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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 21, 1891, San Antonio, TexasOfft Ca ban 8. Johnson. And a Okkum. Max Aoth. At Tiik pcs of frills 8an Amto to. Tnyaa. Ar3kcomdc1.ab9 Mah. Matth. By Lar Tiik Ratlif Caw Paskil Publ Tahri in Suu Souri ton Kaths. Par 5o Dally Puryear .5.oo by Mau of of Uriel Wae Cly. 6 6o weekly. I year. Bubu Onedra not receiving their paper will Lauho complaint to Tho subscribers a to a Renud not to pay to bold Una presentation of a properly eel Ted Bill Tho or Jos. Advertising rates. And Murke established is att the Man met Ico Una Runn Lux or month Tvr Ablan to Onsol of month. Transient advertising to Only Mon Craib printed. Bow Del riven pm larger saw am Long . Niece tit a Ronny a in Tor state Ami Connly of Idwina Contr Ortr or Bollt must by Apin it vote by v and 1 . To a for this Papov an com a i by the name of the author not necessarily for publication but As no Good Faith on writer. Wrfteon.1 on Onusko of the ulnar. In Plain hand. An in Nons jul not lie the will not be response bin for the tata of us Southwest immigration. The political Freedom enjoyed 1 every aeon Lou of 11 Leas Liun the unprecedented Adan Tagee Oil ered to immigrants wit capital for Makiu of Homes co themselves upon this Fertile Noil liar deter led Iho current of be Leuieu Thia Way. Every weekly new Supapo published in Bouth Wost Texas attest Toifl fact. The columns of the Jour Imlah Are filled with notices of the farms be inf broken up of the Orchards Aud nurseries gardens Aud draperies and every evidence of the fact that with the Hoe and the plow has come to Texas Aud has come to stay while Thia is True it is also True thai the great bulk of this new settlement is in the counties to the South of us notably in Bee Cuero nieces 8au Patricia and Arkansas. County shows symptoms of a overflow Aud were the Large ranges in that county opened to settlement no doubt that half a Hundred new anus would be opened in that county this year. Oae naturally inquires if there is any Good reason other Thau perhaps Tho cheapness of the lands offered Why All this immigration these Rar Maas of the future should pass this Coutv by Aud pitch their tents nearly a Hundred Miles nearer the coast. There Are certainty unoccupied lauds enough in Bexar to lauds that would Good return o Tho coun yield a agriculturalists to our Eastern advertisers. Advertising for daily and weekly Lio Ift must come to us through our ipe cml Etc ones in sirs. Rev "3? to 835 Gumplo court. Now York. Wednesday january 21, 1891 Arkansas stale Treasury is about Short with the returns not All in. Costly Are the luxuries of a dem Rig ratio the fort Worth Ougatte s on to Albuquerque yields no returns after these months and the Gazette de the on to Ott and Falls from labor to refreshment. The leaders of the Republican Eon ate Are taking to induce the party to commit political Hari 3 in present Texas speaker is a native of Alabama. He Hus spent All his years since infancy in Texas and has been for ten years a Texas editor. It this will not qualify him will is the Prens of Texas to understand that the election of an editor to Tho indicates a willingness to do Justice to Tho fraternity and pass a decent libel Law Wood and Peticolas have done themselves credit by refusing the take advantage of a technicality which they might have successfully their seats in the legis lature. There were sixty three women children found on wounded Kiiber Battle ground. These squaws shoot and fight As readily Ana As As the bricks and Are not noncombatants and yet the Derno journals speak of 193 innocent women and children being ruthlessly slaughtered by the Union soldiers. Oft would be a goo l Experiment to place some of those critics in front of a she Sioux Pun Jan Diiuro out what thinks of the situation. To make it Worth while for prospectors to remain Aud examine. Yet these men pass through with out a halt and Only bring up when they have reached Thair destination Miles below us. This indicates that before comic a they had some specific Point in View and leads one to con clude Liat parties interested in farm ing lauds in the counties mentioned above Havo been advertising their lands North and. Corresponding with practical concerning their settlement. A real knowledge of the facts involved would no doubt fully justify this conclusion and teach our Wuo Havo farming lands that Thoy desire to put upon the mar Ket that they must advertise their lands or see them pissed. By for the lands of neighbouring counties. Outside of this City ice car county has a very sparse popu lat Lou. It would be a vary great advantage to the regular Trade of this City if an additional added to the county population outside Tho corporate limits. These Farmers would and a Good Market Beinor in. Tho immediate Vicinity of City la Tho state and the Small Dif Ference in the original Cost of indu would be More Thau compensated for in thin available Market. Lille san Antonio will be somewhat Beuel Ted by the increased Farra lug operations of every Community in Southwest Texas she would receive greater Benefit from the opening of such farms a. Her immediate viol Unity. This can be done. The lands Are Here and Tho Market is Here Anil the Sellers Are Here All that is necessary is to bring the various parties together. Settle ment will follow tirces Sally. The attempted forcing of unwilling republicans to vote the Force Bill will have no Good Eft not either within the party or upon the country. If the re publican party. Can Only maintain its hold upon the country through such measures it Wilt certainly lose its grip. The More of such legislation it consummate the More unpopular will it become. Notice of filing final to mint. No. Tylik Stati , i countr or i county court or i Robutz if Jan uary term. 1wij. Trio a Tate of menu to All Jer inn line reeled in the of Tuit Cuttito it Corgo kick Phr d k. Hitov Unsinn Ofilio until of of of forgo Deco Asixlo a us d Hefu i in account in tie county court of Lexar county Blu i will to on Trio january torm a. Of sail court Al tin court Hobo thereof in Hil City of Sun am onto. Notor this riot Foa shall keen duly Puii if Glicha for Twenty Days in ? Mill Sincu in Roar no Wiloh Alnio All Primo ii in Bald estate May appear Ami make objections thereto if to life of proper. Witness Thil. W. Smith. Clr rec of Tho of aunty Coart of county mid skat 1 still of Sayij court it my Ortw to Sun Antonio thin Day of Thad. W. Smith Nick county Nuri by car county. By k. C. Symington Deputy. Cunio to Haud dec tuber of Atli. A. D., and publication order Urt in Trio Sun Antonio daily Light. T p. It caul. So prior i pour Courtr w. Deputy. A t Happy hoosiers. We. Timi Otis postmaster of Idaville tnd., Klo Etric has done More for to any Otylior medicines combined for that bad arising Roni Kirin by and Tiv i John Leslie Farmer mid of same and Klucaric hitters to lie Ami it Refl i feel Liko a to Iriner. Hardware Tuioi chant. Sinne town ays i strips is just the thai Esfir i Man who is no Nin Down and Don t Vilior lie lives or found . F. Appetite and Felt Jansi Liko be Lind a new of life. Only it . It Dreiss . 10-15-iu do Wolg the steam dredge Josephine More than half to the Gulf Way oorpu8 Christi directly into the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico is be ing dredged night and Day the work being prosecuted 20 hours a depth admit the it will be supplemented by Stone jetties if necessary. It has the Best tidal Basin on the entire Gulf coast West of Mobile. Cor pus Christi Bay is the deepest Bay West of Mobile. Its Deeo lie close to Hopes pass. It will receive and discharge More water with each tide than any Bay of the coast. Of for fill fur a a hireling of republicans is hereby l to an Sutholz i Hall thursday at o clock not Trio Elco film. All i Iii invited i. H. Niu to , c. Of arlv.1. Oito sums Lola Irisy. Fran u Nealy lumps i. Annii Mouv stir is. Hits. L. Is Caio. Loco. V Altair 11. Hrs for Iii. 1. Her work and1 gents weariac1 a Oue fourth to one half Cost. K. Byi us trustee Lor a with each tide than through any pass West of the Missi Sindi this is what produces and maintains deep water Aoe Oss any Sandbak. Trio More water passing through a pass the More scour and the water across the bar if properly directed t no Bab exists in tront of Zopea pass. Should one Ever shall build Juies acroi8 it Justus is now being done at All other passes. A jetty Hopes pass will give deeper water than one at any other pass simply because More water will be received and discharged through it with Jovery tide than is received or discharged through any Othor pins. Indeed whatever results Cali to obtained with jetties or any other in appliances at any other pass will to surpassed at Hopes pass appliances because they will have a greyer volume of water acting with them. A jetty will maintain 31 feet at any oth1sr pass must there fore Moke than 30 feet Here. Corpus Christi is bound to have the in Ivnor to water we at Corpus Christi the richest farm and Garden Lamia extending Miles into the Interior. Our Plant Ore of time one bade of Cotton to the acre and not uncommonly More. Tel of we Ilttre the most Boautiiu-1 situation overlooking Corpus loll Chris to the a inv Rias 40 feet out of Tho Bay and command a View. They Nuevo Ocean drive 120 feet wide a Grant double Boa Jevard 200-feet wide Steina rapid transit railway Seaside Caine ice eting ground covering 101 acres with a Bernacle now by tiling nou-8ldo Park three Miles Long with hotel now building in a other Hosea sail lug Saltwater backing Orab tug Tarot refreshing Aea breezes the coolest Summor the Luil Dost Winter weather and the Wilry Iii ods store it Houston with i dress Mitkitis i Imit Iii it in limn u Call. 1-am-lt, for Sals a e1arga-in-. House. Your in Foo rooms Milf Kate Heidi. Hall i arty feet Nimg Roj Iii. room Lnu rold pantry Wood und Wash hoi Cio. Tel also . Nilca an. You Cana few Uzon tha later the same is True of Choice farm Aud Garden tracts. Kor circulars prices and Tanas Thyma of one third entire balance in straight vendors re Untig be fire Tia gives buyer time to realize fall from been water before making Szuy further l f the. Poet to Pes company Corpus Christi Texas. To a Cydni sight d by. The county Conri of i Toxar the 20th. To Iii of 1su1, persons holding claims ii sudust ire Percsi ii within Titi time to St Rili fid by . My twi Louco Saufl Lovico is it Antionio Lii Xiv county t. T. Kohks administrator of a Staci of said f. Irr Niin Jock Tir. Sun Anlo Utu. I Texas january Sot. When Jamsa g. Bluing secures the opinion of some competent Les Rel Iri Buyat upon tie matters involved in that Behrikis sea Loti Traveray it is dollars to dimes that or. Elaine Suot no suited. Tho american Secretary understands his Cense. Democratic pessimists who cannot even measure Tho proportions of Blaine s toot unless by Tho spread of their coat mouthing Over the ridiculous Lahie cuts As foreign Secretary. Tho demo cratic leaders Batter but they won t say so. Text 1 a lilt and the . Rev. M. Her omit pastor United brother Iii Church Hlun Mound kan., says Allenl it. My toll Hab won Ders ii King s now disc Wori has done or me. My lungs were badly mid my thought i could live Only n. Tew weeks. I tools Tivo Belles of or. It Iii s new discovery and. Am sound and Well Kish up 20 ibs. In Aithur love manuf to Lovo s funny folks combination Svitos after a thorough trial and Evit Tenco Lam coif Doitt or. If fug s now Imse Overy , uni ally and cures when every thing also fails. Greatest kindness e can do my Matiy thousand Fri Iris is to ii co them to try Froe trial at droids Thom Pawn a co s Dir store. Regular we a Varv . Of thu Amor Dun Are with b Moat fat Noel if a Takagi oof Oblo jump exist called i it is not Nocos 8mvy to by to it in 1oa Hei Ontl fun Patlon that Ozarke h of Flat Cunt immedi tuly re i avs and cures get Furrh. A Fuir trial convince Vou. Jen Cli irk a flax soap Tor to skin. Ca tar Ali snap in Centa it Kalteyer 30q Vilik stove. Jim ii the International route. Northern by Saab thex Quku Abbt and hs8t bouts to All Points. To Mexico via Laredo the Gannon Traia for St a soil resumed. Pullman Boff a sleepers without Between san Antonio and St. Louis s cauda will lose nothing by being heard in the United states supremo court. If the Behring ease is Ever carried there by John Bull he be Nob Uitos As sine As shooting. Blaino will not go into that or any court without a Case. Tho democrats who expect to see Hin worsted in this controversy Are going to be badly disappointed. san rushed the mourners to quarantine against san Antonio has two cases of her own and feels awfully disquieted because the quarantine cry is raised against her. Tie Glass House people make mistakes when Thoy throw Hax . 33, is Flo. be Rei Civ Cal until 13 o clock noon january 21, ism mid Liim ii end that it fort Yijin Fjeld one Sot of officers quarters Lili out building and one Urick work shop tic cording Toba Scran it this office. Separate propos iils Are also tid will lip opened it Tho same time forgoing Tho plumbing in connection with the build less. A tank proposals and full instructions can lie had on application. The u. S. Or int Vos Tho right to reject any or All proposals. Envelopes contain inst proposals should be marked proposals for construction at fort and addressed to the undersigned. Go. Ii. Wok is. Deputy quartermaster general u. H. A., chief quartermaster. Quarterly meeting of Tho West Texas medical society convenes in Seholt s Hall tomorrow morning. Eup Eusy. This is what you ought to Bave in mum have it to fully Pojoy life. Thou Nuda Tor it daily and Niou Rinir be Cameo Thoy ind it not. Thu funds upon of Uro spent Nunn Fullr by our it nolo in the hypo that Ilion May attn a Ihl Bakion. And Yoi it May to had by All. If Taranu Otlet Klc Trio hitters if Xis Oil a err tip to dire Eltona und Tho use persist to in will in ing you flood digestion and Nuet Drann dyspepsia Auto Ina Tau instead eur pops to rec intend 1-lk Otruk Ulitt a for dyspepsia and All dig ont a of san Mach and kill Neys. Sold at.v3c, and 51 por Ocllo by Dru j hot Tipson co., Druer Yufit. For rent furnished room suitable for one 01 two gentlemen 417 South floras Street opposite u. H. Arsenal. 1-20 2t for lost manhood Oen enl Ond nervous Beau Jay of Teeth Kjof old or your. of Tinord. If Ottn Al Effis Abiol Ulter ii orb 1 non this in . Be intr so Sulet id i Tolfa coast dlr i. Xieu. proofs

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