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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - July 11, 1891, San Antonio, TexasOne forc Tott f front need for in you Day. Aih Zuary 8t, like lonely old of Moi Ovy eco to Truiti Iii Vert i re. Wor ship of Lui Ryle to Ilmon that very of with howl Sisr. I Drums Ami or r or to i pitiful youth their Iii Dimity air Airi jut a did Cybele care for old Saturn whose wife sufi in thins. Han her adore worshipped of chastity but her faithlessness it the Way of the world to this Bella ceased i Nirina i descended the Hill and returned homeward through a Shade Valley full of the odour of Pines and bog nivre the. On the Pate of the Signora Monti s Humble yet i Hoard tie sound of laughter and clapping of hands and looking in the direction of the Orchard 1 saw Viu efforts. Hard at work his shirt sleeves relied up to the shoulder splitting some goodly logs of Wood while Lilla stood beside him. Merrily applauding and encouraging his efforts. He seemed quite in his element and wielded his axe with a regularity and Vigour i should scarcely have expected from a Man whom i was accustomed to see performing the some what effeminate duties of a Valet de Chambre. I watched him and the fair girl beside Hijii a few moments self unperceived. This Little budding Romance were left alone it would Ripen into a lower and of Henzo would be a happier Man than master lie was a True trs sran from the very Way he handled his Wood axe i could see that he loved the life of the Hills and life of a simple Fanner and fruit grower full of innocent enjoyments As Sweet As the Ripe apples in his Orchard. I could foresee his future with Lilla beside him. He would have Days of a wearying Contentment rendered Beautiful by the free fresh air and the fragrance of Flowers his evenings would slip softly by to the tinkle of the Mando line and the sound of his wife and Chil Dren s singing. Fairer Fate could a Man what life More certain to keep health in the body and peace in the mind could i not help him to his happiness i won dered i who had grown Stern with Long brooding upon could 1 not Aid in bringing Joy to others if i could mind would be somewhat lightened of its Burden grown heavier since Guido s death for his blood had sprung Forth a new group of furies that lashed to handed with scorpion whips of re doubled Wrath and passionate ferocity. Yet if 1 could do one Good action it not be As a Star shining in the midst of soul s storm and darkness just then Lilla laugh of a very Young child. What amused her now 1 looked and saw that she had taken the axe from and lifting it in her Little hands was endeavouring bravely to imitate his Strong and telling stroke he meanwhile stood aside with an air of superiority mingled with a Good Deal of admiration for the slight Active figure arrayed in the Blue Kirtle and Scarlet bodice on which the warm rays of the late Sun fell with so much amorous tenderness. Poor Little Silhi a Penknife would have made Mui in impression As her valorous blows produced on the inflexible . Knotty old stump Mie to split in Twain. Flushed and breathless Wii her efforts she looked prettier than Ever and at last battled. Ike to i Hughins Raily a her in capacity Wood cutting and daintily shaking her apron tron chips and dust til i Call for a Mother caused Hor to run swiftly nto in i. Leaving Vincen arduously a i i Stu adj to to j spa Iuiana ny., y t Josie us to snit to Pue sup in i -1 it. Is All was in Foro 1 Canu Lier. Hut one thinks of it son Iii Terstand. And no you i to return to the life of lit j. To leave you. Kepeller 1 smiled rather sadly. Not to leave 1? not if you wedded Rico Elk hushed but he Shook head. Impossible she would not listen to . She is a will soon be a woman believe . A Little More of your company will make her so. But there is plenty of time. She is Beautiful. As you said and something better than that she is of that do you know Bow rare a thing innocence a woman re Spect it As you respect god let her Young life be sacred to he glanced upwards reverently. I would As soon tear the Madonna from her altars As vex or frighten i smiled and said no More but turned into the House. From that moment i resolved to let this Little love Ivyll have a fair Chance of Success. Therefore i remained at ave Lino much longer than i bad at first for own Sake but for Vincenzo s. Lie served faithfully he should have his Reward. 1 took a pleasure in noticing that efforts to promote his cause were not altogether wasted. I spoke with Lilla often on in different matters that interested watched or constantly when she was ail unaware of Ray observant with she was As Frank and fearless a i tame Robin but after some Days 1 found that she grew shy of mentioning the name of that she blushed when lie approached her that she timed of him to do anything for her and from All these Little i knew her mind As one knows the streaks in the sky that the Sun Rise is one afternoon 1 called the Signora Monti to room. She came surprised and a Lille. Anxious. By As anything in wrong with the service 1 re assured her House wifely scruples and came to the Point at once. I would speak to you of your child the Little i said kindly. Have Yoc Ever thought that she May her dark bold eyes tilled with tears and her i is quivered j truly i she replied with a Wistful sadness but i have prayed perhaps foolishly that she would not leave to yet. I love her so Well she is always a babe to . So Small and Sweet i put Trio thought of her marriage from uie As a sorrowful "1 understand your feeling 1 i said. Still suppose your daughter a edited a Man who would be to you As a son and who would not part her from instance let us say Vin Signora Monti smiled through her tears. He is a Good lad a very Good lad. And i love him but he docs not think of is devoted to the i am aware of his i ans swered. Mili i believe you will Lind out soon that he loves your Lilla. At indent he says Lears to offend you and alarm tier but his eyes do hers. You Are a Good woman a Good Mother watch them both you will soon Tell whether love is be tween them or no. And Here i her a scaled Ena Elope " in this you will hid notes in the amount of four Aud she uttered a Little cry of it is Lilla s dowry Slie , though i think she will marry nay no thanks Money no Vaine i Isis the one pleasure i have had for Many think Well of lie to to hit lit fellow. And All 1 ask of you is that you keep this Little dowry a secret till the Day of your fair child s before i could prevent her the enthusiastic woman had hand and it. Then she lifted her head with the proud Freo born dignity of a an her Broca bosom heaved and her Strong voice quivered with sup emotion. I thank you said simply for Lilla s Mel not that Little one i feds More than her Mother s hands join a for thanks be to the by s who have had us both in their keeping jut this is a special Blessing of god Szmit through your Ami 1 should be unworthy of All Prosperity were i not grateful. Pardon but eyes Are Quick to be that you have Sunn a sorrow. Good action lighten grief we will Pray for your happiness. La a. And 1, till the last breath leaves our lips. Believe name our Benela. Shall be lifted to the saints night and morning and who knows but Good May come of it i incised Dainty. Good will come of it excellent Signora though i am All unworthy of your prayers. Rather and i sighed , for the that they May Vona i m looked at Wilh a of kindly pity mingled with then Mir Murinjr owe Mere her at u War is entered 1 addressed him cheerfully. is the test of love Vin prepare All for our departure. Shall leave Avellino the Day after to and so we did. Lilla looked slightly hut seemed Sutis Ineil and i augured from their faces and from the mysterious smile Signora Monti that All was going Well. I left the Beautiful Mountain town with regret knowing i should it no More. 1 touched Lilla s fair Cheek lightly at parting and took what i knew was his. Look into s candid vet 1 he consciousness that i had done some Little Good Zave tired heart a sense of satisfaction and repose a feeling i had not experienced since 1 died and Rose a train from the dead. On the Day of january i returned to Naples after an absence of More than a month and was welcomed Back by All numerous acquaintance with enthusiasm. The Marquis d ave court had informed affair of Duel was a thing of the past an almost forgotten the carnival was in full riot the streets were of fantastic mirth and revelry there music and Danci i and Nui Jueri a and list i withdrew from the tumult of merriment and absorbed myself in the be Esserry preparations Foi marriage. Reduced figures. Chav Teil xxx. Thre Are two kinds one you Don t want the other Yon do. The kind we offer you certainly will be glad to figures on our entire Stock of seasonable attractions. We will sell first class goods at the lowest rates known to honest Trade. We will reduce figures on Good qualities As cheap As Good qualities Cas possible be sold. No one can do better hardly anyone will do Westwell remember that. Refrigerators from to Hager Moths. Of turn iture no. 13 Alamo Plaza and 12 Losoya St., san Antonio of oking Back on the incidents of those strange feverish that preceded wedding Day they seem to like the dream of a dying Man. Shifting colours confused images moments of Clear Light hours of Long things Gross refined material and spiritual there shaken up in life like the fragments in a Kaleidoscope Ever changing into new form and bewildering patterns. My brain was Clear yet i Ohen questioned we Ethet i was not to aug All the careful methodical plans i formed were but the Hay fancies of a hopelessly disordered mind. Yet no each Ciai of scheme was too Complete too consistent too business like for that. A madman May have a method of action a a certain extent bin there is alway some slip some omission som mistake which helps to discover his condition. Now i i forgot not had the composed exactitude of a careful banker who balances his accounts with the most elaborate regularity. I can laugh to think of it All but then i moved spoke and acted like a human machine impelled by than All things pre Cise in All Thinius inflexible. The week of return from Vollino coming marriage with the countess Romani was announced. Two Days after it had been made Public while sauntering across the Largo Del Castelo i met the Marquis d ave court i had not seen him since the morning of the Duel and his presence gave a sort of nervous Shock. He was exceedingly cordial though i fancied he was also slightly embarrassed. After a few common place remarks he said abruptly your marriage will positively take 1 forced a laugh. A Ceram cute do you doubt his handsome face clouded and he manner grew still More constrained. No but i had Mon 1 said fairly i perfectly understand to what you allude. But we of the world Are not we know better than to pay any heed to foolish love fancies of a woman before Man i a ire so Long As she does not trick us afterwards. The letters you sent were trifles Mere t titles. In wedding the Contessa Romani i assure you i be live i secure the most virtuous As Well As the most Lovely woman in and 1 laughed again heart ily. D ave court looked puzzled but he was a punctilious Man and knew How to steer Clear of a delicate subject. He smiled. A la Bonne he wish you Jay with All heart a Minuit tons Les chats sont gris you Are the Best of your own happiness As for la and with a Gay parting Salute he left . No one in the City appeared to share his foreboding scruples if he had any about forthcoming marriage. It everywhere talked of with a much interest and expectation As though it were some Uesu amusement invented to heighten the merriment of car Nival. Among other things i earned the reputation of being a most impatient Lover for now i would to no lays. I hurried All the preparations or with feverish precipitation. I had very Little difficulty in persuading Nina tha the sooner our wedding took place the better she was to the full As eager As myself As ready to Rush on to her own destruction As chief passion heated rumours of supposed fabulous had aroused her greed from the very moment she had first met in assumed character of the count Liiva. A Oon As her engagement to be came known in Naples she was a object of envy to All those of her own sex who during the previous autumn had Laid out their store of fascinations to entrap in this made her perfectly Happy. Perhaps the go pretest satisfaction a woman of this sort Caa attain to is the fact of making her less fortunate Sis ters discontented and miserable i loaded course with use costliest to be continued. The International route. Shortest qthckk8t and Best Bott Bro All Points the direct line to Mexico via Laredo. The Hanson Ball train for St. Louis resumed. Pullman Buffet sleepers without change Between san Antonio and St. Louis train mexican National Jean Tiff san Aatonio at a u b. R. For City of Mexico. Has a paper to Laredo connecting Laredo A Jakes to Rouffy connections for trains leaving san Antonio at Memphis. St. Louis and beyond. 1 w pm Stone. Poet office bin Fliner Al Roo Plaza. Ticket agent 1. N. Depot 3. A Homer Eads travelling freight agent. office building Asasno 1 Laza. Galbraith d. J. Traffic Mana Obj Palestine Tex. A. Q p. It t. A. Palestine. Up. q_6_q_6 i. And g. N. Railroad. Departures. For St. Louis via Iron Mountain or m., k. And t for St. Louis via Iron Mountain route for Laredo arrivals. From St. Louis Iron Mountain and m., k. And t. From St. Louis Iron Mountain and m., k. And t. Routes from Laredo a. M p. M a. M p. P m P. M. Southern Pacific Railroad. Through express East. Leaves Orleans Houston Galveston a arrives from the East. Arrives from new Orleans Houston Galveston 7 a. M. And p through West. Aves for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass arrives from a n Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass s. And a. P. Route. Departures. For Kerrville daily except sunday leaves for Galveston hous Toti Mac Cuero daily leaves for Corpus Christi Rockport and Beevi he daily except sunday arrivals. From Kerrville daily except sunday from Corpus Christi Rockport and Beeville except sunday from Galveston Houston and Cuero daily p. A. 500 p. A. M p. M a. P. P. M o o o o o o o o o o c Kalteyer son wholesale and retail importers and exporters drags chemicals and druggist s san cum Patent medicines etc., photographic Stock sheep dip Sulphur Riat Guido had been. Her tar and Chry Ocilio ointment. Sole proprietors of f. Kalteyer s Patent avarice and the re i screw worm ointment and liniment Mai orders promptly attended to. Correspondence solicited f. Kalteyer son san Antonio. Rea the san Antonio Light the Best evening paper published n the state of delivered by carriers to any part of he City at 500 per month. Commercial printing a specially

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