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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 27, 1887, San Antonio, Texas He Hail height. Thursday january 27, 1887. Railroad time table. I. St a. N. Bal Road. Departures. For St. Louis via to. A. Route. 4 00 p. In 6 30 a. In 6 30 p i for St. Louis via Iron Mountain. For St. Louis via Missouri Pacific. For Laredo. 10 45a. In arrivals. From St. Louis. Missouri Pacific 10 0 p. In from St. Louis via Iron Mountain 10 50 p. M from St. Louis via Missouri Pacific. 10 50 a. In from Laredo.3 30 p. In 6 00 a. In q., h. St 8. A. Railroad. Onis train to new Orleans daily through express East daily leave for new Orleans Houston and Galveston. Arrive from the East. Arrive from new Orleans Houston and Galveston. 7 25 p. M Throton West. Leave for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle p it is .7 50 p. M arrive from san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass. 7 30 a. M s. A. Is a. P. Railroad. Arrivals and departures. Until further notice our trains wit run daily except sunday As follows southbound trains. Leave san Antonio.10.30 a. In. Leave Beeville at.4 15 p. In. Arrives at Corpus Christi. 6 85 p. In. Northbound trains loaves Corpus Christi. 6 45 a. In. Leave Beeville. 11.10 p. In. Arrive at san Antonio. 4.00 p. In. Twit. It. Of great a Uman re psf a sip cures rheumatism neuralgia. Harlan or. Headache Toothache. Sprain. Errol a a a Etc.,Rte. Prick fifty Centi. _ _ it til i�?Ti11 i its Ano . The Curles a. Yoch t la a jul be. Ii it. Cousin Dollie. Carried alive awl tins course or action would have been humdrum commonplace and utterly without interest. Accordingly Dollie rejected it. It was a Brilliant summer Day Aud the railway for some distance ran close to the coast. Collie could hear the Waves lapping softly Over the pebbles and a gentle Breeze fluttered shyly in through the open window. She could see that her companion was gazing with unfeigned interest at a passing Steamer far away but clearly discernible above the horizon. A hollow cough struck on his ear but he hardly noticed it. A second and a third forced themselves upon his attention and his. Eyes rested for a moment on dollies so face. Satisfied apparently by the soft healthy glow that tinted her Cheek that no sign of consumptive delicacy lurked there he turned away again. This time Dollie was seized with a painful and prolonged lit of coughing and the boy looked commiserating by toward her. A i am afraid you feel the draught a he said quietly. A shall i shut the window a without waiting for her reply he suited the action to the word Ana then was Straightway absorbed again in tile Progress of the Distant funnel with its floating Trail of smoke now fast fading out of sight. It was a very soft Sweet voice this tall lads though it was in a trying transition stage. A so he does t always Bellow like a Bull of Bashnal a Dollie thought approvingly mindful of the stentorian tones in which be had addressed tile Porter. A and what a Nice gentlemanly manner he Lias Uncle Leonard Sall Ever he will have uncles grand manner to the life when he gets a Little More polish. So perfectly easy Aud unconscious i Admire thai Iii a lad it is so uncommon at his Tho ugly Dollie was eaten up with affection nurse Ltd a fact of which she was perfectly cognizant she could see and appreciate naturalness in others perhaps All the More because of Lier own Lack of it. A really Cousin Leonard gemstone will be quite bearable if coils u Iii Nard is As Nice As you Are and of course he will be Ever so much nicer Pinasr much As his half dozen years superiority will have taught him the proper use or his eyes if nothing Dollie had not yet forgiven poor Leonard his unwitting offence against her vanity. Aloud she said gently after a vigorous rummage in Lier handbags would you like to look through these i do not want them for i know this part of the coast As Wrell As my a b 0, and a great Deal bettor than my he smiled and gave her a grateful Fiance extending a huge sinewy hand rown As a Gipsy a to take the proffered Ivory mounted opera glasses from her daintily gloved one. A thanks i know it Well too but i should like to have a look at that Steamer. I can to quite make her out. And there a another by a Ile checked himself suddenly with the Hist Blush that Dollie had seen on his face and applied himself to the Glass. He was Only going to invoke a George the cappadocian Champion a and need not have pulled himself up with such a shamefaced look. A is that vessel with the White sail Over there can you Tell me a Brig or a Brigantine a inquired Dollie artfully with Well simulated interest. Hor companion turned round with slight laugh. It did no to know ladies knew there was any difference Between such Craft a he said frankly and then proceeded learn edly to explain so learn edly that Dollie was not one bit the Wiser at the end of his disquisition the difference Between the two with other Kindred Points of nautical lore. A Oil thank you a she returned at the lust convenient pause. A i am so fond of the sea. And i know so Little about ships i am really quite ashamed of my such a candid confession As that her instructor could not hear without an Atte Apt at condolences contradiction was impossible. A , but you Are anxious to learn i think you ought to be proud instead of ashamed for to know that there is a difference Between a Brig and Abrigana Tine is a great Deal you know for a Dollie combated successfully an inclination to laugh at this Gallant speech and said mildly a do you really think so in a so glad and one great Comfort is i am not too old to learn am i a this Appeal for confirmation w As dip Hamiti tor in order to reply her fellow traveller was forced to regard her a trifle More attentively than lie had hitherto done. An expression of him pie undisguised approbation of the fair artless face he was studying was visible on his own As he rejoined Doe Sive in a no of course not of you re fond of the sea you la learn in no time. In a awfully loud of it too. We live close beside this piece of information he delivered with an air of serious Good Faith in the reciprocal interest of his listener which Dollie found very comical. She Felt inclined to begin to a a chaff him a lie looks so decidedly Green a she told Herselle but refrained from motives of in ii . A you Are going Home for the holidays i suppose Quot she said instead. Yes the College term ended tie did not resent the implied disparagement by the use of the word holidays and substitute Dollie was surprised at that and no less surprised for she had spoken without malice pretend see to hear that he w As at College. It was hard to leave off thinking of him As the Little a a Pickle of whom she had heard of in former years so Little lately lie caught the look on her lace and interpreted it rightly. You thought i was at a Public school i suppose and Wasny told enough to be going to College you Haven t seen me stand up yet or you a think i was big enough to have left off being a he laughed the Good num redly deprecating laugh of one who has been accustomed to be chaffed about his superfluous inches. A ooh. Yes i saw a Good Deal of your height As you came mls returned Dol lie gravely. A still i must confess that i looked upon you As a Senor boy. Your lace is Young a regarding it Riti Cully As she spoke. A boys like to talk about themselves a thought Dollie a and i want to make him talk so we shall both be a a that a what people always say therefore i am not surprised at your thinking so too. But i am Over eighteen and my Uncle offered to Send me to College so i jumped at the Chance at once for rear i might not get it a How very Good of Uncle Charlton a she exclaimed mentally. A and he never told us or we might have gone halves. Really i begin to feel quite a maternal interest in this unsophisticated Young gentleman who discusses his private affairs so freely with a perfect stranger a her next words we Ere not As kind As her thoughts however for she inquired innocently a ooh do you live with your Uncle then and Are you going to spend the holidays i beg Pardon the vacation with him a this was cruel of Dollie. She was quite aware of the state of aunt Dora a finances after her husbands death and it was not fair to ask such a question. But she was Given to experimenting and she wished to find out of what stuff her newly found Cousin w As made. He Shook his head so decidedly that his tumbled hair fell on his Broad forehead More dishevelled than Ever. No thank you i prefer to spend it at Home. Uncle Charlton lives Inland. I Only meant a he explained simply that he sends me to College because we afford it ourselves. And a Man is not much unless he has been to a and you intend to be a much a do you a queried Dollie playfully. A much mentally As Well As physically i sup Eose a she had been a Little touched y his Frank confession then she went on quickly a i Admire you for speaking straight out like that. But even if you Are not very Well off As you say it does not seem to trouble you a no a he replied rather doubtfully gazing out of the window As he spoke and again shaking his head. An of that does no to trouble me not that if Leonard thought that he had skilfully yet truthfully evaded the question and left his companion under the impression that nothing in connection with the said poverty weighed upon his mind he was mistaken. He Aid not know that he dealt with one who was an Arch Jesuit herself and who laughed at his Clumsy parrying of her question. But something troubles you a suggested the inquisitor then stopped As if afraid of going too far. But Leonard Haygarth had taken a fancy to this smiling talkative travel ing companion of ins who looked up at him Iii such a charmingly respectful manner and where the lads fancy went his Confidence generally went too. He had moreover a firm belief in his own Power of discerning character and he read dollies Fuir face like a books so. At least he told her afterwards and saw at a glance that she was deserving of unlimited Confidence. A what do you think id have talked like that to everybody a he demanded indignantly. A not i i defy anybody to get anything out of me if i done to Wisn to but now he Only said slowly wrinkling his brow Dis contentedly a yes. I done to mind being poor but i do mind one thing that i shall be obliged to do because of a and what is that a asked Dollie with no Small amusement. A but done to Tell me if you would rather a you ifs not so bad As All that yet if i have to do it. I mind talking of nevertheless he paused for a moment then heaved a deep sigh pulled a very wry face Aud blurted out in be got to marry Money a there a the rub a Shakespeare a it was the lust Straw. Dollies Gravity gave Way Aud she laughed heartily. A i beg your Pardon a she gasped out at length a but i could not help it it sounds so absurd. Why most men would be Only too delighted to get such a Chance a Dollie spoke feelingly Aud from the experience of two seasons. She even Felt a degree of admiration for this unworldly unreserved youth. Presently she sobered Down into More decorous Gravity. A a perhaps please forgive me for laughing perhaps you like some one else already a it was his turn now and the shout of laughter with which he saluted this tender insinuation showed that he regarded it in the Light of a most exquisite joke. A ooh i say that would be a Jolly Lark just fancy me falling in love no thank you i mean to steer Clear of that at All events. If i have to marry my Cousin Dora a Dollie started Aud flushed Scarlet a whether i like her or not Pii not be such a fool As to go and fall in love with anybody else. Not that that is in my Lino anyhow but the other fact settles the Dollie had recovered her Normal Corn Hisure and complexion by this time and laughed gently. This lad had none of the usual Schoolboy awkwardness in treating of such a subject. Ile had evidently considered it seriously and quite made up his mind we Ith respect to it. Perhaps ids Calm conviction that the tender passion would never get the better of him conduced to his perfect Freedom from embarrassment in discoursing upon it. A whether you like her or not a questioned Dollie. A then i suppose you have never seen Lier perhaps she w ill not turn out As horrid As you anticipated indeed she May be very Nice a Consolin Gly. A no Quot w As the prompt reply. A Rich stuck up girls never Are. Shell be conceited and ugly Aud red haired there Are carloads of red hair in the family a i Only just nailed it myself Aud she will have a Lovely complexion worse Luck a and be afraid to go out in the Sun for fear of freckles and when its wet Shell have to Stop in because she a sure to be delicate. She a coming to stay with us soon a regular bore Isnit it she won a care for fishing and sailing and i shall have to stay with her and do the agreeable. Ugh Rich Girts always have such a lot of disadvantages to make up for their Money Yon know a toe ingenuous Boyish face contrasted refreshingly with the worldly Wise philosophical axioms and Dollie noting the contrast with approving eyes wondered where he could have picked them up. A Why need you marry her at All if you done to care particularly about Money a she asked with a tinge of curiosity inwardly Ca villing the while at the unflattering description of herself. A for the Good of the family Quot a with sententious Gravity. A for of course i shall go shares. I shall give Dick that s my brother a Good slice you May lie sure he w As to have had it All you know but he fell in love with another girl and had to hand the heiress me. A Jolly Good sell it was too but i had to give Iii a a poor victim a murmured Dollie a and poor heiress too a a Well i thought it rather shame at first a he assented eagerly catching the last words a still As somebody would marry her for her Money it would be latter that i should do so than a Stran Fer for i always mean to be kind to or no matter How much i May dislike a a How very Good of you a commented Dollie with veiled satire a to sacrifice yourself for your family a yes a lie assented complacently a for i can to Bear ugly then after a deliberate Survey of dollies face with ifs liquid dark eyes he remarked approvingly a if she were Only like you i should not mind so much. I could stand almost anything if she were Only coming from such a source Dollie accepted the compliment As being made in All Good Faith and acknowledged it by a Graceful Bow. Thank you a she said simply and then to change the subject upon which she Felt that More than enough had been said a we must be nearly there now must we not a a nearly where a Dollie grew warm she had nearly betrayed herself though As she reflected she must be found out in a very Short time now. A nearly at wins Combe was a few Miles beyond gemstone. Wins Combe the train will be there in about Twenty minutes. Are you going there that a near where we live. We live at a a ooh Ilo look at those poor horses How afraid they Are of the train a interrupted Dollie abruptly. That s a stunning Black fellow a chimed in her companion enthusiastically. A look at Hun flinging up his heels at us wish i were on his Back talking of horses there a a Farmer near where we live that is As i was just saying at Quot a what a Beautiful Tennis Bat a interrupted Dollie again. A do you like Tennis a to amp to was sufficient. The lad w As fairly started on the subject of Tennis. Dollie Wras Safe. There was no further danger of his referring to a the place where wre Dollie breathed freely again. She did not wish the disclosure to come until it was inevitable and. If gemstone were mentioned she could hardly avoid confessing that it was her destination and visitors there being few and far Between the truth must soon break out. But her cousins excited dissertation on Tennis Tennis rules and regulations it cd Pera was comparatively unheeded. Dollies thoughts dwelt in delighted mischievous anticipation on the moment when her communicative Friend should discover to his confusion and horror that his fair confidant was no other than Dora Nugent his Cousin and intended Bride. Gemstone gemstone a cried the solitary Porter As the train glided into the Little country station. A glad to see you sir Welcome backs a with the touch of the Cap and a Broad Grin directed Tow Ards the Carriage from which Leonard who had seized the strapped up rugs and thrust his hat on his head was about to Spring. A so this is gemstone at lastly said Dollie drooping her eyelids rather guiltily. A then i suppose i get out Here a Here i thought you were going on to wins Combe that a the next no. They told me a explained Dollie lamely a that wins Combe was near gemstone. And i Stop the lad dropped his own wraps and began to Load himself with some of the bags and boxes belonging to his fellow traveler. T will look after your lug ? age a he remarked while handing bar out of the Carriage. A they done to give one Over much time at these Small stations. Wii at have you in the Van a a two big boxes Aud a Little one and a portmanteau a she answered glibly and the Long legged Young giant hurried away. A you Are Cousin Dora a said a quiet voice at her Side. A i knew you at once by your likeness to aunt Dollie turned and received a cordial greeting from a Young Man who introduced himself As a Cousin a of goodness a site thought a if the fates have decreed that i am to be sacrificed on the altar of this impecunious family i must say that the Young giant allotted to me is infinitely preferable to Cousin Dick a Richard Haygarth was As unlike his younger brother As could Well be imagined. Ile was under sized with a reserved expression and was somewhat formal and precise in his manner. His hair Aud eyes were both dark and in his thin shrewd face and Square Chin signs of Resolution and firmness were not wanting. Withal his face was pleasant while his voice was unusually melodious. But Dollie decided rapidly that the elder son had had to Bear the Brunt of the Sharp struggle with poverty. Her meditations had arrived at this stage when Leonard had rushed up saluting his brother with a Blank stare of amazement As he marked his extraordinarily amicable relations with his to ravening companion. A Well have you forgotten me during a three months absence How Are you old fellow we did no to expect you till to Morrow. But in a glad you managed to get off to Day. To you stole a March upon me and made Cousin Dora a acquaintance first he i Hope you pointed out All the a Lions to her on the Way. Did he make a Good showman Dora i May Call you a Dora a i suppose for i remember you As a tiny child of two or three who used to Call me a Dicky Birds a the Blank stare was succeeded by one of dismay almost ludicrous in its intensity. Leonard s face grew Crimson to the roots of his fair hair. At last he stammered out a i done to know i did no to Means i never thought you were Dora in in i a he could get no further. The full horror of the situation flashed upon him and half bewildered him. He had compromised himself miserably and become involved in a Serape from which there could be no extrication. Excuse or explanation could Avail him. Indeed what explanation could he offer he had told the truth and nothing but the truth. Could he make his escape by the train no. The train was gone Dick eyed his brother in uncomprehending Surprise. Was he mad what could be the meaning of his extraordinary agitation a do you mean to Tell me Quot he inquired at length As a portion of the truth began to Dawn upon him a that you two travelled together for a couple of hours and never found out each other s names a still Leonard was silent. His agony t mind not i in loved in a Una i entry ludicrous manner to give Dollie the exquisite amusement that she had anticipated. It was too keen for that. So she came generously to the Rescue. A your brother and i did not ask each others names and curiously enough we neither of us let slip anything to enlighten the other. Wasny to it Odd a for we talked Nineteen to the this was strictly True for it was not Leonard a conversation but his Luggage Label which had enlightened her. Then going up to the unhappy Young fellow she took his passive hand frankly savings a a ibo you Are Cousin Leonard after Alit i am very glad of it i should have been quite sorry never to see you again. And will you teach inc to play Tennis i can hardly get a Hall Over the net and you i know Are an a i slum old think he is Quot chimed in Dick with rueful emphasis. A the emitters my existence with his Tennis during the vacations for i am the Only available adversary at Home a not counting your Cousin Dora whom he considers unworthy of his steel so i shall be most grateful to you if you will be my substitute. And now i have two apologies to offer. The first is for the said Dora who is Laid up with a severe cold and could not come to meet you Tho second is for myself. One of my parishioners who lives five Miles away met me on my Way to the station and begged me to go at once to see his son who is i fear dying so you must excuse my saying Good by for the present. A Clergyman s time you know is not his own and a curates i suppose is still less his smile was one that made his face wonderfully Bright Ami animated and i Dollie looked alter him As he walked away quickly leaving a parting injunction with Leonard to look Well alter i her and see that her Luggage was All 1 right it was a very mild and subdued i voice with an almost childish tremor in it that said a i believe your boxes Are All in the trap miss Nugent la is waiting at the she looked up quickly As they walked Down the platform together. A a miss Nugent a Leonard i am Cou a sin he made no reply but walked on his neck Bent in a thoroughly melancholy and dejected manner his eyes shunning Lier glance. But this manoeuvre Only brought his tall head Dow i a Little i closer to her own. Laying her hand on j his Arm she looked up with a Friendly i Little smile saying decisively a now Leonard i cannot have you look like that you must just forget that you told me anything. And you need not he afraid of being a chaired about it for if you do not Tell anybody neither will i and. If we never i mention it we shall soon forget it our a a a but you must think me such a fool Aud such a coxcomb groaned repentant Leonard reaching the Climax in a despairing burst of self contempt. A no i done to i done to think one bit i tile worse of you. You told me so plainly your opinion on the subject i and How much you disliked the thought of what your people wished to do that i think ail the better of you for it. You see you Force me to pay you comp a ments you look so miserable. I do like you very Muon i Ara truly glad that you Are really my Cousin after All a a a it a very Good of you to say so a he responded gratefully though still rather dismally a out i shall never forgive myself. And i know in my a hush Quot she interjected peremptorily. A not a word More we be agreed to forget All that. What a pretty horse that is is it yours a a no. That is the Only Hack to be hired Iii gemstone. We have just one horse and it is a Pony. A Small gleam of Sunshine lighted up his face As her Clear Sweet laugh rang through the air. He continued As he handed her into the ramshackle old vehicle a yes that Pony is a maid of All work. She works on the farms Aud carts she a carting gravel to Day and takes As Many to Church As w ill fit Iii the dog cart. Are you fond of horses miss Nugentq Dora a a a Dollie a you mean she corrected. A yes i love horses and i Ani sure you do a once launched on this congenial topic the conversation flowed on briskly and presently they or at least the chief culprit who was in general a reckless scatterbrain and who w As not Given to troubling himself As to the results of his rash speeches had apparently forgotten All about the unlucky revelation of an hour before. In fact Dollie chatted so charmingly and easily that no one could blame him for forgetting everything else in the pleasure of listening to her and As he had no natural shyness to prevent his improving the occasion they became excellent friends before arriving at gemstone House. A there we Are a cried Leonard at last in an almost regretful tone. A How fast this horse has brought us a Dollie did not hear this remark. Her companion s remorse soon softened Down and his mental equilibrium re stored he did not interest her much. Her attention was it present concentrated upon the Small Ivy covered House in which she was to spend the next fortnight. The Boise wheeled round to the doorsteps. The Hall door stood w Ide open but the doorway was empty Leonard remarked apologetically a this looks a queer kind of Welcome but one cannot exit anything better from a House full of a tray do not apologise i was so sorry to hear that your sister was ill. Ana As for a Welcome Why you must do duty for All a a i will do my Best a said Leonard meekly innocently wondering the while if she meant ism to embrace her As his Mother would have done. But Ere he had come to a decision upon this knotty Point a door was violently Flung open Aud with a kind of wild Indian War whoop four children rushed tumultuous by into the Hall of Leonard had bestowed As w Arm a Welcome As that which they inflicted on the newly arrived Cousin he would have been venturesome indeed. A still Wilder shriek rent the air As Leonard followed Lier in and a still More rapturous greeting was bestowed on him. A a in a no idea a panted Dollie a that you had such a lot of Small Brothers and Sisters a a Only four a he assured her laughing Inglys a a couple of each. But i be no doubt you thought there were More of them. If i had not known them pretty intimately i should have judged from that yell that there were Twenty at a Well i certainly thought there were about eight now a turning to the rioters let. Me see if i can Tell you your names. This is Maud. And this is Lay Quot a touching in turn the two fail haired demure looking girls who appeared fallacious appearance i a As if they were models of propriety. A wrong wrong a was the reply accompanied by a shriek of Delight that sent Dollie s fingers to her ears. Then a a in a Maud Quot aaa a a in a May Quot they announced. A now guess which the others Are a when she chose Dollie accommodated herself readily to the mood of those around her. Looking with a smile at the Happy Sunburst faces of the two youngsters who breathlessly awaited her decision she affected with an air of profound deliberation then Anontine Edas the result of her scrutiny a Jack the Pickle Aud Jim the studious boy. The bronzed Urchin first indicated burst into an appreciative Roar of laughter while Jim the student shrank Back a Little abashed. A How did you demanded the to be Boll amp Bros i Piper amp Schulthess nos. 8, to. 12,14 Yturri and 249 Market sis., no. 281,1 Miu Erc do curs is is by o As o j it a a a 0 s k sex. 1 i ask ill a to Vav Ifni her w in of As pc k 3 is r w p is p is ii o Metal nails and Fence wires 11 a bed Aud smooth annealed painted and galvanized Fence Staples i agent Fence stays roller Block and guide. Stretchers ic., a. Roofing and Bright tin Sheet Iron galvanic Iron steel Zinc Copper brass a. Pig Iron pig Lead. Solder a. Winners a supplies winners tools and machinery. Steal baling ties improved for Hay Haling presses. Agents for Cambridge roofing company a Iron and steel roofing and siding Iron Ore paints amp. Union metallic Cartridge co s cartridges All kind Sand calibres. Shells wads amp a. National Sheet Metal roofing Walters Patent tin shingles siding plates. 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F. St Auger proprietor to so. Of front St., Philadelphia a. For Sale by a. Dreiss. Working classes ss3js All classes with employment at Home the whole of Tho time or for their spare moments. Business new Light and profitable. Persons of either sex easily earn from 50 cent to 05.00 per evening and a Prois optional sum by devoting Ai time to the business. Boys Aud girls earn nearly As much As men. That All who see this May Send their address and Tost the business. We make this offer to sub As Are not Well satisfied we will pay one Dollar for the trouble of writing. Full particular and outfit free. Address Gbo Hob St Khoh a co., Portland Maine. Jas. Druggist d. Devine and pharmacist. Prescription Calls positively and promptly answered Day or night by thorough graduates toilet and fancy pertaining to the drag Trade Comer Commerce St. And main Plaza. A duly drug store in the City open All night Quot a. Id. A.3l.bhsti, chemist and apothecary no. 205 Alamo Plaza. Always on hand a full and fresh Stock of drugs. Chemicals and toilet articles every a Fig found in a first class drugstore. Prescriptions made a specially and will be prepared All hours with care and dispatch. Telephone no. 294. Thin at Alamo company is Cameron Street Telephone no. 229, san Antonio Texas. Amounts for Phil Best s Milwaukee Kea anal bottled Beer and Ibi Indian nation Coal. These pills were a wonderful discovery. No others us them in the world. Will positively cure or relieve All manner of disease. The information around each Box it Worth Tau times the Cost of a hence. One Box will do More to Pur. In the blood and cure chronic ill health than $5 Worth of any other remedy yet discovered. If people cola be made to Box of pills. Find out about them and you will always be thankful. One Pill a dose. Parsons pills contain nothing harmful Are easy to take and cause no Incon von in j the marvelous Power of these pills they would walk too Miles to get a Box if they could or is Tutti without. Sent by mail for 26 cents in Stamps. pamphlet free postpaid. Send to St the information is very valuable. I. 8. f. 0., 22 custom House Street Boston ma33. Make new Riel blood patents for inventions designs and Trade Marks. Old Las Coll noted Nom Elieud Ca prosecuted Laud warrants Back pay Bounty and pensions for soldiers mall contracts business attended John 8. Duffie attorney at Law Washington d. C. attorney Gene rat a. La. Garland Washington. Do. And to h. Reusing of san Antonio Texas connected with the Light who will furnish Blanks on application. We. Mayor a co., Bankers. Washington i will put up $500 that i can take or. John Trippe a blood purifier and curl. Any Case 01 syphilis or scr Fula on Earth and guarantee a perfect and permanent cure. D. P. Barr sold agent for the state Northwest Corner main Plaza san Antonio
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