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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 16, 1891, San Antonio, Texas Pc Patty Jug i Friday january 16, 1891. you have headache Preston shed Ake a cures Tou while you wait Quot cubes a kinds of headache and nothing else. A prompt i harmless stains neither Antipyrine morphine. Chlorey opium. Cocaine or other Dange Ous drugs Beston chemical co., sold by All druggists Accident on an elevator. In one of new York s largest hotels they have three elevators anti of course require very powerful machinery to run them. One of the guests who had gone to the theatre lingered for a Nice Little private spread at dells Aud As the Steak was particularly Good a you know a and his Best girl in a Lovely humor who by the Way was his wife the gentleman remained so Long with his Charm ing companion Over his Mummy a that when he reached his hotel the coloured attendant of the elevator had gone up stairs and fallen into the arms of Murphy or Morley in a not sure which. Our Friend believed in fresh air Dan lived on the floor nearest the sky soot course he was disappointed to and the elevator closed for the night he muttered something to his wife and gave a wrench it int Iron door leading to the elevator car it opened and be laughed and although his wife at Aret refereed to enter he finally prevailed and chuckled to himself As the elevator started upwards to thins How he outdone the House and How the Darkey a eyes would stand nut in the morning when he found the elevator at the top of the House. W Hen they got to the second floor from the top our Friend thought be might As Well try to slow up a Little but to his astonishment he found he could not Check the unmanageable elevator. The Prospect of a drop of nine stories flashed before hts mind also his wife sat the same instant result a tremendous yell from the gent and a shrill scream from the lady. The attention of a gentleman on the floor below was attracted he Umberto the elevator and Gas cd the wire rope holding with All his strength and he was Strong As he had lived in Texas tor twelve years and he finally brought Tho elevator to a Stop just in time As it was found on the following Day that Only one Small strand of the heavy steel wire remained in act but our navigators were saved. They were profuse in their thanks and when they met the gentleman recognized their old Friend j. M. Emerson of Hail Antonio Texas and to told his wife that he had such con Alden Ceinor. Emerson a firm that he would wait until he went to san Antonio for the earrings and baby buggy. Moral of you want anything cd Cap and Good go to Emerson s. Emerson keeps everything and you will be a customer tor life if you Deal with him once. Citation by publication. Woll n 0.0318. Elme Noohi St co., is. Curt e. Mitz Schul in District court of Bexar county 45th judicial District. The state of Texas to the sheriff or any Constable of Bexar county greeting you Are hereby comr ended that by making publication of this citation in some newspaper published in the Ltd unto of Bexar once in Tach week for four successive weeks previous to the return Day Hereof you summon Curt e. My Tuschke a of the state of Texas to be and appear at the next regular term of the District court of the 45th judicial District in and for Bexar county to be Bolden at the court House thereof in the City of san Antonio on the first monday in March next the same being the 2nd Day of March a. >., 1891, then and there to answer a petition flied in said court on the 25th Day of february a. D., 1890, in a suit numbered 318 on the docket of said a ourt wherein Elmendorf &co., a firm composed of Aunalie Elmendorf. Henry Elmendorf Emil Elmen Dor and Edward Elmendorf Are plaintiffs Aud said Curt e. My Tuschke is defendant. Plaintiffs in their petition allege that on november 2lst, 1885, defendant and one who is not sued herein executed and delivered to plaintiffs their joint and several promissory note for $780.8, payable on or before a it 15th, 1880, and bearing to per cent interest per annul from Date and to per cent attorneys Lee if collected by Law. That said sum of Money is now due and that defendant though often requested a refused and still refuses to pay the same extent $00 paid May 17th, 1880, and $480.04 a d March 19th, 1887. Wherefore plaintiffs Pray for judgment for their debt interest attorneys fees Aud costs of suit. Ctt3 herein fail not but have you before said court on the said first Day of the next term thereof this writ with your return thereon showing hew the same. A Wineita. Geo. It. Dashiell clerk of the Dis Trolet court of Bexar county. Given under my hand and Seal of said court at office in san Antonio. I sea la this 29th Day of december a. A 1890. Geo. It. Dash i Elu clerk District court of Bexar county. By Heritz Umscheid Deputy. Came to hand december 29th, a. I. 1890 at 9 of clock a. In. And publication ordered in the san a Ntonio daily Light. T. P. Mccall sheriff Bexar county. By . Kits Deputy. Sud Cid 12 30-4 w i san Antonio Texas december. 22 1890. Sealed proposals in Triplicate i be received Here until 12 of clock noon january ,21,1891, and then opened for the construction at fort Ringgold Texaco one set of officers quarters with outbuilding and one Brick work shop according to plan Brand specifications lobe seen at this office. Separate proposals Are also invited a and will Joe opened at the same time for doing the plumbing in connection with the buildings. Blank proposals and full instructions can be had on application. Tho u. S. Reserves the right to reject any or All propose envelopes containing proposals should be marked a proposals for construction at fort Ringgold Texas and addressed to the undersigned. Ii to. Of. Weeks Deputy quartermaster general u. S. A. Chief quartermaster. 12-22-0t�?l-ld-2t Preston shed Ake. P Ell. Bishop of 421 ave. A ban Antonio Aara a a enrol my name among the Many who have been relieved by your wonder remedy. I have been suffering for Over Touty years. It relieved uie in Twenty mines. I shall never be without a bottle. 1 Sale by All druggists fio cts. Are form gleamed vague add ghost like in the gloom. Not of the dead vast. But of the living present seemed the thoughts of both and she went on As though not interrupted a and you remember How i tested about her and Elaine poor Little Elaine she the Type of weakness and a resistance in that grand epic of the passions was the Type of woman too. And Elaine of our Day went downward with the flood a the Man stood still his face in full Light. Over it passed a flickering memory but an impatient gesture was ids sole reply. A nah strange truly Are those Reven brought in by the whirligig of time a Edith went on slowly. A but strange still the reversal of that epics moral for a twas godlike Arthurs self from whom Launcelot would have borne her Back to on his face the memory came Back deepening to wondering pain but to Only gasped a great god you know a a yes i know a she answered in unchanged tone. A the clash of sabers by Moonlight is too romantic not to make Echo and sudden vanishing of Maidens from enchanted towers May be followed by quest too eager even for most discreet ogres to keep secret. Besides clips. Arnold entertained us at Newport that summer Aud you know what sieves Young officers Are a a and the she fled from him after that night a there was neither pain nor eagerness in Latoures voice Only a Dull curiosity. A yes she fled from new Orleans. But Quot a and genuine Surprise crept into the woman a voice a do you mean that you did not know a a no How should i a and lie resumed his restless pacing on the Sand. A but in All these years have you never made inquiry about her a a never once. Why should i a he answered steadily. A since the last night i saw you on the Hudson that night she sold herself As a Pasha Sells his female slave her name has never passed my Edith Rose quickly As though from impulse advancing a step toward him. A but you to veil her then a she asked in Low eager voice. A did i his voice was Calm and steady As he added a i thought i loved her enough to have made her my wife had she not lost my respect the first time she sold herself the right to any Many a the second perhaps it was Well for lady Martindale that her face was in the Shadow As he spoke. Over those Well trained features passed a Flash of Joy quickly clouded by a Shadow of doubt. When she spoke her voice was Calm and Low but its music thrilled him strangely. A yet you did love her at West Point a she said. A not As you might have earned to love Adrien but with the first wakening of the boys heart. Had you forgotten that a i had forgotten it a he replied Calm a. A the whole past was As deeply juried As the caliphs Whoso tombs these am and you knew it then a i a knew it a she echoed. A How could i feeling As i Felt then fail to see what others saw your tent Mato knew it. She too knew it and her Dothard of a husband knew to his Cost she checked herself abruptly. The sprees Iii her voice had died As she went ?., sepia Obj by the vibrancy of an almost fierce Triumph As she stood there Judith the Venger but it came Back As she stole nearer to him saying a a forgive me please. I was selfish in the memory of my own loss then to Call those spectres out of your past which i would help you exorcise and How i did it i cannot guess for Only last night i twice stopped lord martindale�?T.1 abrupt mention that to had met him a a Dale Everett a this time there was eager interest in the Many Stone. Noting it the woman turned away her face nil ugly Shadow Over it and the lips curled in a strange smile. But she answered simply a yes he was the guest of our Cousin Hoy be Cecil of the a did Yon talk of me a tile Hood of recollections sweeping through the Man trembled on his voice. Bile turned Lull to him again gazed at him earnestly one instant then answered coldly a no Why shot mid we he never mentioned your name. In London i was coolly courteous to Cecily a guest in Paris i barely recognized him. You have reason to know that i am 110 prude but an open scandal like a Pardon me a Latour interrupted had forgotten that in Boyish memories of a Maud of her a she rejoined quickly. A i have answered that already a he said quietly. A she has been dead to me ten Long years. You Are too much woman of Tho world to hold the Man responsible for the follies of the a the world does not teach us Wisdom always a Sho answered with thrilling pathos. A the weakness of our youth pursues us often. A Man May crush a woman Only Knifer for it a they were face to face in the Broad Moonlight. A tenderness unusual to it swept her face and settled in her eyes gazing into his deep dark passionate impulsively he seized her hands half drawing her to him As he whispered a Tyr fact do you mean a she did not answer her Oyes fell before Tho hot it Agern is of ids. A Tell me a de urged. A do you mean that in the past i was Blind enough gently she withdrew her hands. Her bosom Rose and foil in tumult As she answered very Low a hush i was weak then but then i had the right to weakness. You yourself reminded me that now i Arn Safe with you that i am married a he Drew abruptly off turning to release the horses. She looked after him. Over her raised face a hot flush Rose and burned there. Her eyes gleamed Black As night. In them were some wonderment much tenderness but through both gleamed the hot Light of Triumph. He stooped to make his hand her step to Saddle. With a sweep of his Strong Arm to raised the Lis some regal figure High As the seat. Somehow the perfect French Boot clinging round the still More perfect ankle slipped from his hand. The a Beautiful form Slid Down Between the horse and Man pressing heavily against his breast As the soft perfume of her breath warmed his Cheek. The cry that would have escaped another woman Latour did not hear. He Only heard the throbbing of his own heart Only Felt the fluttering of hers As though struggling to break through the sculptured bosom. In the impulse to break her fall he had thrown his Arm about her. She did not recoil a wild Joy thrilled through him that she nestled closer in its pressure. For what might have been seconds might have been Ages for All the Man rocked a they stood thus. Suddenly the stately head resting on his bosom was lifted the face glowing and tender was raised to his and As the Luminous liquid Midnight of Lier eyes melted into his own it fell upon his shoulder. A dizzy whirl mounted to his brain As he Felt the warm sigh from the parted Scarlet of her lips his own crushed Down upon them in one Long clinging passionate kiss. Slowly her Long Lis some arms stole up about his neck the Strong slim fingers interlaced As to unlock nevermore. And again those eyes burned into his soul As the glow of passion hot upon her Cheek her lips again sought his with the whispered sigh a at last my Launcelot a f. Kalteyer amp son wholesale and retail Dir to a gifts importers and exporters drugs chemicals and druggists sundries Patent medicines etc., photographic Stock sheep i tip Sulphur pin tar and Chrysilios ointment. Sole proprietors of Patent part Iii chapter v. A morning Surprise. A Quot a it Quot peace be with you Olio a to tour answered. At the Entrance of the hotel do Orient lady Martindale dismounted from her horse with easy Grace. Tho hand shot rested on Latoures was steady and Cool and her voice was softly Clear As she said a i shall not attempt to thank you for a this ride. Lord Martindale will be Home soon. Good night a neither she nor the Man turning away As though in a dream took note of a tall Dusky form wrapped in a Long Vournous that slunk in the shallow of the Palms opposite. Nor had they noted As they Rode rapidly homeward through the Babel Nassr that this Arab glided out from the Gateway running swiftly and noiselessly behind in Shadow of the houses. Now lie stood motion less a against a tree but his Black eyes littered As they caught the Flash of to lib it solitaires upon her hand and ears. The waiting orderly led off the horses. Latour still without a word turned toward Tho Fez Behieh but listening Only to the voices within him he did not catch the one word muttered again by the Arab a a Ankara a hour after hour was called from the minarets and Long past Midnight Adrien Latour was trying to think but in reality Only acting Over and Over the strange Short hours of that evening. No prude was he still less a Fop but woman s Ever Quick acceptance of his approaches taught him that he was at Tractive beyond the average of men but above All had he Ever held to that High chivalrous sense of Honor belonging to his race for centuries. Nor had it been belittled by one act of any of the stately men who had looked Down upon his childhood from the Walls of Madame Salon. The Busy events of the past ten Days their culmination that night the Ting Ling thrill of Success All so dazed him that he could not Force his mind to Clear discussion of the present. And tile More he struggled to compel it to the outcome of the immediate future All the More did it resent coercion and raise Tho past before him. Again Edith Van Der Huyssen strolled with Hin round a flirtation a again he sat with her in the Garden of Rose Villa. Scraps of conversation careless bits Oil to be continued. Dial the screw worm ointment and liniment mail orders promptly attended to correspondence solicited f. Waltmyer son. San Antonio Texas Are you thinking of purchasing or building Home Svan Antonio offers unparalleled advantages to the Home seekers. A location of surprising loveliness a climate unequalled for purity and Healthfulness warm open Winters and Cool delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street railway of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved streets and Beautiful suburban avenues and drives excellent Public schools and churches of every denomination All com dining to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home on the continent. Aside from its natural advantages and rapidly developing improvements san Antonio offers another inducement of great import to the Home seeker in that real estate can be purchased just pow at exceedingly Low figures a a. t. Hambleton a go who ranks among the oldest and most reliable dealers in real estate Are owners of and agents for a very Large amount of City suburban and farm land property which they offer at prices remarkably Low and on terms remarkably easy a Quot Home Bekkers or capitalists desiring to make profitable investments will find it to their advantage to Call upon or write this firm. Co. Elmendorf amp main Plaza san Antonio Gin farming and Ivill machinery Cfall kinds. Mechanics supplies. Cassady sulky flows warranted lightest draft threshers engines Scales mowers and reapers. Hardware and agricultural implements agents for the celebrated la Belle Wagon i Martin amp Schryver of ail sorts kinds and qualities. Building material of All kinds shapes and size amp co w e keep Costou i Ca convinced. Office South of Sunset depot. San Antonio Texas. Shot of a Uon sumption cure. No. I. This is beyond question the most successful cough Medicine we have Ever sold a 3 doses invariably cure the worst cases of cough croup and bronchitis while its wonderful Success in the cure of consumption is without a parallel in the history of Medicine. Since its first discovery it Bas been sold on a guarantee a test which no other Medicine Oan stand. A a a a a a ask you to to it you have a cough we earnestly ask you to try it. Price to cents 60 cents and $1. Of your lungs Are sore Chest or Backar a a j. R lame use sol log a porous plaster. Sold by k altered amp 18 by a canes All styles Silver and Gold first Quality Heads Snake Wood Malacca and Ebony Sticks. Finest assortment in Stock. Bell Bros. Commerce Street. It knights of pythias endow ment rank offers the Best and safest insurance. For further particulars ask any member of the older or t. B. Johnson at the Light office Theun Versal verdict of the people who Nave used Clarkes extract of flax it a Pillon skin cure award it the first and highest Blace As a remedial agent in a cases of skin 1st ales. Erysipelas eczema , unsightly blotches humiliating eruptions boils carbuncles Tetter etc., All yield to this wonderful preparation at once. Price $1 for a Large bottle at a Kalteyer a drug store. Clarkes flax soap is Good for the skin. Trvll. Price26centi _�2-17 by

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