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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 28, 1891, San Antonio, TexasWednesday january personal notes. W. ring one of Klo sin flu Putnal citizens is in town. Judge in. S. Lii Hon in Trio City. Of is or. Win. Odel a fort Worth is in the Bivons. Tho Peers null ranch Man is in the City again. Gus Morton of Itu Gerford tex., is among the arrivals. Or. S. Davidson of Victoria is in town. A prominent citizen of the City. Johnson a Calaveras merchant is Here on business. The Rev. If. S. Little of Donison is in town. 1 Lar. M. C. Cornell of new York is at the Muncke. A. Monsalvatge of key West fla., is it the Monger. Miss Lottie Clarke Lias returned from a visit to North Texas. Sam o. Las Tor a Ortli Texas ranch Man is in the City from the Uig Sandy River. Editor ii. K. Claridge and several stockmen tire in Austin in connection with the proposed Scalp Law. E. J. Wesson miss., who is seeking investments in this state is in Lown. Tousek tick and tray. Some question s for the administration to answer. Editor in the express of this morning some one afraid of his name Sigas anti slander and from the infer ence to be drawn from his epistle every Man that is not in favor of Tho present incumbent for a fourth term is a slanderer. By Way of digression i will say right ii re i was born under a monarchical government but today i am an american citizen by adoption. I came to the state Over 30 years ago with my boots on and Money in my pocket. I Ain opposed to any Man running for office More than two terms it smacks too much of egotism and begging. Remember these Are my own views. I belong to no party nor clique and am responsible for my views and Iny conduct. Now Antl slander Only uses two names or. Jfe comb and Walter Scott. As the last name belongs to to i will answer for myself Only. That sugar coated epistle would naturally make people believe that 1 have misrepresented and slandered Bryan Callaghan. In All my acts and my writings i make it a Point to Tell the truth and through the columns of your paper i have challenged them through the courts or through the press if i have misrepresented or slandered him in any Way. Now i will Only take the business Between me and the Olty that i have been directly interested in. If the following questions Are false Ihen i have slandered libyan Callaghan it True that the present contract for Block paving is not according to plans and specifications is it True that there was no written contract Between the present contractor and Tho City from last Spring until Jan uary 1891? is it True that the same contract ouch ers were signed by Walter Scott co., without my knowledge or consent is it True that Waller Scott received no compensation nor Sharoff profits though his name headed the vouchers is it True that i was not permitted to see Tho vouchers and contracts of Public property is it True that the present contractor receives 80 cents per linear foot for curb ing what Walter Scott co. Put in for go cents is it True that the bid of o Connor co. Was nearly ten thousand dollars loss than the present contract is it True that i Ryan was ignorant of Tho plot that failed to freeze me out of the contract is it True that Bryan was ignorant of Themo vein stopping the work in Decem ber to give More time to make blocks is it also True that there was a plot to compel me to put in extra machinery in 25 Days in order to swamp me Scott. To Cir terrible Teeth tear Ali orig Hlll toddling took rate taker. Willie Thorn Hill i Erht messenger boy for the Western Uulopa Telegraph office in this Olty waa neat with a Telegram last night about 9 o look to the residence of banker Dan Sulli Van of order of fourth and Avenue c. He did not know the banker kept Throe Large and vicious dogs and went in and rang the Bell. After he had rang the Bell the three dogs pounced upon the Little fellow and Tore him terribly Large Gash being made in the Back of his Nook and Ter Rible lao orations also being found on other parts of his body by those who finally cause to Bis assistance. Tho poor boy was taken to a drug store As soon As possible and or. Kingsley was called in. Shout stops. What the people Are saying. When a part Aorl Bier signs himself anti slanderer to a sure to be a slanderer by profession. It is a Nice pass when the Public acts of a City administration cannot be criticised without being termed slander in the official Organ. Because sir. Callaghan is a Clever fellow among his friends is 110 reason Why he should be continued As mayor to the detriment of the Public inter ests. Is it slander to Call attention to the fact that the assessment Rolls have been swelled Over six millions of Dol Lars at a critical time in our City s Prosperity is it slander to Call attention to a Large bonded debt made within the past three or four years and to Point out what we have received for it is it slander to Point out the Reck less management of Olty affairs is it slander to Point out the Polit ical bobs ism that attempts to crush All opposition Ana makes Uso of the Public revenues of the people to control the ballot Box. Is it slander to suggest to the peo ple that their Best Prosperity of the upon a change of City affairs in it slander to Call attention to the one Man government that id attempt ing to Rule our fair Olty without feel ing amenable to the people by whose votes and whose Money the City is sustained if this is slander make the most of it. The proper word for fender of Che tottering to use in the paid de City dynasty the Federal court. Prosecuting attorney judge Evans and chief Deputy Duvoul have re turned from brawn Vitle where the Federal court has just closed its la Bors. They report that but comparatively few criminal and other cases were tried. The Federal court con Venes m Austin monday for the at Trudence of which the local Federal authorities will leave Here shortly. Real state. Deals and the prices they bring. Jams Wickes to . Markly lot 1, Block 1, Monterey Street goo h. C. Alder to o. Ii. 4, Block original City lot 7, Pine Street l. H. Chadbourne to ii. G. Williams lot 19, Block 2, original City lot 15, Ortli Center Street e. Leal to p. P. Lounsberry lot 10 san Marcos Street ?1go, c. A. Kellar and w. J. Wasson to j. J. Pavo lots 1 and 2, Block 9, City lot 158, Hidalgo Street h. C. Lewis and others to Mattio Avant. S eco of land out of Survey Section o. 5, w. C. Crown 81. W. D. Oliver to Frank Smith lots 1, 2, 3, 4, Block 33, near West end s1000. Paul Protzer to Ollie Crowley lot 3, on North Street h25. Lockwood National Hank to Abe Ash 32x130 feet Corner of Commerce and Navarro streets Axel mers Heidt to Max Ana Alex Fues ii Demillo Rosstauscher lot 20, Block 2, Kouth of Mill Street. Too. Medical association. The Western Texas medical association met this morning at 10 o clock with or. J. V. Spring president in the chair. A fair attendance was present. After the transaction of Leorae routine business the meeting adjourned to 3 p. A. The Reading of papers and discussion of scientific buds lots will constitute an important feature of this afternoon s session. 4 or 5 energetic Young men to soil an article used daily in every family. Apply c01 Avenue d but if it in make the most of it a steady citizen who is very conservative and careful suggests that or. Callaghan be left alone because if opposed there will be a fresh influx of smallpox and the City has suffered enough already. If such a Prudential suggestion were admissible it Only proves thai our Community is in a sad plight. The mud on our streets has become a matter of local political interest hundreds of men. Mostly mexicans Are now employed in the work of lift a Cali la. Sax Antonio , Jan., until. I8ui. To h. Michelson Kan. Tho undersigned of this City knowing you to to Woll and worthy to represent them in Tho City Council do hereby request Vou to become a candidate for Tho Osco of Elci Orrman at Largo it the City election and to hereby pledge ourselves to give you our Earnest support. Hoping you will make it convenient to accept tins Callwo Are very respectfully ours. T. To. Recaldo c. V. Gunther c. If. Lar Oyster Henry Ryd Rtaylor . Hii Limu w. From Borg. Otto folder Jos. F. Nichols Geo. H. Walter. L. M. Walton j. A. Rarback is. Kiolbassa e. G. Korps Carr Coal co., Ernest Steves Albert Seitel w. Edgar t. E. ii. Ii. Alvord j. W. Bund run. J. K. Lloyd. Pc 0. L. Wagnor. Henry Jodo Edwin rout Lodge August Notte co. Dullnig a. Dreiss Robt. L. Inuos Geo. A. Filbert Max him Merman. E. T. B. F. Goldbeck j. E. Hunger Foril w. A. Kyfor w. J. James Fra Bahn Val. Mushall f. S. Arlont j. J. Payne. W. Walker Wiley d. Marshall w. V. Green sacrifice clearance Sale. Extraordinary inducements offered to those who contemplate going into the dry goods business. A general line of dry goods gent s furnishings and a Large assortment of ladies and cent s shoes All must be sold within 30 Days. Goods can be purchased at remarkable Low figures. It will be to your interest to examine the former Stock of a. Kahn. De. Dreyfus trustee. Cor. Acequia St. Main Plaza. L-2g-6t proscriptions to City drugstore 1o_o_tf City drug goods. 13-3-tf. Chronic coughs Are relieved More speedily by a. C. C. Certain Doug cure any other remedy. Sold by a. Dreiss. In mind that j. Beitel keeps builders hardware and lumber at the International and great Northern depot. Of die in the House rough on clears out mice flies Roaches bed bugs. 15c. Goodman Blum Street opposite Mbutler. In. Baths Goodman s 5 cent Cigar. In. Goodman always fresh imported cigars. 1m. A Bear in mind that Frank j. Beitel keeps builders hardware and lumber at the International and great Northern depot. Of a Bear in mind that Frank j. Beitel keeps builders hardware and lumber at International and great Northern depot. Of Breeding dentist 231 East Houston Street Over Hensleyjr sons Gold Rowna and brides 3-3-Ly. Bough on corns. Hard or soft coma. 16o. On Bare cure. 26o. Flue sine diamonds watches jewelry and silverware kept by Otto Blumenthal a 283 Commerce Kouvant s old stand. 1-5-h. Joo Mcallister will sell you Austin White Lime in 5-bbl. Lots bulk at 05c a bbl., also cheap prices of cements. My Black Mineral roofing paint in 5-jral.lots, per gal., Only 76o. Terms strictly Cash. 1-61m prof. Losette e memory system is creating Gratter interest than Ever in All parts of he country and persons wishing to improve their memory should and prospectus free As dive Reed in another column. 6-10-tt ing it into carts to other streets. Be dumped upon these poor men Are placed under Bosses who will marshal them at the polls. But what Good will come of elect ing or Callaghan again if the tax payers conclude not to vote for More Bonds when the election is Over the fiddler will cease to play. Paine Celebration. The i liberals and freethinkers of this Olty will celebrate the anniversary of Thomas Paine at Mission Gar Den on thursday night Jan. 29th, at 8 o clock Sharp. Short speeches songs recitations and an oration by or. York followed by a sociable and dance. The 8. A. Maenner Chor have kindly consented to assist and prof Muth s orchestra has been engaged for the occasion. Admission free. 1-27-21 end still la the Lead. More lots Selling to actual Home builders than in any other subdivision in the Olty. Remember these lots Are Al 60 feet front and Selling cheaper than dirt. If you Don t believe it invest Gate. Terms very easy. Sweezy Newman agents. 423 East Houston Street. 1 7 t three Fine residence lots on Garden Street near two Street Ca lines can be had at a Low figure of Bough Early. This property will Only be on tin Market for a Short time. Jno. T. Hamd Latok co. and Happy cure for Over a year i a break ing out on my leg which trouble me so bad. I could not walk leg badly swelled of a purple color with eruptions so bad that blood would ooze out if i bore my weight on it i was recommended to try Clark extract of flax papillon skin cure which i have done. My leg is Noy Well and i can walk t to Miles on without any trouble. Signed a Hay Ward. Clark s flax Boap the soft and prevents Chipping. Cure Boap 25 cents. By son. What our German Are fice baking powder used in millions of years the Standard. Translation from editorial Texas stasis from Vul Rlou Nuar tors we hear Tho question asked what have you to Eig inst the administration that you oppose it to which to must always Alvo the stereotyped answer to have ibs Olutola nothing against the admin is Rixton itself it seems incomprehensible to Many persons that to May sharply criticize improper conduct in Public affairs my yet Navo no personal a Sliko towards Hose criticized. Without assuming to seek to act As tar blahs Ami control said admin Tetra Loti to nevertheless claim the privilege if asking some one of which is Why docs the City and minestra Lon keep itself Lloa closed Oyster in mat ers of purely Public interest especially Vith relation to pecuniary matters next the people would Liko to know what has become of the census which was Aken at the expense of the City ills asserted by competent authority hat the taking of the said census Wason irely without authority of Law and that he sum of which Tho taking of Aid census is said to have Syas sex Lender illegally and has never yet been auctioned by Tho City Council. Would it lot have been More proper for the administration to have Given the citizens information regarding this matter before he coming election Why is it that after repeated requests answers to these questions have not been Ives us the next question to allowed ourselves o ask is has Leeomo of Tho Orth of City Bonds issued some months go As Tho report goes these Bonds have Jeen already sold. Would it not have Jean in better Tasto for the adm Nistra Ion to have informed the Public Oili Cial y at what prices these Bonds have been old if sold it is always concerning the Public loony of the citizens that we speak and hero Foro we should judge that it 1s thing but fair and just that to citizens should know what Las become of those City Bonds for Tho issuance of which they voted in conf ence. Lias Tho Money for those Bonds been received by Tho City treasurer or have he Bonds not been sold yet on so Largo a sum As Tho monthly interest amounts to a consider blk sum itself and therefore it would be Esir Ablo to know whether Tho ready Ash therefor is lying Idle in the Bank or it is at interest or not whether or not those Bonds have yet Leon really sold and hence whether r not Tho interest duo therefore from to time of issuance up to Day of Sale has icon deducted and placed to the credit of to City or not these Are certainly modest and justifiable questions and unlit not to give to any fair administration and which should be Cisily and quickly answered to Tho full at faction of the Public propounding hem. It May also not to out of place to inquire Oll Toly whether High or Low truss i ridges have been contracted for in Tho City As to have Jeen informed by members of Tho City Council that Tho contracts wore for Low Russ Bridges and yet the St. Mary s treat Bridge appears to to a High truss Ridge. We Are further informed that Low truss Bridges Are from to xxx higher in Price than High truss i ridges Are. To contracts so far As to Laver cedi Able to find out have been let or Low truss Bridges and How it is now hat some of said Bridges have been erected As High Bridges and yet members of the City Council know nothing about it and what is Golma to become of Tho difference Between the Cost of High truss and Low truss Bridges Fany can we be blamed if to ask these per Zinent questions for information in the interest of our citizens especially when Tho same has become common Street gos sip the anxiety of our citizens has been further aroused by the fact Hattie Street paving has been suddenly stopped and As the report goes because no contract has been signed nor Bond Given by Tho contractor and that for Tho last Street paving no Competition was called for by said administration and All such work seems to have quietly drifted into a monopoly. We feel satisfied that the administration ought to be Able to give a satisfactory explanation of All this if they desire so to do and can the Public be blamed i they do demand an explanation another assertion has been made to us Viz that no regular Book keeping for the receipts and expend Turos 01 the City Are kept As is customary with every other Well regulated business and which a business of such immense proportions As Tho City of san Antonio has. Must need on account of having to Deal with thousands of persons. We Don t pretend to be experts in Thi. Matter however As this assertion a been made on Al sides with thesta Tomen that Tho proof therefor can be furnished to Osk it and it Wil certainly be to the advantage of the administration if they would Irive satisfactory information con Corning these matters to our citizens. To have asked the above questions to cause they Are propounded to us Dally and answers requested and considering the importance thereof to can not understand How it is that they do not Mee with Tho prompt and proper attention demanded by their importance thereby giving room and occasion for perhaps unjustified pm toils n. People now have the Opportunity to answer those questions att polls and it behoves them to do so. Hard times Lelow. Hon. A. J. Evans was seen on the Street this morning looking1 for his new quarters in the Federal building. Or Evans was looking Well and reported him self As just arrived from Browns vile. He informed the Light tha the Region Browne Villa Wai in a bad Way. For several counties around there have been excess la Droutas and every thing in the Way of crops has been out off. Many the people particularly among the mexicans Are destitute and suffering for the necessities of life. Corn i Selling at per cargo of 41- bushels or per Bushel. This beats the record Lor this part of the Vineyard. The term of court was a very pleasant one so says the u. G District attorney and it certainly has done him Good for he i looking better than hta friends hav seen him look for the past year. Corner Elm and Bur not Chris. Due risk b old stand. Staple and fancy groceries Fine wines liquors and cigars. Goods delivered from o any part of the City. Give us a Call. I-ic9l to. Merit Wing. We desire to say to our citizens that or years to have been Selling or. King s new. Discovery for consumption or King s Tow we pills Bucklen Ai Arnica and electric bettors and have Over handled remedies that sell As Well Given such Universal setts auction. To do not hesitate to Guarante y Thein every time and we stand read fund the Purchase Price if satisfactory result do not follow their use. These Ernedis have won their great popularity Arelva on their merits. For Sale by Juelss Thompson co. 1 10-10-lm remarkable Rescue. Mrs. Michael curtain plan held 111 makes the statement that she caught cold which settled on her lungs Sho was Traat d fora month by her family phys Lela n but i new worse. To told her Sho was a Hope Ess victim of consumption and that no Medicine could cure her. Her Druggis urge std or. King s now discovery for consumption she bought a bottle and to for Delight found herself belief fitted from honest dose. She continued its Uso and after taking ten bottles found herself sound and Woll now does her own housework and is As Well As she Ever was. Free trial ottos of this great discovery at Dreiss Rug stare Large bottles 50c. And ?1.00 Bucklin s Arnica the bist Salvo Tho world Afore outs muses bore Olcorn Salt Khouma Tlam ores Tetter chapped hands Ohl Blaina corns and All skin eruptions and Poat icly urea piles or no pity required. It la guar Teod to give Perreo satisfaction or Money refunded. Price 25 cents per Box . Delae and Thomp of go a wholesale. Imms by at this will buy a ranch of 237 acres in county Nyno Miles from Yoakum adjoining the town of All under log proof Fence a Story House of seven Oom completely finished with a full set f necessary outbuildings Large tank Ood Well living water Good soil Io-13-tf Uno. T. Hambleton co o. Vol Pali o. Conked. Answer tyls question. Around , dizziness coming up of Tho food rus i we w111 them Halo e Svatora Vitalizer Ukia sauteed to our hem. Sold by Kalteyer son. A sly rough on itch ointment cures skin Humours Piru Ilea flesh Worms King worm Etter Salt a Rheum frosted Fefer. Chilblains. Itch Ivy Poison Barber s Toh scald head eczema 60e. Druer e. 8. Wells. Jersey Gist or mail Silty n. J. 8-9-Ly. O of the eighth Ward. I herewith present myself As a Candi Ato for Alderman for your Ward and to pet full solicit your support and vote. . Beckmann. A bonafide Salo. Of All Winter goods at Cost. Overcoats Winter underwear Woolen hosiery neckwear and lined gloves

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