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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - July 11, 1891, San Antonio, TexasLug is a Bilokur Man turn Din care to boo and not so Nick us Hon. An in. Jib Iii Uuk 1j i Iii. N prove tent of a marked character is sax Antonio Llu it i a pushing co. Most devout la desired. T b. Johnson. Secretary Ano trim Oer in shed at the Post Ofick at san Anio is tiap. As second class Maii matter. 53" tue by ukr 15 tub Only daily be pub can paint pct Shep is Texas. Scb3cjript10n hates. Dally per 5o Dally Par year.5. Of Dilly sued i mail on Oakrie prob. Wae toy. 6 so weekly. 1 year. their Papor will "00. Sut Alp to to kept upon presentation of a properly i subscribers not men pm Ufeo in Tho office. Subsoil s arc warned not to pay Thor subscript Lou be ipod Bill trom this of Loco. Advertising rates. S5" i sole 4 left a advertisements per Mott Flat la 75 it Nta per lob Obaob subsequent in Morilon. Trustees Salea Al 00 per Lac first in Partlon 23 cents ooh insertion afterwards. Matter editorial Page 24 cents per local oof mrs 20 Yenta nut 10 of Nib Flat week it cents after ural Wmk. Special on 60 and 100 lines Jim Nanji Mont ii lome advert is am an la payable the Glrst of month. Transient advertising payable in Only Metal outs printed. Jino Raies Given on larger Bubos Long to advertisements. Also Junt Given or Tor state and of envy officers dollars in Navane a Tram or Billie Mai of approved by and u Anu for. To cohrk8fondent8 411 oomirin.nl05hnns for Tula paper Aronld be by the name of author no for As evidence of Roslta on the pare of the writer. Write on la one Side of the Pauer in a Plain hand. An int Nob will not be noticed. The ii out trill not be reflow Onalle for the state nit of its Osnes Bondeau. To our Eastern advertisers. All advertising for the Dally and week j Elf the must come to us thro uru our agents messes. Palmer key 2 to 235 Temple court. New York. Saturday. July 11, 1891. Houston boasts of the Flat Bale of the journal that Lidin or the sup port of Tho manufacturing classes in its Prospe Tim and Zurh to the apostles of Protection in its editorial columns must have epilepsy of Tho understand ing. The Itata has paid her Hue Cou against herself for violation of the navigation Laws. She denies violation of tie neutrality Lawa and will defend herself in the u. S. Courts. There is to doubt that Ahe has a Good margin for doubt Aslo this charge and May be declared not guilty. Mayor Oal Vatou vetoes Acta of Council that he is cordially in sympathy with because the action has not been taken in strict conformity to Law the mayor in of the right tracs. Keep to the Law if it starts a team in the Council Toga. The Galveston trl Bute continues to Manifest a painful interest in thai second prize taken at Indianapolis by the Bel Tiapa Aud a decided Lack of knowledge concerning that third prize taken by the Bealby of calves ton. That Jar love election seems to have knocked Parnell s crowd cold Aud left them discouraged Aud Dis heartened. Parnell himself seems to Lear nothing Aud hear nothing. To will Endeavor to Lead oven though he has no followers. The ii Dux of aus tin has not oven Tho Grade of decency in its misrepresentations of Secretary Hla lne. In dive Mobutu truthfully Piid , and Luoius anole and without any consciousness of lib a asininity of Tho slain Bays a. Dok gation the chilian insurgents live found their Way to our National capital. When it was Learned that they had a few Embair slug questions to pro Pound our nation s prove Rumbut s Secretary of state Lay sick of a fever. Krom a diagnosis it is made known that the fever Irum which the honorable Secretary suffers is Hie direct result of a Sudson attack of diplomatic the Index was no compulsion to lie and yet it does so with malice prep us having everything to lose and nothing to Gaiu thereby. The Index was not Neceski Tantod to make an Asa of itself and yet it Goss out of its Way to do so showing that while claiming to speak for the manufacturing clues it does not under stand the alphabet of manufacturing policy. Had i l so understood it certainly would not have endeavoured to bring Tho great apostle of reciprocity into ridicule. Lat kit paste users from bring news of the terrible Straits to Wiloh the insurgents Are reduced. The soldiers Are without pay Tho Fleet without Tho officers without resources Aud. The end Dis Aster. Columns of the red or Gray grate and All kinds of build ing Rock work at co. C 6 u Uncle will see no occasion for regretting the strict neutrality he has preserved in Chili matters. Recognition of the lawful government was All that was within his province. Now is the time Hon. John Boon mixed Wanamaker has not up in the Keystone Bank crookedness so far As is known to the Public the valve Stop Tribune to the contrary notwithstanding. When to is so found the Light s pre diction that he will step Down Aud out will be verified. To make4 Money in buy ing property. The following list is Only a Small por Tion of the Many Fine bargains now be ing offered by Jno. T. Hambleton co real estate agents office at no. 4 japanese cure a Gnor Gutco cure for piles of whatever kind or Lul Yuul Blind or blend Luis Lac link. Chro Iio. Recent or hereditary. I ids Kimny Lias positively known to i at. Inbox. G a oxen for aunt by mall prepaid on receipt of Cloe. T. Written in Frau of Lvii o Perioli purchaser of g Jox to Imp cams he at one time to refund tie paid if not cured. Guarantee issued by a. Uris i wholesale and retail druggist sole agt., san Antonio Texas health is wealth Commerce Street . West s nerve and treat want Agu Arauto Bye Eifler. For hysteria. Neas convulsions fits. Nervous neuralgia my Stead Che. No Rona prostration caused by the three very Large lots on government Soof tobacco Wake nuties mental the Laredo Gat City to inks that the ii out overdrawn the Mark when it says that Olty is in the Days of its forgets to state Xhavit Wai desolation. A uhf grown in Bough War j Hopes that it 13 As the Gate City i imagines Lor it would rather be the consensus of Opi Muu is to at wrong than right in this matter but the men who Orit Cine ii Papapi most patronize them san Antonio rms Tuuu l 0110 found of All Tho electric railway mileage of the state. Information comes from reliable Busi Ness men in the Gate cily fetid has weight. The Cyclone seams to linger lovingly around the edges of a though loth to depart. Kentucky democrats Are by no Means sanguine Lection in that not so much damage As was feared and very Little loss of life resulted from the late blow in the Gulf. E is not a it. Whai business has St. Louis monkeying with a Chi Cago show any Way. With Wheeler Aud Van Houton the Iowa republicans Are booked to win. Boies cannot rope in enough voters to break the combination. Kour Louisiana parishes declare in favor of a third party candidate and will antagonize the regular democratic nomination. The san Diego Bun announces its policy Auti thief anti raid anti criminal of every class and nails its colons to the Sanctum door. Bardsley s sentence in worse than electrocution and by the Watne Token it is a greater Crimo to wreck the finances of a Community than it is to take a a Mimi Jitich wreckage May deprive hundreds of All that makes life enjoyable and perhaps endurable. Illinois has a registry Lawance the voters who fail to Register Are the first ones who Are liable Lor jury duty and until the unregistered Coli Zingoni is exhausted the registered men can not be drawn As jurors. Mexico is not Over any reported revolution of her Borders the Republic Over the Rio Grande is doing business at Tho old stand in vexed by fear undisturbed by news paper canards. Pepper unnecessarily persists ii that he knows nothing of finance and has not oven a bowl acquaintance with the Silver question the demonstration of this fact is a1 ready conclusive. St. Louis is Likely to secure the meeting of the democratic National convention and St. Louia is the place where Defeated democratic president Are nominated. Mcpherson of new Jersey a aspirations for the empty Honor of nomination to the presidency on to democratic ticket. His first name de urls Aud does not count. Of carrying the b a o against the lord party. Chickens Are returning o the Bomp roosts. Whatever shouting the Republic aus May have to do Over the election returns from Kentucky if any will ome with a better Grace and a More Ertain sense of Security after there rub Are in than just now. One half the troops Aud All the a Illery and cavalry at Austin eur amp meet will come from sail Auto to. What a tool move not to locate he Encampment Here. The late reports of the hard lines of he Chili insurgents come from Pas Eggers lately arrived in this country rom the seat of War. They Are not garbled or doctored cablegram from either Side. Reporters speak hat they do know Aud testify that which they have seen. With the death of Tho Rev. Charles Spurgeon the English non conform its will lose their Moat conspicuous Rire Achor and writer. He has been called the of England but fell fathoms Short of Lilling the Ila co in his Day and generation Chat the great Plymouth preacher did. The Corpus caller thinks it entire y too Early in the Day for Milla to be Gin to hedge of the speakers hip Aud Cousido is the texan s chances Good against the Field. Mills knows How the oppo Aitio clans Are mustering acid if he cannot see his Way Clear to distance the Field proposes to name Tho Winner. Kaio Metal 1 rides. From Iron. Thu rarest it is to Raro that recent discoveries Hreve thrown doubt of its elemental i Damium Aud its prese it Market Price if one May thus term the quota Tion of an article not on the Market is per Pound. The next costliest Metal is barium an element belong ing to the alkaline Earth group Ita value is very line or Gluck Uusi a to tall substance found in Tho Beautiful Beryl is quoted at yttrium a Raro Metal of the Boron Alumit Ujj group to called because first noticed at Otterby in Sweden is stated to be Worth at present per Pound. Niobium or Colu Meium a name suggestive of the american origin of Tho Metal it having been Llast discovered in Connecticut is valued today at per Pound. The Price of rhodium an extremely hard and Brittle substance which owes Ita name to Tho Rose col or of certain of its solution a Vanadium deriving its title trom one of toe appellations of the scandinavian goddess Freya and at one to lie c Side red the rarest of metallic elements has Beau reduced in Price to at which Valu there will no doubt to Many eager buyers. Iridium a very heavy Metal of the Platinum group so named from the irl Deseree of some of its solutions Aud Well known in connection with its use for Tho Points Oti Gold pens May be bought today at approximately per Pound. Osmium another element of the Plati num group a hard i fusible and the heaviest substance known. Its Pound fusible Metal used in Tho manufacture of Hill one half Block from car three room cottage of Austin Street lot 57 1-2x145 feel. Five acres on Sau Aii Toivio Suita ble for Subedi Tsiou convenient to Street car Hue. Seven room House on Lilu Ira Street stable water works Etc. Two houses of Hilum Street renting for per month. House of six rooms with Bath. To depression. Of the is Lii resulting in insanity and leading to Nils try Decoy adj death. Premature Oln age Arron Ness of Power in either sex. Involuntary losses and caused Over xer Lloa of Trio brain St of abuse or Over . Box contains one month s treatment. 31.00 a Box or six boxes for 35.00, Bent by mail pry mid on receipt of Price. We guarantee six boxes to cure any Caso. With Ench order received by us for six boxes. Accompanied with we Semi he purchaser our written guarantee to refund the Money if the Troat nent does not effect Al cure. issued Only by present value is per palladium a Silver Whit cer Talu parts of timepieces and occasionally applied Iii dentistry is Worth per Pound. The present Price of Platinum the better known tin White ductile but very i fusible Metal is of a Pav with Gold viz., about per Pound. 52x160011 Monterey Street House almost new. New House of six rooms of Chestnut Street. Lot 66x140 feel. Vine piece of improved property on North Flores Street. Lot 2oxiso feet this is a bargain. A desirable piece of property of Avenue a Cau be bought cheap. A Fine Corner of Avenue c near hous ton Street. Two lots on Buena Vista Street convenient to Street car. Vine Block of 12 lots on tobit Hill. Large lot 8072x340 feet on ditch Aud Rock Quarry Road. Elegant two Story House to rooms with All Modem improvements first class neighbourhood and centrally located. Five room House stable lot 55 1-2 x 150 feet a few Steps from car line. 170 acres Fine land 11 Miles from san Antonio on Goliad Road 70 acres in cultivation Good House 4 rooms 200 Bear ing peach Trees. 422 acres farming land in Hays and Comal counties 10 Miles from san mar cos 4 Roo ii House never failing Spring 40 Yards from House school and Post office half mile from place. Will buy a Hun Sonte cottage residence of 7 rooms with Bath stable Carriage House Chick in House Wood House Etc. Hottran water Large lot with Tine Shade Trees unc shrubbery. New Noat and clean Avoir four blocks from military Plizia. Wil rent easily a month. Happy Hoos ebs. To minors. Postmaster of i Davilli lud., writes me Curie bitters has Doug More for me than All other for that bad i filing arising from kidney and liver Troubl John Leslie Farmer and Stockman of Saim i Aco. Says kind 1 a electric i tiers to be Tho Best kidney and liver Medicine made me feel like a j. Gardner hardware merchant. Sanio town says Al citric bitters is just the tiling fora Man who is Ull. Rim Down and Don t earn lie Livos or Dies he found new Strena the Good appetite and foil just like air had j new lease of life. Only 50 cents a bottle at Dreiss Thompson a co a Druid Biorck. 7-11-lm 0-17 of co. 815. Comm Koe St., san Antonio. G. W. Embry electrician estimate Given for wiring House for in ande Cunt Lii lots electric bolls burglar alarms null repairing All kinds of electric Al instruments at reasonable rates. With Chabot Commerce and Navarro its. David Kirkwood sanitary Engineer Aud plumber ii h. Alamo St., Telephone 440. Modem sanitary plumbing a specially. N. Dlr wond employees Only Ono re a need plumbers and consequently familar with nil the Requiro outs or modern Luuri Lumyr for this climate. Thu 13 a Bui Ilcent guarantee of Turat Claas Ork. 6-Iio-3ia a. Battaglia boots and shoes ladies and gents flue the order. Repairing neatly done at lowest rates in 2-20 a Alamo Plaza. The daily Light Only 50 gents a Mouth Doliver Louisiana democrats Are very Likely to lose the offered by the e lottery company the peace Aud Harmony of the party and finally party control of the state All because of Tho senseless crusade of the state administration the lottery company. La Grippe again. During tie epidemic of la Grippe last season or. King s new discovery for consumption. Coughs and colds proved to the Best remedy. Reports from Ilio Ninny no used it confirm this statement. They Wei i not Only run sickly to .i--v.-.i, nut the disease left no bad alter results. Ask you to give this remedy i trial and to guarantee that Yon will by satisfied Rutilis. Or tie Purchase Price will to refunded. It has no equal Iti trip up or any Throat. Chest or lung trouble. Trial bottle free at Thompson x co s Dnia store. Large bottles to in and . 7-11-Liu Row Nicl Pel Soli Market Street san Antonio Texas Lias perfected arrangements to contract and Union. Gravel roofing Iron Rookins. Tin rooting. All work k Naran toed. For work in Liis line Call at no. 051 Market Street. This is the refrigerator that will not grow Damp and a Phil your food with a bad odor causing Gic Kureas Etc. The self cleaning North ask our customers How they like the North there Are hundreds in the City. Oar prices Are the lowest. House furnishes Houston Street. It looks much As though chairman the Western Pas Senger association would have to Craw fish in the Chicago and Alton Mattery the managers will very probably sustain the Chicago Aud Alton and leave Finley with the sack to hold. Oil. Provosts tendency to contractors anti builders attention Are you in need of Austin White Lime plaster Paris hair Portland Cement fire Brick pro Clay if to ring up Mcallister Wurzbach Telephone 163, who Are prepared to quote Low prices to prompt Cash customers. We also have a Fine line of Gro Corela. Give us a trial. 201 h. Alamo St. 7 8 for Fine improved property. Large lot on Presa Street c m to bought cheap. 171 acres of Fine land unt outside City limits flue water Lions almost of Tho skin. 1-rovej.w withering Tho ill Oak 6e , South of Wnndli-for1 the and City a line Hargain. Trite bottles . I John t. an Antonio offers unparalleled advantages to Home seekers. A location of surprising climate unequalled for purity and Healthfulness warm open Winters and Cool delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street railway of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved streets and Beautiful suburban avenues and drives excellent Public schools and churches of every denomination All com Bining to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home on the continent. Hes spa. John

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