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San Antonio Daily Light (Newspaper) - February 19, 1891, San Antonio, Texas She Gail sight thur8dar, february 19, 1891. A big fall in prices on All of our goods. If you need anything in watches diamonds jewelery guns pistols trucks Valise or anything you need you can save Money by looking at our bargains i life White w 1 tel r 24 Soledad Street. Well shh air Balsam. Rel Ray gradually restores color elegant tonic dressing 50c, $10. Druggists or $1 size prepaid by express tor $1. E. 8. Wells Jersey City. By Shotlo s Catarrh remedy. A Noah Shuot a Jata rrb remedy a Marvel of Scute for Catarrh diphtheria canker Mouth head ache with each bottle there is an ingenious nasal i elector or the More successful treatment of theses complaints without extra charge. Price 60 Jolenta. Sold by Kalteyer amp san 2 13 in rough on ointment cures skin Humours pimples flesh Worms ring worm Tetter Salt Rheum frosted feet chilblains itch Ivy Poison Barbera a itch scald head eczema 50c. Druggist or mail. E. S. Wells. Jersey City n. J. 8-9-Ly. Quot Al. Awe struck tone to Monica who literally goes Down before this terrible annunciation trembles visibly. It is a re encounter fraught with mortal horror to the misses Blake. For years they have not so much As looked upon their enemy a face now their skirts have actually brushed him As he passed. A come come quickly Monica a says miss Penelope on this occasion being the one to take the initiative. A do not linger child. Did you not see it was our enemy that passed if she had said a it was the Arch fiend a her voice could not have been More tragic. A i am coming aunt Penny a says Monica nervously. Now it is at this inauspicious moment that or. Kelly who As i have said before is always everywhere chooses to Rush up to Brian Desmond address him in a loud tone. A my dear boy you Are not going yet Are you a he says reproachfully. A i say Desmond you can to you know because miss Fitzgerald says you promised to play in the next match with the fatal name has been uttered clearly distinctly. As though petrified the two old ladies stand quite still stare at Brian then miss Priscilla with a stately movement gets Between him Monica in tones that tremble perceptibly say to him a a i thank you for the Courtesy already received sir but we will no longer trouble you for your escort we prefer to seek our Carriage alone she sweeps him a terribly stiff Little Salute sails off still trembling very Pale miss Penelope scarcely less Pale following in her Wake. Desmond has barely time to grasp Monica a hand whisper a remember a in As mysterious a tone As the hapless Stuart when she too is swept away carried from his sight. Not until the Gates of Ahyo Illbeg Are Well behind them do the misses Blake sufficiently recover themselves for speech. A whoever introduced you to that Young Man a begins miss Priscilla solemnly a did a wrong thing. Let us Hope it was done in a for the future you must forget you Ever spoke to this or. Desmond a she says her face very Stern. A happily he is an utter stranger to you so there will be no difficulty about it. You will remember this Monica a a yes i will remember a says the girl slowly with a visible Effort. Then Moyne is reached Iii solemn silence so far As the misses Blake Are concerned in solemn silence too the two old ladies mount the Oaken staircase that leads to their rooms. Outside on tile corridor they pause contemplate each other for a moment earnestly. A a ilex he is very Good looking a says miss Penelope at last As though compelled to make the admission even against her will. A the is abominably handsome a says miss Priscilla fiercely after which she darts into her room closes the door with a subdued bang behind her. Wooo will buy a Nice two Story Brick House a Good established grocery business centrally located. J no. T. Hambleton amp daily san Antonio Light the cheapest Best afternoon paper in Texas. Delivered by mail or carrier1_ the Fly ant i Luisa a. Flies ants Are quickly annihilated by mixing a teaspoonful of rough on rats with a Saucer of sweetened water lace on High shelves or suspended in the room or mix a teaspoonful of rough on rats with a half Pound of Brown sugar Sprinkle on High out of reach shelves or on rear Border of lower shelves out of reach of children. U this out. R. Knights of pythias endow ment rank offers the Best safest insurance. For further particulars ask any member of the order or t. B. Johnson at the Light office a citation by publication. No. 4861. Katie Wetzel is. William Wetzel in the District court of Bexar county 37th judicial District. The state of Texas to the sheriff or any Constable of Bexar county greeting you me hereby commanded that by making publication of this citation in some newspaper published in the county of Bexar once in each week for four consecutive weeks previous to the return Day Hereof you summon William Wetzel whose residence is unknown to be appear at the next regular term of the District court of the 37th judicial District in for Bexar county to be Holden at the court House thereof in the City of san Antonio on the first monday in March a.d., ism the same being the 2nd Day of March 1891, then there to answer a petition filed in said court on the 26th Day of january 1691, in a suit numbered on the docket of said court no. 4h51, wherein Katie Wetzel is plaintiff William Wetzel is defendant wherein plaintiff alleges As Fol lows to wit that plaintiff is a Bona fido inhabitant of the state of Texas has resided in Bexar county for More than six months next preceding the institution of this suit. That the residence of defendant is unknown. That silo defendant were lawfully married on june 12, a. D., 1886 lived together until March 15, a. D., 1887, when defendant abandoned her has not since then returned or made his whereabouts known. That the Issue of said marriage is a Bor George Wetzel aged three years. Wherefore plaintiff prays judgment dissolving the Bonds of Matrimony Between her defendant for the care custody of said child George Wetzel for the restoration of her Maiden name Katie Schub for costs general Relief. Herein fail not but have you before said court on the said Fink Day of next term thereof this writ with your return thereon showing How you have executed the same. Witness Geo. It. Dashiell clerk of the District court of Bexar county. Given under my hand Seal of said court at office in the City of ban Leali Antonio this the 31st Day of january a. D., 1891. Geo. R. Dashiell clerk District court of Bexar county. By Hen by Umscheid Deputy. Issued same Day. Came to hand february 2nd, a. 1891, at to of clock a. Rn., duly executed by causing publication of this citation to be made in the daily Light a newspaper published in the City of ban Antonio county of Bexar state of Texas for Lour consecutive weeks previous to return Day Hereof. T. P. Mccall sheriff Bexar county. By w. G. M. Samuels Deputy. 2 a a Mahnke hotel bar refitted Bright a a Daisy. Nothing but i class goods polite attention la ail Day Otto Felder proper 2 chapter Viii. It is the evening of the next Day dinner at Coole has just come to Ait end. Or. Kelly who has been Briana a guest for the last fortnight who is to remain As Long As suits him or As Long after the grouse shooting in August As he wills has taken himself into the Garden to smoke a Cigar. This he does at a hint from Brian. Now finding himself alone with his Uncle a Brian says in the casual tone of one making an indifferent remark a a by the Bye i can see you Are not on Good terms with those old ladies at a no a says the Desmond shortly. A some old quarrel. I have been Given to a i should prefer not speaking about it a says the Squire. 0 a Well of course i dare say i should not have unit toned the subject a he says apologetically a but i had no idea it was a sore Point. It was not so much bad taste on my part As ignorance. I beg your Pardon in a it was a very unhappy affair altogether a says the old Don Juan. A very unfortunate indeed from what i have Quot mole Rian unfortunate in right Down disgraceful a says the Squire with such unlocked for Energy As raises astonishment in the breast of his Nephew. A by Jove one would think tin old Chap had Only now awakened to is sense of his misconduct a he thinks irreverently a ooh Well a he says leniently a hardly that you a quite that a emphatically. A it has been often done before yours is not a solitary a solitary or not there were elements about it inexcusable a says tile old Squire beating his hand upon the table As though to emphasize his words. A i take it so much to heart of i were you a says Brian who is really beginning to pity him. A it has lain on my heart for Twenty years. I can to take it off now a says the Squire. A you have evidently suffered a returns Brian who is getting More More amazed at the Volcano he has roused. A of course i can quite understand that if you were once More to id yourself in similar circumstances you would act very a i should indeed in wry differently. A Man Seldom makes a fool of himself twice in a a you did no to show much Wisdom i dare a no none As for her a to fling away such a love As that a Here he pauses looks dreamily at the Silver Tankard before him. Tills last speech rather annoys Brian to gloat Over the remembrance of a love that Hod been callously cast aside to suit the exigences of the moment seems to tile younger Man a caddis sort of tiling not to be endured. A though what tile mischief any pretty girl of Nineteen could have seen in him a he muses gazing with ill concealed amazement at ills uncles ugly countenance a is More than i can a perhaps it Wasny to so deep a love As you imagine a he cannot refrain from saying a pro i his uncles last remark with the View to taking him Down a Peg. A it was sir a says the Squire sternly. A it was the love of a lifetime. People May doubt As they will but i know no love has superseded a ooh he is in his dotage a thinks Brian disgustedly mid rising from the table lie makes a few More trivial remarks then walks from the dining room on to the bal conv too tire Garden beneath. Pump of Xiv Ais who Seq Iraq we Oatts Jomn no mini ii mop to Joaq a infill a Obj 8 a put a Ujj Juno Ain j Pim 0jojaq Xii jobs nip a is i pm Antn so mfg Poffo Iff Ottom a ado 01101 is Etc sacs a am pot Hod Pun til uo8u0i a of sums of Roux Beitf Pio sew of Foj a Tun sip i pox Tujo Sua opss a Jim it x a a mop up 909x8 07 no top ii efm on Jaq Suoja a on Eaas a a Pilod Sam to p0a\opoj Pun pm ave Uipi Yupu a Osja Jarjour Duox Petit a a a Aeq Ion Pun pi3 Lonjo Ontuos Job Juopo Ajoc in a ago pop May our of a Jim Limp of 5uqpii0 Pun tons Soto a supp id a Pimp up Ion ates 4<0 a Tsuu aulos slav. sdcq.i0j�?z a pub Avo a proc pilose c j0sulll of a tli0js a Cip Osija Susik Sites u�? u i Jai pass Aeq Joaq 9a\ put Job Opac a Aeq j9qjbj Jet pc j0q jb9jj of 08 Popup Zacq toil a Tom 9itn tt9sjnoo Job mop in a Soa a a �?�0j9qt soup uni a tape Job supplies Psi opt Sci ooch s%9do 0u9ct a sip no ts9j89i9 j Imp 9&mi j9q sup Jai a a pappus a pm so so u<j0tpom Josu not a wok a am Oil sunni Aeq of a i Nav to snort quo Nav a pay 0auq a Jomn Avoir Quot a Aube i Jap a Pic a Hijji Jib Qixia Jap us pms -9.1 �?~9dot9u9�l ssh 4, a map a my u9ui 9 Job a if tata som Sud at in Liq of Padjan Seq Pic a i Upham pm up Jetson puff i9uj9qt�3 spa Oak s in apr so 0aa be Pong a suit Inq inc pm Jap off sup ticks a adoption ssh a sics a Juans acc nox a Asp surm sap no Caj if Idaris Obj a logged Imp Mai Ioup Jsn Jcj Oao a Nav a Isis of Job to anon Tacq is ii a Uyco Oji Posic Puc i Tomb -1icjj to Puj <t�?~p00iu ts9poq�?z to 9a9 us is Jim Jospi i Ciaja Opp quis Pun in Thot Ioco a snort so Poi Siasu to spice Alp i Saatloo Isira it Sui ii acc ss9ij9quinu Stop cog a Nica it pc mail s900aa up a Tsiu Shis a 9ip Puu a sol Tom a jail Etc Aua Spoer Jiant to3 a Aeq spa a Alp tue �?~.uc900 9ip jut Jum Tuc Tsip ii Pun a pm can a Uco Suica jts to Osum of a a a Al Snoj omnis Pic a a Al to Ilij is Apps cd Jib opt in a Seq Joo avs Puc c is Ajajj a a pics til ave Tjui Papo jts 9acq Uaje pro Apt Puc sap i Pio Apt a Supi aaa Lapin Apt to in can Apt in pay mat a Puc Plauff Jau Uip a oot a Buiok to a Baaij Apt to Suffern in oui of it a Pato Auuso is of fat aioo3 to to Jed of fat pm Boot Aock sip stunt Puc a Popou sip sad Fosa a Jno Jap tues Sayous b 8u 3�ui a Tup a Uttz Qun Tsip of to a Pisa Job St apr sip aged in us a Ijac Nojd rat pm not a it Issod pile a Jasio c it tool Huatai us i us Aye sep Sui Pur served him right a says miss Priscilla uncompromisingly. A the deserved no greater Luck. Your Mother suffered so much at his hands that she almost lost her health. I done to believe sire Ever got Over a ooh yes she did a says Terry suddenly a a she got Over it uncommonly Well. We did no to know who or. Desmond was then of course but i know she used to make quite a joke of a a joke a says miss Priscilla in an awful tone. A yes regular fun you know a goes on Terence undaunted. A one Day she was telling father some old Story about or. Desmond a a Good thing she called it she was laughing heartily but he Wasny to when she had finished i remember he said something to her about want of a delicacy of feeling a or something like a i was there a says kit in Lier High treble. A the said too she ought to be ashamed of a ooh that was nothing a says or. Beresford airily. A father Mother never agreed for a moment they were always squabbling from the time they got up till they went to bed the misses Blake have turned quite Pale. A Terence How can you speak so of your sainted Mother a says miss Penelope. A a in a sure from her letters to us she was a most devoted Mother wife indeed sacrificed her every wish pleasure to yours a a i never knew it Cost Lier so much to keep away from us a says Terence. A if she was dying for our society she must indeed have sacrificed herself because she made it the business of her life to avoid us from morn to dewy a doubtless she had her duties a says miss Penelope in a voice of suppressed fear. What is she going to hear next what Are these dreadful children going to say a perhaps she had a says Terence. A if so they Didiot agree with Lier As she was always in a bad temper. Site used to give it to papa right Ami left until he did no to dare Call his soul his own. When i marry i shall take very Good care my wife does no to Lead me the life my Kotlier led my a four wife who a marry you a says kit scorn fully which interlude gives the discussion a rest for a Little time. But soon they return to tile charge. A your Kotlier when Here had an angelic tamper a says miss Penelope. Miss Priscilla All this time seems incapable of speech. A Well sin Hadnot when there a says Ter ence then lie says a dreadful thing As vulgar As it is dreadful that tills his aunt s heart with dismay. A she my father fought like cat dog a lie says then the m issues Blake feel their cup is indeed full. A she never would take Monica anywhere a says kit a so selfish in it is growing to terrible. Is their idol to be shattered thus before their eyes a Monica was your Mother unkind to you a says miss Penelope in a voice full of an Knish. After ail these years is the rather inc of their affections to lie dragged in tile dust Monica hesitates. She can see the grief in Lier aunts face cannot Bear to to it. Tin truth is that tile late mrs. Berea Ford had out been beloved by Ber children for reasons which it will be possible to conceive but which would be tiresome to Zenum crate Here. Perhaps there Seldom Lias been a More careless or disagreeable Kotlier. To Monica pauses flushes glances nervously from right to left then Back again Tinniey rests her Loving regretful eyes full upon miss Penelope a agitated face. Something she sees there decides her sinking to her Knees she flings her arms around the old lady a Nock lays her Cheek to hers. A i will say nothing but that i am Happy Here she Saj in a Low whisper. A miss Penelope a arms close round her. The worst has come to her yet there is Solace in this clinging embrace in the dewy ups that seek hers. If she has lost one idol who can say she Lias not gained an mixer be chaos a worthier one to be continued. K a i till Sanantonio Texas. F. Kalteyer amp son wholesale retail id isl it a gifts importers exporters 1 drugs chemicals druggists sundries Patent medicines Etc., photographic Stock sheep dip Sulphur Pine tar Chrysilios ointment. Sole proprietors of f. Kalteyer a Patent screw worm ointment liniment mail orders promptly attended to. Correspondence solicited. F. Kalteyer son san Antonio Texas 607-509 West Commerce Street North Side military Plaza. Are you thinking of purchasing or building a Home 8 an Antonio offers unparalleled advantages to Home seekers. The for a location of surprising loveliness a climate unequalled purity Healthfulness warm open Winters Cool delightful Summers water such As very few cities in the world Are blessed with the most Complete system of electric Street railway of any City of its size in the world splendidly paved streets Beautiful suburban avenues drives excellent Public schools churches of every denomination All com dining to make san Antonio the most inviting place for a permanent Home on the continent. Aside from its natural advantages rapidly developing improvements san Antonio offers another inducement great import to the Home seeker in that real estate can be purchased just now at exceedingly Low figures flies spa. John to. Hambleton or go. Who ranks among the oldest most reliable dealers in real estate Are owners of agents for a very Large amount of City suburban farm land property which they offer at prices remarkably Low on terms remarkably easy. Home seekers or capitalists desiring to make profitable investments will find it to their advantage to Call upon or write this firm. Elmendorf amp co. Main Antonio Gin farming Mill machinery of All kinds mechanics supplies. Cassady sulky plows warranted lightest draft made. Threshers engines Seales mowers reapers. Hardware agricultural implements agents for the celebrated Labelle Wagon. Martin amp Schryver of All sorts kinds qualities. Building material of All kinds shapes sizes p a Largi hand Large it wire. W constantly on a a is Nix convinced. Office South of Sunset depot. San Antonio Texas

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