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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 20, 1891, San Antonio, Texas Jujic gaily sight. Tuesday january 20, 1801. Do you rave headache Preston s hed Ake lures you while you Wail cures a kinds of la e a d a c h e and nothing else. Quot prompt i harmless 11 trains neither Antipyrine morphine opium cocaine or other Dange Ous drugs Beston chemical co., Galveston Jot. Sold by All druggists. Accident on an elevator. In one of new Yorkus largest hotels they have three elevators and of course require very powerful machinery to run them. One of the guests who had gone to the theatre lingered for a Nice Little private spread at dells and As the Steak was particularly Good a a you know a and his Best girl in a Lovely humor who by the Way was his wife the gentleman remained so Long with his Charm lug companion Over his Mummy a that when he reached his hotel the coloured attendant of the elevator had gone up stairs and fallen into the arms of Murphy or Morley in a not sure which. Our Friend believed in fresh air Dan lived on the floor nearest the sky so of course he was disappointed to and the elevator closed for the night he muttered something to his wife and gave a wrench at the Iron door leading to the elevator car it opened and he laughed and although his wife at first refused to enter he finally prevailed and chuckled to himself As the elevator started upwards to thins How he outdone the House and How the Darkey a eyes would stand out in the morning when he found the elevator at the top of the House. When they got to the second floor from the top our Friend thought he might As Well try to slow up a Little but to his astonishment he found he could not Check the unmanageable elevator. The Prospect of a drop of nine stories flashed before his mind also his wife sat the same instant result a tremendous yell from the gent and a shrill scream from the lady. The attention of a gentleman on the floor below was attracted he Umberto the elevator and grasped the wire rope holding with All his strength and he was Strong As he had lived in Texas tor twelve years and he finally brought the elevator to a Stop just in time As it was found on the following Day that Only one Small strand of the heavy steel wire remained in act but our Nei Gobora were saved. They were profuse in their thanks and when they met the gentleman recognized their old Friend j. M. Emerson of san Antonio Texas and be told his wife that he had such Confidence in or. Emerson a firm that he would wait until he went to san Antonio for the earrings and baby buggy. Moral if you want anything cheap and Good go to Emerson a. Emerson keeps everything and you will be a customer tor life if you Deal with him Onoe. he a and was this citation by publication. No.s318. I a poor child a said the fellow for whom you threw me Over take charge of the poor Little boy i supposed the mean contemptible scoundrel a i looked tip into Bis face in Surprise. A whatever Are you saying a i cried laughing. A you Are not talking about or. Carson surely he has behaved most a kindly what do you mean Hasni the broken his engagement a a certainly not a with emphasis. A but he has generously released me at my own Earnest entreaty from a Promise Winch i ought never to have inside and which it would have broken my heart to keep. He Wasny to at All unwilling to set me free a i went on while Franks Arm stole around me a when i explained to him that i hat never really loved a did you happen to mention to him that Yon did love somebody else a Frank asked demurely while he Drew me closer to his breast and my head Sank on his shoulder. A yes a i whispered. A and did he ask you who his rival was a he queried. A no a i said a i done to believe he cared to a i care a whispered Frank Bendin Over me. A there was a time when thought you such a vain thoughtless girl that i persuaded myself your heart was not Worth having but you have done just what was right by both your lovers and shown yourself both Brave and sincere. Such a girl deserves a Good Many a Trust and however indifferent or. Carson May be to your regard i know How to prize it. Tell me my Darling who is it that you do love a a Lyon Frank a i whispered and hid my blushes in his arms. Poor Papas wishes were fulfilled to the letter for my marriage was not postponed after All and i kept Eddie always with me. We have both lived very happily under dear a old Frank so protecting love and care and though i have been his wife for Many years i have never had cause to regret the Choice i made Between my two York news. Death comes painlessly. 11 Elmendorf a co., is. Curt e. Mitzsche in District court of Bexar county 45tb judicial District. The state of Texas to the sheriff or any Constable of Bexar county greeting you Are hereby commanded that by making publication of this citation in some newspaper published in the county of Bexar once in each week for four Sucre save weeks previous to the return Day Hereof you summon Curt e. Mitzsche a non res Dent of the state of Texas to be and appear at the Hest regular term of the District court of the 45th judicial District in and for Bexar county to be Holden at the court House thereof in the City of san Antonio on the first monday in March next the same being the 2nd Day of March a. D., 1891, then and there to answer a petition filed in said court on the 25th Day or february a. 1890, in a suit numbered 318 on the docket of said Ltd ourt. Wherein Elmendorf amp co., a firm composed of amalie Elmendorf. Henry Elmendorf Emil Elmendorf and Edward Elmendorf Are plaintiffs Aud said Curt e. Mitzsche is defendant. Plaintiffs in their petition allege that on november 21st, 1885, defendant and one who is not sued herein executed and delivered to plaintiffs their joint and several promissory note for $780.87, payable on or before Mav 15th, 1888, and bearing to per cent interest per annul from Date and to per cent attorneys fee if you opted by Law. That said sum of Money is now due and that defendant though often requested a refused Aud still refuses to pay the same except $i00 paid May 17th, 1888, and 480.t>4 paid March 19th, 1887. Wherefore plaintiffs Pray for judgment for their debt interest attorney s fees and posts herein fail not but have you before said court on the said first Day of the next term thereof this Rit with your return thereon showing How you have executed the same u witness. Goo it. Yashiki clerk of the District court of Bexar county. Given under my hand and Seal of said court at office Iii san Antonio. Ismali this 29th Day of december a. A 1890. Geo. K. Dashiell clerk District court of Bexar county. By Henry Umscheid Deputy came to hand december 29th, a. 1890, at 9 of clock a. In. And publication ordered in the san Antonio daily Light. T. P Mccall sheriff Bexar county. By w. Did so Deputy. I �>4w plaited sum a Jefe was waiting for a car in the storm the other evening. She had not an umbrella and was in the shelter of a doorway. A car dashed by and she whistled for it to Stop. The Driver paid no attention to Lier signal and she gathered no her skirts made a dash oat into the Street ran sharply for a moment caught up with the rapidly running car caught the hand rail arid swung on As nimbly As a College athlete. A what do you mean sir a she exclaimed to the conductor a by not stopping when i signalled a the conductor tried to explain but she would not listen and sat Down and looked indignant for ten minutes. It takes a mannish looking Young woman to Chase a car through the rain and get a Ixia re without stopping the advertiser. San Antonio Texas. December in 1890. Sealedproposal8, in Triplicate will be received Here until 12 of clock noon january 21,1891, and then opened for the construction at fort Ringgold Texas of one set of officers quarters with outbuilding and one Brick work shop according to plans and specifications to be seen at this office. Separate proposals Are also invited of and will be opened at the same time for doing the plumbing1 connection with the buildings. Blank proposals and full instructions can be had on application. The u. A reserves the right to reject any or All proposals. Envelopes containing proposals should be marked a proposals for construction at fort Ringgold Texas a and addressed to the undersigned. Go. Ii. Weeks Deputy quartermaster general u. S. A., chief quartermaster. 12-22-6t�?i-19-2t a scientific opinion that will re consoling to All humanity. Tile signs of impending death Are Many and variable. No two instances Are precisely identical yet several signs Are common to Many cases. Shakespeare who observed everything else. Observed and recorded some of the premonitory signs of death also. In the account of the death of falstaff the Sharpness of the nose the coldness of the feet gradually extending upward the picking at the bedclothes Are accurately described. For some time before death indications of its approach become apparent. Speech grows thick and Laboured the hands if raised fall instantly the respiration is difficult the heart loses its Power to propel the blood to the extremities which consequently become cold Clammy moisture oozes through the pores of the skin the voice grows weak and husky or piping the eyes begin to lose their Luster. In death at old age there is a gradual dulling of All Tho bodily senses and of Many of tile mental faculties memory fails judgment wavers imagination goes out like a Candle. The Muscles and tendons get stiff the voice Breaks the cords of the Tabernacle Are loosening. Small noises irritate sight becomes dim nutrition goes on feebly digestion is impaired the secretions Are insufficient or vitiated or cease capillary circulation is clogged. Finally Tho Central Organ of the circulation comes to a Stop a full Stop and this stoppage Means a dissolution. This is the death of old age tvs Inch few attain to. Many people have an idea that death is necessarily painful even agonizing but there is no reason whatever to sup pose that death is More painful than birth. It is because in a certain proportion of cases dissolution is accompanied by a visible spasm and distortion of the countenance that Tho idea exists but it is nearly As certain As anything can be that these distortions of the facial Muscles Are not Only painless but take place unconsciously in Many instances too a comatose or Semi comatose state Supervene and it is altogether probable that More or less Complete unconsciousness then prevails. We have too abundant evidence of people who have been nearly drowned and resuscitated and they All agree in the statement that after a few moments of painful straggling fear and anxiety pass away and a state of Tranquillity succeeds. They see the visions of Green Fields and in some cases hear pleasing music and so far from being miserable their sensations Are delightful. But where attempts at resuscitation Are sue coastal the resuscitated persons almost invariably protest against being brought Back to life and declare that resuscitation is accompanied by physical pain and acute mental misery. Death is a fact which every Man must personally experience and consequently is of Universal interest and As Facto Are facts the Wiser course is to look them squarely in the face for necessity is Coal Black and death keeps no medical journal. Auh Nian and ills deaf father. Dan i was the biggest liar in town and Dan a always appealed to his father to verify his fearful yarns. Dan los father was old a Little deaf and belonged to the methodist Church. It was not to be supposed that the old gentleman would endorse lies and thus the neighbors concluded. But Here is How Dan a got around his poor old dad. A went Down Ter to Brook yesterday a Dan a would relate. A caught Tew Hundred and four pick til. Say. Did no to i dad a and the old Man benign Antly listening would hear a a four and meekly reply a yes then the Able liar would Edge around a Aback to his father and with the Edge of his hand measure off the length of his Arm before Tho eyes of his astonished guest a caught one pick Ril a whopper Lougen that say Wara t he dad a the old Man would gaze upon the six inches of scrawny wrist and forearm As wily Dan a whirled and measured for Hie Benefit and humbly but firmly assert a Tyis my son shed say As How he was Summat journal. Tho world paper Mills. The production of paper in the entire world is estimated to be 3,000,000,000 pounds per year. There Are 884 paper Mills and 1,106 paper machines in this country. Germany has 809 Mills and 891 machines France 420 Mills and 525 machines England 361 Mills and 541 machines Scotland 69 Mills and 98 machines Ireland 13 Mills and 13 machines Russia 133 Mills and 137 machines and Austria 220 Mills and 270 record. Got what they wanted. A sunday school teachers Why were f. Kalteyer amp son wholesale and retail or taoists importers and exporters1 drugs chemicals and druggists sundries Patent medicines etc., photographic Stock sheep dip Sulphur pint tar and Chrysilios ointment. Sole proprietors of f. Kalteyer a Patent screw worm ointment and liniment mail orders promptly attended to correspondence solicited. F. Kalteyer amp. Son san Antonio. Texas 607609 West Commerce Street North Side military Plaza. Are you thinking of purchasing or building Home 3 the an Antonio offers unparalleled advantages to Home seekers. A location of surprising loveliness a climate unequalled for purity and Healthfulness warm open Winters and Cool Only Noah and his family saved in the i delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Ark Small boy cause Noah was Good and did t ask nothing. The rest wanted the Earth and they got news. Suicide Brulee in Harlem. Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street railway of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved streets and Beautiful a suburban avenues and drives excellent the bims Over the Harlem at third i Public schools and churches of every denomination. All conv Avenue has always been a favorite spot i a. With suicides and the men who let boats tuning to make san Antonio the most inviting place tor a in that Vicinity Are never surprised at ,._ �?z�4%�r�� seeing stiff a in the water. The officers i permanent Home on the cont on duty arc i ways on the watch for any aside from its natural advantages and rapidly develop person in depressed spirits leaning upon. The rail. One hot night a Largo coloured ing improvements san Antonio offers another inducement of woman carrying a laundress basket., a a a. Was observed to drop her Burden with a import to the Home seeker in that sigh and lean Over the railing to gaze intently into tile water. The officer on guard watched her closely. She covered her face now and then with her handkerchief and uttered deep sighs. When she took a Light shawl from her shoulders folded and Laid it in her Basket the officer thought it was time to interfere. He moved quickly to her Side and said a Lyon ainu to thinking of jumping in Are Yon a the woman turned a heated but Jolly face upon him. A bet yer i ainu to she said. A a in a trying to get cooled off that a York press. Real estate can be purchased just now at exceedingly Low figures a a a a w or a Ness is. John to. Hambleton go who ranks among the oldest and most reliable dealers in real estate Are owners of and agents for a very Large amount of City suburban and farm land property which they offer at prices remarkably Low and on terms remarkably easy. Home seekers or capitalists desiring to make profitable investments will find it to their advantage to Call upon or write this firm. Oft. We a a Sta e men Dorf to amp Are always eagerly read. A co. We Aro about to publish another Charm ing serial from the pen of this famous writer. To toil Portia is the title and you will want to read it. P Nave Preston shed Ake. Bishop of 421 ave. A ban Antonio a a enrol my name among the Many wonderful Over Twenty years it relieved me in Twenty min tel. I Ahall never be without a Sale by All druggists 50ets. Who have been relieved by Jour worn remedy. I have been suffering for 8he caught the car. She was a very masculine looking Young woman arid if she had not worn a psyche knot and skirts she might have passed for a slim waisted youth for she wore a Many a Collar a Many a coat a Man s four in hand tie and displayed of her Section of a Many shr Gin farming and Mill machinery of ail kinds. Mechanics supplies. Cassady Balky plows warranted Liff latest draft made. Threshers engines Scales mowers and reapers. Hardware and agricultural implements agents for the celebrated la Belle was Ron Martin amp Schryver. Of All sorts kinds and qualities. Building material of All kinds shapes and sizes., a Large assortment of ornamental goods always i Stock we of hand Large quantities of the never yet surprised Alscy Babb wire. 1 yes we Are successful competitors in Price and goods Terne and be convinced. Office South of Sunset depot. San Antonio Texas. Captain King writes a Good Manu stories but he does no to write any poor Blea. Some May be better than others but a i Amy Portia is among his Best As it is one of his latest. I a canes All styles Silver and Gold first be on the Alert for chapter i. Safe a a a or is says Shliom a consumption cure. No. I. Thea la beyond question the Moat successful cough Medicine we have Ever sold a Taw Dosca invariably cure the worst cases of cough croup and bronchitis while its wonderful Success in the cure of consumption is without a parallel in the history of Medicine. By Nee its first discovery it has been sold on a guarantee a test which no other Medicine can stand. If you have a cough we earnestly ask you to try it. Price to cents 50 cents and $1. Of your lungs Are sore. Chest or Back lame use Shiloh a porous plaster. Sold by Kalteyer a son. 13 by knights of pythias endow rent rank offers the Best and safest insurance. For further particulars ask any member of the order or t. R. Johnson Al the Light office Theun Versal verdict of the people who have used Clarkes extract of flax papillon skin cure award it the first and highest Blaes As a remedial agent in a cases of but a is sacs. Erysipelas eczema , a sightly blotches humiliating eruptions Rolla carbuncles Tetter etc., All yield to this wonderful preparation at once. Price $1 for a Large bottle at f. Saltey amp res drug store. Clarkes flax soap is Good for the Akia try it. Price 26 cents 2-17 0

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