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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - February 24, 1891, San Antonio, TexasTuesday february 24, 1801. Railroad time table. I. Q. N. Railroad. Oepabtube8. St. Louis via Iron Moun Trarlu orm., a. M St. Louis via Iron Moun Trarlu route p. N Laredo 9153 a. A from St. Louis Iron Mountain andm., a. M from St. Louis Iron Mountain andm., k. Routes p. M Laredo p. M Southern Pacific Railroad. Through exr Kubb Kat. and a. M Abb Tab from. Tub Kat. Arrive from Donaud Galveston through West leave for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass p. M arrive from san Francisco Lapaso and Eagle pass a. M thee8. A. A. . route. Dopa tubes. Leaves for Korr Vilio daily except sunday at p. M leaves for Galveston Houston and Cuero Dally Dat a. M leaves for port and Beeville daily of keep sunday at m Abbi Vals. From Kerrville Dally except sunday at 10 of. M from Corpus Rockport and Beeville daily except sunday at p. M from Galveston Houston and Duero Dally. . I at the head i of All blood purifiers is or. Pierce s Golden medical discovery. But it s different from All of them. What Ever a claimed for Thia it s Guaran teed to do. Tho Money a ref dec in every Case where it fails to Bene fit or cure. It s because it is differ ent that it can be sold so. Ai diseases originating from a topic liver or impure blood yield to it. It cleanses and purifies Tho system freeing it from All manner of blood poisons no matter from what cause they Havo Arisen. For dyspepsia Bili Rusness sur Fula Salt Rheum Tetter Erysipelas or any blood taint or disorder it is an unequal i remedy. Nothing else can take Iti i place. Golden medical discovery contains no alcohol to inebriated and no syrup or sugar to Terangi digestion. I it s a concentrated vegetable extract put up in Large bottles pleasant to the taste and equally Good for adults or children world equally Well att the year round. Bucklen b Arnica halve. The bist Sitivi in toe world for out bruises Sorea ulcers Salt rheumatism bores totter chapped Handa Uhl Blains corns and All skin eruptions and poet ively of res i i of or no pay required. It is guar unwed to give Porfert satisfaction o Money refunded. Price 25 cents per Box for Sale by All druggists. Drop a and Thomp boy go a wholesale. Remarkable Rescue. Mrs. Michael curtain Plainfield 111 makes the statement that she caught cold which settled on her lungs she was treated for a month by her family physician by grew worse. He told her she was a Hope loss victim of consumption and that n Medicine could euro Hov. Her Druggs suggested or. King s now discovery of consumption she boor it a bottle and t her Delight found herself benefited fron Tho first dose. She continued its use and Ai Ter taking ten bottles found herself Soun and Well now does her own housework and is As Well As she Ever was. Free Tria bottles of this great discovery at droids drug store Largo bodies 50c. And Call and see the merchant tailor he has received the largest Stool of imported suiting Ever brought to ban Antonio. He will make you a first class if Floydh at the lowest ruling prices. Don t forget at Onoe on Tho tailor Vali Lorra a. Love Story of mo1m3iin Days by the aullion of a Ciscil what brought you to see to Uliys to asks Monica suddenly without any ulterior meaning beyond the desire of Iziak no conversation but to kit s guilty soul his question seems fraught with mischief. Of i often go to see Daly. I want him 0 come Lishing with me to Iuo Row he Stile est Man about hero for that and trudges behind one for Miles without poor Well i Hope you enjoyed your visit to says kit blithely glancing at him mischievously from beneath her Broad hat. There was a Bays Brian unthinkingly i went there full of Hope and after All Sho never offered me any of your in dding tableau i kit s agonized glance Aud Monica s ques Youing eyes awake or. Desmond to a knowledge of what a has done. How did you hear of kit s asks Monica looking keenly from Brian to kit and then Back again. Of stammers Desmond. Luthere Don t commit says Monica in a tone that trembles. Of Koltl doth culprits Are afraid to look at her. Does the tremble mean tears or anger or what perhaps horror at their duplicity or contempt is she hopelessly angered then a suppressed sound reaches their ears creating a fresh panic in their breasts. Is she positively Clink tag wit i indignation cautiously anxiously they glance at her and find to their everlasting Relief that she is convulsed with laughter. When next you meditate forming a Brill want plot such As she says to kit "1 think i should look out a More trustworthy accomplice if i were catch to having a secret with Mai says kit now her fears Are appeased turning Wrath fully upon Desmond. I quite forgot All about it i did exclaims he be intently forgive Mathia time and i la Promise never to do it and i la Promise you Yon Sha n t Hava the says kit with Fervour. Why was i to be says Monica. Ill think i have been very basely treated. Ii Yon kit desired a Clandestine meeting with or. Desmond i Don t see Why i was to be drawn into it and it was a stupid arrange ment too two is company three Trumper 1 know if i Hod a Lover i should Monica to kit indignantly big Monica Only laughs the More. It is my turn now you she says kit had nothing to do Wilh it it was Ai my says Desmond laughing too. If you must pour out the vials of your Wrath on some one let it be on yes give him a Good scolding says kit viciously but with a Lovely smile i am going to pick some ferns for Ann pen when i return i Hope i shall find tha Recreant Knight of mean the Point of at this Sho flits away from them like tin Good Little thing Sho is up a sloping Bank and so into the Fields beyond until Desmond and Monica Are As much alone As if a Whol sphere divided them from their kind. Dear lit tie kit when her own time comes my sin be As kindly dealt with 1 you Are angry with me Las says Desmond softly and i own with cause. But i was miserable when called you a coquette and misery makes Man unjust i wrote to kit this morning was afraid to write to she a very Good to How plucking a Leaf from Brier As she goes the Road. She Rought a you. Do you know Monica i have been As unhappy As a Mai can be since last i saw whole nigh and part of a Day is it not punish Meu too much for your whispers she softly turning suddenly toward him Ani letting her great Luminous eyes rest wit forgiveness upon his. She smiles sweetly but with some timidity because of Theardo of the glance that answers hers. Takin her hand with an impulsive movement in possible to restrain Desmond presses rapturously to his lips. Drawing it Awa from him with shy haste Monica walks o in silence. If i had written to you and not to her would you still Havo been ask he presently. I think not that is a cruel answer is it would you Havo me belie my nature asks she with Quick agitation would to have me grow false secret deceitful m aunts Trust me am i to prove myself unworthy of their i am less to you then than your aunts displeasure 1" you Are less to me than my conscience and yet with a violent Effort that betrays How a her thoughts have been travelling in com Pany with his she brings herself Back t the present moment and a of i Many reasons Why slip must not listen t his wooing. Why should Yon believe Yorn self anything to in a voice audibly. A Why returns he bitterly there is such pain in his voice and face tin her soul yearns toward him and she repent her last words. I am wrong. You n re something to me she says in a tone so Low that lie can scarcely hear it. But lovers ears Are Sharp. You menu that still lower. Then Why cannot i bet octo you we am i to be denied a Chance of forwarding the cause in which All my Hopes Are cent i de Monica say you will meet me Somi Ilo can Slie says tremulously. He voice is full of tears. She is altogether do Ferent from the coquettish provoking Chil of last night. You forget All i have jus now at least Tell me says he sadly that if you could you there is a pathetic ring in his tone an tears Rise to her eyes. Can anything be s hopeless As this love affair of hers Yea i she says almost Despe Neely. Of says the Youn Man with passion. Be holds her hand and looks into her troubled eve Mil wishes lie mag lit Taro take her into Nis inns and pressing her to his heart ask her o repeal her words again. But there is something in the Calm purity of her Beautiful Faco that repels vehemence of any sort and As Tho Dawn is o Connor kindly 10.0 Tom Una a pity to thwart that Attivie. To is a Alco and As pleasant a Young fellow As i know and would make a jewel of a husband and what you like my Doar 1 Ris always something. It ranks High ovo has not declared itself to her Wii soul n All its strength. "1 Liao at least one he says at last culling to mind Tho quietude that surrounds Moyle mid its inhabitants and he withdrawal from Solety that has obtained there for Many years. As you Are lot allowed to see on such rare occasions As Tho present when the fates Are cannot at least Sec any one else often that she laughs a Little and then colors. Aunt 1 Ruseilla has asked him to Como to Hoyne next she says looking at he ground she is giving an at Home on that Day for him and Captain Cobbett. She says Sho feels it is a duty to her Queen to show some attention to her in her tone As Sho says this there is a spice of that mischief that is never very far from any pretty woman. He is to be invited to spend an entire Day with Youl says Desmond thunderstruck by this last piece of news. Of 1101 Only part of says Monica meekly. It is just As bad. It is disgraceful i your aunts Are purposely encouraging my to keep you away from to. Of wretch edly should this unlucky quarrel Havo Arisen Between our House and Well that s your says Monica. Your Uncle s then. It is All the unjustly. I really can t Seo says or. Des mond very righteously aggrieved that is visiting the sins of the uncles upon the nephews with a vengeance Monica at least Promise me you won t to civil to i can t be rude to you can. Why not it Wilt keep him from calling again. But i dare say you least him to Call says Desmond angrily. At this moment the Gates of Moyne being i sight and those of Coole Long passed. Kit suddenly appears on the top of a High Stone Wall and Calls gayly Desmond to come and help her to alight and now go away Sho says you Are Forb Adderi goods you know and we must not be seen talking to you under pain of says Desmond with alacrity who is in truth sulky and unde Sirous of further Parley with his beloved. Good by miss says Monica shortly. We shall see you again soon no says kit kindly in her Clear Sweet treble. I think it very returns he his hat gravely and taking his de parture. Now what have you been saying to Attiat wretched Young Man says kit severely standing still in the Middle of Load the better to bring her sister beneath the majesty of her Eye. Nothing. Nothing that any reasonable being Conid object declares Monica with such an amount of vigor As startles kit. But of ail the ill tempered bearish detest Able men i Ever met in my life he is the which unlocked for explosion from Tho gentle Monica has the effect of silencing kit for the remainder of the walk. Chapter Xiv. It is quite Uio loveliest old place in the world i says mrs. Bohnii in her soft Plain Tive voice speaking very enthusiastically. We ought to to More than grateful to you dear miss Blake for letting us Sho miss Priscilla reddens with suppressed satisfaction but Tut Tut my dear i it is Only a funny j. Ii Lul 111jt i 4b 13 duty h Lucily old fashioned spot after in quite Anoff hand manner. It is the misses Blake have been thinking of it for Days in fear and trembling As being the Date of their first hospitable venture for Many years. All the Ahyo Illbeg party and Tho men from clo Bree Barracks and some other neighbors Are strolling through Tho Sweet antiquated gardens of Moyne hedged with yews fantastically Cut Tho White and red and yellow Are nodding their Heads lazily bowing and Courtes Ying to the pass ing Breeze. The stocks and Are filling the air with perfume. Tall lilies Are smiling from Distant Comers and the Little merry Burn tumbling Over its Gray bowl Ders through the Garden is singing a loud and Happy song in which the Birds in the Trees above join heartily. The Lazy hum of Ninny insects makes one feel even More perceptibly How drowsy Sweet is All the summer air. Mrs. Bohnii has now flitted away with Monica who in her White gown looks the prettiest Flower of All in this wilderness with the tall infatuated Ryde and handsome Young Lio Nayne in their train. Mrs. Bohun who is in one of her most mis Chievous moods to Day Lias taken it into her head to snub lord toss movie and be All that is of the sweetest to Ulic Ronayni a proceeding her Cousin mrs. Herdock regards with dismay. Not so. However does Bella Fitzgerald re Gard it. She tall and with a would be stately air walks through Tho grounds at lord Kjosa Mync s Side to whom she has attached herself and dem Tcruz makes himself As agreeable As he can to her considering How he is inwardly raging at what he is pleased to term Olga s. Dis Graceful behaviour. Miss Priscilla has now teen seized upon by Madame o Connor and carried Oil for Pri vate confab. And you really must let her Como to us for a week my says Madame o con nor in her Fine Rich Brogue. Yes now really i want her. It will be quite a favor. I can t withstand a pretty face As you Well know tis a weakness of mine my dear and she a really a Pearl. Olga Bohun is talking of getting up Tableaux or some such nonsense and Sho wants your pretty child to help i should like her to go to you. It is very kind of says miss Priscilla but with unmistakable hesitation. Now what is it out with it Truscilla i says Madame o Connor bluntly. Miss Priscilla struggles with herself for yet another minute and then says that Young Man he be staying in your not if you Bicht my save alts. Or there is no revenge. It is Only a just Well i la Call it by any name you like my dear but i must say i must beg Gertrude you will not discuss this unhappy says miss Priscilla Wilh some agitation. Well i wont then. Thero let it says Madame o Connor Good Humoured in. And Tell me now if i Como Over to fetch Monica on monday will Sho to ready for Quito ready. But we Havo not consulted her says miss Priscilla clinging to a broken Reed. Olga is talking Toher about it. And if she s the girls Sho looks Shell be glad of a change and Tho Chance of a says Madame o Connor gayly. What Lovely lilies 1" says mrs. Bohuw standing before a tall White group. Of Don to says Owen Kelly who has joined her Aud Monica. Whenever i hear a Lily mentioned i think of Oscar it hurts very hike Oscar Wilde. He is Quito Nice and says Olga. I wonder if i could make my hair says or. Kelly meditatively lie s been very Clever about his but i sup so some body taught Well i think Long hair is says mrs. Bohun with an abstracted glance at Kon Ayno s lightly shaven head. Then As though tired of her Sweet and of its object Ronayne Aud everything she turns capriciously aside and motioning away Tho men with her hand Aud a Small frown sits Down at Hermia Herrick s feet idly at the grasses near her. So we Are says Kelly shrug Ging his shoulders. Monica has disappeared Long ago with the devoted Hyde. Your Queen has her tempers there Are few things so cloying As per says Ronayne loyally. I entirely agree with much so that i Hope Providence will Send me an ugly wife. Beg your Bohun does pretty much what she likes with you does t altogether what she likes. She s been doing it for so Long now that i suppose Shell go on to Tho end of the chapter. I Hope it will be a Long one. Do you says Tho Young Man with a rather sad Little laugh it sounds of course rather a poor thing to say but i really think it makes me Happy being done what Sho likes it is Only to oblige a Friend that i should seek to understand such a hopelessly in voted sentence As says or. Kelly wearily. But i have managed 11. You re As bad a Case As Ever i Rhio across Ronayne and i pity you. But Pon my soul i respect you with a Flash of admiration there is nothing like being thoroughly in Earnest. Aud so i wish you Luck in your you re a very Good fellow says Ronayni gratefully. In the mean time Olga tiring of tearing her grasses to pieces looks up at her la. I Low silent you arc i Sho says. I thought that was what you silence. You have been talking All Day. And besides if i speak at All it will to Only to nevertheless speak. Anything is bettor than this ghastly quiet and besides frankly i need not mind Yon you you Are flirting disgracefully with that Ronny no what harm if hots a he is not such a boy As All that comes to and if you Don t mean it you Are Over kind to to s my says Olga with a Little laugh i of ten toll him so. Why should i ring of Sot notting now Terence dear surely that is not the Way to pronounce that says miss 1 Riscella anxiously such a vulgar pro but How you drawled it i How ugly it i now put your lips together like mine so and say shortly. Now begin your Story again and Lull it Terence begins Good humor Cilly thinks has almost reached the Point when miss Pii Scilly Breaks a again now not so fast my dear Terence. I really cannot follow you at All. 1 Don t oven what Yon sire at. Gently my dear boy. Now begin it All Over again Aud be Indio but the fun is All out of Terence by to Ling time though is so convulsed with laughter that it might have been the Best Story on record which somewhat astonishes though it consoles Terence As when Ruimy incident is related in a carefully modulated voice and with a painful precis Ion it strikes oven him As Boug hopelessly uninteresting. However mrs. Bohuw certainly enjoys something else per haps fortunately it never occurs to Terry to Ponder on the something Hermia Olga Como now my dears. You can t stay hero for Ever you cries Madame o Connor s loud but cheery voice. It is nearly seven. Come i toll you or the misses Blake our Good friends Here will think we mean to Tako pour residence at Moyne for of now Gertrudel says miss Priscilla much shocked. But Madame o Connor Only laughs heartily and gives her a Little smart blow on the shoulder with her fan. Olga laughs too gayly and Horila lets her lips part wit i Ono of her rare but perfect smiles. If Sho likes any one besides Olga Aud her children it is Bluff and Blunt old. Gert Nido o Connor. One by Ono they All walk away and presently Mono is lying in the dying Sunshine in All its quietude with never a sound to disturb Tho Calm of coming eve but the Light rustling of Tho rising Breeze among Tho Ivy leaves that Are clambering up its ancient Walls. Kit Rud Terry Aro in doors laughing Mer Rily Over Tho Day and congratulating them selves upon the Success it has certainly Boon. Yes. I do think Penelope they Allen Joyed says miss Priscilla i High glee and your Claret cup my dear was but Monica has Stolon away from them All. Tho strange restlessness that has lain upon her All Day with cruel vigor oud drives her Forth into the shadows of the coming night. All Day Long she has struggled bravely against it but now that the enforced necessity for loveliness is at an end Shu grows dreamy Dis traite and feels an in not be kind to of if you Are Bent on i am Bent of nothing. You do inn away so with things 1" i think you might do i m not going to do says the widow. She throws off her hat and ref los up All her pretty Pale Gold hair with. Impatient fingers of if you can assure to of that i i Don t want to assure you of hoi thought. That is Why i say you might do i might do worse perhaps. But Stlla i cannot forget there was Wolverhampton last year. A title is not to to despised and he was devoted to you and would i think have made a Good i dare say. To was fool enough foray thing. And i liked him rather but there in there now positively enraging at i suppose then your fancy for Young Ronayni arises from the fact that there is nothing in says hernia maliciously that s his Charm is mrs. Bohun laughs. I Don t suppose Alicw is very much in she says that in itself is such a re Lief. Wolverhampton was so overpowering about those hydraulics. Ulic in t a servant certainly and i Don t think he will Ever set the Liffey afire but to is pleasant too to think on now mind you i Don t believe i care a pin about Ulic is younger than i am for one still i Don t care to hear him i so not abusing says Hermia. It was you said he was no servant and would be unlikely to set Tho Liffey for which we should to devoutly grate says Olga frivolously. Consider if he could what the consequences would to. Both to life and property. Poor Young Man i i really think government ought to give him a pension because he can and what about All Tho other Young asked Hermia. And then Sho yawns. Here has been absent with or. Ryde for the Best part of an up to them and presently Terence with the Fitzgera Lils and miss Priscilla and lord Rossmoyne. I heard a Story yesterday i want to Tell says Terence gayly singling out miss Fitzgerald and Olga and sinking upon the grass at Tho former s feet. To is such a handsome merry boy that to is a favorite All Tho women. Miss Priscilla stands near him the others Aro All conversing to Gether about the coming plays at Ahyo Hill beg. It is about Tho says Terence gleefully. You know Hois awful spoons on the ugliest French girl Ami the other Day to Dublin to set her a tense longing for Soj tudo and air. Again Slio walks through thenos deserted Garden Olio to the Flowers Earth s Loveli Are drooping their Heads to their Happy slumbers. Past lib i Sho with lowered head and thoughts engrossed and so Over the Lawn into the Wood beyond. Here cools and Toyua Are connected by u. High Green Bank that in Early Spring is stud ded and Diamonde Wilh primroses and now is Gay with ferns. Not until Sho has reached Thia Boundary does Sho remember How far Sho has Coane. Sho climbs the Bank and Gazos with an Ever growing longing at Tho Cool Shade in the forbidden land at Tho tall stately Trees and foxgloves nodding drowsily. It is a perfect evening and As Yot the god of Tho heavens with triumphant mirth As though reckless of the death that draw Elk nigh. Shall to not also again to Morrow morn in Alt his awful maj esty and so defy grim Mars it is indeed Ono of those hours when heaven Leoma nearest Earth As when warm Sunshine thrills Wood blooms to Aud righteousness and peace Havo and nature tender Mother smiles and All Tho Forest deeps Are by a tender whisper i conscience forbidding her she abstains from entering the so coveted Woods and wit i a sigh seats herself upon Trio top of the Green Bank. Monica i says a voice close to her yet not close to far up in mid air right Over her head. Sho starts i is the great Woods peopled with satyrs of ups or Dryad Xvi. Re it is not a tender voice. It is not even a go nolo or coldly Friendly voice. It is when All is told a distinctly angry voice full of possible reproaches and vehement upbraid Ings. Monica raising her head with extreme nervousness has just time to see or. Des mond in the huge lir tree above her before lie drops at her feet. What on Earth were you doing up asks she thinking it Wise to adopt Tho offensive style so As to to first in the Field feeling instinctively that a scolding is com ing and that Sho deserves it. Watching returns he sternly Noth ing dismayed by her Assumption of injured innocence so her Little ruse Falls through. A charming occupation certainly 1" says miss Beresford with Fine disgust. I climbed up into that says or. Desmond savagely and from it saw that you have spent your entire Day with that idiot do Yon says miss heres font. With awful Calm that it was a to climb into that tree like a Hor rid school boy Aud spy upon a do Yout i vehemently but i was driven to it i Don t care what is gentlemanly. I Don t furiously what you think of me. I Only know Liat my mind is now satisfied about you amt thai i know you Ara the most abominable flirt in we world and that you ought to be ashamed of Well i m with great self posse Sion. The mom to your discredit that Only Means Yon arc Bent on doing it i shall certainly always talk to any Man who talks to me. That Cut tingly any Man who knows How to conduct himself with Don to i certainly you Don Loli if it conies says Desmond in. Tones of the deepest desperation and As if nothing is left to expect but Tho do lug in another moment. And in effect it comes. Not us Ono has been Tauch tto expect. In sudden storm and continued Page

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