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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 24, 1887, San Antonio, Texas B. Smith so son merchant tailor respectfully in for in their customer and the Public at Large that during the they will Lunk a reduction of to per cent on All garments from regular prices. Satisfaction and fit guaranteed. Call on mum and Price their it ods before purchasing elsewhere. B. Smith amp son 12-9-1 f 44 West Commerce St. San Antonio daily Light Farmers drug store no. 318 Hast Commerce Street has still on hand one Hundred Cholee doors of triple retracts. Ladies and gentlemen will please remember that h. A. Blair Han a first class pharmacy where nothing is substituted giving always what i required and Only fresh and pure drugs dispensed. Prescriptions from any physician eat rusted to its care Are carefully and accurately compounded. Telephone no. 296 1-11-1 or volume vile number 4.san Antonio. Ekas. Monday january 24. 1897. Only $5 a year she Hun me on account of removal As our Reader Are Well aware we have purchased the Large apace of ground Corner of East Commerce and Alamo streets and will shortly erect thereon to accommodate our rapidly increasing Trade a commodious and magnificent store House larger in fact than any in Texas. As we intend to open up there with an entire new Stock we will on monday january 24. Otter one of the Gran Des i Slaughter Bales Ever held in this City. We have marked Down our Large Stock of clothing clothing All grades of menus and boys suits overcoats pants hats boots shoes etc., etc., will be sacrificed and at prices Seldom met. Like inducements offered in All our other departments comprising dress goods flannels blankets. Quilts All Cotton piece goods such As Gingham plaids Cotton Lanuel prints jeans and Domestic House furnishing goods pique and Honey comb spreads lamp of curtain cres tonnes Linen and Turkey red damask napkins towels towering etc., r diced to primers which Are hound to take. We respectfully invite the ladies to Call and see on cloak and hosiery departments and see prices that will astonish them. Do not fail to visit every department in the House for reductions have been made on everything. Joske Brothers i Alamo Plaza san Antonio Texas Mark Down clothing Sale suits and overcoats Mew goods Fine styles inquire for prices i genuine bargains i Wolff amp Marx j cot. Commerce and Alamo sts., san Antonio Tex. H. D. Kampmann president Otto Koehler Sec. And manager Lone Star Brewin spa or ilk Coin a j celebrated lager and specially brewed select bottled r guaranteed absolutely pure. San Antonio Texas. Always to the front of. Volfson a with a latest Telegraph news from All Parte of the Globe lenses and rolled Down. Con Gigantic Stock mall departments special attest Iok called to the gents department. Co f la merchants advertise in various ways such As a Selling out at Cost a a damaged goods a etc., trying to Gull the Public that they possess Peculiar advantages by which they Are enabled to sell cheaper than their competitors at the same time Selling at a Good profit. They perpetuate a fraud on a generous up Fie by uttering a lower Glade of g ods which Are palmed Oft As g of and sold As first class. Each season it has been my Earnest Endeavor to improve the Quality and make of goods and to sell them at a reasonable profit giving each customer his Money a Worth Iii each Purchase. In following out this course i have been successful and am proud to say my business has increased each year and is now Indiana deadlock unbroken and Likely to be. Only a ballot can reveal the senatorial situation. Memphis loses 6500 Bales of Cotton in a $300,000 fire. Cleburne is negotiating for another Artesian Well. Columbus wants a Section of the Arkansas pass Road. The Coal strike on the new Jersey wharves unchanged. The marchioness of Queensbury gets her divorce no contest. The disputed Mcclelland will is agitating Waco court circles. Russia forbids the exportation of horses into Austro Hungary. Locksley Hall 60 years afterwards. Is published in the sea Side series. Virchow will contest the seat in 2d Berlin District with von Moltke. The Galveston an lobby to oppose the City charter is at Austin in full Force. Chambers county Texas wants Oon Gross to improve the old River $20, work on the fort Worth and Denver Extension is being pushed in the Panhandle. Galveston has her Lone Star Cracker company fully organized. Capita $50,000. The Czar and Joseph of Austria Are expected to meet in Berlin on Williams birth Day. Seven cattle thieves Are held at the Sac and Fox Agency i. T., waiting the u. 8. Marshal. Bobby Adams has been convicted of stealing $14,000 of Stamps from the Minneapolis Post office. Sherman does not like the rumoured Purchase of the St. Louis Arkansas and Texas by Jay Gould. The members of the Cuba federation fired upon and killed three knights of labor at Tampa Bay. A Small Cyclone struck Mineral Wells Early saturday morning and demolished some Small dwellings. Allen w., son of Allen g. Thurman Wilt be one of the inter state Commerce commissioners probably. The dry season has been broken in North Texas and copious Rains having fallen Farmers Are at work. The rumours of War in Eastern Europe die out but the War Cloud thickens Between France and Germany. Henry b. Stanton husband of Elizabeth Cady Stanton an anti slavery writer and lecturer is dead aged 81, the longshoremen on the Anchor and French trans Atlantic ship lines have struck to Ald the old Dominion strikers. Crain of Texas is making friends in Washington by introducing legislation to increase the Comfort of the District residents. The mixed train on the Santa be for Dallas was wrecked by going through a Bridge near Alverado and one brakeman killed. A Hunt by officers for Fence cutters resulted in the shooting of one Arch Roberts and the arrest of the officers who did the killing. One Hundred soldiers and several mandarins drowned by collision of an English Steamer with a chinese transport near Shanghai. The United states courts in Texas for 1886 Cost Northern District $49,692.71 Eastern District $46,073.20 Western District $60,278.64. Premier Goblet and Dauphin minister of finance will jointly present the Bud get in the French Chambers of rejected the ministry will resign. A new Bridge Over James Fork 17 Miles South of fort Smith. Ark., Falls and to persons were precipitated into the Creek 40 feet below one team and two persons killed. Brussels will attempt the suppression of drunkenness by punishing drunkards and those who sell liquor to drunkards by Fine and imprisonment also by declaring debts for intoxicants Unco Leo table. The Saenger fest. A business meeting of the committee of the Saenger fest Anocia Tion was held at Scholz Hall on saturday evening when it was decided that the Saenger fest Ball should be Given in the Casino on april 16th, and the following gentlemen were named As reception committee the Hon. J. H. French major c. Cresson Alderman Belknap j. Von Thaden or. Hertzberg judge Waelder and Luoien Lacoste. The committee then adjourned to meet again on wednesday next. Ran Over a child. A Man named Joseph Herman was locked up in the county jail yesterday morning by officer Van Alstyne on a charge of assault to commit murder. He was Riding a fractious horse yesterday morning in the neighbourhood of the fourth Street Bridge and ran Over a Little girl. The Little girl was afterwards picked up by some passers by in an insensible condition. Presented with a pin. The san Antonio friends of Herman Gonring who is now in Central City new Mexico sent him of saturday a very handsome Gold pin in memory of old times. I he head of the pin is ii. The form of a Golden Ball. From it is suspended a Medalion one Side of which contains the lords prayer and on the other is engraved his initials end those of the donors Viz h. C., h. I S., m. S., and f. B. Celebrating the engagement. A very pleasant social Bop was Given Law of evening in the Braden hotel in Honor of the engagement of Martha laughter of or. And mrs. Sam Ewing to Adolph son of or. And mrs. F. Michel. The music was furnished by the italian hand and dancing was indulged in until a late hour. At Midnight a very Fine supper was served and the Beer and cigars were liberally distributed. The parents of both the Loving ones were present Aud discharged the duties of Host and hostess in a most agreeable manner. Among those present the Light noticed the misses Matilda a Flehberger Annie Steinmetz Ida Aud Lotta Vve Isenberg. Annie Schlegel Juda Kun mar Amelia Kuntz or. And mrs. Frank taper m \ and mrs. Al Hanks. Or. And mrs. J. P. Of Leary or. And mrs. F. Michel or. And mrs. Kunzman mrs. L. Felder mrs. E. Wels Engerg. Mrs Blum. Messes. A. A. And ii Michel. Schmidt a. Hannick or. A Sonnen g. Gaehner f. Or fuss e wifi Pethers. L. Bossy a Knegge g. W. W. Smith j. Oeltgen. Clerk Weinhold j. H. Hertzberg m a. Higgins and d. Nasso. She wore a big one. One lady at the opera House on saturday night was the object of great attraction but that attraction Lay chiefly in the huge hat she wore it was about a foot High and was of Black velvet trimmed with red ribbons and Flowers. The poor unfortunate who had a seat behind her. Found his View of the stage so obstructed that lie had to vacate himself and stand in tile rear of the theatre during the whole of the evening. Although there was scarcely a seat in the Bouse vacant that seat was not filled during the evening. There a blood upon it. Three houses lying almost altogether on military Plaza have been Dis in gushed by the shedding of human blood. In the pawnbroker shop of Frank kept by b. Soh War the owner was murdered in an adjacent House Vargas saddlery shop. Deputy Sherif Van Riper shot and fatally wounded an escaping convict and in Nicholson a store next door to Vargas the Nichol son Winn shooting affray occurred last Friday. One of the Reid Akabie things in the february harpers is the masterly handling of the subject of Short stories by the greatest living american novelist. W. D. Howells fills hts department tile a a editor a study a with a consideration of the Art of writing Short stories the reasons of its marvellous recent development and Why americans Excel in that Branch of literature. The most conspicuous examples of Short Story writers Are mentioned with a running comment on their special merits. Last bal marriage licenses issued by the county clerk since report Antonio Rodriguez and Juliana Dez. Cba8. W. Of Reilly and Minnie kempt they drove Over him. A shameful thing happened Friday afternoon. A number of Little German boys were playing on a Street that runs from Dallas to Augusta streets one of them was walking backward dragging a Kite when a Well appointed Carriage whose appearance would Lead us to suppose that it belonged to respectable people came along and was driven right on him knocking him Down in such a position that both wheels ranged Over one of his shoulders and one ankle. The people in the Carriage three women and a coloured Driver stopped for about halt a minute until the boys piteous cries showed that they had not killed the Little fellow and then they drove on More calmly than most people could do after driving Over a dog. Recorders court. H. L. Dobbin careless driving continued. Mauricio Alatorre drunk and disorderly $5. Albert Pfau Neustel disorderly continued. John Simmons drunk and disorderly fined $5. Emmet Goodwin striking $5. Thos. Heats drunk $5. David Holt drunk $5. John Dunkle insulting language continued. J. L. Autrey beating and striking continued. Arab peddling without License continued. Arab peddling without License continued. Adam Kopp. Drunk $5. Hugo Kotc Nusky drunk. $5, m. Silva drunk $5. Henry Newton drunk continued. The largest and most Complete establishment of the kind in the South. Giak during to lies season i will offer extra inducements in sub departments. Quot is l. Wolfson. N Corner main Plaza. San Antonio Texas. New suits filed. In the District court n Mackey is. J. F. Burns on note. J. E. Wilson Assignee for f. O. Skidmore is. F. , garnishment. They were delighted. The grand opera House was crowded on saturday night by a delighted audience w o assembled there to witness the performance of Bartley Campbells celebrated play a the White slave a a and it is Only a tribute of Justice to say that it was one of the Hest and most successful performances Ever Given in the City a the characters were Well cast and were excellent in their respective parts and the special scenery was delightful especially the Plantation scene the Steamer Salon and the wreck. These were greeted with applause and the wreck in the storm in which showers of real water came Down brought Forth a torrent of applause. The negro impersonations wore artistic and natural and the minstrelsy of to White slave Quartetti was the source of great pleasure and Wes liberally applauded. The play was reproduced on sunday night and was equally satisfactory. Wants Jas. H. French. As a tax payer and citizen i Call the attention of our people to the Paramount importance of selecting a progressive Aud compete it mayor and Board of aldermen. The vital questions of sanitary Street improvements and sewers involving Large expenditures of Public funds Are forcing themselves upon us. These improvements should he controlled by honest and energetic officials alive to the issues of tile Day. It behoves us then As citizens of san Antonio to act comely and to the Best interest of the Public and select the most suitable material from the different candidates. The successful Aud honorable experience of jus h. French As mayor of san Antonio during ten years commend him As the most suitable guardian of municipal affairs. With a progressive Board of aldermen and an honest Able and dignified gentleman like Jas. H French As mayor. San Antonious Brilliant future is assured. I suggest that or French a numerous i friends and admirers meet Aud take the proper Steps for his nomination. Tax Pat a. Hotel a Khiva la. The dancers. Ball of the Herman sons masquerade at knights of labor and Arbel tor Vero in Halls Turners. The annual Ball of the sons of Herman Lodge in this City was Given saturday night at Casino Hail and was very Well attended and very enjoyable. Zot Tarel Llos band furnished excellent music and at 12 of clock a Fine supper was served by or. Retberg the competent bar Man of the Casino bar. The ladies and gentlemen were too numerous to particularized. Hut among them the Light saw or. And mrs. Hauser or. And mrs. Unfurl miss Hauser miss Landauer. Or. And miss Huehner or. And mrs. Landauer. Or. And mrs. August Schulz. Or. And mrs. Eherhardt or. And miss herring miss to Rahardt miss Clara Bunne de. Froboese. Charlie Beckman and lady. Geo. Schroeder wife and daughter Emma Wolfram. Ida Frederick. Juan Cardenas mayor i at Taghan j. 8. Ramsay miss Emma a Zig Jose Olival miss Porter Fred Werhle Ernst Wesen Berg and lady. Fred Steinbach. Etc. Or. And mrs. A Felder had charge of the cloak rooms. K. Of l. Masquerade. The Travis Assembly knights of labor gave a grand masquerade Hall at their Hall saturday night for the Benefit of their Relief fund. This Ball was Well attended and very enjoyable Many of the costumes worn by the gentlemen being unique and by the ladies elegant Ana original. Mrs. And miss Kunzman were attired As school girls. A party of four Young men were dressed As cowboys miss Diener was a Sailor girl Matilda Effenberger As a liar maid May Merklen As a Flower girl Martha Ewing As a Gypsy mrs. Banks a regress Mollie Bagley scotch girl Mina Fischer Winter miss Vander Flower girl miss Snow a Bird Clara Smith fairy miss Reiman lottery Carrie Herrerra morning Star Mise Blum Gypsy Carrie Fitzpatrick school girl Alice Stone and Maggie barries school girl Joe Derat school girl a. Ulrich Tinner l. Wegner Blacksmith Joe Pollok Cowboy. Artzt a string hand furnished the music and or. And mrs. Ewing the refreshments. Carnival club. The carnival club gave a masquerade Ball at Arvelter Verein Hall which was very enjoyable but not very Well attended. Several ladles appeared in costume. Turners. The Ball at Turner Hall also was very poorly attended probably because the fumes who Are nearly ail firemen were too tired from the fires to care to dance. In he Bali ended Early in the night he fore 12. Dedication services. Trinity methodist episcopal Church dedicated to the lord. A Large congregation assembled yesterday afternoon at 3 of clock at Trinity methodist episcopal Church on Avenue c to attend the dedication services of the Uhuru. While this Church has been in use now for some years it has never been entirely finished until recently. Now it is finished inside and out and yesterday us per invitation the pastors of the different protestant churches or at least a great Many of them with a goodly part of their congregations anti the sunday school of Trinity Church attended and assisted the pastor Rev. Or. Giddings with the services while the choir a Fine double Quartetti four ladies and four gentlemen arranged by or. Giddings was composed of singers from the choirs of the churches of the City As follows Madison Square Paine methodist Trinity Cumberland Christian first presbyterian and first Baptist churches. The pastors present be sides or. Giddings were revs. Nett shudder. Barbed chapped and Preston. Or. Giddings began the services by a few remarks stating his disappointment at the absence of Bishop e. O. Mctyre but he was fortunate in having the Brethren of the other churches Hornc to hts Rescue. Or. Barbee of the Christian Church read some verses from the Bible. Prayer by Rev. Preston Cumberland Church. Bible Reading or. Shudder Madison Square Church. Hymn by choir and hymn by choir and congregation. Address by or. Nett of first Presby Tori an Church. Or. Giddings replied to this address. Hymn by the choir. Address by Rev. Chappe Paine methodist Church. Reply by Rev. Giddings who went on to state How the Church building had been at length completed. Col. G. W. Brackenridge at a Cost of $750, had donated the Tower and by donations from the Noble Church members besides by the business men in general the remain Der of the work was completed. He said he had never been More courteously and liberally received anywhere than by the business men of san Antonio and he took occasion to publicly thank them one and ail. Tile whole work had Cost $2,375, and this included the Tower the new roof a handsome new pipe Organ a new carpet and Fres coing Walls and Ceil log inside. All but $240 of this amount is collected and a collection was taken up yesterday afternoon by the polite Ushers and quite a neat titties sum was realized in this Way towards that amount. After the collection the choir Sang the cloning hymn and or. Scudder delivered the Benediction. Rev. Or. Petty a Northern visitor preached in this Czuroh last night. There will he services tonight Aud to Morrow morning at 9 30 of look and throughout the week at night the meet lugs to be conducted for the most part by Rev. Al b. Chappe of Paine methodist Church. This morning at 9 of clock the pastors of the City held a meeting at the y. M c. A. Rooms. This Chance i Julie ird of prices in dry goods we Are determined to make oui prices so Low that everybody can buy. Ladies cloaks. ladles cloaks All Fin 40 ladle a Dolman new styles. 7 50 he wraps different kinds nil new us to f 15 of misses cloaks. I Anre a wort meet Only. Misses ulster., very stylish ones. Child Reuy a cloaks. .f3 505 in. . A 7s carpets. Ingrain carpets new Fine 35o a Yard super carpets Bright patterns. To. A Yard All Wool super extra75c. A Yard Brussel carpets Only.,.tie. A Yard dry goods. At Hie. Per Yard. Worth 25o. For 26o. Per Yard. Handsome. Worth 50c. For 7f�o. Re Yard All woo goods sold every where of clothing. Ii menus suits Only rift. Forf Quot. 50 Hoys suits very very Cloap Only 2 60 Kino gent can finer suits Only. To Vul splendid menus overcoats Only Soo shoes. I Idle a kid Button boots of so wry Fine kid Button Hoot a3 50 misfits Good Quality Button boots. 2 of ladles Ken hand sewed Hutton. 4 of blankets. 10-4 White Woolen blankets. It 00 11-4 Fine Quality blankets. A of him Fine California blankets 8 00 is of to 8 of d underwear. Ladle a knit vests. 50o. Children a knit vests.2fic. Gents knit shirts50c. Gents fancy suits. Al 75 be sure to Call at he amp Oppenheimer 212 and 214 Commerce Street. And look at our immense bargains before you buy. Riverside cafe restaurant Simm Ang fir h am Pel proprietop3� lunch and meals j Oyster fish game 12-2 am at a. Hours when in season. Thos. F. Kerr roofing and paving contractor. Office room 3 Soledad Block. Composition gravel and Shell e00fing, the most durable and economical roofing used. Many of the finest building in the United state Are covered with it. In Chicago 98 per cent. And in St. Louis so percent of the buildings in the Fin limits this roofing is used. Upon Tho new opera House any Many other Fine blocks n this City this roofing i used. Guaranteed for 5 to to years. It Tief Renoe Given to roofing of 15 to 30 years standing. 1-12-tf notice. To our customers and patrons All parties having Beer kegs belonging to Lone Star brewing co., Are requested to please return them or leave them where our Drivers can get them. Lot Lunk Star blk win co. Wood for Sale. Best Post Oak Wood for Sale at 4.75 per Cord delivered. Send orders to Ian sol Blum Street. M Bast of the weather. L. D. Dibble esq., reports the thermometer As standing at 80 degrees for several hours on last saturday evening the 22d of january and says he has never before known it to stand As High in the month of january. Own your Home. The books Are now open for subscription to the sixth series of the merchants and mechanics building and loan association. Apply to Vav. A. Bonynge Secretary room 8, Soledad Block ll-16-3m tiff1 a splendid investment. Ten shares of the International building and loan a sedation first series for Sale by in Schultz jr., no. 9 West Commerce Street. Bids received until february i. L-15-6t Cut rates. G. N. Allen Railroad ticket broker local and Overland tickets bought sold Ana exchanged. One to ten dollars saved on All tickets purchased at Southern hotel. 12 28-lm f Holcomb Luling miss Marie he judge rho m wife Castroville i Fletcher South Sun hotel a ii k Higbee Kansas City Forde White slave company Paschal Aud Jas f Scott Aud Lainily g f Colt Badger Gonzales j n St agile Luling Zeb b Campbell and k Frank Houston co Horton Austin j m kit ble Gonzales d g Franks Pecos cot a f Burns Devine it Van Sike new York h k to gents Ringgold la w j Scott Waco Warren Nix Bexar co w Elithorp Aud wife san Francisco j Owen Eagle a j f Harris Utopia g b Smith Seguin t f White Luling w g Starr Houston mrs Jef Dayman Austin a b Mck annoy Uvalde g h Russell Galveston j h Lynett. Anderson g w Lewis Bandera. Lost. A locket containing a photograph of a lady with lock of hair Between or. Gross residence and the opera House. Reward paid for its return to the office Nicholson died. Walter Nicholson shot in the military Plaza Battle Friday afternoon died saturday afternoon at 5 of clock and the fury of inquest immediately began the investigation As to the cause of his death. They reconvened this morning at Justice Barnes office and examined several witnesses among them a. Nicholson the brother of deceased and old Man Cureton. The dead Many Solotken and papers were also used As witnesses. Mysterious y disappeared. Last monday a or. Jones from Houston. O one to mrs. Bracey a boarding Hoime on Avenue j and engaged rooms saying he expected his partner and Friend in a few Days and engaged Board for him. A play or two ago or Jones started Down town and has not since been seen or heard from. Or. Jones partner meanwhile a arrived and is i anxious to see him Aud every Effort to learn of bus whereabouts is being made. Fears of foul play Are entertained. Government tests. The Lloyal baking powder declared Superior to All others. The fact that Royal baking powder is in All respects the Best baking powder offered to the Public has been established beyond question. Prof. Ii a. Mott when employed by the u. Government to Analyse the various baking powders of the Market. To determine which was the Best and most economical alter an extended investigation reported in favor of the Royal and it was adopted for government use. Prof. Mott has continued his examinations of baking powders sold at the present Day and now affirms it As his deliberate judgment arrived at after most thorough research and a careful examination of the principal brands of the Market that the Royal is undoubtedly the purest and most reliable baking powder offered to the Public. Prof. Mott in his recent report says a the Royal puking powder is absolutely pure fur i have so found it in Many tests made by ii for that company and the u. Government. A i will go still further and state that because of the facilities that company have for obtaining perfectly pure Cream of tartar and for other reasons dependent upon the proper proportions of the same and the method of preparation the Royal baking powder is undoubtedly purest and nut St reliable baking powder offered to Public. Do. Ukr by a. Mott pm in lait1 d to q if in Iii it l a i m i it its the Lite
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