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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 10, 1887, San Antonio, TexasEfty distr Cut of Murru Curr fit tar i Lom Ruttle Urilt. While oat Riding will Hud u to their to cull t thai popular drug lore ind it it Otto Toni the 8ntil Ever brought to i be oily find at Bottom Urlce. H. A. Ull pm proprietor. San daily Light my or. We of rown to. U no. M South Almo Wylli hereafter Fotima Ili Cut Wen Imbt to All Klundt of bread. Line. Or. My by m by built Bat my my the pub he. Volume 362. San Antonio. Texas. Mon o a j an uary 1o. T 887. Only a year pc cd cd co . Chronic Alvavi find times fall to see Thattie fault with u not Mil factory world Gow a Jon find rather with thana Galanit the a Tater a used a decl Tat id prices of men s and boys overcoats and suits ladies cloaks shawls and heavy Drew goods. No larger mock found either in medium or Fml Thun carry. Blankets and comforters All at exceedingly Low prices Shtob in odour firm ecu owned to our department we Curry at nil Hort Antof my Boum in ladies hisses it children s shoes slippers our Stock Liall to order from beat by Lect d material. Hare no poor uhf Lattur foods. For tit Tom in Joske Brothers Alamo so do 33 o h a m 3d 03 latest Telegraph news Joske Brothers Mark Down clothing Sale suits and overcoats i goods i Fine styles inquire for prices Genaro bargains 1 Wolff a Marx cot. Commerce and Alamo sts., san Antonio Tex. H. D. Kampmann president Otto Koehler Sec. And manager brewing lager and specially brewed select bottled Beer guaranteed absolutely pure. San Antonio Texas. Always Gigantic Stock in All departments special itt Poji called to the 6ekis dip artiest. Merchants advertise in various ways such As Selling out at damaged etc., try ing to Gull the Public that they possess Peculiar by which they Are enabled to Tell cheaper than their competitors at the same time telling at a Good profit. They perpetuate a fraud on a generous Pajic by offering a lower Grade of g ode which Are palmed off a g of and m first Clasi. Each season a Baa been say Earnest Endeavor to improve the Quality and make of goods and to Bell them at a reasonable profit giving each customer Hie Worth ill each Purchase. In Fol. Lowing out this coarse i have been successful and am Prond to say my. Business increased each year and la now All parts of the Globe and boiled Down the worker s work. How unauthorized strikers fixed the Lodo Pandoni delegation. The leaders a the work Nomen d in the largest and most Complete establishment of the kind in the South. It Dorlac us i Exon indie Earlou in t Brown of Georgia does not intend to resign seat in Ilio Home. Dixie Williams is revival Long it in ennui with Ibe usual result. Sir Thomas my of Odulana is lying i Tab Point of death in London. The strikers on Hie Hue of the san Frano Leoo grip cars Are openly riotous. Cohan bros., Brenham Cuero dry good0 Mon fall for a Little Over Roach s symptoms grow More alarm ing rapidly and of May Ink into in any hour. The jury of inquest in lha Trifun rail Way horror Al Goldaie the criminal care Leuieu of the freight Orew. Taif non he will have i Cabi net ready Tor the que Fhi b inspection on wednesday at . The Popo will present to the do 1 kide on the too halon of Ihu cuu Luik Jub Liru. I he Jubilee of Queen reign will tie Selub Riidu throughout in Daft on feb. Is. Prof. Treat Fechke this been appointed pub in in Lauu of the Lute prof von Hennke. Texas Grimi Antkers Alliance then and work Tigmeac Hru anew poll Licul puny. I it online All birr Cal up up the c oils on Scott a premises Loo Kuig for he dded treasure. The president of the Kansan City in vestment Komi my has Purceli Zgud 05 acres of land be Artlin Dallura fair ground. A Rubinan a Fieler and a Eirea artist Galveston Oleu their bus Nesb under writ of attachment. Ulad Ottono denies the Standard e so Bertion that be will mollify his Home Rule Bill. Carlisle will not deny bit Tia intends to enter Tebei held As Lieck a rival Lor the Kentucky senator help. Highways and railways no now a locked in the Middle English of cities. Thu Montgo Rocky. Board of Trade Anta Wulze the inter slate Commerce Hill. Thomas the All the world around bicyclist arrived from a Nim m Fra Nusco i saturday. The saturday s sleet and Snow was quite general Over Northern and Central Elob. Grimes and Manilla on county physicians organize dub Lylor medical society. Cox Doea not Linker lifter a Puco on the ways and Means during Tho of Oblong weeks of the when nothing will to done. I up graphical Union interdict All plate matter where using u will de crease working Force no plates Irmo in non Union ounces Are allowed. Powderly As Lute As saturday night de Nied All knowledge botany movement for an extra session of the knights of la Bor. Four of the Young men condemned to death recently fur tin outrageous Aeb Huit upon a servant girl wets bunged at Sid Ney Australia. The Al Lage Djemil Tripoli was severely Schakeh. By earthquake today. A number of houses Tell. Seven persons were killed and Many Hurt. The Duke of Redford has remitted the whole amount of rents of tenants on Hla Bedfordshire estate for the current half year. To Lugo Crisp who engineers Reagan s interstate oommttce1 Hill for him in1 Bis absence from Washington thinks it will run smoothly it Irungu lha House. The chinese pirates Are reported to have Mir Derry tie French garrisons at Moi Ishoi and Hoko. Loss of life at Hoko about 60. The Pope will seek the Protection of the Prince of Monaco in the event of Italy becoming involved in the the at War. Several thousands of dollars in Coin and currency Vicia found Ted up in old rags in a in Philadel phia to lived Lihe r pauper. Judge Purkett holds blacklisting As a Oona piracy Only by conc in criminality to a conspiracy to take life and then tines the by Schlieter Ohio has a Case of revolting corruption in the Akron insane Asylum. The plan nil by the present superintendent Aga nut his own son and the old superintendent. The emperor holds a chapter of the prussian order of the Block Englc on the he will Decorato Duke of Mac Linburg and a enl Pape and von Bernitz. The railway Nike men of the lines of the Pennsylvania heading Jersey Cen Arhl Erie icel aware and Hudson and the Lackawanna roads threaten strike to Aid Tho Coal the South Carolina Ria const for 30 Miles Between Felly s islam and Little River is covered with dead Tosh to the depth of a foot. Farmers Are carting them o2 for land dressing. The Earlh Una Kab Are supposed to have shaken them out of their Little Ben Beds. German ship Bill Zabetti from Bremen was wrecked on saturday morning it Miles North of Cape Henry on the Carolina coast and 15. Lives lost of these three were members of the life saving station. Numerous avalanches have occurred in cantons of Lucerne Schytz and url. Several villages have been completely Cut of from communication with the outer world. A number of houses were destroyed and Many cattle killed the majority of the committee of the Denmark recommend the re it clop of the government s fun Nicla proposals arid the reduction of the extra army credit from Kroner 1, 300.000 Kroner. Al la believed the government will dissolve the Folk ethling in View of these recommendations. Advices from Cape town say Partite have been sent out to search for her Luderitz German explorer last seen i october at the Mouth of the Orang River in route to angry Pequena on Thweat const of Senor Moret of foreign a Fain in an interview today said vices received from Spanish represents elves abroad tended to fear of the imminence of a european War the extent of which no one could forage. Dependent Lvov Uncil culled a Rinir Lei in the Wari Isof the City to Cleat the Twenty live Leclef ctn Noli to convention to to in or Pfoh Hall next but Tho dec zing Ottic Atoian Tiore Cut Teil olt Luel or Tor to Inch extent a to pre ent in attn Lunue Tuat Olton. St Keri on behalf of of ilium Atli quatre were Billy and took in Tho Rizzu notion but u not a Kerr to live thu the people. In Waku no. I opting which was to have been hold in two or three kit Lierd i tier. Among them. J. I. O Keary nil on of Ottok. 1 let made no for soon fluid up Dulc Littlon Der full owe John Bennett Dave Koel Shelra Arney Mijoi tuft Jisi Iwko Nelch Nellu a Juhn us Iloa. Al ii in a my Iii l incr non. Fez Fernando Bueno it Urcla alar ten Miz i u. K. A Modesto Torres 13. Wll Kane w. Mob a Kurt Torris t. T. To cd d. In lion limn i Ri-9, de. Ilo Burt Mon feat Bud a Ruiika. In Vail no. 2 Here were six or count. Otto Holms a pleated nid to retry. Then Ihu follow Lynx ill ugh on wbb selected Jim Matsev i Hlll . Kore Ned Nudolph Olio Holme u. N. main Plaza. San Antonio Texas. New Garden seeds. I Jott in receipt of a Large invoice of Choice new Garden meds cons Alln or kinds of Corn an a Lilli 1 tin uttering at Clow at wholesale and Rotell. 1-7-61 Emanuel Abrahams Cor. Mihitar Anil queries. They sat round the lire. In tie Street s office blur Ling thu dinner hour when one conundrum Why i one or the Street Coli Milf sooner s Towru Enjeti like a be 1 Al hedged ally five it up when lha pronoun or answered leu Nuriu ii i Downey. Tie " an Oiler ask til Why Are the Street Man the in Tiu City none knew until tie query isl answered Bev Nuse they re Piot then thu Man left. Lie s no bog and knows when to s got a Nouga of a Good Arron t. m. A. Patzig a. Ura Djuan k. Grandjean it Muiel Van Joe Moran. Jou Jun Mcgraw Henry feet oils Walter Ellis Walter Henry Wal or William Walter Jolt sir Mung w. Morran and a Cdr the citizens of Saiid no. 3 to Havo Mot at Ilio fireman s Linell n West Coli March Street but there Only two or Ebreo persons a recent and they did not feel in making Nyel Callon. They adjourned on the Dersi Anding that another meeting Oulch Oconor. V.-a1u no. Ice Tang was to Liao been hold at re Sci s Hall and several citizens Wero lore and wont in the bar room to non no i heir Frozen Bones. Whilst Micro messes. ,1. P. O Lowry and Owen ook Camo in and declared that meeting and bean held and in following tolerates were Cleot . Biker. O. J. Welsh f. Olin on 0, Al pfc a. Fret Lier ii. Fret Ler r. Ii. , Olius. Lorlan. P. Valse John i. Smith Dan mlle Louis Weyel k. , 11 Der Taylor a. Vul Viz h. Leann Mulez Tiu lir own robs i. Antika u w. Ulo Kuy t. Madison has. It is worthy of note that Tho Light re Orter who was present nor any of the Ibers know anything of the alleged Etling. Wadd no. 5. Cd Lions Mot at Meyer s Hall and 22 Orson were present. T. W. Mullaly Vns elected Ulin Leinan and Jno Boelhauwe Eore tary. A of Alvo Oneist of j. P. O Leary thou. Smith. O. U. Lull Only a. J. Spank and m. J. O Arlen r As to select dolt in Teri and he following delegation Jib j. P. O , a. J. Spank Thos. To e. J. Grill Nolier Thoa. J. U. Jiu Luly m. J. Sturlen Dan Lewis pm. W. D. Sol Ali. C. Harriett. Vallur Fawcett Joe u. Carer Geo. Caen m. J. Of Jayson m. Sells 60, t. W. Mullaly on studs o. Chelder j. J. . Huh. Boyle Sam map Rook and u. D ilor fian. Warn 0 had its meeting at Zumberg s Hall on Muslin s Downey Shnirman Lenry annl and i. 11. Lee peer Sturles the full owing waa elected Phillip Ein Unok. Clarles Werner we ill ller br., e p. Thiompson to Epli Velh a. Jaftok Jamen Patr Baba . H. , Henry hum. Ii. C. In lord s. W. Davis. George a. Evans Ohn i Mccormick Joe. Ulvey it wis ins Way Austin trl Stilet Gus Trues All. Lived. Olio Stilih Jar nor Ili Uberger James Liu Nett Gua Nan w. B. Alb Antler. Willd 7. Eco uni was held it Pella or a Hall Loikith Alamo Street. Ii Fol people wore present. Herman in belts de chairman and h. 0. So Iii Secre Ary. Thu following is their dul Galion in Nurt is ii. Faust Geo. Caen ii. C. Smith Ivi Izor John Burton Ulm Tes August Zander l. Small Fritz Eingurt Louis elder ii. A line Jno Kobr Sam Muschall w. H. Kiley e. Jeaulli. Pyron a a. Kelican d. Of knife let Casper Jenner f. Soott bibs Gotal Julius Zander Herman Hei Lignian. Ward 8 meeting did not Como on two persons were present and they wisely concluded o retire without selecting delegates. The signers of Tho Call declare that the primaries were not worked in a item Atli will hold n meet _ tonight to take such notion As they nay consider necessary for their own Nail Catlon and to place the matter on a proper basis. An excursion ticket. A Good Story is told of one of our local a who during the holidays had occasion to go to Gal Veston he knew of but bad forgotten he excursion rates to Galveston where by be could get around trip ticket t a Alveston for the regular fare being round trip. If be bad read the Lio it with regularity he would have been bet Ter posted. Going to a ticket broker be. Asked if he had any Cut rate tickets to Galveston. The broker said he could Ket one for and made an appoint ment with Lien to meet him at the depot the next morning which he did All ready to go to Galveston. He handed tie broker and that worthy coolly sauntering up to the ticket window bought an excursion ticket and banded u to Ben and pocketed the change. Ben s eyes were opened and he kicked Bombe fall the Way to Galveston for being to absent minded. This a Hance v Unm of prices in dry Are Ditzen honed to Mike or prices so Low that everybody can the Arlington. The Arlington Saloon or. L. Eisner proprietor opened its doors to the pub Lic last saturday night and no to 13 o clock the spacious Saloon was thronged with friends and of somirs. A regal repast was served at the lunch counter by or. N. Wise and his a sent Ali Whlor or. Eisner and his fun of Barmen Conns Neof messes Nic Ken Bonner a d John Mccown were kept by sort Lair the. Throng with refreshments. The Arling ton his started successfully and will keep up its popularity it is drunk on one drink. A Well known Tady of thin ully whose Hui bail u a perfect Balut in Ula invt h drug of liquor or influx Loa Liik fluid a he though nut Ollu Vang in Strul Krutil Button duo Aida alarm ice Rte Huntly Whitn tier but butyl Unmil bump with a very bad Solil. I Lotring trial Brandy was Abb procured Uuie Ana Liliu Viau Mui Tiiu full which he drunk and Occam a trunk in a few . Of drunk old or Beu Ouie that he grow and Bugan raving and net that his wife Bull Vang Blui wry id bunt fur a Coutur who looked puzzled and very grave wrote out n Piuri Piluri Uncle or United to Call Tho ii i any. After Usu Yutile Uji Tii had blurt Ufa Tom bile us of the Liq our Iio Felt my right Bis old was gone Anil by we quid by hid wife How by had a Ltd Coti eluding he bad been drunk he on the do Utu and told him he need Nui Louie As Bis tue Mulno and entirely cured him. It is not known Trio nah whether to took the doctor s Medicino or not. To route Tor work. Or. J. D. Houston of Onzales b. W. In Izard of Missouri to. B. Moore a. M. Walker und u. Al till of Al Alwiila Well known anti Kumcu Are at ibo plunger he route for thu Tontti Eikon s convention at in Lens. It to expected that thu Conven Tion or Ico Wilt Bun Tako action i Gard the new refrigerator works to. To a Inrod at Somo Point in Texas. Fort Worth Dallas Llou Oton valves Lon and 5an Anio Ulo urd Iho Shim uni Icid for it and nil except san Antonio uru working ird to get it. Attention sir knee tits a called a or Sun an Tonio Oomen Mundary no. 7, will Taku place ibis evening it fur work in the i a Inglar degree. Vial cing sir knights Giro cordially invited to attend. By order of Iho k. C. Hora thief arrested. Of decor mar Tiu 7, and Deputy sheriff in Cloval Niilo Tho arrest Saturn night it a Ounim Yard near Loonry Kest a store of a Gurmann Danied Ernest Meyer alias hurts Titan Kush dry a Lins Johnson charged with theft of two Thursea from o. I of Kendo Lett Kerr county. 41r. Vognil being in town to nmn is the tilt of. He having Burn employed for or. Vogel at Hie Lime Tho Liurni was stolen. One of Tho horses got away and strayed Home to Hoerni and Tea other was sold to h or. Cloud of thl sulty for j27. The Lurees with a Saddle and bridle were stolen dec Moor 3d, from Jar. Vogel. Mayor lived in Antonio out Neur Iho hotel Long Elul Shtur Pun. Odds and ends Woven together. Newspapers abroad hear Minoh More of what Lucurs in san Antonio limn thu that Are published Here. This but proves the truth of Tho saying of Kiili tilt allow the world is gluon to the dump bus been examined and pronounced to be in animal without a Rains and the Handiwork of the is his he reason some girls Doat on him us much attending Ohruh on sunday is not a Subrati Bucu Lor piety. Tie beat Placo for Young girls in the Honyiu nest where 111 5 Mother stands juju gird Over them. Many of to men hint Olinor for eight hours have no scruples about letting their wives labor fourteen hours nut of the Twenty four about household Ina erd. Let Tho bund of Reform pull woman no out of thu mire too. When twelve year old boys resort to Ihu shot Glin argument and shoot a boy Down in cold blood. 1c looks As thong i our civilization needed . Parents appear to Havo turned their children oui a Roll the Range to shift Lor themselves. Antonio re enact the part of rip Van Winkle and slumber of Twenty years to come i see that pop guns Are being fired 60 Ai the x. Al. U. A. But nothing in right Oan be written Down permanently. Tala association has wrought a Good work in other cities and should be accorded a fair trial in ban Antonio i believe it purports to to non sectarian. If it has slammed its doors in the foes of tramps it has forgotten that Christ was poor and had no to Short to Lay his head whilst he was upon Earth. While it is True that a tramp is devoid of self re Spect and the sense of manhood and constitutionally Lazy and Vagabond Ash to is a human being and has soul to be saved As Well As the millionaires. K a tramp could be weaned from Bis roving in bits and could be induced to Settle Down and go to work he would lose his Dis reputation and become a useful and honorable member of soul try. In Spile of poverty and Riga. A Man l a Man for All and should not be excl need from Iho pre Loots of the Young men s pit Rutala association. I would be rejoiced to see every tramp reclaimed from Bis useless do respectable and de based m Hie of life and converted into an industrious bread Winner. Christ never turned away any poor Man or Wotkun nor heaped reproach and con tempt on them nor should Bis followers do so. If the statement of mrs. Geunther no. Or that she was never married nor prom ised marriage to True her moral perception and idea of womanhood must be at a Low ebb. Her care will illustrate the evils of concubinage. The is coldly turned adrift and her children branded As bastards. _ Bat. Very Well put. Why do to defer till tomorrow what to should do today by do Wong act a Lough till itch Rowski into consumption and con sumption brings to Tzib grate do. We. 8 Walsah la Sura to euro it if taken in season. It has Nove Rheon known to tall. Use it according to directions. Perse vere till is conquered a it la cer Tain 10 be. If it Tho Silil req Nero a dozen by tics. La no belter Medicine for Pul monary d Borders. Ladies cloaks m Ull Klandl 40 Una inns. Now Llylma. In Roul kinds All no 7 w Onti Linoir 00 to too misses cloaks Largo Ensor Guiont w 1ii.1jm 5 m Vor by Lush Onia. 060 cell Iirth t s 76 carpets engraft it Yard Bright . A Yard All Wool por Buirk a Yard Urumqi a cares a Yard dry goods cloth Iii. 25 suits Only left Boyi. , very chup Only. Fine abuts Cau Only. Upon did Muu Tiller coat shoes. Kid Button very Follo cd Duson Yoou. Mumm Sooj i Kller Llu Lton Jicile Ilij Sweo Uuttu. 1u in too blankets in Wylte Winolon blanked a w 114 Fine Quality la Laukau. A 00 a i 00 it 00 to 3 00 underwear knit Vesta. A. Cal Ulreh a Knel. . Knit Fayojr Multi 75 be sure to Call at ippei1iime1 212 and 214 Commerce Street. And look at our immense bargains before you buy. Riverside cafe restaurant. Simmang k Hampel proprietors lunch and meals Oyster fish game ii Luiis. When in Beasom. Notice. To out out Omer und patrons All Pitr Talca having Beor kegs belonging to Lone slur growl off co., Are Roquet cd to ii Lobo return i pm or leave tue in where our Delvora can gel them. Lot Lonk stain co. Own your Home. The books Sre now open for ton to the ill la re Lei of the and mob inc building ind loan Mio. Elation. Apply to Vav. A. Bony note Henry room 8, Hole did Block ll-Lu-3m Only found free from Lime Alum and phosphatic acid and absolutely pure. B. Smith son merchant respectfully inform their on Tomera to that during the lilt Elsya they will make a reduction of 10 per cent on Gar from regular prices. Fit guaranteed. C All on them and Price to tsar Good before b. Smith it sox 1 2-9-lf 44 wet it. Under the direction of Tho new York Santo Hoard of health eighty four different kinds of baking powders embracing All the brands that could be found e r Uncle in Tho state were submitted. To exam Littion and Annly to by prof. G. F. Chandler ber of the state Board and president of tie hew York City Board of health assisted by prof. Up wait g. Love Tho Well known United states government chemist. The official report shows that a Large in Bur of Tho powders examined were found to contain Alum or Linie Many of them to such an extent As to Render them seriously for use in tie preparation of Kunimi food. Alum was found in Twenty Ciuc samples. This drug is ont played in baking powders to cheapen their Cost. The presence of Lime is i attributed to the. Impure Cream of tartar of com Merce used in their manufacture. Such Cream of tartar was also Analysed and found to contain Lime and other impurities in some samples to the extent of 93 per cont of their entire weight. All the baking powders of the Market with the single exception of Royal not including the Alum and phosphate win Ali were Long since discarded As unsafe or inefficient by Pru Dent am made from the impure Cream of tartar of Commerce find consequently Conli Lime to a corresponding extent. The Only baking powder yet found by chemical analysis to be entirely free from Lime and absolutely pure is the this perfect purity results from the exclusive use of. Cream of tartar specially refined and prepared by Patent which totally remove the tartrate of Lime and other impurities Tho Cost of this chemically pure Cream of tartar is much greater than any other and it a used the prof. Love who made the analyses of baking powders for the new York state Board of health As Well. As for the government says of the purity and wholesomeness of Royal i have tested a package of Royal baking powder which i i purchased in the open Market and find it composed of pure and wholesome ingredients. It is a Cream of tartar powder of High degree of Merit and does not contain either or phosphates or any injurious substances. _
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