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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 21, 1886, San Antonio, Texas The gaily i glut. A. W. Girro Iid Thos. N. Johnson. W. L. Winter. Gifford Johnson amp Winter is. Published daily except sunday at 4 Commerce Street. Delivered by carriers throughout the City. Single copies for Sale by jews boys at 5 cent. Subscript a per year 15 00 in Advance. Advertising Kat i ask. B a 1 a i i i s i i $ i a Inch. La 50 i 5 of $ 8 30 9 woo Tao of �54 of special rates Given on larger space and Long time advertisements. Legal advertisements la in per Inch first insertion t5 cents per Inch each subsequent insertion trustees sales la of per Inch first insertion 36 cents each insertion afterwards. La Reading matter editorial Page 25 cents per Ine each insertion. Faical columns 20 cents first insertion docents first week 5 cents after first week. Special rates on 50 and too lines running for month. Home advertisements payable on first of each month transient advertising payable in Advance Only Metal cuts printed. All contracts must be approved by the business manager subscribers not receiving their paper will please make complaint to the office. Subscribers Are warned not to pay their subscription except upon presentation of a properly receipted Bill from this office. Special notice. Or. G. D. Roemer and Henry Schumacher Are authorized solicitors and collectors for the Light and their receipts As agent will be duly recognized. Or. Roemer will have charge of the delivery of the City subscription department and All complaints and notice of changes Given to either of the above or left at the office will lie promptly attended to. Thomas b. Johnson business manager and treasurer. Cirrus Johnson a Winter entered at Post office at san Antonio Texas As second class matter. Matt 3 yet a Quot Dot May be Fontal on tie at of. A has it at Lix p. Rowell amp a o newspaper advertising Ruwadi loss Row St. When advert Jsang Cut Rock May by Modo tor it Iai a Vouk thursday january 21, 1886. The City Dow contains More strangers than Ever. Such Days As yesterday make them feel glad that they came. The Houston age is in favor of discontinuing the state College institutions and spending the Money that they now Cost on the common schools of the state. A mexican oranges will be in demand next year on account of the extensive damage to the Orange Groves of Louisiana and Florida during the late cold snap. Or is now proper to write a the heir apparent. Prince Bayard a As the succession Bill has passed Congress which puts the Secretary of state next in presidential succession after the death of the vice president. There arc agencies in Canada for concealing fugitive embezzler from this country. The great majority of the people of the United states would be More than willing to Send All Canadian embezzler Back to their Homes. That is the Ditle rence. In Mexico when tile authorities find an article in a newspaper that they Don t approve of the Issue is denounced. By this its circulation is immediately stopped and any new dealer newsboy or anyone else no Sells or gives away a copy is punished. A a a the strange anomaly of a democratic administration being defended by a Republican senator against attacks from his own party took place in the Senate yesterday. Senator Morrill posed As Cleveland a Champion and right Well did he act his part. There Are prospects of fun ahead during this session of Congress. Among the Many splendid publications received by tile Light none is More Welcome than Johnston s journal an illustrated Magazine for the people published by w. J. Johnston no. 0 Murray Street new York. It consists of 32 pages of the very Best kind of Reading matter and information and issued every saturday at the Low rate of $2 per year. Send for specimen copy. There Are delegations from a number of North Texas towns in Calverton using their influence with the Gulf Colorado and Santa be Railroad people to build to their town when the Road is to be extended. Yet it is exceedingly popular to curse the railroads As heartless monopolies it is like the cursing of millionaires. It is fashionable but every body would be w Illing to get the cursing if they Only had the millions. The largest Cane sugar production in the United states wus before tile War it being in 1853, 44b,321 Hogsheads. Since the War the largest production was in 1882, which was 241,225 Hogsheads. The duty before the War was less than a cent a Pound and now it is Over two cents a Pound. But that is not the cause of Tho decline. It in because of greater transportation facilities from abroad and that the climate in the Sandwich Kalunds Cuba Mexico and other countries is much More suitable and the Cane can be grown much cheaper Aad better. A a a a a the Silver question which is now universally of needed to be the leading question before Congress is one of the most harmless that has yet come before that body for some years. To believe the Many impassioned speeches one would think that on it winged the life and death of All Industry while in fact there seems to be Little or no interest manifested in business or financial Cir Des on the Fate of the measures proposed. While should it be the Tariff under discussion millions of capital and labor would lie Idle awaiting the result. This dearly proves that really much of the talk about the importance of the ail ver question is Mere Buncombe with which to make political capital. So Long As Congress has to have something with which to play it is fortunate that in this session it is engaged in so harmless a game. The Light has received the new Orleans time8-Demoerat almanac for 1886, a Book of of pages titled with about All the general information needed regarding the machinery of the government of Hie United states in which the presidential vote from 1824 to 1884, population of the southwestern states Cotton product Etc., is Given which makes it in fact a hand Book and an evidence of Hie Well known Enterprise of that popular newspaper. The twentieth National Encampment of the grand army of the Republic takes place this year at san Francisco. Arrangements have been made with the different trans Continental railroads for a greatly reduced fare which includes members of tile women a Relief corps As Well As the grand army of the Republic quite a number of persons in this City have signified their intention of going. A circular with full particulars can be had by applying to the proper officers of the grand army of the Republic. The following is a Brief extract from a Sermon by a Rector of Elford England rile course of events seems rapidly hastening to some portentous crisis in the annals of Mankind. Intestine trouble the presence of evil men skillful in misleading the ignorant a growing irks meness of restraint to authority extremes of poverty and luxury on the Oue hand privations and sufferings of which it is dreadful to think and on the other extravagance effeminacy and a love of Selli Sli Comfort which have Ever been one of Hie surest signs of a decaying people these and Many other things All Point to the disorganization and disruption of society among the most important nations of the m a the Chicago news is inclined to judge lightly of the statesmanship of senator Coke of Texas As shown in a recent speech by him on the Stiver Quei Tion. It says a the intellectual degeneracy of the statesmen of the Day is painfully illustrated in the speeches of leading United states senators on the Silver question. It is utterly inconceivable that Alexander Hamilton Daniel Webster or even Henry Clay could have ventilated Politico economic views such As now daily fall from the lips of senators Eustis Beck Pugh Vance and Coke and in their Day w held the political Power that has More or less shaped the ends four National life. We find senator Coke of Texas taking up the time of the Senate in endeavouring to prove that Silver Lias not depreciated but that Gold has risen in value. Now when by the least reflection it is perceived that this proposition involves the theory that Money of some desorption or other is a fixed and unalterable measure of value which by the Way no political economist has Ever dared to maintain the Absurdity of senator cokes proposition is made abundantly Manifest. On the other hand Money is simply an instrument of Exchange As variable in value As the property which it renders readily transferable. A dealer May be Able to Purchase too bushels of wheat one Day for $100, and the next be May be compelled to pay $120 for the same Quantity. According to senator Coke there was no variation in one of the articles exchanged. According to the plainest sense and clearest reason there was a variation in both wheat becoming dearer As respects Money and Money cheaper As respects wheat. Senator Coke can scarcely deny that Silver Bas fallen in value a the great marts of the world in which the purchasing Powers of the precious metals Are daily tested that is tested not Only by their purchasing Power As respects each other but As respects All other commodities. Thus Silver will not buy us much Gold Iii London to Day by about 20 per cent As it did some years ago nor will it As much of other property in a similar ratio or. Coke May retort that Silver will to Day buy As much property in is a York As Gold As it did ten years ago. Yes because the government and Banks Are As yet Able to keep the prom ise of Gold redemption to the Public ear. When however Silver becomes the dominant Metal in our Surrency then will it fall to its commercial value Gold rising commercially in proportion. Or. Coke totally forgets that prices of commodities Are not measured by Yard Sticks and pints and quarts but Are perpetually in an equilibrium depend lug on Scarcity on one hand or plenty on Hie Oiler. He should also remember that Money is a commodity and that its value is regulated by precisely the same causes that regulate the value of ail other commodities and above All lie should remember that until he Able to fully and clearly master these facts which Are the basis of All Politico economic science he is a person totally unlined to address the Senate of the United states on the subject of Silver physics Are provided with All necessaries Quot the museum contains most curious exhibits and varied collections of Woods and Mineral ores. The Well known civil Engineer Blas Lacon Tai a. Has assumed the directorship in place of Hon. Jose Maria Aquirre y Fierro who now occupies a place on the supreme Bench of the state. The famous kissing Cise. This was to decide whether a girl who had been married in fun was really the wife of the youth with whom she had stood up to perform the mock marriage. Several Hundred pages of testimony were taken and the Justice spent More in having it copied than he received for his fees. The whole thing which began in joke proved at last a very serious business. It is serious business too when a human system runs Down Down Down until life has no charms and the grave seems a Blessing. In this state of affairs take Brown s Iron bitters and be lifted into life and Hope and strength. Banks and Bankers. J. S. Thornton pres. J. W. Glass v. P j As. P. R Are. Cashier the c f san Antonio Texas. Transacts a general banking business. San Antonio savings Bank no. 43 Soledad Street under the management of l. Garza hanker Deposit a subject to Check received but inter est will be paid Only on time deposits of la and upwards at the rate of 4 per cent per annul. Banking hours it a. In. To 4 p. 11. Saturdays a a. In. To 8 p. Rn., for the convenience of savings Bank depositors. San Antonio sate Deposit and Trust co. Stoel boxes rented in our burglar proof steel lined Marble encased vault. All boxes protected by a master key. Kent soc a month and upward according to size of Box l. Garza. President f g Roos amp co Bankers and dealers in Exchange. San Antonio s s 1exa8 j. S. Alexander president. Arch a. Alexander assistant cashier. Tem National Bant a it san Antonio 258 Commerce Street. Authorized Ca Cital. $ too too paid in. To too a general banking business transacted. Directors a. 8. Alexander j. Vav. Brackenridge h. It. Andrews Augustus Belknap it. F. Yoakum. Its. Floyd amp co. Commission merchants amp brokers. 21 Soledad Street san Antonio Texas. Head Oak ice /6j strand Galveston. Execute orders for the Purchase or Sale of Okain pro visions Cotton and stocks. Are prepared to receive or make actual deliveries on All trades we make. Cor res do Indence solicited. Attorneys. Leonidas d. Dibble attorney a at Law and notary Public. No. 240.vv St com muck Street san Antonio Tex a. �?�a7s, lawyer collector notary Mihic 43 Soledad Street san Antonio Texas t.8. Harrison. Tom Harrison or Harrison a Marrison. Attorneys at Law. Kampmann building san Antonio. Will practice in Alt the state and Federal courts. Collections and All business entrusted us will be promptly attended .v3�l-tf mexican items. A exposition is being held in Leon state of Guanajuato. The president of Mexico a Palace was decorated by a Force of new \ Ork paper hangers and artist. A Telephone line Between Chilpan Cingo and Talpa Guerrero was opened a few Days since governor Arco being present on the occasion. Iii the District of Ixl Quilman tidal to exists an Herb known among the in tans As sanest an Otoi i wort. The indians use it As a Febri Fuge that is As a cure for fevers. To cure typhus they grind the Herb and mix it in water and administer it two or three times a any. It is said that none of the indians who Are attacked with fever and use the aeneid fail to recover. On december 13 Vicente and Juan Bernal and in Carnacion Gutierrez were executed in cd Osala Sinaloa. The first was a brother and the second a Cousin of the famous Bernal that Bandit known As the mexican diabolo. The three i ladders died bravely. They refused to be blindfolded and stood up calmly to receive their quietus from the bring party of the state militia. The scientific Institute of san Luis Potosi is a credit to that state. Some $30,000 have lately been spent to fit up the i cd rooms for the boarding scholars. The Public Library opened in the Institute by governor Gutierrez during his first term has now 0000 volumes. New apparatus has been set up in the astronomical and meter logical Observatory and the chemical Cabinet and that of dyspepsia to i toi b ii diva womb m a ill m Cut la j i i j it Tot a by impairing nutrition Ana at a i a a u4 1 i i Twu i tone of the by totem to prepare the nay brm5, quickly and com it forum 11 nut miscellaneous. R. La. Russell successor to Williams amp Russell 42 Commerce St., san Antonio. Wholesale and retail dealer in Wall paper window shades pictures and picture mouldings artist materials paints Glass Etc. I Rte. I or rpt in v. J. T jul the a Best tonic. Blately a urn Quot dyspepsia in Ell Burn bridging tufting i lie Riche and Purine the blood. Timu food a. It enriches and Par Ute a he i pastor fir reformed Church Baltimore. Md., says Tho and aids the assimilation of food of sitar. He honoured pastor of Tho la Al i a he in Tutu Vul Uidl in Wiuli in Haring a wed Browne a Iron bitters for Dysoh put a and indigestion. A take great pleasure in recommending it highly. Also consider it a splendid tonic Ami invigorate or and very Hemline Tias shove trademark and crossed red lines r wrapper. Tube no other. Made Only by Brown chem in i. Co. Baltimore my. hand boat a. Useful and attractive containing fist of prizes for recipes information about coins Etc., Given away by All dealers in Medicine or a mild to any address on receipt of 2c. Stamp. Epithelium a or skin cancer. For several tears i suffered with a cancer on my Finice. Eight months ago to Friend recommended tin use of swifts specific and i de Erminco to make in Effort to procure it. I to his i was successful and began its use. The nil nonce of the Medicine at first was to somewhat aggravate tin sore but soon the inflammation who allayed anti i began to improve alter the first few bottles my general health has greatly improved. I am stronger and Able to do any kind of work. The cancer on my Taco began to decrease and the nicer to Ileal until there is not a vestige of it left Only a Little scar Marks the place mrs. Joint v. Mcdonald. Atlanta cia., Angust la. 1885. I Haye had a cancer on my face for some years extending from one Creek Bone across he nose to the other. It has Given Mea great Deal of pain. At times burning and itching to such an extent that it was almost Titi bearable. I commenced using Swift s specific n May 1885. And have used eight bottles it has Given the greatest Relief by removing the inflammation and restoring my general health Vav. It Arnes. Knoxville la., september 8,1885. Treatise on blood and skin diseases mailed free. The Swift specific co., drawers Atlanta a. N. A a a is Vav. 2sd St horses self raising spread. Rep Amton. Tur la a Ltd fun i and nutritious baking powder. Restores to the flour the strength giving phosphates that Are removed with the bran and which Are required by the system. Nit other baking powder does this. It costs less and is healthier and stronger than any other powder. Home testimony from George h. Kalteyer chemist san Antonio Texas All those alluded with any disease of the byes Kars nose or Throat can and the greatest and quickest Relief and cure at the Han Antonio Eye and ear infirmary Cor. Of Houston and St. Mary a sts., which is the most thoroughly fitted up and equipped with everything necessary. Including the skill and experience As hundreds of eases can testify who have been treated there of any institution for the treatment of this specially in the South or West. It eff. Heroics. The following Are Only a few of the Many persons who have been benefited and cured by treatment alibis institution for Catarrh a a. F. Robinson Catarrh in Throat san Antonio t. It. Johnson Catarrh in Throat manager san Antonio Light f. Kuhn Catarrh of the head Denver col. Miss Mary Fraser a Ataroli of the Throat and ears Nova Scotia Frank Newton Catarrh of the Throat and eyes san Antonio miss k. Loundsbury Catarrh of the t Throat and head san Antonio. The ears a a. Of Reg he or san Antonio w. Dietert Boerne James Davis san Antonio George son of Vav. C. Daugherty sheriff Frio county Pearsall Tex Vav. Vav. Berry esq., san Antonio j h. Murphy san Antonio k. T. Allen Pearsall j. H. Jones major to t. Teel j. J. Diem Ever san Antonio. The eyes i. H. Breeding Blepharitis Eilia Ris major t. T. Ted Pter Gium Ilc. Had state granular lids and keratitis Frank Newton stricture Lac Rymal ducts l. H. Lambert daughter conjunctivitis Anton Halamuda acute conjunctivitis j. Vav Casey daughter iritis Rachel Breslin Choroid itis Serosa a a. Carnahan Pirido a Clitis All of san Antonio it j. Vincent Cotulla ulcer on Cornea w. H Brown Leesville granular lids and Kerat iritis Vav. J. Hogge Ragle ass Cataract George Loesberg daughter Castroville Strath Gams Mac Sorell Belmont ent opium and Trichia Sis Robert Grier Pana Maria Pter Gium and Lukoma h c. Burris Rancho chronic conjunctivitis and keratitis a c. Decker Stockdale traumatic ulcer and hypo Ion Vav. J. Terriberry Saltillo Mexico traumatic glaucoma. 2-i8-tf eke ear Throat Dias. Beady m. A 0. It a child late surgeon to the new York ophthalmic Hospital Ami professor of ophthalmology in the College of the new York ophthalmic Hospital. Diseases of Kye ear Throat and Osk an exclusive specially. Refraction tested and Correct glasses prescribed. Office 40 i e. Houston Trest. Office Hon is is to 12 in. 3 to 5 p. In. No office hours on sunday. Residence 422 i Nummi Street. Office Telephone it. Residence hol _____it-12-tlm Hutchins Houston Texas. Leading hotel of the City. Headquarters of the commercial men and tourists. Tugs. B. Gale. Proprietor. House f. A. Hei big see. And Trees. C. La. Hoen Akk manager. Houston barrel and Cistern factory. Manufacturers kinds of hand made cisterns and tanks of every description. Address Send i or catalogues. Box 123, Houston Texas Post office 8-1-Ly san Antonio Tex., july i 1885. I purchased in this City a package of prof. Horsen Rdv a self raising lira it preparation and submitted it to a chemical examination and find that the same is composed of pure and Gnu poisonous chemicals. Tile idea of prof. Hot Ford was indeed a grand one in supplanting the indigestible tar karate of soda which is always the end result of All baking powders composed of Cream of tartar and soda by the soluble phosphate of Lime and soda the very nutritive value of bread and the Bone producing elements of nature. It is certainly the Best and most healthy Kretul rising preparation Ever offered to the Public and every Mother that bus the health of her children at heart should use no other. I can Only join in the endorsement Given by the late celebrated chemist plot. Baron v. In Belg to this preparation in saying Quot i consider this invention As one of the most useful gifts which science has made to for Sale by All grocers. Try it. Aunt roil h. W. Johns Asbestos liquid paints Averill ready mixed paints. Two decorating and designing in the latest artistic styles by skillful workmen. 1�? framing a specially 1.2-2- in Eagle pass Brick Koh Salk at Alamo ironworks in quantities to suit purchasers. H. C. Miller manufacturer of rubber Stamps stencils seals. Badges Meta Chi is door plates House numbers Etc. No. 8 Navarro Street i Cin Antania opposite Groos Bauk i ail i univ a James Stewart plaster and Kals Miner 296 e. Commerce Street san an Ion to Texas. A1 it orders executed work guano Steed it >1 id Aud -0-3ni we ii i about but tin con tii 101 of rec try pay permeating through Tho turns restore them to healthy action to not confound thin with electric jul ult advertised to cure All los f i of head to toe. It i for i to it it a r Mph Effic Yurt Misc. Vol circulars giving Tuii information Odd Rem Chevor electric Belt co., i Washington kl., Chicago in. Or. H. M. Hunter dentist. Office lu2 Mast Houston Street. Residence-�?410 a re san Antonio,.Texas. Office Telephone no it. Residence Telephone no. 53 Gas Aud other antics thetic used in sex ranting Teeth. 12-10-im j10b Sale a cottage 4 rooms City water p from Post office. A Alice on time for particulars address Dick Box 680 or Box a Light office. 0-2-1 f All modern improvements 7 minutes walk not much Cash required bal m Antonio ice factory Gulf fish oysters soft Shell crabs and All kinds of game to order. A to. Free delivery system to till accessible portions of the City. Ll-18-Tim a. Hartmann a dancing Hall. Formerly Post office Exchange concert music and dance 12-22-3111 every sunday evening. Frank Starr wholesale and retail dealer in a a i up removed from Trevino a Venurino 410 West Commerce Street Galveston Aid St Louis Missouri Pacific r y system International and great Northern r. R. Division. 3 o lid Teai it s with a modern improvements through Between san Antonio Ane is. Iii via Texarkana via Denison without change of cars of any description and Only one change to Chicago Cincinnati Louisville Baltimore Washington Philadelphia new York Boston anti other principal cities in Hie North and East. i Quot a Roukh a Kansas City connecting at Denison with through Sleeper to St Louis i of passengers hooked to and from All Points in Europe via the a me Kut a a a s. Line r Between Philadelphia and Liverpool and the a ked a staff s i tin i a tween new York Philadelphia and for full information Call on but j. S. Macnamara w f. Simmons ticket agent 285 Commerce Street Kumpman building. Ticket agent i depot h. P. Hughes b. W. Mccullough _ Houston i. P. Amp t. A., Galveston. Texas a. T. Hensley amp son successors to Soule amp Williams wholesale and retail dealers in colors in Oil and Japan plate and window Glass. Strictly pure White Lead boiled and raw linseed Oil Etc. 233 East Houston Street san Antonio. Byrnes amp Kerr office room i Soledad Block composition or gravel roofing. Contractors for streets and sidewalk paving and curbing of Oak and Ruc Tinner material. Make a specially of fillings and gravel walks. Work promptly attended to Washenberger amp Beckmann architects office and consultation booms 0�er Lockwood 4 Kampmann a former Bank Cor. Yturri and Commerce streets. It lan8�?T Cottons and All information desired by those contemplating to build furnished. Vve acknowledge no Superior in the profession. Call and see us. Rice amp Dallas late with Rice born a co., new Orleans la Hir Dwire paints oils Glass Etc. Stoves to a win House furans amp ing Gud. Sole agents for Cotton Plant stoves and ranges the Best on Earth is n of York enamel paint company a mixed paint Best in the Market. Large line of heating stoves at Low prices. 33 amp 35 West Commerce Street. Drop in and see us when you Are in town a to mrk i will put up $500 that i can take or. John Trippe a blood purifier and cure any Case of syphilis or scr Fula on Earth and guarantee a perfect and permanent cure. D. P. Barr sole agent for the state Northwest Corner main Plaza san Antonio. Dec. Schultze is still in the Lead and announces that he has in he Farmer girl is the into this Market. Among such As Tho Texas Beauty breakfast and Diamond in hand. Cooking utensils. Be and Agate Ware hard tin shop for tin maim fms galvanized is connected with Ray is promptly attended to Best and delivered free to any flies stove Ever brought ass vie other leading brands the now Charm the Early Large quantities always on cutlery table Ware q ran Ware Etc. A Well regulated turf leg of Cornice work to abolishment orders arc Cedar charcoal ors hand part of the City. Stoves for the million no. 0 West Commerce Street san Antonio Texas Martin amp Schryver of All sorts. Kinds and qualities i building a \c8flal of All kinds shapes or sue. A Largo assortment of ornamental goods always Iii Stock. We keen constantly on hand Largo quantities of Tho never yet surpassed j. Halsch 8 Barb and Fence wire we Are successful competitors in Price and goods come and be convinced. Office South of Sunset depot san Antonio Taku b. Smith amp son merchant tailors 34 w. Commerce St. 3 w. Houston St. Keep always on hand a Fine Lino of imported cloths and trimmings and will make you a first class suit of clothes Toor Dei at new York prices. A fit and Best workmanship guaranteed Coal the Alamo ice comply agents for Indian territory Coal. Cow 111 deliver it to you clean screened and free from dirt or Slack. Also dealers Iii Texas Lignite and Pennsylvania Anthracite Coal. Agents for Phil. Bests Milwaukee Beer. Telephone to no. 32. J. H. Marquart Ain agent for Tho following select brands of oysters Berwick Bay Matagorda Bay new Orleans Uke Mobile Plant Biloxi Plant xxx select and select shrimp crabs hard and soft Shell. Will deliver goods to any part of the City free of charge Aud will Proi aptly answer All mail inquiries As to prices. Telephone no. 3�8. First cuss restaurant in connection. I Ain constantly moving Frosh urn Daby express for proof Lefor you to Wells Fargo Auoe a expos s and Texas express co i important 1 use in the log paper in the City. Of you desire pity Trade ail ver rot the most generally read opposite court House. Gents calf boots from $4upward boys boots of All descriptions buys shoes calf Aud Grain in Button and lace. The seamless. Of Foid Patent leather dancing pump nicest shoe in the Market. Elegant Opeka slippers just the thing to a Nice present. Full line of heavy boots Best in the Market Price . Como and examine them a Complete Stock of Geld so Fink Button Lac band Gaiter shoes. They should to seen to be appreciated. Just in addition to my Stock of boots mid shoes i carry a11 kinds of shoe polish for lollies and children a shoes and the celebrated Quot to. M. Blacking for gents shoos. It orders for any styles of boots and shoes will to promptly executed. A Nice fit Aud general satisfaction guaranteed

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