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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 22, 1887, San Antonio, Texas B. Smith in son merchant tailor respectfully inform their customer and the Public at Large that during the Holiday they will make a reduction of to per cent on All garments from regular Price. Satisfaction and fit guaranteed. Call on them and Price their goods before purchasing elsewhere. B. Smith a son 12-9-tf 44 West Commerce St. Volume 3. Ohio daily Light Farmers drug store lad Lien t h Kus rid re Aud. A. 3 troth la re i Lisp Commerce Street has Stilton hand d Choice doors of triple retracts gentlemen will please remember i flair has a first class pharmacy in is substituted giving always a and Only fresh and pure denied. Prescriptions from any entrusted to h a care Are carefully Italy compounded. Telephone no. 1-11-1 san Antonio. Texas. Saturday january 22. I 887. Only $5 a year in cd cd x h o cd cd in x. In o n Joske Brothers. Latest Telegraph news from chronic grumbles always find times bad they fail to see that the fault l a with themselves think business is not satisfactory because the world goes wrong take things As you find them swim rather with than against the tide warm weather has caused a decline in prices of menus and boys overcoats and shits ladies cloaks shawls and heavy dress goods. No larger Stock is found either in medium or fair grades tha. We carry. Blankets Aud comforters i All at exceedingly Low prices which haul made our Arm renowned of our shoe department we carry at All tidies double the Assort Lieut of any House it ladies Mises k children a shoes amp slippers our Stock is All made to order from the Best selected material. We Bam no poor unfitting goods. Prices warranted then lowest in Hie pity. Joske Brothers Alamo St. All parts of the Globe Den Sod and boiled Down con Joske Brothers. O in m do co o h x in in Mark Down-cl01hing-Sale suits and overcoats new goods Fine styles inquire for frees genuine bargains Wolff amp j cot. Commerce and Alamo sts., san Antonio Tex. H. D. Kampmann president Otto Koehly Sec. And Mana got brewing rcom a. Brewed celebrated lager and special select Bothel Beer guaranteed absolutely pure. 8 a n a nth n to Tex a s. Always to Ibe wet to. Geurson with a Gigantic Stock mall departments special to the gents Quot do in tent. Merchants advertise in various ways such As a Selling out at Cost a a damaged goods a Etc., trying to Gull the Public that they possess Peculiar advantages by which they Are enabled to sell cheaper than their competitors at the same time Selling at a Good profit. They perpetuate a fraud on a generous up lie by offering a lower Grade of g oils which Are palmed off As g of and sold As first class. Each season it has been my Earnest Endeavor to improve the Quality and make of goods Aud to sell them at a reasonable profit giving each customer his Money a Worth in each Purchase. In following out this course i have been successful and am proud to say my business has increased each year and is now the largest and most Complete establishment of the kind in the South. I Jabr during the Seaton i will Otter extra inducements in Al part Tuente. L Wolfson the Schooner bitter is still on the Galveston bar. Inter state Commerce Bill passes the House 219 to 41. Money did not win in the new York senatorial contest. Mrs. Dan Voorhees died at Washington yesterday of acute peritonitis. Madame Neilton will marry count Merandy on the 15th of february at Mentone. Fort Worth dealers in the queer mrs. Wylie and a Callahan Are rugged at Dallas. The Dominion parliament is called to meet for the dispatch of business on april 7. The Westminster hotel at Westminster b. C., burned and three guests cremated. Mckinney Texas was visited by a idea sterols lire. To 8, $100,000 insurance $110,000. A. 8. Paddock was elected to succeed Van Wyck of Nebraska in the United states Senate. The Texas Senate and the new governor May Home into collision the Senate is Cranky. Robinson thinks coroners juries should be abolished and introduces a Bill for that purposes. Dallas and Galveston districts k of l., have withdrawn from District Assembly no. 78. The Cabinet approve the new Irish conspiracy Bill the commons will fight Over it fiercely. Evictions for the present Are suspended in Limerick and the constables have returned Home. The Baltimore and Ohio Road compels each employee to sign a Temperance pledge or travel. Philemay Sawyer of Oshkosh in the Republican Choice for Wisconsin senator. He will be elected. Frances Joseph has appointed fifteen new members to the upper House of the austrian Reichsrath. I he National Senate authorizes tile construction of a High Bridge Over the Mississippi at St. Louis. A shooting scrape at Bonneville i. Took place yesterday fifteen shots were fired and no one hit. Two assassins at White Plains n. A a a finding that they could not escape the officers committed suicide. The new York sun�?T6 special from Rome denies that the nope has censured Mcglynn much less deposed. Brussels generals meet to consider mobilization. They expect War on the belgian Frontier in May next. The italian government has bought the National line Steamer America and will convert her into a Cruiser. Germany is treating with the Vatican for a Twenty year concordat. The present one Only applies to Prussia. The bark Caterina from Cardiff for Aspinwall has foundered in Bristol Channel. Twelve persons were drowned. Schooners Are doing the Gulf coast Trade Between Galveston and Corpus Chris i since the Arkansas was taken of the route. Or. Newton of Tarrant wants the legislature to put an occupation tax of $200 on retail pistol Sellers and of $500 on wholesalers. Or. N. Moore a prominent physician of Erie pa., is said to be dying from the Ette cts of constant use of cocaine to ally pain. Miss Van Zandt tries to see spies disguised As a Young gentleman. The disguise was discovered and the Young lady will be taken out of town temporarily. The Illinois live Stock commissioners file with the governor of that state serious reports of the alarming prevalence of Pleura in Eutonia in the Vicinity of Chicago. The tenants on Griffith a estate in Clare demand a reduction of 50 per cent. Of the landlord refuses to Grant the reduction the tenants will adopt the plan of Campaign. Fritz Steinholz a Harris county Farmer was robbed or $2,300 and family jewels the savings of in years. The wife shot one of the masked Gung. Officers Are in Pursuit. The remains of Cluverius who was Hung in Richmond Friday last have been buried in the private grounds of his aunt mrs. Tunstall in King and Queen county. Ross feels that he has made a mistake in antagonizing Swearingen and is Man enough to say so. Lie had understood that Swearingen was not in Harmony with his administration. Judge Flanagan has refused to Grant his tenants in Clare a reduction of 30per cent. The tenants consequently adopted the plan of Campaign and appointed trustees to receive rents. The train men on the fort Worth and Denver having received notice of con. Piracy to attack the train at paint water Lank went by on the Rush and were received with a Shower of revolver shots no Cue hit. Eleven thousand pieces of 0-4 heavy woolens the entire production to Date of the merchants Woolen company and Norfolk Mills will be peremptorily sold at auction at new York on Jan. 20 on a credit of six months. John 8. Givens of Corpus Christi prominent lawyer is dead and buried. The legislative Mill at Austin grinds slowly. Bills multiply like excuses on the lips of a Lazy boy. Governor sends in his nominations for managers of asylums and state health officer. Swearingen was not nominated for this latter office although recommended by 27 of the 31 senators. King of railways. Gould and party visit Tonio today. Lian an Mas. has a pet Monkey that has usurped the place of the Pup of which so much a heard last summer. It is a q lesion among the capital dudes which actually attracts most notice and claims most attention from the lady of the White House her husband or her Monkey. Between the two however the Bride of a red top seems to be quite fully occupied. Laredo correspondence. Laurix. Jan. 20, 1887. Editor Light this morning to my Surprise i found a bundle of tile lights which ought to have arrived Here last tuesday night. Whose fault it is i done to pretend to say. One thing i am certain of it was not the fault of the Laredo office. I think the san Antonio Post office needs a turning Over a 1 there is a Good Deal of complaint from that Section. Last nights train from san Diego brought quite a Numier of our citizens Home who had been attending Hie trial of Jack Pearce for the supposed killing of poke Pohl during the late election troubles in Laredo. The a it dict giving him five years is generally censured. Hardly any one believes he did the killing although he boasted on the streets that he done the killing. So much for a Man that wants to gain notoriety. Laredo is looming up fast. Nearly every Day real estate is changing hands. New mining men going into Mexico. Of the smelting works turn out to by h Success Laredo will be the Border town. I distributed All the lights among my friends and they All seemed glad to see it. I heard one gentleman say that the Light was the Only paper that tried to help this Section. I see several newspaper men in town. The Corpus Christi Man is Here rustling you bet i there is one in town who is supposed to have snakes in his boots. Or in other words is a Little off. I have met several old friends. Among them was Deputy . Marshal Gilliam. Or. Girl late has Many friends Here he makes a Tine officer and is generally liked by every one. F. L. Traveler seeing sights n. Vav Corner main Plaza. Laoaan Fonio Texas. The disputes Between British and French agents at Dong Rita in the Romail country. East Africa have been adjusted. Both agents have been ordered by their respective governile tits to withdraw simultaneously. Miller of Texas introduces Bill before Congress to appropriate $1,000,000 for Relief of Freedman a saving Bank depositors also to Amend National Bank Laws in accordance wit ii recommendations of comptroller trend Tom. Messes Conybeare Fry Harrington Mahoney and Sheehan members of parliament sent a Telegram to sir Michael Hicks Beach chief Secretary for Ireland asking him to visit Olen Beigh to see what the government permits. The Prince of Wales grand master Mason of England has granted a warrant for the formation of an Anglo american Lodge in England for the purpose of affording americans resident there the facilities of the order. Jay Gould is said to be behind the great railway so Heine for connecting the Dakota Coal Fields with new Orleans known As the great Busch North and South line. He is also said to contemplate a Road from Denver to Charleston through Memphis. The Eui Mons defence testifies strongly As tothe accused lady perfect sanity. Sees lots of ice and several Fine bar rooms also the opera. St. Louis january 20th, 1887. Editor Light i have taken a few moments time Between gasps to Tell you some of the sights i have seen. I saw tile Mississippi River Frozen Over and to a Perron who has never seen it it is a great sight. The ice is 18 inches think. The grandest sight though is in the Spring when the ice Breaks up and then you can hear it come with a Rush and a Roar that is deafening. You see cakes of ice piled up on top of each other till they ? it 30 and 40 feet High. People come rom 18 and 20 Miles to see the breaking up of the ice. At this time it is quite dangerous to the steam boats and every year there Are some lost by the ice breaking in the sides of the boats. A great Many ice houses get their ice from the River while it is Frozen to Supply the people with ice in the summer. I went to see the Carleton opera co. Play in Marion a Domique opera and miss Fannie Rice who takes the Purt of nation is perfection itself. Speaking to tile manager he said he would Bein san Antonio in a Sciort time and should they do so i am sure Fannie Rice will take ban Antonio by storm As her charming ways Are not to be resisted. Frank i. Frayne is playing a Smardo the Hunter a in which he introduces a lion two bears and along eared mule on the stage. He catches the gallery gods every time. Doubt fall to see tile a a grand i you go to St. Louis it is a Bowling Alley Saloon and billiard Lutil. The entire place is finished in mahogany in the basement is tile Bowling Alley or rather alleys As there Are four of them and they Are fixed up to perfection with electric Bells so you done to have to take a step to get anything. Up stairs on a level with the Street is the Saloon the Only thing about this that is anyway interesting Are the drinks you get Over the bar and of course i did not take away but just wiped the water Ott Tuy Chin with my handkerchief to keep people from thinking that i did drink. The fixtures Are ail new and the ceiling and Walls Are full of mirrors so any Way you look you Are sure to see your reflection. Everything is lit up by electric lights in fast everywhere you go to is the same. The Small lights Are placed in the ceiling about a foot apart and in looking at them they seem to be right in tile ceiling. The effect is Start hug at the first glance but after looking several times you see the Beauty of it. It eau Only be appreciated by being seen. You go up stairs into the billiard and Pool room they have about 18 or 20 Pool and billiard tables and everything is As handsomely furnished As the bar below. After leaving there we went to Tony faustus to get something to eat for it was rallies late in the evening and we were rather hungry. Everybody goes to Tony faustus or so you would think for who Ever you ask where is a Good place to get something Good to est they All Tell you to go to Tony a and we were not at All disappointed. We got such a meal As we bad not had since leaving ban Antono and we washed it Down with the Best Glass of water in the Bouse after lunch we thought it was about time to be mean Dering towards our virtuous Couch As we trotted off to catch a car but when we got there be gods of War and shades of darkness we could just see the car Light about seven blocks off twinkling in the darkness certainly you ask the Why for of the thusly Welt As it was after 12 p na., g. N. Or a. In the cars Only run once an hour and As we had about 47 blocks to ride More or Leas we bad to wait for the next oar. To relieve the Monotony of the Walt we stepped into the nearest feed store and took a drink or two of greased lightening. As All things have an end our car finally arrived and As the novel says after an uneventful ride we arrived Ai our mansion without paying much at Tention to our boots or hats we flopped into bed and awoke Tho next morning feeling As if we had been somewhere we might have done better of we had not gone so often. Adieu till i inflict you again. Traveler. A ride through the City to look at us personnel of the party his special train interviewed and what he thinks of us where he has gone. Jay Gould and party arrived this morning at 9 20 of clock at the i. A g n. Passenger depot in ids special train and remained until 10 30, when the train left for Laredo. The party is composed of the head officials of the Gould railway system and is on a tour of inspection of the southwestern Branch of the great Gould railway system. 1�?They were at Dallas on thursday and a committee of citizens met the Railroad magnate and escorted him Over the pity and heard him talk of its future its future Cotton factories and manufactories Etc. They were at Austin yesterday evening at 5 of clock and or. Gould drove through the City until dark when he returned to his car and Rode As far As Kyle where the train stopped for the night. Or. Gould and party passing the night on the train. They made no further Stop until they reached san Antonio. No comm1ttkk of met or. Gould at the depot but a Back was procured and the party drove tothe City through Commerce Street across Alamo Plaza out to Dignowity Hill where they took a View of tile City from that Eminence. Returning they drove Down Houston Street to Soledad Street across main Plaza and Down South Flores Street to the Arkansas pass railway depot and Back again to the International depot where they boarded the train and left for Laredo. Tur party consisted of Jay Gould 8. 8 i Lark vice president and general manager a. L. Hopkins vice president Vav. H. Newman general traffic manager win Kerrigan general superintendent major Kathln resident Engineer. New York c. Vav. Hammond superintend it of Telegraph lines ii g. Flemming superintendent of i. Wjk g. N. Rati Way and b Vav. Mccullough general passenger agent. The Light reporter and others visited the depot to see or. Gould and his elegant special train. He found the train beside the oar Sheds in charge of or. Kerr Luau who showed him through the train. The reporter was somewhat disappointed at or. Gould private car the a Convoy a no. 143,expecting to find something above the common order. The car truly is comfortable fitted up with two sleeping compartments one of which is occupied by or. Gould a body servant a coloured a in an. The rest of the car is fitted up More like an office and a table strewn with maps of property of the Missouri Pacific railway on Mill Creek in by. Louis a map of the Missouri Pacific and entire Gould system writing paper pens Ink Telegraph Dis patches and Blanks Etc., and a Silver water Pitcher also rested upon the table. Plain Black covered reclining chairs and Camp stools were scattered about in Hie tear end of Lite oar was the Kitchen also in charge of a coloured Man. Tile next car to the Gould car was general manager it arks car numbered i but with no name. This car was fitted with Large piste Glass front and Side windows and was finer than the Gould car. In fast All the cars on the special except the baggage oar were liner than the presidents. Or. Clarks oar was also fitted up with easy chairs stools tables littered with writing materials Etc. General superintendent Kerri gang a Cak was next fitted in like manner As Clarks except with the addition of a Type writer sitting of a table bearing evidence of great usage. Next to Kerrigan a car came the baggage car. The conductor in charge of the train was or. James Hooten. Engineer Mike in Beele engine no. 257. The engine was changed at san Antonio no. 784 taking the train on to Laredo where the party will make a Short Stop Aud probably Cross into Mexico returning through Hart Antonio tonight. After the reporters had gone Bro Ign the cars which they were politely allowed to do by the coloured porters Aud or. Kerrigan though no other visitors were allowed they again stopped in the Gould car Long enough to see the railway guide Texas sittings and other papers lying around and were Given a ride on Gould car from the car Sheds to the opening of the Long switch half a mile from the depot the train being taken out preparatory to leaving. Alighting at the depot or. Gould and party were met and the express times and Light reporters froze onto the railway King like they had met an old College chum. This Chance Jahard of prices in dry goods we Are determined to make oui prices so Low that everybody can buy ladies1 cloaks. 50 ladles cloaks All kinds50 40 ladles Dolman new styles .7 50 too wraps different kinds Alt new Sty Les. Of to $15 of clothing. R. Menus suits Only left for$5 50 Hoys suits very very cheap Only. 2 30 Fille gent i n a a a suit Only la we splendid menus Oft i a Ais on 8 of misses c Loans. I Jorge assortment Only j Rio misses Ulster. 5 03 vol stylish Oner. 6 60 children s Chark ___________9 75 shoes. Ladies kid Button Boot is 50 very Fine kid Button boots. 2 50 Good Qun Lily Button Boom. No ladles Deal hand hewed Button 4 to carpets. Ingrain carpets new Lino. 25o a Yard Huper carpets Bright patterns ,60c. A Yard All Wool super extra .75c. A Yard Brussel carpets . A Yard blankets. Ltd White Woolen blankets,�4<m 11-4 Fine Quality blankets. La of 12-4 Fine California blankets. 3 of quilts from $1 of to .1 of dry goods. At Loc. Per ani.worth25o. For 25c. Nor Yard handsome. We Orth 60e. For 75o. I or Yard a ll-woo1 goods sold everywhere at. Too underwear. Ladies knit vests.50o. Children s knit vests�?~25c. Gents knit shirts. .60c gents fancy suits i 75 be sure to Call at Mas amp Oppenheimer 212 and 214 Commerce Street. And look at our immense bargains before you buy. Riverside cafe restaurant. Simm Ang amp Ham Pel proprietors Quot lunch and meals Oyster fish in me 12-2 pm at All hours. When in by Ason. Thos. F. Kerr roofing and paving contractor. Office room 3 Soledad Block. Composition gravel and Shell roofing thu most durable and economical Root or used. Many of the finest by i id mrs to the United states arc covered with it. In Hivarro us per vent. And in lit. Louis so Lier cont. Of the building in the fire limits this rooting is used. Upon Tho new opera How any Many other flue blocks n this City this looting is used. Guaranteed for 5 to to years. In reference Given to roofing of 15 to amp years standing. L-12-tf notice. To our customers and patrons All j ties having Beer kegs belonging to Lone Star brewing co., Are requested to please return Idem or leave them where our Drivers can get them. Lot Lone Star brewing co. A next monday is Justice Mcallister a court Day when his civil docket will tie called. Ile has 97 cases on the docket. Interview Khz. Or. Gould greeted them and when they stated they were new paper re porters he smiled but said nothing apparently awaiting to draw the enemy a fire. He was asked about his visit. He said it was merely a tour of general inspection. How he liked Texas the state was improving and his railways in the state were in Good condition. How he liked ban Antonio he liked the City though it was greatly improved since he was Here before two years ago. He was asked about the oath interview in which he was represented As saying Dallas was the town of the state he did not repudiate the As serried but said there was room enough in Texas for several big cities. The agitation about the inter state Commerce Bill had not Allec ted traffic on his lines. He then had reached his car and bidding the reporters Good Bye be step Ped aboard and the train steamed of. To a gentleman of this City who knew Bim in new York. Or Gould stated that he was delighted with ban Antonio and the climate of Texas thought ban Antonio a Good Point for a health resort and that there ought to be a Fine hotel built Bere. His habits. In conversation with the Cook on the Gould oar that worthy said or. Gould ate nothing but the plainest fare Well cooked. He drank Coffee and Tea and sometimes wines. He slept Well also in passing up Commerce Street he and his party did not attract much attention except being recognized by a great Many who had seen him before or had seen his photographs in the illustrated papers. He is a Small Man wears Black of lobes and a High silk Bat. His Beard is of medium length Iron Gray like Bis hair and was not trimmed. A at 3o�?Tclock this afternoon the ease of Julius Zander is. Geo. Koerner a co., will be retried by Justice Mcallister. Own your Home. The books Are now open for subscription to the sixth series of the merchants and mechanics building and loan association. Apply to w. A. Bonynge Secretary room 8, Soledad Block. Ll-16-3m�?o a remarkable tribute. Sidney ouch undo of Pittsburg a writes a i have used or. We Hai Ham roil tub la nos Many years with the most Gratifying results. The relieving influence of Hann s Balsam is wonderful. The pain and rack of the body incidental Tea tight cough soon disappear by the use of a spoonful according to directions. My wife frequently sends for ii ally a Balsam instead of a Yby Siculan and health is speedily restored by to _ the Bons of Herman who celebrate hic 2fith anniversary of their order in this City by a grand bail on saturday the 2id inst., at the Casino Hail. Judging from the social and harmonious status of former occasions it can safely be said that it will be a grand Success 1-15-it republicans of precinct no. 2, who meet at court Bouse on monday evening 24th, at 8 p. Rn., to select delegates to the convention to be held on 29th inst. Bam m. Johnson l-20-3t Preot chairman. For Street commissioner. Yielding to Tho solicitation of Many of my personal friends. I hereby announce myself As a candidate for Street commissioner at the ensuing election and respectfully solicit your vote. Fritz Bushi. Oscar Bergstrom. T. Ii. Okay Bergstrom amp Gray undertakers funeral directors n a to byte livers stables amp Hacks connected Hacks nos. Roll 12, in 14,15. Undertakers office 24 ilium Street Aud stables opposite Monger hotel hollies embalmed and shipped to ail Points in the Union. Only White Hearse in the City open Day Aud night. Tel. Is. A splendid investment. Ten shares of the International building anti loan association first series for Sale by in Schuitz jr., no. 9 West Commerce Street. Bids received until february 1. L-15-6t out rates. G. N. Allen Railroad ticket broker local and Overland tickets bought sold and exchanged. One to ten dollars saved on All tickets purchased it Southern 12 28-1 in a consumption can be or. . Combs. Owensville Ohio says a i have Given bootes emulsion of cod liver Oil with to four patients with better results than seemed possible with any remedy. Ufi were hereditary cases of lung disease and advanced to that stage when coughs pain in the Chest frequent breathing. I idiot frequent pulse fever and emaciation. All these cases have increased in weight from is a to be pounds Aud Are not now needing any Wood for Sale. j Best Post Oak Wood for Sale at 4.75 per for Sale. J ski delivered. Bend orders to m. Bast i.,. Ion 301, Blum Street. Of i have Tho most desirable unimproved a a property in the City for a milk Dairy. Will improve Tennis the purchaser. Also two Frame dwelling in a healthy locality. F a terms Etc., apply to fug. P. Zaroian at Caloa leu lumber Yard. L-21-4t a Good move. A committee or stockmen met this morning in the Vilice of the Texas Blockman and Farmer and decided to go to work to solicit subscriptions and funds with which to Aid in the passage of a Law by the legislature creating a Bounty fund to place a Bounty on scalps of wild animals which Are so numerous As to be quite the enemies of the raisers of cattle horses sheep hogs. Goats Etc. It is estimated that enough animals in Texas Are destroyed annually to More than the Cost of running the state government. Markets by Telegraph. Expressly reported for the Light by Palmer a co., 21 Soledad Street new Yohe january 22.�?cotton�? future opened lower. January a a february 9.89 2 0.41c, March,9,49@9.60e april 9ho <�0.61o May 0.7o�0.71o. New Yoke january 22, 12 18, p. �?cotton futures be Ond can tone steady. January 9.3h<&0.37 february o.4i00,42o March 0.420 4do april 9.0 it amp a. 85c May 0.74f&9.75. Bales 41,500 Batea. New Yore Jan. 22,1 90, p. Market a Delaware and Lack Awana Northwest. Era u8 <4. By. Paul my Western Union 7 it it. Chicago january a sly Grain and provision Market wheat a May delivery 8f�4o. Corn a May delivery 4l�o, pork a May delivery 12.524. Laird maj delivery 8,724. Dissolution of partnership. Notice is hereby Given that the partnership heretofore existing Between the undersigned under the firm name of Orluski St co., has been dissolved on the first of january 1887, by limitation and Mutual consent. Or. L Orluski Wilt continue the drug business at the same stand and he alone is authorised to use the firm name in liquidation of assets Aud liabilities. L. Ory n ski it. H. Hunstock f. A. It Hooks. Ban Antonio Texas Jan. 17, 1887. Deferring to the above i beg to assure my friends and patrons through this City state Mexico that i will Endeavor to deserve the continuation of their patronage so liberally bes owed upon my Bouse Iii tile past and Wilt spare to efforts to make this the second to none wholesale and detail drug House in the state. Vespuc Tuhy 1-18-Lur Odynsk1. We have removed and want everybody to buy their hardware stoves tinware and House furnishing goods of bios a Dallas main Plaza. 1-21-tf holy Poky. T he holy Poky Man wishes to Tell the citizens of ban Antonio that he is now prepared to furnish the finest Lee Cream in Rue City. Also me finest Zoay Poky in the w orld. Call at ban Pedro Springs when you need any. 1-21-tf a Bruni proprietor. Jay .on111 stopped at Gallagher s Ami took a Glass of Beer Aud talked polices with Alderman jag. Gallagher. Ii icy rail t Ach other a a Jay and a Jim a
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