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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - July 6, 1891, San Antonio, TexasI huh monday july 6, 1891. West Texas abstract and guarantee company. Incorporated he. Aubrey sent Alfand mgr office 42ije. St. Will furnish reliable abstracts of title to lands in Bexar county either City or country property upon Short notice and reasonable terms Telephone no. 4o6 off the fails. Talked by Telegraph told by train men and taken in transit. A heavy rain is reported to have fallen yesterday Houston and Cuero on the s. A. A a. P. Six cars of cattle from Pearsall to East St. Louis. 1 car of horses for san Antonio from Pearsall and 2 cars of cattle from Moore for san Antonio arrived in this Over the i. I. N. Yesterday. Eagle pass shipped 77 cars of cattle for East St. Louis Over the s. P. And i. G. N. Fill a boy s razor helps him out of a bad scrape into another one. A razor lining affray occurred yesterday afternoon at Riverside Park in which a youth named John Crawford was pretty seen in Cut on the face breast and about the wait with a razor by a boy of 14 named san Dorse. The particulars a told by was that a named Mcdonald swinging his wife in one of the a Tonah Hack Driver named Srou Rosenberger who has figured in the Poi Icv courts since he was a Little Ramiu. Was in a crowd of boys and Young men of whom Crawford was one. Made some insulting remarks about Mcdonald s wife and Mcdonald proceeded to punish him. When the crowd took part and san Dorse standing by. Went to help his Friend Mcdonald. The crowd jumped on him. And were killing him with blows kicks. He got out his razor and Cut the boy. Crawford who Foremost in beating him. He then escaped and ran through the Park calling for help with the wave pack running at his heels Uno were crying kill him kill kill finally he surrendered to the Lessee of the Park. Or. Kelly who pro. Tested him until mounted police arrived in response to a Telephone message. And he was arrested and Crawford taker Home in a Hirk. The boy was charged with an assault to kill and on examination before Justice Adam this morning was held in Bond to await the action of the strand jury. Rosenberger and Mcdonald were aria to a and before recorder this morning Rosenberger was Neil and Mcdonald the Oiler members of the party have not yet arrested. There Wera to special at the Park or j probably the affair could have been Stop Ped sooner. Happily l cited. This morning a eight o clock the charming daughter of or. And mrs. Chae. Johnson Helen Agnes Wab married at 8t. Mary s Church to Nicholas Francis Corr. The Bride and Groom left on the 8outhern Paci fic train for Galveston and new Orleans where they will spend their honeymoon. The Light office has been kindly remembered with a Basket of cake and wine. The Many friends of the Young couple wish them a Long life of continued happiness. Dry Oak pass Wood Yard. Telephone 60s. 7-6 2m Well known Young Deputy sheriff was seen yesterday with a big package of Silver and Forks under his Arm on his Way Home. He there would soon be a wed Ding. Soldier accidentally broke one of the half Rotten chinaberry Shade Trees at san Pedro Park yesterday and was arrested. The recorder heard the evidence and dismissed the Case today. Western Union and other Telegraph wires connecting with Galveston have been Down since 3 o clock this morning on account of the storm. It is expected to get them up by tonight. Marriage licenses. W. H. And Effie e. Gibson. R. F. Armstrong and e. P. Turnbull. Short Stop what the people Are say i Tig the calling attention to the published financial statements made by the City accounting officers is Awakening the people to a very important matter. A Brood Many of our citizens have been trying if they can Marid these state ments and particularly the last one. The two totals under the headings Public improvements and foot tin i just us it appears in the official m i. Iii is a Sample mix up that can be unravelled by an expert. The footing up at the end of the is the total of Al he expense under head of general fund Sala Ries police health Hospital pest House tire department printing Pound miscellaneous Parks Gas water roller repairs and contingencies. But How can you expect tiie people to spend their time Figur ing to find out the mistakes made by the City accountants or the City Organ. Now. This statement has some very suspicious look about it. I under the head of expenditures the items look All straight and easily understood until we get Down improvement Contin from this Point on to the recapitulation there is an evident appearance of Juggler. For instance there is an item that occurs several times by general Transfer by special Transfer items should be set Forth with some kind of explanation. Now if the people can t be furnished with a Plain statement of the City finances that they can under stand and that the newspapers can Easi in explain what is the use of paying out Money for these publications. Auditor Cohen will make the next statement he is known to by an accomplished accountant and the people have a right to expect that he Wili exer his ability to make such a ulain state ment that he who runs read. One of the few Talazs displayed from buildings saturday was upside Down. The fact is. There is a woeful Jack of Public spirit among our patriotic citizens so far As to lacks Are concerned. Every True Amer ican who can afford it should have an american Flag and , from his top on the 4th of july. Then people would become accustomed to seeing the National Emblem and understand How it should be displayed. It is not a Lack of patriotism on the part of the native Dorn americans that causes the glorious 4th to go by default but Lack of a proper appreciation of the importance of the nation s Holiday. Be it said to the Honor and credit of our German i americans that san Antonio owes u to them that did not go by entirely unnoticed. People that to fishing picnicking and upon other frivolous Junke Tings so As to the time., Are fast losing that proud and patriotic sentiment that should animate the every american. Patriotism pays. It is the nation s bulwark in War its stability in peace. Texas on wheels is the scheme to find employment for a few advertising drummers. Thi manner of advertising been a ii by the fruit Irr Owers of wit ii Success but it is very quest Couable if it would pan out Well for Texas. With Dick Hubbard As orator it would be a sort of real estate salvation army and would draw the Small boys and loaf ers around the Railroad stations. But it would be looked at by sensible conserva Tive people with suspicion. Personal mention. Conductor Button of the mexican National has returned from Chicago. Chas. Wagner has returned from Mon Terey. Or. A Yule Andrews returns from Veston tomorrow. Or. Albert Joske has left for new York. Miss Ida Zorkowski has gone to Beau Mont to visit friends. H. C. Marshall of Chicago. Is at the member. . A. Rodgers and Home is in Waco Are guests at the Monger. Louis Duffey of St. Louis is a guest of the Maverick. W. H. Holmes from Springfield. Ohio is staying at the Maverick. H. L. Smith and son from new or leans Are registered at the Southern. Misses Sarah Joseph and Rebecca spoiler have left to visit mrs. Freeman in East St. Louis. Justice courts. Justice Herron this Moi any help an inquest on the body of Silverio Galletan aged 16 Days who died from natural causes. L. Mahncke was charged with assault and Battery on C Ruby a real estate agent. Ruby is in the habit of hitching his horse to the Trees shading the Mahncke hotel dining room on the West. A notice forbidding Hitchiner. Placed there was disregarded and after the buggy and horse had been transferred from one Side of the Street to the other several limes the two men had a slight personal encounter. An affidavit was tiled against a Hack Man w. H. Wright for assault on Alice Bell. He was held in 1250 Bond. An affidavit was made against j. J. Thurman charging him with theft under he engaged Board with j. C. Mims and is charged with skipping out and taking his trunk after having deposited it As Security for the Board. The father of miss Lux Escalora. A Young mexican girl made an affidavit against Julian Perez for seduction of his daughter. The Young people wanted to get married but the parents objected and she eloped with him yesterday. She is 17 years of age. Before Justice Adam Manuel Herrerra is charged with theft of a hat at san Pedro Park yesterday. He was allowed Fco Bond. Antonio Clark is charged with abusive language. Using Kcal a state. Deals a Ltd the they bring Harrison Foard and Stafford to we. Leider anti lot 1, Block i in Harrison Hoard and Stafford s subdivision original lot 5, Range 3. District 1, government 300 f. H. Baldwin w. P. Anderson and Geo. W. Rush to Jane c. Sch eld. Lots 11, Iii 13, 14. 19, 30 and Ril in first addition to san Antonio. The Alamo. Those who visited the Alamo this morn ing were Maria Belding of Palo Pinto. Texas. Y. C. A. Rogers from Waco. Texas. H. G. Venaih from los Angeles Cal. John Wilson City. Ului id i it permits. Aunie Graham dwelling South Street. 7th Ward. Andreas Coy Kitchen. Concho Street. 3rd Ward Farr Tracy stable Knox Street 4te Ward. Mary b. Brandt dwelling for and barn for 850. Corner of Pine and Montana streets 7th Ward. Sebastian Chavez dwelling and stable. Castro Street. 3rd Ward backward. The cheap Railroad rates would induce a lot of people to take an excursion to Texas where they would find a Biar differ ence Between the real thing and Dick Hubbard s picture of it. The world s fair is the place to show Texas oif to advantage. As to Advertis ing it can be done a Good Deal cheaper and better than by gelling up a salvation army Racket with Dick Hubbard As Gen eral. Editor it never Nett chive that any hers great Clearing Sale of summer goods. We can t wait till the end but must commence at the bight of the season to get rid of the immense Stock of goods we carry in our different departments and therefore concluded to make these big reductions. Space permits us to men Tion a few articles Only. Plain and fancy Dresa silk we Are hound to sell out. Amongst other lots we ofter 20 pieces printed China silk at 35c, formerly sold by 60c a Yard. Figured India mull in about 25 different patterns reduced from 20e to 12 l-2c a Yard. A full Hue of latest shades of silk mull at Only 75c a Yard. Black Ian in Plain and fancy at greatly reduced prices. Lace curtains in Cream Aad White a full line our cur Tail 8, 312 Yards Long a big bar gain. Chenille porters with and without Dado a very flue article 3 12 Yards Long at pair. Also All Silks porters and drape Ries. Turkish Bath towels extra Quality and size Only 70o a dozen we Aleo carry the finest line of de Cor Aung and bar towels from 50c to a piece. Turkey red table Linen a very Good article 54 inches wide Only 20c a Yard. Ladies Lawn blouses Belt at to a Yard. With ladies Jersey ribbed sum Mer Vess in Cream and White at 25c and 30c, silk hand Les from to Linen Lay Robea 75c each. At 50c and at ready made Mosquito bars 50 and White bed spreads a special value at 75o and a Tine Marseille bed cover full sizes for double bed Only ladies mohair and duster a full line. Linen Lawn baby Caps from 25c to our celebrated Black hosiery is Selling Well and gaining a Well earned reputation Tor being the Best fast Black in the Market. The great Rush in our Milli Nery department continues for such millinery As ours at half prices actually 1-2 Price is a great attraction. We have the largest and Best assortment of Madaras shirts and Fine White puff sibits at Only each also a full line of gents summer underwear. Our 50c summer Marino under shirts is an extra Good value. Iii gents clothing we stand at the head of the procession a not Only Cary the biggest but also the finest line of clothing suits single single Coats and vests and boys clothing and sell our Tine clothing at lowest prices than any House in this Sec Tion of the country. Our shoe department is com plete Iii every Way. We carry a full line of gents ladies and mis ses and children s shoes slippers. Pay special a Tention to mail orders. Corner Alamo and Commerce streets. Alamo gun club. The following scores were made by the Ajamo gym club at 25 Blue rocks is and 21 Yards on account of the bad weather very poor scores were made a. 12 j. L.3aoer, 13 a. Bonnett f. Gloeckner. 10 a. Dreiss jr., s c. Elmendorf 7 j. Wagner. Jr., 5 Eldorf 7 t. Miller. 10 f. 13 m. Balz 3 a. Robitzsch. 5 j. Virrick 12 w. Rummel 12 o. Flossel 14 j. France 14._____________________ she was patient to Bear it. A Young Man with Good clothes St of hat and moderately neat appearance which might have led to his being mis taken for a gentleman boarded a san Pedro ave. Car last evening and seating himself by a buxom Young coloured Darnel proceeded to amuse himself and fellow passengers with one of the most Sublime exhibitions of Gall Ever witnessed this City. He pushed her hat Over her eyes and chucked her under the Chin and Tak ing a Nickel from his pocket put it inside her Collar saying watch me drop a Nick in the the car was full of peo ple and Many ladies were among them. By the Alderman Hoefling by order of the people and confirmed by the courts says to a reporter that the City s Finan Cial statement As published in the official Organ remind him of a Green Drill ser Geant who. In place of giving the com Mand Load by exclaimed Load by the so it is with this statement the people expect a Correct detail report but get the report by the Small end of the Tail Only. The big four is something new on the boards at the Washington theatre being four of the female artists who put on Burnt Cork and do a negro sketch act in a very creditable manner. The team is composed of misses Coffman. Flynn Dryden Mitchell. They Are Money makers for the . Teacher. An experienced instructor wishes employment for the summer. Will coach teachers or pupils for examinations. And Ever thin flyby storm dress a. M., this office. 7-6-3t v de into my heart to con new isms could be invented but i shamefully Ami clean out of my reckoning really there Are no assignable to the of y of Man. Ii was my belief. That Henry George and Bellamy bad reached the Ultima Thule or human Folly sailed to the extreme limit of Folly but. Here also i was at fault. A new party has popped called nationalism. Which is a Daisy or anything you choose to fall it. The government is to do everything and own rail roads telegraphs steamboats Trout cars electric lights waterworks Hacks hearses. Coffins stores Cigar shops saloons. Drugstores hotels boarding houses Law yers doctors preaches hogs Sheap i Jit the horses etc., and the people Are to live in Clover and have a Tine time. The government is to take care of every body feed clothe and tend physic shave off their curtail their hair keep the flies off of Aud the people Are to have a magnificent time generally. This new party fills a Long Felt want the millennium has come when no one was looking for it. Nationalism is of going to dispense with Money in All the trans actions Gold and Silver will go out of greenbacks will disappear great Lam All Over in spots As big As a Blanket. I am All in a tremble. With excitement and Joy. I have Sto on by head for fifteen minutes. Joyo Vij kicking my heels in the air. And blog like a whale. The abolition of lifts me Clear off my feet and take breath away. I am a nationalist to Taa Core. The government is to own thing to do every thing to feed d Lodge the people to furnish i its doctors lawyers Barbel Haks. Loons stores theatres fruit a icons. Ewing gum toys etc., and to abolish Money. Hurrah for nationalism it is a stunner of a party and is bound to sweep away the old parties arid take Yoa Ink la Baotic or. Or Hathaway j 8roadfoot. d., assistant. Regular vice makes the m. K. Wjk t. R y the dest equipped Ine in the Mem g. P. A. Reliance ice r Aliory i i keep Cool. G. H. Luedde mgr. By

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