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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 21, 1891, San Antonio, Texas Fht Puhi fight. C oct cock office no.4 East Commerce Street Han a set j n to lip it Pic blisrtno06 i 8. Johnson secret Aby and treasurer. Alto of nit Kai. M a a a or. It he to at tur Post Omar at 8an Anto 0x0, Texas As Arcoro class mail matter Tafth Lio a the Only Papish in Texas. Subs curation Kates. Partly per 50 Dally per year. 5.00 by m ail of Carrier frisk. Weekly. 0 60 weekly i year. 1,00 subscribers not receiving their paper will please make complaint to the office. Subscribers Are earned not to pay their subscription a a kept anon presentation of a properly receipted Bill trom this office. Amp advertising rates. A fac isch., to so $ 400 a 800 in i Tai of its of too Legal advertisements Fly in per Inch first insertion Quot it cents per Inch each subsequent insertion. Trustees sales too per ooh first insertion 25 cents ouch insertion afterwards. Beading matter editorial Page aft cents per i be each insertion. Local ool Lions 20 cents first insertion to cents first week 5 cents after first wok. Special rates on 50 and too lines running or a month Home advertisements payable in the first of h month. Transient advertising payable in Advance. Only Metal oms printed. Special rates Given on larger space and Long Vitae advertise int. Discount Art for Cash and Market established i s of Lor led the Man announcement for state and county officers Tan Dollar in Advance. All contracts or Bills Mast be up proved by a dec retard and m an Sager. To correspond bits Alt Oommen cations for this pacer should be a Onorr panted by the name of the anther not necessarily for Anbu Patlon but As evidence of Good Faith on the part of the writer. Write on on one aide of the paper in a Plain hand. An Symone Oommen cations Wui not be noticed the Lio Irr will not be responsible for the statement of its correspondents to our Eastern advertisers. All advertising for the Dally and weekly Light must come to us through our a pedal agents messes. Palmer a Rey 232 to 835 Temple court. New York. Wednesday january 21, 181 1 Arkansas state Treasury is about 194,000 Short with the returns not All in. Costly Are the luxuries of a democratic state treasure ship. The fort Worth gazettes a on to Albuquerque yields no returns after All these months and the Gazette declares the a on to a off a and Calls from labor to refreshment. The leaders of the Republican Senate Are taking Greaff pains to induce the party to commit political Hari Karl. The present Texas speaker is a native of Alabama. He has spent All his years since infancy in Texas and has been for ten years a Texas editor. If this will not qualify him wha will is the press of Texas to understand that the election of an editor to the speaker ship indicates a willingness to do Justice Tot he fraternity Aud pass a decent libel Law Wood and Peticolas have done themselves credit by ret using the take advantage of a technicality which they might have successfully urged to claim their seats in the present legislature. There were sixty three women and children found on wounded knee Battle ground. These squaws shoot and fight As readily Ami As savagely As the bricks and Are not noncombatants and yet the demo cratic journals speak of 193 innocent women and children being ruthlessly slaughtered by the Union soldiers. It would be a Good Experiment to place some of these critics in front of a she Bioux Guu land find out what he thinks of the situation. Southwest immigration the political Freedom enjoyed in every Section of Southwest Texas no less than the unprecedented advantages offered to immigrants with Small capital for making Homes for themselves upon this Fertile soil have determined the current of settlement this Way. Every weekly newspaper published in Southwest Texas attests this fact. The columns of the journals Are filled with notices of the farms being broken up of the Orchards and nurseries gardens and draperies and every evidence of the fast that with the Hoe and the plow has come to Texas and has come to stay. While this is True it is also True that the great bulk of this new settlement is in the counties to the South of us. Notably in Bee Cuero nieces 8au Patricio and Arkansas. Karnes county shows symptoms of a overflow Aud were the Large ranges in that county opened to settlement no doubt that half a Hundred new farms would be opened in that county this year. One naturally inquires if there is any Good reason other than perhaps the cheapness of the lands offered Why ail this immigration these far mass of the future should pass this county by and pitch their tents nearly a Hundred Miles nearer the coast. There Are certainly unoccupied lands enough in Bexar county lands that would yield a Good return to the agriculturalists to make it Worth while for prospectors to remain Aud examine. Yet these men pass right through without a halt and Only bring up when they have reached their destination Miles below us. This indicates that before coming they had some specific Point in View and leads one to conclude that parties interested to farm ing lands in the counties mentioned above have been advertising their lands North Aud corresponding with practical concerning their settlement. A real knowledge of the facts involved would no doubt fully justify this conclusion and teach our land owners who have farming lands that they desire to put upon the Market that they must advertise their lands or see them passed by for the lands of neighbouring counties. Outside of this a City Bexar county has a very sparse population. It would be a very great advantage to the regular Trade of this City of an additional 20,009 were added to the county population outside the corporate limits. These Farmers would find a Good Market being in the immediate Vicinity of the barges to City in the state and the Small difference in the original Cost of lands would be More than compensated for u this available Market. While ban Antonio will be somewhat benefited by the increased farming operations of every Community in Southwest Texas she would receive greater Benefit from the opening of such farms lither immediate Vicinity. This eau be done. The lands Are Here and the Market is Here and the Sellers Are Here All that is necessary is to bring the various parties together. Battlement will follow necessarily. Notice of filing final account no. 1744. The stat of Texas i co or wet or Bexar f county court in matters of probate to january term Ihm. The state of Texas to a persons interested in the administration of the estate of George Cosher deceased f. A Stevenson administrator of the estate of George Cosper deceased has filed has final Felt Cunt in the county court of Bexar county which Wii be acted on at the january term a. D., i him of said court at Thor court House thereof in the City of san Antonio after this notice shall have been duly published for t Wenty 20 Days in Soma newspaper us blushed in Bexar county Texas at which me All persons interested in said estate May appear Aud make objections thereto if they see proper. Witness Thad w. Smith charts of the county court of Bexar county and Skal i Seal of said court at my office in san Antonio this 29th Day of december a. D., 1890.thad. W. Smith clerk county court Bexar county. By k. C. Symington Deputy. Carne to band december 29th. A. D., f890, and publication ordered in the san Antonio daily Light. To p. Mccall. / sheriff Bexar county. By w. 0. Druss Deputy. 1330 301 Happy hoosiers. Yvon. Timmons postmaster of Idaville ind., writes a electric bitters has done More for me than any other medicines combined for that bad feeling arising from kidney and liver John Leslie Farmer and Stockman of same place says a a find electric bitters to be the Best kidney and la Voy Medicine made me feel like a hew j. W. Gardner hardware merchant same town says electric bitters is just the the hug for a Man who is All ran Down and done to care whether he lives or Dies he found new strength Good appetite end Felt just like he had a new lease of life. Only 50c. A bottle at Dreiss drug store. 30-15-fit a Call jeep water it Coras Christi the steam dredge a a Josephine More than half Way to the Gulf ropes pass o fur a Republican Mest Fng. A meeting of republicans is hereby called to meet at Scholze shall. Thursday night at eighty of clock to Otisi Derythe matter of the approaching election. All republicans invited t. Is Job won. Taswell a Kingsley c. G. Artzt. Otto sol is John a Grigg Frank Nealy Lames p Newcomb Cha. L. Sauer a. F. Beekman by j. A. Calo thro. Artzt. Walter h. Grigg Arthur Grigg. K. I of. M. Hoi week and Many others. The attempted fore aug of unwilling republicans to vote the Force Bill will have no Good effect either within the party or upon the country. If the Republican party can Only maintain its hold upon the country through such measures it will certainly lose its grip. The More or such legislation it consummate the More unpopular will it become. When James g. Blaine secures the opinion of some competent Legal tribunal upon the matters involved in that Behring sea controversy it is dollars to dimes that or. Blaine is not no suited. The american Secretary understands his Case. Blaines cause will lose nothing by being heard in the United states supreme court. If the Behring Case is Ever carried there by John Bull he will be no suited As sure As shooting Blaine will not go into that or any court without a Case. The democrats who expect to see him worsted in this controversy Are going to be badly disappointed. Little ban Marcos that rushed the mourners to quarantine against ban Antonio has two cases of her own Aud feels awfully disquieted because the quarantine cry is raised against her. The Glass House people make mistakes when they throw stones. The democratic pessimists who cannot even measure the proportions of Blaines toot unless by Tho spread of their coat tails Are mouthing Over the ridiculous figure two Ipoh Blaine cuts As foreign Secretary. The democratic leaders know better but they wont say so. Tunas cos so so of ladies and gents wearing apparel. One fourth to one h Ai Tenet. E. Dry puss trus tee Lilac to Lur a. Sax. A Hatter a Cliodel have opened their dry goods notions and gents furnishing store at 319 Easi Houston Street with a ii rut Classy dressmaking department in connection give them a Call. I-jfm44s. For 8ali--a bargain Rock Bouse four Large rooms and j Kitchen Hall thirty feet Long servants room Bath room Aid cold water pantry Wood shod and Wash Horn a. Lon 70x150 feet. Chi trally it it cayced. Nice shrubbery in front Yard. Price �T�5,300c one half Cash. Pm it. T. a. A notice to cd Bottora. A amp. 1810., lax at of f. Isermann u Kokka do cd Yak whereas letters of administration up Sui the estate of f. Hermann?.coker, cease were granted to the undersigned by the county court of Bexar county on the 20th Day of january. 1h91, All persons holding claims Agal my. Said estate Are required to present the same within the time prescribed by late. My residence and Post office address is at Sun an urn to Bexar county Texas. T. T. Vander i amp mtg Rel administrator of he estate of Saki p. Hermann Hecker deceased. Ban Animato. Texas january 20, Litt. _ i-20-3 Days Tho pulpit and Tho stage Rev. Ill m. Chi amp it pastor. Uni ted Brethren Church. Blue Mound kau., says a i feel it my duty to Tell what wonders or. Kings new discovery has done for me. My lungs were badly diseased and my parishioners thought i could live Only a few weeks. I took live bottles of or. Kings new discovery and Arn sound and Well gaining 20 lbs. In Arthur love manager loves funny folks combination writes a after a thorough trial and convincing evidence i am con ii Deal or. A Iago a new discovery for consumption beats Val All and cures when everything else Falls. The greatest kindness i can do my Many thousand friends is to urge them to try free trial bottles at Dreiss Thompson a drug store regular size Aoa and 11.00. A very . Of the american people Are troubled with a most annoying troublesome aunt disagreeable complaint called it is not necessary to be so troubled. It is Den indurated beyond question that a amp Arke s extract of flax Papillion Catarrh cur immediately re laves and permanently cures Catarrh. A thorough and fair trial will Coin lace von. Use Clarks flax Heap tor the skin. Catarrh cure 81. Soap 1ft cents at Kalteyer a son drug store. To d prom Corpus Christi Bay directly into the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico is being dredged night and Day the work being prosecuted 20 hours a Day. It will be Cut to a depth of thirty feet and admit the heaviest ships. It will be supplemented by Stone jetties if necessary. It has the Best tidal Basin on the entire Gulf coast West of Mobile. Corpus Christi Bay is the deepest Bay West of Mobile. Its deep Waters lie close to ropes pass. It will receive and discharge More water with each tide than any Bay on the coast. Mom Waler will Quot scr with each tide than through any pass West of the Mississippi. This is what produces and maintains deep water across any Sandbar. The More water passing through a pass the More a a scour and the deeper water across the bar if properly directed. No bar exists in Trout of ropes pass. Should one Ever form we shall build jetties across it just As is now being done at All other passes. A jetty at ropes pass will give deeper water than one at any other pass simply because More water will be received and discharged through it with every tide than is received or discharged through any other pass. Indeed whatever results can be obtained with jetties or any other engineering appliances at any other pass will be surpassed at ropes pass appliances because they will have a greater volume of water acting with them. A jetty which will maintain 30 feet at any other pass must there fore maintain More than 30 feet Here. Corpus Christi is bound to have the deepest water of the Hlf til ast in addition to deep water we have at Corpus Christi the richest farm and Garden lands extending Miles into the Interior. Our planters raise one Bale of Cotton to the acre and not uncommonly More. Tit of it it have the most Beautiful situation overlooking Corpus la i j Christi Bays. A the Cliffs Rise 40 feet out of the Bay Aud i 1ljv/u command a charming View. They Nave a a Ocean drive 120 feet wide a Gram double Boulevard 200 feet wide a steam rapid transit railway a Seaside Camp name thug ground covering ii acres with Tabernacle seating 5000 people now building a sea Side Park three Miles Long with a-$100,0< 0 hotel now building in it other hotels projected sailing Salt water backing fishing crabbing Tarpon fishing refreshing sea breezes the coolest summer the Mildest Winter weather and the Best Haltli record of any City in the Southwest. Green sea Turtle Are abundant Iii season. Corpus Christi oysters have a reputation throughout the entire Southwest. In Winter the Bays and Ponds abound with ducks Aud geese while in the Spring and autumn the Prairies Are covered with Quail Aud Plover and seashore with snipe. A hint you can buy a Lovely Aea Side Home on a the Cliffs much cheaper now to an you eau a few months later the same is True of Choice farm and Garden tracts. For circulars prices and teems address terms of Salery one third entire balance in one straight vendors Lien. Running we years this gives the buyer time to realize the full Benefit fron deep water before making any further payments. The. Port ropes company Corpus Christi Texas. The International. Route. by qewke8t and dust Hobb to All f01nt8. The. Direct l.hs4e to Mexico via Laredo. The a Cannon Bald train for resumed. Pullman Buffet sleepers without change Between san Antonio and St. Louis. A a Quot train leading san Antonio at. 4 of i p. No Bas j throng stomper for St. Loots a via. Iron Moon i Tala Hornet also. For Kuna a City via a Mia a train leaving san Antonio Ai 9 of a. A is sleep to Laredo.3 oct Necton at Laredo wit ii. Mexican National ii. Ref it r City of Mexico. Trains leaving san Antonio at 6 i it a. In. Mas through connection for Shreveport Memphis. St. Louis mad beyond. W. A Bagsby ticket agent g. H. Woodruff old to it Dill co building Elainr Plaxa. Ticket agent i n. Depot. S.,. T. M. Orr office building Alana Plaza. J. Wjk alb Kaith do j. Prick Tua. To managers pal eating. Tex. A. Q. P. A t. A. Palestine Vee san Antonio Texas i Dick Muku 23, 1890. Sealed proposals in Triplicate a will be received Here until 12 of clock noon january 21,1891, and then opened for the construction it fort Iii Errold Texas Quot of one set of officers quarters with outbuilding and one Brick work shop according Tolp Langrand specifics Lions lobe seen at this office. Separate proposals Are also invited c and will be opened at the same time for doing Tho plumbing in connection with the buildings. Blank proposals and full instructions can to had on application. The u. 8. Reserves the right to reject any or All proposals. Envelopes containing proposals should to marked a proposals for construction at fort Ringgold Texas and addressed to the. Undersigned. Geo. La. Weeks Deputy quartermaster general it. A., chief quartermaster. 12-22-fit�?1-1931 a the quarterly meeting of the West Texas medical society convenes in by Holzy shall tomorrow morning. By to pay. This is what you ought to have in fact you must have it to fully enjoy life. Thoua aids Are searching tor it daily Ami mourning be cause they find it not. Thousands upon thousands of dollars Are spent annually by our people in the Hope that they May attain this Boon. Aud yet it May to had by All. We guarantee that electric bitters of used according to directions and tile use persisted in will bring you Good digestion and oust the Demon dyspepsia and install instead Kun Pepsi we recommend electric bitters for dyspepsia Neys. Sold at 60c, and la per bottle by dress. And All diseases of liver it Oinah a a hold Ai Thompson amp co., druggist. Fid for Bent furnished room suitable for one or two gentlemen 417 South Flores Street opposite u. B. Arsenal. 120 2fc Foh men Only tor lost or general and i and nkev0u we�kne<8of body and mind effect Ilof errors or Etc Zoeain older Young. , motile manhood Hilly a tutored. How to ruler re . Absolutely Una thin Homb i Siu to in a to it Noti i 117. Mea item Fly from 0 state and i Erie fun ton Nurlee. Write them. A Sunset route s Southern Pacific the quicks and Best route tor passengers Andofer Elgut to new Orleans Newark Auld All Points East. Also to Mexico. California and Points West. East tel Jsu a la Eves 8 to Antonio daily at 9 25 a. In and 9 p. In. Univ from kist at 7 00 a. In. Aud 410 p. In. West bound leaves at 4 40 p. It Aud. Arrives a at 8 5� a. In. Up Lum an by pee v Gars on Al Lith rough to Al is Prehm v 1 e part emt. A i a to ukr r department through Ruc it quote i Iii Nils of lading pot Kates. To Lite Ami tickets apply to Given by j. Mcmillan i Geo. K. Lutton ticket agent. Commercial agent. J a no trouble to answer freight and ticket offices 209 Alamo Quot Plaza next to grand opera a House. J. Krutt80hnitt, w. G. Van Vleck e. G. Bleker general manager. Gen. Sap. Gen. Frt. And a. At. General office Houston Quot a exas. K Arkansas pass say Mission route. Runs through the heart of the great South West. The richest and most product Vej Section of the Stade. Rockport and Corpus Christi ontly8coast for their delightful climate Fine Hunting and fishing and for their wonderful Dev elopement z r. W. Andrews Milton Everett a . Enl. Passenger aft. Ticket a gent Kami Minu building

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