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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - July 18, 1891, San Antonio, Texas Continued from yesterday it Drew up at last at door of the Chapel i was sur prised to see what a nuni Bei of spectators had collected there. There was a positive crowd of loungers beggars children and Middle class persons of All sorts who beheld my arrival with the utmost interest and excitement in accordance with my instructions a Rich Crimson carpet had been Laid Down from the very Edge of the pavement right into the Church As far As the altar a Silken awning had also been erected under which bloomed a miniature Avenue of Palms and tropical Flowers. All eyes were turned upon me curiously As i stepped from my Carriage and entered the Chapel Side by Side with the Duke and murmurs of my vast wealth and one old Crone. Hideously ugly. Generosity were audibly whispered As i passed along. One old Crone hideously ugly but with Large dark piercing eyes the fading lamps of a lost Beauty chuckled and mumbled As she craned her Skinny Throat Forward to observe me More closely a Aye Aye the saints knew he need be Rich and generous Poveru Homo to till her Mouth. A Little red cruel Mouth always open that swallows Money like Macaroni and laughs at the suffering poor a that is bad bad Ile need be Rich to satisfy her Quot the Duke i Marina caught these words Ami glanced quickly at me but i but i affected not to have Hoard. Inside the Chapel there were a great number of people but my own invited guest not numbering More Titan Twenty or thirty were seated in the space apportioned to them near the altar which was divided from the Mere sightseers by Means of a Silken rope that crossed the aisle. I exchanged greetings with most of these persons and in return received theil congratulations then i walked with a Arm deliberate step up the High altar and there waited. The magnificent paintings on the wails round me seemed endowed with mysterious life a the grand Heads of saints and martyrs were turned upon me As though they demanded a must thou do this thing has thou no forgiveness Quot Aud Ever my Stern soul answered a nay if hereafter i Ain tortured in eternal flame for All Ages yet now now while i live i will be avenged a a bleeding Christ suspended on his Cross gazed at me reproachfully with Long enduring eyes of death Ful a eyes that seemed to say a to erring Man. That Tomc Neth thyself with passing passions shall not thine own end approach speedily a and what Comfort Wilt thou have in thy last hour a and inwardly i answered a none no slim of Consolation can Ever again lie mine no Joy save fulfilled revenge and this i will possess though the heavens should crack and the Earth split asunder for once a woman s treachery shall meet with punishment for once such strange uncommon Justice shall be done a and my spirit wrapped itself again in sombre meditative silence. The sunlight fell gloriously through the stained windows a the Blue Gold Crimson and Violet shafts of Daz radiance glittered in Lustrous flick ering patterns on the snowy whiteness of the Marble altar and Dowly softly majestically As though an Angel stepped Forward the sound of music stole on the incense Laden air. The unseen organist played a Sublime voluntary of pales Trinos and the round harmonious mites came falling gently on one another like crops from a Fountain trickling on flow ers. I thought of last wedding Day when i stood in this very place full of Hope intoxicated with love Aud Joy. When Guido Ferrari had been by Side and had drunk in for the poisoned draught and temptation from Tho loveliness of nov wife s face and form when i poor fool would As soon have thought that god could lie As that either of those whom i adored could play me false i Drew the wedding ring from my pocket and looked at it it was spa Klingly Bright mid appeared new. Yet it was old it was the very same ring i had drawn off my wife Slinger the Day before it had Only been burnished afresh by a skilled jeweller and showed no Mare Marks of Wear than if it had been to us Gutt that morning. The great Bell of the Cathedral boomed out eleven and As the last stroke swung from the Tower the Chapel doors were Flung More widely open then came the gentle Rustle of trailing Robes and turning i beheld my wife. She approached leaning lightly on the Arm of the old Chevalier Mancini who True to his creeds of gallantry had accepted the Post of paternal protector to the Bride on this occasion and i could not Well wonder at the Universal admiration that broke in suppressed murmurs from All assembled As this most fair masterpiece of the devils creation paced slowly and gracefully up the Isle. She wore a dress of clinging White velvet made with the greatest. Simplicity a lace veil priceless in value and Tine As Gossamer draped her from head to foot the jewels i had Given her flashed about her like Little scintillating Points of Light in her hair at her Waist on her breast and uncovered arms. Being As she deemed herself a widow 9he had no bridesmaids her train was held up by a handsome boy Clad in the purple and Gold costume of the sixteenth Century Page he was the youngest son of the Duke i Marina. Two tiny girls of five and six years of ago wont before her strewing White roses Aud lilies and stepping Dai utly backward As though in attendance on a Queen they looked like two fairies who had slipped out of a Midnight dream in their Little Loose gowns of Gold Coldred Plush with wreaths of Meadow daffodils on their tumbled curly hair. They had been Well trained by Nina herself for on arrival at the altar they stood demurely one on each Side of her the pretty Page occupying his place behind and still holding up the end of the velvet train with a charming air of hauteur and self complacency. The whole cortege was a picture in its Way As Nina had meant it to be she was fond of artistic effects. She smiled languishing upon me As she reached Tho altar and Sank on her Knees beside me in prayer. The music swelled Forth with redoubled grandeur the priests and acolytes appeared the marriage service commenced. As i placed Tho ring on the Book i glanced furtively at the Bride her fair Beati was Bent demurely she seemed absorbed in holy a meditations. Tile priest having performed the ceremony of sprinkling it with holy water i took it Back and set it for Tho second time on my wife s soft White Little hand set it in accordance with tile Catholic ritual first on the thumb then on the second Finger then on tile Cloird and lastly on the fourth where i left it in its old place wondering As i did so and murmured a in Nomine Patris it Filiti it spiritus Sanctis amen a whether she recognized it As the one she had worn so Long lint it was evident she did not a her Calin a Quot unbroken by even so much As a Start or a tremor sin had the self Possession of a perfectly satisfied Beautiful vain and utterly heartless woman. The actual ceremony of marriage was soon Over then followed the mass in which we the newly wedded pair were compelled in submission to Hie Rule of Tho Church to receive Hie sacrament. I shuddered As the venerable priest gave me the sacred Host. What had i to de with the inward purity and peace this memento of Christ is supposed to leave in our souls Methought tile crucified image in the Chapel regarded me afresh with those pained eyes and said. A even so Dost thou Seal thine own damnation a yet she the True murderess tile Arch liar received the sacrament with the face of a rapt Angels the very priest himself seemed touched by those upraised. Candid glorious eyes tile Sweet lips so reverently parted the absolute reliable peace that rested on that White brow like in Aureole round the head of a Saint a if i am damned then is she thrice damned a i said to myself recklessly. I dare say hell is wide enough for us to live apart when we get thus i consoled my conscience and turned resolutely away from the painted appealing faces on the Wall the faces that in their various expressions of sorrow resignation pain and death seemed now to of All pervaded by another look that of astonishment astonishment so i fancied that such a Man As i and such a woman As she could be found in the Width of Tho wide world and should to permitted to Kneel at gods altar without being struck dead for their blasphemy i a Good saints Well May you be astonished had you lived in our Day you must have endured worse martyrdom than tile Bolling Oil or the wrenching rack i what you suffered was the Mere physical pain of torn Muscles and scorching Llesh pain that at its worst could not last Loag but your souls were clothed with majesty and Power and wore glorious in the Light of love Faith Hope and Charity with All men. We have reversed the position you occupied. We have partly Learned and Are still learning How to take care of out dearly beloved bodies How to nourish and clothe Thorn Aud guard them from cold and disease but our souls Good saints the souls that with you were everything a these we Smirch. Burn and rack. Tor Ture Ann destroy these we stamp upon till we crush out god s image therefrom a these we spit and jeer at crucify and drown. There is Tho difference Between you the Strong and Wise of a fruitful Olden time and we the miserable puny weaklings of in sterile modern age. Had you Sweet St. Dorothy or fair child Saint Agnes lived in this Day you would have Felt something sharper than the executioner s sword for being Piglet you would have been dubbed the wors of women being prayerful you would have been called hypocrites being Faith you would have been suspected of All vileness being Loving you would have been mocked at More bitterly than the soldiers of Pontius Pilate mocked Christ Bot you would have been free free to indulge your own opinions for ours is the age of Liberty. Yet How much better for you to have died than Hae lived till now absorbed in strange half morose half speculative fancies i scarcely heard the close of the solemn service. I was roused by a delicate touch from my wife and i woke As it were with a Start to hear the sonorous crashing chords of the wedding Raasch in Lohengrin thundering through the air. Ail was Over a my wife was mine indeed mine most thoroughly. Mine by the exceptionally close tied knot of a double marriage a mine to do As i would with a still death should us How Long i gravely mused How Long before death could come to do us this great service and Straightway i began counting counting certain spaces of time that must elapse before. I was still absorbed in this mental arithmetic even while i mechanically offered my Arm to my wife As we entered the vestry to sign our names to the marriage Register. So occupied was i in my calculations that i nearly caught myself murmuring certain numbers aloud. I checked this and recalling my thoughts by a Strong Effort i strove to appear interested and delighted As i walked Down the aisle with my Beautiful Bride through the ranks of admiring and eager spectators. On reaching the outer doors of the Chapel several Flower girls emptied their full and fragrant baskets at our feet and in return i bade one of my servants distribute a bag of coins i had brought for the purpose knowing from former experience that it would be needed to tread across such a Heap of Flowers required some care Many of the blossoms clinging to Nina Strain a we therefore moved Forward slowly. Just As we had almost reached the Carriage a Young girl with Large laughing eyes set like flashing jewels in Lier soft Oval face threw Down in my path a Cluster of red roses. A sudden fury of impotent passion possessed me and i crushed my Heel instantly and savagely upon the Crimson blossoms stamping upon them again and again so violently that my wife raised her delicate eyebrows in amazement and the pressing people who stood round us shrugged their shoulders and gazed at one another with looks of utter bewilderment while the girl who had thrown them shrank Back in terror her face paling As she murmured a Tsantis Siuila Madonna in a Paura a i bit my lips with vexation inwardly cursing the weakness of my own behaviour. I laughed lightly in answer to Nina s unspoken half alarmed inquiry. A it is nothing a Mere fancy of mine. A Ash in a Ai a a it i v in a a i i a sudden fury. I hate red roses they look to me like human blood in Flower a she shuddered slightly. A what a horrible idea How can you think of such a thing a i made no response but assisted her into the Carriage with elaborate care and Courtesy then entering it myself we drove together Back to the hotel where the wedding breakfast awaited us. This is always a feast of general uneasiness and embarrassment everywhere even in the sunny pleasure Loving South every one is glad when it is Over and when the flowery unmeaning speeches and exaggerated compliments Are brought to a fitting Aud Happy conclusion. Among my assembled guests All of whom belonged to the Best and most distil gushed families in Naples Thoro was a pervading atmosphere of undoubted chilliness the women were Dull being rendered jealous of Hie brides Beauty Aud the Richness of Lier White velvets and jewels the men were constrained and could scarcely Force themselves into even the appearance of cordially a they evidently thought that with snob wealth As mine i would have done much better to remain a Bachelor. Iii truth italians and especially neapolitan a by no Means enthusiastic concerning the suppositions Joys of marriage. They Are Apt to shake their Heads and to look upon it As a misfortune rather than a Blessing. A a la Altaro Ella Tomba dolls Traore a is a very common saying with us and very commonly believed. It was a Relief to us All when we Rose from the splendidly appointed table and separated for a few hours. We Wero to meet a lie at the bail which was fixed to commence at nine of clock in Tho evening. The Cream of the event was to be tasted then a the final toasting of the Bride was to take place then a then there would be music mirth and dump Iii and All the splendour of almost Royal Rev amp iry. A Scortea my wire with formal Courtesy to a splendid apartment which had been prepared for her for she had As she told me Many things to do a As for instance to take off her bridal Robes to study every detail of her wondrous Ball costume for the night and to superintend her maid in the packing of her trunks for the next Days journey. The next Day i smiled grimly. ,. I wondered How she would enjoy her trip then i kissed her hand with Hie most profound respect Aud left her to repose to refresh and prepare herself for the Brilliant festivity of the evening. Our marriage customs Are not As coarse As those of some countries a bridegroom in Italy thinks it scarcely decent to persecute his Bride with either his presence or his caresses As soon As the Church has made her his. In the contrary if ardent he restrains his Ardour a he forebears to intrude he strives to keep up the illusion the Rose coloured Light or rather Mist of love As Long As possible and he has a Wise instinctive dread of becoming Over familiar Well knowing that nothing kills Romance so swiftly and surely As the Bare Blunt prose of close and constant proximity. And i like other gentlemen of my rank and class gave my twice wedded wife her Liberty a the last hours of Libery she would Ever know. I left her to Busy herself with the trifles she Best loved trifles of dress and personal adornment for which Many women barter away their souls peace and Honor and divest themselves of the last shred of right and honest principle merely to outshine others of their own sex and sow broadcast heart burnings Petty envies mean hatreds and contemptible spites where if they did but choose there might be a widely different Harvest it is easy to understand the feelings of Marie Stuart when she arrayed herself in her Best garments for Ber execution it was simply the heroism of supreme vanity the desire to fascinate if possible the very headman. One can understand any Beautiful woman being As Brave As she. Harder than death itself would it have seemed to her had she been compelled to appear on the scaffold looking hideous. She was resolved to make the most of her charms so Loller As life lasted. I thought of that Sweet lipped luscious siniling Queen As i parted Tram my wife for a few Brief hours Royal Aud deeply injured lady though she was. She merited her Fate for she was treacherous there can be no doubt of heat. Yet most people Reading Lier history pity Lier. I know not wily. It is strange that so much of the worlds sympathy is wasted on false women i strolled into ode of the Broad logged of the hotel from whence i could see a portion of the Piazza Del Popolo and lighting a Cigar i la rely watched the frolics of the it we the customary fooling proper to the Lay was going on and no detail of it seemed to pall on the Good natured easily amused Folk who must have seen it ail so often before. Much laughter was being excited by the remarks of a Vendor of Quick medicines who was talking with extreme solubility to a number of gaily dressed girls and fishermen. I could not distinguish his words but i judged he was Selling Tho a a elixir of love a from his absurd amatory gestures an elixir compounded no doubt of a Little harmless eau tossed on the Breeze trumpets prayed Drums beat improvisatory Twan ged their guitars and mandolins loudly to attract attention and failing Iii their efforts swore at each other with the utmost Jovia Lity and heartiness Flower girls Aud lemonade Sellers made the air ring with their conflicting cries now f and then a Shower of Chalky confetti flew out from adjacent windows dusting with White powder the Coats of the passers by clusters of Flowers tied with favours of Gay coloured ribbon were lavishly Flung at the feet of Bright eyed peasant girls who rejected or accepted them at pleasure with Light words of Bandit amp be or playful repartee clowns danced and tumbled dogs barked Church Bells clanged and through All the waving Wodtli of Colour and movement crept Tho miserable shrinking forms of diseased and Loath by beggars whining for a Soldo and Clad in rags that barely covered their halting withered limbs. It was a scene to bewilder the brain Aud Dazzil the eyes and i was just turning away from it out of sheer fatigue when a sudden cessation of movement in the swaying whirling crowd and a slight hush caused me to look out once More. I perceived the cause of the momentary stillness a funeral cortege appeared moving at a slow and solemn Pace As it passed across Tho Square Heads were uncovered and women crossed themselves devoutly. Like a Black shadowy Snake it coiled through the mass of shifting color and brilliance a another moment and it was gone. The depressing effect of its appearance was soon effaced the merry crowds resumed their thousand and one freaks and Folly their shrieking laughing and dancing Aud All was As before. Why not the dead Are soon forgotten none know that better than i leaning my arms lazily on the Edgo of the Balcony i finished smoking my Cigar. That glimpse of death in the midst of life had filled me with a certain satisfaction. Strangely enough my thoughts began to Busy themselves with the old modes of torture that used to be Legal and that after All. Were not so unjust when practice upon persons professedly vile. For instance the Iron Collin of Lissay that ingeniously contrived Box in which the criminal was bound fast hand and foot and then was forced to watch the huge lid descending slowly slowly slowly half an Inch at a time till at last its ponderous weight crushed into a Fiat Aud mangled mass Hie writhing wretch within who had for Long agonized hours watched death steadily approaching. Suppose that i had such a coffin now i stopped my train of reflection with a slight shudder. No no she whom i sought to punish was so Lovely such a soft col mud. Witching. Gracious body slowly slowly slowly. Though tenanted by a wicked soul a sue should keep her Beauty i would not destroy that i would be satisfied with my plan As Alro adv devised. I threw away the end of my smoked out Cigar and entered my own rooms. Calling Vincenzo who was now resigned and even eager to go to Avellino i gave him my final instructions and placed in his charge the Iron Cash Box which unknown to him contained 12,000 francs in notes and Gold. This was the last Good action i could do it was a sufficient sum to set him up As a Well to do Farmer and fruit grower in avel Lino with Liila and Hee Little dowry combined. He also carried a Seal letter to to Signora Monti which i told him she was not to open till a week had elapsed this letter explained the contents of the Box and my wishes concerning it it also asked the Good woman to Send to the Villa Romani for Assunta and her helpless charge poor old paralysed Giacomo and to tend the latter As Well As she could till his death which i knew could not be far off. I had thought of everything As far As could already foresee peaceful Home there Little Mountain town Monte Virgine. Lilia and Vincenzo would wed i knew Signora Monti and Assunta would console each other with their past memories and in the tending of Lilian a children for some Little time perhaps they would talk of me Aud wonder sorrow Lily where i had gone then gradually they would forget me even As i desired to be forgotten. Yes i had done All i could for those who hat never wronged me. I had acquitted myself of my debt to Vincenzo for his affection and Fidelity the rest of my Way was Clear. I had no More to do save the one thing the one deed which had clamoured so Long for accomplishment. Revenge like a beckoning ghost had led me on step by step for Many weary Days and months which to me had seemed cycles of suffering but now it pause. It faced me. And turning its blood red eyes upon my soul said a strike a possible and i what a Happy would be in the guarded by the chapter xxxv. I. A of tip he Ball opened b r i 11 i Antly. The rooms were magnificently decorated and the soft Lustre of a thousand lamps shone on a scene of splendor almost befitting the court of a King. Some of the Sta Eliest Nobles in All Italy were present their breasts glittering with jewelled orders and ribbons of honour some of the loveliest women to be seen anywhere in the world flitted across the polished floors like poets dreams of the gilded sylphs that haunt Rivers and fountains by Moonlight. Hut the fairest where All were fair Peerless in the exuberance of her triumphant vanity and in the absolute faultless Ness of her delicate charms was my wife a the Bride of the Day the heroine of the night. Never had she looked so Surpas singly Beautiful and i even i Felt my pulse beat quicker and the blood course More hotly through my veins As i beheld her Radiant victorious Aud smiling a veritable Queen of the fairies As Dainty As a drop of Dew As piercing to the Eye As a Flash of Light Lier dress was some wonderful mingling of misty lace with the Sheen of Satin and glimmering showers of Pearl diamonds glittered on her bodice like sunlight on White foam the brigand s jewels flashed gloriously on her round White Throat and in her tiny Shell like ears while the masses of her Gold hair were coiled to the top of her Small head and there caught by a priceless circlet of Rose brilliants brilliants that i Well remembered they had belonged to my Mother. Yet More Lustrous than the Light of the gems she wore was the deep ardent glory of Lier Oyes dark As night and Luminous As stars More delicate than the filmy Robes that draped her was the pure Pearl like whiteness of her neck which was just Sutlic gently displayed to be Graceful without suggesting immodesty. For italian women do not uncover their bosoms for the casual inspection of strangers As is the custom of their English and German Sisters they know Well enough that any lady venturing to Wear a Deeo lotto dress would find it impossible to obtain admittance to a court Ball at the Palazzo Quirin Aio. She would be looked upon As one of a questionable class and no matter How High her rank and station would run the risk of ejection from the doors As on one occasion did unfortunately happen to an English Peerless who ignorant of italian customs went to an evening reception in Rome arrayed in a very Low bodice with straps instead of sleeves. Her remonstrances Wero vain she was politely but firmly refused admittance though told she mighty Ain her Point by changing her costume which i believe she wisely did. Borne of the grades Dames present at the Ball that night wore dresses the like of which Are Seldom or never seen out of Italy Robes sown with jewels and thick with wondrous embroidery such As have been handed Down from generation to generation through hundreds of years. As an example of this lbs Duchess of Marinius doth of Gold train to lie continued

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