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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 29, 1891, San Antonio, TexasSan Antonio daily Light. Published at san Antonio. Bexar county. Texas. And registered at the Post office As second class mail matter. Volume 9 san Antonio Texas thursday january 29, 89 i. Price year lotto ii National Bank. 8ajn Antonio Texas. J. 8. Lockwood president Safe Deposit vaults. Three nights con Mienciuk sunday february i. Engagement of or. Robert Mcwade presenting his own of rip Van Winkle the Vagabond of the Catskill mountains. 8tatk . In the Senate the ape Oil order of the Day was Laid Over and the Bill regulating the time of holding courts in Bexar county was passed under a suspension of the rules. Court is to beheld in the thirty seventh District on first Day in october and continue in session ten weeks on the eleventh monday after first monday in october Aud May continue in sess Ion ten weeks on the Twenty second monday after first monday in october and May continue in session so vol weeks and on thirtieth monday after Wirht monday in october and May continue in session seven weeks. In Tho forty fifth District on the first monday in october Aud May continue in session seven week on the eighth monday after the first monday in october and May cout Lune in ses Sion seven weeks on the sixteenth monday after the first monday in october and May continue in session Sten weeks and on the Twenty seventh week after the first monday in Oato Bor. And May continue in session ten weeks. Resolutions were adopted endorsing the opposition to the Force Bill and commending the opposition of the opponents of that measure irrespective of party expressing regret at the resignation of senator Matt of Galveston and Eulogi zing him. Potter s Road Bill providing for county Road commissioners Etc., Carue up and a spirited debate arose Over the amendment to leave thin matter of commissioners to the decision of each county. The Bill went Over. The contingent fund was ordered charged wit i not More than 30 papers publishing the proceedings of Senate for each senator. The House voted each member 30 copies of the legislative record As now printed instead of newspapers at the state s expense. Bill and punishing usury was discussed and engrossed to read if any person either directly or indirectly loan any sum of Money Over one Hundred dollars and directly or indirectly charge or receive a greater rate of interest thereon than twelve per cent per annul he shall be deemed guilty of usury and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in any sum not less than nor More than All fines collected under the act s Ball be paid into the county Treasury where such offence is committed and become a part of the Public Road and Bridge fund of such county. This act is hereby declared not to repeal or impair title 54 of the revised statutes of a Texas on the subject of i Ejbad o of Galveston or s3nted the deficiency Bill which was referred and is a follows. Section 1. Be it enacted by legislature of the state of Texas that the following sums or so much there of As May to necessary to and the earns Are hereby appropriated Lor estimated deficiencies incurred in the support of the state government from March 1, 1889, to february 28, 1891, and for previous years officers and men quarantine depart ment. 80 00 attached witnesses. 28 estimated. 00 special judges 00 estimated. 00 repairs at Lunatic Asylum 917 28 00 for medical store Luu Utic Asylum registered. So Asti mated. 400 00 for of veterans under general 00 holding inquests Over the bodies of dead convicts. 500 00 for advertising citations in v Ese heated estates. 00 Treasury department 100 00 contingent. 2-500 work on safes vaults doors time looks Etc. 110 00 mileage and per diem of Tho Twenty first legislature. 80 publishing constitutional 00 Public printing. 00 fees of justices and other peace officers. 00 a deficiency clause is appended latest telegraphic. Associated press dispatches and state specials. Canadian parliament. Ottawa january John Mcdonald has gone to Toronto to consult with his supporters concern ing that proposed dissolution of parliament. Egyptian Victory. Squakim Jan. Governor of Squakim commanding the egyptians has captured handout and a Contin gent of rebels. Stonish in Jon rope. Berlin Jan. Western Ger Many floods and great property losses Are reported but in this City and Eastern Germany terrific Snow storms Are raging. Mckin Jcj will visit bismark. Berlin Jan Mckinley visits Europe this summer and will his respects to bismark As the great German protectionist. Ordered to Chilli. Paris january French Squadron cruising in the Waters of now zealand has been ordered to Chili. Gladstone Sticks. London Jan. News de clares that rumours of the retirement of Gladstone Are entirely without foundation. Conic to agreement. Helena mont., Jan. 24 Days of doubted legislature republicans and democrats meet As one body with 28 republicans and 27 democrats. The Boomers. Caldwell kb., Jan. Boomers Are hero in Force and Only those with Good outfits and prepared with a year s supplies Are admitted to the Colony. A move is to be made upon the strip at Daylight Friday. In earlier. Washington Jan. Eastern Texas showers in Eastern fair in Western portion northerly winds. Colder for Arkansas showers in East Ern fair in Western portions. Colder in Western portion. . Pairs Jan. Committee of pardons has pronounced in favor of commuting the sentence passed upon Eyraud murderer of gout to to one of imprisonment for life. Government i left. Buenos Aykes Jan. From Chilli show that insurgents steadily gain ground. The govern ment troops have retreated Inland leaving the Harbor Aud supplies in the hands of the insurgents goats blood goes. Jan. Medical Cir cles Are interested in the goats blood cure for tuberculosis and the experiments made by the faculty at Nantes Are said to be highly satisfactory. Won t Paris Jan. Of dons has Prouo suced in favor of com muting the sentence passed upon Eyraud the murderer of Gouffe to one of imprisonment for life. Washington Jan. Com Mittee on Commerce reports favourably on enquiry into expediency of establishing a fish hatchery in Louisiana Gulf the heels ahead. London Jan. Chilian insurgents Are having matters their own Way and the property of foreign ers is suffering. The mine horror. Mammoth pa., Jan. Is now thought that the 107 bodies taken out about Complete All the list of dead. Pittsburg labor organizations and newspapers Are forwarding Aid. Coro Ner Wakefield Impan eled a jury and the jury adjourned to february 5. Two More victims. , ills., Jan. More bodies have been recovered from the ruins of the rockfalls paper Mill which blew up tuesday night. This makes four killed. Loss Esti mated at attachment piled Kansas City mo., ments have been filed by the first National Bank of Ravenna Ohio against the Union invest meet of this City Lor sums Agre gating paper of investment co. Has been going to protest lately. This Ca. Has capital of late telegrams oiled Down from private Spe Cial and other sources. The e. C. A. F. Of l. Will raise 000 for the Miner s strike next May. House con elders Ruh Ilary a propel Atlon Bill in committee of the whole. Smallpox quarantine raised a1 Houston and through travel to new Orleans is unimpeded. Private Frank Clark 18th u. 6. In Fantry is discharged without Pharao Ter. Kansas elects her first senator who is not a Republican and owes no allegiance to the party. Tho Alliance in convention Ai Omaha pledges itself not to affiliate with the old parties. Jury returns a verdict of not guilty in mrs. Gray s Case at Galveston after 30 minutes consultation. United states National Bank of at Ohlson will close its doors and go into voluntary liquidation. Cattle feeding in Missouri Kansas and Nebraska has fallen Oft fifty per cent from last year s operations. Two sporting women of fore Worth take the morphine route into the us known. Government of Germany May re sind Tho law1 against american pork importations. Farmers Alliance convention Al Omaha tables the amendment adult incr Labouring men to membership. House of Nebraska legislature to a Resolution asking the governor to deliver his inaugural. The mexican who stabbed a woman at Corpus Christ saturday night was found 2q Miles out and run in. A Corsi Anua Man charged with Selling unwholesome pork eats some himself to show that it is All right. The testimony before Tho Silver Pool committee show eym Ptons of becoming interesting. Tho House committee on coinage will try and secure a vote on Coin age in the committee on wednesday the Boston delegation is being heard in opposition to the free Coin age Bill. Senate passes Heuson Bill ratifying agreement Between Sao and Fox in Dias. The Boston crowd Are said to have waked up uie wrong passenger when they tried to convince Bland that he know what Tho West wanted the Compromise arranged for a Helena Mont Between the two parties in the legislature Falls to be rate Fec and Falls through. John Gator of Vincennes ind creates a sensation at fort Worth by running amuck through the streets with a Hatchet. Quarantine of fliers at Luling seize an unwholesome looking tramp who leaped Oft a train Aud rushed him. In to the pent House. Experts in Tho Rev. Mitchell forgery Case at fort Worth testify that he is mentally unbalanced and morally irresponsible. Committee on territories warns the Oklahoma Boomers that All who enter the territory illegally will for fell their Homestead rights. The Labot organizations represented in the executive Council of America federation of labor repudiate pow Clorley s third party circular. The compact among Tho Western roads against issuing free passes is dissolved at Chicago. There were 46 roads in the agreement. Preliminary meeting of the Wester Congress is to be held in Galveston february 5th. A Large attendance is booked. The Parnel Lites ask Mccarthy to withdraw but he refuses As he was elected by a majority that still sup ports him. One Hundred Aud ten bodies have been recovered from Tho Brooke mine and a score More remain not yet taken out. Missouri Kansas and Texas runs u Stock freight from Denison to Parsons kan., 210 Miles in ton hours and live minutes. Inter state Commerce commute or Ders Pennsylvania railway and other roads to Wonase All discrimination by March 10. Irate mothers of two indiscreet school girls at Kansas City soundly horse whip the Young men who kept them out All night. Johnson Deputy u. 8. Marshall at Dallas under Cabell and on trial As a conspirator in the Marlow Brothers Case is granted bail. Dallas defeats Tho amendment to her charter extending City limits. Action is final. An increase of in the bonded debt is asked for. Connecticut mouse of representatives says Tho whole state vote was fraudulently counted and offers to join with the Senate in a general re count. Attorney Culberson renders his opinion to effect that the land com Raisio cannot declare a forfeiture for cancel sales on account of of ment of interest under act of 1883. The people speak. A meeting Large orderly enthusiastic and representative. The cd Tuzonn put up n Complete tickets Superior in every respect halt yer for mayor. When the time piece at the Mission Garden last night pointed to eight o clock the committee of two Hundred who were selected to nominate a City ticket and a number of friends filed into the Hall. The audience which was Large and representative of our Best citizens occupied every chair in the House with a thin Little fringe of administration hangers on along the rear Wall. The Large audience though orderly was very enthusiastic and the work of the evening was disposed of in a Businesslike manner. Promptly at 8 o clock or. L. C. Urot Hatus called Tho meeting to order stat ing its object and calling for nominations for chairman. Upon motion to was elected to that position Aud or. Cabs. Lounge As Secretary. Upon motion the Reading of the list of delegates was dispensed with and the chairman was instructed to appoint a committee of four on the order of business for the evening and messes. Bauer Seftel Abbey Hunt Hays Bolms Lopez and Newcomb were appointed. After a Short recess they offered the following re port your committee beg leave to re port the following order of business to wet first nomination of four aldermen at Large second aldermen for each Ward third recorder fourth col Lector fifth assessor sixth treasurer seventh Engineer eighth Olty attorney ninth Olty marshal tenth auditor eleventh mayor. We recommend that on executive committee of eight to appointed to take charge of the Campaign also the appointment of a working committee of Twenty at each polling this report with Tho amendment making Tho executive committee con Sist of ten instead of eight was thereupon adopted. The chairman announced that nominations for four in order. Tho names of Jno. T. Hambleton h. W. Bitter g. Hoh Meltzer Hen j. Mauer Baaun j. P. Kline n. And c. L. Dig Wolty wore presented. Sev eral of the nominations were with Tho fallowing four in the Field John t. Hambleton Ben j. Mauermann j. P. Kline Imd nol son Mackay. Upon motion nominations wore closed and the four Centle Mau were nominated by acclamation. Nominations for Ward Ftp Gernian were called for. And it was decided that the committee a Sparte in groups and decide upon a name to be presented to this meeting for endorse ment. The committee then separated the members of the various wards gather ing in groups and deciding upon their candidates. When the chair Man rapped the meeting to order Aud called for nominations Ward no. 1 presented the name of or. C. B. Mullaly Ward 2 had made no selection As yet and begged leave to report later Ward no. 3 had made Rio selection but later in the evening re ported the name of Nic Peters Ward no. 4, presented the name of c. L. Sauer Ward no. 5, we. Hoefling Ward no 6, or. Henry Hunt Ward no. 7, Chas. Ridge Ward no. 8, or. Albert Backmann. These nominations which the various wards presented to the meeting for ratification were All unanimously endorsed. The chair next called fur nominations for recorder. A number of names were presented but those of w. W. Walling Peter Shields and Joe Ryan were withdrawn leaving the names of h. A. Maydole Aud j. N. Gallagher in the Field. Finally the nominations were passed for the time being. The nominations for collector were called for arid messes. A. F. Wulff and Jno. H. Ramsay were put Iii nomination. The name of d. A poor was presented however outside of the City limits it was withdrawn and a rising vote was taken upon the names of mess a. Wal stand Ramsay Tho latter being endorsed by the meet ing. The office of assessor was next passed upon Tho names of messes. Gustavo Frasch Edgar Sora him Jas. G. Flask. Jno. B. Walters and Ben Kiolbassa being presented. Three of the nominees withdrew their names leaving those of Ben Kiolbassa Ana Jas. G. Fisk to be acted upon. A rising vote was taken and or. Bon kill Bayaa was declared nominated by he meeting for the office. For the office of City treasurer mar Ihal Freeborn and f. Groos were put n nomination. Or. For Cedron with Drew his name and or. Fred Groos was nominated by acclamation. The office of City Engineer was taken up. Or. We. M. Locke being the Only nominee his nomination was carried by acclamation. For the office of cloy attorney sir. W. W. Walling was placed in nomination. Upon motion the Nomina Tion was closed and or. Walling endorsed without a dissenting vote. The next office on the order of Busi Ness that of Olty marshal Lay be tween Jas. Van Riper and Anton Beffel. Or. Seftel however withdrew and moved that or. Van Riper be nominated by acclamation Aud he too put on the ticket by the meeting with out a dissenting vote. The office of Olty auditor it Seemel was not to be favored with a nominee for a a umber of names were presented and to Many withdrawn. The motion to pass the nomination for the time being was lost and after few More nominations and withdrawals the motion to pass Over the Nomina Tion was presented but ruled out of order by the chair. Finally the name of or. Arkansas Prescott was presented and the gentleman was nominated by acclamation. Next one the nominations for mayor and the names of or. Edgar Bohram and or. Geo. Kalteyer were presented for the consideration of Tho meeting. At the presentation of the name of or. Geo. Kalteyer capt. Sch Rimu withdrew his name and seconded or. Kalteyer s nomination. Upon motion or. Kalteyer was nominated by acclamation. A com Mittee of was appointed to escort or. Kalteyer to the platform if he were on the premises the meeting mean while proceeding with Busi Ness. The nomination for recorder Wutoh has been temporarily suspended were resumed and messes t. N. De and j. N. Gallagher were put in nomination. A rising vote was taken and or. Gallagher received the endorsement of the meeting. A this juncture the following Reso Lution presented by or. Linthicum was unanimously adopted resolved. That a free and fall ballot is essential to Good government and the liberties of Tho people and that this convention heartily endorses a the beat Means to that end the australian ballot system and urges upon the state legislature the enact ment of a Law embodying the Essen tial features of that Tho Osbalr was then Given time until today to appoint the executive committee of ten no Are to appoint the Twenty men to work at each pol ing place. The motion to adjourn was made seconded and carried and the meet ing which met with enthusiastic Ivy Plause every nomination made during the evening broke up in the quiet and orderly manner that had characterized it throughout the evening and stamped it at once As the representative gathering of the quiet and business like element of the City. Kattul off the rails. Tel Kidby Trio graph told by train mini mid Taku in transit. Four Bumaat specials came in last night. The Railroad men kick that the fire department refused to turn out when the 1. G. N. Section House burned. General manager Robertson of the m. M. G. Came in from new Orleans yesterday morning and left in the afternoon for Mexico via Eagle puss in his special car Sierra Mahada. It so rumoured that William m. Green general manager of the big four is to retire As soon As a Suc Cessor for the position can be found. Tho Cotton Belic Road will fall in line with the other roads running into fort Worth and run he trains into Union depot shortly. The railroads May carry the mall pertaining to the business of the company to the various Points on their respective roads but there is a Law prohibiting the carrying of mail for other roads for the violation of which i there is a Fine of or 3100. James White superintendent of the United states postal department has sent notices to All the roads draw ing their attention to the Law Aud with the request that the employees. Be instructed accordingly. Thought it a suicide a gentleman who could pc scoop and who went to a drug store West of Tho ban Pedro late last night to get a soporific thought he had Dis covered a Case of suicide. On the of the building adjoining the drug store Cohen a was a tall flue with a ventilator Cap and As it appeared under the dim Light of the electric lamp on the Corner it fairly represented a Man who had hanged him self. The gentleman could not Wake Tho clerk across the Street to the Saloon he saw the figure on the roof and rushed in telling the barkeeper he had tried to Wake up the clerk but that it was of no use Asha had committed suicide. It took a Good Deal of explanation to con Vince him of his mistake. Times of Trust. A deed of Trust was filed yesterday afternoon in the county clerk s office by the times printing co., publishers of the Dally evening times and is made to secure Reagan Houston As Aigule for Sam Maverick in the Day men t of a Proui Lesory note p. J. Lows in named As trustee. Dentistry visitor. Ward the Entiat 2o4 Commerce St. 1 8 1c

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