime pluister Paris hair Portland Cement fire Brick fire Clay if to ring up Mcallister Wurzbach Telephone 163, who Are prepared to quote Low prices to prompt Cash customers we also have a line Hue of grocer Els give us a trial. 201 n. Alamo St. Incenses. F. J. Deane and Josephine Davis. Otto c. Giles and Mary sol nos. Tovi Blos. Hernandiz. And Ruperta Hod a opt. And Ysabel Trevino. I Yuk a. Rowton and Hull s. A. Cox and Beulah a Williams. William s. Casoy and Hallio Nesen b Ray. To Tho real slate men. A mooting of the enl estate men of a is called for a riday the 34th, a p. M it i Leselie s opera House of he purpose of securing and enlist in heir assistance in getting up the Gerina a Celebration to take the place of Theair in october next. Egoak Soi Ramm. President of the association. While in season la the time to Aell our Light cloth no. Our assortment or alpacas an other styles of summer clothing 1 Complete and we offer All of it a greatly reduced prices. Be sure an our Stock before buying. 7-20 of John k. Burretta a co. Personal mention. W. V. Mills and wife of Wilson dimly to guests of Tho Southern. Major Eagan and wife loft for sow Vico tonn., yesterday. John m. Loc Killgo is at Tho longer rom Austin. Or. Go. Chabot has left for now Fork. J. J. Ellison a prominent Stockman of is now Ai Tho St. Leonard. Or. James k. Breeding and Bride will Esoldo in Sun Antonio. City physician Brann Zagol is spending is vacation in tie City of. Mexico. Or. Fred Kalteyer is Back from Reck on. Missing loft yesterday for Asheville car. Hugh o. Eckford left yesterday or Aberdeen miss. Sam Park of Laredo is at the Monger. .1. Dobson of san Francisco cal., is a nest of the Maverick. Mrs. E. S. And miss Carpenter of pegu in arc staying at Trio Maverick. Mrs. J. Wallace of Austin is now at he Maverick. Prof. A. A. Thomas of san Marcos is registered a the St. Leonard. J. Houston from Plo Rosville is now it the St. Leonard. Go. Taylor of Cotton Valley la., is at he Central. S. W. Smith editor of the a Orrville own is stopping at the Central. Curtice t. I. A. Of the Vandalia Ino is in the City today. Or. Chas. Chabot Lias resumed from lock port. Tho misses in Emphill of tvs Coloson ila., Groin the City visiting their sister frs. Geo. F. Lup Toti. W. J. Egan of Elpaso is staying at the Monger. J. Month of Dallas is stopping at he Monger. H. Chilton the Wol known speaker rom Tyler Texas is registered at Tho Monger. J. H. Hamilton a prominent Stock Tuyor of Mexico mo., is at the Southern. L. B. Brown a Well known merchant of Corpus is Stopp no at Tho South in. L. W. Pierson and family of Del Rio re at the Mahncke. Theodore Terry a prominent sheep Man f Carrizo Springs Texas is registered at lie Mahncke. E. Sharpe of new Orleans is stopping t the Mahucki. Or. Curtis of fort Worth is in to City. Or Duel an Dallas of the Nashville and Chattanooga r. In the City. W. W. Chapel and daughter of apply on City Are guests at Tho men Ter. . Lasater a Well known com Rols Lon merchant of now Orleans is to to con at Tho Southern. Or. And mrs. W. Mason and Tho misses Murthu and Mary Baor loft today for a Resit of one month to Saltillo Mexico. J. Carmicheal and fall roof band Orla tux., Are stopping at Tho St. Leon re. .1.11. Mcmorrow. A Well known sheep Raiser of Kinney county is stopping at Tilie Mahncke. Attorney i 1. M. Hutchinson from Alestine Texas is registered at Tho Southern. Secretary Fin Ley of the y. M. A., Las returned from his trip to the North Ern states. Or. T. 15. Olson has returned from a business and pleasure trip to Tho big cities of Tho North and last. Sex Alderman John h. Bolton is now n lining As Pullman car conductor be two an san Francisco and los Antolos California. Or. L. L. We Stoker president of tie fat non s club which he has lately organized at Elmondorf is staying at Tho St. Leon ird. Items. The and Hall Light does not interest in this City though what hotting is done is principally in favor of or. Palmer the manager of Jack Burke who Defeated Tom Mong Liitt for the Light wot Glit championship of is in Tho City awaiting Ziurko s arrival Ziurko loft Galvo Aton yesterday for fort Worth whore to will stay a few Days and then come to this City. To is now trying to make a match with Harry go Prooro. The Champion Light weight of Canada. Pal is Ono of the Best managers in Tho country and it is to him that Burke owes a Groat part of his Success in the ring. Articles of agreement have been signed by Kinahan and Coin which Aro to gov Ern the wrestling match which takes place at Tho fashion theatre july 3lst. A purse has been Given by the proprietors of the House. It will be for the Best two Falls of three catch As catch can style. Kinahan says this is his last match win or lose. Sou Nirady has received a Challenge from Tom Canon to meet him at 128 pounds give or take z pounds in Pueblo n. M. Or. Sou Brady accepts this if they will guarantee him his expenses and a suitable Purso. If they can agree upon terms prof. H. Lienau will go As his Trainer and also to meet some Hoa by weight fighters. Sou Brady says that to knocked can non out 3 years ago at Dayton Ohio and is willing to Havo another go at him. Sand f Sana the san Antonio Sand company de livers Sand to All parts of the City at cur rent prices. Telephone -j-1g. 7-28-31 Max museum acid proprietors Alamo visitors. Those who called at the Alamo this morning were w. Ii. Johnston Balliner Texas of. W. Scoggin Handera Texas g. M. Palmer Houston Texas j. Marok Brenham Texas . Wright., Pearsall Texas. Fine India Linen. Having too Large a Stock of the Grade usually retailed at Eoo a Yard we have reduced it to 30 cents Tooloe it out. Great reductions on other summer goods. 7 20cf John k. Berretta a. Co. La Grippe again. During the epidemic of la Grippe last season or. King s new discovery for consumption. Coughs and colds proved to be Tho Best remedy. Reports from Tho Many Wuo used it confirm this statement. They Wero not Only quickly relieved but the disease left no bad after results. To ask you to give this remedy a trial and to guarantee that you will be satisfied with results or tha Purchase Prico will he refunded. It has no equal in la Grippe or any Throat Chest or lung trouble. Trial Bottlo free at dross Thompson co s drug store. Large bottles 50c and . 7-11-lm Kali . Oelan and the they bring. H. Shook to Howard Bland lot 4, ranged District 4.j 500 Rengan Sam Maverick to John Burns lot 10, Block 5, Starr Street. John a. Settle to gymnastic association lot 7, Block 1, Martin Street Houston Jennie Talbert lot 4, Block 15. And lot 3, Range 2, District 1, on Columbia Street. Miguel Beniter. Antonia Benltey. Ii in others to Nicanor Paulno lot 10, in win. G. Pock s subdivision to. 3, and Francisco Rolen s sur vey no. 48. Charles Raynmond Survey no. 31d, i to acres for ill acres of land. William inn tar to City of san an Tonio feet fronting on South Side of Alamo City court. 450 450 forty nine cases wore brought before Trio recorder this morning and in lines were assessed. Four cases were Dis missed and live continued. Eagono Henderson col was fined tills morning for carrying a pistol and afterwards transferred to the county jail on the charge of assault with intent to kill. S3.75o will buy a handsome cottage residence of 7 rooms with Bath Stablo Carriage House Chick in House Wood House Etc. Hydrant water Larga lot with Fine Shade Trees and shrubbery. Now neat and clean about four blocks from military Plaza. Will rent easily at a month. 6-17 of Jno. T. A Hiilton co. Banks and Bankers. . President. A. A. on Tor. Leiis National Bank 253 Commerce Street. Louora Trana Netch. Drafts on Europe. Mexican dollars and other foreign Money purchased. Rog Lator kept non Road intr room whore Atra Airous in Tho Olcy Aro inv Ltd to Call. Bankers sight drafts on Tea principal cities in the Una Ltd states in All Kaio Peau countries. For Ilfin Coin and Orr buoy to ight and bold. G. W. Embry electrician. Erlven for wiring Hougee for incandescent lights electric j3ell3, burglar alarms and repairing All kinds or electrical instruments at reasonable rates. With Wagner Chabot com Tierce and nav4rko its. Or. Hathaway , m. D., Auu tint. Pujular to Tad link specialist of tha South and Watt blood so Laud Norvaiz whom Wii. Young Meh who by Ali eur acts of Liu Prudenca or Folly Buffer torn Vervona debility drains won the fountains of Ulfo unfeeling Ana manhood should con ult the Celo away it once. Remember net with or wit lion dreams Ordo ullity an Loea of Nervo Power Reathil scientifically by now methods with Reat Success. It Mats no difference what Yoa ave taken or who Lias Falla to cure you. Lost manhood and All weakness of be sexual organs treated with great Success. Female diseases cured at Homo without Sinatra Munett u Wos dermal remedy. Piles great discovery. A. Euro Guaran eed. tulle cutting or ligature painless re at men stricture cared without cutting. The lost wonderful discovery. Safe and sure. Syphilis. The most rapid Safe and elective a Meily. A Complete cure guaranteed. Skin diseases of nil kinds cared where tors have railed. Unnatural discharges promptly cured in a for Days. Quick Suro and this includes gloat and Honor Rhea. My methods free Consul Talon at the office or by mall. Thorough examination and careful diagnosis. That unch patient Tronte gets the advantage of special study and experience and specs Alty is Mado of Hia other disease. So chlorate charges and easy terms of payment Home treatment can be Given in a majority of eases. End for symptom Blank no 1 for men. End for symptom Blank no. 2 for women end for symptom Benuk no. 3 for skin Dis eases. All correspondence answered promptly. Busl Conli Montial. Medicine sent free rom observation. Refer to Bankd in Sau Aji Onlo Texas. Address or Call on j. Hathaway m. D., 29-31 w. Commerce St., upstairs in san Antonio Texas. David Kirkwood sanitary Engineer and plumber 11 8. Alamo 8t. Telephone 440. Modern sanitary plumbing n specially. Kirkwood employees Only oboe re once plumbers and consequently familar Wotli All the requirements of modern pin Mbong for this climate. This is a sufficient guarantee of rat Fiaai Ork. Six Fine lots on Prospect Hill South and Oast sex mile from Center of City can to bought reasonable. 5 25 of. John t. co baking used in Millionis of years the Standard. Arkansas pass Wood Foster set Lieser. Proprietors. . Near s. A. Foundry. Best kinds of Worl to to cad in tha Market a lowest prices. Branch Wurzbach Alamo St. Grocers. Free delivery to any part of the Olty. Offlio no. Branch Ofhie no. 103. Forder machine and general repair shop i to kinds machinery i Ophir manufacturers of Iron doors blinds locks ring uss u a Telephone 564. We Call and deliver free of charge and guarantee prompt Ness excellence satisfaction. The u. S. Laundry Dwyer gr1ggs 821 e. Houston Street. Patents. Laveata and to fade Marxs obtained. Had it Patent business conducted or Buat ?kk8. Dds Orris 13 oppo Alix c. S. Patent Oino and woman so Eurea Patent in Leas time in Onat than those Remote from wok id Tou. Send Model drawing or photo., with do Gorlp ton. We advise if patentable or not f c Oha fire. Our foe not due a Book Hoir to i Tala Pitt anti Irth names of actual clients in Soult a. Or town sent tree. Androu a a. Opp d. Of across the san Pedro. Open every ni6ht. Phe place for gentlemen to pass a pleasant evening. Admission toc 1. L brewing Assn. Xxx Pearl Beer. The purest and Best. Delivered to part of the City. Campbell bros., no. 31 Garden St., Tel. 117. Choice fancy groceries country produce Etc. At lowest prices. Free delivery to any part of the City

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