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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 17, 1891, San Antonio, Texas 3pue daily sight. Saturday january 17, 1891. The skin. I a important footer in Koop of feel health of ii Doc not no la Ute temp founded by Atter it fnwattem1 ate performed by other org a Ute kidney and the Long Ami Tea to a breakdown of general swifts specific Foo to remedy of mature in Statia Hafl do Akia to proper facture. I a be Muta flite wad Alemye Elt a amp Loeb la is purpose. Send for our treat a of the it ted teed 8ktii dt�ft8mo. Fly Gurr amp Wane on attested cannot Canso stricture. Painless to use. I or a a 1 Arata i Taf sol 8,1 it str Pior la i a no. _ qua a a Bauta in a #1, Price $1.00 . Sent to Plain package a stabber syringe for $1 50 sold by f. Kalteyer a son. E Herweck a i a in saints oils and Glass it agent Foky Geo. W. Pitkin amp cos 7.intl pastel Beme painting and groaning a specially no. 12 Alamo Strobe. E a. Seffel. House and bion Painter shop East Commerce Siree opposite St Joseph Catholic none Bat the very deft mat in j used Ana Good. Honest work a reasonable prices. La Alamo brewing association. Best Pale Vienna lager and bottled Beer. Orders promptly attended and delivered to any part of the City free of charge. I a to aul. Points 11 Orth and East through Grauu Carrr Pullman sleepers r Between Pointe by Texas Tad Chicago St. Louis Mem Mumm a in a Kansas City. T lot connections in All of the ahoy ditto with fast train of Eastern and Northern lines make the m. K. At. The beet line the York Boston Montreal and St. Pail. No a. Up do r . Cross a Rory. Gen. Sup. Sedan. j. a acc in swish. To. A. P. Hugh Sis. Gaston Hibl or Smi Gen i pass at a Gen l he at Eket at pm. . Sedalia to. Brought the funnel Nom in bin each oar teats by Alish do i a Wear to punish mar Quot it is Latona rejoined quickly. Quot then she May go with me to Elka list Rehs a and wherefore a replied the Arab again Xvi the his ugly smile. A Safe is the Frank Kli Airam under tin tents of the Beni Alt. It t Iii Gimour seek ids own. A i learn the Ingle Eye Prince from whose harem Ehy cometh can lavish gems Aud diamonds upon this plaything he Broby off suddenly. Craft had carried him too far and Asho realized that he had trapped himself Moham died Ben Zizius brow knotted and his Eye shone with an evil gleam. Not knowing if he breathed so great was the tension on his nerves yet with brain coolly Alert Adrien Latour Hod borne this Irving interview. Still his Eye never quilted Tho sheiks but the hot blood of his race rushed to Bis heart with a wild Joy for to Felt that time was past for Parley and now for action As the Sheik ceased his left hand swiftly twitched till Vournous Back Baring the Long Tawny muscular right Arm. But Ere he could grasp his Spear Tho Arab stopped spellbound As though to gazed into the eyes of the cobra i Capello i a Quick in was his gesture quicker still was that which flashed the pistol through the air. A one word one sign is death whispered Latour in arabic. Then bracing his left foot in the Stirrup the Creole stretched his right one to the woman at his Side. A Quick mount a he cried to her. A your life More depends upon your courage Edith placed her foot pm his grasped the cantle of the Saddle and swung up lightly on the horse without one word. All had passed so rapidly so Calm and lows had been Tho spoken words that the stoical arabs near had never looked toward him. And now As the absent Pia Tol unlocked Mohammed-Ben-zizi8 voice their wondering Rush was too late. As he Hod Felt Edith Settle upon the Horst and with wondrous presence of mind pass her left hand round Hin. For to shake his pistol army Latour a ailed oat to said and the Noble Horst sped away Over the path he id Ornaf. A Holdfast stoop Low to the Rig Jot of a Latour died bending his own body to the left to give her zoom. A they May hurl the Spears a but no sound whizzed by their Nam say the wind of their own Rush and after a few More Bounds the Man raised himself and glanced Back. At the ten is All was wild confusion men running for their picketed steeds Ami tearing Tho bags from their noses the think himself Foremost among them. Under his raised hand Latour scanned Tho desert. Tile duet Cloud Rose More distinct yet full two Miles away. But it now advanced More rapidly As though Hie need were known. Again he twisted round to scan the Camp Bow nearly a mile Bein and. Mounted arabs had rushed from it. On their fresh mares spreading out wide Over the Sand As is their wont in a Hose Many a White Vournous trailing on the wind and Sharp Spears glittering in the Sun. Before him the moving dust Cloud was still four times their distance away yet the Soldier did not urge his horse out of the even steady Gallop each stride As regular As though he carried no extra weight. Teon they pressed steadily and in silence for a half mile More. Then the strained ear of the Mon caught the cries of numerous pursuers gaining on him. Far to the right and left the cries were Clear while those behind grew fainter Aud he knew that the flee test steeds were deployed to hem Bim in More surely. Still Latona did not urge his horse confident what the grand Steed could do and saving him for yet More urgent need. A a courage he whispered to the woman behind him. A they waste their breath. See Iii yonder dust is safety. Ahmed is nearing he said no More. For Dull but surely away to the right he caught the muffled thud of hoofs upon the Sand. They were gaining rapidly had he lit them come too near once More he urged the hers slightly with touch of Stirrup the sensitive animal responding with new strength Foster faster still until the level Sands lined flying backward past them on at that tearing Speed for a half mile then the Distant dust Cloud still half a Mil away opened and showed the egyptian troop charging at Speed. A great gasp of Relief broke from la tour s breast for the double weight at Speed told heavily on said who Laboured in his stride. And just then for the asst tune Edith spoke. A look to the right,9 she said quietly Mil Low. Twisting round Latour beheld the Sheik scarce three Hundred paces off almost even with him his magnificent male bounding along at racing Speed. Plainly he had shaken off the rest in that great burst of Speed but the sheiks Mare would not be left spite of the wide Datum Hie made. One glance toward the approaching a to Valrye no nearer seemingly in the Brief interval a and his hand instinctively stretched for Ilia pistol. A dead shot even at Speed he could easily drop the Arab out of Buddle. But that would be declaration of War uni he warn the Parka officer the Aralia so far having done no hostile cd t. Without time in question hoi lie had Assn med Edith a continue in sixth Page gaming Western suburb Beautiful like View addition. Every inducement offered investors. Choice resident lots and three acre blocks on the car line for Sale at Low prices. The electric car service which is now in operation has no Superior in America. Lake View cars leave the Post office at regular intervals daily. Five cents will take you to Highland Park where you will Pone of the finest views in Southwest England Iland co. We p. Watson. Genl. Manager. No. 9. E. Houston St. Be prudent buy property which increases in value daily and feel Safe i one of the Best safest and most profitable investments to which we can recommend the attention of the Public is in the Purchase of 0 Elle View Vav addition property. The location is Beautiful High and level the Best soil for the making of clean streets anywhere an electric Street railway system will be in operation by the is of March 1891. This property will soon be taken up by speculators on account of its favourable location therefore buy As Long As you can get it out of first hands. For particulars apply to capt. Edgar Schramm Light office no. 4 East Commerce Street san Antonio. Texas. A sate investment. Is one which is guaranteed touring you satisfactory results or in Case of failure a return of Purchase Price. On this Safe plan you can buy from our advertised druggist a bottle of or. Kings new discovery for consumption. It is guaranteed of bring Relief in every Case when Usi d for any affection of Throat bronchitis asthma whooping cough croup Etc., Etc. It is pleasant and agreeable to taste perfectly Safe and can always be depended upon. Trial bottles free at dress Thompson a co s drug store. Specimen cases. S. H. Clifford new Cassel win., was troubled with neuralgia and rheumatism his stomach was disordered his liver was affected to an alarming degree appetite fell away and he was terribly reduced in flesh Ana three bottles of electric bitters cured him. Edward Shepherd Harrisburg Iii., had a running sore on his h g of eight years standing. Used three bottle of electric bitters and seven boxes of Bucklers Arnica Salve and his leg in sound and Well. John speaker Catawba o., had ave Large fever sores on his leg. Doctors said he was incurable. One bottle electric bitters and one Box buckle us a Arnica Salvo cured him entirely. Amp co. Sold by Dreiss Thompson Uthe Fly Anci aim Iti it Sci flies and ants Are quickly annihilated by mixing a teaspoonful of Kough on it ats with a Saucer of sweetened water lace on High shelves or suspended in the room or mix a teaspoonful of Hough on it to with a half Pound of Brown sugar and Sprinkle on High out of reach shelves or on rear Border of lower shelves out of reach of children. Cd this out. I Tyr. Happy hoosiers. We. Timmons postmaster of Idaville ind., writes a electric bitters has done More for me than any other medicines combined for that bad feeling arising from kidney and liver John Leslie Farmer and Stockman of same place says a find electric bitters to be the Best kidney and liver Medicine made me feel like a new j. W. Gardner hardware merchant same town says electric bitters is just the thing for a Man who is All run Down and done to care whether he lives or Dies he found new strength Good appetite Aud Felt just like he had a new lease of life. Only 50c. A bottle at Dreiss drug store. 10-15-6t of valuable remedy. A letter from 8. P. Ward Ell Boston says a i used Clarks extract of i lax papillon a Catarrh cure in june last for hat fever a with great satisfaction and find it the Only a it blog i have seen which would allay with a out irritation the Fufla Matlon of the nostrils find Throat. It soothing and Healing a pro Pettiet were marked Sud immediate a Large bottle lion Clarks flax Foai is the test and Best. Try it. The cents ask for them at f. A i to vans drugstore. 2-17-tf f a tltnts7 caveats and Trade Mark obtained and a. Patent business conducted for int it Sehati vees. Ona or fica in opposer 17.8. Patent or not and we can secure a Patent in less time and at less Cost than those Remote from Wash Long ton. Bend Model drawing or photo., with desert ton. We advise if patentable or not free of charge. Our foe not duo till Patent is secured a Little Book a How to obtain patents with names of actual a Hents in your stats county or town sent free. Address A. Snow amp co opt pats Orinc. Wab Broto d. Of comforts at Small Cost. The cheap and easy Way to buy furniture is what we Are anxious to a How you. Inspect our magnificent line of new Aly Iez in parlor furniture bedroom furniture. Hii Idun room furniture. Sofas and easy Chain miscellaneous furniture and single pieces. All modern designs. 6ood materials. Well finished and parable. Prices always the lowest considered. Put the $1 where it does the most for you furniture Hager amp Moths. No. 13 Alamo Plaza and 12 Losoya St., san Antonio Tex property for Sale Itow five room c cottage v galleries water Woike a table Carriage Bouge Etc., centrally located. -$3,600.0 two flue building loth on the government Heights 400.0 two Large lot on West end by reef railway line,.1,500 0 Ink flue Block of 8 Large lot in iia redo near new shops fount key Fine building Lute in Corpus Christi,.2, machinery amp Type to fonts Job letter i 30 of 160 lbs. Brevier Horn an in eases 80 0 too lbs. By. Or. Roman in car Ltee 25 on i Tuerke water Muter 4 Hora Power Cost $175. I hand Power wheel 1-2 horse Power. J wooden drum tor hoisting i four horse team Eugino a horse boiler new with smoke stack -.375 of i Otto Gas engine 4 Boree pow. 400 in address 40.0 60.0c 10.01 wealth c. We St in Khok and Braim to furan Nso of alcohol or tobacco. Wakefulness is set Tai depression. Softening of the Drain residual in in., and leading to misery decay death premature old age barrenness i of Power in either sex involuntary Bosses sperm Horrom caused by Over exertion of brain self abuse or Over . R Box Oon talus a in months treatment. Ii Box or six boxy for 5.00, sent by mall papal it i of receipt of uric we 6 Mion tee six boxes to cute a taut. To a to each Oion i it it Civ b us for tax boxes act oui anted a lib 5.00, or will Send the ppr Host r our arum go aria to refund the Mony if the treat it in do life t. La. Johnson Light office. Feet r cure l gift Rantee issued Only by 8 Lapland amp co City drug Stan Soli agents b East commerceist., san Antonio

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