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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 23, 1891, San Antonio, TexasFriday january 23, do you rave headache Preston s hed Ake cores you u you wait cures All kinds of and nothing else. Prompt harmless ii Nivins neither Antlej Ruhie morphine. Curaj opium. Cocaine or other Dange two drugs resign sold by All druggists Accident on an elevator. In one of now York s largest hotels they Baye three elevators and of course require very powerful machinery to Rue them. One of the quests who had prone to the theatre lingered for a Tito Little private spread at Del a and As the Steak particularly Good you and his Best Pirl in a Lovely humor who by the Way was Bis wife the Pelcman remained to Long with Hie Charm i us companion Over his murals that when be reached his hotel the coloured attendant of the elevator bad gone up stairs and fallen into the arms of Murphy or Morley i m not sure which. Our Friend believed in fresh air Dan lived on the floor nearest the sky so of course disappointed to find the elevator for the night. He muttered something to his wife and grave a wrench at the Iron door leading to the elevator car. It opened and be laughed and although his wife at first refused to enter he finally prevailed and chuckled to himself As the elevator started upwards to think How he outdone the House and Bow the Darkey s eyes would stand out in the Mornin Jar when he found the elevator at the top of the House. When they got to Tho second floor f rom the top our Friend thought he might As Well try to slow up a Little but to his astonishment be found he could not Ebeck Tho unmanageable elevator. Tho Prospect of a drop of nine flashed before is mind also his wife s at the same instant result a tremendous yell from the gent and a shrill scream from the lady. The attention of a gentleman on the Toor below was attracted he i bed to the elevator and grasped the wire rope holding with All Bis strength and he was Strong a he had lived in Texas Tor twelve years and to finally brought the ele Vator to a Stop just Iii time As it was found on the following Day that Only one Small strand of the heavy steel wire remained in act. But our neighbors were saved. Toxey Vav ill if us it chunks Auu tin met the gentleman recognized their eld Friend j. M. Emerson of san Antonio Texas and he told his wife that he had such Confidence in or. Emerson s firm that he would wait until he went to san Antonio Tor the earrings and baby but try. Moral if you want anything cheap and Good go to Emer son s. Emerson keeps everything and you will to a customer life it you Deal with nine once. Citation by publication. Telmen Dokic is. Curt e co., sen the in District court of Bexar county 4oth judicial District. Toe state of Texas to the sheriff or any con stable of Bexar county reeling you Are hereby commanded that by Mak ing publication of this citation in some news paper pub is tied in the county of Bexar. Once in each week for tour sue weeks previous to the return Day Hereof you sum Mon Curt e. Mitzsche a non resident of the state of Texas to be and appear at the next regular Tor in of the District court of the 45th judicial District in and for Cesar county to be Holden at the court House thereof in the City of san Antonio on the first monday in March next the same being the 2nd Day of March a. D., 1891, then and there to answer a petition filed in said court on the Day of february a. D., 1kw, in a suit Nuudi Bernd 318 on the docket of said Ricourt wherein Elmendorf a firm composed of amalie Elmendorf. Henry Elmendorf Emit Elmen Dorf and Edward re Mexdorf Are plaintiffs and said Curt e. Mitzsche is defendant. Plaintiffs in their petition allege that on november Slat. 1885, defendant and one who is not sued hereto executed and Deriv Fred to Pirrin Ciflie it in joint and several promissory note for payable on or before a 15th, and bearing 10 per cent interest per annul from Date and 10 per cent attorney s fee if collected by Law. That said sum of Money is due that defendant though often requested a refused Ami still to pay the same except f too paid May 17th, and Pacl March 1 he wherefore plaintiffs Pray for judgment for the5.r debt interest., fees and costs of suit. Herein fail not but have you before said court on the said first Day of Tho next Tarm thereof this writ with your return thereon showing How executed the same u witness oco k. Dashiell clerk of the District court of Bexar county. Given under Rny hand and Seal of said court at office in san Antonio. This 2dth Day of december. A. 1890. Geo. K. Da3hifll, clerk District court of Bexar county. By he nov Umscheid Deputy. Came to hand december 29th, a. At 9 o clock a. M. And publication ordered in the Sao a Ntonio daily Liott. T. P. Mccall. Sheriff 7 by w. Dusx Deputy. 30-4w he has Conan i or your troop for ins Bordi nation and for threatening Acra that had been at the store with some Hueu from town who were forbidden be Lee ration. Yoa know the to ice i m Only of them. Sir. 1 that Che first Winter 1 was h Well. Apt. Bror Tir ii cd threat toward Yon. Vav hot it it to threaten Vou with Hearn at Ute now the hot d t his Temps. 1 it nothing Liat i have any Ivar of. He is a blackguard am 1 it t Ray who ii 1 the. To got me into some it in at tit Lime. It m titled in i j Fivi no idea a thinks her Joti tramp up now. to clerk um.1 non Niit at a Luis 1 Siul the Tii in. It is Odd Yon y i will your salvos in no or a that Iteen kept off the rese Rution All Here he comes again be Catte Meins to think he has a hold on you. To orders a i Giro top Maicl Zearu fish hotly. I in no Wise responsible for his actions. You can have t he de Tail Tho trouble he meat any time ii Ute i can show 3-011 the papers that Vonjj since ended the mutter he hold Dpi me sir and the Ottimer stood before com looking both grieved and Indig at the Imp tuntion conveyed in the latter s words. Well or. Heam Ido not mean to say that he has any ground Only you Young Putli then cannot be too careful about your associates. Contact with such c Imai Jie As this must defile you just ii Vicli As pitch. Now. Maj. Kenyon How is corp. Thus having Tho last word and hav ing conveyed to the to Ujj a Sens of a Tibke. Col. Morris abruptly his desire that ing farther Shodd be said in the sect. So Oulu As he chose to Transfer Hie attention to maj. Kenyon the com Iri Antii t could of pro rent further but As or. Hearn stood there in evident readiness to resume Hill w i i t v and us the colonel knew cry Hur by fair to him. Heavy s character had been most exer Plary Ever his joining the Liis better nature told Lii is he in further words to let the easily a Tho any Ion fur rebuild of ii sown Cul. Morris did not to unbind however in pics cd a of the infantry ills second in command. No sooner had he finish cd his inquiries than turned to or. H rim "1 do nut mean say in that Uris i for mans Threta Only consider it nitrate that you or any officer sum old Ever tit Hinell in Ilif Tower of r. Sorted but Tor a a ? once c tie colonel i this ii Volley from retired to the other could rally and r i i a t lie smoke of his own the Parade. The t y. Officers in urdu air lieu tie orderly with hand to i Iii Ani briskly the pair and stalk Al away in the Wake of his at list Comet learn. A you re As old a i run Genenie Liticea every to oppose is and Ubo Lern it i live to Rilitz Iti Sisi nil. lore i Elj a ill i p Iii. Along. A to Usk the la evening Ami in. Nothing if t 11 of women not the Yon in Riding boots 11 1ry a ranter his i can t go he tins Izaj Kei Neuy. A Kiter of void p. Ward Well. Bouton a used s extract of Hax Catarrh cure in june Taat for Hay fever with sati Fincun. Find it the on 4thinir i have Etc would allay. With Irurita Jott. The of Tho "tril8 and Throat. Ita and Healing pro Sertiff air cd and Large bet tie Clark s flax soap 11 the attest and beet. Try it ask for them at f. R drugstore. 2-lt-tf. Ril a it in to i Grimps. A id Der g i a Fin All by heaven in t it enough to make a Man , that a Low like that can i e i i thai a the have rial the Fly Andiana i flies and ants Are quickly annihilated by mixing a teaspoonful of rough on rats with a Saucer of sweetened water Luce on High shelves or suspended in the room or. Mix of rough on with a half Pound of Brown sugar and Sprinkle on High out r shelves or on rear Border of h shelves out of Roach of children. Cd the oat. 1 Tyr. Preston s . P ave. A san Antonio jars enrol name among the Many who have been relieved by your wonderful remedy. I live been auf Fripp for Over Twenty years. It relieved in Twenty min shall never be without a Pale Brall i i Tolci to live o Liis daily in friends d 111 o i Hie. Lull s Nanny my l. Were taking of with u 1 it i 1 Over k6 a i 1 Vuk it you loved it. Lures Lane he continued As the Gray eyed Captain strolled up am Laid Bis hand kindly on the Young optic or s should in trying to pull i learn out of the grumps Lane. Hani him along with us. Or hell doing something desperate. Yon remember How enthusiastic he was three Days a loved his profession would rather be a Soldier than a railway magnate would t Swap his commission for a million in the four per cents fetch him them., half laughing Nan sympathetic the two officers Coli their Junior toward the shaded veranda where were seated mrs. Lane. Miss Marshall and other ladies Busy with their Needle Rork probable gossip. Mis8 Wharton was of the party and there were two or three callers. They had noted the colonel a soldierly figure As he tramped across the Parade and were r u see the two officers coming tie Jura Sci walk mrs Lane half Rose Una smiling made them enter. Were raised in acknowledgement Sal tit Ayiotis exchanged but the Trio Hung outside the major by this vehemently Lane looking grave anxious. The same expo on on face thai ii Aii been noted a th.1 break we Iii that letter just before miss Mur Shvili 8 in trance the Day before. Uei irn s i Joe bras Chou Deal How can they in. Yon to be diluting on Liis pet petulantly exclaimed airs grave is the most pessimistic cynical. Fiose old crack in the whole service bore them to death there. Now backed the Fence and there is no Hope for them do come m Here out of the hot Sunshine. Maj Ken you you can Harangue All you like heir just As Well but Ken you paid no at Tention to his fair Comrade of Thein fiyut by. For years the women of the foot had made common cause him despite the fact that he was one of their most devoted admirers when mrs. Lane a rain called to them to come in and sit on the veranda however the Captain calmly took his two friends by the elbows and steered them through the Gate. Another moment and the 1 a were settling Bach in their seats and the major had the floor yes. Lane 1 am a Crank As my Good Friend mrs. Graves has doubtless told you i have reason to be and the Crank s wound up today. Your husband and Hearn Here have been combating my views about the desirability of the army As a vocation i crave your Pardon Misa Marshall for talking shop " i m deeply interested maj. Responded that Young lady. Go on i beg of Well my views Are founded on Long experience and not the very pleasantest. I i say it after years of reflect the More a Man May lore his profession the better a Soldier he is the More jealous of the Honor and reputation of his cloth the less can he afford to take a position in the army of the United states. Why Why because the great mass of the people have no Conception whatever of the duties that devolve upon of the life we Lead of the trials we encounter. In rime of peace they think they have no use whatever for an army and de Clare that we do nothing but Louf and Drick and Gamble. They Are taught to think so by the press of our great cities and. Never having a Chance to see the truth for themselves they accept the views of their journalists who really know no More about it than they do but do not hesitate to announce As fact what exists Only in their imagination. Ever since the War these attacks in the papers have gradually increased from year to year. Now my Homo 13 in Chicago and naturally i read the Chicago papers. I was five years tramping scout ing skirmishing All through Arizona and Wyoming without Ever seeing the inside of a City or even of a railway car. We lived on hardtack and Bacon and what we could pick up we could t get them. We lost Many a Good Soldier in Indian Battle during that time and at last i got a wound that Laid me up and sent die Home. I had t seen the place in seven years. My boyhood had been spent there. Dozens of my Vikt tics acid old school mates lived there and i looked Forward with pleasure to the rest and Joy i should have at the old firesides. 1 did t sup pose that people really believed ail the outrageous flings the times and the news and the Sun and the Herald let alone the trades Union Gazette and the Arbeiter Zeitung had indulged in at the expense of Tho army. But j had to Wear my uniform for three or four Days about the old Home and not Only Street boys but grown men respectably dressed jeered and hooted at the dress that for j ears in the Confederate South and All Over the Frontier had never been treated with insult. Old schoolmates patronizing by asked the Over their card tables at tie clubs Arhat on Earth i could find to do with myself in the army and Why 1 did t quit it and come in Here and try to be something. You know perfectly Lane that when you were recruiting m Cincinnati you had just such questions put to Yon Aud you f t son wholesale and retail importers and exporters drops chemicals and druggist s Patent medicines etc., photographic Stock sleep Juip Sulphur pint tar and Chry Aills ointment. Bole proprietors of f. Kalteyer s Patent screw worm ointment and liniment mail orders promptly Alt ended to correspondence solicited. F. Kalteyer son san Antonio Texas 607-509 North Plaza. Are you thinking of purchasing or building 8 offers unparalleled advantages to the an Antonio Home seekers. A location of surprising loveliness a climate unequalled for purity and Healthfulness warm open Winters Andt Cool delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street railway of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved streets and Beautiful suburban avenues and drives excellent Public schools and churches of every denomination All Bining to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home on the continent. Aside from its natural advantages and rapidly develop ing improvements san Antonio offers another inducement of great import to the Home seeker in that real estate can be purchased just now at Low figures John t1. Hamble ranks among the oldest and most reliable dealers in real estate Are owners of and agents for a very Large amount old City suburban and farm land property which they offer at prices remarkably Low and on terms remarkably easy. Of Home seekers or capitalists desiring to Rjake profitable in Vest find it to their advantage to Call upon or write this firm. Elmendorf co. Main Plaza. Sam Gin farming and Miil machinery of ail kinds. Mechanics supplies. Cassady sulky plows warranted lightest draft made. Threshers engines Scales mowers and reapers. Hardware and agricultural implements agents for the celebrated la Helle Wagon Martin Schryver of All sorts kinds and qualities. Building material of All kinds shapes and sizes. Had been through one Campaign after another for the general manager of the Midland Pacific every whose Road through the Sioux i and my men had helped to bold by off the indians Day after Day and having Many a Sharp fight do up it general Man Ager 1 say met me at Tho Union league and asked me How i had managed to kill time on the and remarked that it ran. 1 by moralizing life. Hewa sout r. I or nor cutting Down tin wages some try thousand employees 10 per cent., but thought the rank and file of the army were treated rather like dogs by their superiors. A Man he said must at the lowest ebb of self respect to enlist in the army As Phonch every one of his army of Twenty a Larce assortment of Orna Inesita a cads hand quantities of the never yet surpassed Wike. We Are Success 5 competitors in Price s in . V e bars p of office South of Sunset depot. Shullo s consumption cure. No. 1. This is beyond ice Eton the most Bug pcs soul cough Medicine we have Ever sold a Fow doses invariably cure the worst cases of co Urh croup and bronchitis while its won Derf a Success in the cure of consumption in without a parallel in the history of Medicine. Since its first discovery it has sold on a guarantee a test which no other Medicine can stand. If you have a Conpra we earnestly you to try it. Price 10 cent 60 and 11. If your lunar a Are sore cheat or Back tame use Shilo e porous Piaster. Mold by Kalteyer son. 13 it be who teach the ingenious youth of our Ereat and growing nation let them learn the Nable Art of self defense As Sal Oil is the specific for hurts san Antonio. Texas. Of pythias endow irent Bank offers the and safest insurance. For further Jan Miars ask by Timber of the order or. T. B. Johnson at the Light office verdict of the people no Nave used Clarke s extract of flax Pillon skin cure award it tie first and highest place As a remedial it in a capes of skin Ali babes. Erysipelas eczema , be Sib try blotches humiliating eruptions. Boils carbuncles Tetter etc., All yield to this wonderful preparation at once. Price for a Large bottle at f. Kalteyer s Druer store. Clarke s flax soap Brood for the skin try it. 36oenta 1 j

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