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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - February 19, 1891, San Antonio, TexasThursday february 19, 1801. Banks and Bankers. J. B. Alixander a. A. President. Cashier. Texas National Bank 263 Commerce Street. General banking transact Cal 0r Art Sou Europe. Mexican Dollar and Othot Money purchased. Visitors Register kept in our Reading room where strangers in the City Are Lull to f. Bankers Blotti drafts on theurin Olps cities in Tho uni Ted states Anil in All european countries. For eign Coin and currency bought and sold. Edward do Yosr attorney and coun i Wollor at Law. Joseph b. Jdwy55 reel Bat ate agent livestock liw and land office and Levi Stock Exchange. Dwyer building. Ban City meat Market no. 20 Acequia Street open All Day pure lard a specially we. Smith prop r. Shampooing 50 cents. Done of b new process and dried in ten minutes. Hangs Cut. Bangs cat and curled 25e, at of pabi3 France ladles hair Dresser and wig maker 1o.s. Alamo St., 2 doors of Comero a. Bhot trim Tekon mohair. Or Luton for Tho Light. Thackeray no doubt by Way of apology for introducing an unusual Aud almost character into his novel of vanity says that Becky Sharp was reared Atli shift Felt and and it must be admitted tills was not the Best possible school of training and rooting the moral principles which Are to men and women making the voyage of life what ballast in to a ship. Unquestionably shift self and poverty Are not to be rolled upon As teachers of moral principles and a Nice sense of Honor. They Are Apt to Foster Loose ideas of morality and often to obliterate Tho Boundary line Between Riffat Aud wrong and to beget Tho notion that whatever is expedient is Rigat and proper than which there can be no More immoral doot Rlue devised. Header did you Ever reflect what it Means to have to shift Tor a Liveli Hood it Means More than having to live from hand to is certainly n hard Fate. It Means living by one s by borrowing and by taking advantage of All those who will Trust us. Of life is inconsistent with Tho lowest training or a very faulty one in of childhood we Loo might be stained with crime. Let us Endeavor t arouse parents from their stupor ant induce them to give their children moral training and instruction in plastic childhood. This is the bos preventive of crime alter All. 1 Tony. Gossip. Ranch Saloon Corner Dolorosa and South Flores streets the finest gentlemen s Ile sort in the Elev. Headquarters for the finest brands of liquors wines cigars courteous and polite treatment a tunes. 4-i2tf James Murphy co., architects and superintendents 4-o4 e. Houston St. Stu Autonio. Tex. Will cheerfully furnish nil information in Ativo to building free of soil Guf Inui be satisfaction to All Olio May favor them with hell work. 12-Ti-tf unequalled for making he finest bread biscuit and pastry. Used by the leading hotels and families. Every Pound warranted to give entire satisfaction or Purchase once refunded. Consumer supplied by All first class retailers at prices not higher than inferior brands. A. B. Frank co. Wholesale grocers agents san Antonio Texas. For 8ale--a bargain. Rock House Long Largo rooms and Kitchen Hall thirty feet Long servant s room Bath room hot and cold water pantry Wood shed and Wash House. Lot 70x150 feet centrally located. Nice shrubbery in front Yard. Price one half Cash. Jno. T. Haitht Leto co. Bear in mind j. Beitel keeps builders hardware and lumber at the International and great Northern depot. To 3rof. Loisette a memory system la in eating interest than Ever in parts of he country and persons Vissing to improve their memory should Send for has prospectus free As a averted in another column. 6-10-tt mask Ball fit 28, should make their Standard of morality As it supports life by violating All the rules of morality. Poverty alone is a frightful school x educate children in yet poverty is Jot Nicosi Stout with the strictest nou Eaty and the most rigid morality. But an existence eked out not by he West toll but by artifice Lee Eption imposture and swindling s directly at War with honesty and corrupts both the mind and the heart Long Votoro children have attained manhood and womanhood. When we censure and condemn with unsparing severity the conduct of vicious and immoral people As most of us Are very Apt to do on the Spur of the moment How Many of us Ever consider whether those to Cou 3omn, received Tho right training jul childhood from parents capable of properly training them or grew Aupiu neglect and were left to shift for themselves did they see their parents living by artifice deception imposture and trickery Aud were they made to Aid in these dishonest schemes it is not pretended that this want of moral training and education in childhood exonerates rogues from crime and absolves them from guilt. Buch a doctrine would Lay the axe to Tho Root of the social fabric. Tho Early moral training of children makes an awful difference with Ihor conduct in adult life for say what we May in ridicule and disparagement of morality it to Tho Only Safe Compass to steer by in our voyage Over Tho Stormy Ocean of life. Honesty truthfulness and sincerity Are essential parts of morality and without these what is any Man Worth what dependence can we place in such a one none at All. He is unworthy of Confidence and respect. He is unworthy of credence. If Chil Dren Are reared in Homes where honesty truthfulness and sincerity Are daily trampled upon and violated by their parents How Are they to learn to Revere and practice them it is a sheer impossibility to overestimate the importance of moral Trarlu ing in fixing in the mind of a child Tho principles of morality so deeply that nothing can up Root them. Putting aside the truth of the doctrine of the heredity of vices and crimes i think the position is in disputable that proper moral rain ing in childhood is Indish Ensebio to Success in life. By Success in life i do not mean the accumulation of property alone but the standing and character for honesty truthfulness sincerity an Justice which men build up in the Liat Leof life. If parents Are dishonest and and will be a Uwate of breath for them to preach up honesty to their children. If a Mother to a Strumpet it is a Miracle if her daughter does riot follow in her foot Steps from Tho sheer Force of evil example. Bho will give no heed to the admonitions of a Strumpet Mother in regard to virtue and thus Tity because Tho conduct of her Mother is at open War with her mor Al admonitions. To with a rogue preaching honesty. The atmosphere of Home must be morally truthfulness sincerity and Justice must be practice As Well As inculcated. Precept must to fortified by example. I do not think there is the least puritanism in asserting that All should be honest truthful sincere and just in the sacred precincts of the Home Circle amongst their children As Well As in their business dealings and social inter course. Nor is this requirement obnoxious to the charge of raising the Standard of morality to a romantic and unattainable pitch. Every Man who claims to be a gentleman ought to be honest truthful sincere and otherwise he is not entitled to rank a a gentleman. Every woman who sets herself up As a lady ought to be Chaste and virtuous. It is absurd and ridiculous to say that the Mere Possession of riches makes the gentleman and the lady since Many a rogue and Many a Strumpet Are Rich but no one in his or her Light senses regards them in any except their True colors. While it would disorganized society to remit the punishment of criminals it in the duty of the non criminal of lasts to look with pity of the Crimi nals while hating the crimes of which they Are guilty of. Many men and women who fall into crime Are not half As much to blame As Are their parents who neglected to train and educate them morally in child Hood. Perhaps had you of Reader j or the Best of us received 110 moral w. A Itlo Liardon the Boston naturalist who is exploring the forests of Central America for the British mus Eum was at latest advices at Lake Atilan Guatemala. He has discovered four new species of Birds. The court of Queen s Bench in Dublin has just passed unborn child Walker was in a Railroad Armagh and the child to subsequently gave birth was deformed in consequence. She brought an action in name of the child to recover damages. Tho court decided against her. Says the Waterbury Conn daily Republican the writings of no con temporary author Are awaited by English speaking people with Keener anticipation than the pen products of upon the a mine wreck at which she Kobert Louis Stevenson. The Witch Ery of his imagination the brilliancy of his expression and the Koe Rossof his observation impart Tho Charm of Genius to what he writes. A Clever Little housekeeper said Tho other Day thao she has a Large trunk in the Garret marked things i do not want. When she comes across any thing she thinks Good for nothing instead of throwing it away she con signs it to this trunk. And what then do you think 8he says further that when she wants any thing she does t have she goes to this trunk and is sure to find it. Buys the Kew York times in spite of All the warnings published in the last ten years by our diplomatic representatives in Europe concerning the nature of the unclaimed estate Industry Tho old estates gain now life from time to time and the num ber of Gullible heirs in this country is still Largo enough to invite the benevolent agent. Now it is the Wood Little matter of is lying unclaimed in the Bank of England and which an association of heirs Hopes to obtain. These hopeful persons held Moet Long in Philadelphia a few a few Days Aso. By addressing an inquiry to the american legation in London they can procure a Little information that will induce them to use their time and Money in other France exported for Christmas and Tho now year 110 loss than Worth of bomb our and Worth of Bonbon ers. During Tho past year Worth of fondant and Cream chocolates wore sent from Paris to the harems of Turkey and Egypt and Worth of perfumery and face paint took the same Road. No wonder that turkish ladies have to paint when they ruin their complexions with such an abnormal amount of sweets. Those fair creatures Are at the present moment causing much disturbance in the dominions of both Sultan and Khedive for not Only do they persist in Ilis carding their National costume for european dress but they insist upon going to concerts balls receptions and to the Thatro. They have Alno by Guu a crusade against polygamy. An infuriated cow recently broke a Way from aboard of cattle which Wero being driven through Hospital Street Nan which eug., to the Crewe Abattoir and ran into Tho Wesleyan schoolyard. The children were at the time assembled in the Yard wait ing Tho opening of the school doors. The appear once of the beast caused a panic among the children. A num ber of them were caught of the Ani Mal s horns and tossed about in All directions while Many others wore trampled upon. The drovers and other men who pursued Tho cow beat it out the Yard and it was eventually Slabig stored Many or Tho child red wore injured and had to to car ried or sent to their Homos. Fifteen of them were much bruised and Cut Cut and their clothes torn into shreds. One Little girl had her face lacerated and was picked up in an unconscious condition. The doctors state it is marvelous that no fatal injuries resulted. Bays a London Cable a novel dinner party was Given this week which recalls in a certain Way the celebrated scene when Misa hard Castle dolls her frills and fur Belows Aud dons Tho sober Gray garments of a Domestic in her father s House in order that she May the More easily discover Tho True nature of sir Charles Marlow Seon and heir. The lady in question invited ten bachelors to this entertainment and then gave All her servants a Holiday. The eldest lady looked every a Tosh which was subsequently submitted to the guests her daughters assisting her. They then arrayed themselves in simply made dresses of sober counterpart of those worn by their own awaited the arrival of their friends for whom they opened the door and on whom they waited at they table. Tho Rule of not talking to Tho servant during the meal except to ask for something was observed very strictly but after course the discipline was relaxed and the guests and erstwhile waiters spent very pleasant evening. Answer this question. No. 2. Why do to Many people to 100 around Oracle by dizziness lobs of appetite. Coming up of Tho Low skin when for 76 Ocneta we will Send them Liilo s system Vitam Zor guaranteed to euro them. Bold by a Alteror son. 2 we Are still in the Lead our Advance styles in Early Spring clothing for gentlemen s Wear Are arriving daily. Cloth Uryu b8 t0 have around and examine our Nobby Black Cheviot suits m cutaways Best As Wou d a v from to our prices in the lates fashion in blues and Blacks Anil a extreme novelties bits m checks Aud plaids that everybody Mother Hubbard shirts at is. 00. And Wash goods and Woolen dress fabrics new styles new patterns Aud new goods and All at prices that you la not soon forgot. This week at 12 1-2c a Yard 5oo pieces now Zephyr Gingham All new just opened i plaids i stripes Check Sand Plain colors an unlimited assortment this week at 4c a Yard Prood 8tandarfl Cali Coes in medium and dark colors sold this week at 12 1 -2c a Yard 2 cases extra Fine beige suiting other houses want 15 and 18c this week at 25c a Yard 4 cases assorted dress stuffs Cashmere beige Aud brilliants of from 30 to 42 inches wide and Worth at Ordinary value 35 and 40c in lines in thousands of new styles and Dosio a Iii Wash goods Woolen and silk dress fabrics at est remly Low Pricola this week at Low prices 1000 new Spring hate and bonnets Advance styles handsomely trimmed m accordance with the latest fashions two three Aud four dollars and up to seven and Ziehr will be the prices this week later on you la pay a third More and not Alvo As Good assortment from which to select Why not buy now yes Why not shoes and stockings ours Are Superior to those you buy at other stores. We have trained buyers who select the Best. We know from experience that it s beat to give 6 Olla be narrowed Down to the to enter into detail but if you need anything in the main Plaza san Antonio Texas read the new Story entitled commence cd in today s Light Burgower Mayer Schmelter no 1 East Commerce St., next to Bridge. Fine wines liquors and cigars Telephone 195. Kajoe a specially. Goods delivered to any part Foi orders solicited. The most Complete Stock in the City establish Eor. W. A Morgan real estate dealer. And 5 Commerce St. Sanj

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