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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 12, 1887, San Antonio, Texas The daily Light. Xii a she aaa any snoek a and or at Shock Quot no asked wednesday january 12, 1887. Railroad time table. L amp q. N. Railroad. Departures. For St. Louis via to. A. Route. For St. Louis via Iron Mountain. For St. Louis via Missouri Pac file. For Laredo. A a a a arrivals. From it. Louis Missouri Pao Filc. From St. Louis via Iron Mountain from St. Louis via Missouri Pacific. .10 50 a m from Laredo. 3 30 p. In 4 00 p. M6 30 a. In a 30 p in. Ill 45 a in 10 0 p. In 1� 50 p. In g., h. Amp s. A. Railroad. Ont5 train to new Orleans Daly through express East daily leave for new Orleans Houston and Galveston. A. In arrive from the East. Arrive from new Orleans Houston Aud Galveston. 7 28 p. In through West. Leave for san Francisco. By paso and Eagle pass. 7 60 p. In arrive from san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass7 30 a. In s. A. A a. P. Railroad. Arrivals and departures. Until further notice our trains wit daily except sunday As follows southbound trains. Leave 8an Antonio.10.30 a. In. Leave Beeville at4 15 p. In. Arrives at Corpus Christi. A 35 p. In. Northbound trains. Leaves Corpus Christi. Leave Bee Ville. Arrive at san Antonio. Run 0 45 a. To. 11.10 p. In. 4.00 u. In. Tiki 0 in % Ili 8 p and they told him what they honestly believed that she had never known any j trouble in her whole life that she had been the Blythe St happiest girl in the whole wide world. Mrs. Vaughan told him she Felt sure that Ruth Hud had a sunstroke. The doctor Shook his head. A a sunstroke would never break a i blood vessel Quot he stud. A the symptoms Are these she seems to me to have received a terrible mental Shock and in i tile Effort to repress it she has exceeded. Her strength to result of which is she j has ruptured a Small blood vessel near i the heart. Such cases Are not uncork i Mon. She May recover this time hut you must be very careful of her. Of it should happen again no human skill could save hut neither the Farmer nor his wife believed it they agreed that for once the great physician must be mistaken. They had shielded her so completely fro Rhall care that they would not even let her know when the Money trouble came. He was wrong. What Shock or trouble could come near their beloved child it was the heat of Hie aim not Hing More. Still they nursed her according to the doctors direction. Something happened that did Bonnie Doon More Good than All the doctors Medicine. Mrs Vaughan went up into her room the third Day of her illness and found her lying with her Pale patient face turned to the she said a emr. St. John promised you a present and it has come by this morning s Post. Do not speak my dear do not Dis arrange yourself. I will open it for a few moments afterwards she placed the Beautiful Golden locket and the Loving letter in the trembling hands and that was the Best Medicine that Bonnie Doon could have had. Ass a is. To Quot great cures rheumatism neuralgia Blackn he. La it Ada Rhc toot Haake. Sprain rtf., it. Pick fifty us a to. _ _ it Jih c uses Ani dealers the Charles a. Odeler cd. A Iai Bork. A a Bonnie Doon. A love Story. Of engagement led to another and he was astonished to find that three weeks had passed As quickly As Adream. He was slowly making up his it seemed to him that love Ami not ambition would be his Choice for his thoughts were Lilied with Bonnie Doon a his longing was always for her but there was no immediate cause for hurry and he wanted plenty of time. A life turns on tribes it is trifles and not great events that shape our course of. In this letter that be sent 15o i tile i bion he had enclosed his address. T p chances Are that she would Lave i r then to Lier letter would eve been so full of sorrow and love i. Our would have tempted him to Star it y. As it was. He sent no add s ii did not know that Bonnie Doon a Quot Vav of his engage men he did not kit w that she Vav s to the very de a a and Dot Sun Quot Vecuna she had been told that he was to be married Early next year. Of he had known or guessed this he would have left the Queen herself to have gone to her. In the meanwhile the tragedy deepened at Larch Hill farm. When the Carriage had driven away mrs. Vaughan went up to Ruth a room. The girl Lay with her face hidden on the Pillow Ana the Mother heard the Long drawn bitter sobs before she opened the door. she said a Why you Are crying my dear. Is your head worse a a it is no better a she replied. A ooh Mother Are they gone those terribly Fine ladies a a poor child a thought the kindly Mother a they have tried her to death besides giving her a a yes my dear a she replied. A i could almost find it in my heart to say a thank heaven they Are but Ruth my dear i am concerned Over you. I have never seen you so a i shall be better soon a said Ruth. A i am she bad just begun to Comfort herself with the thought that when the ladies were gone she would to him and ask him ask him if it w Ere True that he was going to be married Early next year. If it were True he would have something to Tell Lier something to explain. If it were false be would take her to his arms once More and Call her his dear love. She would summon in All her courage and to him he would be in the Little Green drawing room and she would ask him was it True or not. As the first great Shock of pain passed away a faint glimmering Hope awoke in her heart that after All it was not True he had never spoken of lady Alay to her or inferred in any Way that he was going to be married. She would not quite believe it. If he did not love her w by need he have pretended to do so a i am glad they Are said Ruth. Mother is or. St. John in the draw ing room i want to speak to him. If my head gets just a Little better i will to see him. A air. St. John a cried mrs. Vaughan a Why Ruth i thought you knew he went with a went with whom Mother a she fun kid a Why with the two ladies i thought you gone with them gone with lady May whom he was to marry Early next year there was a Long silence after the words. Life seemed All ended to Bonnie Doon there was nothing left to think for Hope for of wish. She Lay quite still spoke to word she did not raise he hands or her eyes but though her heart and brain were paralysed the chill of despair made the feeble form tremble. The thing of which she spa most conscious was a terrible pain As though her heart were breaking a pain that was like the wound of a Sharp knife. 8he tried to cry out but she had no voice no Power of raising it. Not understanding the silence her Mother came to her bedside a i must give you or St. Johns message she said. A the left you his Best love and Bis undying gratitude he bade me say that he should never forget your kindness and also How sorry be was to without wishing you goodbye a but she forgot to add the words that would have Peen new life to Bonnie Doon that lie was coming Back. Her mothers voice seemed to come from some Long distance the Only words that reached her clearly were these a the w As sorry not to see you to say an that terrible pain. Site tried to raise herself to Call inn Mother to help her. Then came a bewildering sense or agony something seemed to give Way at her heart her breath failed. To mrs. Vaughan a alarm she saw the fair head fall Back on the Pillow and from the Pale lips came a Stream of Crimson blood. In hot haste the Farmer roue to Aspendale he brought Back with him the most skilled physician there but he Bud not Mech hone to give hem chapter Xiv. How could she help getting Well then Here she had the Beautiful Golden locket with his face inside it that dark handsome face which she loved so entirely. She could look at it All Day Long now the eyes smiled at her and to her fancy the lips were always saying a my Beautiful then she had the letter the letter which said lie w As coming Back it was not True what that grand lady had said. An idea came to Bonnie Doon so startling that it almost took her breath away. What if lady Gerton had seen How much he loved her and had told her this on purpose to part them it was possible Fine ladies she had heard were not always very particular not always scrupulous in their wishes. She remembered Many things which almost convinced her that this suspicion of hers was a Correct one. Of the Relief the happiness that this idea brought her a and she had nearly died believing it to be True she had almost died Over it. She remembered now How anxious lady Gerton Hail been to Tell her the news How she had purposely taken her from the others and had brought the conversation round so that she could say this naturally. The worst was that Eric had gone without seeing her again without saving Good Bye but then lie had simply atoned for it by sending this Beautiful locket and the Loving letter. She could not help getting Well. He was coming Back that made All the difference Between death and life Between Hope and despair. How she longed to write to him to Tell him How very ill and near to death she had been to ask him to come Back soon As her heart ached for him but she was unable to White because she had no address. She tried her Hest to get Well she did exactly what Hie doctor told her she Lay very still she took what was Given to her she tried to think Only of Bright and Happy things. She longed to get better that she might be Strong and Well when he came. She grew thin and Pale the hands that had been reddened by toil grew White and thin. Bonnie Doon was even More Beautiful in her pallor and her illness than she had been in the dainties Bloom of health. She did not care to be always in her room she liked the cheerful noise of the House and she longed to see the Blue pigeons and the tame fluttering Birds. If her Mother would but let her have a Couch in what they called the sitting room where she could see and hear All that was going on. I should soon get Well then a she said. A let it be so Mother a Ana mrs. Vaughan agreed. It was from this sitting room window that she could see the High Road and she could lie there All Day watching and w waiting for him. He w Ould come she believed it As implicitly As she believed in the goodness of heaven the Day would Dawn Whin lying watching with anxious Loving eyes the White High Road she would see him hear him. Heaven Only Grant that she might not die of Joy. So for a few Days Bonnie Doon Lay there her eyes growing brighter Ana larger fixed Ever on the w Hite nigh Road. By degrees some faint tinge of color came to her face. During those Days Laurence rain ton came and went As of old. He would have done anything on Earth for her. He came every morning with fruit and Flowers Only too Happy. Be sat ror a Rew minutes in silence a i then Rose up and went away. The one j i Hope of his life Lay dead. Fie set Hirn a self a task and it was to watch whether the tender. Innocent love so freely Given was As freely returned. If not. Let Erie St. J Din beware. But would he come Back that seemed very doubtful to Laurence. Three i weeks had passed since or. had quilted tile farm and there was no Bint of his coming Back again. He would wait and see. Little by Little j health came Back to Bonnie Doon. Every morning when the min Rose she said to a the May come to Day a every night when the Sun set. She said to herself Quot he will come one fatal Day Bonnie Doon wanted something to read. And Laurence was there. A we have so few books a she said a and i have read them a i will get you said Laurence a fwd in did you not Tell me before i will to Aspendale now and bring you Back doth books and she thanked him with such a smile that he would have gone to the very ends of the Earth for her. It was strange that the sword which really slew her should come from ills hand. Laureat e went at once and returned with a Large Parrel of books and several papers. A i do not he said Quot whether you know anything of the Walters they Call society journals a a How should i Quot she asked with a Faini smile. A i have brought Yeti a copy of the two most famous a he said a one is the a universe a and the other the i have heard that they Are the two Best papers of the Day. Take the a universe first or shall i read to you a Quot no thank you Quot she replied a i am better to Day give it to me. a and Laurence a interposed mrs. Vaughan a will you come with me to the granary i never like going up there alone i am sure there Are rats will you come a they went and the girl looked after them with a smile. She liked to see the Strong Young fellow s Devotion to her Mother. Then she opened the paper Laurence had spoke of called the a universe a and found it. As he had said most amusing. There were pleas ant and interesting paragraphs Al it out everyone and everything it was quite a revelation to Lier Many of the on lits she did not understand at All. She Only knew there was some Point which had escaped her. Suddenly her attention was caught by the heading of sundry Little paragraphs called a movements of the elite. She smiled to herself As she read How the Duke of Southsea had entertained a Large party of guests at the Castle How the Earl of Esto had throw n open the doors of est to a Large and Brilliant Circle. Then she read a a festivities at High mount. The beat Legal luminary sir John Harcourt is entertained a Large party of guests at his tin 1 old mansion known As Harcourt Lodge amongst them were lady Jersey the countess of Morton lady Gerton. Lady May Carleton the Earl of Pevensey. Erie St. John. Esq., Captain moles then lower Down was another paragraph a marriage in High life. The marriage Winch for some time has been on tits tapis Between lady May Carleton the celebrated heiress and Erie St. John a the rising Man of the Day a is arranged to take place Early next heaven Only knows How the editor of the a a universe obtained that piece of information or who had sent it to him it had been sent without the knowledge either of lady May or or. St. John. Bonnie Doon read and re read it. Site tried to get the sense of it into her heart. It never entered her mind that anything in a newspaper could be untrue. Once More every Hope died in her heart. Married Early next year then her trembling hands sought the Golden locket and held it fast. This Beautiful dream of hers was then All a lie by was never coming Back. She was not his Beautiful love. He bad deceived her it if not that he had merely amused himself with winning her love. Of heaven if she had died in that moment when he held Lier to his heart. A Low cry came from Lier lips and again came the same terrible pain at her heart As though it were pierced by a knife and Tsien from the Pale lips the Crimson Lifeblood welled in a dark thin Stream. The paper fell from Lier hand to the ground she Lay perfectly still and motionless site knew this time what Hart happened. Just once her tired eyes were raised to tile White High Road along which lie would never now come and As they fell the Hope and Light of Bonnie boons life fell with them. So Mother and Lover found her when they came Hack and no help no Comfort could be Given to her then. See her. Anil Tell her All. They were returning to i Mon after visits that had lasted for a month. Lady Leeton had some Legal affairs on hand that comp died her to remain in London and lady May would stay with her. They urged Erie to return with them to Queen s gardens. It would by better for Triin. An i he agreed knowing what had to happen. On the Day after their arrival he asked to see lady May alone. She went to him with a smile on Hor face feeling quite sure that he was going to talk to her about the beginning of next year. She went to him with a smile on her face but there was no answering smile on his. Ile told her All laying the whole matter clearly before her he made no excuses for himself. He told her that All his life he had laughed at the word love that he had never taken it into account at All. It had seemed to him a dead letter he had no idea even of what the word meant until he saw Bonnie Doon. He told Lier that he had been quite Content in his engagement with her because he knew nothing better nothing higher. He did not see Lite spasm of pain that came Over her face. Now he knew what love was he found it the Best thing in life i in had weighed everything and he had come to the conclusion that the world after All was Well lost for love. Lady May listened in silence then she said a did you care so very ranch for her do you absolutely love her so much that life would lie nothing w it bout her a a yes it is lie replied. A strange a said lady May Quot my Cousin. Lady Gerti n. Suspected Quot did she Quot in cried his face Flushing. Quot yes she did indeed and that was Why she urged you to Awa. She seemed to think nothing but in Schief could Corm of it she did not give you credit i think for such deep Ile raised his head with a gesture of proud Defiance. A i thank heaven a he said Quot i have Raver made a woman heart ache lady May looked at him wondering that he should be so Blind As not to see what was passing that moment in hers. A i leave it in your hands. Lady he said. Quot i have told you the whole truth and i have kept nothing from you. If you wish to keep to our engagement i will do my Best to make you Happy if you fret me. I shall owe tile happiness of my life to a i free you a said lady May gently a and i wish you All happiness Quot you Are a generous Noble woman a he cried. Quot i knew that i should not Appeal to your heart in my head and not my heart have decided this a she said calmly. A i am not a sentimental woman by any Means but my own sense tells me it is useless to marry a Man who loves someone i thought of going Down to Day to the farm a he continued. A i have always Felt sorry that i left it As i did there was just a touch of bitterness in the manner of lady May As she answered a if we had known the True circumstances of the Case i am sure that neither lady Gerton nor i would have urged your a we shall remain fast and True friends i Hope lady Mayjo he added. I see no reason Why we should not. You have acted like an honorable Man. Lean find no fault. Yes we will be friends always Quot she replied. A you Are wealthy and your position is a High one a he continued. A if i bring tile simple Beautiful girl i love to you when she is my wife will you befriend her a tears shone in her eyes when she answered a yes i will to the full extent of my and then he left Here to to Arch Hill farm. Bell amp Bros no. 281, Commerce Street Piper amp Schulthess nos. 8, to 12,14 Yturri and 249 Market sis., dealers in 2 5 k 5 i a is k min 3 Silver amp plated Ware. Cutlery Etc. Watch a s and see wiry repaired. Charges reasonable. We take pleasure in showing our goods and Pur earners Are invited to Oali. Satisfaction guaranteed. 1x4-Ly Banks and Bankers. Metal mils Ani Fence wires Lilart it Ltd and smooth. Annealed. Painted and galvanized Fence Staples. Patent i Noe stays. Moiler blocks and guide stretchers. Amp a. A. Roofing Aud Bright to Sheet Iron. Galvanize a Iron steel Zinc Copper i aaa a. Pig Iron pig l Ead. Solder Tho. Finn a a supplies. Tinner1 tools and machinery. Steal baling tie improved for Hay baling presses. Agents for Cambridge roofing company a Iron and steel roofing and siding Iron Ore paints amp. Union metallic Cartridge co s cartridges All kind Sand calibres. Shells wads sic. National Sheet Metal roofing Walters Patent tin shingles siding plates. Of Quot we make Low prices on car lots. Of correspondence Solic ted. Daw-1-2-Lv j in Heusinger 310-312 military Plaza san Antonio Texas j. 8. Alk Sandru president. A. A. A Lex Ander cashier. Texas National Bank. 258 Commerce Street. 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A full line of if Avi boots the Best to the Market Price $5.00. Come and examine them. J. H. M a $2 60 and $5100 shoes in Button lad and Gaiter Are the beat in the state every pair guaranteed a Complete stuck of gents Fink Button lace and Gaiter Sho is. They Are the Fine in the City. It in addition to my Stock of boots and shoes i carry All kinds of shoe polish for ladles and children s Alines Aud the celebrated a it. M. Bus King of Ord Era fur Uny styles of boots and shoes will be promptly executed. A Nice fit and general satisfaction guaranteed. Repairing of gents and ladles shoos and dispatch and care. Boots a specially and attended to with Eugene Staffel. Alexander Kuhl. If he were allowed to sit by her for half in hours Only too Happy if but once during that time she turned Ber Blue eyes on him with a smile if she spoke a few kindly words to him quite con tent to lavish the greatness of a great love upon her asking nothing in return. They never spoke of the lodger. Laurence could not Trust himself and Bonnie Doon could not forgive the terms in which he had spoken of her Lover. They were the Best of friends but while she Lay there so Pale and languid he could not make love to her. He never mentioned Erie but he thought of him. Ile would have Given All he had to have known the truth. He could not understand this sudden illness of Bonnie Doonis happening too just when a the lodger left. Had he trifled with the girls affections if so. And Laurence Ever found it out let him beware a i will keep my word a he said to himself. A if any Man hurts but one hair of her will slay him for quite suddenly one Day Laurence caught eight of the magnificent Golden locket Bonnie Doon wore an invalids shawl of White Fleecy Wool and the locket was hidden beneath it. She held it always in her hand Aud if for a few minutes the loosened her clasp of it the White trembling hand went Back to it with fresh a eagerness. Holding that she Felt Sale Aud suddenly Laurence Bainton caught sight of it. He had been Reading Lober while mrs. Vaughan sat knitting. A what a magnificent locket a cried Laurence. A i Nave never seen it be Tore a she smiled and made no answer. Mrs. Vaughan looked up. A yes a she said a i Call that a band some present Laurence a a who gave it to Yon miss Vaughan a he asked. Ahi then he read her secret a then he knew that All his love and hones and wishes were so Many dead ashes for even As he looked at Bonnie Doon and she answered him her face underwent a Complete change. A she loves him a Laurence cried to himself Iii the despair of his heart a she loves him a bending Over her he whispered in a Low a you love him Bonnie Doon a she answered. A with All your heart a he whispered again. A do you love him with All your heart a a yes a she replied Anspuks no other won lha peek Xvi. It was just one month since Erie St. John had left the farm. He had taken time he had considered Well he had disregarded the Palmitate beating of his own heart he had not taken into account any suspense or suffering of Bonnie Doonis. He had simply weighed the two passions in tire balance and found that love was Best thing in life he Felt More and More sure of it As the Days rolled on and he fully realised that his Only real happiness had been that Given to him by Bonnie Doon. He missed her More than words can Tell the Light of her Loving eyes the fair Beauty of her face the Caress of her Sweet voice above All he missed the love and having tasted its sweetness he could not live without it again. It was better than Pride better than ambition better than pleasure it was the one great Delight in life. Ile saw his Way clearly enough before him he had in illusions. Ile was not sanguine lie knew that he must make a great sacrifice in one Way or another he must give up ambition or he must give up love. If he renounce ambition Ive knew All the consequences he would lose lady May a grand Fortune the Benefit of her High comme Timis the favor most probably of his Uncle he would remain most Likely in the same position As he was now for Many years and people would say How mad acid foolish he had been to blight his life but he should have Bonnie Doon her Sweet face to brighten for him the Sweet lips to Caress him a Bon Nie Doon to be his for Ever and Ever. Surely that would repay him for alb he did not her a his decision because he did not know Itiat the girls heart was breaking for him. He was satisfied now that he had done his Best a i Bat he had weighed his life in his own hands a that he had Given the Calm deliberation and Cool judgment of a sensible Man to the matter. It was a Victory of heart versus head and he was proud of it. It was not every Man who would readily Lay Down the ambition and Hope of Alife for love. The next thing was to Tell lady May it did not occur to him that it could Hurt her. There had never been any question of love Between them it was what tile world called a a of match. She had shown that she admired him. He had made Lier in offer of marriage they had been the Best of friends Ever since Ami there the matter ended. She would not mind it with her Fortune and connections she could certainly do much better than marry him. Of course if she declined to free him he must submit to her wishes but that was not Likely to happen. He had always found lady May just Aud generous. When he told her the truth that unite unconsciously he had fallen in love for the first time in his life and that lie wanted to marry Hie girl he loved she would understand and be willing All women understand when the matter in hand was senti Merit of and kind or v a hid chapter xvii. It was the Bonnie month of september and the Suu seemed to renew of his misdeeds a seemed ashamed of the surly fashion in which he had behaved during the Spring and the summer he was shining now with perseverance and Industry warming glad Dening and brightening the whole world. Erie was Ai impatience he wondered now Why he Hod been so negligent How he could have waited All this time the Legal luminaries and the a High connections seemed to him very Small now while Bonnie Doon was anything. When he reached Hie station at Aspen Dale he could hardly control his impatience there was no cab no Carriage. No horse he must walk the distance or three Miles from there to Larch Hill farm. The fair Bright morning that joined the warmth of summer with the smile of autumn the leaves were still Green on tile Trees the hedgerows were still full of Flowers the Birds deluded by the Sunshine were singing gaily. As he passed the Meadows be saw the rabbits scudding along All nature was Blythe and Gay the very Day to seek ones love. How Long the Road seemed yet he remembered every Inch of it there was Hie great Pollard Oak under which he had stood with Bonnie Doon watching a Hock of sheep that for once would not follow their Leffier. How they had both laughed he could hear the sound of that Sweet Silvery laughter even now. There was the Clear deep Pool called Morley spool that Bonnie Doon loved on account of the Blue forget me not that grew there he remembered hold ing a Bunch of them near Lier eyes and telling Lier they were not half so Beautiful a Blue As the Sweet eyes into which he gazed. He thought or it As he passed the Pool Ami said to himself that there was no lighten Earth like the Light in those eyes. As he Drew nearer to the farm his heart beat faster How he longed to hold her once More in his arms Bow lie longed to Kins the Sweet lips. Of. Heaven How mad foolish and Blind he Hail been to have stayed so Long. The lies the White High Road that leads to the farm a there Are the Beauty fill Green lanes. Tears Rise unbidden to his eyes As he gazes. And there a of heaven lie praised he comes once More within sight it the old farmhouse it is almost covered now with the purple Wisteria which Lias flowered so late there is the Cool Stone porch and the memory of the Sweet evening hours he had spent there witty Bonnie Doon sweeps Over Hun with a passionate thrill of Delight. He see the old House but a strange silence broods Over it tile windows a1 ways open to let in the Sunshine and fresh air Are closed and the White blinds drawn a that is doubtless to shut out the too warm rays. A strange still Ness there was none of the usual sounds no cheerful voices no ring of Happy laughter he saw the Blue pigeons circling in the air but even they did not seem As usual As ii Quot passed by lie noticed that no Corn Lav on the ground and that their cry was of hunger. Why where was Bonnie Doon she never forgot the pigeons and Birds. Where was she of course it was Only fancy but lie thought he heard the Sweet voice on the sunlight air singing the word a a my sum to vt-1 stoic the Rose bul a he lift the Thorn win me thank heaven he was no false Lover he had Home Hack to win and to woo his True and Beautiful love. What a strange silence. Even old Carlo in his Kennel was fast asleep. There was no sign of life except Tim Blue pigeons and the tame Birds. Where was Bonnie Doon at Elfi time of the Day an hour past noon see was generally in Ute courtyard feeding tin hens and chickens Ami everything else that was hungry. 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Alb Sti chemist and apothecary no. 205 Alamo Plaza. On baud a full and fresh Stock of drag. Chemical and toilet articles log every thing found in a first class drugstore. Prescriptions made a specially and will be prepared at All hours with care and dispatch. Telephone no 299. Ail those afflicted with any disease of the Lyes ears nose or Throat can find the greatest and quickest Relief and Oure at the Mam Antonio be and ear infirmary. Cor. Of Houston and St. Mary a sts., which is the most thoroughly fitted up of my institution of the kind in the state. Alamo ice company 31 Cameron Street Telephone no. 229, san Antonio Texas. Amounts Yob i bests so Tamega bottled Beer and tbsp our anti i a a i fens thy u it Liv. To nip mils of Tut. Id of tuck an Torpi Dity of it i it Filiti j�?Tj.>imw., Norou. , ind Jln Rity it la. Bowel., con. Iya i a. Tatu or tout lion and burning of Uio stomach i Tunas Chol lie Ort Burn Mumm. Malaria i. Flux j a la it id Fauvor break one fever uu.u0i1 be. 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To such As Are not Well satisfied we will pay on Dollar to the trouble of writing. Pull particulars and outfit free. Address a Coho Stinson a co., Portland. Maine. It Wuu i i a Lieut in we k i lid my unum As Indian nation Coal. Pm swill Elsaw is of i these pills were a wonderful discovery. No others us them is the world. Will positively Curt or relies All manner of . The information around each Box is Worth ten times the com of s Box of pills. Fiu Dout i 4 drag a amp a Bce one Box will shorn a Speg v will always be thank Fuu one Pill a dose. Parsons Pilis contain to nothing harmful Are easy to take and sans no i Conven patents for inventions designs and Trade Marks claims collected Homestead oases prosecuted land warrants Back pay. Bounty and pensions for soldiers mull. ���?�&.-& business attended to. John h Duffie attorney at Law Washington d. C. A Kef Hencke in nov general , Washington 1& Cand to h. Lir using of Kau Antonio Texas connected with the la out who will furnish Blanks on application. We. Mayme is co. Hunters Washington blood and cure chronic ill health than $6 Worth of any other remedy yet discovered. If people could be made to muss the marvelous Power of these pills they would walk too Mike to get a Box if they could not is Hod without. Set at by mail for 25 seats in St yes. Illustrated pamphlet free postpaid. Send to it tile information is very Valuate. I. S. Johnson a co 22 custom House Street Boston mass. Wife new Midi by still put up $500�?�thathi be Uptake or. John Tripp s blood purifier and cure any Case 01 syphilis or scr Fula on Earth and guarantee a perfect and permanent Oure. D. P. Barr. Hoiu agent for the that a. Northwest Corner main Plaza san a Antonio
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