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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - July 1, 1891, San Antonio, TexasWednk8day, july 1, 1891. Ten minutes to twelve. By m. G. M Clelland. Something is lost when you use or. Sage s Catarrh remedy. It s Catarrh. The worst cases yield to its mild soothing cleansing and Healing properties. No matter How bad your Case or of How Long standing you can be cured. Incurable cases Are rare. It s Worth to you if you have one. The manufacturers of or. Sage s remedy Are looking for them. They la pay you that amount in Cash if they can t Cui j you. It s a Plain Square offer from a responsible business House and they mean it. It seems too one sided too much of a risk it would any other medi Cine behind it. It Only goes to prove what s been said incurable cases Are or. Sage s Catarrh remedy. Other so called remedies May pal Liate for a time this cures for All time. By its mild soothing cleans ing and Healing properties it conquers the worst cases. It removes offensive breath loss or impairment of the sense of taste smell or hear ing watering or weak eyes when caused by the violence of Catarrh As they All frequently Are. Remedy sold by druggists Only 50 cents. Banks and Bankers. .j.s. Alexander a. A. Alexander president cashier. Texas National Bank 253 Commerce Street. Goa general banking a transacted. Crafts on Europe. Mexican dollars Aud other Foro Jarn Money purchased. Register kept n on Reading room where strap Trees in the City Are invited to Call. Piso s remedy for Catarrh is the Best easiest to use and cheapest. Catarrh sold by or sent by mail. 50c, be. T. Hazeltine. Warren a. F. Bankers sight on the principal cities in Tho Cal sed states and in All european countries. For alien Coin and currency bought and sold. F at e n t s caveats and obtained and a. Patent business conducted for Seks. Our Ottini is opposite . Patent Orris and we Oan secure a Patent in less time and at Leas Cost than those Remote from Walkington Send Model drawing or photo., with Desoria ton. We advise if patentable or not free of charge. Our fee not due till Patent is a Little Book How to patents with names of actual clients in your stat of unto. Or free. Address c. A. Snow co Opp Patent Arkansas pass Wood Yard Foster Schlieser proprietors. Arkansas St., near s. A. Foundry. Best kinds of Wood to be in the Marketta lowest prices. Branch office Mcallister Wurzbach. Alamo St. Grocers. Free delivery to any part of the City office no Branch o office no. Forder Nagel machine and Genera repair shop j fire engine House repairing of All kinds of machinery boilers pumps Jand manufacturers of mailings Iron doors blinds locks and gunsmithing1. 5 2s-1 consumption. I a positive remedy for the above disease by use thousands of cases of the worst kind and of Long standing have been cared. Indeed so Strong is my Faith to its Efficacy that i Send two bottles a valuable treatise on this disease to any Roi Ferer who Send me their express and , address. T. A. Slocum. My. 181 Pearl St. N. Y. Enc Luh pennyroyal pills original and Only genuine. -1 always lao ice for kit Hetter i Juny lift Dia in red and Gold Geatal with Blue ribbon. Take a other. Refute danger out tons and at druggist or lend 4% in for testimonial Relief for Ludlam in letter by ret am r mall Testin onial. Frame paper. Local in v and Wycis Frey hat its cured at out pain. Book a tic u. A respect free. . Office . Copyright by p the in him to i aptly rain Yil Thoy w a off by a Sii at from Jin her everlasting toddle spots Wood the Sun s Jav Rhi Liberm no to Ards the j is mighty rapid. If Don t step out i j o clock will Ketch Jou ail seeking investment or Home Seebert Are invited to Call on Jno. T. Hambleton i reckon the boy shouted Buck. Clipper knows How to then he turned a reassuring ail to Royal Don t you fret doctor. Well make it now the got you behind clip per. I Shook in my shoes though awhile a a a that confounded train Dawdle so. It looked like Fate was dead Why Don t somebody report those demanded Royal still in o used Over the delay and longing to punish somebody. The boy laughed. Where s the use he in his turn. Got a monopoly and complaints would ii at one ear and out at the o. Ler. They Aren t often so much behind they were today though and i Bonder you wanted to Lay on the skip. We d Jive made better time from the station on horseback but Phyllis was afraid the ride would Knock you up. The Road in t bad. However and we can make it driving if we look he whistled to his horse and touched her lightly with the whip. How far is Royal questioned glancing at his watch. Half an hour s drive to the House and fifteen minutes to the Church Foi the boy replied concisely. The been altered since you used to know it i reckon but you la remember where the Church is the one miss Royal built just after she came to the old place in memory of John Hurt. She s buried there you know under that big Oak near the vestry window. She told Phyl once a Long time ago that she wanted her to be married there. Phyl has been with us Ever since miss Royal died but the Church is close by and mighty convenient. Phyl wanted to by married from the old place but my Mother would t hear of it. The House has been shut up for nearly four months you know it s bound to be Damp and where Are you going Royal questioned the demand for new plans making itself disconcertingly apparent. Straight to the Church. If the train was on time i to drive you tit Home if it want right to the Church. Phyl and the rest will meet you the Road had entered a skirt of Woods and was Farmer and More fre from rots and ind holes. Clipper responded to the improvement in a style we Iii won Royal s admiration. Young Brandon listened with the air of personal mingled with assumed deprecation with which the creature masculine always hearkens to praises of his horse. He was Iii High Feather filled with Pride in his Mission and chatted away merrily. His father old Squire Brandon As he was called had intended meeting the train himself but had been prevented at the last minute. Just the scurvy sort of trick fave had been playing John Royal All through the sick Man s representative thought As he Lizard it. Here was More time irrevocably wasted for it would be useless explainer j matters to this boy. The boy meanwhile considering him self evidently not a Deputy to be despised put his horse along with a deft avoidance of stones mud holes and other impediments which to Royal unaccustomed to Mountain roads seemed Little Short of marvellous. He increased Royal s perplexity too with every word he uttered and with every intention of being agreeable forced More and More absolutely upon that gentleman the consciousness that things were at a deadlock. It was All right about the Spotswood gleefully assured Hina. Tom had attended to that Tom was to be Best Ina As he doubtless knew. The preacher would be up to the notch also Uncle Jeff miss Royal s old Carriage Driver had gone for him at Daybreak. The wedding was everybody s wedding Phyl said. And it looked like it for the whole neighbourhood wanted to take a hand. Phyl was mighty popular and then people Felt so sorry for Royal curiously enough Felt nettled through All his perplexity and then realized with an inward touch of amuse ment that he was appropriating not Only John Royal s position but what might naturally be John Royal s feelings under the circumstances. At a Point where the Road forked Young Brandon suddenly Drew up my horse and handed the reins to his companion. Her a minute he said and faced about to the Wood on the right put both hands to his Mouth and gave vent to a Long drawn eddying howl which Eli esd and re echoed among the Trees with peculiarly penetrating Ca Dence. It was like nothing which Royal for All his experience of indians leavers and coyotes had Ever heard in his life before and had he but known it was simply a differentiation of the old rebel still used among the mountains As a signal. In a second it was answered and the lad dropped Back to his scat and put out his hand for the reins. Matur lit a Jav happen to f what y u l it w have and no she d Vou could t of in it. I a. It from with a. Their y 6 Gol i i t u1 and i put ii Job. To had 1 logger of in the Woods run a. Aud when i to Gallop Back Tise .r.j-1 toll pm. There a a Way. If Yon had t come i d have howl t twice. They la got to Chercha Lenobl As the c to on t touched r Yal. In his Frontier experience the life had been too t r. C from and hum in too read ily and practica1" i in Zed. Liim to Post the cab Pool Al appeared to take in each other s ni4 and the Troubl voluntary Pat themselves to Rbell if. That him aau Ami i Oral Bat at the it i Icrea the difficult in to r Low and pet do i not Only elaborate explanation it his plan but s i f before i Tivod a a 111 Ake place. The Bucic i assimilate of . Antl of Iho an Xirui in Ico of the fellow to in Maui Iowa if Only he had Imo tour inc Tiu re the Patho of words John Royal had uttered As they hands Ere his dept rare see it that a your j toting what i v than Don t fail nit i in Fri ii to from poverty they a ring in his ears. T heal on his to Aud hold and co Zajk i him Biko a Niit it this apr. He looked at of an hour to expound his scheme com Bat satisfy . Allay and tiie in Arringt it t Ould not dour. No thought of his plan crossed his mind he simply readjusted it. He would marry the voting lady ind make the afterwards. 80 Fai he had Ai a opted As John Royark instead of Royal s represent changes in appearance appear t Lii y accounted i or by ten of six years in Inu Morse. He must carry ont tie in Vinoa until the ceremony should Havo inn Porr Onues after which of course come the explanation. The spirit of Strong Iii him and he was Cotis Iovu of tie thrill an motor knows when his cast is on the razor do Sivess and failure. An 1 May or marred by an sex or gesture. The lad. Busy with his horse and in tent on Speed was silent. The Road left the Woods and Emer ced on a Lovely plateau gently rolling and studded with Gri up of a Nim a Hickory Maple and Swett gun. It was by Hills and carpeted with Short showed Green even in december. The Center amid a clump of Oaks run Ariit pictures Jive Stop Church. With pointed windows and Ivy Walls. It was enclosed by a Stone Deuce my the up us inside was evidently us 1 for a burying ground. Under the Trees outside the incl Sare a Spring gushed Forth near which were Racks for horse. Anu a where the animals might drink. Royal noticed several vehicles Spring wagons mostly standing about and horses a dozen or so some tied to the Racks and some to swinging limbs according As their dispositions were sedate or nervous. Spotswood drove round to a Side Gate. And a negro cd Iii and took the horse. He looked smiling and important and Bov Odalia july to Royal half extending his hand which Royal grasped and Cor Shook not knowing him of course but dissembling. folks inside Uncle the boy indicating at the same moment by a gesture to his companion the spot where miss Royal had been buried. Tol r ble smart sir de body s Futin up an Dar s a right smart sprinkling in de Gall by. Dar come Rno folks now. Dey de music Over sir an hit Soun mighty pretty an con Solin this Lasi was addressed to Royal who dumbly Felt that before he should through the affair he might be in need of Consolation. In the vestry they were received by two gentlemen who were introduced by Spottwood his brother join the Rev. Carter Braxton. Both men Shook hands with Royal with eatnn.4asin, and torn bran Lou helped him Oft with his Over. -1.irking that he looked a Trina off color but on the whole fitter than they had expect Royal who Ful t lha a Foar us less hours two sketchy Aud insular sent meals and a Strain of anxiety and excitement Lay his pres ent self and the Man who boarded the train so the Day before did not wonder that he should look his part at sufficient in to pass Muster. With the so close upon him a strange still All powerful excitement seized on i ovum and thrilled through i i t tissue cum it. Pit bpm quivered his heart wat thick and rapidly Aud blood i his Brair to inquiries like a Man in dream a to i of a v confuse.1 . I so a the priced in a Corner for convenience he caught i us h ugly his own existent it from the existence of that other Dolin Royal dimly seeking to identify Hio own features with those of the Man sick Ihm he come. Life and circumstance for the time sure re to him and he accepted s events As impersonally As a somnambulist could have done. I divid Iai will seemed As it i Abey id under and dominated by a for which it powerless to copt. Denied himself and yet other than h , More than himself. In his Robes stood Book in hand within the Chancel rail the wedding in air i burst Fortis with joyous invitation a of Black coated men and Maidens All in White Carne up the aisles each other and ranged about the Chancel. And Royal still a Man in a dream. Id ranked from the vestry door with Tom Brandon at his Side and received from the hands of a v gentleman the lace enveloped figure of his unknown Bride. Her baud Lay on his Arm the t oils of Robe brushed against my the lie a Cove nil her Droop ing Heil touched his shoulder i it he did Noi look her nor Manifest by so much As the quiver of a muscle of her proximity. His in lost merged in that of the nov w Vise part he had assumed. Ali was strained his pulses beat wit i but his brain was Iii options preternaturally h old hear the snap of a nowhere among the audience an 1 til stamping of the horses outside distinctly through the rhythm of the music. The interest of the spectators thrilled him but failed to renew recognition of being other than he seemed. Then amid the hush which followed the cessation of the music came the minister s solemn statement of the Pur pose for which the people were there assembled Ami his impressive charge to them that if any Man knew aught which should prevent this Union he should set it Forth followed by the pause which is so Seldom broken. Then in tones that sounded in his ears As the voice of an other Man. Royal found Himsel in Pat ing words Winch with the Strai n e of duality Winch oppressed him i to Hind him. As Well As that other to the woman inside him As with bands of steel and when her answering vow breathed Forth he received the ring it was As though another hand was with his hand guiding it As he placed the circlet on her Finger. And a terrible sense of and powerlessness fora overwhelmed him turn ing him faint and sick As one on whom a heavy 1 i fallen. Then he realized that everything Over and that the people had glanced at their watches for the last time and were pressing Forward with congratulations. He moved aside and involuntarily took out his own and noted the time. It wanted ten minutes to 12. Specimen cases. S. H. Clit lord cattle. Was troubled Vith i h a Matini his stomach As his liver affected to an alarming . Appetite away and to was terribly reduced in Thi i a Boi pcs of talc bitten cured him. Edward Harrisburg or 111., had a running sore on leg of i Erht standing. I sed bottle of electric bitters an seven of Bucklen s Arnica Salve and his is sound and Well. John speaker Fiad h Velar re sores on his doctors said he was incurable. electric bitters and one Box Hucklen a Arnica Saive cured him entirely. Sold by Dreiss co. Chapter in. Contractors and builders attention. Are you in need of Austin White Lime plaster Paris hair Portland Cement fire Brick fire Clay if so ring up Mcallister Wurzbach Telephone 163, who Are prepared to quote Low prices to prompt Cash customers. We also have a Fine Hue of grocer Els. Give us a trial. 201 8. Alamo test. 6-2-4m sugar Cane Mills at Cost. If a Lor of first class Cane Mills v sch i will sell at Cost Price on account of not being in Rny line of business. Ino Doe of filing final account. No. Estate of George a. Barker deceased. Tin state of Taxa. Rory re of a Krak. Nonty court in matters of probate. To july term in Tae state of Texas to All persons interested in the administration of the estate of go Ortre a. Barker. Deceased Barker administrator of the estate of George a. Barker deceased Lias filed his Unal account in the county court of Bexar county which will acted on at the july term. A. Said court at the court House thereof in City of san Antonio sifter this Maiee shall have been duly published for Twenty 20 Days in some newspaper published in san Antonio Bexar county. At which time All interested in said estate May appear Aud make objections thereto if they see proper. Witness. Thad w. Smith clerk of the county court of Bexar i county and Seal of said court at my office in san Antonio this my Day of june. A. D., Thau. W. Smith clerk county court Bexar county. By r. C. Symington Deputy. Issued same Day. Came to hand june 29, 1891, and publication of the within notice ordered made in the san Antonio la Jet. T. P. Mccall. T Bexar county by w. P 1 j. To. 0-29201 it curiously unnerved for a Man of robust physique and ordinarily Normal imagination Royal lot these strangers have their Way with him. Thankful for the res Pite which their quiet acceptance of him he avoided looking at the Bride dreading to meet her glance lest it should unfit him for his part for with the sight of the crowd Liis de ire to explain matters withdrew Liuio the background. This a it the Titue ukr was it the place. The affair h to Dev uni Ilic it Iona for which he Kelly unprepared and he t think to Assisi and n the sequence of events had been so different from his own pre conceived of them that his mind for the Moaier Rhrou out of gear and stood that which came As

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