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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - February 24, 1891, San Antonio, Texas Ghz Gilg sight. Tuesday Quot february 24, 1891. Llu r a big fall in prices on All of our goods. If you need anything in watches diamonds jewelery guns pistols trucks Valise or anything you need you can save Money by looking at our bargains vlwx%w4 Cut 24 Soledad Street. Owells so air Balsam. If fray gradually restores color elegant tonic dressing 50c, $10. Druggists or $1 Bise prepaid by express for $1. E. S. Wells Jersey City. By isl log a Catarrh remedy. �fno.d8hilo,s Catarrh remedy a Marvel of Sci re for Catarrh diphtheria canker Mouth Bead ache with each bottle there is an ingenious nasal injector1 or the More successful treatment of these complaints without extra charge. Price to Joenett. Sold by Kalteyer amp sen 813 by Quot rough on itch Quot ointment cures skin Humours pimples flesh Worms ring worm Tetter Salt Rheum frosted feet chilblains. Itch Ivy Poison Barbera a itch scald head eczema 50c. Druggist or mail. E. S. Wells. Jersey City n. J._8-9-Ly. 88,000 will buy a Nice two Story Brick House a Good established grocery business centrally located. J no. T. Hambleton a go. Daily san Antonio Light the cheapest Best afternoon paper in Texas. Delivered by mail or Carrion nights of pythias endow ment rank offers the Hest safest insurance. For further particulars ask any member of the order or t. B. Johnson at the Light office citation by publication. Quot j Al. No 4851. Katie Wetzel is. William Wetzel id the District court of Bexar county 37th judicial District. The state of Texas to the sheriff or any Constable of Bexar county greeting you Are hereby commanded that by making publication of this citation in some newspaper published in the county of Bexar once in each week for four consecutive weeks previous to the return Day Hereof you summon William Wetzel whose residence is unknown to be appear at the next regular term of the District court of the 37th judicial District in for Bexar county to be Holden at the court Bouse thereof in the City of san Antonio on the first monday in March . 1891, the same being the 2nd Day of March 1891, then there to answer a petition filed in said court on the 26th Day of january 1891, in a suit numbered on the docket of said court no. 4861, wherein Katie Wetzel is plaintiff William Wetzel. Is defendant wherein plaintiff alleges As Fol lows to wit that plaintiff is a Bona fide in habitant of the state of Texas has re sided in Bexar county for More than six months next preceding the institution of this suit. That the residence of defendant is unknown. That she defendant were Law fully married on june 12, a. I Lase lived together until Mardi is. A. D., 1887, when de Pendant abandoned her has not since then returned or made his whereabouts known. That the Issue of said marriage is a boy George Wetzel aged three years. Wherefore plaintiff prays judgment dissolving the Bonds of Matrimony Between her defendant for the care custody of said child George Wetzel for the restoration of her Maiden name Katie Schub for costs general Relief. Horein fail not but have you before said court on the said first Day of next term thereof this writ with your return thereon showing How you have executed the same. Witness Leo. R. Dashlell clerk of the Dis Trot court of Bexar county. Given under my hand Seal of said court at office in the City of san Leali Antonio this the 31st Day of january a a a. D., 1891. Geo. R. Dashiell. Clerk District court of Bexar county. By Bewry Umscheid Deputy. Issued same Day. Came to hand february 2nd, a. 1891, at to of clock a. Rn., duly executed by causing publication of this cd tation to be made in the daily Light a newspaper pc the City of san Antonio county of a blushed in a a _ Ujj of Bexar state of Texas for four consecutive weeks previous to return Day Hereof. T. P. Mccall _ _ _. Sheriff Bexar county. By w. G. M. Samuels Deputy. 2-2 4w the Fly ant i nuisance. Files ants Are quickly annihilated a teaspoonful of rough on a is with a Saucer of sweetened water lace on High shelves or suspended in the teaspoonful of rough with a. Half Pound of Brown Pinkie on High out of reach Ihlow six a on. Car Border of lower the it Mach of children. U Mahneke hotel bar refitted Bright As a Daisy. Nothing but first clash goods polite attention lunch ail Day. Otto folder proper 2-8-gm this is a bitter Pill considering Dis former declaration that jealousy he had nothing to do with each other but he swallows it bravely. A never. And you you will never again give me cause Darling will you a a i gave you no Chuse says the Darling shaking her pretty head obstinately. And he does no to dare contradict her. By of behaved really badly a she goes on reproachfully a at such a time too a just when i was dying to Tell you such Good a Good a your aunts a eagerly a have relented they a a ooh no of dear no in says mass Beresford. A they Are harder than Ever against you. Adamant is amp sponge in comparison with them. It Isnit that but Madame o Connor has asked me to go stay with her next monday for a week in there in a me too a o. Aunt Priscilla made it a condition with regard to my going that you do a tile Madame of Connor gave in to such abominable tyranny a a without a a i thought she had a soul above that sort of thing a says or. Desmond with disgust. But they Are All a who a women a a you mean to Tell me that i am like aunt Priscilla Madame o Connor a old women i mean a with anxious haste seeing a Cloud descending upon the brow of Ais beloved. A ooh in a after All it is Good news a says Brian brightening a because though i can to Stop in the House for a week still there is nothing to prevent my Riding Over there every one of the seven a a that a just what i thought a says Monica ingeniously with a Sweet Little Blush. A nah you wished for me then a she refuses to answer this in any More direct manner that her eyes afford but says quickly doubtfully a a it wont be deceiving aunt Priscilla your coming there to visit will it she must know she cannot compel Madame of Connor to forbid you the House. And she knows perfectly you Are an intimate Friend of a of course she does. She is a regular old tyrant a a bluebeard in petticoats but a a no no you must not abuse her a says Monica so he becomes silent. She is standing very close to the trunk of the old Beech half leaning against it upon one Arm which is slightly raised. She has no gloves but Long White mittens that reach above her Elbow to where the sleeves of her gown join them. Through the Little holes in the pattern of these kindly mittens her j White arms can be seen gleaming like Snow beneath the faint rays of the Early Moon. With one hand she is playing some imaginary air upon the Trees bark. As she so plays tiny sparkles from her rings attract his notice. A those five Little rings a says Desmond idly a always remind me of the five Little pigs that went to Market a i done to know a they did no tall go to Market a demurely. A one of them i know stayed at a so he did. I remember now. Somehow it makes me feel like a boy a then according to Hood you must be nearer heaven than you were a moment a i could to says Desmond turning looking into her Beautiful eyes. A my heaven has been near me for the last if he had said hour he would have been closer to the truth. A soft Lovely Crimson creeps into her Cheeks her eyes fall before his for a moment. Then she laughs a a Gay Mirthful laugh that somehow puts sentiments to flight. A go on about your Little pigs a she says glancing at him with coquettish mirth. About your rings you mean. I never look at them that i done to begin this sort of Here seeing an excellent Opportunity for it he takes her hand in his. A this Little Turquoise went to Market this Little Pearl stayed at Home this Little Emerald got some Era cheese a no it Wasny to hastily. A it was roast a so it was. Better than cheese any Day. How stupid of me i might have known an Emerald i mean a pig like a i done to suppose it would like roast beef a bit better a says Monica then her ups part she bursts into a merry laugh at the Absurdity of the thing. She is such a child still that she finds the keenest enjoyment in it a one vermin a with dignity a an permit me to Tell you miss Beresford that open ridicule is rude. To continue this Little Pearl got none tills Little Plain Gold ring got lie got what on Earth did the Little Plain Gold pig i mean ring get a loathing. Just what you ought to get for such a badly told Story. He Only cried a ooh no indeed. Ile Shaw not cry at All. I wont have tears connected with you in any she glances up at him with eyes half shy pleased with the prettiest dawning smiles upon her lips. He clasps tile slender fingers closer As though Loath to part with them yet his tale Lias come to a Climax. A if i have told my Story so badly perhaps i had better Tell it All Over again a he says with a base Assumption of virtuous regret a no. I would not give you that trouble for the world a she says mischievously then Hie dawning smile widens brightens into something indescribable but perfect. A ooh Monica i do think you Are the sweetest thing on Earth a says the Young Man with sudden fervid passion then All at once for the first time lie puts out his Arras impulsively draws her to him. She colors a still smiling however a after a Brief hesitation moves slowly but decidedly bark from him. A you done to hate me to touch you do you asks he rather Hurt. A no no indeed in hurriedly. A a Only pm Only what Darling a a i hardly know what a she answers look. My Dew Eldered. A a perhaps because it is All so strange. Why should you love me better than any one a yet you do a anxiously a a done to you a the innocently expressed anxiety makes his heart glad. A i adore you a he says fervently then a did no one Ever place his Ann round you before Monica a he finds a difficulty in even asking this. Tin no a with intense Surprise Anne question a soft Quick glance that is almost shamed. A i never had a Lover in Ray life until i met you. No one except you Ever told me i was pretty. The first time you said it i went Home when i was out of your sight a reddening a i ran All the rest of the Way looked at myself in the Glass. Then a naively a i knew you were right. Still i had my doubts so i called kit told her about it she a laughing a said you were evidently a person of great discrimination so i supposed she agreed with a she could hardly do a yet sometimes a says Monica with hesitation with a downcast face a i have thought it was All Mere fancy with you that you done to love me my sweetheart what a cruel thing to say to me in a but see How you scold me i Only now a nervously plucking Little bits of bark from the tree a you accused me of dreadful things. Yes sometimes i doubt a i wonder where i leave room for doubt yet i must convince you. What shall i swear by then a he asks half laughing a the Chaste Diana up above the lovers Friend is in full glory to night shall i swear by her a a ooh swear not by the Moon the inconstant Moon lest that thy love prove likewise variable a quotes she archly a yet a with a sudden change of mood a certain Sweet Gravity a i do not mistrust she leans slightly toward him unasked gives her hand into his keeping once again. She is full of pretty tender ways womanly tricks As for the Best time for displaying them for this she has a natural Talent. Desmond clasping her hand looks at her keenly. His whole heart is in i eyes. A Tell me that you love me a he says in a Low unsteady voice. A How can i i done to know. In a not sure a she says faltering by a a shrinking a Little from him a it is growing very late. See How the Moon has risen above the firs. I must go a Tell me you love me first a i must not love you you know a but if you might you could a a then i defy All difficulties a aunts friends lovers. I shall win you in the Teeth of All barriers in spite of All opposition. And now go Home my hearts de Delight my Best beloved. I have this Assurance from you that your lips have Given me it makes me confident of a but if you fail a she begins nervously Dut he will not listen to her. A there is no such word a he says gayly. A for if there is i never Learnt it. Goodnight my a Good night a Little frightened by his Happy vehemence shei stands Well away from him holds out her hands in Farewell. Taking them he opens them gently presses an impassioned kiss on each Little Pink tinged Palm. With a courteous reverence for her evident shyness he then releases her raising his hat stands motionless until she has sprung Down the it Ank so reached the Moyne Fields again. Then she turns Waves him a second last Good night returning the Salute he replaces his hat on his head thrusting his hands deep in his pockets turns toward code dinner. He is somewhat late for the latter but this troubles him Little so set is his mind upon the girl who has just left him. Surely she is hard to win therefore How desirable i a the women of Ireland a says an ancient chronicler a Are the Coy est the most coquettish yet withal the coldest virtuous est women on yet allowing All this Given time Opportunity they May be safely wooed. What or. Desmond complains of bitterly in his homeward musings to night is the fact that to him neither time nor Opportunity is afforded. A she is a woman therefore to be won a but How is his courtship to be sped if thorns Are to beset his path on every Side if persistent malice blocks his Way to the feet of her whom he adores he reaches Home in an unenviable Frame of mind is thoroughly unsociable to Owen Kelly the old Squire All the even ing. Next morning sees him in the same mood indeed it is about this time he takes to imagining his Little love As being a hapless prisoner in the hands of two cruel ogres i am afraid he really does not apply the term a a ogres to the two old ladies of Moyn finds a social melancholy pleasure in depicting her As a Lovely captive condemned to solitary confinement dieted upon bread water. To regard the misses Blake in the Light either of ogres or witches required some Talent but or. Desmond at this period of his love Al air managed it. % Riedell amp comm san Antonio Texas. F. Kalteyer amp son wholesale retail importers exporters Quot drugs chemicals druggists sundries Patent medicines etc., photographic Stock sheep dip Sulphur Fine tar Chr Silic ointment. Bole proprietors of f. Kalteyer a Patent screw worm ointment liniment mail orders promptly attended to. Correspondence solicited. F. Kalteyer a son 8 &�ffi�ssp2�s5p,an�?T san Antonio. Texas Are you thinking of purchasing or building a Home san Antonio offers unparalleled advantages to the Home seekers. A location of surprising loveliness a climate unequalled for purity Healthfulness warm open Winters Cool delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street railway of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved streets Beautiful suburban avenues drives excellent Public schools churches of every denomination All com lining to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home on the continent. Aside from its natural advantages rapidly developing improvements san Antonio offers another inducement great import to the Home seeker in that real estate can be purchased just now at exceedingly Low figures ii after xvii. A i wish you would All attend a says Olga Bohun just a Hul impatiently looking round upon tire assembled group with brow uplifted the Point of a Pencil thrust Between her Rose red lips. A thrice blessed Pencil in murmurs or. Kelly in a very stage whisper. A Man is the Superior being yet lie would not be permitted to occupy so exalted a position. Are you a Stone Ronayne that you can regard the situation with such an insensate face a or. Ronayne is at this moment gazing at mrs. Bohun with All his heart Iii his eyes. He starts Ami colors. A i cannot help thinking of that dear Little song about the innocent Daisy a goes on or. Kelly with a rapt expression. A but id a choose to be a Pencil if i might be a Flower in a a now do let us decide upon something a says Olga taking no heed of this Sally frowning the smile that is fighting for Mas tray. A yes now you Are All to decide upon something at once a says or. Kelly gloom by. A there is a difficulty about the right Way to begin it but it must be done mrs. Bohun says so. There is to be no deception i shall say one two three Uway then every one must have decked the defaulter will be spurned from the Gates. Now i one two Desmond a sternly a you Are not deciding in a i Ain indeed a says Desmond most in truthfully. He is lying on the grass at Monica a feet is playing idly with her White fan. A a you Are not doing it properly. I dare say miss Beresford is making you u actin portable i am sure you Are trying to to be continued. It Jessers. John to. Hambleton go who ranks among the oldest most reliable dealers in real estate Are owners of agents for a very Large amount of City suburban farm land property which they offer at prices Low on terms Rem a Alt easy. Home seekers of capitalists desiring to make profitable invest merits will find it to their advantage to Call upon or write this finn. Elmendorf amp co. Maim Plaza ban Antonio a Gin farming Mill machinery of All kinds mechanics supplies. Cassady sulky plows warranted Lier test draft made. Thrashers engines Scales mowers reapers. Hardware agricultural implements agents for the celebrated Wagon Martin amp Schryver. Of All sorts kinds qualities. Building material of All kinds shapes sizes. A band wire. Price office we keep constants Babb be conic Ami be convince South of Sunset depot san Antonio Texas

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