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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, San Antonio, TexasAjax Ltd office no. 4 East Commerce. Street. Fan Antonio Light co. T. B. Johnson Stook tary treasurer. And Manarik. It Irbid at the i Ost off at saw Antomo. Texas mail matter. N tub of for daily be pub Oan Papritz in blushed in tkxa8. Subscription Karbs. Dally per Dally year .5. Of delivered by Mait of of Arrier _ weekly. Q months weekly i year Parnell b Mantle Falls on o Brien who sumo Fedj to the his chief has vacated la so far As the fool will assets of the party in Parnell a hands Are concerned. How o Brien will be Able to Settle matters with the conservative following of Mocur thy remains to be seen. In peace prepare for War. The presence of Uncle Smitn a cruisers in Bahrns Waters is quite conclusive evidence Attiat there will be no War Over those Seal fisheries. Weekly. Q months.5 6o weekly 1 year. subscribers not Reo Elvik to boil paper will please make complaint to the Olyce. Sub Aorl brr Saro warned not to pay their subscription anon Preson Tsiou of a properly receipted Bill trom this off Iuo advertising hates. 01 80 loot l8kal advertisements per Moa first q Fer ton 75 Sonnta her Inoh each subsonic sent n Jar ton. Trustees sales per Inch burst in Partlon 28 cents Guob insertion afterwards. Beading matter editorial Page cents per in eat insertion. i Hartlon w Airai Zeoli b to non after Orst week. on to Ana 100 Uaea ran Nln of in Nib. W Homo pay fable an the of month. Tia Blant Arvert Lang payable in Advance. Only Metal Raisp Riutor. Busolt Fratea Given Charger space Long Lima . Niece Cut Given for a sad tie pulpit the stage. Rev. F. M. Shrout Vitor United Brethren clip Rich. Luo Mound icon., says i it my duty to toll what won Ders or. Kirin s now disc Ivory has done forme. My in Iris Winro Bailly Diso Asod my Khoii Erht 1 could live Only n Fow winks. I took Ivo bottles of or. Klue s now disc Ivory am sound will Rimini apr 30 Lus. In Atli us mum Ign Lovo s t funny folks combination writes after to thorough trial convincing evidence 1 am confidant or. King s now disc Ivury for consume Linn boats i m All cures every thing Olsn Falls. Tia the steam dredge Josephine More than half Way to Tho Gulf 1 i a realest ropes pass from Corpus Christi Bay directly into the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico la be kindness lean do my Many thousand ing dredged night Day the work being prosecuted Tours it co7s All ror this paper should be of by the name of Vna author not for publication Bat As or donor of mod Faith Tbs part of Waltor. Wet Teal on one of the Paner. In a Plain Hunt. An jul Ymola in not be will not he Tver Onalle for Tho Tato . Eastern advgrt1sehs. All for Len lev Ami Wolc la must Sonnio to us the Onsri our mosses. a Roy 232 to 235 court. Hex York. Tuesday january 13, 1801. In the fun years just passed. Texas Adford s43 774 to her pop Numon Mikin her or sent 52. New York. Pennsyl Vanlit Illinois Are Tho Only states that exceed thie increase. If the Texas gives Noth ing for a state Roann Nikont to Iho Ala to herons How much will it refuse to rear Esau the state at Tho culo Inbau fair. Pecks Hul 11.iy" to newspaper reports dirt not figure at the ining Rution of his Dud us Gover nor of Waco us. Kow a the accepted time to save Baa Antonio from stagnation in Avilou by Puitung up the funds fur advertising and Tho Nee Essary amount for that Liliuo Exley Sion. Secretary s letter to i Soitry is a very door deut review Luff Tho whole 0 urae of Lute National action with reference to the e disputed Waters. He shows that rus Sia Miklus tailed her Righta All Waters North of 59 degress 30 minutes Only permitted disabled vessels to pass that line. Be rotary Blague does not claim Attiat bearing sea is a closed sea but to claims Uncle dam s right to exclude foreign vessels from fishing Hunt Long there. Austin expects to put that Alamo Monument Iii place la the capital grounds about March 1. The con tract is let Tho work is to Cost who Han Antonio expects to Tuvoil her Monument to the memory of the deathless martyrs who dying still live who silent yet speak has not yet been Dover mind upon. Tie Sweet by Anil by will veal Many tilings. Perhaps disclose this among others. Liar no boomed Well Lor a season hut the end has come. Her improve ment company Collie phys hotel Hamilton one of the boat Hoot eries in Tho Southwest makes an assign ment. This of chairs is much to us regretted. Texas will never get that from Tho present or any subsequent i a Dilaturo to represent the state at world s fair. Ten per cant of that amount might to a sneezed out but even that is Mig Lily doubtful. This season new Eigland has enjoyed her old time Lirl stimits Sleigh ing As Aho has not Hail an Opportunity for years tie favored ones horses Are a Trillo previous have made tie most fit. Great m the agricultural horse Trot great is the Trotter a Verv Euartte percentage of thu Annerl can pen Pip Are troubled fully enjoy life. Are Xoai thing for it Dally rooter club be Canso Thuy Ftnat it not. Thousands upon of dollars arc spent annually by our in Siplo in Trio Lingo Ilmet they Mav Atteln this Boon. And Youtt Nuy to Hud by All. We Kuai Antee thut Electrio do Stern it used to Zorri Iliff tort Roll Iii unit Tho use Pera lated in will von Dool dishes Tenn oust Tho Demon drop cps ii Utill India l Lustad Buo Oost in up Coinman l kit Otio i Tuttoi s for All Fri minims of in or. Stomach old Noyh. Sold an l is bottle by dross. Rii Ompson co. Dri Liru it. It re will it did not no Mueh Force to Shelve the Bill As the Are try inst tie country is Lievow. Tha Reyuh Livau wore by no Means anxious to Rush that Bill through. John Howard of for Texas is to Slough of an advertiser John believes in Ming the daily Preas Bis medium of advertising. Johi knows for he has Yoeun there. The Houston Post concludes that the close of this Century will see two or three deep water harbours on the Tex is Gulf coast but in Post does not locate them. That in Tho inter est of the Llovio Extension asks Tho the my who reads thin paragraph. The Boutlier alliances Donot favor putting a third tuft it in tie fluid in 1802, their action will very Likely determine the Mailer adversely to the third party movement reports a crop of bad Boyc Severn a of whom Are Ripe Iii for Llie . The Gem crop if that sowing is Good All Ove Tho state. Out of tile abundant storehouse o its own experience tie Laredo tiniest Bays a Gui Linof vessel s boo u is Noi the Only Annm that knocks people overboard now then Iowa s Bounty returns to the Secre tary of slate show that in Rabid pro towns the records Are one series of flues convictions imprisonment. The Bulut Nob r counties Are Tho a in which no at tempt is made to enforce prohibition Ile Movil. C. N. Man Llor. Duvli a in Wall paper Glass. Tiflis la ind hit removed io217, e. Llo usion Street. 13 2j-tf Kuski Nii Grain crop report a. Tie Dundee Scotland nays Tomb returns from the British c insular of Luers Russia show there is a considerable diminution in this year s Grain crops 11 hint Region mainly in the Spring crops. The Cannes Are severe ruins at lha of Tho Shu sin followed by great heat dry winds which Par lied the Grain. In Bess Ambia Dolhy incl t Udo Lii ills Are More fortunate Lor Ulieru the wheat it in said excels Tho average on the whole the Harvest for Trio Empire will ext eed that of Laar. Year by about uni quarters but less than to invt it Hiss by ii Sim Ilar amount. The government is Tak ing energetic measures to Jimel Iurato the of Ilio Pinion lit so Lucli Niu Olieff in Purt. It la new Linos of railway inc roaming the facilities in transport ing Tor Rusf und produce Ami is rendering material is Siatafu a to proprietors by Mil her Izinia the state Piank tit make Aiu Nonoa on Grain in Tor at hid Rule of 6 per cent Par an num. Int ions Lia Vulso been Imide k Clibur in Grain pre vent r. Manipulations. Owins to Rise in the value Lottie lie the prices Hugo been i rough i has ser Ousby injured the Pas 1 v i.u1i.-.u i of i to agr Pinill me Kiis sni an Invina it to Cunt u Crinch wit inti is a ravaged by to lie Rei ent increase ii in pics. A Cong Reha of russian Ugri Ilfeld Early huh year re in Phil Liml All Nigri wiil nral nine to by Oinui to Milit Dinio Iii t ree on Tho or mint that non fac to res were nimble to cop with tie Demi Iii. Titus Attiat Trio exo Dessive in Les Ruiso the Cost of a i winery to a Profili Liiva Piloo uni kept How i prior implement out of the country. San a toxic Texas january a. 1891. Scaled Giro Posalpi in will to Recu Ivi a Here until 12 o clock noon Jan Tauv 17, is Al than opened for Tho construction tit fort Sam Houston. San Antonio Texas of a Brick gun shed according to Plain spi Silica Lions to Besim a at this Ollion. In pirate proposals Are also inv Imd will opened at the Sami Lime forgoing Trio Plain link in Connie action with tin in ruling. Milank in . Tim u. S. Reserves Tho i in it to Reni cd any or Allen i Lupus it Pusuls should to marked for at Koi i Sam pro to my Umili i s Neil. 11. We Kos general u. S. A., Clinef Narti Ennis apr. Notice of i Linig final account. No. 1744. Inv. State. Of Texas. I Coutv a fax us. F county Cinert in Mutt cd of Trobat to Jan uary Tom in. If of. A slut m to All per inns Isle Rosted in ilm of Ihu Tostato of. Corye Josier. Luc Riiff in s i veins i. Ii Din a Loti Atnif twin Santo Olio Trifu c i d Censi in h by Lori no mint in ill Cir Iii f Ouirt of Dainty we Aioli we Lio Hal cart in the i Iii Inry to in a. Ii., is surd Tolu Smirt Hii miso Luhti Cilen Ilio City no Hull Inu a pin Finly pull in-1-Vo in now Spain r in ii Khz at Averch time u l n -i1 Lolor Sto i n ii it of Antn univ tippi a mid Inako i Creio. If thu a tha l w. Smith. Clrk Chi into omit of he Xor c unto und Pihi of Hiil Conn lit my in is i an rent i fits Day of de Cember a.d., Thau. W. Smith g int by Xai county. By u. C. I put. Rare Nikl i Cri Vilii a 2nth. A. Tl., 1801. on omd in Tun said a or Minlu dul y . T. . A Britt Uorn non qty. By w. Drub. A panty. 12 3fl 2n t heaviest ships. It will he supplemented by Stone jetties if necessary. It Baa the Best tidal Basin on the entire Gulf coast West of Mobile. Cor pus Christi Bay is the deepest Bay West of Mobile. Its deep lie Olorf to ropes . It will receive discharge More water with each tide than any Bay on Mora of Ftp fill stir with each tide than through any pass West of the Mississippi. This produces maintains deep Wabb across any Sandbar. The More water passing through a pass the More scour the deeper water across the bar if properly directed. No bar exists in front of ropes pass. Should one Ever form we shill build jetties across it just As is now being done at All other passes. A jetty at ropes pass will give deeper water than one at any other pass simply because mor15 Wabb will be received discharged through it with every tide than is received or discharged through any other pass. Indeed whatever results can be obtained with jetties or any other in Gities ring appliances at any other pass will be surpassed at roped pass by similar appliances because they will a greater volume of water acting with them. A jetty will ii Minnin 30 at any other pass must there tie Imi Intai Moke Tham 30 1 get Here. Corpus our paths bound to have the in addition to deep water we have at Corpus Ohnsta the richest farm Harden i tends Wae Widiner Miles ii it Trio Interior. Our Plant ers raise one Bale of oot Toti to the ice mid not uncommonly More. Or i o to have the Beautiful situation overlooking Corpus m i lol i Cliris to Bays. The a Lite a Riso 40 loot out of Hay Omni Mouid View Thoy Navo an Ocean Dvo 120 foot wide a fraud double Boulevard feet Wido a steam rapid transit null try a so Taille in Otino ground covering 101 acres Tabernacle 5iw" people now in non Side Park Miles with a hotel now in in it other hotels projected bulling fait water Hahnjr Oruth Nof tur Pori i Shiner Eresli ing Soi breezes Trio coolest Tommei the Thiltle to whiter wot Thor lipid the of any ult in the Hout Wost. Green Aoa Turtle Uro abundant in season. Corp us Ului Siti oysters i mob a throne Rhone the entire Southwest. In sinter Tho Ponds abound with dulled Jreese while in the sipping the Prairies Are covered with Quail Plover und a hint Yon can buy a Lovely Alix Hemni on tha Cliffs much cheaper now t an you can a few Mouths later Tho sumo is True of Choice farm Girden i acts. Kor i Rii Urs Prii terms Anitress Teh is of , one third entire balance in one straight vendors Lien reinning five Yorita this gives i he buyer time to realize uie Mil Benefit Bruni deep water before Luik aug Uny further citation by publication 1 Khz. The port ropes company Corpus obis to Texas. Lar tons on the Nve of spinster at Vialo Frh Nik i Only run ii Iii Minini a. The him Sillows a to filk of Chin a tiling. An i Nion Loii Thi Noiin Itotia Enn Ilvin Lii Iii tin of or. Hull s a unfit Hyrum i hut inns All Chi Fth told croup ind sort Shrout. To of Cabin of porn deft so hotter vim i la fur All than a. C. Curl Iii a Lull to Tih a to Cero chills und fever. Std by a. Driss. 1-10-lm to a. Or Ness a , of o. 0. C. On nit if it is Ilic list no indy you have Ever Siul for Hills Furr your will in in. Fundoll. 1-10-lm no. Josu b. Is. Estifana Mabtinez. In Tho District court of Bexar county 45ih judicial Ilist Ricc. Tim Staio of Texas to Tho Shoroff or any Consul blk Olyun arc commanded that by making publication of Liia git ution in news Minim published in Trio county of he Xii once Ounh for tour con Sekii Lvi Wnuk pid Vious to tie return a Hereof Yon summon Estifana mar iu-7. Who c is beyond the limits f the Starr of Texas to by bin nor at in next renal air urn of Tho District on inf tlio45lh judicial District in or is car Chi into to to Hul Dimi at tie met. Hoisin Ihen if. To the City of san Llic Lisl monday in March. A. Tini Sanin imling twin Day f . Then to litre to answer petition filed in said court on the 8lh by of Ilion Micir in a snot Imron Rod on of said Colin. No Tili. Ivlin in Jose i. Is i Lal built i Mrtinez is Ali tin Ideiil. Van Rizin i Luin lil ail cons As follows thai i Laii Tift is a Hona fitly. I huh Tant of flu Stdio of texan find Inis Celd Odin. I Sar a Nnnie Niobe than six months tin of tills suit. I Hitlin und diff Iii warn lawfully Lirl in ilm ycai1 18si lived to until sonic Lime in ilm i in 1883 when Litfen Dhiti loft him with intention of it. Liat a Micro i Nocom Iii Nili property no children the is sue of i Knirr Lime. Win vhf orc. Plain Tiff Pruys fin1 a Dot run annulling ilm mar Ria ii Bidawi i ii him for a Dols. And such Tihor Relief As Tho court sic ii Roper to Grant. Fail nut. But have Yon Boorts paid court on the said first Day of next Icrine Tirui if this writ with your return la Iii Croni showing How Yon have Oxe Fulcd vim Kilimn. With Iris of Torso u. Clerk of District court of ii exar under my hand Seal of said a flirt Al Ollun in Ali ecu of Sun anti inn. Liis twin 13th Day of Duce Hur a. D. 18uo. Geo. R. A Shibla clock District court of Lii Xii co Tinty. Liy Honky Umici Ikiri Deputy. Came to Deci Monr Isle a. P., it h o chill a. Ip., Piihl Catlowi Dix i i Eil Nail Iii the sail Antonio daily Lio it. T. Mcca Jtj Lii car county Liy w. Musk. . 12-104 was the infer National route. International Jor Tiern by 1 qciokb8t hb8t Rodtz to All Pou Jtb. The direct Lisne to Mexico via Laredo. The "oanno5t Ball train for resumed. Pullman Buffet sleepers without change Between san Antonio St. Louis. Leaving san Antonio Ai i. M. St. I orals arts. Iron to Tonj lain Annta also for Eai Iau Olty. Deleon. Pro ten leaving san Alonlo at 0 of a a Haet Toeper to Laredo at Laredo web mexican National b. B. J t City of Iio Leo. For ii u i a i Vit ii i a. M. Bannec Loag Lor shr Doport Wera Phle St. Ant Hoyad. Vav. C. Eig8by, ticket agent g. H. Woodruff. Ulius Bulli Tai Lokot , i. 4.q. N. A Eliot t. M. Orb of Post office us loing Alamo Plaza. J. B. O a , d j Price "3 trial to Tox. A. O. T. A. Palestine Tei Sunset Southern Pacific co Atlantic system the quicker Best route far passengers hew oceans , All Points East. Also to Mexico California Anil Points West. Innon is i Vidonio i Lily at a. M. Ami j a in. Arrive from at of a. A. Ami 4-10 p. M. West Ijan ves at p. M. And arrives at a. M. Pullman Buffet cars on trains i run in scr i for it Hith to in i k. In Iron Rulh to in twi to grand opera House . By Kukk uen sup. Gen. In. Ami at. Hou Stoms it Leuby Uriv ill in. Ii1 lading j. I Imam racial a of tic. Or Coa a Plaza next s. Of tit morn it i1, w. G. Cio Nerat a c3em an Leto i Sukut for Sale a bargain. la Oisin. Lour Dnnnis unit Lii ill Foit inv Vittit s my. Birth Ronin lint Ami cold a nuts. Wood Slid his Wash Loriso. no Terji centrally to clod. Muc hrs Lilithy in from Yard. Jive half Cash. Jno. T. Basic Upton co. Abai Sanipass r y Mission route. Loster Batlino manhood f of oeral Elvous y1 weakness tit body mind of facts by of errors curl null medical co., Buffalo m. Y. Runs through the tha great South West. The Rich fest most productive Section of the Stade. Rockport Corpus Christl on the coast Are celebrated for Scheir a climate Fina Hunting fishing an dior their wonderful development i r. W. Andrews. Milton Everett

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