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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 14, 1886, San Antonio, Texas Sails i. Ii. Ii. I. A thursday january 14. 1886. Ka1lroad Tim i Aru. 1880 new time card in effect fan nary i lao n. Railroad. Dopa Hurth. For St. Louis via to. Pm. Route. 4 00 p. In i or St. Louis i Iron Mountain. 6 30 a. In. F m a is via miss Uri Pacific,�?6 30 a Ai for laredo.11 80 a. In. Arrivals from St. Louis Missouri Pacific. 11 00 a. In. From St. Louis Iron Mountain .10 50 p. M f a n uis Vla met Ouri Pacific to Foo. A from laredo.3 16 p. In. Of h. A a a Railroad. One Thain to new Orleans daily. Through express East daily. Leave for new Orleans Huu it of Aud a Ceston .8-00 a m. Arrive from the East. Arrive Nom new Orleans Houston and Galveston. .�?7 25 p. In. Through West. La save for san Francisco Elpaso and Enate Paw .�.7-5 a p in. Arrive from san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass.7.30 a. In. S. A. A a. P. B. R. Arrivals and departures. On and after monday november is a mixed train carrying freight passengers and the United states mail will leave the depot on South Flores Street daily sundays excepted at 8 30 a. Rn., arriving at Elmendorf at to a. In. Thence to end of track. Returning from end of track train leaves Elmendorf at 3 45 p. Rn., arriving at san Antonio at 5 p. In. Freight will Only be received for Elmendorf and inter element. Will be she moves toward the door her Mother with tears Iii Lier eyes rises As if to follow her hut is the a gentle gesture Hie girl prevents her. A i want to be alone Mam no a she says entre tingly a just fora utile while i shall be All men. But there is one thing you can do tor me a she cries breaking suddenly out of her terrible quiet. A a never never mention his name to me again a poor mrs. Rivers is thoroughly cast Down and Ronnie scarcely less so. A How shall we receive him if he Calls to Morrow a asks her Kotlier when poor Cecil has crept away from them up to her own room to cry her heart out on her bed. A Justus if nothing had happened. Cecil of course will not appear. I will make her go for a w Alk at that hour so that we can truly say she is not in. Mamma if Only for Cecil s Sake do not let him see we care about this so the next Day when Craven Calls at president and general manager. For pain cures rheumatism neuralgia liar Kart. La Moi be. Too Hailie Sora inf. , it r.,< to. Price. Fifty cd i s. At Jiu Ano Cha to. Is. Tux Chaulk a tour cd he a it in a k. Kun. A maid forlorn. By tits Duchess. I on my nanny�?er�?my car mgr he whispers quickly. The words come from him almost involuntarily almost unconsciously too he takes tier hand and holds it closely. Cissy colors faintly and then grows even paler than she Vas before. A Why do you Call me that a she says. A Why a you have no to not Ile Intel erupts Lier by a gesture and draws her even nearer to it.. A a five me the ght,�?� he says eagerly. A Lyon know you must know by this time that there is nothing in the world i love so Well ask a a major Jervis a announces a servant at this supreme moment throwing wide the drawing room door. With a smothered exclamation Craven lets Cecily a hand drop. And. Turning aside Steps through the open window on to the Small veranda outside which by Stone Steps leads to the ground. Descending these he goes quickly out of , but not before the major has had time to catch a glimpse of his departing coat tails. A hum hah a says the major. Ile has hardly had time to return Cecil s somewhat cold greeting when mrs. Rivers and Ronnie enter the room. There Are signs of very distinct irritation about the major. Ile blows his nose somewhat effusively and refuses to let his Eves meet those of anyone else present. A i think i saw a Raven going out of that window just As i came he says staring at Cecil. A yes a she returns slowly her mind is still full of Duke and she is wondering what it was exactly that he was going to say when interrupted by this troublesome major. A lied n t expect me Down the major goes on. A thinks me Safe at Home at this moment no again he looks at a say. As if expecting her to answer. Ile s in truth curious to know if Duke saw him coming or bean him announced by the servant and if so. W Hether he ran away to avoid the bore of having to speak to him. A file w ill he nil the More delighted to see you at the c Mil t. Of course a says Bonnie ironically. A surprises of that sort Are so pleasant a a quite and the major directs a withering glance at her. A fact is i hardly knew i was coming Down myself until this morning. Hut business must tie attended to you know. Business for the fair sex especially a a in be come indeed to carry Craven Back to town with me. I bring a letter from his Cousin. Lady Maud is Terlale demanding his immediate a who is this Cousin lady Maud a asks Cecil quickly. A ooh done to you know a inquires the major. A a it a not quite settled i believe but a a what is not quite settled a demands veil again. Sue is quite Calm but deathly Pale. A this marriage a says the major quietly. It is True that he shifts a Little uneasily Iii his seat As he says this and refuses to lift his eyes from the carpet but nevertheless be says it. A dead silence ensues a silence Short in reality but of intolerable length to some in the room. Then Cecil laughs a quite a natural Little laugh too so Naturel indeed that both her Kotlier and Ronnie turn involuntarily to look at her. A the is rather a scamp in some ways a continues the major in a genial Way. A now if you asked him about this marriage it is As Likely As not he would deny All knowledge of it Aud declare he was never further from Matrimony in his life. Hut done to you he taken Iii by him. He is a disgraceful fellow Iii the Way of flirtations makes love All round you know to every woman he meets and makes some of pm believe him too. Hut he s not a bad Young fellow at heart. No not far from that. Hut this marriage now will be a Good thing for both or them she with title he with a a charming arrangement indeed a says Cecil without so much As aquifer other eyelids. A Well it is rather premature yet to so Peak about pursues the major. A Craven might no to like it you know so done to mention my name in the matter As having been the one to Tell of it. You see he is such a great Friend Here that i dare say he will Wail to he himself the Hist to Tell you of a of course he would like to Tell us himself a returns Cecil Simi Tig calmly. A was you say he is a great Freud of ours Aud he we Wilt lie Gaul to hear of Anvi Ling Likely to add to Ute the major watches Lier Closen As sue makes this set Little speech Aud she As closely returns his fixed gaze. Then with a somewhat troubled and bullied expression on his face tie rises and b is them Quot Good Bye for the present. When the door has shut behind Hun Ronnie turns vehemently to Cecil. A i done to believe one word of it a she says hastily Quot hot one he looks As if be were telling a a Ajsa Vav no Trace of falsehood either in his look or tone a answers Cecil in a strange tone a and As for the rest i be eve every word he his usual hour mrs. R vers is As nearly As possible the same to him that she has been during the past month. Perhaps some Subtle change in her manner might be noticed by a very acute observer some vague irrepressible shrinking from All More open cordiality but beyond this her Demeanour is perfect. As for Ronnie she is a degree More sad than angry. She maintains an almost utter silence but every now and then Craven glancing at her wonders vaguely w by her eyes Are so Large and Mournful Lier whole manner so full of an Uncertain depression. His wonder on this Point however is indeed vague As his whole mind is tilled with a longing to see a particular lounging Chau near the tire occupied by a Little Lis some figure whose smile is wont to beam at him. Half roguish by half with a tenderness not to be described. Where is she now his Little sweetheart a where is m is Cecil a he asks at last unable to restrain ins impatience any longer. A she has gone for a walk i think a replies mrs. Rivers stooping to poke the fire. A let bae do that for you a says Craven. Taking the poker from her. A she has gone to the Garden he is kneeling on the Hearth Rug. And is looking very earnestly up into mrs. Rivers s face with his pleasant honest eyes. A i think not certainly not she did not say exactly where she was going a returns mrs. La vers evasively. Ronnie at the s sighs audibly and Craven turning looks at her sharply. Something in her expression evidently strikes him As Peculiar but he says nothing and presently turns the conversation into another Channel. A i have a Friend coming to stay with me next week a he says a a Friend of yours too i think. I met him in London. And lie almost asked me to invite him Down. He said he knew you All very a i dare say. We lived some years in town a responds mrs. Rivers indifferently. A one gets to know so Many people Ronnie evinces no curiosity either about the new arrival at the court so or. Craven goes on a i m rather sorry he is coming just now As i Ani bound to be Iii town in the Moi , and Sha not he Able to be Back for a fortnight. I am afraid therefore he will have Only a slow time of he rises to go As he does so Ronnie rises too and follows him into the Hall. A i think a she says in a one that falters slightly a i think c say went in the direction of the before he has time to thank her for this hint or w Onder at the strangeness of her manner she has disappeared and somewhat puzzled. Craven makes his Way toward the Wood she has mentioned. Just As he enters it he encounters Cecil coming toward ii in. Her head slightly Bent her face rather paler than usual. A How d be do a she says quite calmly hut without in accompanying smile. She lets her hand lie in is unsympathetic ally and then draws it away almost before he has time to know it was there. A i was unfortunate to Day. I thought i should have found you within a with an attempt at cordiality though some inward Iii have cast a Shadow on his usual ii Gin hear ted Ness. For the future. I think you must not expect always to find me in a she replies Viviin a faint smile. A Why a he asks astonished at her whole treatment of Hun. A because Winter is at an end and the Fine weather tempts one to git out a she says coldly. A for that reason one loves the Tine weather a he returns striving against his growing Aux Cly. A May i not sometimes you a your rambles a a no. I think not. When i go for a walk in these quiet Woods i prefer my own company to any ones. A strange fancy and rather egotistical is it not a a it is very unlike you a gravely then unable to control his uneasiness any longer he says anxiously a what has happened that Yon treat me like this what have i done to you a a done to me a a haughtily. A nothing a a i am going to town this evening Cecil. I shall not be Back until a a i must ask you not to Call me a Cecil a a says the girl quietly and with a certain amount of dignity. Quot i must always be miss Rivers to m am i Only that Only an acquaintance a there is a world of reproach in his tone. Quot yes Only that a remorselessly. A a and yet yesterday it a a a do not so Peak of yesterday a she exclaims. Nutting up her hand impulsively As though to Ward off something that is hurting Lier. A was you will of he returns in a tone nearly As cold As her own. A i have no claim of course to be considered even a Friend. May i say goodbye to you and let you finish your walk Iii peace i Ani going away this a where Are you going a a to my aunt lady a nah. To your Cousin. Lady Maud a a yes if you like. Who was telling you of it the major a a yes Hie major. He told me a i done to know when i shall lie a soon enough no doubt. What Are you going for the wedding a Quot yes for the he Speaks in a very Low depressed tone because of her cruel coldness. To Lier ids depression Means Only shame at the discovery she has made. A when is it to be a she asks slowly. A next a so soon it is sudden is it not a a not very i have known of it for some a you knew of it before we came Here a a ooh yes Long before that i wish you knew mantis she is a very Nice girl and i Ani sure she would be a great Friend of a i am equally sure she would not. I hate Nice girls a says Cecil with sudden Ami most unlocked for vehemence. A surely they Are letter than Nasty ones at All events a he returns somewhat aggrieved. A i Don t know. At All events a defiantly a i done to care to hear anything More about either von or lady silence follows this outburst it silence that lasts until they reach the Small path that leads to the Avenue. A i think you Are hardly kind to me a he says then gently. A and i done to understand you at i Quot not a Ina very Low tons Quot done to j wonder at mat. Mere Are times a bitterly a when i can not understand myself. Well shall i s to then that i i wish your lady Maud Joy a a thank you. I shall give my Cousin that he answers gravely then. Holding out his baud. A Good Bye. A Good by. Is oilily. A i shall not see you again for some time a Craven goes to. Wistfully i a Don t let that trouble you she returns. Wit. I a Little heartless laugh that certainly has no mirth a ii. A does that mean that you do not care j Ever to see me again a he demands his i face darkening. A it Means whatever you like a Shean Swers icily though at this moment she i would have Given half her life to be 1 Able to fling herself into irs arms and i cry her heart out upon ins breast. A no Yon Shalt ten me what you real in mean now at once a lie declares i sternly Coin telling her to face him. A is j it that you honestly Hope never to see i no again a j a yes. That is my honest she returns calmly her face destiny Pale. A nah a lie draws ins Bream quickly and for a moment his own face rivals hers Iii pallor. A Avon shall not he bored by me in the future a he says slowly a it shall not trouble Lins t of the world much again As Long us it shall please you to remain in so , he turns j rom her. And with bitter Auger in ins heart. rapidly through tile Woodland and is soon lost to amidst tile of the coming night. Coal fuel Etc Coal Coal Eagle pass Coal Corn y Best Coal in the Market for the Money. Miscellaneous advertisements. Bell amp Bros no. 981, Commerce Street fwd ire ready to Supply All demands for Coal. Telephone no. 167�?labatt amp in. J. E. Labatt Solo agent. It a orders left with Rick Kyan promptly filled. Also at snit House of nut a. Ii asm John p Oleary Plain and ornamental plasterer Silver and plated Ware. Etc., chapter Vii. A miserable week. Fraught with bitter grief for Cecil and even bitter Erdis appointment goes slowly by. No one has suit a we Ord to her about her faithless Lover no one Lins even ventured to mention his name in Lier presence but just now. When she and Ronnie Are standing alone in Tim pretty morning Robin. Ronnie goes up to her anti places her Arm around her neck. The girl is impelled to do this because of the forlorn expression upon Cecil s face and her disconsolate attitude. Site is leaning against the shutter of the windows and great tears Are Shin us in her Mournful eyes. As Cecil does not repulse her. Ronnie is emboldened so far As to Lux Lier soft Cheek against her Sisters and being still further encouraged tis no Rebuff has followed on this overture she vhf pers tenderly a do not he so sad. Darling. It will be better by and Bye. Time cures All a has it cured von a asks Cecil with a Little catch Iii her breath. A nearly i think a replies Ronnie with a heavy sigh that belies her words. A a a log on mean to Tell me a glancing reproachfully at you have ceased to Long and to a and Pray for Sydney s return a a i think so i Hope so a answers Ronnie. Hut As she says this tiie a tears in her voice and eyes. A it is not trite a sacs Cecil regarding her fixedly. A you love him St la in of a Why should i love him a demands Ronnie Wuffli much agitation. A wily should i let one thought of him Aud Harbor in my breast i in has forgotten me has rubbed me out of his life without even a passing Pang. I Hope a she cries earnestly. A i shall never see Sydney Walcott a sir Sydney Walcott a announces a servant almost As site ceases speaking and then both girls become aware that tile door is open and that Tho Young Man Ubon the threshold Lias Iii All probability heard every word of a passionate Little speech. To or f no tip i tied l new advertisements. Notice to contractors. San Antonio. Texas. Tar a work first class amt guaranteed. Quot a. Established in 1853.1 Narciso Leal 236 Dolorosa Street Between m and military plazas. Live Stock Exchange Bureau of information. Dealer in Frontier lands mexican articles and general Agency. D. Quasso merchant tailor 26 and 28 main Plaza near French building. Large Aud Fine line of fall and Winter samples of suit patterns which will bordered As desired. Suits made to order at new York prices and fit guaranteed. Uniforms for organizations a specially. A n w method of renovating clothing Guam eing the color. Repairing promptly done w. M. Fries m1knt Koh c. E. Jones amp Patent hotel annunciators House Beils Gas lighters burglar and fire alarm telegraphs Etc. Repairing attended to. Office 2u7 Bowie Street. Sun Antonio Texa Veramendi Carden and bar the coolest place in the City. A Fine assortment of the Best brands of imported and Domestic wines liquors and cigars. Hot free lunch from to to 12 m. Nic Damren a co. Watches and jewelry repaired. Charges reasonable. We take pleasure in showing our goods and purchasers Are invited to Call. Satisfaction guaranteed. 12-4-Ly Henry Laager san Antonio Texas real estate and loan general agent for Adams a Wickes lots Arn improved property in All parts of the City. Special attention paid to lands in South wee Texas. Firm Sponden solicited office�?173 wept Commerce Street. Angle amp Maddox 233 Commerce Street land dealers and agents. Do a general real estate and Agency business. G. W. Angle agent for the International Railroad land Grant. I pm ii. Cotton. Kocis a. Hornung dentistry. G. A. Johnston. Ors. Johnston h. M. Carroll. Amp Carroll Telephone no. 274. Cotton amp Hornung Excelsior planing Mills contractors and builders. Manufacturers of Sash doors. Blinds. Odd size Sash doors and blinds made on Short notice. Scroll sawing turning Etc., to order. Store and office fitting a office and Mill Travis St., Cor. Aves c and d. San Antonio Texas. To gentlemen mayors Onrich i san Antonio Texas Dee emt it or 2d, 1885. F sealed proposals will be received at the mayor s office. Until 12 of clock noon monday january Lith 1886, for the construction of a coffer dam around the North abutment of the Mill Bridge and such masonry or Concrete work As maybe found necessary in the repairs to the foundations. Prices to be for coffer dam Complete and per cubic Yard including excavations for masonry and Concrete. Bidders will be required to Deposit a forfeit of $50 to insure the commencement of the work. Further information can be obtained at the City engineers office. Bryan Callaghan by e. P. Clauson mayor City clerk. 3m-td thank their patrons and the Public generally for the Liberal patronage heretofore Given them. They now announce that owing to the present Dull times they will do work at their office 273 West Commerce Street up stairs at the following rates full set of 14 Teeth Best material Sio of Gold killings Small Bize. I of Gold fillings medium. Of amalgam or Silver. I of cleaning Teeth. From is to 8 of extract us Teeth from 50c to i of satisfaction 3-27-Ly a i other work in proportion. Guaranteed or Money refunded. A i j. \ 385. J Rook quarries. Mayors office City of san Antonio Texas december Slat 1885 in accordance with Section i chapter Xiv revised City ordinances. Bids will be received at this office until 12 of clock ., wednesday january 6tb, 1886, for the renting of Rock quarries nos. 20, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27, for the term of one year to Date from january 1st, 1886. No person or firm shall be permitted to lease or be interested in the leasing of More than one of the quarries. Lessees shall be required to enter into a Bond with two or More Good and sufficient sureties in the sum of ave Hundred dollars $500payable to the City of san Antonio and to be approved by the mayor. Conditioned that such Lessee will remove All dirt and refuse Rock which accumulates during quarrying at least 40 feet from where the Rook is being quarried. Bryan Callaghan mayor. By e. P. Claudon City clerk. Carriage $ Wagon shop Corner Houston Street and Avenue e. Special attention Given to the manufacturing of carriages buggies and wagons in All its branches. Also to shoeing of hok8es n. , trimming and repairing on Bort notice. All i ask is a trial. Joseph Hermann poor tor. Colton w Holton take the Lead in furnishing All kinds of useful household goods new and second hand. Bear in mind. Our prices Are lower than Ever on household furniture a such ask parlor bed room Kitchen dining room amp office furniture we carry a Large Stock of glassware carpets cutlery cooking amp heating stoves matting lamps mirrors sewing machines fire proof safes violins banjos and other musical instruments. Sheet music 75 per cent off list. Fine Oil paintings in heavy guilt frames As Low As $1.50 apiece. Competition defied. And we guarantee satisfaction to All our patrons. Colton amp Bolton auctioneers and commission merchants. Nos. 2, 4. 6, West Houston Street w. E. Spring a in. J. M Carr w. B. Spring All amp co., Dea in is in or nation Lytle Anthracite nut and egg ikfil�?Tk�?213 e . Telephone no. 58. Terms Cash on delivery. Delivery prompt. In Texas since 1840, i in san Antonio since 1848 j. A. H. Hosack f. Mcc. Newton Hosack amp Newton auction Aid commission household electricity i the undersigned males a specially of abutting up electric burglar alarm Bells Call and door Bells it repairing prompt y attended to. And at a. Dreiss drug store Alamo Plaza. Office 21 Elm Stree a. Mau blk. Merchants real estate agents general collectors. And have ample store room and will store consignments or sell them at private Sale or at auction at no. 7 West Houston Street Comal Block. W ave e. Opposite third Ward school. Agent for the celebrated wit renewing machine. J. Vav. Bradley. J. N. A Korsbeck notary Public All kinds of second hand machines repairing a specially. Instructing free. On hand a Large Stock of Needles oils and All kinds of attachments Aud machine supplies sold at the lowest prices. U-2�-4m the Alamo City Bradley amp Groesbeeck real estate Exchange for Texas and Mexico 402 East Houston Street san Antonio Texas. City properties and Large. Bodies of land a specially. Will buy Aud hell Lin is. K inches an i City property on commission. Lands subdivide and plats furnish id. Titles examined Ai i perfected. Abstracts of titles furnished for reason Able charges f fixes paid in Xii parts or Tho state. Business with the state departments at tended to and a general Aud business transacted. 6-11-tt Ragland amp co., ii City drug store a 8 Commerce Street. Sah ant0h10. Texas. Few always on hand a full assortment of perfumery and toilet articles. Prescriptions artfully porn pout led at All hours Tell i m a. Or lera promptly delivered. 8-18-t f Short Mil Anil Tye writing Institute. Has facilities for imparting a business Edu cation equal to the Best in Eastern or Northern cities. Address for circular. W. C. Buckman president 8-31-4m % san Antonio Texas. We. A Kukk. Go. Re ukr. Two Brothers Saloon Corner Commerce and Alamo streets Harry i Fowler Sroc Brgoh to kick Brothers it co.1 14 w. Houston St., son Antonio. Aba leu in. Dullnig Block. R repairing of Fine watches a specially. I do my own work and guarantee it to be firs class. I do not employ help hence my expense is Small and can turn out work cheaper than any one. 25 Soledad St., san Antonio. Or. L. V. Weathers. Acute Aud chronic diseases a specially embracing All lung troubles. No doubt As to his qualifications for no Man can present a better diploma and bus Success is known Gim cd no. My com nivre Stroot. Tout Pycone in. 1-7-1 in the Only perfect automatic machine Ever produced. A Elmo lately most durable Aud Beautiful Iii All its arrangements and the lightest running and most conducive to health in the world. Prices and terms satisfactory Call and examine it. For Sale Only in Baa Antonio by w. A Erps Avenue a opposite third Ward Public schoo g Frommer practical keep the finest imported pages and liquors. Special brands of Domestic and imported cigars. Sikli pc. Wines Chara Pella lies in the finest come and see a a first class gentlemen a resort. Fine lunch daily at to of Elock a. In. Re. A. Heffel. M. Herweck. E. A. Seffel amp co 8ign and Fresco painters landscapes decorative and Art wort. Kike signs a specially. House painting glazing and All work pertaining to the business promptly attended it and satisfaction guaranteed. 8hop and office s. Alamo St., Opp. Joske bros., Han Antonio Tex a 4-1-Lyr pure drugs medicines Combs brushes fancy toilet articles Etc. Prescriptions a specially. Goods ordered by Telephone delivered to any part of to City. Telephone no. 328. Homoeopathic pharmacy in connection. 8-4-iy Jas. D. Devine druggist apothecary 24 Soledad St., one door North of courthouse san Antonio. Of always on hand a full ant fresh Stock of drugs chemicals and toilet articles and everything usually round Ina first class drugstore. Presort Pitons will be made a specially and prepared at All hours with cure and dispatch. It to Telephone no. 276, is cttke8 diphtheria oar sen Ess influence i diarrhoea. Kidney trouble Unm Ltd a. A s la croup asthma bronchitis neuralgia rheumatism bleeding at the lungs hacking cough whooping cough. Catarrh cholera Moribus. Dysentery chronic ibo and spinal diseases. Pamphlet Bree. Or. 1.8. Johnson be co., Boston mass. Arsons e pills were a wonderful discovery i ail manner of disease Book Binder and ruler Dace mus1c, Soledad Street Opp. Courthouse san Antonio. All kinds of binding and Hilling Dens u Ith neatness durability Aud dispatch. Coir Potamos la prices melted. Zottarelli a italian orchestra will furnish first Clam music throughout the coming sea lion for balls parties weddings Etc tills band will insure satisfaction whenever called upon. Give us a trial. Address i Acequia Street Sau Antonio. Ullh mryl f. U a a Tea Bix Leader. Pills. Free Sola every win Sheridan condition powder in absolute pure and highly con Centralia. One omit is Worth a Pound o any other Blad it is make new. Rich blood. No others like them in the world. Will Poe Tiv the information around each Box is Worth ten tunes the coat in will always be thankful. One oui kind out about them and you. I or sent by mail for 88o, in Stamps strictly a medic be Given with f fold every he. To Caus by express prepaid Maki i Nua awful. One Nill a dose Ulm or. 1.8. Johnson everywhere or sent by mail for a cents in Stamps. 8 1-4 la uh1 of like it. Lekeu ill a easts of i t Orth it wet .go,4. Illust too by a j Ive. Lur $ Linton for Job printing Call at the Sanant a. I j Light 0 it j
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