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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - July 6, 1887, San Antonio, Texas She g Ait wednesday. July 6, 1887. Railroad time table i. Amp g. N. Railroad. Departures. Tor St. Louis via to. A. Re Ute. For St. Louis via Iron Mountain. Or St. Louis via Missouri Paci Ilc or Laredo. Abri Vale. I from St. Louis. Missouri Wito. A j from St. Louis via Iron Loureta ii a p from St. Louis via Missouri Pacific a a a a from Laredo. 4 ii p. I. 8 a. To 8 00 a. In .10 45 a. In s. A. Amp a. P. Railroad. Arrivals and departures. Further notice until further notice our trains Wil daily except sunday As follows. Southbound trains. Leave san Antonio. A leave Beeville at. Arrives at Corpus Christi. Northbound trains leaves Corpus Christi. Leave Beeville. Arrive at san Antonio. .10.30 a. In. 4.15 p. In. 4 35 p. In. 6 45 a. In. .11.10 p. In. 4.00 p. In. New Southern Pacific time. San Antonio has now two train Sid atly to and from new Orleans. The now time card of the Southern Pacific goes in Force today giving two trains daily As follows East bound. San Antonio leave. Houston arrive. Houston depart. New Orleans arrive. San Antonio leave. Houston arrive. Houston depart. New Orleans arrive. West bound. 8 45 a. In. 5 18 p. In. 5 45 p. In. .8 05 a. M. 8 55 p. In. ,6 00 a. In. 6 10 a. Iii. .8 06 p. In. New Orleans leave. Houston arrive. Houston depart. San Antonio arrive. New Orleans leave. Houston arrive. Houston depart a Sari Antonio arrive. Tho advantage of As it prevents a frequent Lay hours at Houston. ,7 20 p. In. 920 a. In. .9 45 a. In. ,. .0 15 p. In. .7 15 a. Iii. .9 4 1 p. In. .965 p. In. .7 20a. In. Titis service is apparent Over of twelve cures Ane mutism neuralgia Lilae Oftelie headache Toothache sprains bruises Etc., Etc. Phi us fifty Oil. Nth. _ at druggists Ami Heaters. Tue Cha a. To Ukler co., my. For pain1 Texas can not Hope to escape invariably Kin v la v in Imp a mines. I by by Dot Haggard. Platform of the anti prohibition party adopted at Dallas May 4th, 1887. 1. We oppose the pending prohibition amendment because it 1s a proposition to change our form of government from a free Republic of Sovereign and Independent citizens to a species of paternalism hateful to our people. It will take from the citizen his most sacred and inalienable rights and add to and augment the Powers of government and is therefore undemocratic and anti Republican. 2. We oppose this amendment because it is sump uary and will vex the citizens and interfere with individual Liberty. 3. We oppose this amendment because it is at War with the fundamental principals of Anglo Saxon civilization and will destroy that inalienable right of the citizen to determine for himself How he shall pursue his own happiness without interference with the rights of others which principle is the basis of our Liber ties and the sole Hope for perpetuity of our institutions. 4. We oppose this amendment because its enforcement will entail upon Hie government the necessity of promoting a system of spies and informers Detesta Hie to our people and the enactment of extreme legislation of doubtful constitutionality and under the Sanction of Wiloh our Homes May be searched our property seized and our Dearest rights invaded. These curses which have attended similar experiments to other places. 5. Its adoption will suppress the general use of Milder stimulants and encourage the use of the Strong drinks and thus retard the advancement of genuine Temperance. It will stamp As criminal the manufacture of wines from our Domestic grapes for family purposes Aud will degrade our dreg stores into drawn a bomb Aud elevate our doctors into autocrats of our appetites. 6. It will enable the Rich to import and use their liquors without taxation or restraint and will prohibit Only those of our people who Are too poor to buy their liquors in unbroken packages and under its operation the Saloon will give place to the gilded club room for the Rich while the poor will be forced to make their purchases at Low dives and in violation of Law. Such class legislation is odious to our people and contrary to free government. 7. It proposes by the preponderance of a majority in certain sections of the state to fasten by Force on other sections a theory of moral and social conduct and habits distasteful and repugnant to the latter. The varied interests of the sections in our state have been a prolific source of care and thought in our states Mansilp and this amendment if adopted will engender a hostile Publio sentiment in certain localities fatal to its enforcement and thus beget a disrespect for Law and disregard of Eon Stith Tiona authority and will produce lasting and permanent evil to our people and tend to disrupt the state. 8. It proposes to confiscate and destroy without compensation Large property interests of our people. It will unsettle business and impair property values paralyse for a period at least the commercial interests of oui state and destroy great industries already in operation for the manufacture of the Milder stimulants. It will abolish the source of our Publio revenues fully one third and increase to a corresponding amount the Burden upon lands and the necessaries of life already Over burdened with the exaction of government. 9. The zealous adherents of this prohibition idea have already established and organized a third political party and have waged relentless warfare upon the principles and organization of the other established parties instigated by foreign emissaries they have by agitation for years secured from the legislature of our state the Concession of this proposition to change our organic Law and by studied purpose and concerted movement they now seek to stifle political take some food with us. Accordingly g i Gools litter was brought up and that lady herself assisted out of it and meanwhile Foulata at Ray request stored some a Biltong a or dried garage Tiesh together with a couple of gourds of water in a Reed Basket. St Raight in front of us at a distance of some lit to paces from the backs of the colossi Rose a Slicer Wall of Rock eighty feet or More in height that gradually sloped up till it formed Hie Lase of the lofty Snow wreathed Peak which soared tip into the air three thousand feet Abow us. As soon As she was Clear of Lier Hummock Gasool cast one evil Grin upon us and then leaning on a stick hobbled off toward the she r lace of the Rock. We followed her till we came to a narrow Portal solidly arched that looked like the opening of a gallery of a mine. Here Gasool was waiting for nr., still with that evil Grin upon her horrid face. A Nowr while men from the stars a she piped a great warriors i Cubi Bun Wall and a Cunz Din the Wise Are be ready behold i Ani Here to do the bidding of my lord the King and to show be the store of Bright a we Are ready a i said. A Good Good make Strong your hearts to Bear what be shall see. Games thou too Infa Doos who betrayed thy master a Infa Doos frowned As lie answered a nay i come not it is not. For me to enter there. But thou Gasool curb thy Tongue and beware How thou Dearest with my lords. At thy hands will i require them and if a hair of them he Hurt. Gasool in thou fifty times a Witch thou Shalt die. Nearest thou a i hear Infa Doos i know thee thou didst Ever love big words when thou wast a babe i remember thou didst threaten thine own Kotlier. That was Blit the. Other Day. But fear not fear not i live but to do the bidding of the King. I have done the bidding of Many Kings Infa Doos till in tile end they did mine. I Iii i a i go to look upon their tacos once More and Twala a too come on come on Here is the and she Drew a great Gourd full of Oil and fitted with a Rush Wick from under Lier fur clo k. Art thou coming foil Lata a asked Good in Liis villainous Kitchen Kukuna in which lie had been improving hide of under that Young lady a tuition a i fear my lord a tile girl answered timidly a then give to the a nay my lord whither thou guest there will i go the Deuce you will in thought i to myself a that will he rather awkward if Ever we get out of without further ado Gasool plunged into the passage which was wide enough to admit of two walking abreast Aud quite dark we following h r voice As she piped to us to come on Iii some fear and trembling which was not allayed by the sound of a sudden Rush of wings. Hullo what a thai a hallowed Good a somebody hit me in the a bats a said i a on you when we had so far As we could judge gone some fifty Pac Swo perceived the it the passage was growing faintly Light. Another minute we stood in Tho most wonderful place that the eyes of living Man Ever lit on. Let the Reader picture Himson of the Hall of the fastest Cathedral lie Ever stood in windowless indeed hut dimly lighted from above presumably by shafts connected with the out r air and driven in tile roof which arched away a Hundred feet above our headband he will get some idea of the size of the e Normous Cave in which we stood with Tho difference that this Cattie Drill designed of nut in was loftier and wider than any built by Man. But its stupendous Izo was the least of tile wonders of the place for running Iii rows Down its length were Gigantic pillars of what looked like ice but were Iii reality huge stalactites. It is impossible for me to convey any idea of Tho Civ flowering Beauty and grandeur of those p liars of White spar some of which were not less than Twenty feet in diameter at tile base and sprung lip in lofty and yet delicate Beauty sheer to the Distant roof. Others again were in process of formation. On til Rock floor there was in the a oases what looked sir Henry said sex in a a broken column la an old grecian to tit whilst High above depending from t in roof the Point of a Hue icicle be dim y seen. And even As with a tiny spin ii a drop of water would fall from the far off icicle on the column below. Bom times Tho stalactites took strange forms presume Lilly where the dropping of Tho water had not always been Oil the same spot. Thus one huge mass which Musl have weighed a Hundred tons or so was in the form of a pulpit beautifully fretted Over outside with Wii at looked like lace. Oiler resembled strange beasts Aud on the Sale of the Cave wore fan like Ivory tracings such As the Frost leaves upon a pane. On she led us straight to the top of the vast and silent Cave where we found another do o w in not arched As the first was Blit Square at the top something Lik Hie doorways of egyptian temples. A Are be prepared to enter the place of death a asked Gasool evidently with tilt View of making us feel uncomfortable. A Lead on Macduff a said Good solemnly trying to look As though lie was not at All alarmed As indeed did we All except Foulata who caught Good by the Arm for Protection. These tilings were Aud i a fading out of it As hard As Iii legs Woald carry my. I am not a nervous Man in a general Way. Aud Slit in troubled with sup a is Alfious of cd i have iv�m1 to see tin Foy but i free to own that that sight quite upset and had it not be ii that sir Henry caught me by the Collar Ami held inc. I do honestly believe that in another live minutes i should have been outside that stalactite Cave and that the Promise of ail Hie diamonds in Kimberly would not have induced inc to enter if again. But he held me tight so i stopped because i could not help myself but next second his eyes got accustomed to the ii gift too and he let go of me and began to the perspiration off lits forehead. As for Good lie swore feebly and Foulata threw her arms round his neck Ami shrieked. Only Gasool chuckled loud Ami Long. It was a ghastly sight. There at the end of the Long Stone table holding in his Skeleton lingers a great White Spear sat death himself shaped Iii the form of a colossal human Skeleton fifteen feet or More in height. High above b s head he hold the Spear As though in the net to strike one Binny hand rested on the Stone table before him in tin position a Luau assumes on rising from his seat whilst ids Frame was Bent Forward so that Hie vertebral of the neck and the grinning gleaming Skull projected toward us and fixed its hollow Eye places upon us Tho jaws a Little open As though it were about to speak. A great said i faintly at last a what can it tie a a and what Are those things a said Good pointing to the White company round the table. A and what on Earth is that thing a said sir Henry p doting to the Brown creature seated on the table. A Heel lice Heel laughed Gasool. To those who enter the Hall of the death evil comes. Hee lice Hee a has a come i licit fill Brave in Battle come and see him thou a West a Ami the old creature caught ids coat in her Skinny Fin ers. And led him away toward the Tab. We followed. Presently she stopped and pointed at Hie Brown object seated on Hie table. Sir Henry looked and started Back with an exclamation and no wonder for there seated quite naked on the table the head which sit Henry a Battle a had shorn from tile body resting on its Knees was the gaunt Corpse of Twala last King of the Kukunas. Yes there the head perched upon the Knees it sat in All its ugliness the Vertebra projecting a full Inch above the level of the shrunken Lesli of the neck. Over Hie whole surface of the Corpse there was gathered a thin Glassy film which made its appearance yet More appalling and for which we were at the moment quite unable to account till we presently observed that from Hie roof of Hie chamber Hie water fell Steadi a drip drop i drip on to the neck of the Corpse from whence it ran Down Over the entire Surbier and finally escaped into the Rock through a tiny Hole in Hie table. Then i guessed what it was Twala a body was being transformed into a stalactite. Peering Aga. D a none in ii door hath be it opened it. The there is a or Frere we i w Hite in in died Tain to tier i a a i in be our by in i a a a tire Ink passage n in. Only the secret of the i ept. Tut i very icing hath Cha. not entered big that those who enter within a Moon even As the in Ilion the it if Ort my i i . Is Aile Aid it mid i turned How dal the old hag know have the Light called. Parties leaving the City for the summer Oan have the Light sent to them 1 anywhere in the United states or Canada for fifty cents a month. 6-17-tf Shiloh a remedies. A tie w or vision from our people until their political designs Are fully accomplished. Be warn our people of this threatened danger and Call upon them to rebuke at the polls this sinister conspiracy against their political organizations and the fundamental principles of american Liberty. The delightful liquid laxative. Syrup of figs i a most agreeable and Valu to i 41�?Th Ini in remedy Ftp it ens Fly in Kern by old i a1 Young and ii prompt Aud effective in of ring ii it tit lint Wonit Patlon and the Many Iii Dene Outing on a weak or inactive condition of the kidneys liver Anil bowels. It acts Hunt la strengthens the organs on which it Tofu activity for sate by of reliever amp son. Another minute we atom in vie most wonderful Plum hut in yen of living Ever lit on. A this is getting rather ghastly a said sir Henry peeping into Hie dark doorway. A come no Quoter main sen litres Drlores. Done to keep the old lady waiting a and he politely made Way for me to Lead Hie Van for which i inwardly did not bless him. A a come get on old fellow a said Hood a for we shall lose our fair thus abjured i started Down Hie passage. And after about Twenty paces found myself in a gloomy apartment some forty feet Long by Broad by thirty High which Iii some past age had evidently been hollowed by hand labor out of the Mountain. This apartment was not nearly so Well lighted attire vast stalactite ant Enave and it the firs glance All i could make out was a massive Stone tabla running its length with a colossal White figure at its head and life sized White figures All round it next i made out a Brown thing seated on tire table in the Center and in another moment my eyes grew accustomed to the Juul Aud i saw what All chapter xvii. Solomon Stre Ahu us chamber. While we had been engaged in getting Over our fright and in examining the grisly wonders of the place Gasool ired Linen differently occupied. Somehow or other for she was marvellously Active when sire chose she scrambled on to the great table and made her Way to where our departed Friend Twala was placed under the drip to see suggested Good How lie was a pickling a or for some dark purpose of Lier own. Then she came hobbling Back stopping now and again to address a remark the Tenor of which i could not catch tootle or other of Hie shrouded forms just As you or i might Greet an old acquaintance. Having gone through this mysterious and horrible ceremony she squatted herself Down on Tho table immediately under the White death and be Gall so far As i could make out to offer up prayers to it. The spectacle of this wicked old creature pouring out supplications evil ones no doubt to the Arch enemy of Man kind was so uncanny that it caused us to hasten tour inspection. A now Gasool a said i in a Low voice somehow one did not dare to speak above a whisper in that place Lead us to the the old creature promptly scrambled Down off the table. My lords arc not afraid a she said Leer lug up into my face. A Lead a Good my lords a Aud she hobbled round to the Back of Hie great death. A there if tire chamber let my lords Light tire lamp Aud enter a and sire placed tire Gourd full of Oil upon the floor and loaned herself against tire Side of Hie Cave. I took out a match of which we still had a few in a Box and Iii the Rush Wick and then looked for the doorway but there was nothing before us bul tire solid Rock. Gasool grinned. A tire Way is there my a do not jest wit i us a i said sternly. A i jest not my lords. See a and she pointed at the Rock. As sire did so on holding up Tho lamp we pen Eivid that a mass of Stone was slowly rising from Tim floor Aud vanishing i Flo hit Rock a we win to doubtless Thoro was to cavity prot pared to receive it. Tire mass a of the Width of a Good sized door about tor feet High and not less than five feet thick. La must have weighed at least Twenty or thirty tons Ani was clearly moved uni some simple b dance principle i toddy flu same As that upon which hic opening Aud shutting of an ordinal. Modern window arranged. How the principle was set in to Hon. Of course none of us saw was careful to avoid that hut i have Little doubt that there was some very simple lever which was moved Ever so Little by pressure on a secret Jait thereby throwing additional weight on to the hidden . Aud causing the whole huge mass to ire lifted from tie ground. Very slowly and gently the great Stone raised itself till at last it had altogether Aud a dark Hole pre settled itself to us in tire place which it hat tilled. A enter White men from tire stars a said Gasool advancing into the doorway a but first hear your servant Gasool Hie old the Bright stones that be Wilt see were dug out of tire pit Over which tire silent ones Are set and stored Here i know not by whom. But once has this place Lieen entered since tire time that those who stored the stones departed in haste leaving them behind. Tile report outline treasure went Down among the Peede who lived Iii the country from ago to age but none knew where the chamber was nor the secret of tire door. But it happened that a White Man reached this country from Over Tiro mountains perchance lie too came from the stars and was Well received by tire King of Tho Day. Lie it is who sits yonder a and sire pointed to tire fifth King at tire table of the dead. A and it came to pass that lie and a woman of tire country wire was with him came to this place and that by Chance tire woman Learned tire secret of tire door a thousand years might be Searchi but be should never find it. Then tire White Man entered with tire woman and found tire stones and filled with stones the skin of a Small Goat which the woman had with her to hold food. And As ire was going from tire chamber he took up one More Stone a Largo one and held it to his Here she j to used a Well a i asked breathless with interest As we All were a what happened to a Bill Vestra a a tire old hag started at the mention of the Hallie. A How know est thou the dead Many a name a she asked sharply and then without waiting for an answer went on a none know what happened but it came about Itiat tire White Luau was frightened for he Hung Down the gout skin with the stones and tied out wit i Only tire one Stone in Ilia trend and that Hie King took and it is tire Stone that thou Maci Mazalin didst take from Twala a a have notre entered Here since a i asked. Sick and Eod ail tins thous a a enter my lords of i sure us truth the Goatskin with tire stones will Ile upon tire floor Aud of the re is truth As to win tiler it is death to enter Here tout Rill pc least afterwards. A ire ire in and she hobbled through the door Way bearing tire Light with her but inn fess that once More i hesitated about following git confound it Alt a said haul a Siren goes. I no not Glt a emf to be frightened by that old Devil a and followed by Foulata who. However evident v did not at ail he Hie Job for sire was shivering with fear he the passage after a loot an example which we qui Eidy followed. A few Yards Down the passage in tire narrow Way Hen out of the. Living Rock g go d had paused and was wailing for us. Bec my lords sire said holding tire Light before her a those who stored the treasure Here fled Iii haste and to thought them to guard against any one wire horrid find the secret of tile door hut had not tile time a and sire pointed to hug Square blocks of Stone which had to Tho ii a lit of two courses two feet thro Etore ii placed across the passage with a View to Wall dig it up. Along Tho Side of Ute passage were similar blocks ready for use and most curious of All a Heap of m n Lur and a couple of trowels which so tar its we ired Lime it examine them appeared to to of a similar shape and Iii Lite to those ii of by workmen to this Dan. Here f Ulata wire had throughout Aren in a Stab of great fear and Agit to la a said that she toil taint and Eon id go ire further but would Waif there. Elt Ned Lyngh we set Lier Down Ltd tire uni misled Wall placing the Basket of provisions is Lier and left her to recover. Following the passage for about fifteen paces further we suddenly came to an elaborately painted wooden door. It was standing avid open wire or was Hist there had t Blier had not hic time or id tor gotten to shut it. Across the threshold Lay a Kin bag formed of a Goat skin that appeared to to full of Pebble. Hee lice Waite men Quot ii ego red la got ii tis the ii i i ruin the i Imp i at upon it. What old i be. That Hie White wire came Here tied in Basto Aud mopped the woman a bag behold it a Good stooped Down and lifted it. It was heavy and jingled. By Jose i believe it full of diamonds a lie said Iii an awed whisper an i indeed tire idea of a Small Goatskin full of diamonds is enough to Awe an. Body. A go on a Sal i s t Henry impatiently. Here old lady give me Hie ii in Aud taking it trom Gasool hand lie stopped through the doorway and held it High above his head. We pressed in after him forgetful for tire moment of tire bag of diamonds and found ourselves in Solomon s treasure chamber. At first All taut the somewhat faint Light Given by tire lamp revealed was a room Hen out of the. Living Rock an i apparently not More than ton feet Squire. Next there came into sight stored one on hic other As High As the tool. A splendid collection of elephant treks. How Many of them there were we i i not know tor of course we could not see How tar they went Buck but there could not have been less than the ends of four or five Hun ared Dregs of the first Quality visible to our eyes. There alone was enough Ivory before tis to nuke a Man wealthy for life. Perhaps i thought it was from tills very store that Solomon Drew ids material for ids a great throne of Ivory a of which there was not the like made in any kingdom. On the opposite Side of the chamber were about a score of wooden boxes something like Martin Lenry ammunition boxes Only rather larger and painted red. A there Are tile diamonds a cried i bring tire sir Henry did so holding it close to Tho top Box of which the lid rendered Rotten by time even in that dry place appeared to have been unvisited in probably by Dasil Vestra himself. I string my hand through the Hole in tire lid i Drew it out full not of diamonds but of Gold pieces of a shape that none of us ired seen before Aud with what looked like hebrew characters stamped upon them a a i said replacing Hie Coin a we Shane to go Back empty Hun bal anyhow. There must be a couple of thousand pier in each Box and tiler. Are eight in Box a. I suppose it was tire Money to pay the work men Aud a Well a put in Good a i think that is tire lot i done tse any diamonds unless i a old portuguese put Thorn a l into Toto a let my lords look yonder where it Lithe darkest if they would find the stones a said Gasool interpreting our dress Quot to in my lords will Hud a Nook Ami three Stone chests in tire Nook two soiled and one before interpreting tills to sir Henry who had the Light i could not resist a knit Bow she knew tires it things if no in ired entered tire pm tic since tire White Luau generations ago. A nah m Eon Zalm who watched by night a was tile mocking answer a Eye win live in the St irs do be not know that Arnut have eyes that can see through Rock a a look in l int c Ruer Curtis a i said indicating tire spot g i goo i ired Reinol oui. A Hullo you Fellows a lie said a a hero a a recess. Great heavens look we hurried up to where he was standing in a Nook something like a Sui ail Tot win a roup whooping cough and bronchitis immediately relieved by Shiloh a cure. For Sale by Dowling a flood. 6m Catarrh cured health and Sweet breath scoured by Shiloh a Catarrh remedy. Price of cents. Nav Al injector free. For Sale by Dowling a flood. L-13-6m for dyspepsia and liver complaint Vou have a printed guarantee on every bottle of Shiloh a Vitalizer. It never fails to cure. For Sale by Dowling a flood. L-i3-6tn Hack Multack a a lasting and fragrant perfume. Price 25 and 50 cents. For Sale by Dowling to flood. L-13-6m will Yon Stifler with dyspepsia and liver complaint Shiloh a Vitalizer is guaranteed to cure you. For Sale by Dowling it flood. I-l3-6o> eczema eradicated. it is due Yon in nay that i think i am Ontl Vly Well of eczema after Anvi to taken Swift # specific. I have been troubled with it very Little in my face since ast apr i be. At the Begler Nitiss of cold weather last fail it made a alight appearance Bot went away Ana in never returned. S. S. S. No doubt broke it up at least it put my system in Good condition and i Jna Well. It aim benefited my wife greatly in Case of sick headache Ana made a purees cure of a breaking nut on my Little three year old daughter last in mar. A it get it to Watkinsville ga., feb. It 186. Rev. J am to v. Of Morris. Treatise on blood and skin disease called free. A a to whirr set Ottto co. Prawn a. Atlanta. A. Iou printing of every description done / at Tho Light of toe. Satisfaction Given Vor Ytje or Money refunded trifle wit i i 00 \. Lung disease. 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Office room 3 Soledad Block. Dealer la Staple amp fancy groceries Corner West Houston and Camaron Artesia. Telephone 28. Free Camp Yard. Orders promptly delivered free of charge. Composition gravel and Shell roofing the Moat durable and economical roofing need. Many of the finest building in the United state a revered with it in Chicago ii per sent. And in by. Louis i per sent. Of the building in the fir limits this roofing loused. Upon the new opera House any Many Ether Fin Block n this Elty Tia roofing to used. Guaranteed for it to out Quot inference Given to roofing fell to 20 years standing. Years. Cotton. Wool. Hides. D. Quasso merchant tailor 26 and 28 main Plaza. Fine assortment Good subject to of of Spring and summer Der. Suit to order Al new goods subject to outer. Bulla to order Ai new Fork prices and fit guaranteed. Uniform for organisations a specially. Quot a new method a organisations a specially of renovating clothing go outer. Repairing promptly Doi Ara teeing the sr21-6ni one Banks and Bankers i. B. Auza Vbk Pendant. A. A. A a an Nan. Cashier. R been found. Ii it he not injure the Teeth Ca my a pro duo Oon tip tilt my All Ether Iron medicines do. Iron hitters cares indigestion dyspepsia. Hula Ria a Hills and fevers tired feeling general debility Fain in Tho be bark or All the of ailment Iron is prescribed daily. Downs Iron . Minute like All other thorough Medicine it act Hgt Way. When taken by men the ii sit am Toui of Hij Nelt is renewed Energy. The muscle then become Tinner the digestion improves tile bowels Aru Active i to u Ommi the effect is usually More rapid end marked the Eye begin St once to brighten the skin dear up healthy color come to the Cheeks nervousness disappears functional derangement become regu tar and if a nursing Mother. A band it sustenance it supplied for the child. Remember Brown s Iron hitters in the Only Iron Medicine that is not injurious i Hayti Cut Arni Dray ult recommend it. 7he genuine has Trade Mark and crossed red limn on wrapper take no other. Texas National Bank. 268 Commerce Street. Tar a general banking business transacted. Draft on Europe. A loan Dollar Aud other foreign Money purchased. It Quot visitors Register kept in our Reading room where it augers in the Olty Are in vied to eau. J. I. Imm Toi pre j. W. Guard t. F a. P. Esau Ca Kiev. Thu Staffel amp Kuhl general commission merchants. Agents for the state of Texas Little a chemical fluid dip Little a Patent powder dip Little a soluble Phenyl i disinfectant. No. 19 Navarro Street sen Antonio Texas. Without a rival the newer Call at Tew office no. 13 went Commerce Street and see Tho wonderful work which the new High aum Singer will do the Singer mtg co., 12 w. Commerce St complaint of thousands suffering from asthma con gumption coughs Etc. Did you Ever try Acker English remedy it is the Best preparation known for All lung troubles a old on a positive guarantee at 10c., 60c. Eor Bale by Ragland a Kennedy. In traders rational bask w. Id. Albini chemist and apothecary no. 205 Alamo Plaza. Of Sam Antonio Texas. Trs resist a general banking business alway on hand. Full and fresh mock of drug Chemi Eai and toilet article Are Ever Shin found in a first Oles drug Blore. Presort pious mad a specially and will be prepare. At All Katura with ear Aad dispatch. File Honc no Koo
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