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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - January 5, 1891, San Antonio, Texas Volume a a number 288san Antonio Texas monday. January 5 1891 Price $6 a year Lockwood National Bank. Ban Antonio Texas. J. 8. Lockwood president . Safe Deposit Vadi to latest telegraphic. Associated press dispatches and state specials. Up to the time of going to press four nights and Oue matinee beaming january 5, the celebrated can Riedy a opera co. Presenting monday tuesday and for the wednesday Matisse j. Strauss masterpiece a the Gypsy Barons wednesday Aud thursday evenings Adolph Mueller a romantic opera a the Kings fool lower floor and first two rows of the Balcony $1.50 Back Rowe,7cc and $1.00, general admission 60c. The Memphis Appeal Avalanche would meet the attempted execution of the Force Bill should it become a Law by Force and with a old secession yell cries out Force should meet Force. Toleration begets Confidence in the mind of the tyrant. To yield an Inch is to of give an Ell. This is history. The hand of the despot is Only stayed when his subjects Rise in the might or mass. Necessity knows no Law self preservation justifies any remedy. It is just such utterances As this that will Force the passage of that Bill r despite the resistance and strenuous opposition of the most sagacious leaders of the Republican party. That a measure is not desired by them Ai d the Only Way to prevent its passage ii to show that t is entirely uncalled for to demonstrate that the growing acquiescence of the South in All the results of the War and in the provisions of the constitutional amendments renders the passage of such an act unwise and is a needless stirring up of the old strife. This declaration of the Appeal Avalanche however is a declaration of War before Auy overt act has Beer committed. It is a dec Larato amp a that the assertions of the antagonists of the Bill Are false and that those who would pass the obnoxious measure Are More acquainted with the spirit and temper of the South than Are those who would prevent its becoming Law. Were the ii fluence of the Appeal Avalanche commensurate with it venom Aud foolishness it would have already worked incalculable injury. The Force Bill needs no assistance from Southern democrats to strengthen its chances of passing Congress. The republicans who Are opposing that measure should not have to meet the spirit of hostility engendered by such threats As Are voiced in the very injudicious Aud most unwise and impolitic extract Given Palmer of Illinois is trying to make his canvass tor the Illinois Bouto ship As conclusive As possible. No Oue can predict the outcome however As the contests for seats in that legislative body Are As numerous As democratic aspirants for office under a democratic administration. The grangers have succeeded in mixing matters if nothing More. A a a a a a a Houston is virtually Cut off from communication with the counties that surround her. The Small pox scare has been most effectual and counties East and West and North exercise a Mast rigid supervision Over the rail Way stations. Not Only Are All parties who take the trains at Houston refused permission to leave the cars at Gray notation in these counties but the through passengers who come directly through Houston without stopping Are not permitted to leave the cars but Are forced to remain on Board until they reach a station too far away from Houston for the scare to have robbed men of their reason. Hundreds of Houston families have left town and passengers for Galveston from the West via the s. A. A go Down by Way of Wallis Junction thus avoiding the dangers of quarantine detention. When Texas gets a scare on like the old state itself it is a mighty big one. A villainous falsified. Or. Van Alstyne denies the report of any smallpox in his family or any one connected with his House. Bays there is no one of his establishment sick at All and he will pay $50 Reward for detection of the person starting such false reports. Fair. Washington Jan. 5. Fair for Texas. Weather failed. New York Jan. 5.-�?failure of d. A. Worth is announced. Late telegrams in his headless be Asp. Boiled Down from private Spe cd Al and other sources. Lost poles. Vienna Jan. 5.�?an explosion in polish Austria saturday killed fifty people. More Indian news. Pine Ridge january 5.�?last night indians burned a number of houses of settlers along White River. Beautiful Blue Danube. Posth Hungary Jan. 5.�?a Large number of skaters on the Frozen Danube River Between Buda and Perth were drowned yesterday by the ice breaking. A righteous decision. Atlanta ga., Jan 5.�?thebupreme court Bas just rendered a decision that a Church site and edifice May be sold to pay the salary of the pastor. Their last joke. Savannah va., january 5.�?at new Albany two negroes stole some food of another negro named Moore and told him As a joke. He pot some Poison on some fish cooked it Aud invited them to eat. They Are dead. Moore has fled. Not True. St. Louis Jan. 5.�?the reported killing of Gen. Miles by the indians is not credited Here or in Chicago. Reported fight. Omaha Jan. 5, 2 30 p. disastrous fight with indians is reported in Progress near Pine Ridge. No particulars. _ a nonsensical order. By. Louis Jan. 5.�?the orders to disarm the Cheyenne and Arapahoe indians causes alarm in Oklahoma and disgust among the troops who say it is not necessary. Getting hot. Pine Ridge Jan. 5.�?scouts coming in report the indians increasing and the indications Point very Strong by to the greatest Battle in the Indian War history at an Early Date. Probable fight with England. New York Jan. 5.�?eleven War ships and ave Revenue cutters will soon be in commission and ready for duty in the Pacific to go to Behring sea. England has 5 gun boats in this sea now while the u. B. Will have 23.___ died from Small pox. Special to the Light Columbus Texas Jan. 5.�?mr. Matt. York w to was stricken Down with the Small pox a few Days ago at Weimar Texas died yesterday evening and was buried last night. Another skirmish. Gordon neb., Jan 5.�?two scouts just arrived confirm the report of Battle North of this place. The fight was Between indians and a detach ment sent out by general Miles from Rosebud Agency to buy the indians killed at wounded knee. The hostile Sioux objected to the burial ant opened fire and after a Sharp fight were forced to retire. H a amp a sugar Market is quiet. Denison reports one Case of smallpox. The Viceroy of Ireland Earl of Zetland offers to distribute All the Relief stores sent to that country. This week will see a change in the work of the Senate As that body will get Down to business. The shipping Bill will be called up tuesday Aud an Effort made to push it to a vote. The natives of the Caroline islands have risen against their Spanish masters. Prince Millow the wealthiest coloured Man in Helena, murdered saturday. Poverty is chronic in sections of West Ireland. Great distress will be Felt before Spring. Gov. Ross says Rutherford misunderstood , and he raises the car antique at Houston. Jas. Medows of Sulphur Springs shoots Alvin Hargrave mistaking him tor Alvinus brother John. Elpaso will have a new military Post if she gives that additional 260 acres otherwise not the lumber Mill of the d. M. Angle company at a flukes is burned loss $65,000. The Nebraska militia Are ordered to bold themselves ready to March against the indians. There is trouble Over the president of the Memphis taxing District and bet hell is asked to resign. The so called a a friendliest Are join no the Hostiles every Day in Large numbers. The War department is sending increased troops into Dakota indicating a prolonged Indian War. Hugh Wallace of Tacoma and Mildred daughter of chief Fuller Are to a married this evening. Mrs. Beach wife of the editor of the scientific american goes to the insane Asylum. Burglars got away with $1,000 from the Safe of Zandt a co., grape Vine. Texas. Unsuccessful attempt made to assassinate a son of Deputy marshal Broome of san Angelo. Parnell leaves Dublin for Boulogne and will be guided by the counsels of his friends. Short stops. A conductors thrilling experience with a headless Man. The open season has prevented lumbering operations in Wisconsin and the lumber men Are very Blue the indians at Pine Ridge Are deft ant. The Indian school at that Point has been burned. Yoakum protests against being quarantined declaring that there Are Only two cases of Small pox now in town. Corpus Christi continues to put herself prominently before the people of the Eastern Atlantic states. The energetic president of her port aran Sas company is now in the East Anc is making lasting impressions upon the great centers of capital which Wil Bear fruit in the coming Days. San Antonio must match the advertising work of her coast rivals or see the capital that if properly instructed would come her Way diverted into other channels. Printers Ink and Good platform talk is making that whole coast Region very Well known abroad. San Antonio must come into the swim or be left in borne Side Eddy while the great Stream of investment rushes past her to the coast. What the people Are saying. Alderman Lockwood the constitutional lawyer of the City Council n Akes a statement to the cloy official Organ the express to tile effect that the a aboard of equalization will finish their a raising of assessments on the 10th instant and that homesteads have not been raised but that other property has been inflated to a Large extent. Now the people would like to know where the authority exists for this to called a equalization Sec. 194 of the City charter provides the City Council or Ai least the mayor and three aldermen shall set As a Board of Appeal and revision to whom shall be submitted by the assessor the tax list and before whom persons feeling aggrieved May Appeal in writing stating his or her grievance a. # the people want to know if this a equalization boards so called has been evolved out of Section 194 of the charter the Council it seems never sets As a Board of equalization but has delegated its work to a a four Alderman who receive a per Day and whose sole business is to raise the assessors figures. # the people Are talking about the so called equal nation Board. Alderman Lockwood a boast about the Good work Doue looks very much As if assessor Frash has been very neglectful of his duty or is simply an unnecessary Public official. # the Small pox is a legacy of the late county election. A a the introduction of the australian system of voting will Lessen the Small pox malady. # # the colonization of a thousand mexican tramps for election purposes has brought the Small pox Scourge upon the state. # a if the legislature wants to do something for tile health of Texas we advise the passage of the australian ballot for cities. Judge Keller of san Angelo is found dying in his death is a mysterious one but he denies having Latten anything to hasten his death. A freight. Clerks yarn matched with a conductors graphic relation of an actual occur ranch. The last Christmas Day did not find every body in his place or every body at his Home. The trains were crowded with men women and children taking advantage of the Holiday excursion rates. Thus it was that when the m. K. Amp t. Road southbound reached Taylor Texas six hours late thereby failing to make connections some couple of Hundred passengers were duped at the place to wait until the next train was due. The thickly crowded waiting room was somewhat relieved of its crushing numbers by a Large portion of the travellers putting up at the hotels of the town leaving around the glowing depot stove Only those who were too broke to pay the Bill for the nights lodging or who believed that they could get As much Comfort out of a country town waiting room As a country Side hotel. Iii the beginning of the w Ait every one held out exceedingly Well. No one seemed anxious to sit but gradually an unpleasant silence seemed to hold Sway parties who still stood up with their grips in their hands quietly set them upon the floor. A few More people thought they would sit Down a Little while anyhow for the fact began to Dawn upon the people that it was a Little More tiresome work to wait from to p in. To 3 50 a. Rn., than they had supposed. The sleepy quiet and sameness that seemed to hold the room under a Charm was finally broken by a giggling freckle faced country coquette who had lured to her Side a few metropolitan dudes with a Box of Candy to which the party was helping itself with merry talks and laughs but quickly ail of the Candy had disappeared and one by one by dudes Slid out of sight looking for some place to sit. Or lean to rest their weary limbs and leaving the foolish coquette to moralize on the fickleness of the dude. Theu ensued a Long and lasting period of sleep producing Solitude those who could not get a seat stood and those who were too broken up to stand reversed the wooden Spittoon about the stoves Aud got what Comfort they could out of their but Little improved situation. A freight clerk who with a Railroad conductor were travelling Over the line and who had monopolized a Bench in order to rest themselves just a least bit caused a dozen of nodding dozing Heads to Jerk with a enlivening suddenness by inquiring in his Strong Bass voice of his partner a what time of the night or Day have you the handsome conductor stretched himself rubbed his eyes and Felt his Side to see How deep an impression the hard Bench had made on his Side. Pulling out his chronometer he disappointed the whole Groupe a a in be got eleven fifty five Terra How is this tor just then Oue of the waiting pass engers stepped Iii Aud announced that the South bound was two hours late giving for his authority the dispatcher freight Clerx Terra mused awhile and finally broke out to conductor Rel dds. A i Tell you we will have to kill this time systematically we can to hold out by doing nothing and we can to stand tile torture of the hard Bench so i propose that you Tei a Good one and i in return will Tell you one. To this the conductor agreed provid lug the freight clerk Tell his tale first. It suited the freight clerk Aud thus without delay be sprung his yarn a was you know the c. B. A q., and the Wabash run for a distance of Fechir Miles parallel and within speaking distance of each other upon their leaving Cairo. Now when the roads put on their a flyers a they would skim Over the rails so lightly that the least Jar would tend to throw the engine off the rails and there was a constant danger of wrecking the trains. Some one however a resumed the freight clerk Atter a minutes reflection probably of what he had said and what might consistently follow a some Crank i suppose discovered that a most excellent Way in which to keep the engine on the rails would be to Load the heavy driving wheels with powerful Load stones. Both roads took up the idea and experimented with the same finding the discovery decidedly practicable. Shortly both the Wabash and beg. B. A q., fitted up a first class locomotive with extraordinarily heavily charged Delv ing wheels attaching them to their a flyers a it happened however that these Swift going trains were moving in opposite directions and met at about the Center of that portion of the track which runs parallel. It was no iced that both of the engines became Larder to drive As the two trains i approached each other. Suddenly when the two locomotives were passing another they both tipped Over and Here comes the Point. The Masr nitric attraction of the engines w As so great As to draw Oue another entirely Over but so closely did the magnets hold the engine to the rails that the rails and ties under both locomotives were torn up out of the Road bed. How a that a a deep and deathly silence fell Over the group of interested hearers. The handsome conductor twisted his moustache a credulous old woman looked As though she Felt proud of the wonderful achievements of science an old country Bodger ferociously stroked his whiskers As if regretting that such Bland lying would be permitted in Public places and the old one leg ged Porter who sat browsing in the Corner evidently moved by the sudden silence Sang out most musically a san Marcos change cars for Lockhart a the irate freight clerk who was evidently sorely disappointed in the cold and sceptical manner in which his Story was received picked up a flee of Coal and was about to remind she unconsciously sarcastic reporter that he was not on a moving train when some men entered the room Aring Between them a fireman who had broken Bis leg in jumping from an engine. The injured Man was removed to a hotel near by and the Normal quiet of the group was restored. Two ladies started the conversation concerning the poor Man How he must suffer Bow horrible it was to behold such a sight. With a smile at the woman a expression of horror the conductor turned to his partner remarking a poor woman i should hate her to see the sights we Railroad nieu sometimes see the corpses mangled and torn to shreds. It would be the death of the average woman to undergo the experience i once underwent on one of my trips. The conductor spoke in a Low voice to Friend and no one noticed him bit As he unfolded his thrilling tale he grew animated his features told the very words his Tongue would utter. The sign of fear and horror were written bolder and clearer upon his handsome face then could be chalked or spoke. Quick and Graceful were his movements and his whole form reverberated in the Climax of the situation thus gaining for him Oue by Oue the Groupe until finally new Man Ami woman leaned Over Wim anxious suspense to catch the tale his features told and hear it verified by his easy Tongue. A it was on my run from san Antonio to Taylor i remember the Fine Spring Day so Well. A was smooth Aud easy but in spite of my Assurance that All was Well Iliad present Imei of something dreadful happening As though the train should wreck and lives should be lost. We had just pulled out of new braunfels and were about to Cross the Large Iron Bridge that Spaus the Guadelupe. The train moved on very slowly. The feeling of unrest grew on me and i walked ahead to see if All was straight at the Bridge. However just As i reached the engine. I heard a dreadful crashing As though of Bones. Looking Down upon the ground i saw a human head bloody Aud bloated Roll Down before my feet. By the god that sight the eyes Sharp and expressiveness Forth a keen and torturing look that stung me to my very soul. Just then it rolled Down the embankment. Turning my attention to the track i noticed a body moving and twitching As though pinched in a hell of agony. I snatched it in a second from under tile wheels and unconsciously helped it to its feet. With one hand the headless Man held Aud pressed my hand and with the other he clutched my shoulder then spouting the warm blood from the veins of his neck the headless Man or Corpse Sank with a horrible quiver to the ground and rolled Down tile embankment alongside his head. By heaven it was a sight Aud a sensation he continued. A i might go for Ages through an eternal hell and behold myriads of roasting men women and infants hut i Tell you Terra i could never have such a foul loathing sensation As i had when i beheld this literal picture of disgust incarnate. Nor can i imagine a thing More horrible or a sight More infernal poor unfortunate Man though he was than that Days experience which will Ever remain a blot of horror As Long As life Aud memory in me last. To help me god it is the truth.�?�. Throughout the graphical relation of his experience the handsome conductor had lost sight of All the world he was speaking solely to his Friend and those about him listening As though a life depended on the catching of every word he said to him did not exist he was entirely unconscious of them for when he looked about him Aud beheld that every face gazed upon him with Awe and admiration Fie Drew himself together with a Jerk Aud accompanied by his Friend quietly left the room. Just Theu the South bound train Drew up at the depot Aud the crowd dispersed with an impression upon their minds that will last As Long As lasts their memory of things or facts

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