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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 17, 1891, San Antonio, Texas It Laily Gitlit. Saturday. January 17, 1891. Railroad time table. I. A i. N. Railroad. . Far St. Louis via Iron Mountain or m., k. Amp t.5 45 a. In for St. Louis via Iron Mountain route.6 00 p. M for Laredo.0 Law a. In. A Rhi Vai. From St. Louts Iron Mountain and m., k. A t.1055 a. M from St. Louis Iron Mountain and m., k. Amp t. Routes 10.00 p. In from Laredo. 3 35 p. M c Southern Pacific Railroad. Through express Kast. Leave for new Orleans Houston and Galveston. .9 00p.and 9 25 a. M Arri Vuk from the Bast. Arrive from new Orleans hous ton and Galveston 6 50a.m. And 4 10 p.through West leave for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass. 4 40 p. M arrive from san Francisco Al t paso and Eagle pass.8 55 a. M the a. A. A a. P. R. route. Departures. Leaves for Kerrville Dally except sunday at.3 00 p. M leaves for Galveston Houston and Cuero Dally c at. 8 45 a. In leaves for port and Beeville daily excerpt sunday at. 9 00 p.arrival. From Kerrville a airy except sunday at. 9 45 a. M from Corpus Christi. Rockport and Beeville daily except sunday at.8 00 p. In from Galveston Houston and Cuero daily. At.7 10 p. In. Little of everything. Free visiting cards. How to get them inquire of Fred. Small City sub sedation agent of the daily Light. Lave you lost found or want anything if so advertise in the daily Light and it will be made known. Voted 100,000 be Yankees to come to Texas with their capital to develop the country and push the old Moss backs out wanted every Republican in Texas to subscribe for the daily or weekly san Antonio Light the Only a Equine Independent Republican paper in the soc the gear in mind that Frank j. Bolted keeps builders hardware Aud Lum Ber at tile International and great Northern depot of �8,000 will buy a Nice two Story Brick House Aud a Good established grocery business centrally located Jno. T. Hambleton a co. 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He had indeed been Blind As she told a him he saw himself a one whose hand like the Baw Indian threw a Pearl away Richer than ail his tribe and How faithful had been that love to seek him after All those Yean in Friendship to find Friendship too tame progeny for it even in its age to sweep aside habit Reserve fear even her vows at the altar and a is Many a Way he Analysed her feelings not Bis own. Not once did he ask himself How he loved this woman if the hot Rush of passion surging through him from pressure of her lips was higher because stronger feeling than a Hundred fancies to had reared one week Only to Bury under the satiety of Tho next. When at last fevered but wearied he threw himself upon the divan the dreams that visited his first fitful sleep reversed the Tenor of his waking visions. Beautiful alluring dazzling Edith would stretch her arms to him. And Ever As he reeled toward her dizzy with passion the face would change to the Stony fathomless one of the Sphinx the sightless eyes looking beyond him. Then Tho voluptuous form would merge into the one he had last seen under tile Orange Trees of the Creole Garden its scornful lip upbraiding a she knew i loved you then Dale knew it husband knew it in his Cost you Only Yong would not know it a he still Lay half dressed upon the divan after the Sun had Long slipped up above the Eastern desert suddenly As it Ever does in Egypt. Now changed to a Ruddy Orange it gilded the domes of the Citadel the minarets of Cairo a four Hundred mosques and warmed the Dull Shade of till Moat Tam Hills suddenly he was roused by a heavy footstep and a loud voice at his Side. Lord Martindale stood there with flushed face crying in a voice strident from excitement a Odd hour i know to boat Yon up no time for ceremony Yon know. Lady Martindale conduct most explain. Inexplicable really a Latona was on his feet confronting Tho excited husband calmly but a dozen conjectures whirled into his brain Only to be dismissed a quickly. Had she betrayed herself could she have con fessed her fault were the arabs he had see her husbands spies a and what of lady Martindale he asked. A most singular Freak you know a his lordship answered in real anxiety. A been missing since Dawn you sea Pearson her maid tells that she lode off followed by Harris Ait Tho first Streak of Day. A a there is nothing very alarming to that a Latour rejoined in relieved tone. A sit Down and have some Coffee before she returns for breakfast a a could no to do it you know a lord Martindale replied walking to the window and gazing Over the desert. A she told Pearson to Wako in half an hours shed be Back by that time Yon know. That was two hours ago audits Devilish strange really a a it is an Odd time rather Latona said absently. A a but Harris was with Lier and if no thing wrong had chanced crime from Tho Street interrupted him the Clatter of flying hoofs sounded on the stones of the court and As he glanced Down through the window a sudden dread sprang to i brain. Morning stables nearly completed the horses of the cavalry escort were tethered to the Long rope in Tho Yard beyond wiry native dragoons finishing the grooming of their sleek Coats by the last rub Down. As Latour looked a ride less horse covered with foam and snorting with fright dashed by the sentry clattered up the court and halted at the rope. Instantly Strong hands seized him some stroking Bis Ueck and muzzle others lifting the Saddle and examining his sides gored by Tho Sharp shovel stirrups. Lord Martindale stared Over Bia shoulder asking anxiously a that in Tho horse Harris rides god Latour something is wrong i May be a fool Yon know but if you loved Hor As i do you a understand without answer Latour clapped his hands speaking rapidly to Tho prompt orderly. X a Saddle said Pasha and another quickly Sling holsters and examine Tho a it a. Ask capt. Ahmed to report Here a he stud in arabic. His mind was Clear now the Soldier instinct Tiamu Strong Ore Aux to Aud doubt. 170 a Derecas cavalry Lori of Nan run a Long distance evidently Over heavy Sand. The two arabs at the Gate the taller one later at the hotel Edith a imperative wish to visit their Camp and above All Tho unusual comment made on her by those stolid children of the desert All these flashed into his mind and had formulated into his plan before he had even donned his uniform coat. Asho rolled a Loq so veil about his Light helmet and slipped the strap of a Field Glass Over his shoulder Cape Ahmed entered. To him Latour said rapidly in arabic a Captain i have reason to fear trouble with Mohammed Ben Zizius arabs. Mount Twenty men with loaded carbines Trot to the caliphs tombs. If i am not in sight signal by firing your revolver but if you see to Riding toward the tents follow it full at Ahmed turned to obey Latour said to lord Martindale a though your fears May be groundless lord i Havo ordered horses saddled for us. This Glass will surely give is a View of lady Edith from the Bab it Nassr a she Gallop Home for breakfast. Come they Are restless hoofs clattered below and lord Martindale again asked As he followed his Host a was not that horse the one you loaned Harris a a yes but he san Arab a Latour re plied forcing levity through the sickening dread that oppressed him. A Bow Bells offers bad training for handling the desert a the beggar is such a Damnable rider really a the other growled. A if he has been thrown and left her Ladyship to ride alone ii break his Bones Yon two magnificent Arab steeds stood at the doorway a one a grand stallion White As curd and taller by a hand than the average native horse. His Long flank the corded Muscles of his thighs and Flat forearms showed Power equal to the Bottom indicated by great breadth of Chest and his Calm Large eyes gazed with human intelligence into his masters As he rubbed his lean muzzle on his shoulder and snorted Low Welcome through Bright Pink nostrils. For said had been Zulfikar Pasha a gift to Latona with his rank of Bey and his master bad tested hit pure blood of the Ane Zeh Breed flowing straight from the mares of the Prophet a Pedigree jealously guarded As that of the sultans selves in More than one perilous ride. But now he examined the Gitlis and bit buckles with unusual care raised the flaps of his holsters and loosened the two army a col tsp resting in them. Then he said abruptly a amount lord a and the next moment those two men so strangely met again More strangely still sent to their quest by one motive wore galloping toward the Gate of Victory. Through the Gate out on the open desert nearing the tombs of the caliphs yet no sight of living thing upon the hot Sands. For the said now two hours High flooded the Flat Plain with blinding Glare and his heat. December though it was was close and oppressive. Any rider for pleasure had sought the Shade of Home certainly of the tombs a Long Ere this and Latonia boart Sank i they galloped near those wondrous mausoleums to the very spot where he had strained that Beautiful form to his breast scarce half a Day ago. Suddenly that breast swelled with Joy. Clear Sharp and near rang out a horses neigh. But his Joy died oat even before lord Martindale Bod cried a a there she is great Luck really for said at the sound had sent his a Harp ears Forward but Ere it died he dropped them making no reply. Latona Shook his head gloomily. A no not she a he answered. A said would have answered a stable companion. But some one is there and he must have seen her or the Groom. Then he tamed said into tile deep shades thrown wide Aud tool upon the Aai ids from the Caliph Ber gook a Tomb. There stood a wily ugly Arab apparently busied with the thong of his Stirrup but unarmed and with the bedouin Dingy Vournous absent. Quot the Man looked up carelessly enough but a strange gleam of recognition and Surprise came into his Dull eyes As they glanced first at Latour a face. Then at Ilia uniform. A Salaam Alie Koum. Effendi a he said gravely. A peace be with Yon also a Latour answered in his own Tongue. A you seem not of Cairo but a stranger and these be hot hours for a journey. Yet your Mare shows no fatigue nor heat he added eying Ravaro and Man closely. A the Intro is a Good Mare a Tho Arab answered forgetting his Stirrup mending and vaulting into the Saddle. A peace be with thee then and coolness in thy ride a Latour answered pleasantly. A i also must go w a. And he slowly turned said head but kept his keen eyes rooted to the others As he added quickly a which Way rods Tho lady a the arabs eyes opened in Surprise and his dark face changed but he quickly relapsed in to solidity answering slowly a of what Sitta Speaks the Effendi surely none would ride on the desert Nuder this Latona Rode off without reply. Joining lord Martindale he said briefly a the Arab in there lift i think. Whether or not we can learn nothing and Are wasting juju one cd his Field Glass Aud swept the desert carefully. Some three Miles southward Tho Low Black tents of the Sheik showed distinctly in the Clear atmosphere even the gleam of a whits Vournous distinguishable. Out toward the Semi Bra Road the great tree rows planted by beet Ali now towered still and Stone like in the Breeze less Glare. Behind them glittered the dome of Cairo but no speck of life moved on the desert. Lord Martindale sat silent. Deep anxiety now marked his face and in Tho Glass fell he cried a god i can to stand this you know anything is better a Tan sitting still. Yon know this damned country do you suspect danger to Hoitz a suspicions arc useless far to Ore what we want a Latour answered closing Tho Glass. A but we might Havo missed her a cried the now agonized husband clinging to that shred of Hope. A not if she rods to the desert a Tho other answered calmly. Into his Quick mind ins certainty had come. Still there was one Chance that to erred and pointing to the Soubra Road lie said shortly a Gallop Over there. Thero is Hare Chance she comes that Way. I will take the racked with dread. Lord Martin Dol turned without on word speeding for the Frere. Lotour a loosened rein gave signal to said who founded off Over the hot Sand straight for Tho Arab tents. Part Iii chapter i. Loch inv Aoi in thu Kast. Swift a he swept along swifter rushed to Latour brain 6hamo, contrition self reproach each in turn shrinking in the burning memory of that kiss still tingling through his veins of Tho soft pressure that hold him to the heart beating so wildly if so sinfully for him was he responsible for her mad Freak had memory driven her Forth at Dawn dreading to face the Man whose Hono Aile had a marched for his Sake exactly what the danger was to could not define. To life or limb surely none for the Arab of the desert is not of sax age nature and the first horror of her capture for Sale into some harem had been dismissed As preposterous. But were her detention Only for Ransom the thought of Durance among Savages no word of whose Tongue she knew made the Man grind his Teeth in impotence of Wrath. Would the escort arrive in time not yet he know. Still to turned in Saddle and glanced Back Ai the tombs now a mile away. There the Arab sat upon Bis horse standing High in his stirrups his Vournous fluttering Loose. In his right hand a Quieti in unto tie cried to her. He raised his slender Lance hidden while they had spoken and from its Point waved his White turban. A a signal i was right a Latour muttered forcing his gaze once More on the tents now fast growing More distinct. Suddenly his Eye caught a living figure on till Sand Midway Between. With voice and Heel he urged his horse to racing Speed the hot air screaming past his oars As though the Khamsin wind wore blowing his eyes riveted on the moving thing now seen to be a Man staggering Onward. On faster Over the burning Sand for seconds that seemed hours and then Tho Man recognizing him waved his hand. A Harris alone a Latona groaned through his set Teeth. A god what have they done to Hor a again tits shovel Stirrup gored the racing arabs Side. Ile was within Hail shouting to the struggling Groom in the voice that had earned a charge a Over the Roar of Battle Down the Long brigade a where is Cher the Man screamed something lout in the Rush of wind past Latoures ears but he Law that Harris was ghastly exhausted with blood streaming Down his face. Closer still he came and again Latour cried fiercely a where is she a Harris steadied himself pushed Back the matted hair from his forehead and shouted a at the Tenter the flying Arab Steed reached the staggering Man. Latoures voice Tram pet Clear in the stillness hurled at him the words a help will come 8eo�?� Asho spoke behalf turned in the Saddle. The caliphs Tomb dim and shadowy now still glinted the son from their minarets. But a gasp jumped from his heart to his lips As he saw a dust Cloud rising Between. On still on until the Arab Camp waa plainly seen. And there was Busy movement but his Quick Eye told that it was to avoid not meet him. Most of the Low Black tents wore already struck and folded their act i Riner owners moving swiftly among them. Foremost of those still standing was toe rather taller tent of the Sheik. Between this and the nearest tent stood a pm very Low nosed pack came while farther off another keeled and Busy hands piled tents and baggage in his kiddie. Tho Arab mares each picketed to a Long Spear driven in the Rani and with a fog of Barley tied afoot Tho nose stood quiet and docile. Loosening Tho pistol in his Holster Latona checked his horse by a word the great stride slackening to a swinging Gallop then coming to a stand at a air Hail. / a peace to with thee o Sheik a Latour cried. A and with thee also peace a the Arab answered. He Rose and stood silent As Latour advanced slowly within two Pace of his mat. Then Jim added a alight o Warrior of Ismail the Pasha Ami nit Fon Catu the whirl and heat had gone from Latoures brain now replaced by Cool Quick resolve. To Felt Craft must meet Craft and thin Arab was an adept. Quiet As though on Parade he sat reaching Over to Caress Tho grand neck of Tho Steed that Boro Bim so gallantly but really listening to Bis breathing. Tin three mile race Over Tho Sand under that blaring Bun. Had act cely tested the endurance of Tho Ane Zeh blood. Two Long deep breaths to took then Ilia rides scarce moved and the Man knew by could rely upon Bis horse if is could but Trust his own coolness and sagacity. A a Little time have i to sit o Sheik to Bained Ben Zizi who answered slowly. Neither have i yet come on visit to Theo. Only on Way to other duties have i chanced near thy Tho arabs brow clouded and his Dull Eye grew brighter As he answered a was thou safest o Warrior to shall it be. Moh mined Benizzi Forseth not his Salt upon the unwilling who Careth not to eat it but prefers to stand like a Faker doing penance rather than sin ska beneath his again Tho Creole answered very slowly but Bis Quick ear and quicker Eye of re Busy and when he finished his plan was conned non the information both gave him. A thou o son of the desert a he said Low and quietly a part free to do thy ways but in our army there Are rules that Nous May break. One of these commands that foot May not leave Stirrup till duty is accomplished. Still much do i Marvel o Sheik to see thy touts folded and thy people prepared for travel while the answer of our Sovereign unto the Sheik of the Beni Ali i3 yet unheard Quot so speaking Latour noted three things. Before the nearest teat kit a aged Arab who had risen with Tho Sheik. His extended Arm lean and Black grasped his Spear the Vournous falling from it like a curtain before the tent. Moreover tile Camel s pack Saddle had been replaced by Mats strapped on him for a seat. And at last he noticed one Mare picketed apart a Vournous strapped around her hiding head and rides. While he spoke she Whinnie loud beneath this Hood. Said raised his head pricked his ears Forward and snickered in reply but his rider appeared not to note As the Sheik replied a yesterday said i to the o Warrior of Ismail Beu Ybrahim that thy ruler of Mit Srain is no King of the Beni Alil for what thou boost Here the Way of the bedouin is Tho Way of the wind. He Goethe even As lie cometh Hows he a then. Ere thou guest o Sheik Quot Lar tour said gravely Aud quietly a in Tho name of King Ismail Khedive of All Egypt a it eak i these words a he paused an instant. Thus far All had been spoken in the Low guttural arabic. Backing said two paces Latour now raised his Clear voice crying in resonant English a courage Edith sign eak no word but come quickly a a what Sheet and a gibberish the sheiva exclamation of wonder was Cut Short for gliding by Tho old Arab Edith raised Hor Prond head in the Sunshine. The bloodless Olive face spoke nothing of fear the defiant eyes softened Only a they met Latoures and her heaving bosom forced the a Lisper a Zadrien then i am Safe a Latour Felt she was close to him but his Eye never left the Shieko a. Knowing Well the dual Arab nature he watched eagerly which of its mood would Sway the chief and his breath came easier a he saw that Craft not Force would first be tried. For instead of snatching his Spear Zia Only stared a moment at the woman. A what Juggler is this o Warrior a he asked with cunningly simulated wonder. A truly might i deem Theo on of the wicked Jinns that Dost summon strange forms from the Sands of Tho desert. In the name of Shelton speak who is or a How should i know aught of her a the Creole answered with wonder equal to his own. Eliut if this verily be a Frankish woman who hath lost her Way upon the desert Ami been rescued by thy people then will i return with her to the friends who must now be seeking a strange a mile writhed the thin Black lips of the Arab. Adept Iii dissimulation even beyond the Levantin greeks his race Evir Honor Craft in others. He a As Tao loophole of escape offered by the other a word but to Only answered calmly a if thou canst a How him who hath continued of third in Uge

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