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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - July 3, 1891, San Antonio, Texas So gaily p9m. Office no. 4 East Commerce Street san Anton igl ight tub Lis h ing Cox t. A Johnson 8 to rect any Ano tre Asur Kwako of Al Hajj. Wan Agi in. In rred at the Post Oprics at san Antoni \ Texas As second class maid matter. 53�?o fhe Light is the Only daily Republican paper published in Texas. Subscription rates. Daily per month 60 daily per year. 5. Of delivered by mail or Carrier free. Weekly. 6 60 weekly i year. 1,00 receiving their paper will pm to. Subscriber Are warned not to pay their subscription subscribers not averse make complaint to the foe re Are warned not to pay the sept anon presentation ted Bill from this Varney expelled member of parliament doing time for attempt to Debauch miss Pask Eft has Learned a lesson from his six weeks confinement Aud instructs his lawyer to Forward the Young lady whom he attempted to ruin the sum of $2,000. This is bringing Forth fruits meet for repentance. The Alliance and the democracy mrs. Langtry will begin next sea Are courting again and will no doubt Jap by touring the English provinces. A a of a Athen she will go to London and have heal Oer All their differences. If they an Thor Han thai Mon. Do no tit will be no fault of the demo receiver Campbells statement in the receivership investigation is a Cleir Cut piece of testimony but it go pc be y Little Comfort to the Tyler pie fiends. Advertising rates. Face of of. A Silver tongued Dick signifies his readiness to go As on of the orators of the a Texas car Dick of a properly re-1 would he in his element and Texas might find a worse Man for such a junket. J. Al sole 4 00s 8 00 Tai it saw of 4 a i so of Lawai advertisements f per Mon first insertion 75 cents per inca a it Ach subsequent a str ton. Trustees sales $1 of per Inch first insertion 25 cents Ucb insertion afterwards. A Reading matter editorial Page 26 my pet in Job insertion. Local columns 30 cents first insertion to of Nib first week 5 cents after first special rates on co wad too lines running or a month route advertisements payable in the first Chen month. Transient advertising payable in a if aide. Only Metal outs printed or Wail rates Given on larger space and Long or 5 advertisements. Disco ont Given for Oas n Parnell will find no on interfering with his present Effort to establish Home Rule Over Kitty. Let him Content himself with this and Ireland will be the gainer. Receiver Campbell loses nothing in Public estimation by appearing before the Galveston committee. His testimony is very incisive and shows a due regard for the stockholders of the Road As Well As the pie eaters. A rot state and county officers raw Dollar in and vane it All comr a a or Billa must is approved by or Stetary and m an Auer to correspondents Alk or Tim unload on r for ibis paper a Tould be Ltd it i Alicd by the name of Tbs author not rot publication Bat a evidence of Rood fill a of toe a it a it of the writer. Write on a one so de of the pager. N a Plain hand. An any Mona 00jnmxuu3ii03� wits not be Uoti oed Vuel a it will net be a Havous ble for the state Corvest Mien to chairman Finlay of the Western traffic association caught a tartar when he jumped on to the passenger agent of the Chicago and Alton. Like the Luau who caught the Tiger by the Tail he does not know whether it is Best to hang on or let go. Cracy who will make every Effort at conciliation and meet the Alliance four fifths of the Way to secure it support. Indianapolis will have to Cut and come again at Gen. Sturm. President Diaz takes no Stock in the rumours and charges made against Sturm having convinced himself of their falsity and the general gets another mexican Concession. Or another try of a Anthony and Cleo Atra a after which she is to appear a theatre of her own. Col. Alfriend author by a the Louisi Anian a recently wrote to mrs. Chanter Amelia Rives asking for the right to dramatize her a Virginia to she replied that she could not consent to this As she in tended to dramatize it herself. Health is wealth Wanamaker says now alway has said and it has never been disproved that the Stock he held in the Keystone Bank he held As collateral knew nothing of its Issue As to its being fraudulent or otherwise had no interest in it beyond the Security it gave him for Money advanced and that beyond such Security he had no claim upon it. The Alliance men who expect sub Treasury funds at 2 per cent will get away w the alien Laud Loans when they secure their pet legislation. In the mean time amendments to the Law Are in order. To Oum Eastern advertisers. All advertising for the daily Aud week of i in it must come to us through our special agents messes. Palmer tic Rey 232 to 235 Temple court. New York. Friday july 3, 1891. The International Aud great Northern investigation at Galveston is nearing the end. The Public have found out what the initiated suspected last Winter that the whole matter is the outcome of personal political and professional jealousy impregnated by a Strong desire for pie. The school marm9 have Possession of the a City that sits by the Corpus is All smiles and serenity. The Dallas Herald stretches its imagination until it splits wide open when it sees in fort Worth the a Coney Island of a railway from Rockport to Yoakum via Victoria gives Waco a Short Cut to the West end of the Gulf that would be of immense advantage. The women who howl loudest in Reform crusades Are not the women who Institute the most healthy reforms at Home. Rudyard Kipling did not make a Success of Bis incognito arrangements in this country and has returned to Europe. The notoriety evidently expected did not result. If Laredo has to depend on a paid fire department for her fire Protection she will depend on the impossible. No Oley of her size Ever maintained a paid fire department in the Days of its glory let alone in the Days of its desolation. The Waco Day Calls a a judgement on the Dallas news critic who hauls Claiborne Over the coals for spelling the word with a Central judgement goes without comment. Neal Dow wants the whipping Post established for the Benefit of those who sell liquor contrary to Law. If Dow was not a fanatic and therefor irresponsible for his utterances he might be cured of his crankiness by the application of his own Medicine. Why is it that advocacy of so called moral reforms brutalized the advocate in so Many instances hand makes him impervious to All reason and dead to All humanizing feelings these Cranks who would have All the world think As they do stick at nothing to Force private opinion their Way. The High prices paid for goods last fall on account of the howl raised by democratic prophets of evil Are not maintained Western merchants Are receiving notice from Eastern manufacturers that the additional Price is not necessary and in some instances the ten per cent Advance of last fall is discounted and returned. This is a regular Boomerang for the Pio Phet of High prices. Creditors of Sam Maverick who desire to file claims against his estate must do so by july 8fh. Parties who have left Maverick Bank pass books to be adjusted should Call for them at once if they desire to file claim for balance due them Reagan Houston Assignee. 6 28 6t to printers and publishers. You can buy a bargain in a press or an engine by addressing t. La. Johnson Light office. 5-o-tf. Edward person at 254 Market Street Sau ant Ohio Tex handles the following goods by the car Load and less o. In. Hulloin paper. Medal Brand rooting. Tar paper. Deadening Felt. Sheathing and plaster Board. Corrugated Iron. Y. Crimp Iron. Roofing tin pitch Etc. 5-18-tf nature s wonder. The Only substance known that will prevent tendency to wrinkles or ageing of the skin. Preserves the tone life aaa transparent glow of youth. Prevents withering of the skin drying up of tha flesh. 50c and fl.00 at druggists arg size prepaid by express for 11.00. S. I Wells Jersey City n. J. Do. E. 0. We St a no blk and brain treatment a guarantee specific for hysteria. Dizziness. Convulsions fits nervous neuralgia headache. Nervous prostration caused by the Una of alcohol or tobacco wakefulness mental depression. Softening of the brain resulting in insanity and leading to misery decay Ani death premature Ola age barrenness loss of Power in either sex. Involuntary losses and caused by Over exertion of the brain self abase or Over indulgence. Each Box contains one month s treatment. 81.00 a Box or six boxes for 85., sent by mail prepaid on receipt of Price a we guarantee six boxes to cure any Case. With each order received by us for six boxes accompanied with 85.00, we will Send the purchaser our written guarantee to refund the Money if tha treatment does not effect a cure. Guarantees issued Only by City dbl store sole Agio 8e. Commerce st., Sam Antonio. Five Lota in grand View Ala bargain. Finest located propert n the . B. Johnson Light Somcy the Iowa republicans seem mighty unanimous and when they show a solid front the democracy in always to be found very far to the rear. Irish americans have simply acted in self defense in cutting Loose from the Irish National league. The american federation must control its own work and manage its own funds. The american Magazine illustrated monthly makes its promised appearance. The initial number is Rich in illustrations and the accompanying matter is decidedly interesting. It is Only ten cents per copy $1.00 a year and gives More for the Money than any monthly heretofore published. Tyler Democrat asks a if the auf Ralian ballot system is Good in Illinois Why would it not be Good in Texas a for the very simple reason that Illinois is a Republican state and Texas is a democratic one. If the democracy were cock sure that Hill could carry new York and Gray carry Indiana there would be no question about the presidential and vice presidential nominees in 1892. It is the uncertainty which lingers around this matter which causes uncertainty Aud indecision in the democratic mind. Footer the insatiable starts an. Other trans Continental disturbance next week and promises to raise sheol on the new England coast about the Lith or 12th of july. Somebody ought to saw him off. The Delaware Cherry crop is so Large that the canneries cannot Bandie it while Here in Texas cherries Are As scarce As hens Teeth and nearly As dear. The enforcement of Law like Charity should begin at Home. The youngster of today needs a Strong intellectual maternity to tie to and in this is his salvation. Indiana democrats Are going to Nadmi to make a determined Effort to and finate Gray for president. It is not probable that the a a Gray mule will be the better horse. It is impossible for a Republican to see what effect this i. Tic g. N. Investigation is going to have on the next governorship of Texas. The demo racy May see the umbilical Cord that ties them together but the Why or the wherefore does not appear. Pendleton has discovered that there is to be an extra session of the state legislature that it can elect a United states senator Aud that Mills is probably the Man. Pendleton however is unable to mention Date of that special session and the Chromo will not be forthcoming until he does. The Laws against minors in the saloons and dives and around the variety shows should be rigidly enforced. To these should be added stringent regulations against night roaming in the streets by children of a tender age. Properly train the morals of the minors and the work of reformation is done. The democracy seem worried about Uncle Barnes actual Cash and Uncertain As to the amount. Uncle Bam has nearly $60,000,000 Cash on hand and of this amount $5,000,000 is Avail Able for current expenses. There is no indication that the old Man is suffering for any of the necessaries of life or that any of his creditors Are we hug Over unmet obligations. Emperor William is As hard to please As a Bear with a sore head. England knows this audit knows that William fairly hates the Little Lelaud and will find All the fault for which he can Muster up half an excuse. This being so Queen vie and Wales Are putting their Heads together to arrange matters in such a fashion As to reduce his kicking chances to a minimum. Grants Monument Iuliu Voln Park Chicago will be unveiled at the reunion of the army of the Tennessee this fall and half a continent will be there to do the honors on that memorable occasion. The Bronze is the largest Ever cast in this country. The fort Worth Gazette is after the inequalities of compensation for service the last legislature and the Waco Aud Tyler pie eaters in one grand round up. There Are county officers in Texas who for one years clerical work gd1 four times the salary of the governor or chief Justice and As much As a hardworking Independent Farmer will make in ten years. In spite of this fact a. Texas legislature could not appoint a committee to equalize these things by a Bill but could appoint one at great expense to the people to see who was getting the most of the Chicken pie the a co or the Tyler politicians. Tyler seems to have caught on to the Western waiters cry. A pie pie Apple pie or pie what will you have pie a very rapid Telegraph or. Freon the electrical world. A recent paper by or. Gisborne of Ottawa electrician to the Dominion Given at the recent meeting of the Royal society of Canada in Montreal contains borne very interesting statements about rapid telegraphy. Or. Gisborne stated by Way of data that 3000 words per minute had been transmitted by a roundabout line of Copper wire 355 Miles Long Between new York and Washington while 800 had been reached Over the 1000-mile line Between new York and Chicago Aud he expressed the opinion that the Telegraph of the future would be largely conducted by Means of such rapid transmitters As were used in these experiments. It May be inter a sting to note that the automatic machine Telegraph employed is the invention of or. F. Anderson of Connecticut and that it is of the perforated paper class of instruments registering each message by Ink Marks showing the Ordinary Morse cures coughs colds incipient consumption. Loui8 Cook new Orleans says Quot it gives me great pleasure to be Able to say that to cock a cough elixir is the Best preparation for coughs and colds i Ever used and i have used a Good Many. I cheerfully recommend signals. Al rom this the speaker went on to show that a message of too words could be transmitted Over 1000 Miles of line for 25c, and yet allow a Large or Oft for the Telegraph companies ooh a statement May appear a Little surprising at first sight but it must be remembered that a pair of lines working at the highest Speed men cloned is the equivalent of something like forty Complete Quadruplex sys terns each requiring its own wire Anc worked by the Ordinary key. The decrease in expense of line and maintenance accomplished by the substitution of these transmitters for the Ordinary instruments would be something enormous to say nothing of the far smaller numbers of opera tors Aud instruments required. The perforations of course is done by Machina constructed on the principle of the typewriter. Two Fine residence lots on West end Street car line fenced size 111 x 165 feet on co Ner. For Sale. Worth $1,500. Jno. T Hambleton tic co. Sold by All druggists. Price. Soo. And . Prepared by i. L. Lyons amp co. New Orleans la. I r m ii d key Chi a Grade education for in g Yik us a and poem. Military a Spenor Hygiene Salt Tuli i Jill i Baths Gas Al Etrio Light steam heat ,.u,. Sweet spa Luis my. A aptly. Japanese Ile a guarantee cure for piles of whatever kind or degree external internal Blind or bleeding itching chronic recent or hereditary. This remedy has positively never been known to fall. $1 Box 6 boxes for 85 sent by mail prepaid on receipt of Price. A written guarantee positively Given o each purchaser of Al boxes. When purchased at one time to refund the 85 paid if not cured. Guarantee issued by \. Dreiss wholesale and retail druggist sole agt., san Antonio Texas ample a images free. G. W. Embry electrician. Estimates Given for wiring House for incandescent lights electric Bells. Burglar alarms and repairing All kinds of electrical instruments at reasonable rates. With Wagner amp Chabot Commerce and Navarro its. David Kirkwood sanitary Engineer and plumber la 8. Alamo st., Telephone 440. Modern sanitary plumbing a specially. N. . Kirkwood employees Only experienced plumbers and consequently Thole familiar with All the requirements of modern plumbing for this climate. This is a sufficient guarantee of first class Ork. 5-25-3 in a. Battaglia. A manufacturer of boots and shoes ladies and gents Fine shoes to order. Repairing neatly done at lowest rates in the Eity. 225 Alamo Plata. The daily Light is Only 50 gents a month delivery this is the refrigerator that will not grow Damp Aud spoil your food with a bad odor causing sickness Etc. The self cleaning a North Star a Quot Peru. It ask our customers How they like the North Start there Are hundreds in the City. Our prices Are the lowest. Amp co. House furnishes. 409-411 East Houston Strait. A Home 3 an Antonio offers unparalleled advantages to the Home seekers. A location loveliness Quot a climate unequalled for purity and Healthfulness warm open Winters and Cool delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street railway of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved streets and Beautiful suburban avenues and drives excellent Public schools and churches of every denomination All com ining to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home on the continent. Fee sips. John t. Hambleton amp go

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