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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - July 21, 1891, San Antonio, TexasSan Antonio daily Light published at Antonio. Bexar county Texas. And registered at . Volume 157 Bexar county. Texas. And registered at the Post office As second class mail matter. San Antonio Texas. Tuesday july 21, 1891 Price a year Luttio Oil my Bank. Ban Antonio Texas 1. A Rookwood president j. Mulc Safe Deposit vaults. Mallory line new York Texas steamship co new York direct steamers leave Galveston every wednesday the cheapest and most delightful route to new York and Europe for through tickets staterooms Etc. Apply to the Mallory line office Commerce St w. Youn6. Pm l Soult n pass r agent the Washington Lii e insurance company of new York. Assets if you contemplate insuring your life Reserve decision until you have exam ii de the plans methods and practices o the Washington Lii e j. B. Day manager southwestern dept., san Antonio Texas be poet of the condition of the Lockwood National Hank at sin Antonio in Iho state of Texas in tin close of business july Jill . Iiksoui1cks. Loans and -121.030 overdrafts secured and unsecured ii.253 2 u. S. Lions to secure circular 00 stocks securities claims Etc. Of duo from approved Reserve agents. 79 due from other National Banks. Due Tato links and 27 Banning House furniture mud fixtures. 41 other real estate and Mort gages owned. To current expenses and taxes i Remi Nins on u. S. Iii ids. Checks and other Cash items. Bills other Banks. Fractional paper currency Nickels and specie. Legal tender notes. Redemption fund with u. S. Treasurer f per cent of Cir 414 my no 73 Liun i 00 i 345 49 00.000 00 , 10 . Capital Stock paid in. Surplus fund 00 undivided profits 37 National banknotes on Island t individual deposits subject to Check 512 51 Tjerand Bertili Eidos of Deposit 3j70c 06 Lime certificates of Deposit 2.022 00 certified checks 4000 duo to other National Banks. Is due to state Banks and Bankers 83 10 state of Texas county of Hoar set j. S. Lockwood president of the above do solemnly swear that Tho above statement is True to the Best of my knowledge and belief. .7. S. Lockwood president. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 2istday of july 1s91. M. . Notary Public hear co. S. Loc swoon s. W. Us sett s. C. Lockwood directors. News via new York. Yoke july rumoured marriage in India of mrs. Potter to Kyrle Bellew is discredited by mra. Potter s counsel Here. The Case of an american named John Sherman who arrived Here As a stowaway on steamship England and is to resent Back is attracting Atten Tion despite proofs of having relatives in this country who vouch for his identity. He will be returned to England unless his friends take out a writ of Hareas Corpus. The Hall full Zimmons fight does not excite much interest Here because the contestants Are both foreigners and fears Are entertained that the Mill will be a fake. According to views of the Hayti correspondent the Days of Hippolyte As president of Hayti Are numbered. Boiler explosion. Saginaw mich., july boiler in a planing Mill at Lake View fifty Miles from Here exploded killing owner e. G. Perkins Robert Gregory and a boy three year old named Eddie tue using Charles Beec Herand three others and wrecking Mill. Late Telegraph associated press di8patche and state specials. Up to French fighting the Blacks. Paris july French expend Tion of fifty started for Houn t avenge the murder of frenchmen by Blacks. After a week s March the encountered 1200 warriors Arteni with european rifles and led by thro fetish men. The Battle lasted fou. Hours and one Feti Ahman and Many natives were tilled two fre Nenmei killed and twelve wounded. Jimmy Mccoy Railor alive. Choc ago july 21. Me Oor Blok the pugilist reported to have been killed in a prize fight in Iron county Michigan in Here alive aug scarcely bruised. Three men Are under arrest charged Ullh his murder trouble Ansour the Turners. Chicago july is trouble in tire Turners organization on a count of refusal to reinstate Juliu Telb an anarchist and expulsion of six others for anarchistic views there will probably be a split in the National organization. T Kesh prom the wires. Trenton n. J., july sub Marine Cable depart out of wire Mill damaged by fire. London july Wou second prize in Mck Inuos contest in Reisley Rille Competition. Buenos Aykes july i reducing the duty on sugar Pedro Leurn Tea Rico and tallow a eyed the first Reading in the chamber of deputies Argentina Republic. Calcutta july Hundred russian exporters Are extending rub Sian influence among the inhabitants of Catuir plateau. Rock Island july Hun dred labourers in lumber struck for weekly wages under new Law of state Lisbon july Hundred Cork workers thrown out of employ ment by the american Tariff Law engaged in a riotous demonstration demanding work. The police Dis Persed them. Berlin july Mei Del Sohn inn run in Gold to rus Pulick i Iuva Forbor Doii the Guelph clubs in Hanover to celebrate the Battle of Lange Faaiza Washington july court Nart Lal in the Case of lieutenant George h. Evans tenth cavalry Sta Liqued at Bart Grant found Lim guilty of drunkenness on duty and sentenced him to dismissal. Shelbyville ky., july Ullen a negro criminally assaulted Kirs. Homer Glenn wife of a prominent Farmer and escaped. A Hun dred men went in Saroti of him a met the prisoner in custody of Rohlof of police of Owen Stoke As they wore on the Way to Hel Byville. The negro was hanged. Tahlequah . July a. Jobs Cherokee nation died suddenly at his Home in fort Gibson. To was half Breed sixty three years id and was educated at Princeton by ii Uncle chief John Ross. He was lieutenant colonel in Confederate army and a Brilliant orator. Lexington va., july crowded with people who come to witness the unveiling of the statue of Stonewall Jackson today thirtieth anniversary of the Battle of Maua saas. Iii Ladelthia june toys bought a Goat from mrs. Emma eur Havana but the animal would it go with them. They wanted heir Money Back when a dispute arose and one of the Boye a negro hot mrs. Euc Havana jul left breast tilling her. The boys escaped. St. Petersburg july Mukase ordering All foreigners doing business n Russia who fail to become is Tiara sized in live years to be expelled is prepared. St. Louis july court voided that express companies Are responsible for goods received until hey Roach their destination no mater How Many companies handle Iii Ransit. Gonzales tex., july Nerro named Nobles tried to shoot Dubose with a Winchester at Ammons 8tore, ten Miles from Here ast saturday. The gun snapped and ubob8 killed Nobles. As a party of line White men hearing of the rouble were on their Way to the Tore a negro fired upon them with a double barrelled shot gun and wound id Sid Johnston a Deputy sheriff. Nose surrendered. Contractors and builders attention. Are you in need of Austin White me plaster Paris hair Portland Cement fire Brick fire Clay if so ring p Mcallister Wurzbach Telephone 63, who Are prepared to quote Low rices to prompt Cash customers. We also have a flue line of grocer Els. Give us a trial. 201 8. Alamo St. Late telegrams boiled Down from private special and other sources. Railway strike at Paris collapses. Forty houses destroyed by fire in Guadalajara Spain. Taylor will put up for railway connection with m. K. F. At Trinity. President Finney of Soo and South Shore at Minneapolis resigns. The i. Perpetuate National feeling refused t St. Louis. An immense concourse of St. Paul eople protest against the Hall Fitz Immons fight. City Council. Interesting meeting and a audience. The mandate of the supreme court of Texas disregarded by a parcel of aldermen. Contrary to the usual run of there was actually enough interest Felt yesterday in the actions of the City coun cil of san Antonio As to draw quite an audience when the meeting opened. In tie beginning or. C. G. Joel Hance whose seat in the Council was so Success fully contested by or. Win. Howl Long sr., Sti cd that he would not occupy his seat until the contest had been definitely settled one Way or the other. During Roll Calls and voting thereafter his name on Roll was not called. Alderman Guerguin was excused and Elvin leave of absence to to to Franco to left last evening petitions and memorials were read and disposed of. The milkmen s petition for a change in the milk ordinance was granted. Mrs. Merrick was allowed to run a sower Pic my into the River on mar tin Street an appropriation to Purchase tables for Public school use was voted. Those referred to committees were Lonj Star i Rowery proms uni to Pur Chase an old Hoso reel g. R. Sul Livan claiming a leasehold in Terest in piece of property on Commerce Street citizens asking to have paso Hon do and other streets cleared of Brush a. Oppenheimer for permission to Lay Drain pipe into sail Pedro ditch k t. Ayre to construct cesspool mrs. M. Baker to construct Sheet Iron Side to building on main Plaza s. son. To build lumber House s. Do la Pena to Unildo Iron Clad Blacksmith shop c. W. Larland. For an Iron Clad stable p. Ill lord. For remission of Pound fees g William and w. Ii. Still for Nso of san Pedro Park july 3s Telephone company for permit to put us so foot poles on cer Tain its. Citizens complaining of a rail Way switch of Walnut Street Theo. Her Man for further orders us to laying his sidewalk elms. Hitter to a Market on Chest Street j. Via Lac to move his Moat Market t. 11. Sander son and others for correction of assess ment w. W. Klinc for remission of taxes assessed wrongly. The franchise granted Trio Street car company to Lay track of a Imeln Sirot. Between main and Houston Street was repealed. Tho Pei Ilon of or. Win. Aloof Lynn sr., to the Council demanding his seat from Ward i in Iho Council was brought up Tho mayor pro Tern was not going to read it at. First but or. Vornor attorney for Loci Liivik. Arose from the audience and asked that it to Puiul. Iio had not Tho right to address the Council but adorn Iii Heck main moved thai it be read and this was done is follows Jim. Hoelling sr., respectfully Here with or Espis to this honorable body a certified copy of the decree rendered by the District court on this Atli Day of april , Joseph Hool in Mac for Possession Alder Man of the fifth Marci of uus City and judgement of ouster of or. Lion Lauwe from the Mollico and further directing the mayor and City Council and each of Yon to receive or. Hoe Lilno As an Alderman vice lion Lauwe and in no Way to interfere with his enjoyment and the Nso of All functions As such and further a Troeung your mayor and cily clerk to Issue to him his commission. Or. Hoof Ling also presents u co rallied copy of tie mandate and decree rendered in the supreme court of the state and Tho 37th Day of june ism wherein it was adjudged and ordered that the. Judgment of the District court be in All things auth med and directing Tho court Bolow to observe Tho order and in All things to have it duly recognized obeyed and executed. We. Joel King si1., also presents him self herewith and oilers to qualify by com plying with All Legal requirements to the end trial he May receive the benefits be stowed upon him by Tho courts in so far As this body is capable of complying with this final decree. We. Hoelling sr., also demands that should there to any opposition among tie members of this body to his immediate Quaill Catton As an Alderman and his instalment and receipt of commission As in contract let for grading and ironing the Road from Den in on to Nebraska dateline. Chairman of Chicago and Alton will a no attention to Western passenger association rates made without con uiting them. Senator Quay has desired to design s chairman of the Republican com Mittee fur two years past but his tlsb.69 were not met by the commit be. Drilling in it close Camp with the Mercury at 100 ill the Shade is Tough yen for a Texas militia Camp. Tie decree provided that to be heard in person and by lne Wood wanted to refer petition and or. Hooding also to a committee. Or. Vernor was granted permission to address the Council and did so Reading Tho decree of the Texas supremo court give lip or in oetling his Soat As Alderman of Ward no. And ousting Roel Hance. The opinion of City attorney Borg Strom probably the most lengthy one he has Ever presented to the Council was read As follows with reference to Tho contest Between William hooding and Joseph Boelhauwe to which the City of san Antonio was no party the question arises is Tho City Council now of and to Seal or. Hoelling v if not legally bound to do so would Tho Council be t justified in doing so the Ollice of Alderman is a representative one not simply ministerial where the duties of the officer Are clearly Laid Down and his salary fixed. In a contest for a representative office Tho interests of those who elected Tho Are different from what they would be in a purely ministerial Liliee. An Alderman elected to fill an Oslica could not agree with his Defeated opponent to voluntarily withdraw and live him the office. Why theoflice does not belong to him. Lie was simply elected to represent Tho people of his own Ward and they Havo the right to select their own representatives. An Alderman is not elected with Power to substitute another in his Stead. Who does not desire to serve to can resign and the voters o his Ward can elect another to take his place. If he can not by agreement Kivo another his place can he do so indirectly by permitting himself to by sued for the office and then without a trial or contest permit such other person to Tako Tuli Smunt for it if so what right or voice would the the selection of their if that Scro so were Candida is for office could barter and soil them As they pleased. Regardless of Tho ques Tion whether or. Lionel Sauwo was afforded an Opportunity for trial or not ther fact remains that the Case was not tried the ballots cast at the election Scro not counted and it was not ascertained in that contest which candidate had received Tho greatest number of Legal votes. Folic cars wore appointed to superin tend the election and count thu bal lots cast and declare the result and Illch count declared that or Lionel Sauwo had received the greatest number of votes and declared him duly elected Tho result of that count has never been revised and stands As it did when made. Therefore 1 am of opinion that ibis Council can do nothing except to stand by that count until revised by a court of competent jurisdiction to which the City is a party and its rights in the matter the manner in which the City clerk read this opinion was triumphant and he read the paper with evident pleasure and with As much emphasis Ami enunciation As though it were his own carefully pre pared Aulon. Or. Vornor answered this opinion in a Strong speech of Short length but it had not its effect on Tho hard headed Council the motion to refer it to Legal counsel and Layover Nill another n meeting of Tho Council prevailing with Only lick Truann s dissent. Tho City Council of the City of san an Tonio had defiantly disobeyed the com mands of the supreme court of Texas As its citizens have repeatedly Don o Wotli Hogg s sunday Laws and other Law Ful measures. Tho audience left leaving but two spectators. L when order had been restored reports of of ulcers were presented messes. Mullaly s petition As to sidewalk Grade on Augusta Street was granted. A larger Culvert to ditch on Lomana Street was ordered. Recommendation of City electrician that names of Whoso holding keys to lire alarm boxes be published was granted. Commission of widening Roianna Street filed its report. Encroachments on Huron and other streets were presented by Iho City Engineer. The petition of Street car motor Moi relative to regulation of hours of labor was revamp Tolly rejected after an opinion by Iho City attorney that Tho Council Only has Tho right to impose penalties for Tho Security of Tho in Olla in Street cur transportation. The Salae Ous ordinance Ron Laiing houses of Iii Fame was next presented and read by the clerk. It is a very strict ordinance requiring All houses of ill Fame. And All persons pursuing urn occupation. Of a Bawd to pay an annual License and to submit to monthly inspections by the Elty physician or his assistants. It was passed under of tha rules. The Council then adjourned until 1 thursday As the hour was the Driver s holy. To the Light in a article in your valuable the City electrician says it was nut Tho fault of the alarm system which caused Tho Mission Hose company to go wrong i inn Day night. The Driver was in to u Groat a hurry and drove out web omit waiting for the numbers to be completed Kei erring to Tho above article i would convey the impression to Tho Public that i was unfitted for the position entrusted to me. Therefore in answering Tiu said article to give the True fuels in Tho Case i leave it to Tho Public to judge where the fault lies. It was o clock thursday night when the alarm was turned in. 1 wont to my Pluto on the reel. Capt. Rolv not being Urc Srin. My of Tho i rent in called out Box 135." was about to Start when or. Murphy called out number 13 is Conr lug i remarked. What 135 one of the Lireman got Down off the reef went to twin Telephone and tried to Gerthe Lecci Rucian s office and failed. M r. Mur Phy tried to ring them no and also failed. I remarked that i would ring them up which j did. 1 asked them if the a farm on tie joker meant a Call for a their answer was of course it 1 then asked where is Tho fire and was rung Olf i pot on the seat of my reel and drove to Box 13, at Tho Arsenal Cor Ner South Flores and Arsenal Street. One of the Tremon called out that there was a redaction of a fire near the Sunset i then went there As promptly As i possibly could. The alarm on tins joker showed 135 and 13 indicator showed number 2. Now inasmuch As Tho present Etc tric alarm system has proven to to very unreliable during its month of i have noted Tho following Mustalo at our Hose House on july 3d, Firo on East and Dolorosa streets alarm turned in. From Box 34. Inker showed 2s3, 28 and s4. Indicator showed 24. Or. Riely drove that no gift. And went on Tho first alarm 353, Corner Camargo and labor streets we looked in the West and Sun the reflection of the lire. We then drove to Dolorosa and East streets Box 24. On july 4th, still alarm from Box 123 was turned in by Ryan at p. M. Joker showed 2s and "125, indicator showed 12.x i drove that night under capt. Kelly s instructions were to Box 25, Corner Pecos and Mia moras streets and found tie Box locked. And then was instructed 1o drive to Box 35, Cornei Soledad and Salinas streets and found that Box locked. On our Way Home we passed engine House no. 1 Ami was Tola that Tho alarm came from 125, Corner Houston Street and Avenue c. E. T. Go Siux. Driver of Mission Hoso company. In Ilg Jill people Havo in representatives persons who says. Sell Deutschmann says to did not in sult miss Heldrich at the Market and. Gave George Larne no cause to Insul him. Homes used such filthy. Language to him As to rinse him to resent it with u blow. If i a rues was the of owing Tado s protector. Is denied then Why did to insult her by such foul language in her presence. Criminal Mal tract co. Phoenix Ariz. July 21. Or. Hart Hebe surgeon general or Tho Terri tory was arrested yesterday on charge of criminal Loal practice. His victim will probably die. Her Uncle de t shoot him but waa prevented

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