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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 27, 1891, San Antonio, Texas 3�hc partly i Gilt. Tuesday january 27, 1891. Yglesi att gets $500. Special to the Light. New Orleans Jan. 27.�?City marshal Yglesias of Laredo Texas has brought John of Leary to this City last fall of Leary forged a $6000 Check and got the Money from the Union National Bank there i9 a Reward of $500 for him. To protect their pockets. Berlin Jan. 27.�?german holders of Argentine shares under auspices of Heinrich Ouiden of Frankfort Are forming a Union to protect their interest against arbitrary reduction. Fiendish boys. Milwaukee Jan. 27.�?while skat ing on a Pond at Twenty third and North streets Fred. Deha Ebrath and Angust Priess both aged 12 years were seized by three older boys who said they wanted to make a a niggers of them. After a fire had been lighted the Little Fellows faces were held Over the fire until the flesh rolled Oft and both lost their eyes. They will be disfigured for life. No arrests have been made. The cries of the youngsters brought workmen in the Vicinity to their Rescue and the older ones made Good their escape from South America. Buenos Ayres Jan. 27.�?a Battle has been fought at Tonger and the rebels have occupied the town 25 Miles from Valparaiso. The property of foreigners is suffering in spite of efforts of the representatives of foreign Powers to prevent and they have even threatened the president to withdraw from the country if he does not Stop the revolution. T. The House refused. Topeka Jan. 27.�?the House refused the Senate a request for a joint session to elect a senator tomorrow. Our health personal notes. Or. Jno a. Howell of Corpus Christi is in the City. Cant. A. E. Noble a prominent Western Stockman is among the arrivals t. M. Church of Oakville is in town. J. N. Goodwin the sheriff of live Oak county is in town. Sheriff w. C. Perry of Coleman county is among the arrivals. J. H. Hayworth a citizen from Bee county is in the City from Beeville. Hon. John Hancock of Austin is in the City. W. W. Mathies of Philadelphia is at the menger. Al the Mahncke. Mccloskey i Are at the Mahncke. J. H. Ketcheson thaw Man printing Louis is in the City. J. O. Stanage of the St. Louis paper company is in town calling on his customers. Or. Vav. V. Miller of Floresville to Juthe City having returned from Washington d. C. Or. Chas. Hay and wife of Memphis tenn., Are in the City on a tour through the state. Keal estate. Capt. A. E. Shepard of Marathon is at Huncke. J. O. Mccloskey and wife of Austin representing Ink works of the St. Meeting of the official Board and reports of officers. A meeting of the Board of health was held yesterday afternoon in the mayors office. City physician Braunagel made a report of diseases now prevailing in this City. The exact number of Small pox cases now existing is Twenty five nearly ail of which Are in a fair Way of recovery. The cases that have existed heretofore and now exist have been non vaccinated As about 20 to i. The vaccinated cases have invariably been of a mild Type. All cases of the disease or infection have been completely isolated and Quani tined. Of those who had been vaccinated Only one Case proved fatal and the vaccination in this Case had been effected sixty years ago. Children who Are living in neighbor i hoods where yellow flags Are raised As a sign of infection Are not permitted to go to the Public schools nor Are the people living in these houses permitted to go out and mingle with the Public. Or. Braun nagely a official record As City physician shows that from july 17, 1890, up to the present time there have been 184 cases of smallpox in this City All told. Of this number 164 cases were treated by the City physician and his assistants at the City Hospital and pest House. Forty three deaths resulted out of the 164 patients treated the death rate being 26.21 per cent. There were Twenty cases in the City quarantined at private houses and treated by private physicians. Out of these Twenty cases there were eleven deaths or 55 per cent which is More than double the amount of fatality at the City Hospital. The total number of deaths from smallpox in the City since july 17, 1890, up to the present time being six months and nine Days is fifty four out of a total of 184 cases that have existed during that time. The subject of vaccination was next discussed and All the physicians concurred in the belief that it was a very proper safeguard from the disease. The following Resolution was adopted. Resolved that or. R. M. Swearingen state health officer is hereby invited to visit the City and ascertain toe True condition of the smallpox its management by the health authorities and the successful Mode of treatment at the hospitals of this City. Light sacrifice clearance Sale. Extraordinary inducements offered to those who contemplate going into the dry goods business. A general line of dry goods gents furnishings and a Large assortment of ladles and gents shoes All must be sold within 30 Days. Goods can be purchased at remarkable Low figures. It will be to your interest to examine the former Stock of a. Kahn. . Dreyfus to s tee Cor. Acequia St a main Plaza. L-26-6t Knox to talk. In deals and the prices the bring. G. W. Yost to s. E. Yost portion lots 9 and la Block 43, Street. $4,250. C. Yaeger and wife to Anton Hofacker lot 5, Block i City lot 19, Brooks Street $1,127. C. W. Beckmann and wife to George Gambs lot 6. Block 33, Avenue a Between Nill til and tenth streets. $1,000. By r. Lane to Leonardo Garza piece of land fronting 35 feet on North Flores Street $000. C. And j. By Muegge Tot. Ii. Irvine lot i Block 25, Sherman Street. $800. K. Kochzius to of Bamos lot 8, Block la Polaris Street Hoo. F. Ramos to k. Kochzius lot 7, Block la. Polaris Street Hoo. M. Ramos to k. Koch los lot 12, Block la. Polaris Street Hoo. K. Kochzius to m. Ramos lot 9, Block la. Polaris Street $100. Vav. P. Finley to j. W. Yost portion lots 9 and la Bloke 43, Laurel Street $5. Rudolf Haenig to Fritz Rotzler lots i and 2, Block to Devine Street $850. Took a Roc in-mate1 a watch. This morning one of the sanitary inspectors was called upon to arrest a Man who it was charged had stolen a Silver watch and one Dollar in Money from a room mate at Maloney a boarding House on North Flores Street. The Man was found in a West Commerce Street Saloon and while being taken to the court House that an affidavit might be made against him he offered the party making the charge ten dollars for the watch but the victim wanted Twenty dollars which was not Given Aud he was hauled before Justice Adam who for want of prosecution dismissed the Case. In the interest of ban Antonio other states. At a special meeting of the san Antonio commercial Exchange held yesterday evening the following Resolution was adopted a resolved that the san Antonio commercial Exchange heartily endorses the project to Secu re the services of j. Annoy Knox editor of Texas sittings to give illustrated lectures and otherwise disseminate information in other states relative to Texas and its advantages and the growth of san Antonio and other prominent cities. And it is under stood by this meeting that from the fund now being raised by this Exchange for advertising purposes under the conditions known to subscribers that a contract be made to contribute the sum of Hoo per week for a period of six messes. Melroy Mullaly and Martin were then named As a committee on canvassing for subscriptions and Aud these gentlemen began the labors today. The Scalp question. Meeting of the stockmen against their enemies. The meeting of stockmen for the purpose of considering a plan of Protection from depredations of wild animals was Well attended at the office of the Stockman and Farmer last evening. Capt. Charles Schreiner of j Kerrville was made chairman and Wen. Campbell secretary., capt. B. L. Crouch addressed the meeting As did or. R. R. Claridge. Both spoke of the depredations of wolves panthers etc., on their herds and flocks and of the advisability of the state legislature putting a heavy Bounty on the scalps of All wild an Mala. The following Resolution was adopted a whereas the destruction of live Stock in Texas by wolves and other wild animals imposes a grievous Burden upon owners of such live Stock and whereas the number of such wild animals and consequent destruction of taxable values Are increasing at an alarming extent., resolved that it is the sense of this meeting that the welfare of the live Stock interests of the Western and Central portions of the state imperatively demand Aid from the state in the shape of an adequate Bounty for the destruction of beasts of prey. And be it further resolved that less than $2 for coyotes $1 for wildcats and $5 for panthers and $5 for Lobar wolves would not be the chairman was then instructed to appoint a committee to visit the legislature Aud urge the Mateer to an Ssue. A take prescriptions to City drug store 12-3-tf. A City drug store new goods. 12-3-tf. A old chronic coughs Are relieved More eerily by a pc. C. C. Certain Doug cure an any other remedy. Sold by a. Dreiss. It rear in mind that Frank j. Bolted keeps builders hardware and umber at the International and great Northern depot. Of a dont die in the House a rough on clears out rats mice files Roaches bed bugs. 15c. 6 -9-Ly bachs a Goodman Blum Street opposite Manger. In. A try bachs a Goodman a 5 cent Cigar. In. A Sachs a Goodman always fresh imported cigars. In. Of Bear in mind that Frank j. Balt i keeps builders hardware and umber at the International and great Northern depot. Of to rear in mind that Frank j. Beitel keeps builders hardware and lumber at the International and great Northern depot. Of a or. Breeding dentist 231 East Houston Street Over Hensley a Bons Gold crowns and brides 8-8-Ly. Rough on corny. Hard of soft corns. 16c, 4 9-Ly a a rough on sure cure. 25o. A a Fine line of diamonds watches jewelry and silverware kept by Otto blumenthal�?T8, 283 Commerce Street Roux anti sold stand. 1-5-lt. Joe Mcallister will sell you Austin whited Lime in 5-bbl. Lots bulk at 95c a bbl., also cheap prices Oil cements. My Black Mineral roofing paint in 5-Gal. Lots per Gal., Only 75c. Terms strictly each. A 1-6 in How is ibis arc you going to risk your lives and Tho lives of your family by buying cheap worthless vehicles when you can but for a trifle More a Good reliable buggy or Carriage made by the Connersville id buggy company from m. Pigott col. Houston and Soledad streets san an Tonio Texas. _ �-i6 to meet tomorrow. The regular quarterly meeting of the Western Texas medical association will Convene tomorrow morning at to of cloak. From the announcement sent out by the Secretary we learn that an unusually Large number of interesting essays have been presented and that Tho coming meeting promises to surpass in interest any previous session of this association. Protracted meeting. First presbyterian Church will begin tomorrow wednesday night at 7 30 of clock and continue every night during the week. Or. Charles of Montgomery will preach the communion will be administered next Sabbath and if the interest justifies the meeting will be held All next week. A morning prayer meeting will be held of which due notice will be Given. The members of the Church and congregation Are urged to attend. Public Are invited. J. W. Neil pastor. Tomorrow. Miss Hosmer Carey of ban Antonio and or. Alfred d. Decherd of Houston. Will be married at i p. In. Park methodist Church. Returned with thanks it is a great mistake for the literary aspirant to imagine that his returned manuscript has committed any offence or that his Muse if he has striped Pegasus cannot soar. What he must do is to sail Forth with it again and again until it reaches a favored port which it will surely do if in has the requisite Merit somewhere and at some Date. President Lincoln used to say when he was trying faithfully and with great Diligence to place the various Able men who were presented to him for the civil service and for the army that it was a very difficult matter to get the Square pegs in the round Boles and the round pegs in the Square ones. And it is just this difficulty which confronts the writer for periodicals and magazines. No matter How experienced lie May be he will often fail before he brings his commodity to the Market which Waits for it. Bat editors do not wish to be Gruel or hard hearted however much they May seem so to the uns purred and a fledged writer. The very Best and most famous of them have often told me that one of the Saddest and most thankless duties they have to per form is to return a contribution tha i for some Good reason does not prove to be available. When i once wrote some verses treating this necessity humorously i had to apply to three editors in succession before i could get them printed the first two As Suring me sorrowfully that the matter was quite too serious to be treated with levity a Joel Benton in the ladles Home journal. Look at this $5,000 will buy a ranch of 237 acres in Lavaca county nine Miles from Yoakum adjoining the town of Hope. All under hog proof Fence 2-Story House of seven room completely ii rushed with a full set of necessary outbuildings Large tank Good Well living water Good soil. 10-13-tf. T. A Jno. Embleton a co j. Vorphal amp o. Conrad. Corner Elm Ami Burnet streets Chris. Dull neg s old stand. Staple and fancy groceries Fine wines lors and cigars. Goods delivered free by part of the City. Give us a Call. 12-29 i to. Merit wins. We desire to say to our citizens that for years we have been Selling or. Kings a revery for consumption or. King s Tew life Phi. Bucklers Arnica Salvo and electric bitters and have never handled remedies that sell As Well in that have Given such Universal Satis oration. E do not hesitate to Guarante to i them every time and we stand read refund the Purchase Price if satisfactory results do not follow their use. These remedies have won their great popularity purely on their merits. For Sale by Dreiss Thompson a co. I Io-10-lm answer this question. A 0 8?.ma�y per ple we see around arable by indigestion constipation dizziness sf�?oa2� coming up of Tho food vol when oont8 we Wil Send them Shilo s system Vitalizer guaranteed to euro them. Sold by Kalteyer amp son. 3 13 in remarkable Rescue. Mr9. Michael curtain Plainfield 111. Makes the statement that she caught cold which settled on her lungs she was treated for a month by her family physician but Jrew worse. He told her she was a Hope-es8 victim of consumption and that no Medicine could cure her. Her Druggis suggested or. Kings new discovery for consumption she bought a bottle and to Hor Delight found herself benefited from the first dose. She continued its use and after taking ten bottles found herself sound and Well now docs her own housework and is As Well As she Ever was. Free trial bottles of this great discovery at Dreiss drug store Large bottles 50c. And $1.00 Buckless Arnica 8 Al be. Toe of St Salve a the outs bruises sores ulcers Salt Rhouma Tiam Soros totter chapped hands chilblains corns and All skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Money refunded. Price 25 cents per Box for Sale by All druggists. Dreiss and Thompson amp goes wholesale. <imm3-iy a rough on itch Quot ointment cures skin Humours pimples flesh Worms ring worm. Tetter skit Rheum frosted feet chilblains itch Ivy Poison Barbera a Doh scald head eczema 50c. Druggist or Mali. E. 8. Wells. Jersey City n. J. 8-9-Ly. A a in. To the voters of the eighth Ward. I herewith present myself As a candidate for Alderman for your Ward and respectful solicit your support and vote. Albert f. Beckmann. A Bonavide Hale. Of Alii Winter goods at Cost. Overcoats Winter underwear Woolen hosiery neckwear and lined gloves at Young a Arnold a. 1-24 of. A a first class tour Norse steam engine nearly new in Good order and a six horse a boiler new can be bought at a bargain it Light office. 11-14-tf. Prof. Loisette e memory system is creating Gratter entrust than Ever in All parts of he country and persons wishing to improve their memory should Send for his prospectus free a advertised in another column. 6-10-tt amusements. At the grand opera House last night Louis James and his company presented this was the Farewell performance. Tonight the wrestling match takes place. At Rischer a the Calef company presented a siege of the Bame Bill tonight. Paine Celebration. The liberals and freethinkers of this City will celebrate the anniversary of Thomas Paine at Mission Garden on thursday night Jan. 29th, at 8 of clock Sharp. Snort speeches songs recitations and an oration by or. York followed by a sociable and dance. Tile 8. A Maenner Chor have kindly consented to assist and prof. Muff he a orchestra has been engaged tor the occasion. Admission free. 1-27-2t a East end still in the Lead. More lots Selling to actual Home builders than in any other subdivision in the City. Remember these lots Are All 60 feet front and Selling cheaper than dirt. If you done to believe it invest ate. Terms very easy. Sweezy a Newman agents 428 East Houston Street. 17 to a n three Fine residence lots on Garden Street near two Street cur lines can be had at a Low figure if bought Early. This property will Only be on the Market for a Short time. Jno. T. Hambleton a co. The new City Hall. Translated from the Staats Lehmann i say Knopps this City Hail is a Beautiful building anyway. Knopps Well i should say so but one thing about it i do not Admire. Lehmann Well and what is that Snopps Knopps you see Lehmann the building is really very Fine and built out of solid Stone and ornamented and pleasing a it look upon and now All at once All this grand Structure receives for its crowning work a Dollar Cornice of Zink that i done to like Lehmann. Lehmann you Are right. Knopps i have been wanting to draw your attention to that part some time past. It looks Well it looks like an elegantly dressed gentleman with Black Swallow Tail coat ditto Long White Vest ditto White Necktie ditto Patent leather boots etc., and then wears White Cotton gloves yet wishes to be acknowledged in the Ball room As the finest dressed before the remainder of the assembled guests. Knopps Lehmann give me a smack we both had the same thought. S. A. Brewing ass n to or to a i i a or a 2 after him. Or. Rafael Diaz the tobacconist on Alamo Plaza is laying for the sneak thief who has lately been systematically Pur Loining various Aud sundry packages of smoking and chewing tobacco from the front of his store and says he will give Hie reporters a first class item if he catches him. The goods Are piled up in the Middle of the store and when the clerks Are engaged in the rear part of the building with customers the has been wont to sit on the Park benches opposite and watch his Opportunity would quietly walk Over select his goods and walk away practically undetected. and Happy Cura for Over a year i have had a breaking out on my leg which troubled me so bad i could not walk leg badly swelled of a purple color with eruptions so bad that blood would ooze out if i bore my weight on it. I was recommended to try Clarks extract of flax a amp Pullon skin cure which i have done. My leg is now Well and i can walk two Miles on it without any trouble. Signed a d. Hayward. Clarks flax Boap makes the skin soft and prevents Chipping. Skin cure $1.00. Soap 25 cents. For Sals by a Bon. Prices baking tap Owden used in millions of homes�?40 years the Standard. Done by appointment. Translated from the Staatz Zeitung. Lehmann i have been told Knopps that you were present when Melkel attacked an old Man without any cause whatever Tell me All about it. Knopps Well you see As Little and old As Newcomb is he wields a powerful pen when he finds thai someone is trying to bulldoze the the citizens and you understand this makes the whole band angry. Lehmann what has that to do with that scandal and my kelp a attack Knopps you done to understand Lehmann you see Mikel is such a Trump for the others and when that clique wants a scandal then it is his duty to initiate the same and to attend to the kicking out at the end for that he is appointed. Lehman a now i understand the game Mikel Only attended to for what he was appointed for and what was his share of the programme and hence can be excused. Knopp yes lie is Only appointed for the work he is to be excused. A hosiery hosiery special closing out Sale of my entire line of ladies a misses and infants Cashmere a Wool Hose at less than Cost. Mokes millinery parlor. 124 St Iii Pearl Beer Iii pronounced houss Yeti a Vico from a letter by mrs. Ada e. Hurd of Groton 8. D., we quote a was taken with a bad cold which settled on my lungs cough set in and finally terminated in conium lion. Four doctors gave me up saying i could live but a Short time. I gave myself up to my Savior determined if i could not stay with my friends on Earth i would meet my absent ones above. My husband was advised to get or. Kings new discovery for consumption coughs Aud colds. I gave it a trial took in All eight bottles it cured me and thank god i Ara now a Well and Hearty trial bottle free at Dreiss drug store regular size 50c and la. I porn the annual masquerade Ball now to a Jaeger Rufet association will be Given at convention Hall saturday february 7th. Tickets 60c, to be had of the Mem Bors at the Hall. Committee a Geo. Wagner Otto Gerlach Fritz Wesp Conrad Flag

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