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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - February 20, 1891, San Antonio, Texas Ike hails sight. Friday february 20, 1891. Railroad time table. I. A q. N. Railroad. Departures. St. Louis via Iron Moun train or m., k. At.5 45 a. M St. Louis via Iron Moun train routes up in Laredo. In. Arrivals. From St. Louis Iron Mountain and m., by. At. Io55 a. M from St. Louis Iron Mountain and m., k. Amp t. Routes.10 00 p. In from Laredo.3 35 p. In Southern Pacific Railroad. Through express East. Leave for new Orleans Houston and Galveston.9 00p.and 9 25 a. M arrive from the East. Arrive from new Orleans Houston and Galveston 6 50a.m. And 4 10 p.through West. Leave for san Francisco Elpaso and Eagle pass.4 40 p. M arrive from san Francisco Elk paso and Eagle pass.8 55 a. M thees. A. St a. . route. Departures. Leaves for Kerrville daily except sunday at.4 30 p. In leaves for Galveston Houston and Cuero daily oat.8 45 a. In leaves for and Beeville daily except sunday at.2 00ip. M arrivals. From Kerrville daily except sunday at. To 0a. In from Corpus Christi. Rockport Aud Beeville daily except sunday at.2 00 p. M from Galveston Houston and Cuero daily. At.7 10 p. In. at the head of All blood purifiers is or. Pierces Golden medical discovery. But its different from All of them. Whatever is claimed for this its guaranteed to do. The Money is refunded in every Case where it Quot fails to Benefit or cure. Its because it is different that it can he sold so. All diseases originating from a torpid liver or impure blood yield to it. It cleanses and purifies the system freeing it from All manner of blood it poisons no matter from what cause they have Arisen. For dyspepsia bilious Ness scr Fula Salt Rheum Tetter Erysipelas or any blood taint or disorder it is an unequalled remedy. Nothing else can take its place. Quot Golden medical discovery99 contains no alcohol to inebriated and no syrup or sugar to derange digestion. Its a concentrated vegetable extract put up in Large bottles pleasant to the taste and equally. Good for adults or children works equally Well and the year round. Bucklen a Arnica Salve. The Best Salve in the world for outs bruises sores ulcers Salt rheumatism sores Tetter chapped hands Cal Blains corns and All skin eruptions and Postl vely cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or Money refunded. Price 25 cents per Box for Sale by All druggists. Dress and Thompson amp cos wholesale. D--Ly Monica. A love Story of modern Days by the author of a Mona sadly a Mac cased ac., a. Remarkable Rescue. Mrs. Michael curtain Plainfield Iii., makes the statement that she caught cold which settled on her lungs she was treated for a month by her family physician but Frew worse. He told her she was a Hope Ess victim of consumption and that no Medicine could cure her. Her Druggis suggested or. Kings new discovery for consumption she bought a bottle and to her Delight found herself benefited from the first dose. She continued its use and after taking ten bottles found herself sound and Well now does her own housework and is As Well As she Ever was. Free trial bottles of this great discovery at a Reisgo drug store Large bottles 50c. Papfi r.00 Call and terrific Elf i i re Hun if is i houses tear in i i in in an it 0jd it tier Lama and Earl in Large fires. He has received cd took fire of of the inmates or import eat ured by Judy pills. Suiting i no one was Hurt Are a i motile the nereid by i first class to sat. He win i. Is 1 40 late today the feast of 8tj kill y6t beyond doubt the two pm louies Nave sustained a severe Shock they hold Down their Heads and for a Long time avoid each others eyes As though fearing what May there be seen. _ a let us walk round the Garden aunt Priscilla a says Monica feeling very sorry for them. A the evening is Lovely and the roses so Sweet a come then a says miss Priscilla who is perhaps glad to escape from her own thoughts. And so they All wander to and fro in the pretty Garden bending Over this Flower and lingering Over that in a soft Idle sort of enjoyment that belongs alone to the country. Terence has disappeared but As he is not much on Flowers his presence is not indispensable and no one takes any notice of his defection. A it grows Chilly a says miss Penelope presently let us All go a ooh not yet auntie it is quite Lovely yet a says Monica earnestly. She cannot go in yet not yet the evening is still Young and and she would like so much to go Down to the River if Only for a moment ail this she says guiltily to herself. A Well we old women will go in at least a says mis Penelope. A you two children can Coquet with the Dew for a Little while but done to stay too Long or sore throats will be the a yes yes a says miss Priscilla following her sister. As she passes Monica she looks anxiously at the girls Little slight fragile figure and her slender Throat and half bared arms. A that dress is thin. Do not stay out too Long. Take care of yourself she kisses her pretty Niece and then hurries on As though ashamed of this show of affection. A Little troubled by the Caress Monica moves mechanically Down the path that leads toward the Meadows and the River followed by kit by this time the latter is in full Possession of All that happened yesterday a at least so much of it As relates to Monica a acquaintance with or. Desmond minus the tender passion his uncles encounter w Ith her aunts and Briana a subsequent dismissal. Indeed so much has transpired in the telling of All this that kit who is a shrewd child has come to the just conclusion that the Young or. Desmond is in love with her Monica i strange to say she is not annoyed at Ilia presumption but rather pleased at it a he being the first live Lover she has Ever come in Contact with and therefore interesting in no Small degree. Now As she follows her sister Down the flowery pathway her mind is full of Romance pure and Sweet and great with chivalry As a child a would be. But Monica is sad and taciturn. Her mind missives her her conscience pricks her her soul is disquieted within her. What was it she had promised aunt Priscilla yesterday aunt Priscilla had said a for the future you must forget you Ever spoke to or. Desmond. You will remember this a and she had answered but How can she forget it w As a foolish Promise for who has got a memory under control of course aunt Priscilla had meant her to understand that she was never to speak to or. Desmond again and she had Given her Promise in the spirit. And of course she would be obedient she would at least so far obey that she would not be the first to speak to him nor would she seek him nor but Why then is she going to the River is it because the evening is so Fine or is there no lurking Hope of and after All what certainty is there that that any one will be at the River at this hour and even if there should be Why need she speak to him she can be silent but if he Speaks to her w hat then can she refuse to answer her mind is As a boat upon a troubled sea tossed Here and there but by and by the wind goes Down and the stanch boat is righted and turns its Bow toward Home. A kit do not let us go to the River to night a she says turning to face her sister in the narrow path. A but Why it is so warm and Light Aud such a Little w a in a you have been often there. Let us turn Down thie Side of the Meadow and see where it will Lead that it leads directly away from Coole there cannot be tile least doubt and the Little Martyr treading the ground she would not feels with an additional Pang of disappointment that the fulfilment of Lier duty does not carry wit i it the thrill of rapture that ought to suffuse her soul. A Monica Wiio is that a exclaims kit suddenly staring Over the High Bank beside which they Are walking into the Field beyond. Following her glance Monica sees a crouching figure on the other Side of this Bank but lower Down stealing cautiously noiselessly toward them As though Bent on secret murder. A second glance betrays the fact that it is Terence with yes most positively with a Guni a where on Earth did he get it a says kit and unable to contain her curiosity any longer she scrambles up the Bank and Calls out a Terry Here we Are i come Here i where did you get it a at the top of her fresh Young lungs. As she did so a Little Gray object hitherto unseen by Lier Springs from among some Green stuffs and scudding across the Fields into the Woods of Coole beyond is in a moment lost to View. A ooh Bottier a cries Terry literally dancing with rage a i doubt you to make that Row just when i was going to fire. I wis ii to goodness you girls would stay at Home and not come with a fellow sport a Terry where did you get this gun a asks Monica As breathless with Surprise As kit is it�?��?fearfully�?1"loaded? Obi done to done to Point it this Way i it will surely go he Catholic Church. I away with a Light yer noon. At Tia lowest in of amp Fritt h done to forget , a once on More Quot popular coition c Val. Lor r a. % what a Lovely gun in says kit admiring a is no to it a says Terence forgetting his and temper in his anxiety to exhibit Ilia measure. A a it a a Breech loader too none of your old fashioned things mind you but f a Reg Jar Good one. Up Tell you v to Lent it to if you la Promise not to a we wont a says kit who is burning with curiosity. Quot guess tnen.,# a Bob Warren a says Monica. Bob Warren is the rectors son and is much at Moyne. A not Likely i pegs above him. Well ill Tell you. Its that fellow that a spoons on you a a with All a brother a perspicacity a a the fellow who saw us on the Hay cart a a Monica writhes inwardly a a Desmond you know in a the enemy a Nephew a asks kit in a thrilling tone that bespeaks Delight and a malicious expectation of Breakers ahead. A yes. I was talking to him yesterday Early in the Day at Madame of Connors and he asked was i your brother Monica to which i pleaded guilty though a with a Grin a a in a have got out of it of i could and then he began to talk about shooting and said i might Knock Over any rabbits i liked in Coole. I told him i had no gun so he offered to lend one. I thought it was awfully Jolly of him considering i was an utter stranger and that but he looks a real Good sort. He sent Over the gun this morning by a boy and i have had it hidden in the stable until now. I thought id never get out of that beastly Garden this a ooh Terence you have taken the gun from him a says Monica Flushing. A just think what aunt Priscilla would say if she heard of it. You know How determined she is that we shall have no Intercourse with the a stuff and nonsense in says or. Beresford. A i never heard such a Row As they Are for Ever making about simply nothing. Why its quite a common thing to jilt a girl now a Days. Id do it myself in a a you wont have time a says kit contemptuously. A a she whoever she May be a will be sure to jilt you a look Here a says Terence flying his younger sister with much Disfavour a a you re so precious Sharp you know that i should think there la be a conflagration on the Lif Fey before Long and i should think too that an outraged nation would be sure to fling the cause of it into the flames. So take a Terence you ought to Send that gun Back at mice a says Monica. A perhaps i ought but certainly i Shaw not a says Terence genially. A and if i were you a politely a i make Efti ass of myself. There is quite enough of that sort of thing going on up there a indicating by a wave of his hand the drawing room at Moyne where the misses Blake Are at present dozing. A you speak of them like that a says Monica a it is very ungrateful of you when you know How kind they Are Aud How fond of a Well in a fond of them too a says Terence remorse fully but gloomily a and id be even fonder if they would Only leave alone. But they keep such a Lookout on a fellow that sometimes i feel like cutting the whole thing and making a clean Bolt of a if you ran away you would soon be wishing yourself Back again a says Monica scorn Italy. A you know you will have no Money until you Are Twenty one. People pretend to be discontented at times with their lives but in the Long run they generally acknowledge a there is no place like a a no thank goodness there Isnit a save Terence with Moody Fervour. A a in Lacknow Edge it at once without the run. To have frequent repetitions of it would be More than human nature could endure. I have known two Homes already i should think a third would be so saying he shoulders the forbidden gun and marches off. Monica and kit getting Down from their elevated position also pursue their path. Which leads Iii a contrary direction. A a Monica a says kit presently slipping her slender Brown fingers through Lier Sisters Arm a what did Terry mean just now when he spoke of some one being a spoons on you does that mean being Iii love with you a a i done to know a said Monica in a troubled tone. A if i Ever had a Lover before i should know but a a that Means he is a says the astute kit a and in a sure a with a Little Loving squeeze of her Arm a i done to wonder at a you must not say that a says Monica earnestly. A indeed he said a few things to but that is nothing and a a you think he likes you a a yes a reluctantly. A i believe lie adores the very ground you walk a ooh no a if you say that he in t a real Lover. A real one to mind ought to be ready and willing to kiss the impressions your heels May make in the a that would be the of a fool and or. Desmond is not a a Ergo not a Lover. And yet i think he is yours Monica a Coaxin Gly a did he say any pretty tilings to you a a what should he say i Only met him a you Are Prevar Cating a gazing at Lier severely. A Why done to you answer honestly a a i done to know what you Call pretty a yes you do. Did he Tell you your eyes were deep deep Wells of love arid that your face was full of soul a a no he did not a says Monica somewhat indignantly a certainly not. The idea in a the must have said something to you a says kit Art Lessly a Darling love Why wont you Tell your own Kitten All about it a a Little smile quivers round Monica slips. A Well i will then a she says. In Lier heart i believe she is glad to confide Iii somebody and wily not in kit the sympathetic a first he made feel lie was delighted to meet again. Then he asked to go for a walk alone with him then he said he was Lover in a and then to asked to meet him again to Day with a with i think that was very delicate of she is evidently flattered by this notice of her existence. Plainly if not the Rose in his estimation Stie is to be treated with the respect due to the roses sister. It is a1 charming i she feels wafted upward and incorporated As it were Iii a real love affair. Yes she will be the guardian Angel of these thwarted lovers. A and what did you say a site asks with n Gravity that befits the occasion. A i refused a in a Low tone. A to meet him a a with Kcf a says the dragon of propriety. a but Why a a because of aunt and then she teds Hor All about aunt Priscilla a speech in the Carriage Ana Ner reply to in. A i never heard such a rubbish request in life a says the younger miss Beresford disdainfully. A it is really beneath notice. And when All is told it Means nothing. As i read it it seems you have Only promised to forget you Ever spoke to or. Desmond you Haven to promised never to speak to him thus the Little Jesuit. A that was not what aunt Priscilla a if she meant anything it was Folly. And after All what is this dreadful quarrel Between us and the Desmonds All about it lives in aunt Priscilla a brain. Ill Tell you what i think Monica. I think aunt Priscilla was once Iii love with old or. Desmond and Mother Cut her out and now just because she has been disappointed in her own love affair she wants to thwart you in a she does no to indeed. Any one but or. Desmond might show attention and she would be pleased. She was quite glad when or. Ryder Well when he made himself agreeable to .�?� a from All you told of him he must have made himself disagreeable. In a perfectly certain i should hate or. Ryde and in a equally sure i should like or. Desmond. What did he say to you Darling when you refused to meet him even with met she lays great stress on this allusion to herself. A file said i might do As i chose but that he would meet again whether i liked it or not and soon f a now that a the Lover for Quot says kit enthusiastically. A no giving in no Shilly shalling but downright determination. He san honest Man and we All know what in honest Man is a a the noblest work of in a certain he will keep Nis word and i do Hope i shall be with you when next you meet him As i should like to make friends with at this moment it occurs to Monica that she never before knew How very wry fond she is of kit. Of Well i done to suppose i can see him again for Ever so Long a she says. But even As the words pass her lips she knows she does not mean them and remembers with a Little throb of pleasure that he had said lie would see her again soon. Soon Why that might mean this evening a now a any moment instinctively she lifts her head and looks around her and there just a Little Way off is a Young Man coming quickly toward her bareheaded and in evening dress. A i told you How it would be a says kit in a nervous whisper taking almost a bit out of poor Monica Sann Iii Lier excitement. A ooh when i have a Lover i Hope lie w ill be like he her grammar has gone after her nerve. Monica is silent some color has gone from Lier Cheeks and her heart is beating faster. It is her very first affaire so we must forgive her. The bareheaded Young Man Lias cd face up to her by this time and is holding out his hand silently she lays her own in it and colors treacherously As his fingers close on hers in a close tender and possessive fashion. A i found the River too Chilly a he says smiling a so i came on Here. Having been unsuccessful All the afternoon and morning i knew i should find you a this is your sister a looking at kit who is regarding him with an Eye that is quite a a yes a says Monica. A kit tills is or. a i know that a says this infant terrible still fixing him with a glance of Calm and searching scrutiny that is Well calculated to disconcert even a bolder Man. Then All at once her mind seems made up and coining Forward she holds out her hand and says a How Dye do a to him with a sudden rare Sweet smile that convinces him at once of her sisterhood to Monica. A we Are friends a he says being attracted to the child for her own Grace alone As Well As for the Charm of her relationship to the Pale Snow drop of a girl beside her. A yes. Of you prove True to a ooh kit in says Monica deeply shocked but kit pays no heed her eyes being fastened gravely Pon the Man before her. He is quite As or e As she is. A if our Friendship depends upon that it will be a lasting one a lie says quietly. A whole life is at your Sisters something in his tone touches Monica slowly she lifts her eyes until they reach his. A i wish i Irish you would not persist in this a she says sadly. A but Why to think of you is Chiefest Joy. Do you forbid to be Happy a a a not but a a in the morning and the afternoon i went to the River to look for you in vain after dinner i went too still hoping against Hope and now at last that i have found you you Are unkind to in he Speaks lightly but his eyes Are earliest. A miss Katherine a lie says appealingly to kit a of your Grace i Pray you to befriend .�?� a Monica would not go to the River this evening because she remembered an absurd Promise she made to aunt Priscilla and because she feared to meet you there. It is the most absurd Promise Iii the world wait till you hear whereupon kit who is Iii her element proceeds to Tell him All about miss Priscilla swords to Monica and Monica a answer and Lier kits interpretation thereof. A she certainly did no to Promise never to speak to you again a concludes she with a nod that Solomon might have envied. Need it be said that or. Desmond agrees with her on All Points. A there is no use Iii continuing this discussion a says Monica Terni org aside a Little coldly. A i should not have gone to tile River this chilling remark produces a Blank indescribable and conversation languishes Monica betrays an interest in the horizon never before developed or. Desmond regards with a Moody glance the ripening Harvest kit looking inward surveys her mental resources and wonders what it is her duty to do next. A ooh what Lovely dog roses a she says effusively Iii a tone that have deceived a baby a i really must get a let get them for you a says Desmond gloomily which she at once decides is excessively stupid of him and she doing All she can for him too i she tries to Wither him with a glance but he is too miserable to be lightly crushed. A no thank you a she says a i prefer get Ting them myself. Flowers Are like fruit much More enjoyable when you pick them with your own so saying this accomplished Gooseberry skips a mud the Corner leaving Monica and or. Desmond Tete a Tete. That they enjoy their sudden isolation just at first is questionable Monica discovers blots on the perfect horizon and or. Desmond after a full minute s pause says reproachfully a a you did no to really mean that did you a a mean what a uncompromisingly and without changing position. A that even if matters had been quite quite comfortable with us you would not have gone to meet at the River a a i done to know a in a Low tone a say you did no to mean a a in suppose i did no to even lower. A i Hope your aunts were not Cross to you last evening on account a he says anxiously. A no. Nothing was said More than kit told you except that aunt Priscilla touched the Point of introduction. Of what a fright i got then if she had persisted in her inquiries what would have become of a a could no to you have a begins or. Desmond and then stops abruptly. A glance at the face uplifted to his checks his half it metered speech effectually and renders him sides thoroughly ashamed of himself. A if i had had to confess there had been no introduction a goes on Monica laughingly a i done to know what would have been the a the deluge i suppose a returns her companion thoughtfully. A what a pity you have an Uncle at All a says Monica presently. A it would be All right Only for she omits to say what would be All right but Tho translation is simple. A ooh done to say that a entreats Desmond who has a wholesome affection for the old gentleman above at Coole. A the is the kindest old fellow in the world. I think of you knew him you would be very fond of him and i know he would adore you. In fact he is so kind hearted that i cannot think How All that unfortunate Story about your Mother Ever came about. He looks to As if he say a boo to a Goose where a woman was concerned and yet his manner to night confirmed everything i a the confessed a in a deeply interested tone. A Well just the same thing. He seemed distressed about his own conduct in the affair too. But his manner was Odd i thought and he seems As much at daggers drawn with your aunts As they with a that is because he is ashamed of himself. One is always hardest on those one has a but that is just it a says or. Desmond in a puzzled tone. A i done to believe honestly he is a bit ashamed of himself. He said a Good Deal about his regret but i could see he quite gloried Iii his crime. And Iii fact i discover the smallest Trace of remorse about a the must really be a very bad old Man a says Monica severely. A a in a perfectly certain if lie were undo i should not love him at a Don t say that. When he is your Uncle you will see that i Arn right and that he is a very lovable old Man in spite of All his at this Monica blushes a Little and twirls Lier rings round Lier slender fingers in an excess of shyness and finally in spite of a Stern pressure Laid upon herself gives Way to mirth. A a what. Are you laughing at now a asks he laughing too. A at you a casting a Swift but charming glance at him from under her Long lashes. A you do say such funny tilings a a did you hear there is to be an afternoon dance at the Barracks next week a asks he presently. A i was at clo Bree on thursday and Goblet told about a who is Goblet a a the Captain there you know. He was at Ahyo Illbeg yesterday. Did no to you see him a a Little half starved looking Man with a skin the color of his hair and both Gray a a ooh of course now i remember him a says Monica this fetching description having cleared her memory. A i thought to myself How Odd he and the other Man or. Ryde looked together one As big As the other was a i think there is More matter than brains about Ryde a says Desmond contemptuously. A do you think your aunt will let you go to this dance at clo Bree a a ooh no i am sure not. My aunts would be certain to look upon a dance in the Barracks As something too awfully a for one reason i should be glad you did no to a glad a opening her eyes. A yes. That fellow Hyde never took his eyes off you a is that a crime a a in eyes a and you w Ould w ish to be kept a prisoner at Home just because one Man looked at a a i done want any one to look at you but in then he comes a Little closer to her and compels her by the very strength of his regain to let Lier eyes meet his. A do you like Hyde he asks somewhat seriously. A Monica answer .�?� it is the second time we has called her by Lier Christian name and a startled expression passes Over her face. A Well he was very Nice to a she says with a studied hesitation that belongs to the first bit of coquetry she has Ever practice Iii her life. She has tasted the sweetness of Power and fresh As her knowledge is she estimates the advantage of it to a nicety. A i believe a Man has Only to be six feet one to have every woman it the world la love with him a says Desmond Wrath fully who is Only five feet eleven. A i am not exactly in love with or. Ryde a says Monica sweetly with averted face and a Coy air assumed for her companions discomfiture a but a a but Whatty a but i was going to say there is nothing remarkable in that As i am not in love with any one and Hope i never shall be. I wonder where kit can have gone to will you get up there or. Desmond and look a breaking off a tiny Blade of grass from the Bank near her she puts it Between her pretty Teeth and slowly nibbles it with an air of utter indifference to All the world that drives or. Desmond nearly out of ills wits. Disdaining to take any heed of her a notice to quit a and quite determined to know the worst he says defiantly a a if you do go to this dance May i consider myself engaged to you for tile first Waltz in there is quite a frown upon his face As he says this but it Hasni to Tho faintest effect upon Monica. She is not at All impressed and is in fact enjoying herself immensely. A if i go which is More than improbable i shall certainly not dance with you at All a she says calmly a because aunt Priscilla will be there too. And she would not hear of continued on third Page

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