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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - July 14, 1891, San Antonio, TexasT b. Johnson Eto Netar Ajmo us Kurai. In re leu at the Post at san Auto i x , As second Hail matter. Tub Lieut in the Herod la Cam Papuk published in tbxa8. Rates. Daily per so Dally per year.6. Of delivered by mail or Caus web him. Weekly. Q so weekly. 1 year. subscribers not recon omit their paper will make la the Olf co. Subscribers Aro warned not to pay their subscription upon presentation of a properly re Aai Ted Bill from this office. Advertising rates. 1 of 4 m t s the wheat is coming out of tue Panhandle of Texas la Long trains and the fort Smith Aud lilo Grande is Novang the Hulk of it. A. Few years More and Texas will Load the states u wheat. This dry weather is shr Velling up he Tomato vines and Eque Ezine the Sioe out of the Watermelon. As mall Etlou of that Iowa Down pour would e acceptable. Chicago s new Gas company makes a maximum rate of 75 cents per 1000 or illuminating pm and 40 cents for Tiel Gas. The natural article hug no value of account of oversupply. If Secretary Foster simplifies mat ers in the Treasury department to vill have carried into effect a needed of Orr. Red tape ties that depart ment into a double twisted hard allot. per men rat in Hoo 7i cents por Inch Ench subsequent in station. Trustees sales f 1 00 por Inch first insertion 55 fonts ouch insertion afterwards. Roi Long editorial Page 26 cants per . Tooalo Olani com Zuibi 6 Conte Artel first Wosic. Special rate on 50 at 1w Unes running v a month Homo Raya olo in the Iret of Trane Lont payable id Only Metal cat a Rantej. Tate riven on larger aul ions -.uiivivettlaeiiwatb. Ditto Cut Tor Roasli it 6tate Antl county off Loei is dollars in Lavanco ont Raobb or club Nett be up Piovet by and u Nna acpt. To Cost Tom of Janis ail ror this paper inc mail be by Tho Namo of Tecc Luthor. Not or Publ Lemon but As eve Jenoe of Nooi Altti on Tso am of inn writer. Write Oul in one soda of the Pauer. In a Plain band. To Fayrioue will not 1 Light will Noi to Lesoon Oblo Tor Tho of its Lorre Eimm cents an to our Eastern advertisers All for Iho rally Aud week y giant must come to us Tiro Nirali our special agents messes. Palmer 233 235 the Siplo court. New York j tuk3day. July 14, 1891. Worst eur Viies of the Texas railway commission will not accuse them of having a soft snap Thi weather. Because the Prince of Wales plays Baccarat and swims with a fast set it toes not necessarily follow that he Las 110 knowledge of Al air. Albert Ici Ward is i Mau of very varied in formation and whoever picks him up or an ignoramus will make a Jerreat mint Nike the Mabou cartels Are petting armed All around the Roost for their conduct at Ludiana Olis. The warm Iii comes from South Ern journals who do not endorse such ool unties under any circumstances. South kits democrats ure afraid of Tom Reed with Mills or Crisp in the speaker s chair and cry for a Northern Democrat. Tom is a holy terror to democrats. The Texas Alliance is split politically Aud unless it the Taok track it will be split every other Way food be boy oud Power of restoration i Iio Lulu lube Ling at fore Turtu demonstrates this and the Arroix Smout of the Alliance leaders in ado in unit meeting Aud the charges preferred with demand Lor Reform present food for serious reflow thou. The Adco has travelled a ions ways from Homo and departed very far from the path originally marked out by the leaders. They must repent return to their first love and do their first works Over again or the whole move ment will go by the Hoard. The reputed Telegram from Bur Harbor in saturday s Galveston news picturing Jam of Illano a rap idly sinking and surrounded with doctors his memory gone and Luald intervals rare is All Hon i. Blaino reads thu newspaper hours of very Day eats Aud bleeps Aud drives from 15 to 20 Miles daily. He is not he is riot near death s door and he confidently experts to return to his Post in Washington in the fall. And Granite monuments latest Desi Jub. 6 0 of now is the time the Trinity navigation company of Dallas a organized with capital they will a Over Jav Lutr into a water Supply for Dallas. The Washington Star says that Fred. Douglas ambition is satisfied and that he no farther designs on Hayti it in generally believed attn South that Tho Southern cadets made n big mistake when they went Coon Hunting in Indianapolis. West Elsas press association a 111 session at Haird. A warm Welcome Aud a col session is the worst wish the Light has for you boys. The imported eloquence in the King murder trial it Memphis did not save the defendant from a verdict of murder in the Glrst degree. Nebraska was knocked out in last election Hee Ause the Reub Lioata were not in line. This year they Are learn lug Wisdom by the errors of the past Texas railway commission is earn ing All it gets this hoc weather. If senator Reagan had any idea of what he was coming to he must have hunkered for a hot weather Job. Candidate for governor of Iowa is a Farmer who tills his own Broad acres and derives wealth from Hia land. He a not an agricultural politician much less n political agriculturist but he will be next governor of town. Those French Ivar ships so soon to take apart in the Chili unpleasant Ness Are formidable vessels and will prove a great card for Balmac Eila. The insurgents Are not booked to Vin. Galveston Aud with Lauae Over her position As the third Zottou port in America. With deep water she would both be Calm big of second place. Him. And Gray against Tho Lovo Laud Field appears to be Tho pro gramme among the Antl Grover Tes. I the strongest the democracy can. Nike. It lays one hand on new Yore and a other of Indiana Aud Wil cause the republicans no end of Hust hug to keep them in Republican line the new murderers deserve death under the Law and under the Law they wore put to death without any unnecessary cruelty and in very private Way. With this fact the Public who Boli ovoid the death pen Alt should be Satin Ted. France Aud Russia Are not Likely to to uninterested or complaisant of Kaiser William s , reception Aud utter ances in England. It looks too much As thou Gli England was a party of of the first part in that offensive Dreiband treaty for Franco ant Russia to keep Cool Over the matter. Salisbury will be asked for a definite answer As to the Dale of British evacuation of a Fyt and the rus Sian Bear will prepare to Lay his Paw on the Porte. William is playing a deep gite and to n Mau across the Poud in looks an though to had drawn Tho Over John b s eyes very effectually. Tub St. Louis Globe Democrat Terc a sentiment echoed by thous ads of republicans in every state of 16 Union when in says we Hope tha stories Are not True High say that Secretary Foster has uttered into a political Dicker with eueral Jia Ater Workman Powderly u regard to the plate printers who Ere discharged by the Luef of urea of engraving and printing he Republican parly can not afford o have anything co do with powder y in his representative disastrous As the result would be o the country it would be better for he Repp Lonu party that it should Ulfer defeat by unholy combination Ather than secure Victory by any Urr Euder of party integrity. In Thea be the party Curmon afford to be Liet ated to by outsiders. To make Money in buy ing property. The following list is Only a Small por Tion of the Many Fine bargains now be ing offered by Jno. T. Co real estate agents office at no. 4 East Commerce Street three very Large lots of government Hill one half Block fro i car three room cottage on Austin Street lot 57 1-2x145 feet. Five acres on san Antonio River suite japanese a i Shutco Jure for of whatever Luil or Inoru in Blind or Blued Muir itchy do. Chronic acct it or Elfrod Lenry. 1 has Hau Novor Bosn known to full. Box. Of bots for s3 suit by mail prepaid on re Colpton a written onaran positively Given o Ono i pure baser of 6 boxes Ubea purchased it och Elmo to refund the paid if not cured. Cur Nutto untied Ivy a. Dress wholesale and retail druggist Sale afro. San Antonio a fros. Health is wealth , will be nominated by the democrats As their candidate for governor of Ohio and Campbell Wil f he beaten by the republicans who have nominated for their candidate. Of these two facts there is no reasonable doubt. Ble for convenient to Street car line. Seven room House on Elmira Street stable water works Etc. Or. E. 0. West s nerve am Bhain Tii eat Nigist a guarantee for hysteria dizziness. Convulsions file nervous neuralgia Hon Manchu nervous prostration Conseil by Tho use of filch l or tobacco mental depression. S Fet Nink of the brain result aug in insanity Natl leading to misery decay Iii i Reini attire old age Bare Tiesa of Power in either Bax. Involuntary losses and nausea by of Tho brain self a Brae or Over indulgence each lion contains one month s treatment. St.00 u Box or six for sent by mail pre paid on receipt of Price. We guarantee six boxes to cure Auy with Cutcli order received by i us for six Tio xes accompanied with s5.00, two Bouses of Blum Street renting we Send the purchaser our written guarantee tier ii Ingitti Tore Piid a if tin treatment does not Tor 5x40. Mouti. Litcht azure. Gnu Trantum issued Only by House of six rooms with Bath. To a Rpy store sold arts. 8e, col Meuce St., ban Antonio 52x160011 Street Bouse almost new. New House of six rooms of Chestnut Street. Lot 66x140 feet. I Ine piece of improved property on i North i Lores Street. Lot is Otso feet this is a bargain. I g. W. Embry electrician. St Lontes Nicu Tor wiring House for in descent lights electric Ziells. Burglar a desirable piece of property on Avenue alarms mods of electric i Cal instruments ill reasonable rates. James g. is Noc sick Wilh Brights disease to says his Medici attendant. His nerves Are All 1111 Strung and his eyes weak and his strength reduced. He is resting Reading sleeping Riding and eating Well. He himself says he is gaining strength. Can the Alliance cast out from its to much the Devil of parti politics Aud survive the operation it will rend it sore to do so. And yet this is its Only salvation. Judicial killing if h Means Auy thing Means an attempt on the Par of the state to deter from crime. The More silent awful and rays Orion Itiat killing can he made Tho More certainly will it effect the attempted object. Public hanging was found to familiarize with crime Aud private choking to death was resorted to. Tho hemp was found useless As r de errant and the electric Shock is re lolled to. It also Wylli fall. Judicial i Liing Novor did and never vent illegal murder. The White Money democrats Are endeavouring to convince themselves that Hill is a free Silver advocate. David Lias not yet tuned his Harp for the Public ear on that subject. Any attempt to connect Bardsley with the Republican politics of Phila Delphia or Pennsylvania will Neces Sally fail. Bardsley was the Buoi Ness men s candidate and As such he was elected. Quo web s gang have served notice on governor Pattison b friends Noi to allow that gentleman s name to come before the National democratic they will sup sorrow a Bluff game like that will not win even in a democratic Council. The now Orleans times Democrat and the new Orleans daily item Aro making a heroic tooth and toe Nail fight Lor the lottery company not so much for the company s Sake As for the to the levee sys Tara of the there a reason in their course out not much How of Success. The River scutes and Gulf states Are not stuck on Cleveland s record in River and Harbor legislation. He has always been unfriendly to such Bills and had he Boon he would have vetoed the levee Bill and the Galveston Hill. Of this there is no reasonable doubt As he went out of his Way in recent speech Tode Noumi the Republican party its extra a Ganclin appropriating of River and Harbor improvement. Of of this the South go in two items but a Republican president did not veto the Bill Reliance ice factory Ioe Ari Keu Pool. G. A Luedde mgr. 1. The new Orleans Republican com menting on Parker Sou fourth of july speech at Blooml Agton Iii., and his expressed astonish Stit at the absence of All sectional feelings on the Parton the North counsels Parker Sou As follows or. is a Young Mau and the lesson which has come to him should be religiously transmitted to Nis Young associate sin this City. He should Tell them that the Clarge of sectional ism made against the people of the North is untrue. That when to eulogized Lee Aud Stonewall Jackson he heard to hisses but applause. That when he innocently spoke of his undying patriotism Aud sadly referred to the loss of re Limond no fault was found. Indeed he ought to toll his Young friends that they Are living in a country of Prosperity and pro Gress. That he is sure that the War is Over and that All there charges made by the Southern democratic press against the people of the u or til Are not Only false but Mal Cious Aud for the sole Aud exclusive purpose of continuing Aud strengthen ing Southern feeling for political Pur or. Parkerson is not the Only South pm Democrat who has gone North expecting to find sectional ism and bitterness toward the South and returned honestly declaring that the North and forgotten All about Tho War and hat the South a Louo was Poppet at us the old time animosity. Major Tewart. Of Austin father of the con federate Home paid ample and pm via tic testimony to this fact on his return from new York and new ii to whore he was so eminently mull in interesting Northern Aid or Texas Confederate Home and which Aid was prevented solely by he Georgia resolutions to accept no Northern Aid for Southern Homes. It is to be hoped that Parker Sou being inverted will Taoh his Brethren the gospel of peace As he Learned it in . A can be bought cheap. A Fine Corner on Avenue c near hous ton Street. Two lots of Buena Vista Street Cou vecient to Street car. Fine Block of 12 lots on to Iii Hill. Large lot 8072x340 feet on in Tali and Rock Quarry Road. Elegant two Story House 10 rooms with All modern improvements Cost class neighbourhood Aud centrally located. Five room House stable lot 55 1-2 x 150 feet a few Steps from car line. 170 acres Fine land 11 Miles from sail Antonio on Goliad Road 70 acres in cultivation Good House 4 rooms 200 Bear ing peach Trees. 422 acres farming land in Hays and Coucal counties 10 Miles from san mar cos 4 room House never failing Spring 40 Yards from House school and Post office half mile from place. With Wagner Chabot Commerce and Nav Auko its. David Kirkwood sanitary Engineer Aud plumber 11 s. Alamo 8t. Telephone 440. Modern sanitary i mumbling a specially. N. Kirk Vood employees Only Oxner encode plumbers mid consequently Troio with nil the requirements of modern plumbing for Litao Limiac. This is a Bull Ciotti guar Natco of Host Ola a or. 6-2o-3rn will buy a Handset not cottage residence of 7 room with Bath Stablo Carriage Voiiso Chick in House Wood House Etc. Hydrant water Large lot with line Shade Trees and shrubbery. New Nat and clean about four blocks from military Plaza. Will rent easily us40.00 a month. Ii-17 of . Ron it co. A. Battaglia boots and shoes ladles Onu gents Fine shoes to order. Run Mirling neatly Dono at lowest Ratts la the Lcuy. 2-25 Alamo the daily Light is ouly cd gents a month delivers this is the Seefri orator that will not grow Damp and spoil your food with a bad odor causing sickness Etu. The self cleaning North ask our customers How they like Star there Are hundreds in the City. Our prices Are the lowest. Ii fill i go House furnishes Houston Street. La Grippe again. During the epidemic of la Grippe last or Ison or. King s now discovery or consumption. Annalis and colds proved to be the Best remedy. Reports from Ibe. Ninny Vivio used it confirm this statement. They were not Only quickly relieved but the disease left no bad after results. We ask Yon to give this remedy u. Trial and in guarantee that Yon will be satisfied with results or Trio Purchase Price will be refunded. It has no equal in a Trippo or any Throat Chester lung trouble. Trial free at Dreiss Thompson co s do store. Largo bottles pi.00. 7-h-Lin s Bucklen s Arnica Salve. The Best Salve in Tho world for cuts bruises Soros ulcers Salt Rheum Tot Ter chapped hands chilblains corns and All Akin and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to Alvo perfect satisfaction or Wiley refunded. Price 25 cents per Box. For Sale by All druggists. Drops a. Thomp son it co s wholesale. An Antonio offers unparalleled advantages to the Home seekers. A location of surprising loveliness climate unequalled for purity and Healthfulness warm open Winters and Cool delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street railway of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved streets and Beautiful suburban avenues and drives excellent Public schools and churches of every denomination All com Bining to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home on the continent. It Lesseps. Lohn Hamble on co. I

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