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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - July 6, 1891, San Antonio, TexasFen minutes to twelve. Monday july 6.1891. Something is lost you use or. Sage s Catarrh lie Medy. It s Catarrh. The worst yield to its mild soothing and Healing properties. Jno matter How bad your Case or of Low Long standing you can be cured. Incurable cases Are rare. It s Worth to you if you have one. Tho manufacturers of or. Sage s remedy Are looking for them. They la pay Yon that amount in Cash if they can t euro you. A Plain gruiar6 offer from a responsible business House and they mean it. It seems too one sided too much of a risk. It would any other medi Cine behind it. It Only goes to prove what s been said incurable cases Are or. Sage s Catarrh remedy. Other so called remedies Liate for a time this cures for All time. By its mild soothing cleans ing and Healing properties it conquers the worst cases. It removes offensive breath loss or impairment of the sense of taste smell or Heap ing watering or weak eyes when caused by the violence of Catarrh As they All frequently Are. Remedy sold by druggists Only so cents. Banks and Bankers. . A Exadell president a. A. 0 Fisher. 253 Commerce Street. General transacted drafts on Europe. Mexican dollars and other foreign Money purchased. Visitors Register kept n on Road Nar Roo i where u Tho City Are invitee Bankers sight drafts a the principal the Toni to cd Slat 08 and in All european Conn trios. For Olga Coin and currency bought and sold. Patents and Trade Maco obtained and-1, Patent business conducted for fobs. 0.8. Patent onion and we Oan Aeu ure a Patent la less Lime Katf at Leas Cost than those Remote from web Dewid Model Diaw lug or de Gorlp ton. To adv so if patentable or not Frea of charge. Our fee not due till patents a poured a Little Book How to Abtam Patent of actual clients in your of unto or town Lent free. Address Opp pitch Tomti. Arkansas pass Wood Yard Foster Schlieser proprietors. Arnnfiasst., near s. A. Foundry. Best kinds of Wooi to be in the Marketta lowest prices. Branch office Mcallister a Harzbach Alamo St. Grocers. Free delivery to any part of the City Oft ice no. It4 who will food Ede their exp Teaa and . Address. T. A. Slot Jinx a. A. 181 Perl St. N. Y i and whiskey habits at Homo Willii out pain. Book of Par i Ticu Are sent f1ike. A i1i.m.woo1.lkv.m.d r Atlanta. Git office 101 for Catarrh is tie Best Eutest to use and cheapest. C Ata r r h sold by Dreir gusts or Bent by mall. 600. T. Hazel use. Warren. A. Seeking Home seekers Are invited to Call on Ivo. T. Hambleton co. By m. G. 1tolelland. Copyright by a Euce of Tho Iii Estious in Point was to whom should the Story first told under Ordinary circumstances it would have seemed to him most fitting that the per son Moat nearly concerned in an. Affair should be the one earliest made intimate with its ramifications but the present circumstances were anything but Ordi nary and Tho communication he was called upon to make might easily be reckoned unprecedented. Royal s instincts revolted from the straightforward method it seemed to him rough and brutal. To still hoped in some a yet misty and mysterious manner to be Able to spare Phyllis n Little or at least to soften things for her. Knowledge of her affliction had aroused his interest in a Way totally apart from and yet strangely commingled with the in threat awakened by the peculiarity of his own position toward her. To this last indeed he gave Little thought for in his mind she was still too closely associated with John Royal to admit of identification in Way with himself. To was simply Coj scotus us a Man an infinite pity for her and a a physician of the fact that Here was a Case which would require delicate handling. His thought hovered around mrs. Harl with an Ever increasing souse of Relief and satisfaction. Hero was a Beacon amid rough Waters for them. To had been brought too frequently into Tion with the create feminine Muter various trying circa instances Irot to recognize a sensible and helpful woman whenever he beheld one. If there should to Avo. To Breakers ahead she to noun dictate their presence and also show him How to his course so a to avoid More damage than would be Imp Rativo. Of his own unaided efforts in this mutter he Hud come to feel profound distrust. The event proved that he had Noi reckoned without his Host for when the natural consternation and Tewil Dormell incident to an upheaval of accepted conditions had passed away mrs. Hart rallies to his assistance with All Tho gallantry of a Large natured woman. Her acquaintance with John Royal had been so slight that her regret for his death was without the poignancy of Persona bereavement while her admiration sym Pathy and comprehension of his motives and character rendered the process by which she set him Aporff and exalt it him into a Chevalier sans Peur it sans repro he a simple evolution of Sruti meat. Her most Active and dominant though in the matter was for Phyllis. After some moments Given to meditation during which Royal watched her conscious of naught so much As the re Lief of divided responsibility she Turec a troubled face toward him. It s positively awful this happening just she declared. I mean it s More disastrous than if it should hav trip opened at any other time. Yon Haven t got at All the complications yet but you re a doctor and a member of the family so i can speak quite freely am can depend on you i m sure to help i decide what will he Best for that child in the other room. This calamity ought to be kept from her and yet How we Are going to contrive to keep it can t see. Perhaps you May to Able a suggest a in her anxiety she ignored the fact o the marriage by proxy having really taken place or rather she unconscious a allowed for it on a wrong premise. Or Royal himself she accepted pretty mud As Ilia namesake had accepted him As a Man who inspired Trust and might help her out of a difficulty. The fact that St far he had proved himself More adroit a complicating difficulties than at furnishing solutions for then somehow failed of its proper John Royal s death for Tho Tima being appeared to nullify All that had preceded it Royal now Learned that for Moro than a year the girl had been under treat ment for the disease which obscured he vision that she had spent months a mrs. Hart s House in Alexandria during Tho previous Winter in order to be near the celebrated Oculi St who had charge o her Cassand who divided his time be tween new York and Washington. The Case had progressed so favourably tha the great Man had appointed a Day with in that month indeed within the nox for the final and All important of Aratin which would restore her sigh or leave her hopeless forever meanwhile the strictest care had been enjoined to keep the e patient Bright ant to surround her with cheerful influences and aug Ries of Promise nature must be to cooperate with science to effect a cure. Any and Den or overwhelming emotion any Vio Lent change of conditions either Menta or physical was to to specially guarded against. That was the reason Why she not been taken to the Hospital to be mar ried after Tho Accident. Royal had Feare Contact with Hia own pain for her. Of the same reason they had with one con sent made Light of the Accident for i had been necessary to Tell her of i guardedly because of a word or two she had overheard and also to account of the fact of Royal s enforced delay. It had not aae Raed Worth while to Post Pone Tho marriage. Immediate posses Sion of the Money had been a matter o grave importance and both parities Cully award flt Itu Coria be a marriage ugly in form until the great question for Phyllis should be decided. After the incident Iii cod John Royal had Boa More than Ever insistent that the a should stand. They had wielded to him had kept Phyilis Fri Fht and interested about her plans and to prevented her from thinking too much or growing anxious. She had would Orin self control poor child and knew the Paramount import Banco of absence of pronounced emotion but what woman s self control would be equal to the Strain which knowledge of Iier Lover s death must put on hers then too she had been sustained in her efforts by consciousness that happiness for John As Well As for herself was involved i he preservation of equanimity. And what will not u woman do and endure to make herself worthy in Tho Oyea of Thornau who loves her if this incentive and restraint should be removed who could Tell what disastrous consequences might ensue mrs. Hart Well nigh wrung her hands in her sympathetic appreciation of Tho of Tho situation. To he so near Alifi goal and then have Hope bailed of fruition Aud now when the loss of the Money would make the recovery of More than Ever a priceless Boon what could a Blind woman without Uio Pey to save a dependant All her Aud what a Fate was t nit to contemplate from the standpoint of two and Twenty if Only John Royal could have accomplished Liia purpose if Only Tho broken Frame could have obeyed the he Roic will mrs. Hart a tears fell fast from very pity and a Swift realization of human impotence. Royal s words surprised her was she much attached to her cons to put thu question in alow voice. For attachment in the sense of mrs. Hart could not answer but thought it improbable that that sort of ardor could now be a Factor in the engage ment. The pair had Boen separated for Sis years and during that Limo it was reasonable to suppose Tiit the Youthful emotion which had drawn thou together should have evaporated. That there existed however Strong love Between the cousins their conduct toward each other proved. John Royal had been a quiet Man she had always heard absorbed in profession and ambitious of therein not a Man of much i worldly Wisdom nor much addicted to society. Phyllis had doubtless nursed Hei Romance As much through Force of circumstances As aught else Sho had up in the knowledge and belief that her Cousin would be her matrimonial destiny and during her most impress Ible years she had been hold apart from forming any other attach ment by the blight which had slowly and insidiously crept Over her. It that which prevented miss Royal from summoning John Home be mis. Hart explained. She was to anxious that Phyllis sight should be restored before he should sea her Ami Tho disease was obliged to run its course. Anne liked to arrange Tho procession for her people Down to the most minute de tails. Site kept full knowledge of Tho child s condition from him and i be Lieve it was Only just before her last ill Ness when the possibility of euro was at hand that she took him into True Confidence. And As ill Luck would Havo it that letter did not Ivisich John for Mouths after it was Why did she make that in Quitoni demanded Royal who Felt that hero to also had cause of complaint. God knows 1 think however thai it was made just before John sailed for Europe and while the engagement was fresh with them All and the Young ple very much in love. Perhaps her idea was to keep John True by making Hia Cousin s future dependent on his con Stancy. When a copy of the will was sent him after his aunt s death and some indignation was expressed John wrote us that lie had been aware of its contents for years. Nono of the other friends was. They might Haye coaxed some reason and Justice into Anne Roya if the y time like a great Many women aha never talked about wills she seemed to have a feeling that to Mako or even such a thing would be to prop the floor open for no one More than Hart Royal could appreciate Tho importance of satisfactory adjustments Between physical and men Tal relations in cases like the present. He talked the matter Over with mrs Hart and out of pity for the girl Anc unconscious adaptation of their thought to Tho lines indicated by John Royal s conduct in regard to her they decided that they would continue to shield her from knowledge of her bereavement until the operation should have been performed. It would to but for a Short time they thought and no living being would be injured. Of Tho property there would be no occasion to for three months yet As that time must elapse Ere Tia executor would Render his account. And of Roy Al s Kindred there was none accessible nearer than Phyllis. His parents had entered into rest Many years before and of his two Sisters Ono had died in childhood and the other had married a missionary and gone away with him to Homo. Impossible place a letter would be months in reaching her. They removed Phyllis to another hotel where there would to no Chanee of her accidentally acquiring More knowl Edge than they desired for her. Sho had tha death of Tho stranger. Also was really a Kinsman and alone in tha world which suf Flient y explained the fact that John and Nina should decide to remain in Matoaca in Al after Tho funeral. They followed him Alono those two knowing that if Tho still heart and quiet brain could respond to sentient Hon gut or emotion John Royal s decision would to that it were bolter the Guerdon of tears should be withheld from his memory forever than that the falling of the drops should dim. One Chance of Light for the eyes of his be loved. Chapter cd. Royal had about completed his arrangements for leaving Tho hotel in which so much of import had occurred when a Chance remark caused his own. Position in this affair of Hia namesake to assume proportions and a complexity which Well nigh overwhelmed him. He was standing in Tho hotel office near tha Lork a desk on which. Lay the open Register. The Young doctor stood at his Elbow Tho same to whose fledgling care John Royal had been . They had been speaking of the and of its untoward ending and a i gone into details of interest and to no mortal soul save members the profession. Suddenly the Young fellow put a question Tia Young tidy is fits Cousin and it Cal Kin. Risiti is wore you Brothers excuse me for asking but Tho name is Tho same for both on the laying his hand on Tho Book. They be put the same initials too. But that s a mistake i Reck no Royal explained there mistake. Tho names were the and they were Kin Sion but not Broth ers. To cast his Eyo on Tho Register As he spoke and read beneath Tho Namo of mrs. Walter Hart that of mrs. John Hart Royal. It surprised him for to had no recollection whatever of Hakim placed it then he Reni Embere that in the excitement and hurry of Tho arrival lie had neglected to Register the ladies at All. It was probable that Tho clerk had supplied the omission from information obtained at the Fountain head. His wife 1 the Young physician hazarded. In the second which elapsed before he replied Hart Royal a mind seemed to work Over the whole Caso from Start to finish like an electric Flash. Lie up geared suddenly confronted by a Point of View the instantaneous Abs o by his consciousness Milo i i something which he had known All along Only failed to give it due prominence. The pause Ere to spoke was so slight thut it passed unheeded by the bystanders but during it Royal s whole mental position and a Good part of his external circumstances had been shifted to Mado answer quietly. The Young lady is his Cousin and next Kin. Sho is my chapter Viii. Of it s funny i Dan lie growled. Poor child poor mrs. Hart s face wore a compassionate expression and her voice had tender commiserating inflections. She stood by the window looking out into Tho screen with eyes which conveyed to her mine no Imago of that on which they rested. Royal paused in his walk aug silently gazed at her. Her tone made him wince like the touch of a nettle. He was too much oppressed by the re sult of Hia own precipitation not to to sore and irritable. Involuntarily to resented the implied depreciation. He to be continued. Specs Meisl cases s. H. Clifford new Cuylle wis., was Roublow with neuralgia and rheumatism us stomach was a lorded his liver was Ift cod to an alarming degree appetite Oil away and to was terribly reduced in Lesh and strength. Three bottles of elec tric hitters cured him. Edward Shepherd Harris burst Iii., had on his Teg of eight years standing. Used three bottles of exec Lilc hitters Anil seven boxes of fuck leu s a Iloa Salvo and his leg is sound and Well. John speaker Catawba o., had live Law. Over sores on his leg doctors said he pourable. One bottle electric bitters Inu one Box Hucklin slain Tea Salve cured him entirely. Sold by dress Thomssen it co. Go pm contractors and builders attention. Are you in Iseed of Austin Wolta Lime plaster paria hair Portland Cement fire Brick Are olay if so ring up Mcallister Putzbach Telephone 163, who Are prepared to quote Low prices to prompt Cash customers. We also have a Fine line of Groo erets. Give us a trial. 201 h. Alamo St. 6-2-4m Cane Mills Cost. I have a lot of first class Cane Lik a i will sell at Cost Price on account same not being in my line of -2ti-lm Edward a Kusch. Of filing final account. No. 1534. of George a. Marker deceased. The state of Tux As i Coutv of i county court in matters of probate. To july term isell. T be state of Texas to All persons interested in the administration of thees tote of Gro Rire a. Barker deceased Somne j. Barker administrator of Trio estate of George a. Parker deceased Lias filing his final account in Tho county court of Lexar county which will be acted on at the july term a. D., 1891, of said court at the court House thereof in Llo City of Sun Antonio after this notice shall Havo been duly published for Twenty 20 Days in some newspaper published in san Antonio Bexar county Texas at which time All persons de in said estate May appear and Mako objections thereto if they see proper. Witness. Thad. Smith clerk of the county court of Bexar j i county and Seal of said court i it my office in san Antonio this 29th Day of june a. D., isell. Thad. W. Smith clerk county court Bexar county. By r. C. Deputy. Issued same Day. Came to hand june and publication of thu within notice ordered Mada in the san a Tonto Light. T. P. Mccall f it Bexar county by w. 1 -u.ty. I-3920t of what a cough. Will you Noea Jiuu warning. The signal perhaps of the sure approach of that More terrible disease consumption. Ask if you can afford for Tho Sake of saving 50c., to run the risk Aud do nothing for it. We know from experience that Shiloh s curo will cure your cough it Novor Falls. This explains Why Moro than a million bottles wore sold Tho past year. It relieves croup and whoop lug cough at once. Mothers do not be without it. Kor lame Back Side or Chest Usa Shiloh s porous plaster. Sold by Adol dress. 3-2s-Eod notice of filing final Ajo out no. 1701. Estate of William Caruthers deceased the state of Texas Coutv of by Xii. I county court in matters of probate. To july term 1891. The state of Texas to All persons in Torch cd in the administration of Tho locate of William Caruthers deceased h. W. Caruthers administrator of the estate of William Caruthers deceased has filed his final account in Tho county court of Bexar county which will to acted on at the july term a. D., 1891, of said court at the court House thereof in the City or san Antonio after this notice shall have been duly published for Twenty 20 Days in some newspaper published in san Antonio Bexar county Texas at which time All persons interested in said estate May appear and make objections thereto if they see. Proper. Witness Thad. W. Smith clerk of the county court of Boxer county and Seal of said court at my office in san Antonio this 24th Dav of june a. 1891. Triad. W. . Clerk county court Bexar county. By r. C. Symington Deputy. Issued same Day. Camo to hand june 24th, 1891. And publication of the within notice ordered Mada in Tho san Antonio Light. T. P. Sheriff Bexar county. By w. Druse Deputy. 0-2fi 3 was notice of filing final account. Estate of j. B. Schmidt Doco Asod. No. 14s2. The state of Texas i county of Bexar. F county court in matters of probate. To july term 1891. The state of Texas to All persons inter ested in Tho administration of the estate of j. B. Schmidt deceased Ernst Hessler executor and testamentary guardian of Tho estate of j. B. Schmidt his minor heirs has filed his final account in Tho county court of Bexar county which will be acted on at Tho july term a. 1891, of said court at the court Buso thereof in thecly of san Antonio after this notice shall have been duly published for Twenty 20v Days in some newspaper published in san Antonio Bexar county Texas at which time All persons interested in said estate May appear and make objections thereto if they see proper. Witness Thad. W. Smith clerk of the county Conn of Boxer i county and Soal of said court at my office in Sau Antonio this 34th Day of june 1891. Thad. W. Smith clerk county court Bexar county. By r. C. Symington Deputy. Issued same Day came to hand june 24th, 1391, and publication of tha within notice ordered Mado n Tho san Antonio Lio it. T. P. Mccall sheriff county. By w. Dusk Deputy

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